Beyonce & Jay-Z issue vague public statement about the Solange incident


Who releases a statement at like 5 pm on a Thursday, especially when it’s about one of the biggest gossip/news stories of the year? Beyonce and Jay-Z, that’s who. Bey and Jay have finally issued a statement about Solange’s violent attack on Jay in the hours after the Met Gala, in the elevator of The Standard Hotel. Here is that statement:

“As a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from Monday, May 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident. But the most important thing is that our family has worked through it,” they say in a statement to The Associated Press Thursday.

“Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.”

“The reports of Solange being intoxicated or displaying erratic behavior throughout that evening are simply false,” the statement continued. “At the end of the day families have problems and we’re no different. We love each other and above all we are family. We’ve put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same.”

[From People]

I could parse this for days. “Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred.” Their share? As in… their share of the blame is unequal? As in, Jay said something that he shouldn’t have, maybe, but then Solange went crazy on him? So, Jay has 10% of the blame and Solange has 90%? Also, Solange wasn’t drunk or acting crazy… okay. I like how Beyonce thinks this is going to placate the Hive. Like, all of her fans are going to be like, “Oh, Beyonce says it’s just some family stuff and they’ve worked it out. DONE.” No, girl. We still want to know what the eff happened.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Bey’s Tumblr.

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  1. OriginalCrystal says:

    Watch people find a way to complain about this statement…

    ‘The reports of Solange being intoxicated or displaying erratic behavior throughout that evening are simply false…’

    But wait… folks on CB said that reports blaming Solange were all coming from The Carter’s team ?? There’s no way they could have been wrong. Folks here know everything…

  2. Jenny says:

    That statement is perfect, they don’t need to give all the details, ppl have their own shit they should be concentrating on.

  3. truthSF says:

    “I like how Beyonce thinks this is going to placate the Hive. Like, all of her fans are going to be like, “Oh, Beyonce says it’s just some family stuff and they’ve worked it out. DONE.” No, girl. We still want to know what the eff happened.”

    But her fans will be placated. The rest of us on the other hand…

  4. jade says:

    Every family may argue, but putting your hands on someone isn’t right, PERIOD. This statement is a nice way of them saying, stay out of our business. I’m shocked they even released a statement. They never respond to gossip.

    • OriginalCrystal says:

      I’m shocked they released a statement too but tbh this statement is the same as saying nothing at all.

      • BangersandMash says:

        *cracking up*
        In about 60 words more or less, they gave us NOTHING!!
        How can someone talk so much and say absolutely NOTHING!!

        Now, here’s my theory.

        No matter what happens, it must be loud and clear that Beyonce is a GOOD PERSON, did you hear me?! She would never, ever, ever, ever play family conflict like it was nothing, and shove fake images in the people’s faces, because she’s a good person, got that? She’s about Bey-REALNESS!! Whatever happened to Solange and Jay is about them, but she reminded them of how loving and kind a family system they share because… she is wonderful and kind and forgiving, and she will SHOW YOU by having a laugh with her husband while watching basketball, and posting old photos of her with her sister, g-damnit!! Now stop dawdling and run and tell ‘em!!!

      • OriginalCrystal says:

        Um was that sarcasm ? Because ….

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Bangers AND Crystal. you guys are both cracking me up!

    • krastins says:

      When my mom put her hands on me and started kicking and pushing me, I called the police. There are members of my family who still believe that it “wasn’t assault” because it’s “family.” I feel bad that this situation is going much the same way

      • Ally8 says:

        Sorry that happened to you. Good for you for standing up for yourself morally, and making it clear (as the law does) that wrong is wrong.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Oh, Krastins. I hadn’t read your comment before blithely posting above.

        That’s horrible, and abusers compound their evil by trying to get YOU to minimize what THEY did! You are brave and strong and true not to fall for that shit!

        The more people tell the truth about parents who abuse their children (grown or not) the less room for them to hide in plain sight. I’m in your corner!

    • Liv says:

      It’s not just gossip, there’s proof.

    • T.C. says:

      I hate the double standards in this situation. A person was physically assaulted in a public place without obvious provocation. What happens? The abuser is hailed as a hero, given a you-go-girl on public T.V. by Wendy Williams and her audience.

