Angelina Jolie had an HD makeup fail at ‘Normal Heart’ premiere: rookie mistake?


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attended last night’s NYC premiere of The Normal Heart. They came out to support Brad’s friends for the most part – Brad is close to Julia Roberts (one of the stars of the film) and Brad produced Eat Pray Love, which starred Julia and was directed by Ryan Murphy, who directed The Normal Heart. Brad’s also a producer on The Normal Heart (which I didn’t know before today). Plus, I guess Angelina and Brad just wanted to see the film (so do I).

But like all things Brangelina, they pulled focus. They would have pulled focus even if they both showed up wearing potato sacks (Angelina just perked up). But they pulled focus last night because Angelina had a major makeup malfunction. I think the problem is high-definition makeup, which has been a problem for many stars on red carpets before. The HD makeup can look very powdery under certain lighting conditions, and you can see the varied ways Angelina’s makeup was noticeable last night in different light. I feel sorry for her – this is such a rookie mistake. She needs new makeup people, because it’s not like this is the first makeup fail for Angie in even the past week. During the Maleficent photocall last week, she had HD makeup on her legs and it was noticeable there too.

I’m also including a couple of photos of Shiloh and Pax out with a bodyguard yesterday in NYC. Shiloh is so beautiful!




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Crank says:

    Ugh how do you not notice that? As a side note: brad looks so much hotter now that he’s cut that hair. Now he needs to drop the old-man sunglasses. EDIT: I can’t tell if that’s sunglasses transition lenses, or just a weird shadow over the glasses. Oh well, I think he’s super hot now regardless lol

  2. Kiddo says:

    Tragic application of make-up, but still nowhere near as horrendous as Brad’s jacket, T-shirt and his overall look. When did he exterminate the last remaining vestiges of hot and why did he hate it?

  3. akivasha says:

    makes me sad to see her look like this, she would have been flawless again if not for that makeup :( .

  4. Eve says:

    Man, I love her…seriously: I. LOVE. HER. But I’m giggling like crazy now because of that makeup fail.

    P.S.: Her boobs look really good in the second picture (in all of them, actually).

  5. Allie says:

    So embarrassing. We’ve seen this before, so not sure why make up artists are still having this problem.

  6. Soulange says:

    I swear its like Brad applied it all wrong. maybe she let the girls have a go.
    My girl..she can afford it..

  7. Dee says:

    Oh, wow, I feel so bad for her. :/

  8. truthSF says:

    Did the makeup ppl not learn from the previous fail? I know they saw the pictures with the powder on her knees and legs.

  9. capepopsie says:

    Couldn´t Brad have told her? Surely he must have seen it? Then she could tell him that he forgot to put his shirt on. Just saying. ;-)

  10. Dani2 says:

    I laughed but yeah, this is a rookie mistake, that make up artist needs to her his/her sh-t together.

  11. Aurie says:

    By the way, that third picture shows her nose looking the same as before. I saw this great photo yesterday, where somebody compiled like 60 photos of her, which really sets the record straight on her plastic surgery/nose job rumors:

  12. Rice says:

    This is all kinds of horrible. The artist missed a crucial foundation class in makeup school.

  13. Dani says:

    She’s so…frail looking.

  14. Ellen says:

    In fairness, it’s happening because the powder goes reflective under camera lights/flash. They can’t see it when they apply it, and apparently they’re not pulling out a camera flash to test, first, either.

    You’d think they could just point a camera phone flash in her direction to check this stuff, right?

  15. TG says:

    Only Angelina could still look beautiful with flour all over her face. I have never been Ito Brad and this photo of his chin is reminding me why.

    • Intro Outro says:

      Lol I must admit his chin looks almost unnatural in these pics and my eyes just keep returning to it. This pear shape.. Has it always been like that?? Maybe I haven’t noticed it, maybe it’s the unfortunate lighting angle here.

      Angelina look gorgeous, powder fail or no powder fail.

  16. Eve says:

    My favourite celebrity makeup fail remains being Salma Hayek’s fake eyelash malfunction (it was in Cannes, can’t remember the year).

  17. lisa2 says:

    I hate Brad jacket.. but hardly would call it disgusting.

    the make up thing is nuts. This is a recent thing. In some pics you can’t see it at all. Outside of that she looks great. The dress fits her perfectly. I don’t know why people still talk about sack dresses. She has been wearing very form fitting cloths for over a year. I like the shoes too.

    anyway looking forward to the MIR GALA this weekend. hopefully there will be some pics of them in NOLA walking around and at the event..

