George Clooney issues statement about his hilarious boy drama with Steve Wynn


A few weeks ago, back in the halcyon days before we were being inundated with news about George Clooney’s proposal, engagement and how Amal Alamuddin is “so different/smarter/more classy” than every other Clooney Girl, we learned of a somewhat hilarious George story. George was in Las Vegas sometime in early April. He was having dinner with some assorted bigwigs and one of the people was Steve Wynn, the hotelier and all-around rich dude. Steve Wynn maybe said Pres. Obama was an “a—hole.” George Clooney maybe/probably called Wynn an a—hole. But the whole dispute got a lot bigger than a simple tequila-soaked war of words. George and Steve put out competing statements about what went down and the whole thing read like junior-high BOY DRAMZ. Well, long story short, George is trying to have the final word on what went down:

Don’t mess with George Clooney. The actor, who got into a heated argument with Steve Wynn in Las Vegas last month, has released a statement to PEOPLE responding to the casino mogul’s latest comments, this time to Market Makers on Bloomberg.

The war of words dates back to April 23, when Wynn allegedly called President Obama an “a——” at a group dinner attended by Clooney. It was amped up Friday when Wynn, among other things, denied doing so and then ripped stars like Clooney as “molly coddled” and suggested Clooney had been drinking too much at the dinner.

Here’s Clooney’s detailed response:

“Steve Wynn and I have met three times, two times for dinner. That is the extent of our knowledge of one another, so I will refrain from trying to categorize him based on the little time we’ve spent together, but I will not let his version of the truth go unchallenged.

“He now says he didn’t call the president an ‘a——.’ That is false. He bellowed ‘I voted for the a——,’ and then called him the same thing several more times as the dinner came to an abrupt end.”

“Again there were eight people at the table, eight witnesses. I did in turn, call him the same body part, and walked out. Again he can make up whatever story he wants, but these are the facts. He said I drank 16 shots of tequila. I didn’t drink one shot of tequila, not one. We were drinking but it was early and we still had two events to attend.”

“He said I live in a bubble. More of a bubble than Las Vegas? Honestly? He says I’m ‘molly coddled,’ that I’m surrounded by people who coddle me. I would suggest that Mr. Wynn look to his left and right and find anyone in his sphere that says anything but ‘yes’ to him. Emphatically. I did not attend a private boys’ school, I worked in tobacco fields and in stock rooms, and construction sites. I’ve been broke more of my life than I have been successful, and I understand the meaning of being an employee and how difficult it is to make ends meet.

“Steve is one of the richest men in the world and he should be congratulated for it, but he needs to take off his red sparkly dinner jacket and roll up his sleeves every once in a while and understand what most of the country is actually dealing with … or at least start with the fact that you can’t make up stories when eight people who are not on your payroll are sitting around you as witnesses.”

[From People]

Ah, boy drama. Of course George has a point, and in George’s defense, I think his version of events is probably a lot closer to the truth. But it speaks to the pettiness of both men that neither can let it go, that neither of them has the maturity to walk away with a shrug and a “Old man is losing his mind, you know.” And now I have this image of George Clooney, with Amal Alamuddin and her seven-carat diamond trying to settle him down and George not being able to let it go.

Once again, as with all things involving Clooney in the past week, I’m enjoying the old-school nature of this back-and-forth. Imagine if George was on Facebook or Twitter. It would have gotten much worse. Thank God he’s from an era where A-list actors get pissy via publicist’s statements and official essays to Bloomberg News.



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  1. T.fanty says:

    This whole nonsense should be beneath Clooney. He’s definitely running for office somewhere.

  2. Daffy says:

    Yeah George. You didn’t drink 16 shots of tequila….it was just 16 shots of vodka. Immature old man.

    “I did not attend a private boys’ school, I worked in tobacco fields and in stock rooms, and construction sites. I’ve been broke more of my life than I have been successful, and I understand the meaning of being an employee and how difficult it is to make ends meet. ”
    What does that say about your fiancée Amal who attended private schools,who grew up in a very privileged family, who does not know the ‘real life’that the majority of the world lives, who certainly lives in a bubble (…as you)?

  3. Cora says:

    I buy George’s version of events for the most part. I do believe Clooney was drunk as a skunk, though. Clooney is a notorious drinker and his drinking has landed him in public spats before. Let’s not forget the infamous Fabio incident.

  4. Aurie says:

    I’m very meh about George and the whole President Obama thing.

    I remember he got pissy at some Fox News reporter who asked him something like “What do you think of Obama –” and George was like “That’s President Obama, have some respect,” but back in 2007 or something in an interview he trashed old Bushie and kept calling Bush, Bush, without the president honorifics.