      The Hollywood Reporter writes up an ad for the shoes she used to kick him.

      The maker of the purse she threw at him makes an ad to sell the purse as a weapon.

      Now there is a press release saying that it’s a family issue and the person assaulted is to blame for his own assault. This is just sickening. No wonder young women don’t want to be connected to feminism, they see it being used only to prosecute men.

      • Kiddo says:

        Since when are youtube and the Hollywood Reporter spokespersons for feminism? If anything, it is a perpetuation of stereotypical gender roles, and that it’s funny when a guy can get beat up by a girl.

      • OriginalCrystal says:

        ‘No wonder young women don’t want to be connected to feminism, they see it being used only to prosecute men.’

        Oh please…

      • T.C. says:


        I’m not talking about the entire system not saying one specific group is responsible for feminism. The culture has taken on a stance that women are always victims not matter what they do and men are always perpetrators. That’s a dangerous stance. However more importantly we had an article last week about ShaiShai and her poor definition of feminism. Most of the people in the comment section who trashed her as ignorant, saying that Feminism is about equality are the same ones who keep saying that JayZ must have done something wrong and that he has a history of beating women on tape, he is the devil, he cheated in Kindergarten. Bending over backwards to say that he deserved to be assaulted without straight out saying so.

        All young people see is that many feminists come to the defense of women being abused (as they should) and then turning their backs on a man who is abused. With the greater culture supporting women who attack men. Chris Brown didn’t get a you-go-boy from a National TV talkshow host on the air, his shoes that he kicked Rihanna with didn’t get advertising.

      • kcarp says:

        Ok I am not saying it’s right. But my favorite quack Dr. Phil says usually when a woman is physical like that it is different than a man. There is an imbalance of power between a man and a woman. If a woman loses her mind in a disagreement and hits a man who is twice her size it is different than a man who beats, controls, and sometimes kills a woman.

        Most women will not hit like this if she thinks this is the kind of man who will hit her back. Most women who lose it like this are pretty confident they are not going to get hit back.

        If she was hitting a child like this it would be completely different. You know that if Jay-Z wanted to he could have killed her with his hands, just as she could a child. It is an imbalance of power and that is what people are reacting to.

        You don’t see people making jokes about Chris Brown beating Rihanna. She could have hit first, but he is so much bigger and stronger he has no right to hit back.

      • Kiddo says:

        Really, because she (Shailene) was as dumb as a box of rocks on what she said feminism was, she talked in circles, made no sense, I said as much, and I also said that no one should be physically attacking other people, including Solange. Although there is a power differential, in size and strength and likely in business/money influence to Jay-Z’s benefit, all it would have taken to do serious damage is a weapon, a slip or fall, where there was a a head injury.

        People feel okay about making jokes in this instance, because no one was actually harmed, no one pressed charges, none of them were upset, it seems, beyond embarrassment, which affirms the dysfunction in all of them. If Jay-Z had photos floating around with his face bruised and battered like Rhi had, NO ONE would be making jokes, in spite of his gender, and the police likely would have pressed charges without his endorsement.

        We all speculated what precipitated the incident, because curiosity is part of human nature. It doesn’t mean it made the actions okay. But even in crimes, mitigating circumstances are always a consideration. In other words, did he intentionally provoke her, abuse her over time, or did she simply lose her mind on her own. It doesn’t mean she isn’t guilty of being an aggressor. Since she didn’t put out any PR, alone, it’s clear who controls the careers collectively.

        But how you believe that feminism is responsible for this incident? I think you need to read more on the history of the movement and not blame a family’s very apparent dysfunction on a group whose goals were seeking equality. And yes, statistically, women are much more frequently the victims of crimes, discrimination and domestic abuse. But no one called her a victim of domestic abuse here. We can’t know that. That is how you are interpreting it, based on your own bias about what you believe feminism to be.

        One last note: sorry this is so long. If Chris Brown was married to Rhi and caught her in bed with a man, and hit her ONCE, then he might have had some people believing it was in the heat of passion. But clearly, his behavior, anger and violence is a pattern.

      • FreeJay-z says:


        I agree to with. Beyonce claims she is a feminist, a boss and leader. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

        I do not call myself a feminist because I am careful of the company. The excuses made on Solange behalf sounds like. I am not racist but……

        And we all know where that sentence goes.

