“Ronan Farrow’s baby blue eyes are made of filthy lies” links


Ronan Farrow’s blue eyes are made of lies!! He wears contacts. [Dlisted]
Yeezington plans to release a three-hour spoken word album. [Reality Tea]
Gwyneth Paltrow’s charity closet sale sold out quickly. [LaineyGossip]
Amy Poehler has Seth Meyers’ credit card and won’t give it back. [Pajiba]
I love Mindy Kaling’s pink ensemble. [Go Fug Yourself]
Vintage photos of Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller. [Buzzfeed]
Lea Michele wants you to wear sunscreen. [Evil Beet]
Olivia Wilde took baby Otis for a walk. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Who is Nick Zano? No really. [A Socialite Life]
I love this video of Marines watching Frozen. [Bitten & Bound]
I kind of want to see the new Disney documentary Bears. [The Blemish]
Kate Upton really is a throwback to the 1980s. [Celebslam]
This landslide video is disturbing. [Starcasm]
CB thinks this girl, Katie Cassidy, is really pretty. [Popoholic]
Alessandra Ambrosio’s cutoffs are fug. [Moe Jackson]


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  1. Lark says:

    His eyes aren’t made of lies….There are photos of Ronan when he was much younger and he had bright blue eyes. What a bizarre rumor.

    • Tatjana says:

      Blue eyes or no blue eyes, he looks sooo creepy. And is he wearing makeup?

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Tatjana, I just popped in to say exactly that. I love Ronan and I don’t give a shit who his father is – he’s one of the funniest and most humane people ever, and I LOVE Tweeting with him. Whenever he favorites one of my wiseass remarks, I feel great. BUT…FFS, who in god’s name applied his make-up here, a mortician with a Marquis de Sade complex? Seriously, Ronan needs to shovel it off and be his naturally beautiful self – maybe spend 20 minutes a day in the sun. For a naturally fair person, that’s really all it takes to look a zillion times healthier instead of like death warmed up in a cheap toaster oven. I know.

    • Tswise says:

      Agreed, super bizarre rumor.

      Plus, the rumor is that he wears white tinted contacts. Anyone with any common sense that he is not wearing white contacts. They don’t make your eyes blue, they make them a cartoony neon color. If you saw someone wearing them, you’d KNOW they were fake.

  2. truthSF says:

    So? A lot of people with blue eyes wear color enhancing contacts. He’s eyes are still BLUE, so it’s not full of lies.

  3. Inlike says:

    Someone here has to have a list of all the actors in hollywood who wear colored contacts. It has to be over half the population.

  4. Christin says:

    This contact lens thing with Ronan seems overblown. Many contacts have a little light blue circle to help the wearer find the darn things. They don’t seem to alter my eye color at all.

    Plus, contacts or not, Ronan does not look like Woody. It wouldn’t matter if his eyes were purple.

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I saw this story last night. It’s a bit…disappointing, but he does have blue eyes, he just enhances them.

  6. mimif says:

    Frankly, I’m more transfixed with his dewy, um, makeup.

  7. blue marie says:

    well, Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue ..
    (I hate that I know this song and I hate that it popped in my head)

  8. Jegede says:

    Not so Blue Eyes after all. And Ronan looks more like Marlon Brando to me.

  9. lower-case deb says:

    everytime i read Olivia Wilde’s baby’s name, i’m reminded of the elevator.
    she said the baby’s name was for a personal reason, made in an elevator?

  10. Dani says:

    Kat Denning’s needs a new stylist. Her D cup boobs shouldn’t be in that dress.

  11. Tracy says:

    Kanye plans to release a 3 hour spoken album???

    That is hilarious!

  12. Nicole says:

    Nick Zano is my baby’s daddy. He was Amana Bynes fictional bf in her show “What I Like About You” and the ex-bf of Kristin Calleveri (sp?). It’s sad that I know this but I do. That guy is and has always been hot AF!