    So kind of hypocritical.

    Do I think Bush sucked? And yeah I refer to Bush without saying “president Bush” but it’s a Fox news reporters right to think President Obama sucks and to just call him “Obama” without Clooney getting all hypocritical over him.

  5. merski says:

    Wait, what? Am I reading the last two paragraphs right? Is George Clooney a working class hero now? o_0

  6. Hannah says:

    This is all very reminiscent of George’s longstanding feud with Bill O’Reilly: He just can’t let it go. It’s kind of adorable.

  7. Kiddo says:

    I don’t care about the political aspect of the story. It sounds like a pissing match. But can we talk about Wynn? He has the face suited for the real housewives franchise.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I think it’s hilarious that two grown men had an argument, and then had to run out and make press releases about it.
    I tend to believe George’s version a little more, but for heaven’s sake, it was a private conversation that is now for some reason a news story.

  9. Forthelasttime says:

    Did he issue this ridiculous statement with the advice of his new barrister? No… these two are definitely on each other’s level. Grow up George! And get yourself a decent barrister. One who will stop you from making a big a** of yourself.

  10. MrsBPitt says:

    So the two little rich boys got into a fight, and they think that the whole world cares….go back to counting your money! You are both out of touch!

  11. Cody says:

    Interesting how George likes to portray himself or how he sees himself. A poor boy from Kentucky, who picked tobacco makes it big in Hollywood. He marries a beautiful and worldly woman and lives happily ever after. Both sound immature and that they had too much to drink and yes are probably out of touch how the rest of the 99 percent live.

  12. Sighs says:

    This is way more entertaining than his engagement.

  13. Samtha says:

    Please. How many times do you think he called Bush an asshole? He just comes off as precious. And not in a good way.

    • Dawn says:

      I think there is a big difference in calling someone an asshole than calling someone a racist name not once or twice but three times. And didn’t a guy just get a life time ban from the NBA for using that same type of language? I think so. Maybe people need to stop going to Wynn in Vegas now as well.

      • Samtha says:

        What did he call him other than asshole? I read Clooney’s version above, and it doesn’t say Wynn made racist remarks:

        “He now says he didn’t call the president an ‘a——.’ That is false. He bellowed ‘I voted for the a——,’ and then called him the same thing several more times as the dinner came to an abrupt end.”

  14. Penny says:

    For people wondering what all the press surrounding his engagement was about, this just goes to show, George hasn’t caught up with the way media works now.

    15 years ago, a big movie star get’s engaged, they take the cover of People and feed lot’s of details to select sources, and no one bats an eye lid, that’s just the way it works. Now people are much more clued up and so it seems fame-whorey and desperate. Same thing here. 15 years ago, you release a statement like this and it’s barely covered by the press, so it’s just about making a point to a few select people. But these days hundreds of gossip blogs are poring over every detail of your weird little pissing contest, and it plays completely differently.

    On the one hand it’s kind of nice to have a major celebrity who hasn’t even attempted to adapt to the new landscape, but really, George needs to get some new advisers. He doesn’t have to join twitter or read the blogs, but he needs someone to tell him his old tricks don’t cut it anymore.

  15. DaSariH says:

    Why are these two old skeeze trying to make this feud newsworthy?

  16. vava says:

    I like Clooney.

    I’ve met Wynn in person and he is an @$$.

  17. Magsmarq says:

    Sure, George, you’re a real working class hero! Will there be a day when my husband (Union member and steamfitter) can buy me a 6.5 carat conflict free diamond ring?

    Wynn said something more than Obama is an a** to tick off Clooney especially because he’s still issuing press releases. Whatever words were exchanged, Wynn hit a nerve in George’s ego wiring somehow. I suspect it relates to a line issued in Wynn’s press release last week regarding George “believing” all these powerful people are his friends (the implication of course is they’re not). That statement may be sticking in George’s psyche, hence this new press release. Clooney truly believes the hype regarding his intelligence and political savvy, when in reality like everything else in Hollywood, it is all a facade…except he doesn’t realize yet it is a facade. That may explain why he’s marrying Alamuddin.

  18. kpist says:

    Joel McHale’s best joke at the correspondents dinner:

    “Every year the President gets a colonoscopy, they check for cancer and George Clooney’s head”

  19. lowercaselois says:

    George is a fundraising friend to President Obama, just like many other Hollywood money friends, like Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Harvey Weinstein and Eva Longoria. I doubt George is on Presdent Obama’s speed dial and he calls him up to come on over and hit some golf balls on the south lawn. Every time George and Pres. Obama are together it has been for a photo op. You would think George would know by now, it is just politics and know how to handle himself when two guys have had too much to drink over dinner.

