Us Weekly: Beyonce & Jay-Z ‘are used to this from Solange, it’s happened before’


Beyonce and Jay-Z put on a united front last night at the Brooklyn Nets playoff game. No Solange. Just Bey and Jay. Apparently, they didn’t sit down (courtside, naturally) until the second quarter. They were acting like they always do – coupled-up, loved-up, smiling and happy. Beyonce and Jay have not issued any verbal or written statement about the incident in the elevator. So… perhaps this appearance was their statement. And the fact that they’re going on tour together this summer. Now “sources” are telling Us Weekly that Solange’s rage attacks happen all the time:

They are the music world’s King and Queen of Cool, but Beyonce and Jay Z seemed eerily chilled out during Solange Knowles’ now-historic elevator attack, caught via surveillance footage at the Standard Hotel during last Monday’s Met Gala afterparty. As the entire Internet seemingly posits theories on exactly what set Beyonce’s little sister off, one source explains to Us Weekly that Solange’s tantrum was familiar to her sister, 32, and brother-in-law, 44.

“Solange has flipped her lid like that before,” the insider explains of the stylish singer and producer, 27. “She is genuinely a sweet and nice person but she also keeps sh– real. She can take a small thing and it triggers her.”

As Us reported late Monday, Solange inexplicably yelled at designer pal Rachel Roy and others earlier in the evening during the Boom Boom Room party on May 5. Her famous older sister “got in the middle of it,” although the exact source of Solange’s ire remains unknown.

“This is not the first time this has happened,” the first source says of the elevator fit. “That’s why Bey and Jay were so calm. They are used to this from Solange. It has definitely happened before.”

By the end of the evening on May 5, the sisters Knowles were seen exiting the bash and boarding one car—with Jay Z notably traveling in a different vehicle. “It is a testament to Beyonce’s calm nature how she kept back and played the peacekeeper here,” a second source says. “She is so calm and always the peacekeeper.”

Still, an observer at the Met Gala notes that Beyonce seemed off during the evening. “She wasn’t smiling, was hardly with Jay, she was off with Solange the whole time,” says the witness.

Blue Ivy’s mom “does not approve of violence,” the first source says. The trio “are trying to put the situation past them now.”

How in the world did the elevator footage get leaked to TMZ, anyway? “The video was recorded on a cell phone from the monitors in the back room,” a staffer at the Standard Hotel tells Us.

[From Us Weekly]

My favorite quote: “She is genuinely a sweet and nice person but she also keeps sh—real.” That sounds like the beginning of that awesome Dave Chappelle sketch. “Keeping sh-t real” is not an excuse to beat on your brother-in-law. “Realness” does not equal assault and battery. Now, if you want to make the argument that Solange “keeps it real” by screaming at people on a regular basis, sure. We could discuss that. But it sounds like she’s just an a—hole with a hair-trigger temper, and it sounds like her family covers up her “keeping sh-t real” often over the years.

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  1. Mouse says:

    Or this is crafty PR coverup so the illusion that is Jay and Bey is not destroyed?

    • tot says:

      I wish I could star this comment 100 times – The Carters are a BRAND. No way in the world they are going to let it get out that the perfect couple is anything but.

    • Tatjana says:

      This is sooo much damage control. So they are completely throwing Solange under the bus. Don’t get me wrong, she is completely guilty, but Jay Z must have dobe something to provoke such rage.

      • lovething says:


        Wait she is completely guilty but “she was provoked”? What does that even mean? I dont care to know what stupid rationalisation this crappy person has for her stupid conduct. If she had an ounce of decency she would put out a public apology for humiliating her kin and bodyguard in this way.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Tatjana, who wrote: “This is sooo much damage control. So they are completely throwing Solange under the bus. Don’t get me wrong, she is completely guilty, but Jay Z must have dobe something to provoke such rage.”

        What could he have possibly ‘done’ to provoke such rage? Shouldn’t we then ask what Rhianna could have possibly ‘done’ to provoke such rage in Chris Brown? Some women … like some men … are just unprovoked abusers. Word is Solange was in a rage all evening. It’s entirely possible all Jay-Z ‘did’ was say ‘Chill’ to her.

        Let’s pause a moment and think about this … ‘Solange’ was obviously provoked … but ‘Chris Brown,’ obviously with no provocation whatsoever, was just a raging animal without any self-control at all.

      • llc says:

        I am no fan of Jay Z, and that statement re Beyonce not approving of violence is a little ridiculous, since Jay Z has shot and stabbed people and is on film slapping and shoving a woman. That said, there are people who throw terrible tantrums and act out abusively for the pettiest of reasons ( e.g., dinner isn’t cooked the “right” way or they didn’t like how a party invitation was addressed). They are spoiled, selfish, narcissistic people and are responsible for their own crappy behavior. When I saw the tape, my first thought was that this must be typical of Solange. The others are clearly used to it and working hard to not engage.

      • Izzy says:

        Really? I suppose you’d be singing the same tune if it was a man hitting a woman.

      • Kim1 says:

        Yeah like Rihanna ” provoked” Chris?
        The clerk at the gas station provoke
        d me this morning but I didn’t beat her as#.
        It was obvious by the video that Solange has done this before.I have family members who ” go off” and I no longer blink an eye.

      • Tatjana says:

        Jesuse frickin Christ. I didn’t mean it that way. What she did was horrible and has no excuse. I just meant that they are issuing these statements a little too fast and acting like the perfect couple a little too fast.
        I didn’t mean that he provoked her so he deserved it. The way they are portaying it is that it’s her usual behaviour and she lashes out on people randomly, not an argument with Jay Z that escalated. Either way, violence is horrible.
        English is not my native language so I’m not really getting my point across.

      • TG says:

        @Tatjana – I know everyone else is going to cream you as well below but did you really just say that? So by your estimation every woman who is battered or raped must have done something g to provoke the attack. This is not sharia law we live under. This is not 100 BC. I hope you love in the US where you can be protected from such men or women you think judge a right do strike you.

      • Tatjana says:

        Oh come on now. I did not say that. Really? That is what you got from my comment?
        We’re not talking about random people, we’re talking about Jay Z, Solange and Beyonce. People whose behaviour’s we are aware off.
        I didn’t say he deserved it. I didn’t say what she’s done was somehow justifiable. It isn’t. what I am saying that the picture we’re going to get isn’t going to be the real one. It’s going to be the one approved by a PR team.

        And no, I live in a country where violent crime is much much lower than in the US and I am protected by the law. Thank you for your concern.

      • Pepsi Presents...Coke says:

        I’ll go to bat for Tatijana as I interpreted her words differently from the way that a lot of others did, it seems.

        What I got out of her comment was that it would be interesting to know if this was a completely random act of unacceptable violence that she committed against him, an added chapter to a history of erratic and abusive behaviour that arises out of nothing or comes out as an out-of-proportion response to something that her ‘opponent’ ‘did’, (‘did’ because one doesn’t ‘do’ anything that legitimately warrants this response), or if she justified her horrible actions to herself as a reasonable response to a slight or distasteful act that she, or someone about whom she cares a great deal received from him, imagined or real.

        It’s not about ‘victim blaming’ or assuming that it’s only women who can be the recipients of physical attacks from the opposite sex, but about wanting to be a fly on the wall of that elevator because we’ll never hear the true, un-spun version of events.

        At least, that’s what I thought she meant.

      • WTF says:

        I see where you are coming from Tatjana. I understand what you were trying to say. Also, the false parallel between the Chris/Rihanna situation and this is very disturbing to me. I don’t condone violence, but it is ridiculous to act like a woman (particularly a small skinny one) represents the same danger to a man, that a man Chris Brown’s size represented to Rihanna. Rihanna’s life was in danger. Chris is bigger and stronger and they were alone in a car in a secluded area. And he quite frankly, beat the crap out of her, and left her on the side of the road. She couldn’t have stopped that attack no matter what she did. It only stopped when Chris wanted it to stop.
        If Jay Z was inclined, he could have beaten Solange to the ground. That doesn’t make it okay for Solange to attack him. I’m just saying, let’s not pretend that Jay was afraid, or in any real jeopardy.

      • jaye says:

        That’s like saying a battered wife provoked her husband into attacking her. Say or believe what you will about Jay Z and Beyonce, violence is not an appropriate response in any circumstance other than defending yourself.

      • Tatjana says:

        @Pepsi Presents…Coke – that is exactly what I meant.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        The false equivalency to Chris Brown that we are seeing here is some prime astroturfing going on. The fast and furious sockpuppet spin on ‘Liftgate’ leaves no doubt in my mind there’s more here than meets the eye. (Emma and other long term posters, I do not mean you.)

