Prince Harry ‘likes the drama of a breakup & then a make up’: back to Cressy?


Here are some photos of Prince Harry at last night’s Sentebale Summer Party at The Dorchester Hotel. Sentebale is the charity Harry started in Lesotho ten years ago – this year’s event celebrated their 10-year anniversary of working to help children with HIV/AIDS in Lesotho. Joss Stone performed and Harry was in fine, conservative form after spending his time in America last week getting his booze on and twerking at his friend’s wedding. But what about Cressida Bonas?! Won’t anyone think of Cressy?! Katie Nicholl is still thinking about Cressy. Nicholl not only wrote that absolutely crazy story in The Daily Mail over the weekend, Nicholl also wrote this piece for Vanity Fair:

Prince Harry is planning to meet up with Cressida Bonas in the hope of rekindling their two-year long romance, Royal Watch can reveal. Harry, 29, is back in the U.K. after spending the weekend in Memphis for his best friend Guy Pelly’s wedding, and, according to close friends, he is planning to meet up with Cressida “imminently.”

The couple split two weekends ago after a monumental row over the wedding, Royal Watch has learned. Cressida was upset that she was not invited to a bachelors’ party in Miami, and told Harry she wasn’t prepared to fly to America for a bash she wasn’t invited to. The argument soon escalated and resulted in Cressida calling off the romance. But, according to the couple’s inner circle, Harry is desperate for a rapprochement and spent most of the wedding weekend talking about Cressida and sending her text messages.

“There will be another chapter to the Harry and Cressida love story,” predicts a friend. “Harry likes the drama of a breakup and then a make up.” Another added: “Cressida is really cut up about how things ended and spent the weekend feeling very down.”

After being given some time off work, the 24-year-old is back at her desk in London’s Soho, where she works for a media marketing firm, after the long May bank holiday rocking her usual fabulous look in a sharp suit jacket and Doc Martin boots. Harry is reported to have told Cressida she would have to smarten up her look to befit a royal girlfriend (Cressida has an amazing collection of trainers) but Cressy has told friends that she won’t be changing her look for anyone. “Cressida is very confident and won’t be conforming to the royal look like Kate Middleton did. She is her own person, and Harry will have to accept that,” says one of her crew.

Tonight, Prince Harry is attending a dinner for his charity, Sentebale, in London. But sources say the couple will be meeting up for a heart-to-heart very soon, although they plan to keep details of the rendezvous top secret. “Harry likes the fact the media are reporting they’ve split, because it gives him and Cressida some time to try and sort things out away from the limelight.”

[From Vanity Fair]

If we have to choose between Duchess Kate’s wedges of doom and Cressy’s trainers, I’m going to choose the trainers. Even though I’m starting to believe Cressida might be too immature for Harry, I do hope they get back together. They are an amusing train wreck, and I’m starting to wonder if Cressida isn’t an undercover diva. Still, Harry could do much worse.

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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  1. Kiddo says:

    He should date Sean Penn. lol

  2. JulieM says:

    Well, so much for Cressie’s independence. I’m getting the feeling she’s a more clingy drama queen than her people want us to believe. Still, both seem very immature and quite possible deserve each other. So be it.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’ve stopped believing anything they say. I’ll just wait and see.

  4. HappyMom says:

    If she can’t handle this part-there is NO way she can work for the “Firm”. She will crumble immediately. He needs to find someone like Kate who wants to be a royal and doesn’t have to be talked into it.

  5. MonicaQ says:

    I think as you grow up you *have* to change your style. I’m still a video game nerd but I can’t wear my World of Warcraft shirts to work (ok, I can but I choose not to). Instead a nice pair of slacks, red and black blouse and a tiny Horde pin. I refuse to wear heels unless they’re boots. I’m fat and as graceful as a newborn giraffe outside of cleats, flats, skate shoes, Docs, and converses. I’d be drilling for oil every time I took a step.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that she could upgrade to Royal Protocol but not lose who she is. She’s just being stubborn. At the tail end of college (so 24) I was still concerned that things didn’t “go with my image” too. Employers don’t give a flying hippie-di-cupcake about image.