      • Kaylen says:

        ” There is an imbalance of power between a man and a woman. ”

        I agree. Check the percentage of men killed by women. Now check the percentage of women killed by men. Notice something?

        What she did wasn’t right, but there is an imbalance. For all we know she was sticking up for herself after prolonged verbal abuse. Remember how little we actually know.

      • Kiddo says:

        FreeJay-z, I’m not A Beyonce fan or hater. But how is her putting out a neutral statement, basically acknowledging the incident, saying they are working on it, and not pointing blame at anyone ‘un-feminist’ or ‘feminist? It’s neither, it’s pretty good PR, in the wake of this thing gaining steam.

        As far as Shailene, she said she was not a feminist and then went on to describe and define it as something it most certainly wasn’t.

        And yes, there are radicals that align themselves with every group known on the planet. To cherry pick the worst individual out of any group, would likely not make us want to associate with any, especially if we aren’t educated about the majority.

        If I wanted to, I could very convincingly state why I’m not calling myself a human, because certain human beings are beyond terrible.

      • cat says:

        I do agree about the imbalance of power (betw man and woman – not always but here) although in this instance I think Jay Z’s “power” is probably something very dark that we know nothing about and Solange ‘acted out’ the only way she could. CB keeps going off on the wrong aspect here and demonizing her as others have as well.

        I think those who are saying this is “assault” are not really thinking that there are other ways to ‘assault’ someone (words, actions which he obviously did). She did not harm him, he had a bodyguard, he is not going to have to take out an order of protection against her, there are varying circumstances here that have to be taken into account.

      • FreeJay-z says:

        I am disappointed in the statement because it implies the Solange behaviour is acceptable. You can not be neutral when discussing a incident that involved an assault. It is this statement I object to “Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. ”
        Beyonce meekly standing by, whilst Solange assaulted the father of her child and then release a statement saying they share responsibility ? That not leadership and I hope that not feminism.
        I would have preferred it if they had not made a comment.

      • Kiddo says:

        @FreeJay-z, You don’t know whether Jay-Z actively goaded her, knowing how she would react. Jay-Z was not in any way harmed, he wasn’t assaulted, the body guard clearly intervened. Is it right that she went to kick him? No. But you don’t know more than anyone else does about their private dynamic, and you are finding a convenient way to twist this into some kind of proof about what is wrong with feminism as a whole, and that is plain wrong. Maybe Solange is abusive and Beyonce is a victim of this and reacts like victims of domestic violence do? That still wouldn’t mean she is or isn’t a feminist and it still does not define feminism as a whole.

        What if I took that same mindset and made this about race? It would still be a hollow argument derived from bias and not based on the totality of a group.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        ++ Kiddo, Crystal, kcarp, Kaylen, and cat. Well said.

        There’s nothing more enjoyable than a well reasoned discussion.

    • FreeJay-z says:

      Feminism is a political movement and people are free to choose whether they are feminist or not. Race is predetermine, I am not sure that is a good comparison.

      You lost me when to stated the Jay-z may have provoked the assault. And it was an assault, it may not be grievous bodily harm, but is was an assault.
      By the way; Are you subscribing that people can hit each other if they are provoked? So it would have been okay if JAY-Z had hit her back? The only reason I have any respect for him is that he did not hit her back.

      True leadership is doing what is right, even or especially when it is not easy.
      I am not saying Solange is not human, I am just saying neither her or Beyonce showed leadership in this instant.

      • Kiddo says:

        Did you read my comment? Or any? I said NO ONE should be putting their hands on other people or otherwise becoming physically aggressive, for days now. And no, even if someone attacks you, self defense typically allows only using the amount of force necessary to stop the attack.

        I’ll give you it’s true that one is chosen, such as association, and race is not, but you are making an argument against an entire coalition based on one person, and I can’t imagine how you see that as cogent.

        As to Solange’s ‘reasons’, I explained clearly the idea of mitigating circumstances, heat of passion or long term patterns of possible verbal abuse, the possibility that she was unstable, and the idea of human curiosity above, and so it is pointless to address this over and over.

  5. Miss M says:

    Perfect statement! Saying everything by saying nothing. I hope they have truly worked their family issues. As long all parties are fine, I don’t want to know what happened/triggered that altercation.