        Tajiana, tot, Kitten, Kiddo, Pepsi, I concur. The REAL story is exactly what happened prior to them entering the elevator and what did Jay Z say after they entered? For all we know Jay Z could have grabbed Solange’s private areas in some corner of the party , and she waited until they were in a private area to tell him she was not having it.

        I can easily see Jay taunting her, and in this scenario Solange was not only justified, but actually ladylike for waiting until they were alone to air this dirty laundry.

        I said it before, and I’ll say it again – we have no idea what Jay Z said in that elevator before he laid hands on her FIRST. I guess it could have been something innocuous like “Solange, honey, you’ve had a little too much to drink.”, or it could have been some vile disgusting trash that no sane woman would tolerate.

        Again, I think it’s telling the bodyguard was so gentle with Solange. If she was not justifiably provoked, I’d think that Hero Bodyguard (he really deserves a freakin’ medal for handling himself in that mess) would have been a lot rougher on Solange.

        To me, the body language of everyone involved is telling. If only the video was clear enough we could lip read, and someone was brave enough to buck the machine came forward!

      • Kiddo says:

        @Sloane Wyatt, I don’t think she should have gotten physical, just to be clear. She should have stepped out of the elevator and away from them and let the tabloids have a field day on the un-united front, instead of physically attacking someone. I can’t know what precipitated the incident, but it still doesn’t make it right.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah, Bey, the peacemaker. What BS, I saw the video – Beyonce is treating Solange like she isn’t even there, like Solange is invisible to her. And then the big smile when they get out where the press is. The Carter Brand must remain supreme!

      • JennySerenity says:

        Tatjana, its cool girl. I see where you were coming from and I read it differently from the peeps who jumped you, as well.

        Totally agree that The Carter brand is showing a few cracks.

      • Amy says:

        Tatjana, don’t let those comments make you feel bad…I once got a full day’s worth of being attacked and flamed for having the nerve to say I thought Angelina Jolie looked too thin and unwell. It was fekking ridiculous and made me cry for 2 days. Other people said some really nasty things about her that were way worse than what I said, but no one found fault with those comments.

        The whole point of the comments section is to say what you think about the story and it’s not right for someone to bust someone else’s “balls” just because their opinion is different than yours. I agree with you, maybe JZ did or said something nasty, or maybe she was sticking up for Beyoncé for something…

        I don’t know why everyone thinks Beyoncé and Jay Z are so great. I personally don’t care for many of their songs, and I get tired of them acting like they’re king and queen, loving it up at basketball games all the time…I don’t know or care about Solange except for her always being in gossip magazines and shows for being the worst-dressed “celebrity” of the week.

      • Sacred And Profane says:

        I get what you are saying, Tatijana. I believe the operative word in your comment is “provoke”. People often do provoke others, either by their actions or words. There’s no getting away from that fact. So, for all we know, he may indeed have provoked her in some way. Having said that, it does not excuse her reaction to any possible provocation, but given enough provocation, many people resort to this type of violent reaction. It’s unacceptable, of course, but it does happen. Violence is wrong, but so is persistent and malicious provocation, particularly if one knows the right buttons to push to deliberately elicit a physical reaction.

    • Mel M says:

      You knew this would be the spin from the start.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Right. I don’t want to automatically discount this version but come on, everyone predicted that there would be crazy-swift damage control and image protection and that Solange would bare the brunt of the bad press. Seems to be the case here.

      • Yep, exactly. This smacks of the PR sneak attack. They put on a unified front and throw her under the bus. Or more accurately, just make sure that she has enough rope with which to hang herself. Nothing to do with us. And really, no matter how crap their relationship may or

      • denisemich says:

        We will never hear what Jay-Z said or did to Beyonce to prevoke her sister into attacking him.

        This is definitely good PR, truth doused with skepticism.

        We already know Jay-Z has been unfaithful to Beyonce; she wrote a song about it. Oprah has asked her about it and Paltrow has cast shade about it.

        I don’t know what control Jay-Z has over her that she would allow her sister to be thrown under a bus when acting in her defense. Could the sex be that good?

      • Kenny Boy says:

        Why shouldn’t she bear the brunt of the bad press? She was violent. She deserves to take her lumps for this because abusive behavior is not okay. Even if Jay is cheating on Bey (and of course he has), that doesn’t make it REMOTELY okay to physically attack him.

      • Alyce says:

        I’m not really invested in this, but shouldn’t Solange take the brunt of the bad press? She was the attacker. Jay Z was the attacked. I HATED it when Chris Brown beat Rhianna & his fans said, “She must have cheated/ etc,” so I’m not too keen on people trying to blame Beyonce/ Jay Z when nothing we’ve seen show them as the aggressors. I usually agree with your opinions & consider you one of the best commenters on here, so I’m interested as to why you have this opinion. For real… no shade ;)

      • Liv says:

        Yep, this comes straight from Beyonce and Jay. And that’s probably why Solange deleted all the pictures on Instagram. Very immature, but I still think that there’s more behind it.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Can we PLEASE stop drawing false parallels between the Chris Brown incident and what happened here?

        I don’t even know where to begin…the two incidents are so vastly dissimilar, starting with the fact that a BODY GUARD was present to protect Jay Z and ending with the fact that Jay Z walked away with NO injuries.

        Please people– use common sense.

        I’m not saying Solange was right to do what she did–but this was a controlled environment, with witnesses present, a bodyguard in tow, and with press and public waiting for photo ops.

        This was not Rihanna alone and secluded with Brown in his rented Lamborghini-no body guard or witnesses to be seen and Rihanna sustaining major contusions on both sides of the singer’s face, a black eye, a split lip, bloody nose and bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers.

        The potential for danger is simply not the same in both scenarios.

      • Khadijah says:

        @TOK. They predicted it because its obvious and anyone not blinded by hate can see it.

        Not even the bodyguard seems shocked at having to control his bosses sister-in-law in a public place after a major party with paps just waiting downstairs.

      • Tracy says:

        Yes, this is no surprise. These two have to keep up their image and will do so at any cost.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “shouldn’t Solange take the brunt of the bad press? She was the attacker”

        I completely agree, Alyce. Why would anyone expect J and B to take the blame for this when they weren’t the ones assaulting people? Solange made her own bad press for herself…this isnt a case of bad editing to incriminate an otherwise innocent person.

      • Dani2 says:

        @TOK I couldn’t agree more about your last comment, it’s not the same as the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident.

      • Leona says:

        Kitten: So if the bodyguard was not there then you would agree it is like what Chris Brown did?

        I think this woman is a dangerous person. She can really injure a person with her purse and shoes. Just because she did not win at her attempt does not make her less dangerous.

        I never used to know her now I hate her completely.

      • Chem says:

        Lol. So you must also be ok with that time Jay Z shoved a female groupie on camera. Afterall, there were witnesses. There was a camera. The woman was not injured.

        I must remember to ensure that the next time I wish to hurt another person. Make sure there are witnesses and that my otherwise vicious punches dont land. And as for the humiliation that a person who is assaulted suffers, well, who cares.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Actually, let me just turn that into an *LOL* instead. So much silliness…

        Why reply to me if you don’t care to take the time to read my comment in it’s entirety?
        One thing I cannot STAND about some commenters around here is when they cherry pick from my comment–it just makes it impossible to have a rational discussion. But why be rational and miss the opportunity to get up on the ol’ soapbox, right?

        Did you REALLY not read the part where I clearly stated that what Solange did was NOT ok or did you purposefully ignore it because that would contradict your tirade?
        But please go ahead- RANT ON.

        I think I was pretty clear about the reasons why it’s different–I didn’t say it was JUST because a bodyguard was present.

        Just to make it easy for you, here’s a summary:

        1. Rihanna sustained VERY violent injuries, Jay Z did not.
        2. Witnesses were present in this scenario, Rihanna was secluded and isolated with her violent abuser.
        3. Rihanna had NO ONE, certainly not a large man who is TRAINED in the art of protection (AKA a body guard) there to intervene.

        I have no issue with comparisons, but let’s do apples to apples and not apples to oranges if we’re trying to make a point.

      • Kiddo says:

        I think the most unsavory element is the leaking of info rather than a direct response. It’s clear that they know that everyone has seen the video, not that the release was any less underhanded, but still, having moles talk to the tabloids just screams more dirt under the dirt, under the surface.

        They would have been better off keeping quiet and not putting anything out, rather than distributing bits and pieces that will slowly destroy one person. If she needs help, and it looks like she does, then that should be the goal rather than the leaky demonization. Or maybe they should have pressed charges. They don’t look particularly good accepting this behavior if it is routine and then hanging Solange out to dry in front of the public in a sneaky manner.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @TheOriginalKitten, who wrote: “Why reply to me if you don’t care to take the time to read my comment in it’s entirety?”