    • bettyrose says:

      Seriously. Royal or not, she can’t go through life in trainers, but it would be awesome to watch her royal style develop with boho flair. There are tons of cut, comfy flats she can trade her trainers in for.

      • I think different says:

        I think the image of the British Royal princesses has to modernize a bit. Maxima in the Netherlands is a good example. She and her husband seem to be in a bit more of a cheerleader role, making people feel optimistic about their future, happy to be around them, and supported. Maxima is especially good with kids, and they seem to like her, no matter what she is wearing. Her outfits occasionally are a little crazy and clashing, but it in no way detracts from her enthusiasm and warm reception she gets from her constituents. If Cressida dresses different, but has a heart of gold, and children love her, and accept her style, so be it. If she has bitch face all day because she hates wearing stilettos, then no one will be happy except the newspapers. Harry (and I think Cressida, but don’t know for sure) has an energy and stage presence that seems to exude out of him, no matter if he’s in workout clothes or suit ensembles. Harry has a natural charisma, and people may be so focused on him, they don’t notice Cressida’s trainers anyway. Look at some of Maxima’s outfits: they’re a little crazy, but they in no way take away from her role or her positive impact at the events she attends. The real question is if Cressida attends events, do people feel a certain positive energy about her. It’s not about what she’s wearing; its about who she is on the inside.

      • LadySlippers says:


        The Dutch media treats their Royals in a much different fashion than the Brits do or the Spanish), as do many of the countries that have well respected Royals (the Scandinavian Royals for example). The UK and Spain do not have those same agreements with the press or the inherent respect and it shows in popular opinion.

        So it’s honestly an unfair comparison even though it looks even from a distance. If Maxima were in either the BRF or the SRF things would be mighty different — she’d get torn to shreds. She is probably very grateful that she landed a Dutch prince rather than a British or a Spanish one. (Heck the Spanish press makes the British press seem tame and loving in comparison)

      • HH says:

        I think we’ve talked about this here before, but I think other European Royals have it wayyyy better than the BRF. Most of them don’t have the same worldwide recognition so they’re privacy can be better managed. The other families seem less “stuffy”. To top it off, the other European Royal women get to interact with each other more, which means more royal events, which means more chances of a tiara. I mean, HELLO! They have way more fun with fashion also. The only one that doesn’t fit this category is Letizia. I have no doubt her frail frame is due to the media criticism of her. I have no envy for her position, just for her husband. He’s a fine piece of man. ;)

      • bluhare says:

        Actually there were photos of her at a gala in October and she really looked sexy with some really, really hot shoes. And, no they weren’t diamond encrusted trainers. :)

      • HH says:

        @bluhare – If you’re refering to the Boodles Boxing Ball in which she wore a black sleeveless gown with nude undersheath and black strappy heels, yes, she cleaned up quite nicely. However, I thought the look was rather risque. It was a little too celebrity for my taste, but she did look very nice.



      • LadySlippers says:

        Even without the global fishbowl that the BRF endures, many European Royals have press constraints that the British Royals can only dream about. I honestly think that makes a much bigger difference in perception of everyone.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      “Drilling for oil”
      Stop!! Except don’t.

  6. Sayrah says:

    I can finally see some of Charles in Harry. I spent many years thinking “maybe not?”

  7. HH says:

    I’m glad we now know she has an amazing collection of trainers. I was just beginning to wonder about that… :P

    I hope this story is false. Breaking up over a silly bachelor party just to makeup? In the immortal words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

    • pleaseicu says:

      I think it’s probably over. I’m guessing the break-up leak to People came directly from KP or CH. I don’t think Harry would get his dad or the palace grey men involved nor would the grey men or Charles get involved if it was just a recent blow-up and they thought there might be a reconciliation anytime soon. They’re well versed in Harry’s love life by now and know how his relationships go.

      I believe the Palace did something similar when announcing either Charles and Diana’s separation or divorce. IIRC they bypassed the British Press entirely and leaked to a credible US entertainment outlet, maybe even People.