  6. OlyB says:

    What Solange did was assault. Who knows why she felt the need to become violent; her actions were legally assault. She did not appear to be acting in response to JayZ being violent toward her; however we only have the footage of them in the elevator. There was a bodyguard who was restraining her and even JayZ did not appear to be threatened by her. Solange waited until doors were closed; she undertook her actions with the expectation that she was doing so in private. I think it’s an amazing act of generosity that the statement doesn’t give her the full fault of her own actions.

  7. Size Does Matter says:

    That statement is so beautifully, perfectly vague, I wonder how many people and how many hours were spent writing it.

  8. Aurie says:

    By the way Kaiser THANK YOU, for keep on reiterating that Solange assaulted Jay-Z.

    Both CNN and TIME, two what you would think somewhat reputable news sites, kept reporting it was “Jay-Z and Solange FIGHT”

    That just makes people think Jay-Z attacked Solange as well, which did NOT happen.

    • Liv says:

      You know what I tell kids in first grade? The one who provokes has a part in the fight too, not just the person who flips out.

      • T.C. says:


        Do you say that to the mothers of your first grade kids who are also beaten by their husbands? That they provoked it?

      • Mouse says:

        Liv has a good point. Someone bullied endlessly who lashes out physically because he/she doesn’t know how to deal with the situation anymore, while in the wrong, does not absolve the provoker. (I am not talking about the solange situation). That said, and back to the topic at hand, I think Beyonce responded well, even though she didn’t have to.

      • Aurie says:

        @Mouse and a woman who is emotionally abusive to her children and husband (think tiger mom)…..I guess then a husband beating her, though wrong, does not absolve the provoker?

        I’m pretty sure most women who get abused by their husbands did something wrong so they must have “provoked it”.

        What I’m saying is that I’m pretty sure it’s only a tiny minority of men who abuse their wives because they’re violence prone a-holes, but the vast majority of abusers do so because of anything, like the wife forgot to do laundry or some little thing, but I guess that means she provoked him right?

      • thebutlerdidit says:

        You teach first graders that it’s ok if daddy beats the horse sh*t outta mommy because, hey, she said something provocative? Awesome. I am just sorry you couldn’t have taught my kids that mommy was equally at fault for the beat downs they witnessed daddy serve up.

      • Mouse says:

        I meant more specifically in response to Liv’s comment. About schoolyard children. Her comment was well said and I took it to mean she actually tries to get to the bottom of the situation with these children to understand what happened not just assuming the kid who threw the first punch was wrong. My nephew when he was 4 would get bullied or frustrated at something someone said to him and because he didn’t know how to react properly, lashed out physically making him seem the bully. When we understood what was happening we worked through the issues with him. it took about 3 years but he learned how to react appropriately and he’s an upstanding young man now. In an abusive relationship there is no excuse for beating up anyone physically or emotionally. Not okay.

  9. aquarius64 says:

    Celebrity lesson of the day: social media DOES NOT make a video-taped, publicly released scandal go away. Neither do photo ops and pap strolls. This statement should have been out within 24 hours of the footage being released. There still would be some speculation to the cause of the fight, but not the wild stories that came out that severely damaged the images and reputations of all parties involved, especially Solange. They let conspiracy theories incubate for 72 hours; and now it’s on them like Gorilla Glue. Careers are now on death watch; industry insiders and gossip media are going to check to see if that elevator mess is going to hurt CD sales, concert ticket sales, and other merchandise and projects to which their respective names are attached.

    • Talie says:

      They’re still old school. It’s like with Clooney and his sad, staged “We’re Engaged” People cover — so 90s.

      • And the bajillion stories that came out afterwards–that CLEARLY came from George (‘she’s on his level’..pfft). The engagement cover would’ve been fine, but everything else? Ugh.

        And yeah–they should’ve come out with a statement when the video was first released..not three days later. When there is rampant speculation.

    • OriginalCrystal says:

      ‘but not the wild stories that came out that severely damaged the images and reputations of all parties involved, especially Solange.’