        But couldn’t we say the same about you? On ‘my’ part, my comment was simply an attempt to show there can by no double standard for that kind of physical violence. Is it much easier to believe Chris Brown was unprovoked because he’s a man? Is it easier to believe/assume Solange must have been provoked just because she’s a woman?

        No, we weren’t in the car with Chris Brown and Rhianna, but the people sitting at their table and standing outside waiting for their cars said ‘she’ was in ‘his’ face. No, there were no safe guards in place inside Chris Brown’s car … and there were also no witnesses. And please don’t get me wrong. He should ‘not’ have put his hands on Rhianna. She wouldn’t get out of the car? Stop the car, take your damn car keys and leave.

        What if this video didn’t exist showing Solange going off like that in the elevator and all we had was the ‘hear say’ of the person who leaked it? What if Solange had fallen and hit her face on the elevator door when Jay-Z grabbed her foot to prevent her from kicking him? People would swear he had beaten her and that Beyonce (along with his bodyguard) were just saying ‘she’ was the aggressor in order to cover it up. Just read in this thread how people are already trying to spin it so it’s somehow all Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fault, saying they’re attempting to throw Solange under the bus in ‘spite’ of the video. No one would have ever believed Solange was the aggressor if the hotel worker hadn’t leaked this video … because Jay-Z is a man ‘and’ a man with a ‘past.’

        I don’t think there should be a double standard with physical violence … period. Women are just as capable of inflicting black eyes, scratches, and extreme physical damage as men; and they should therefore be as undeserving of our pity/sympathy.

      • Sarah says:

        @ the original kitten! I get what you are saying about Chris brown. But let’s not forget that if this was role reversed and jay z assaulted his brothers wife, say. No one would defend him and talk about throwing him under the buss. Wehy are we holding men to higher standards than women? I used to really like Solange she has always seemed a lot cooler than Beyoncé. But this made me really go off her. Also if this is her response to being provoked what happens when she is with someone that doesn’t have a bodyguard? Bottom line is Someone who acts out by getting violent when faced by provocation is a potentially dangerous individual.

      • KB says:

        @kiddo Completely agree with everything you said

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        OH MY GOD. Ok this is my last comment because I can’t take it anymore.

        Again, no point talking if all you’re going to do is extrapolate.
        I cannot believe I have to say this.


        Never did I say It is “much easier to believe Chris Brown was unprovoked because he’s a man” NOR DID I SAY “it is easier to believe/assume Solange must have been provoked just because she’s a woman”.

        In fact, I didn’t bring up gender as a part of my argument AT ALL and I shouldn’t have to clarify every time I make a comment that what Solange did was wrong. Please STOP with the insinuations and READ what I wrote or don’t bother replying to me.

        All I was saying is that the two incidents (Brown and this one) are NOT THE SAME and I think I made a good argument for my stance.
        I just have no idea why the comparison is being made…why not compare Emma Roberts and Evan Peters? Is it because they’re white people?
        Like, I seriously don’t get it.

        “What if this video didn’t exist showing Solange going off like that in the elevator and all we had was the ‘hear say’ of the person who leaked it? What if Solange had fallen and hit her face on the elevator door when Jay-Z grabbed her foot to prevent her from kicking him?”

        Uh, NO.

        Not playing the “what if” game–I refuse to get into suppositional or fallacious arguments.

        What if the body guard and Jay Z weren’t there-maybe Solange never would have assaulted Jay Z? What if Solange didn’t get into the elevator?
        What if, what if what if…????


        We don’t know what WOULD have happened if circumstances were different so why presume to?
        What’s the point of speculating?

        What we DO know is what DID happen and the incident with Chris Brown and the incident here are entirely different, both the way they played out and the outcome–and I see no need for comparing the two.

        And no, I’m not changing my mind on this so no need to keep arguing with me about it.

        EDIT: @sarah-thanks for the thoughtful response minus extrapolating. And FTR, I agree with you.

      • Alyce says:

        I see where you are coming from, I just disagree. I think that the actions of a person & the motivations behind their actions matter. If a person shoots another person in the head & their victim lives, is that person any better than someone who shoots a person in the head & kills them? Not to me. My point is – should she get a pass bc she didn’t actually hurt Jay Z? Bc she was certainly trying to. (Of course, our justice system agrees with you, so I could be off base)

        I hope that you don’t find anything I said disrespectful. I honestly just wanted to hear your reasoning. I hope you didn’t read that as attacking you.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        One last time. And then I REALLY need to leave because this is making me stabby.

        NEVER SAID SHE GETS A PASS. Never said that and never insinuated it.

        All I said was that the incidents are NOT the same.

        “If a person shoots another person in the head & their victim lives, is that person any better than someone who shoots a person in the head & kills them?”

        Yeah, I DO think outcome makes a difference. I DO think it’s inherently worse if someone dies than if someone doesn’t. And for the record, the law agrees with me, which is why the two aforementioned crimes warrant different punitive measures.
        It’s the difference between attempted murder (or manslaughter depending) and murder-there is a distinction there.

        We don’t have to take a blanket approach and attempt to equalize every incident of assault or domestic violence in an attempt to make a point about political correctness and double standards. Different incidents warrant different public reactions-context and details MATTER.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Alyce-I realize after re-reading your comment that I jumped the gun a bit-sorry about that. Looks like I should take my own advice and read a bit more thoroughly huh? ;)

        would be much, MUCH calmer if I was at home smoking a bowl right now…

        ^ Reason # 107 Why Marijuana Should be Legal

      • Val says:

        @TOK I agree with you (and Tatjana as well), I think people are forgetting the difference between being defenseless (Rihanna), faced with a strong violent man, and being a big strong man, faced with a violent woman. Now, this doesn’t mean that violence is acceptable in a civilised society, however this is IN NO WAY comparable to man on woman domestic violence. Sorry. Men have a denser bone structure and are stronger than women, they can do much more damage than most women can. So many disingenuous comments here. There is a difference between KNOWING you’re stronger and using that strength against someone you KNOW is weaker, and being weaker and attacking someone you know is stronger than you.

        You also absolutely cannot compare any provocation Jay-Z may have done to “provocation” by victims in rape/abuse cases – hello! Jay could (could!) have easily straight up asked for it, provoked her, knowing that even if there was physical violence, he would come out unscathed.
        Standing up to someone or “wearing a short skirt” does not equate to provocation to violence! It is also not the same thing to argue with someone you trust and that person turning violently on you.
        It’s nice and politically correct to argue in the name of equality, but things are not so black and white.

      • Alyce says:

        No problem! I’m a fan of civil internet debate. The market place of ideas and all that jazz.

        I don’t smoke, but I hope you get your bowl soon. I’m surely headed for some booze ASAP :)

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Actually, Liv, I think Solange is being very mature by not giving a statement and letting the deletion of her instagram photos tell the story.

        Solange kept her composure until she got into the elevator and what looks to me like Jay putting hands on her FIRST. Whether Jay was culpable or not, she unquestionably waited until she had every reasonable expectation of privacy to confront Jay.

        I truly hope some folks greedy enough to buck the Beyzus PR tide come forward and give us the real juice !

      • Bridget says:

        @Emma, are you even familiar with the details of the Chris Brown incident? Rihanna wasn’t driving, so in between Brown beating the hell out of her she couldn’t exactly stop the car and take her keys out.

        Your complaints about a double standard arw flawed from the start, because for you to be correct 1) most women would have to be equally able to inflict physical damage to a man who is larger in stature and has more muscle mass (basic physiology here) which is simply not the typical case, and 2) 9 out of 10 incidents of relationship violence are man on woman.

        Ironically, no one here has said that its acceptable or okay for Solangr to attack her brother in law, but for some reason people still keep trying to trot out some sort of incorrect comparison to Chris Brown, including what comes across as your strange defense of an indefensible act.

      • kt says:

        I don’t see why people are comparing the Rihanna and Chris Brown situation to this. Yes, they’re both forms of abuse and wrong. But the dynamics are different. One was romantic (well, not romantic obviously, but a dating one) relationship. This is between in-laws.

      • mytbean says:

        As I see it, people are comparing the CB/Rhianna incident to this one NOT because of outcome, circumstances or power balance – because we all have eyeballs and brains and can see the obvious differences there.

        The comparison is being made because Solange and CB both acted out physically when enraged. They both lost their sh*t because something was said or done that made them so angry that they literally lost physical control of themselves.

        That’s where the comparison is being made and where it stops. I think Solange deserves punishment. Does she deserve the level of punishment CB did? – Of course not – for all of the reasonable statements already made.