      • HH says:

        I hope so. At a certain age you’re just over that back and forth. Also, if she’s so reluctant, media-shy, independent, or all the above, then why go back? All we’ve been hearing about her is hesitance and wanting to be herself. That’s been the entire 2 year narrative, so why force the issue? They should both let this one go.

      • LAK says:

        Charles and Diana’s separation was announced by the Prime Minister, John Major, in Parliament. The divorce date wasn’t a secret because all divorces writs (the official papers- divorce nisi etc) are always public.

        Perhaps Americans heard about it via people or other gossip media, but in Britain, it was an official bulletin before the MPs started the order of the day. It was not leaked.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Vanity Fair was the one in 1985 that first poked holes in the ‘Fairytale Marriage’ though.

        Although that doesn’t mean much today in 2014.

  8. Hannah says:

    I don’t trust anything Katie Nicholl says. In the words of Lily Allen, she’s a c.

  9. adam says:

    @happymom, why do you think he needs to find someone like kate, r u kidding kate a stalker, lazy, golddigger, selfish, serialflasher , thank you verymuch i prefer cressida, compared to waity she seems promising, waity is just an awful child, who sucks!

    • HH says:

      Whoa there, Adam! I’m no Kate fan, but you really laid the hate on thick! Not to speak for “happymom” but how I interpreted that thread is for all of Kate’s faults, she never had to be talked into the role. She wanted the job, albeit to the point of losing herself or giving up some major life experiences (IMO). To be one of the main figures in the BRF requires dedication, sacrifice, a loss of privacy, and living by predetermined rules and expectations. To put it mildly, it’s not for the faint of heart. A future spouse is taking on much more than just being a husband or wife, but being a public figure that represents an entire country. It is a duty like none other because it lasts FOREVER. I will acknowledge that it is daunting, even though William tends to go overboard with this description as though it’s the worst thing that he could have been born into.

    • Jegede says:

      The Middletons have less name but more money than the Bonas’.

      Isabella married an heir, Jakobi is dating an heiress and her family are pushing for the Harry alliance.

      If there is a family of gold diggers its them

  10. Talie says:

    If he wasn’t a royal, y’all wouldn’t look twice. Let’s keep it real.

  11. Sarah says:

    Harry is very immature too don’t forget he is 30 this year I reckon they are perfect together.

    • kay says:

      please explain why he is immature? I have not seen him do anything that any other guy his age would do. and if you are talking about vegas let me tell you something, I live here and that was no big deal. most people were pissed about the girl selling the pictures to tmz

  12. Nanea says:

    They actually had the Sentebale event at the Dorchester?

    Aren’t there any other hotels in London, especially hotels that are not owned by the Sultan of Brunei?

  13. SoCal says:

    Is Cressida a commoner or aristo? I think it would be awesome if Prince Harry married a distant relative from a royal family that is defunct: Russia, Germany, Greece, Romania, etc. I know the British royals are close to the Greek royals: Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark is the same age as Harry, blonde, and pretty. Talk about making Kate’s hair stand up!

    How come no one is match-making royals with royals anymore? That’s how they did it back in the day. There seems to be a determination by the younger British royals to not marry royals/aristos, why, because of the failed marriage of Prince Charles and Diana? Hmm…

    • bluhare says:

      I’m sure someone with more education than I have will come along, but up until fairly recently, the royals (especially heirs to the throne) only married other royals. I think Queen Mary was the last one? The problem with that is the gene pool got smaller and smaller.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Mary of Teck was considered unsuitable by a lot of people (not Victoria) as Teck was the product of a morganatic marriage (as was Battenberg). She was quite touchy about this as Victoria had to elevate them because they actually weren’t Royal prior to her first engagement.

        I think it has way more to do with Royals wanting to be happy than the gene pool. Changing times and expectations.

      • bluhare says:

        Seriously? You don’t think a shrinking gene pool would be a factor? Hapsburgs anyone?