      I get what you’re trying to say but come on…this is a bit dramatic. ‘severely damaged’ ? Please.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “This statement should have been out within 24 hours of the footage being released. ”

      I completely agree with this. I disagree that this incident put any careers on “death watch”, though. I dont see any of their careers being harmed by this (Solange didn’t have much going on before hand).

      • OriginalCrystal says:

        ‘Solange didn’t have much going on before hand).’

        Solange has a great career but she stays within the alternative R&B crowd where Miguel, janelle Monae, Jhene, SZA, Frank Ocean (he’s the only one who’s crossed over though), Kelela and others reside.

        The indie crowd who miss 90′s R&B love her and Bey haters cling to her because she’s the anti-Beyonce from her style and hair to her music.

        She’s artisctially and lyrically miles ahead of Beyonce but she has more freedom to do what she wants. Her ‘True’ EP was critically acclaimed. She the kind of career she wants. The Knowles name opens doors for her but she less pressure to act perfect and make predictable pop music like her sis. She’s pretty dope imo. I like them both though.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I actually really like Solange’s style and one of the singles she released a while back…but she doesn’t seem to sell much, etc. I don’t see her niche audience rebuffing her for this, as you said, she doesn’t have the pressure to act perfect.

      • OriginalCrystal says:


        Yeah she’s not a big seller but she has the acclaim and even though Bey has the sales and the money, she never really had the legitimate acclaim until ’4′ and ‘Beyonce’. She was always praised more for performing (where she shines imo, her music is average outside of the stage).

        Solange has cute style. I like the way she mixes prints etc.

      • aquarius64 says:

        But now all three are in Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan territory. At first only the gossip blogs and mags were writing allegations about Jay-Z and Beyonce’, now the mainstream media will pick up any hiccup by any one of them. The fact that TIME magazine has written at least two articles about this mess, right after putting Beyonce’ on its 100 Most Influential People cover, is the start of the bloom coming off the rose. The Carters won’t be getting as many positive write-ups as they use to because of this incident.

      • OriginalCrystal says:

        ‘But now all three are in Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan territory’

        I honestly think this is wishful thinking on your part. No offense because I like you as a poster and your comments are cool but seriously… no matter how f-cked up things get for the Knowles-Carters they will never be on the level of those two.

        ‘The fact that TIME magazine has written at least two articles about this mess, right after putting Beyonce’ on its 100 Most Influential People cover, is the start of the bloom coming off the rose.’

        LOL. Really? I mean, if you say so…
        They are going on a world stadium tour this summer and by that time folks (with better things to do) will have forgotten about this. TIME may trash talk now but they’ll line up to give The Carters a good review on the tour. Journalists are two faced like that. Just because they talk sh-t now, doesn’t mean they’ll always talk sh-t. Ask Iggy Azelea and Lorde about that. They found this out recently.

        Rumours really don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. There have been rumours about all sorts of celebrities since forever and now, with sites like radaronline and the dailyfail that make things up out of thin air, folks are wisening up to the fact that most of the blinds they read are pure nonsense. If Beyonce and Jay-Z deliver on this tour like they usually do, no public spat can stop journalists from writing them positive reviews. Controversy (plagiarism, rap beef, girl group member departures, baby bump collapses, bad managers etc) has surrounded their careers since the 90′s and it’s never stopped journalists from sucking up to them before so why would this ? Especially considering that anyone with eyes can see Solange is the only one that acts a banshee ass fool in the tape. Bey and Jay keep their composure and most of the internet praises that even if they do hate them.

        Time will tell how this affects them but some folks are too gleeful about the prospect of knocking these two down and it’s really not going to happen anytime soon. They are probably the same people that thought Kristen Stewart wouldn’t get any roles after cheatgate and next week the b-tch will be at Cannes. Hollywood/music industry rarely care about what the internet call ‘scandals’ if you keep bringing in the bucks. Jay and Bey (who just got off a $212 million grossing tour and sold 3 million albums in 5 months) bring in money by the boatload.