        We should wait for Solange to find a more private moment to “go off” on someone smaller and weaker, put them in the hospital – before it’s decided that she’s got a problem (heavy doses of sarcasm here). But in the meantime – let’s pretend this is all smoke-screen and ignore it for juicy gossip about whether JZ and Beyonce’ are splitsville. :P

      • kt says:

        Ah, I see. That makes sense. I thinking they may be alike in temperament.

        I don’t really know much about Solange. People were talking about her being bipolar and/or having drug problems. But I don’t know where the evidence is for that.

        I do wonder whether they’ll be any legal procedures. I doubt it — that shoe would’ve dropped by now. Or maybe that’s coming out too.

    • kri says:

      +1000. So now let’s just throw Solange to the wolves and perhaps make her look crazy to protect our Carter Empire and keep our warm and fuzzy status with the Pres& Michelle? Or maybe this does happen alot with Solange. Either way, this just reinforces how fake they are to me. Meh, I’m over it.

    • MsMercury says:

      I agree with you. Of course Solange wasn’t right but we don’t need to hear endless stories of her being drunk/rude or mean to people before the fight. It just seems like a lot of spin to make her look even worst and them look even better.

      • Ukme says:

        No we don’t need to hear endless stories of how she was rude or mean to people… Just need to watch the video of her acting like a nutty. Jail or meds are what is need for this girl…

      • MsMercury says:

        @Ukme That’s what I’m talking about. You assume she is crazy because you said she needs meds. Your words. That is quite sad. I find these stories quite sexist. Because she’s a woman she is crazy. No what she did was wrong. No one is disagreeing with that. But I hate how people are assuming that she is either A. Crazy or B. Angry black woman. That is sad.

        We all agree what Sol did was wrong. Jeez

      • Delorb says:

        I think that’s just as appropriate as people bringing up his past cheating allegations. If we’re going to omit her past, then lets omit his past. Or better yet, omit how it was probably something HE said to her prior to her going off. Everything should be on the table (except for errors) when gossiping, IMO.

    • Me2 says:

      EXACTLY Mouse. Watch as she is thrown under the bus…

    • Renee28 says:

      She deserves to be thrown under the bus. Unless Bey was being beaten there’s no justification for this. Even if Jay was saying vile, nasty things it doesn’t excuse her behavior. I’m assuming next time a woman is assaulted by a man the same people are going to ask what she did to provoke him.

    • mia girl says:

      I think it’s a little of both.
      There is some truth to her “keepin it real” outbursts/past behavior and there is also some pr cover mechanics also involved.

      Regardless of reasons, Solange physically attacked someone and IMO that’s not ok.

    • Talie says:

      Wendy blasted off in the other direction this morning — going in on Jay-Z and spilling tea from her radio days. She talked about all the affairs that went down when Jay had his clothing line.

    • Lexie says:

      Exactly what I said yesterday. Next thing you know, Solange will be in rehab for anger management.

    • Rice says:

      I told my lil sis that we will never know the truth about the reason(s) why Solange tried to beat down Jay-Z. It will be spin upon rumours with a side of cover-up.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Yay MOUSE!!! I refuse to get on the “Solange is drunk / bipolar / an a-hole” pileup! What’s wrong with keeping sh-t real when you’re dealing with two of the fakest people on the planet?

    • diva says:

      Thank you mouse! I don’t believe (and never have) anything that comes from the Carter/Knowles camp.

    • Rachel Marron says:

      I think Beyawnce should watch “The Bodyguard”. Again.

    • nothing will “destroy mr.and mrs.shawn beyonce knowles-carter.”
      Loyalty and faithfulness = jay and bey,and blue ivy.the fact solange did what she did prove she is not stable. “If it was jay beating up,or fighting back against solange,”not realizing tmz will get a copy of this explosive tape”then we will be calling her rightfully so a woman beater. i don’t at all respect any 1 who says,”oh well solange has a right to do this,she was dead-wrong.and need som mental help.last but not least,and i am a guy saying this today:No 1 did cheat at all,and i for one LOVE seeing that. No one did cheat so that to me is all i needed to see/hear. bey jay are rock solid in love,faithfulness is sexy and i am happy myself we know that was not the case.thank the lord. solange,i will pray for her.yea i see the talk had proof she remove bey pix most of them with jay z. so i will be praying solange get it together,mentally wise.for her son first n foremost,then with her sister,bey.

    • Delorb says:

      I half expected to see their publicist get the byline to that article. I mean, it just reeks of PR.

    • Ashley says:

      Why are you immediately implying it has something to do with Beyonce and Jay Zs marriage?

  2. daisyfly says:

    Never has the saying “when keeping it real goes wrong” been more apropos.

  3. Kay says:

    NOPE don’t believe it one bit. Jay did something wrong . Solange always speaks so highly of jay and her son is always around him. Solange wouldn’t have attacked him unless he did something WAY out of pocket. Anyway something in the tea ain’t sweet!

    • Omega says:

      Who cares if Jay did something wrong. Unless he was an immediate physical threat to her or a loved one, she had no business acting like that. What a silly little girl she is.

    • Pandy says:

      I agree Kay. I think he did something and she went after him as soon as they were out of the public eye. But of course the Carters are protecting their brand so Solange will now bear the label of “difficult one”. And I don’t get the shade being thrown at her for taking a swing at him. Not like she was able to hit him because of his bodyguard. I like that she has a temper – it makes her real.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I am so confused as to how one person being violent towards another person automatically means that the person being ATTACKED is guilty of something.

        Are we that far gone in our lust to be anti-J&B that we are endorsing assault? You don’t get the shade being thrown at her???? What is that difficult to get? She was beating someone and it wasn’t in self defense.

      • magpie says:

        “I like that she has a temper – it makes her real.”

        Um no, kicking someone is keeping it real? I’m sure there are many skeletons in the Carter’s closet but the video showed me someone having a fit, J taking it and B staying calm because it probably wasn’t a big deal. I think J maybe told Solange she wasn’t cool with Ray and Solange got pissed. It didn’t seem like he was trying to defend himself from verbal accusations, just gaurd his nuts.

    • Eve says:

      Well said Kay and Pandy. We saw with our own eyes in the video and the pictures after of how desperate Jay Z and especially Beyonce are to keep up appearance as the perfect couple in the public eye.

  4. Moonlight says:

    I know there are bound to be conspiracy theorists with some story about pillows and whatever else, but I buy this. Its not just Jay and Bey who were remarkably unshaken by that conduct. Even the bodyguard didnt look at all surprised. He just kicked into gear and went to work.

    And I agree with Kaiser, keeping it real doesnt involve screaming at others let alone hitting or kicking them. I did love the Chappelle skit though.

  5. Melly says:

    The Empire Strikes Back
    It was obvious that they were going to pin this on Solange and her erratic behavior so the Carter Empire can remain clean. She shouldn’t have hit Jay Z, but I wish I knew what set her off!! I have a strong feeling she is defending Beyonce, although she went about it the wrong way

    • lovething says:

      Nobody needs to pin anything on her. Every sensible person can see that this is her drama and she deserves every bit of the condemnation she will get. Shame on her.

      • Melly says:

        The violence is wrong, no argument. But to not investigate what sparked it would be stupid. I doubt that Solange just randomly went nuts at the Met Ball…

      • Kenny Boy says:

        Exactly! We can gossip about what set her off, but that doesn’t make what she did okay at all.

      • Melly says:

        To quote Bill Burr, “How come you can’t f#%in’ ask questions? I just don’t understand. Like if I get bit by a rattlesnake, wouldn’t you guys have some questions? How did it happen? Did you not see it? Were you f’#%in’ with it? How did a snake get so mad, it almost killed you? Firemen put out a fire; they don’t just drive away afterwards. They sift through the debris. How did it start? Here’s an oily rag… Even hockey has two minutes for instigating. They understand that some back and forth happened before that sh!t”

      • Leona says:

        I agree. The conduct over shadows any excuse. She is aggressor and she should be punished.

      • Ukme says:

        You are right she is the crazy sister who puts everyone business on the street…………..Who are these people who find this acceptable? Where and how were they raised. Shame on Solange and shame on anyone who excuses it.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I am really concerned with the idea that there could be reasons that would justify someone assaulting another person (other than self defense).

        The phrase “pin it” implies that she is being used as a scapegoat. Maybe it is entertainment to speculate, but to frame it as if anyone other than Solange is responsible for her behavior is a dangerous thing. It has been used against women so many times, I just can’t go there now just because it was a man that was assaulted.