  13. Alarmjaguar says:

    I watched that Marine/Frozen video and was not amused — I suspect that it’s because I have a 5 year old who loves, loves, loves it and the idea of them sexualizing Elsa is just freakin’ disturbing to me because it is a kid’s film, kids watch it, kids are not sexy (though I don’t love the fact that the film makers decided that her transformation had to involve ‘letting her hair down’ and getting a giant slit up her thigh to begin with either). I might have had a totally different reaction without the context of my daughter’s love for the clip

    • MaryIV says:

      I know. When my daughter sings let it go she will pull out her hair clip and shake her hair out. Did they really need to sexualize Elsa to push home the point that she is giving up trying to please people and stop caring. Does that mean you become a loose women? Ugh Disney and their sexualizing of their female roles.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      Oh lighten up. Disney intentionally makes Elsa sexy as part of her tansformation. Look at her dress, her makeup and the exagerrated saunter in her hips. She’s a 21yr old woman who is comfortable in her own skin for the first time in her life. She IS sexy. And it’s a room full of grown men. I’m sure if they were watching it with 4yr old girls they would behave differently. I have young children (a boy and two girls) who are obsessed with this movie, and I also spent 15yrs in the military, so I found the video to be freaking adorable.

  14. krista says:

    Eyes of lies and Ass of lies? Is nothing real anymore?

  15. Green Is Good says:

    The main picture. If that’s not “Ol’ Blue-Eyes” son! Look at that facial expression!

    On DListed, somebody posted a side-by-side Comparison of Ronan, Ol’Blue Eyes and weakling-looking, NOTHING masculine Wood-Yee. Nothing in Ronan’s face even hints at Wood-Yee.

    No way could Ronan have dodged that genetic bullet.

  16. Splinter says:

    I hate to see baby Otis in that carrier, they look so uncomfortable. I feel a newborn should be swaddled not spread like a starfish and upright.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      All three of my babies HATED being swaddled. I thought something was wrong with my son for the first two weeks because people kept telling me all babies LUV being swaddled. Well, they don’t. Maybe baby Otis doesn’t, either.

      That being said, I always used a Moby wrap instead of carriers like that because they seemed more comfy for both the babies and for me (and they’re super easy to BF with too).

    • Dani says:

      My daughter refused to be swaddled after birth, even in the hospital. She screamed and cried until she was released. She’s a wild one.

    • Sighs says:

      Put my kid down for another who hated being swaddled. He would fight it the whole time and then 2 seconds after you were done he would pull his little arms out. We gave up before we even left the hospital.
      And he loved his bjorn. We would take walks and he would literally fall asleep in it with his arms and legs hanging down. Babies are comfortable in the craziest positions.

  17. Kiddo says:

    From the links: Donal Logue is a great actor, that is all and no one can argue. The end.

  18. paola says:

    I’ll tell you what is really creepy…. I’ve just seen James Franco in the featured links above and he’s scary. I’m not even laughing. Is he going completely mad??

  19. danielle says:

    Yes! Why is no one discussing his COMPLETELY unsexy selfie. How delusional is he to think that’s hot? SO fug and scary.

  20. Rhiley says:

    I watched Frozen over the weekend, and as much as I didn’t want to like it, I actually kind of loved it. My niece and nephew had been begging me to see it so I caved. As tired as I am of that song, I loved the music in the film, and after watching the scene in which it plays, Let It Go now appeals to me a lot more than it did initially. As a gay person, it explores a lot themes I have faced in my life. Themes I guess we all face in life. Anyway, since Lea Michelle also has a link today, I couldn’t help but wonder as I watched the movie if she gunned for the part that went to Idina Menzel, and if so, if she now hates Idina Menzel. I think the role is a dream role for Lea Michelle.

  21. hotnerd says:

    I’m surprised the “blue eyes” things is newsworthy. Paris Hilton has been wearing bright blue contacts for YEARS without being exposed at this level (even at her fame peak), and her natural eye color is brown.