  18. MsMercury says:

    HD makeup is the kind of makeup that looks great but you don’t notice the mistakes until the camera picks them up. (I think or have heard)

    She needs a new makeup artist but she really needs a new stylist as well. I know she has her own style that isn’t going to change lol but I’ve seen her in this black so many times before.

  19. Miffy says:

    Red carpet makeup fails make me criiiiinge!!!

    You’d die knowing that you went around a whole night thinking you were lovely and then seeing the photos on facebook the next day with lipstick on your teeth! This is that situation on crack and steroids.

    Plus does her makeup artist just slap on her foundation? It looks like honest to goodness finger smears on there. I hope they’re fired.

    • BNA FAN says:

      The powder cannot be seen by the naked eyes, that’s why no one noticed it. The HD powder is for certain camera.

      Anyway there is some news for Brad and Angelina’s real fans. Over at JJ there is a video on page 9, #222 of Angie saying: “I have a great HUSBAND IN BRAD” @1:12 they might have gotten married already.

    • Miffy says:

      I am aware that it can’t be seen by the naked eye, thank you. I would seriously hope no one could see that before allowing her near a wall of cameras.

  20. lower-case deb says:

    wow! did she change make up artists?
    never seen this fail before this year.
    or perhaps same make up artist but (1) trying a new unfamiliar product, or (2) secretly hates her, or….

  21. Green Is Good says:

    Awww! Look how protective Pax is of Shiloh! Adorable.

  22. Allie says:

    Ugh. Brads outfit, his hair, his glasses…they’re giving me douchebumps. This look is terrible.

  23. ShakenNotStirred says:

    Brad just doesn’t give a damn any more.

  24. Mayamae says:

    I think it’s interesting that her makeup artist seemed to apply makeup the heaviest on her jaw as if to contour. I love her square jaw. – let it be.

    Shiloh is almost as tall as Pax!

  25. Lucy says:

    The makeup issue is indeed unfortunate, but is it wrong that I don’t think it’s the end of the world or anything…? Haha I mean, it happens to every actress (and many actors, as well). They both looked good, though.

  26. GeeMoney says:

    Whoa. Are we sure that Shiloh didn’t throw a bag of flour at her before she left the house?!?!? A rare beauty miss for Angie, indeed.

  27. jc126 says:

    Shiloh seems to have her mother’s mouth, and her father’s eyes.

  28. K.B. says:

    Good Lord. I can’t figure out how to do a smokey eye correctly, and even I can apply powder. Makeup artists who pull this stunt should be publicly shamed and banned from ever applying makeup on other people for the rest of their lives.

  29. Joh says:

    Brad looks like his face has been lifted.

  30. John says:

    She’s getting back to scary-skinny, and her jaw looks like Bethenny Frankel’s and Tracy Anderson’s :/

  31. tmbg says:

    I hate that powder. It’s messy and you’d better not get your photo taken if you’re wearing it.

    It reminds me of a concealer I wore that looked fine in person, but when someone took my photograph, I had white streaks on my face. I think it had to do with the fact that it had sunscreen in it.

    She still looks great though.

  32. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Doesn’t Brangelina have a French staff on staff at all times – she was probably eating some fancy pastry most of us could only dream of, with hand ground organic icing sugar imported from the Loire valley, then had to rush away from the delectable treat.

  33. Jayna says:

    It was on her chest and her forehead and the side of her face. How embarrassing. I’ve never seen it this bad on anyone before.

  34. HoustonGrl says:

    I think it’s kind of cute, it makes her human. If I had my makeup exposed under that lighting, I don’t even know. It would be bad.

    On that note, what is HD makeup?

  35. Mrs Odie says:

    I laughed out loud at this. It’s hilarious! It’s on her hand too. She looks like she just left Club 54 and forgot to wipe the coke off.

  36. Leslie says:

    I’ve seem that in pictures of Nicole Kidman and other stars, and wondered why they OR their makeup person didn’t notice it. And do they really use white powder? Why not flesh colored?

  37. Maggie says:

    Brad looks like a sleezy pimp. I don’t find him attractive at all.

  38. Ami says:

    How come the love of her life didn’t notice all the powder on her face. Doesn’t he look at her??? Or maybe he only looks at himself in the mirror these days lol

  39. Mean Hannah says:

    It’s a combination if heavy handed application and sudden sweating, and it could happen with non HD and/or white powder.