  10. NewWester says:

    Considering the source of this statement it makes sense. Beyoncé and JayZ have always been extremely private people. When they got married, there was no statement released and it seemed like ages before they confirmed they were really married. When Beyoncé was pregnant besides the big reveal at that awards show where she rubbed her baby bump she kept the entire pregnancy low key , unlike some other celebrities. That is probably why there are rumours she used a surrogate.
    The only way the public will ever know what really happened in the elevator is if they tell the world and I don’t see that happening

    • Seen says:

      What are the chances THIS video footage will make it into Beyoncé’s temperature-controlled, document-my-every-movement-for-prosperity archive? ? 😂

    • There are rumors that she used a surrogate because she went on a talk show when she was five or six months along–big enough for there to be a sizeable bump i.e. you could tell she was pregnant–not a food baby. I think it was on Wendy Williams’ show (but I’m not sure)….she was walking out onto the show, going to the couch, and she tripped, and her stomach ‘collapsed’…here it is…

      After Blue was born, was when they went all crazy. I’d never read ANY gossip at all from Bey up until she got pregnant…after that, it was like they wanted stuff OUT. I don’t get it. And I hate those pictures, where she doesn’t show Blue’s face–we know it’s her baby. We know what the baby looks like. IF she doesn’t want people to see her child’s face, then don’t put up any pictures of her. Plus that stuff about having a photographer follow her around, excuse ‘archivist’…follow her around–that reeks of narcissism to me. Especially since that’s who photographs all of her ‘candid’ moments.

      • OriginalCrystal says:

        ‘And I hate those pictures, where she doesn’t show Blue’s face–we know it’s her baby. We know what the baby looks like. IF she doesn’t want people to see her child’s face, then don’t put up any pictures of her.’

        Is this a joke ? If you don’t like them them they’re not for you. I hate butt selfies so instead of complaing, I just don’t look at them. I mean, there are plenty of pap pics of her face so why should she put Blue’s face on her tumblr? If she doesn’t show her face then she shouldn’t put up any pics altogether ??? How does that make any sense. If Angelina got a tumblr and only put up pics of her kids’ outfits or the back of their heads you wouldn’t say squat. And I’m pretty sure Beyonce has never called her pics candid. She admitted that she has a photographer with her wherever she goes (like rihanna) so whether it’s narcissism or not (it most certainly is) she’s not claiming that she takes them all herself (especially when she’s in most of them). Like, of all things to complain about…she doesn’t put her baby’s face in pics ?? LOL. Y’all are too much.

      • ViktoryGin says:

        It was actually a talk show in Australia that ‘Pillowgate’ happened.

        And while, I can’t claim to know what really went down; I, too, thought it was REALLY strange that she decided to be so open with her pregnancy based on her almost obstinate need for privacy and self protection, understandably so. Her behavior during that period was so out of character, I couldn’t figure out what they were playing at. To this day, it’s strike me as off.

      • @OriginalCrystal
        Not that Angelina has anything to do with this, but if she started a tumblr or instagram, or whatever, and started putting pictures of her kids on there, with their heads turned, all the time, on purpose–then I would be saying something too. And it’s not a HUGE deal. I just find it annoying that Beyonce is doing that. It’s a personal quirk–because I know (feel) that she is hiding her baby’s face on purpose–so it’s weird that she doesn’t want people to see her baby’s face, but she’ll still put pictures up. If I was a celebrity, and I didn’t want to draw ANY attention to my toddler, then I would not be putting pictures up of my kids at all–especially if I looked like Beyonce. And I feel that way about ANYONE who does it. So keep your personal attacks to yourself.

        And I already mentioned, in my original comment that she said that she has someone who follows her around and takes pictures of her and everything that she does. I find it contrived and going against everything that she projected herself to be, pre-Blue. I’ve never thought that Beyonce was all that–but I never thought that she’d be someone to hire a person to record EVERYTHING she does. Obviously you do not. It’s my opinion, not yours.

      • OriginalCrystal says:


        Where did I personally attack you? Be more dramatic please. I mentioned Angelina because you’re a stan, big deal. I get what you’re saying but I don’t understand why it has to be all or nothing. She’s never said (unless you can prove me wrong) that she doesn’t want to draw ANY attention to her daughter at all. If that was true then she wouldn’t have showed Blue laughing and playing in her single/video ‘Blue’ on her visual album. People have this weird impression that Bey hides Blue’s face because she looks like Jay (that’s not what you said specifically but it’s been said here many times before) and it’s honestly just projection on their part.