  22. TG says:

    What I wonder about Ronan is how can he be so effusive in his praise of Amal Alamuddin where he specifically mentioned her representation of Julian Assange who is charged with sexual assault yet he ones off on Woody Allen’s supposed sexual assault on his sister, and anyone who speaks praises about Woody Allen, such gas Diane Keaton? I don’t blame him for hating Woody and I believe he did that crime but it just seems a double standard to me.

    • Jaded says:

      The issue around his alleged “sexual assault” is very murky due to Sweden’s strange rape laws. Quoting from ‘outsidethebeltway.com’:

      “Assange had consensual sex with two women, unbeknownst to one another, who were friends. They had hurt feelings afterwards and confided to a female police officer that Assange had engaged in sex with one of them without a condom, having worn a condom the night before. In the case of the second woman, Assange’s condom broke but he continued to climax anyway (this is where the strange laws come up – something to do with having sex consensually then changing your mind half-way through the act). One of the women had previously circulated on the Internet a how-to guide titled “7 Steps to Legal Revenge,” which “explains how women can use courts to get their own back on unfaithful lovers.”

      There are verified reports that the woman with whom Assange had sex without the condom proceeded to roll out of bed the next morning and happily go out to breakfast with him. That doesn’t make Assange less of an SOB, but it was certainly not a case of forced sexual assault.

    • KC says:

      She is an attorney. Even if he were guilty, do you think that criminals do not deserve legal representation?

  23. Fan says:

    It does not matter. He is a nice guy. He is still Frank’s son.

  24. Karma says:

    Puhleeze!! If Ronan’s eyes are fake, what is on Beyonce’s head?

  25. Aurelia says:

    Err, just googled John Farrow in his early 20′s. Ronan and he look nothing alike. Stop trying to make it happen.

    Contacts or no contacts Ronan is 100% Sinartra. And its not just the blue eyes. Its everything!

  26. Lucy2 says:

    I think Ronan looks a lot like Frank. Can’t unsee it.
    I am going to say something nice about Gwyneth- 100% of the money from her auction is going to Donors Choose, which is a good cause that helps teachers get funding for classroom projects. Unlike Kim Kardashian’s “charity” auction, where she kept 90% and only gave away 10%- to her mother’s “church”!

  27. Suzy from Ontario says:

    He really looks like Frank Sinatra in that top picture.

  28. just me says:

    he’s beautiful with or without lenes

  29. BackstageBitchy says:

    @mayamae that’s an extremely polite way of putting it, that he is “petit”. I’ve vaguely followed the growing interest in this man the last few months, he seems like a smart, witty and charming enough guy, and I have no strong opinions about him one way or another except to say he does have a striking face. But, I saw him up close in person this week and I was shocked at his physical presence. He is actually really weird-looking and kind of creepy. He has a tiny, sort of old-man body (tiny! Tom Cruise would tower over him, and I’ve met both) and a disproportionately large head. I know that’s mean and he can’t help either of those things. I’m only commenting bc he’s becoming a bit of a sex symbol, and I’ve never ever seen a celeb whose personal appearance is more drastically different than how he looks in photos. Maybe equally, but not more so. I’m not talkig about Photoshop altering of Kardashians, I’m saying here is a man who photographs very very well in simple snapshots, who looks like a handsome, possibly sexy, somewhat fantastical- looking dude in photos, while In real life, he has a giant head atop a shrunken Mr Smither’s body and a overweening, unctuous presence. ..

  30. Francis says:

    He’s beautiful , gorgeous.
    The first thing I thought when I pulled up the link was that guy looks like someone, then I thought, wow a blonde, cute version of Frank Sinatra. I wasn’t even thinking about the Rumour or connecting him to Mia when I saw the photo at first.

  31. NorthernGirl says:

    So who is spreading this rumour and why??

  32. whatdoesitmatter says:

    Ronan is great no matter what he does.

  33. Raven says:

    Someone in Hollywood wearing color contacts is a complete nonissue. I’m surprised it’s even getting press when we could be gawking at the Franco selfie instead.