    It would be helped by a light application but not much. It’d still be visible and high intensity flash light bulbs would magnify it.

    I see this with normal women, even without flash lights. Usually, they are menopausal, elderly, or in my case, when I get hot flashes sometimes during migraines. Sweat gets absorbed by the powder and when the hot flash is over and my body cools down, I’m left with dry, powdery face – it’s like the powder got baked on – and I can’t blend it away.

  40. Kim1 says:

    Maybe one day people will stop the adopted vs biological labels.
    As for HD makeup it is pretty much invisible to the naked eye and HD cameras.
    Brad and Angie look fine and I can’t wait to the film.As for her being skinny better skinny than to be scary fat.JMO

  41. MP says:

    She should try Mally’s Poreless Face Defender. That stuff is great.

  42. The Original G says:

    Na-ah. This is a mess and miss. Is he wearing that jacket inside out?

    I predict they recover……

  43. Isan says:

    Ok, I’m no make up artist, but after seeing the pictures it’s strange that the white blemish only appears on certain parts of her face and body. I see the white stuff on her hands, her chest and shoulder. Why is the powder not applied all over her face? At least then her whole face would have been white. This can’t be just the flash, but the fact that the make up artist only retouched certain parts.
    I think is the same that happened to me years ago when I was still applying make up under my eyes to conceal circles, it would always become white in pictures and it made it look even more obvious.
    My point is, this has to be known for years so I think either this product is not applied well or should only be used when you can still retouch the pictures, not for a red carpet event.
    Again no expert, just a humble attempt to find an answer to this mystery.

    • To me it looks like she was trying to contour/highlight areas of her face to sculpt it but perhaps didn’t blend it well enough.

      • WTFava says:

        Oh get real. Jolie knows and cares as much about makeup as Shiloh. Angie is the definition of low maintenance. I believe she can use an eyebrow pencil and lipstick and that’s about it. She had never before appeared with makeup forever hd powder all over herself, so why on earth would you think she herself is contouring and highlighting with it? Makes more sense she let someone make her up and didn’t know what the eff they were dusting her with.

    • K.B. says:

      When you apply powder, the heaviest application is wherever you apply it first. The makeup artist probably started at Angelina’s jaw line (also why it fell onto her chest and shoulders) and worked her way around the perimeter of the face (to contour, as Tentacle Kitten mentioned).

  44. lucy2 says:

    After a bunch of celebrities had this problem a while ago (I’m mostly remembering Nicole Kidman) I’m amazed that makeup artists are still sending their clients out onto the red carpet without doing a flash test first or something.
    Her eye makeup always looks good though.

  45. heigl says:

    you all simply don’t understand her ARTPOP

  46. Rachel says:

    Eh- the problem is she is addicted to all the skin tightening treatments– chemical peels and laser treatments. That is why she is ridiculously shiny most of the time. I guess they tried to tone down the shine with disastrous results. I wish she would chill and try not to fight aging that hard. She is still beautiful but is getting too tight and tweaked…

  47. OriginalCrystal says:

    Awww Angelina is such a good wife. She put flour all over her face to take attention away from Brad’s terrible jacket. She’s such a queen. Love her.

  48. zut alors! says:

    Poor thing….how dreadful.

    Maybe Jen can help a sister out and send Angelina some Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer so she won’t need to mess with the HD powder. Her hair and makeup team has dropped the ball on her last 2 appearances.

    Knowing Angelina, she’ll be stepping out with Vivienne and Knox to deflect from this latest snafu any moment now. I love the woman but I’m not blind to her antics.

    • Kim1 says:

      Maybe Jen can have that baby she claims she has wanted for fifteen years.
      Maybe Jen can direct the film she said she wanted to direct years ago.
      Maybe Jen can travel to India or other places she claimed she wanted to travel to years ago.
      Maybe Jen can do more than just talk.
      Just Do It

    • June says:

      It was poor make up, not a DUI. She does not need to do any pr rehab. It is not the end of the world.

      • zut alors! says:

        There are pics of her out today shopping at a toy store with all the kids sans Maddox….right on cue. Like I said, I maybe an Angeloonie but I call as I see it.

      • lisa2 says:

        OH I see.. because make gone wrong is so tragic that they have to rush to make it all better.

        My goodness. do you know how much stuff has been posted about them over the years and they have not responded in any way shape or form.