      • Melly says:

        You can condemn the behavior while also questioning what caused it. What I meant by saying they were pinning the blame on Solange was that the Carter PR team is going to throw Solange under the bus so people don’t keep talking about what may have caused the outburst.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        She threw herself under the bus. There is nothing to say that is going to make THAT look like a good idea. When it comes to violence, there is nothing justifyable that can “cause” it except for self defense. The only “cause” of violence is that a person decides to use their force on another person.

      • Melly says:

        @Tiffany :)
        So for you the story is that Solange hit/kicked Jay Z, the end. You so no reason what so ever to examine what may have occurred before the elevator? You see no point in asking “what got her so mad?”
        I’m not justifying or rationalizing her actions. As I’ve said before, violence like this is wrong, but I think that explanations as to WHY something happened makes the whole story more understandable. You can explain WHY someone did something wrong, while also condemning the bad behavior.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        You could examine what happened before, but there are a million things that could be the reason and NONE of them are justification for hitting someone, so that makes the “why” unimportant. Maybe he told her she looked fat, maybe he didn’t take her side when she was arguing with Rachel Roy, maybe rolled his eyes at her, maybe he called her bitch, maybe he threatened to pass gas in her face….the possibilities are endless!

      • Melly says:

        Seriously? Like I JUST said, I’m not trying to JUSTIFY what she did! You keep saying that if you explain the circumstances that you excuse the behavior and that is completely false. Police officers explain the circumstances of a crime, fire fighters explain the circumstances of a fire, teachers explain the circumstances of giving a student detention, etc… Explaining WHY someone did something does not absolve them of guilt.
        This is a gossip site, let’s all agree that violence like this is wrong and get back to what’s important, speculating and gossiping.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I don’t want to get your riled up, I am not trying to be offensive. Some of your comments, though, do read as though you are trying to spread blame even if you think that her actions weren’t “justified”.

        “the Carter’s are painted as patient and understanding family members who had nothing to do with the outburst. ” sounds kind of like you think they share responsibility for what happened. I could be misunderstanding your position though.

    • kimmy says:

      That’s what I think Melly. Something happened to trigger her outburst. I’m not condoning violence, but people don’t just attack for the hell of it….at a fancy party no less. So what happened. Its fascinating to see the “Carter machine” at work!

  6. Tiffany says:

    If this is something that has occurred time and time again, why is she not seeing someone about it. She has a child and with children you have to keep your temper in check. I cannot imagine her family or her ex husband allowing that cutie to stay with her if that is the case. So, does she have a hair trigger temper or not.

  7. Arock says:

    Except when Keeping it real goes wrong. Just ask Alec Baldwin when he makes bail.

  8. MSat says:

    I knew it! I recall an interview Solange did with a UK talk show a few years ago, where she flipped out on the host because he kept asking her questions about her sister. She definitely runs hot.

    As for the claim that Beyonce and Jay-Z were barely together, there are videos and Instagram photos from other people at that party featuring them – one photo of the two of them sitting off together by themselves talking.

    • Marigold says:

      I remember she did an interview with some regional morning show years ago and during commercial, she could hear them talking (kindly) about Beyoncé and when they came back from commercial, she became a total snot telling them she “wasn’t here to talk about Beyoncé” and could they please stick to whatever second rate project she was promoting. She was so patronizing. And she got put in her place when the anchor told her they were on a commercial break and not on the air and just making small talk thankyouverymuch. It was great.

      • pantanlones en fuego says:

        I remember that and she was rude but to be fair, she wasn’t there to talk about Beyonce and it was unprofessional of the interviewer to try to get second hand information when she had obviously been scheduled to talk about something else.

      • Marigold says:

        Pantanlones en fuego-they weren’t asking about her or even talking to Solange. They were making small talk to each other as anchors during a commercial break-as in, not on the air. She doesn’t get to tell people what they can talk about amongst themselves.

      • MCraw says:

        I mentioned this exact interview yesterday. It was Good Day NY on Fox 5, just after Bey got married. Mainstream media wasn’t all over it, there was no official confirmation and ppl in NYC were buzzing about it. They were discussing off air with a producer what they could and couldn’t ask btwn commercials. She was being interviewed via satellite, I believe. She heard them discussing it and thought they were on live tv (I guess?). So when she responded, in the nastiest way ever, now on live TV (back from commercial), telling them they better not dare ask about “her sister or brother” they were stunned. Then thanked her for confirming the marriage on live tv and was free to discuss her album. She acted like nothing happened and changed her voice and attitude to that of a sweet young lady. When it ended, they were like “Beyonce’s sister, Solange!” Obviously disgusted by her Lmao. My mom hated her offa that! It was so bizarre. She’s a nasty piece of work, whether or not she has a “reason”

    • Moonlight says:

      She definitely “runs hot” if “runs hot” means she acts like a complete twat.

  9. QQ says:

    Ugh all of this is so gross but I also feel that it’s really fascinating in that This is the epitome of people keeping their sh-t tight …i mean think about it? It was a lowly hotel security that sold them out, Not the hotel properly or like paparazzi catching them and they left that party like nothing even happened? Also The quickness with which Julius hit the emergency stop and handled Solange belied experience and expertise… Like we would have really truly never known how they act in private outside of those rumors or that thing with their old security dude etc it’s all very hush hushed and Brangelina like people very much in control of what goes in or out

    • maria says:

      Oh my god. Enough with “the bodyguards are used to it, he reacted immediately” IT’S THEIR JOB TO REACT IMMEDIATELY! regardless of reason. Doesn’t mean Solange throws punches on a regular basis.

      And Bey comes off as the queen of calm and serenity and mother of all. The brand is intact. Huzzah!

    • The Original G says:

      Obviously there’s a story here. One we might never hear. But, the fact that everyone seemed quite habituated to her behavior doesn’t exactly speak highly of Solange. If someone in my family made an uncharacteristic attack on my husband, we’d all be very very upset by it. This is how folks used to abuse react.

      Sometimes, there is no good guy/bad guy in these situations, either. Everyone can own a piece of the crazy.

  10. Renee28 says:

    If this is what she does all the time then no wonder Beyonce doesn’t react. Sometimes you just have to stand back and let crazy people act crazy.

  11. GeeMoney says:

    Solange needs to keep s$%^ real and go see a shrink.

  12. Jensies says:

    Hmm, I had a different take on it.

    My suspicion is that Solange was standing up for Bey, likely about Jay’s cheating. Which is why Bey seemed off and stcj with her sister the whole night and why she didn’t stop the attack. Not saying the assault was okay, just that it seems likely to me that she was standing up for her sister, and that statement is a Bey publicist scramble.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Jay’s mistress goes public or makes a pregnant announcement or something soon.

    • idk says:

      I think Rachel Roy is a part of this plot. She used to be married to Damon Dash, who used to be partners with Jay-Z. They had a falling out and no longer work together. Perhaps Rachel told Solange some top secret sh*t about Jay-z, some shady sh*t, so Solange confronted Jay-Z? Who knows. Maybe Rachel and Solange got into an argument about something else, and Jay Z took Rachel’s side? It’s probably fair to say each person plays a part as they were all together at that party. Plus they were only there for 45 minutes and then left, so something went down at that party before they got into the elevator.

      • Jensies says:

        @idk I hadn’t thought about that connection, but good theory. Maybe he hit it with Rachel Roy? He could do worse, she’s gorgeous and pretty talented.

      • pantanlones en fuego says:

        Juicy AND plausible. The plot thickens.

      • Jennylee says:

        I think you’re right that this outburst was a continuation of Solange’s altercation with Rachel Roy. BUT I think Solange was probably pissed at Jay because he didn’t defend her/stick up for her during that argument. Jay probably defended Rachel Roy. I think Solange then projected her rage at Rachel onto Jay because she could, which tells me she’s obviously done this to him before. He’s not even remotely shocked by what she’s doing, and neither is Beyonce. Also the fact that Solange held it together in front of the cameras is telling. If she was really furious at Jay for something he did to Beyonce, it would be the perfect time for her to let loose on him, but she calmly walks to the limo. No, I’m sure this is a thing with Solange.

      • magpie says:

        Yeah, it’s overspill from the Roy thing. Solange got into it with Roy and J probably took Roy’s side. Solage continued the rage on J.

    • The Original G says:

      Let’s say that Jay Z is cheating on Bey. How’s it Solange’s place to say boo about it?

  13. The Original Mia says:

    I believe it. She went off on Rachel Roy for no reason. She was “keeping it real” on a whole lot of people that night. There’s no excuse for it. Now, I don’t know what’s going on with her & Jay and I really don’t care. She put her hands on him. Not the other way around.