        I mean, taking pics of everything you do is contrived, sure, but Beyonce isn’t jennifer Lawrence or Ezra Miller. She’s never claimed to be the realest chick in the game. She’s a pageant queen, who cares about every detail in her image and as one of the few black women in the mainstream i don’t blame her. One wrong hair out of place and you’re defined by that forever. Look at how badass Janet Jackson’s career was before nipplegate… She was pretty much on Madonna’s level but was never as good of a business woman. Now look at what she is defined by… I really don’t blame Beyonce for being obsessed with what content gets released. If that fight was just an average day at the Knowles-Carter house then I’m not surprised she keeps her business out of the streets.

        You can find whatever you want annoying though. No biggie. Carry on…

      • melain says:

        Omg! I hadn’t seen the collapsing belly video. That’s shocking. Thanks for posting.

  11. Talie says:

    Wendy Williams’ Rachel Roy theory seems to be the ticket. Even E! jumped on board.

  12. Davy says:

    This is exactly the statement I was expecting, I even said this nearly verbatim to my friend when this video was released. It should have come sooner, perhaps to try to intercept some of the building suspicion and theories. I believe this statement to be true for them, I believe they are working it out and I also believe they do not see this as anything more than a bad night where a family disagreement erupted.

    The unfortunate aspect is I also believe fighting in this way is a common occurrence in this family. There had already been rumors. What the rest of us observed in that video as crazy, violent and alarming (hence, the widespread shock), may be typical of the way they deal with their problems. If my sister suddently lost her shit and started attacking my husband, I would be shocked and appalled. Beyonce, meh. They cannot explain away their clear reactionary states on that video, they behave as if this is commonplace which to me speaks to a larger issue. To their detriment, it also opened the floodgates of blind items and minor gossip items to become mainstream (including the Jay video of him violently pushing a female fan, which I had never seen or heard of until it was everywhere). I was not really aware of cheating rumors, now they are rampant. I knew their relationship and persona to be carefully constructed, but seeing their true behind the scenes behaviour has highlighted the contrast between the image they present and their reality.

    When you try to present a perfect image, every word and action perfectly constructed, the structure is bound to fall down. A lot of people have indicated the `cracks are showing` and I think the detriment of this scandal will have a butterfly effect far beyond just the video itself. Far more people are aware of the rumours now.

    • ViktoryGin says:

      I actually agree with you. I said something similar, albeit in a very tongue and cheek manner, and got slammed for it. Lol.

      (My apologies about the breakdown in communication to those reading who didn’t read my response)

      Physical altercations are not uncommon for some families depending on the type of behavior that is normalized for them based on their surroundings and method of engagement. I don’t like it. Many don’t. But it is what it is.

    • TG says:

      Very good comment @Davy – the fact that this type of violence appears commonplace to Bey and Jay is what is so shocking. I just want to add that based on this ridiculous press release they have released about Jay apologizing for his part I take that to mean that the next time a man hits a lady in a domestic situation she better apologize for provoking him. I am fine if they have forgiven her and have moved on but to put out a statement like that not holding that violent brat Solange accountable for her actions is appalling. Too many people have been coddling this spoiled brat, otherwise she would know better by now that you keep your hands and stilettos to yourself.

      • T.C. says:


        I agree. Ridiculous to apologize for getting assaulted. Should RiRi release a statement too saying what she did to “provoke” Chris Brown to beat her? This is really unbelievable. Just because people hate JayZ (I’m not a fan at all) is no reason to think he deserved to be assaulted. No one has the right to lay their hands on anyone else unless it’s in self defense.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Exactly. People generally ignore gossip blogs, mags and shows because it’s believed they make up their reports. Mainstream media reporting of stuff like this gets more traction because the veneer of respectability and credibility. Solange, Jay-Z and Beyonce are going to get deaths by a 1000 cuts. And it’s not wishful thinking; it’s opinion.

  13. Hissyfit says:

    Boo! I want to know why Solange went crazy over JayZ.

  14. LAK says:

    Methinks they protest too much!

  15. Sarah says:

    Well everyone who said they would throw solange under the buss were totally wrong.

  16. claire says:

    I mean, I guess it’s about what is to be expected. It’s not like they’re going to give a detailed account of their personal issues, because honestly…it IS their business and they don’t necessarily owe anyone anything. I do hope though that Solange is ashamed enough, or forced by them, to think about learning some other methods of conflict resolution, because that is a real bulls**t way to go about handling disagreements.