        The kids were see the day before the make up thing. So I guess she was doing forward planning.

        I’m more interesting in the video interview and her referring to Brad as HUSBAND..

        now that I want to know more about.

    • gennline says:

      @ zut alors!
      Yeah because if you have a make up mishap(that you or the people around you don’t know about), you should let it rule your life and the life of your children.
      So keep those children indoors, don’t take them out for treats.
      How long should AJ stay hidden for?
      How long do you stay hidden at home when you have a make up mishap?

      • zut alors! says:

        Dang! Why are y’all so touchy? I get the sense that while Angelina likes to give off this air of not caring about her image, she does care very much indeed. Last night’s makeup mishap turned her in to an internet wide cautionary tale and fashion don’t. I’m sure with the Maleficent promotion underway, she does not want any criticism flowing her way.

        I can think of a few instances where Angie trotted out the kids to deflect from negative attention.

        2007 – Angie got criticized for muzzling the press during the press junket for A Mighty Heart – out came Shiloh and Maddox for a trip to Lee’s Art Shop. Sightings of Shiloh were rare at this time.
        2008- The Sun releases video of Angie in a drug den – out come Shiloh and Maddox again. This time to a clothing store in Cannes in full view of photographers.
        2012 – the leg debacle – Knox, Vivienne and Grandma Pitt tag along on a shopping trip.

        Since you asked, my makeup is perfect….EVERY single time. And I don’t even have a makeup artist to do it for me.

  49. Linda says:

    hahahahahahaha!!! OMG this is the greatest!!!!

  50. MrsBPitt says:

    Shiloh is the perfect blend of Angelina and Brad…she is gorgeous!

  51. Mel says:

    Does that child ever smile?
    She looks annoyingly blasee – and not just on this photo.

    I don’t really “follow” the Pitt-Jolie family, but I don’t remember a single photo where their children, especially their biological children, were really smiling.

    BTW, I am not implying anything by this observation.
    It is simply that: an observation.

  52. Camille (The Original) says:

    Well apart from the major makeup fail she looks beautiful as always. Love the simple dress and shoes.

  53. LadyS says:

    Somebody just lost a client!

  54. Rascalito says:

    It looks like she was hanging out at Zac Efron’s house! Oooooh zing! Too soon? :P

  55. Rascalito says:

    It looks like she was hanging out at Zac Efron’s house! Oooooh zing! Too soon? :P

  56. Liz says:

    Apart from the make-up error she looks so frail. Her jaw looks weird. Brad’s funny looking attire should be the other big story. He needs direct the dermatologist to use a lighter touch with the fat injections.

    • WTFava says:

      Her jaw looks weird? Maybe because she had hd powder all over it? Just a guess. Other than that her beautiful bone structure is beautiful, as usual. Then again my idea of “weird” is maniston’s low forehead, 4 time rhinoplastied nose, beady eyes, juvadermed cheeks and huge old man floppy lobed ears that sit on her neck. What can I say?

  57. Mew says:

    Sun screen is one thing that creates flash effect. Certain kind of foundations do it too. The safest way is to test it before the event – face full of makeup and take your own photo to see how it looks like. No surprises.

  58. Nene says:

    Love her little black strapless dress.

    I think the lolipop body type doesn’t look good with age cos they tend to lose fat as the person gets older. Their limbs being the slimest part of their body bears the brunt of this inevitable change. If they gain weight it’s mostly in their mid-section and upper arms,even at their slimest these parts of their body never get thin.
    A.Jolie is a perfect example.

  59. NYC_girl says:

    This is late, but I walked past the kids just as they were getting into the car in one of those photos on Monday! They were leaving Lee’s, a huge art supply/toy store. I didn’t recognize them until I saw the paps taking pics. I am still jealous of her fab hair!!

  60. GByeGirl says:

    This is a mistake by such a rookie MUA. A lot of us peasants and newbie make up artists think of products like Make Up Forever or MAC as professional makeup. Real makeup artists who have been in the biz for a while use makeup meant for the camera. Graftobian, Ben Nye, and others have HD products that aren’t as reactive to flash photos. They also know that you are supposed to blend, blend and then when you’ve blended enough…you blend some more. Plus, they use a little hairdresser’s cape to prevent makeup fallout.

    These aren’t the techniques taught by typical aesthetician schools, cosmetology schools, or by Youtube gurus (except for Wayne Goss–he’s a genius).