    • idk says:

      I don’t agree with physical violence. If it was a verbal altercation, then I say it’s ok because everyone’s blood boils at some point. She supposedly had an argument with Rachel Roy. She is the ex-wife of Damon Dash (former business partner of Jay-Z). There is a history there and we don’t know what they were arguing about. Rachel may have said something as well, who knows?

  14. MsMercury says:

    Oh, look they are really trying to push the Sol is a Drunk/Angry/Crazy person in the media. Listen I think Sol was wrong. Violence is never the answer but there is much more to this story and we will never know the real truth ever.

  15. Eleonor says:

    we will never have an official statement, but we have normal couple-ish staged photoshoot. Which imply “Solange is crazy” we are the sane ones everything is fine in JZ-Bey Heaven. That’s PR, Bey must defends her brand.
    I don’t approve violence, but sometimes things are more complicated than it seems, and it is very easy to put the crazy label on Solange.

  16. Sisi says:

    considering this is Carter/Knowles Inc we’re talking about, I think we can expect that all media output of magazines is sanctioned by them. Nothing is released without Beyonce’s seal of approal. Including this story. So we’ll never know what is going on.

  17. idk says:

    If Solange likes to “keep it real” then I’m assuming she’ll spill the beans and tell us what really happened in that elevator…or would she rather let people speculate?

  18. pam says:

    The incident gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: “elevator pitch”….

    Seriously, why is Solange always hanging around Bey and Jay??? She needs to get her own life, make it on her own. If she can’t stand being around Jay or Bey or whomever she has issues with, she should just remove herself from the situation….

  19. Pam says:

    I’d like to see the elevator footage! Does anyone know if there’s a link?

  20. MindyDopple says:

    There is no throwing under the bus taking place, it is Solange’s sole responsibility to keep your hands to yourself. PERIOD. She ASSAULTED someone (doesn’t matter who) and she is of course the one that will get the blame, BECAUSE she is the one who made this video JUICY and SCANDALOUS.

  21. Esti says:

    It is unbelievably depressing to see how many people here commenting on all of these threads are excusing Solange’s behavior. Now that Kaiser stepped in and said something about it, the comments are “violence isn’t okay BUT he must have done something to provoke it” and “maybe she shouldn’t have hit him BUT I bet she was just defending her sister.”

    No. Solange is the one in the wrong here. That’s it. Period.

    I don’t care how irritating you find Beyoncé or Jay-Z, which seems to be what’s behind most of these comments. Maybe they’re a perfectly PR-manicured couple who fake pregnancies and pay off mistresses and keep the entirety of the tabloid press on their payroll. They aren’t throwing Solange under the bus. She threw herself there when she violently attacked someone and then kept doing it even though he just stood there and didn’t fight back.

  22. Side-Eye says:

    Getting really tired of the idea that Jay *must’ve* “provoked” her.

  23. RubyGloom says:

    PR crap! Nice try, I don’t buy it.

  24. PennyLane says:

    Okay, question for any lawyers on this thread: if the events seen on the elevator tape were brought to the DA’s office and the person who was assaulted said that they wanted to file charges, what would be the outcome?

    Would the judgement be something like 40 hours of community service plus a mandatory anger management class? Or, would it be something more serious like two years’ parole and a suspended sentence?

  25. Marty says:

    So Solange has deleted most of her sister’s photos from her instagram. Damn. Whatever happened I don’t think it was “typical Solange”, I think something serious happened. It’s just a sad situation all around.

  26. Eleonor says:

    I hate violence and I don’t approve it.
    BUT to all the people who say it’s wrong to losoe control, if you loose control you’re crazy, have you ever made a scene? Have you ever seen something which made you loose your s@#t and make you yell at someone, because sometimes in life, it can happen.
    I’ve made some scenes in my life, I am not proud of them, but I can understand someone who at a certain point loose control.

  27. Maria says:

    Except nobody has ever heard of this kind of behaviour from her. Solange has been in the industry since she was 14 and nobody has ever talked about her in this terms or spread rumors about it? I’ve heard of her being very opinionated especially on social network but not acting ragely or flipping. This is control damage at best.
    We’ll never know which argument they had,not that it would justify Solange’s assault.

  28. db says:

    Of course, if Bey wanted to put an end to this all she and/or Solange have to do is issue a statement along the lines of “solange was tipsy and there was a family disagreement that got overheated” or something. Maybe Solange should be fixed up with Fassy. Meta!

    Because interpreting Bey and Jay is like old-school Kremlinology, I think it’s easy to overlook that this is not a huge deal in the big wide world, Solange is NOT the fount of all evil.

    Actually, Boko Haram are the fount of all evil.

  29. almondey says:

    I’ve kind of been hanging back before forming a set opinion on what’s happened so far and here are some thoughts:

    1. While I COMPLETELY understand why people think this is a spin and most of me leans towards that–let’s think about this for a minute. If it is true that Solange has a history of anger issues, then isn’t it alright that once something like this comes to light–that the team just says “alright, we’ve tried to cover it and keep it under wraps for this long but if it’s out, it’s out.” I think that’s the only conclusion I can come to especially given that most people think that the reason Bey and Jay did not engage is because they weren’t particularly taken aback and that this seems like it’s happened before. Given that “the team” has probably covered this a dozen or so times, I think it’s more than reasonable that instead of embarking on a giant spin plan (solange never does this etc.) they’d rather just call it like it is and say, “hey, here’s someone with anger issues and you’re finally just seeing it.” That doesn’t seem as much spin to me as maybe the truth just surfacing.

    2. I’m a big Brooklyn Nets fan and I saw the Carters at the game last night and I can almost stake my life on the fact that the Carters won’t acknowledge any of this. We’re talking about a couple that didn’t address/confirm their relationship and subsequent marriage for more than a few years…and a marriage was a positive. Something negative like this? They’re never going to address it and it’ll go away in a few months.

    3. I’m sick and utterly embarrassed of any woman who tries to play like Solange (a mother) conducting herself the way she did. Let’s not pretend like women don’t have the responsibility to conduct themselves with dignity no matter who or what they’re sticking up for. If Solange wants to make a statement she could come forward with why she reacted the way she did in the elevator, state that she had nothing to apologize for considering XYZ Jay-Z wrongdoing, NOT send her son to court-side Nets playoffs game (her son was at the game with J & B this past saturday at Barclays Center) and stop deleting pictures of Beyonce off instagram. If Solange is really a grown woman, “keeping it real”–start acting like one. You don’t get to use your sister and BIL for the benefits (aka nets tickets etc. for your kid) and treat them with that much disrespect. Trying to assault a man who probably isn’t going to raise his hand against you is not the way to assert yourself as a woman. If she believes the Carters are in the wrong, put some distance between yourself and them until it’s resolved, stop acting immature on Instagram and don’t have your kid get involved and send him to a game with the man you tried to beat the heck out of. That’s how a grown-up should act. The rest of this attacking in an elevator and deleting pictures off instagram is just the behavior of a petulant person with anger issues and instead of enabling it, we should be seeing as the physical abuser she is.

    4. Lastly, I’m a woman and I’m so tired of the rhetoric here and elsewhere that Jay had this coming. I can almost guarantee that if Jay and his brother were in an elevator and physically lunged at Bey, the internet would staunchly be on B’s side and it’d be all “I don’t care what she did but a man should never lay his hand on a woman.” Well, I think it goes both ways and anyone who disagrees is really just perpetuating domestic violence. Equality for women swings both ways, people. You can’t say you’re against domestic violence and then qualify it as “oh but only against women because if a woman’s abusive towards a man, clearly he had it coming for XYZ reason.” The point of equality is that we’re all responsible for our actions and we don’t get concessions to do or not do certain things because of our gender. The fact that Solange is a female here and Jay is a man is irrelevant. Lunging, kicking, spitting, and physically invading someone’s space is assault and battery–i don’t care and frankly neither should anyone–what gender the aggressor or the victim is. It’s just wrong if this happens to a person, male or female.

  30. Abigail says:

    I hate to agree with Lainey’s analysis — she is so exhaustingly smug — but it is very telling to me that both Beyonce and Jay just stand calmly while Solange is attacking him. If your sister was acting so completely out of character, would you not try to intervene? To calm her down? But both Beyonce and Jay look like they are just trying to ride it out. Also, Solange never gestures to Beyonce. If she was somehow defending her sister, it seems to me that she would be more focused on her, pointing in her direction, speaking to her at times. But all of her rage is directed at Jay.
    As for claims that she is bipolar, as many people have pointed out, being bipolar does not in any way make one a violent person. But I think being labeled as bipolar has become a media-friendly PR spin for anyone who exhibits erratic behavior because they are violent/a drug addict/an alcoholic/suffer from other mental illness. Bipolar has become the new “collapsed from exhaustion” for expunging someone of responsibility for bad behavior.