    • siri says:

      This is a good point. It really seems George regards Obama a friend, whereas for the latter it’s simply business as usual. Makes Clooney a tad naive. I just hope he doesn’t try a political carreer with this simplistic understanding. His engagement fits with his rather out-of-touch idealism that most of the times comes over as pure hypocricy.

  20. phlyfiremama says:

    I’m taking my toys and going HOME! (*pouts) Seriously, I’m surprised George didn’t have his lawyer issue the statement, to give it more gravitas. Looks like he really IS planning on running for public office, doesn’t it?

  21. Sam says:

    George’s comment about being with te little man is hilarious. He has been a spoiled actor for decades now. Give me a break George!

  22. MissWilso says:

    It probably sounds like I’m making this up but I have a couple of mutual friends with that Steve Wynn guy and let me say… Dude really is an asshole of the highest order. And also has no respect for women, he makes Eddie cibrian and K-Fed look like knights of chivalry if that’s even possible. Ugh.

  23. siri says:

    This is so silly. Clooney wanted to promote his tequila, and he happily did so at Wynn’s casino. Private business between multimillionairs. It doesn’t really matter what and how much they drank, they just should have kept their political disagreements private as well. Just two old boys fighting about their selfimportance, wanting to have the last word. Clooney seems to have some sort of an alcohol problem, Wynn is obviously aware of that, and simply puts it in as the reason for their verbal fallout. But to relase a statement, making this even bigger, and sillier, just shows how desperate Clooney is to change his image, including his well reported alcohol abuse at times.

    • whoozy says:

      It’s at the eye rolling stage, its it? This was a business meeting, w/Clooney playing the salesman role. Seemingly grown men do often act like idiots at these booze filled meetings. I imagine something triggered a comment on the president’s policies and both reverted to boys. And all the awshucks poor boy stuff has been so done for years..a quick check will show he was given a part by his cousin while selling shoes, then lived in Beverly hills with aunt till she booted him. He actually had over half dozen (failed) pilots before Rosanne (can’t think of many given so many chances) and in 20′s was living well..w/pool. His dad was a bit of local celeb, doing personal appearances around Cincinnati, and his grandparents owned that tobacco farm. I give him tons of kudos for evolving from pretty face to fine actor/director, but for him to do this poor boy picked on by millionaire crappola is so’s the old I got you I got you! Wynn should keep his nose in the Wall street journal, and gc should keep his lounging by the shore.

      • siri says:

        Exactly. This shouldn’t be in the papers for weeks, and make people picking sides. But George obviously also tried to use this petty incident to portray himself-again- as the person who understands the hardships of the ‘peasants’. Same here, I don’t mind him as an actor/director, just those childish erruptions he could leave out, since soon he’s gonna be Mr.Alamuddin :-)

  24. HoustonGrl says:

    After seeing that picture of Wynn, I feel the need to bathe.

  25. feebee says:

    To the outside it looks like a pissing match, inside it’s more like Wynns’ denial makes Clooney sound like a liar, so yeah, he’s going to put out a statement clarifying in no uncertain terms about what went down. It’s not about the “crime” but the cover up. If Wynn hadn’t denied it then Clooney would have nothing to measure a piss by.

  26. Suze says:

    Geez, George, go on vacation. You need to disappear for a while.

  27. joan says:

    Page 6 has a story today about Wynn having a loud meltdown at a hotel desk clerk because of some booking problem. Made a big scene and embarrassed himself, if the story is correct.

    So maybe he’s having a bit of male menopause or mid-life crisis.

  28. janet says:

    Are they PMSing???? One has to laugh because it sounds like they both said kind of the same thing. Wynn called Obama an asshole and Georgie freaked out. Georgie, mellow out and go hang with the Middle Eastern fugly thing you say you are going to marry.

  29. Sandra says:

    Didn’t Tom Cruise start fighting with people all over tv, Matt Lauer and getting engaged to women he knew for a short while? Is George losing it?
    Somewhere Tom Cruise is sitting back laughing.

    • Miss M says:

      I said it before I am just waiting for him to jump on Oprah’s couch..

    • Side-eye says:

      Cruise is an interesting comparison and seems pretty apt to me in terms of the effect this media blitz is having on my perception of him. It’s sad to me because I think George is talented and these antics detract from that. I had a co/worker who used to say (with respect to insults from others), “the bigger the title, the bigger the person”, meaning, the more successful you are, the more you have to let roll off; otherwise you just look petty or bullying.