        Nationalism too. The British royal family still get stick for being German, and much was made of Diana being English when she married Charles.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Nope Blu,

        Shrinking gene pool had very little to do with it. Several Monarcharies didn’t want their members to marry commoners as late as a few decade ago and many rebeled or lost their Royal titles when they did anyways (see Scandinavian Royal Families). It had everything to do with love, personal choice, and wanting to be happy. Expanding the gene pool was not a consideration at all.

        I think it’s funny that the BRF is still seen as German. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was Scottish, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was Royal so no real nationality (he identifies as Scandinavian), and Diana was English (but also with American and Scottish ancestry).

        As for the Hapsburgs, they were very stupid and allowed WAY TOO many close relatives to marry and produce children. Most other Royal Families didn’t have those issues and were much smarter in their choices of marriage partners.

      • bluhare says:

        I can do math, LadySlippers, and only marrying other royals will shrink a gene pool quickly.

      • LadySlippers says:

        It’s not only about math though.
        And they were several circles of acceptable choices. Germany alone had *numerous* small branches of ‘Royals’ and nobles. Even if it meant ‘dipping beneath you’ and forming a morganatic marriage.

        Very few of the families encountered the same issues as the

        Widening the gene pool was merely a happy byproduct of Royals demanding free choice in their selection of marriage partners.

      • wolfpup says:

        Queen Elizabeth has American ancestors as well, thru the Bowes-Lyon line. She is related to George Washington, Gen. Robert E. Lee, and Meriwether Lewis! The four daughters of Augustine Warner (or their progeny) produced one of these illustrious people, the Queen being one. Anyway, if you look at this page, there are some very interesting comments on Queen Victoria’s view of the value of marriage to the aristocracy, or to commoners.

    • LadySlippers says:


      To answer your question about Cressida she’s both an aristo AND commoner. Let me explain.

      In British law, the only people that are NOT commoners are the Soveriegn and Peers of the Realm (it includes Peeresses suo jure as well but not peeresses by marriage). What that means is only the Monarch and *actual* title holders are not Commoners. Everyone else is. For example, both William and Harry are Royal but only William is a Peer; Harry therefore (as is Kate) is a Commoner (albeit a Royal one). William is the actual title holder and his wife holds her title as a courtesy only.

      Diana and Sarah were both aristos AND commoners. As is Cressida (both Sarah and Cressida are granddaughters of peers). Even though Diana held the courtesy title of ‘Lady’ prior to marriage. They are all aristos and commoners at the same time.

      And to answer your latter questions. Royals now want to marry for love and not for diplomatic reasons and tend to meet future spouses in college or work — much like us. However, a lot of princes kept their HRH status a secret because that repels women faster than bug repellents get rid of insects. 😉 So until the women could ‘look past’ their status as a prince, that was kept from them.

      Most British aristos want nothing to do with the huge gilded cage that is the BRF and that was true long before Charles and Diana. Charles had *plenty* of female aristos run the other direction when he came a courtin’. Most would roll in the hay with him but none wanted more than that. Same ends up being true with his sons. (Originally, Camilla was no exception either)

      William was lucky that he went to university that was co-ed but Harry is constrained by the fact he missed out on that and went into a very male dominated career.

    • Ronia says:

      Yep, too bad I’m married, otherwise I’d have gone after him. LOL I meet all the requirements and have the feeling he would meet mine. :D On a serios note, it’s interesting how in some countries it is enough for the mother to be aristocrat so the children would be considered such while in other countries it’s the opposite and the father is considered , in third situations it’s a law or regulation… Weird. To me Cressida is aristocrat because of her mother.