    • magpie says:

      Yes this. It was between J and Solange. I don’t think it had anything to do with cheating etc…you say that to your sister alone or confront the cheater in a different circumstance. This was a hot tempered reaction to something that went down that evening, probably with Roy.

  31. crack fox says:

    I swear, every time something major happens for Kelly Rowland (she got married), dem Knowles’ gotta block her shine.

  32. Izzy says:

    That “they’re used to this,” that she’s behaved this way before, only makes it WORSE in my opinion. It means this woman has serious rage issues and is used to resorting to violence – and getting away with it. I actually give Beyoncé some credit for allowing her sister to stay in her life, because if I had a small child, I would NEVER allow someone with these kinds of violent tendencies to stay around them, for any length of time, even on their best behavior. Because you DON’T know what will set them off.

    Solange Knowles deserves every bit of bad press she’s getting. She physically attacked Jay-Z. He’s cheating on Bey? OK, but it’s her choice to stay with him. It doesn’t give Solange any right to attack him physically, and the suggestion that it would – as so many are speculating – is nauseating.

    • Peppa says:

      I would not want to be stuck on an elevator with someone prone to rage attacks! And that video was three and a half minutes long! Three and a half minutes in an elevator with someone kicking, swinging, and screaming sounds like a real nightmare.

  33. anne_000 says:

    It just seems weird that if this has happened so many times before that they’re calm now when it happens, that they would get in elevators & cars with her.

    Maybe their relaxed behavior at the game after the video came out is their show of relief that now people will understand and excuse them if in the future they keep themselves separated from Solange at public outings.

  34. LadyS says:

    They are blaming her. I don’t believe this report. Her attack is focused entirely on Jay-Z; at no point does she turn against Beyonce. Beyonce doesn’t confront her either. No way. Jay-Z definitely did something to set her off like that. Now they are reporting that she also fought with Rachel Roy earlier in the evening. Something is going on and it’s not “Solange is an asshole!”

  35. Ally8 says:

    The violence of men against women is entrenched in culture, religion and history, and far more prevalent than violence by women against men.

    Both are wrong, but ahistorical equivalence is misguided. For the same reason, a black man saying “cracker” is not the same as a white man saying the n-word. There’s a context of relative power and a history of oppression.

    I find that the equivalence argument is usually invoked to minimize the gravity of the prevalent misbehavior.

  36. karen says:

    The bottom line is a lot of people on here and in the wider online community do not like Beyonce and Jay Z. They don’t believe they’re in a happy marriage, that they can conceive (or that beyonce and carry) children or that they are in control of their careers. And i think mostly the fact that they never engage with the rumours and only put out what they want to you see has a lot of people frothing at the mouth. So a video of Solange repeatedly attacking Jay Z with Beyonce standing back and keeping clam = Jay Z cheating/abusing/being shady and Beyonce being controlled and Carter Inc covering it all up with PR spin. Which is ridiculous. Maybe the reason they keep their shit together, and faked smiled when they left was because this has been a regular occurrence. And they don’t want to throw their family under the bus, so they smile and deal with behind closed doors which is what Solange should have done.
    Solange said in a recent interview that after she fell pregnant at 18, she moved to the middle of nowhere for like 5 years with her husband. And wonder if that was her family trying to keep her out of harms way. Because like i said on the last post, if you were really so disgusted by your brother-in-law that you’d attack him at an event, why is your son going on trips with him overseas without you? Or basketball games without you? It makes no sense. She made her bed with her appalling behaviour so now she has to live with the consequences of people calling her crazy. Tough shit.

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. People are frothing at the mouth wanting to high five Solange and that he had it coming because of exactly the reasons you stated, dislike of Bey and/or Jay-Z. If it was Gwyneth Paltrow, Bey’s buddy, who seems to be disliked and slammed on here more than most celebs, kicking him and hitting him and spitting on him, it would all change. How dare she. Who does she think she is. Bey was in shock, blah, blah.

    • db says:

      Well, but Solange *did* confront Jay Z privately. This wasn’t meant for public consumption, the vid’s only out there because someone at the hotel leaked the footage, I imagine all kinds of things have been similarly recorded with celebrities and others through the years. I hope this will not just be the tip of an iceberg.

  37. HoustonGrl says:

    At the end of the day, it’s clearly a personal family matter so I don’t think they need to issue a statement. Everyone who’s human has some crazy family sh*t they’re dealing with. On the other hand, Bey did not look very happy in any of the pictures from the Gala, and Jay has that *caught* look about him.

  38. thinkaboutit says:

    Why does everyone think they are owed an explanation as to what was behind the attack?? You’re not entitled to one and you’re not getting one! PR managing a crisis?? How shocking! What did you expect them to do for all the money they’re paid, spill all the beans on their clients’ private lives?? Get real. And stop excusing this lunatic just because you want a juicy story.

  39. Mel M says:

    Yeah well I think there is more to this story then we will EVER know unless solo is brave enough to come out and tell all because you know the Carter’s won’t. I also know that if my sister was probe to always acting violent and known to attack people around me or my husband then I would not be hanging around her if she wasn’t getting help, nor would I let my children around her. The body language in the elevator from Beyoncé tells me that Jay did something because there are times when she is looking at him almost like she waiting for an explanation. Solage shouldn’t have resorted to violence end of story but I don’t think this is something that happens all of time unprovoked by her, that’s just how I view the video. The anger is clearly all directed at Jay and not some crazy outburst where anyone in the way wouldn’t gotten smacked or else Bey would’ve tried to protect herself instead of standing right next to her sister.

  40. Abby says:

    I normally love to bash, but I think if anything here, Jay Z is a great husband for privately and peacefully putting up with all that crazy. Just like we sometimes dread our brother-in-laws, I’m sure they dread us too sometimes (esp. in this case). For Jay Z to still allow her to be around them as much as she is and to put on a happy face no less is impressive. And I sincerely don’t think he’s cheating on bey. maybe when they were dating, but not now.

  41. Ag says:

    whatever might have provoked her is sort of irrelevant. this is unacceptable behavior for a grown woman – control your freaking impulses. she freaking assaulted someone. unless you or a loved one are in immediate danger, there is zero reason for that.

  42. mikeal says:

    The need to blame JayZ or Beyonce for Solange behaviour is ridiculous. They are not throwing her under the bus the are for the most part confirming what the footage show.

    Outside of the video we all the other reports are that Beyonce and crew left the party after Beyonce had was to step in and break up and argument between Solange and JayZ’s ex partner Rachel Roy.
    Whatever,JayZ and Beyonce faults are Solange is in the wrong, there is no excuse for this behaviour.

  43. rudy says:

    I am SO disgusted by this headline I can’t even read the statement by BeyOnce and JayZZZ.

    Blame the victim much Mr. Carter?

  44. JC says:

    I think their PR machine read all of the public’s comments and then decided to go with the idea that many posted that she had probably done this before.

    So now they are using our comments for PR. Hilarious.

    All jokes aside though, I don’t think people just randomly flip out like that one day. She prob has a serious temper, especially to be acting like that at a gala. It is probably the norm for her since she thought it was ok to attack/viciously assault someone the way she did. Scary. And I hope she acts like an adult around her kid. Horrible example she is setting for her child.

  45. Mel M says:

    And one more thing. If this is something that supposedly happens all of the time and came as no surprise to them (why they continue to hang around her is beyond me) but is it just a coincidence that B posted that pic about getting out of bad relationships after this fight? If this is no different then any other fight then why did she pick now to post that? Did she know that the video was going to be made public and so decided to start distancing herself from her sister? So juicy.

  46. mar says:

    Cracks in the throne!!!!!!!

    See, they are not perfect , like Bey wants you to think.

    I think Solo is fed up with her brother’s cheating ways.

  47. truthful says:

    for some strange reason everyone would much rather go with something juicer, I have heard so many crazy theories, its laughable!! I guess that’s more fun.

    Just 2 yrs ago, Solange almost had to be carted off to rehab, she was drinking codeine and hanging out with Lil Wayne and those clowns, she seemed to want some kind of “bad girl cred”–You can look at Soloange at times and see how erratic and “jump in yo face” she is, she likes to have this “Im a bad girl” persona, I’m not like my sister.

    NOT buying that she was innocent in this and J provoked her, look at her history-she threw the microphone stand at some woman in her audience while performing on tour several yrs ago and the woman was quietly paid off. (she was being heckled) I know she fell several times on stage because she was high as heck while performing.

    I’ve kinda given up on the crazy theories that I have been hearing, people have crazy minds.

  48. JenniferJustice says:

    Sorry, but that is not “keeping your sh!t real.” What it is is just plain trashy and emotionally unstable. Don’t sugar coat it PR team.

  49. JennaR says:

    Jen posted this about another article here, but I don’t see it in this discussion. It’s a revealed blind item about Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Superbowl. It’s an interesting read if you haven’t seen it.

  50. Racer says:

    Are we really surprised that Solange is taking the fall. Nope.

    Ladies, some of you really need to educate yourselves on the variances between domestic violence and violent assault…and I hope my wording will give you a clue.

  51. Kosmos says:

    What I’m most curious about, is WHAT caused her to go ballistic? Of course, I don’t agree with displaying this kind of anger in public. EVER, not even in an elevator. Do your screaming privately and don’t embarrass others around you. Assault on another person is also illegal.

  52. Emily C. says:

    I have come to hate the phrase “keeping it/sh_t real.” Nowadays it just means being a complete a-hole, whether of the -ist or violent varieties.

    • Racer says:

      Essentially, keeping it real is a form of suspended self control giving way to actions that are honest, primal and possibly ferral. When we release rational reasoning we are in essence our realest self. However, what we give away in a heated moment is also the one thing that separates us from animals.

  53. aquarius64 says:

    Solange was completely wrong here, but it’s apparent that the Carters are going to protect their brand so out come the history of past outbursts stories. Bey and Jay-Z are coming out smelling like roses from this; and Solange is going to get the worst of this. Instead of tweeting all day get a crisis team and get it together.

  54. Ficeyes says:

    Please take a look at Wendy Williams’ take on it. Her perception of the said events make so much sense:

    • word says:

      The most interesting part is that Beyonce removed her “IV” tattoo on her ring finger.

    • jwoolman says:

      I think Wendy Williams is way off base when she says B not getting in the middle means Solange had good reason to do it. Look at the video she shows. No sane person would have tried to get in the middle without special training- it would have been quite dangerous. B just let the trained bodyguard handle it, who didn’t get in the middle but worked on restraining her from behind (a much safer approach) with the goal of keeping her far enough away from her target that she could do no more damage. Solange actually kept going back on the attack whenever she was released. B could have been hurt if she tried to do anything herself.

  55. Julianthe says:

    I hope they don’t keep using Solange as a scapegoat and keep painting “happy couple” images of JayZ and Beyonce. Solange was not “going off” for no reason, the woman was defending her sister against obviously something JayZ had done or said.

  56. Jayna says:

    Solange is going to ultimately benefit from this and kind of has already. Lots of people are sitting up and paying attention to her. While respected as a songwriter and her musical style and has a following, she is not a big seller and well known the way Beyonce is. If she has an album dropping this year and probably a tour coming up for it, I think even though this is not the way she would want it, attention for this, she really has the general public more curious about her and will be more aware when her album drops. I see her views on youtube going up out of interest since the news broke of this. Maybe she can get more album sales out of this mess and sell more tickets to her shows. Her last album was just an EP off of a small label after leaving Interscope.

    Her description of the EP =

    “Regarding the musical direction of the album, she said the inspiration came from New Wave music and stated, “This is a dance record, but the lyrics can get pretty dark at times.” Knowles described the EP as “eclectic with ’80s references and African percussion influences.” Sonically the extended play is influenced by the keyboard sounds and beats of early 80s pop-RnB music. The extended play was recorded in five cities including, Santa Barbara, L.A., Houston, NYC, and on the German autobahn.”

    Here it is for anyone interested. Beautiful voice. True EP – 2013.

  57. G says:

    Is this a fun celebrity “bitchy” blog or just a bunch of absolutely perfect Stepford (sp) wives that have NEVER lost their cool on anybody or anything pretending to have psychology degrees? Please take several seats already.

  58. OriginallyBlue says:

    They are supposed to be so private, so they very well could have said nothing and let the whole thing die down. Papa Knowles would never have let this shit go down.

  59. Vampi says:

    I just read in the Daily Mail that the fight was because JayZ said he was going to the Rihanna afterparty without Bey, and then made some remark to Solange then…well….you now the rest.

  60. word says:

    I heard Jay-Z and Solange were seen shopping at a jewelry store together today.

  61. freakylady says:

    “…….’, the insider explains of the stylish singer and producer, 27.”

    Yup, it’s planted.

  62. Bohemia says:

    “…during Solange Knowles’ now-historic elevator attack…”

    Historic. You keep using that word. I don’t think you know what it means.

  63. lrm says:

    I still wanna know the rest of what went down (pre-elevator incident) tho’…from a gossip standpoint.

  64. Aly says:

    Solange is looking rough these days. I haven’t seen her look decent in a picture for quite sometime..

    If she really is that easy to fly off the handle, she needs to get help. I’ve heard rumors of drug use (I have no idea if they are true) but it would explain her erratic behavior and disheveled, glassy eyed look she has going on.

  65. Jaded says:

    No winners here. This is just a sad story all around. There are secrets and not-so-secrets about what a massive pr*ck Jay-Z is to everyone, including his wife. There are stories of what a loose cannon Solange is. Bey seems to be totally focused on her career, tightly controlled, and doesn’t care that her husband is undoubtedly tom-catting around like he always has, because he’s her Svengali and pulls all the strings. Perhaps Solange, in her disturbed way, is trying to stick up for her sister, to defend her against his screwing around and generally bad behaviour. The community they roll in is very incestuous and there are few secrets, even for the king and queen. Sooner or later the facades will crumble.

  66. Liz says:

    There should be no excuse for Solange’s behavior. The only exceptions would be if she’d just found out her child was being sexually abused or worse. Doubt any of that was the case. It’s sad that so many people are trying to justify her actions.

  67. jwoolman says:

    Someone said the gentleness of the bodyguard in restraining Solange meant she had been provoked. No, it just means he’s a good bodyguard and used only as much force as needed. Also he was hardly going to bruise the sister-in-law of his protectee …

    And yes, this is indeed analogous to the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident. Solange shows the same uncontrolled anger management problems as Brown. The only difference is that she was restrained from doing as much damage as she wanted to do and was not the physically stronger one so she had more limits on the damage she could do. But unrestrained, she could have done considerable damage with sharp nails, teeth, and pointed shoes. Have you ever tried restraining a scared or angry 8 lb cat?!? Smaller size does not mean incapable of inflicting considerable damage. Also consider what could happen if Solange goes off on someone without a bodyguard or smaller than herself, such as another woman or a child. Or if Solange happens to have a knife or gun handy. Her family is too used to these outbursts and are not thinking about how dangerous she is, especially since so far she has focused her anger on non-family.

  68. all hail the Cumberlord says:

    I can’t believe CB actually fell for this spin!

  69. Moi says:

    He obviously did something to piss her off. She went after J immediately. However, it does not excuse her behavior. And Beyonce’s reaction was of “if I don’t acknowledge this, it will go away, please please”. Most have family drama. The end.

  70. jwoolman says:

    Have people actually looked at the video? Solange repeatedly attacked with clear intent to do damage. That’s illegal for a reason, inside or outside an elevator.

    I am not a Bey expert and know her only through the tabloids. But I don’t see why B and J’s silence about any family problems means they’re horrible people – for what? Not sharing their lives with the world? Have the Kardashians become the new standard, and anybody not opening up to a few million viewers about their latest crisis is a phoney trying to pretend to be perfect, protecting their “brand”? What exactly else are they supposed to do?

  71. Girl using brain says:

    Jay-Z is a known cheater and I doubt Beyoncé even expects fidelity at this point. Their entire relationship is one long PR stunt. It must be exhausting.

  72. LuvHotGuyFri says:

    Maybe Solange saw her reflection when she got in the elevator and was angry about her bowl haircut?

  73. yuuuup says:

    Last sentences after the quote: hype.never heard of this working overtime.when drunk 1 stumbels. We can only guess asume.think logica see & look whats in front of you.body language etc.

  74. in_theory says:

    I wished people would stop saying that a woman attacking a man is less problematic because the harm she can cause is likely to be smaller than when a man attacks a woman. First of all, that’s not generally true, because it’s not necessarily a question of greater strength but of technique, and second of all it’s the intent to cause physical harm that is the problem, not how much harm is done in the end. And the intent is the same, whether it’s a man or a woman.

    • fairyvexed says:

      Oh, bull. They’re saying that because it’s true. Men beat and kill women every day but nobody bats an eye. They inflict fractures, ruptured organs, miscarriages, burns, paralysis, blindness, disfigurement, and death. Women very seldom attempt or inflict that kind of damage but you want to minimize what men do and comically exaggerate what women don’t do.