    • Kori says:

      Prince Philip was the last ‘foreigner’ to marry into the royal family and even he had been raised more in England than almost anywhere else–the Greek monarchy having been deposed when he was an infant. (And his father narrowly escaping the firing squad thanks to the intervention of his future wife’s grandfather) Before that, it was Princess Marina of Greece, his cousin, who married Elizabeth II’s uncle George, Duke of Kent. After WW1, there was a seeming concerted effort to marry within the country–foreign alliances were actually looked askance at as they had brought a lot of misery to the family during the war. The last ‘royal match’ before George and Marina was Prince Arthur of Connaught (grandson of Queen Victoria) who married his first cousin once removed Princess Alexandra, Duchess of Fife (granddaughter of Edward VII) in 1913. In the immediate post-war years, all the marriages were between royals and aristocrats–Princess Patricia of Connaught & Alexander Ramsay (son of the Earl of Dalhousie) in 1919, Princess Mary and the future Earl of Harewood in 1922, the Duke of York and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923, Princess Maud of Fife and the Earl of Southesk in 1923 and later the Duke of Gloucester and Lady Alice Montague-Douglas-Scott (daughter of the Duke of Buccleuch) in 1935. Speculation used to name foreign princesses (even Catholic ones) for the future Edward VIII but that was really never a question–the more serious candidates were British aristocrats such as Rosemary Leveson-Gower (the future Countess of Dudley). Even before WW1, the British Royal Family was tiring of the intrafamilial fighting brought on by foreign matches and Queen Victoria allowed her daughter Louise to marry the Marquis of Lorne (later Duke of Argyll) and later her granddaughter (also Louise) to marry the Duke of Fife in 1889. The latter incident actually caused a huge stir a few years later–when the Duke of Clarence died in 1892, his brother George (later George V) was recovering from typhoid and was unmarried. At that point, if he had relapsed and died, Louise and her 2 daughters (just ‘Ladies’ as they only became princesses in 1905) would have been in line for the throne. The public wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of such ‘commoners’ becoming their future monarch. How times have changed. :)

  14. original kay says:

    yeah, he could do much worse.

    of course, he could do better as well.

    team Chelsy!

  15. Maggie says:

    I think Harry will play the field for awhile. He’s got the devil in his eye that will attract lots of women. It appears he may be losing his hair as well. Hope I’m wrong as I love the ginger!

  16. Steph says:

    I saw pictures of Harry with Joss Stones at the Sentabele dinner and they looked really cute together. They are just friends,but I saw more chemistry there than when Harry was pictured with Cressida.

    Cressida is too much of a drama queen for the royal family. I normally side with the woman but in this case,Cressida should have kept the drama in check as opposed to creating a huge blow up which in turn cast a shadow over Harry’s best friend’s wedding. Everyone was talking about Cressida and not the wedding.

  17. P.J. says:

    “Cressy has told friends that she won’t be changing her look for anyone.”

    Then Cressida won’t ever be marrying into the Royal family. Period.

    What really boggles my mind about all this (besides a grown woman allegedly throwing a full blown hissy fit about not being invited by her boyfriend’s best friend to his BACHELOR PARTY) is that she bothered to start dating a royal of she didn’t like what the Windsors and everything that goes along with them is about.

    Make no mistake and don’t be fooled by (what I’m sure is her incredibly pricey) trustifraian wardrobe: Cressida Bonas is a Blue Blood. She was born into and raised in a titled British family (her mother is a Lady) and has always known about royal life and its constraints practically from birth. She should never have moved past friendship with Harry and given up her dancing career if these are her true feelings. It all seems incredibly spoiled, dishonest and misleading of her. I mean, did she honestly think that she would become so irreplaceable to Harry that the entire Firm would completely re-arrange their centuries old time honored traditions, rules and way of life to suit her need lest she walks?! Unbelievable.

    • Santolina says:

      You have to admire Cressy’s sense of duty and respect for tradition coupled with a love of dogs and horses… NOT.

      • kay says:

        p.j. a very good post. I am also a little surprised about how everyone who is apparently trying to speak for Cressida is always trying to make harry look like shit. I don’t think he walks on water but they seem really quick to put him down to make her look better. that includes Katie nicholl (isn’t nicholl his friend). I posted several months ago that if harry and Cressida broke up cressidas pr would spin it that Cressida was the one who didn’t want the royal life just like Isabella.

    • Suze says:

      Yes, perfect.

      If she marries into the royal family she will be changing everything about herself.

      If she doesn’t want that, that is fine, but for heavens sake woman, just MOVE ON.