  17. Jaana says:

    They bought Bey a beautiful piece of jewelry and she forgave them.

  18. ViktoryGin says:

    I don’t think that there’s an attempt to establish a ratio of weighted blame in this situation., Kaiser. And in my opinion, it doesn’t matter.

    Some still continue to rake Solange over the coals because her violence trumps anything that Jay Z could have done or said. Others will maintain that he’s a philandering cad who had it coming.

    I will say this: while I don’t condone how she handled herself, they have all but admitted that Jay Z is not innocent this. Mind you, this is not the equivalent of my saying that he deserved it, but there is obviously more culpability on his part than we are aware of. So, maligning either party based on this sole happenstance without having all of the facts (which we will never have) is dangerous considering the isolation of this incident (that we know of).

    • OhDear says:

      Without audio we won’t know what happened, but the fact that they said that “Jay admitted responsibility for his part in the argument” doesn’t mean he’s culpable. A lot of people buy into the idea that “there’s two sides to every story” (meaning that both sides in an incident will always be at fault), which is just not true. And a lot of people, particularly in domestic violence/abuse situations, don’t take full responsibility for their actions; it’s always “well, ok, maybe I was a little passionate, but if YOU hadn’t done XYZ then I wouldn’t have hit you,” even if XYZ is something like preparing a meal that isn’t to the person’s liking.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Again, no one is defending her actions. We don’t know what went on. I was an abuse victim throughout my childhood and some of the very worst abuse I experienced was not physical. Solange’s physical attack is obvious but no other factor is, so we cannot assume anything and I have a hard time believe she didn’t have provocation regardless of how outrageous her response seems.

  19. Charlotte says:

    I hope that Solange is getting help, so she can learn a more appropriate way of dealing with people that upset her, and I hope Jay Z is able to talk about how he is feeling about what happened and any concerns about future episodes. Males are traditionally supposed to ‘shrug off’ any form of abuse, especially when it comes from ‘the fairer sex’, so he may be unable to voice how he’s been affected by this.
    The statement is fine; they don’t owe us anything, and I never expected them to tell us what it was about. Won’t stop us speculating, of course.

    As someone who has put a smile on her face many times after witnessing, and being on the receiving end of domestic violence, no shade from me for Beyonce putting on her mask for the cameras.

    • OriginalCrystal says:

      ‘no shade from me for Beyonce putting on her mask for the cameras.’

      Seriously. If she’d come out crying these same people would have called her tears fake too. I put on a bunch of fake smiles at work and at parties when I need to. It doesn’t make me a ‘robot’. It means that my problems are no ones business other than my own.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      I agree about putting on the mask. This stuff can be hard to process, and it takes time, even when you aren’t staring down a wall of cameras. It’s her JOB to do that, as much as to make music.

  20. nima1 says:

    Hope she learns how to act like a LADY. That was not a pretty sight………

  21. mia girl says:

    1. Solange looses her sh*t and physically attacks JayZ in elevator.
    2. Video is leaked
    3. Bey and Jay let Solange take brunt of criticism (which IMO is warranted as she is the attacker no matter what provoked her)
    4. With the heat on her, Solange looses her sh*t again, and begins to threaten leaking all kinds of Beygency secrets.
    5. Bey and Jay placate Solange by trying to do some damage control on her behalf.

    And I have to wonder if this is a
    Rinse, Lather, Repeat situation.
    Only this time we all know about it…

    • OriginalCrystal says:

      3. Bey and Jay let Solange take brunt of criticism (which IMO is warranted as she is the attacker no matter what provoked her)
      4. With the heat on her, Solange looses her sh*t again, and begins to threaten leaking all kinds of Beygency secrets.
      5. Bey and Jay placate Solange by trying to do some damage control on her behalf.

      How did you find this out ? Do you get your weave sown in at the same place that Tina Knowles does or…?

      • outstandingworldcitizen says:

        Totally agree. What’s most upsetting about most of these comments is how much implicit or outright finger pointing is directed at Jay. Strange has a history of outbursts. Even if he did verbally “provoke” her she could have just fought back withher words. She is lucky he had self control, so many men don’t.

        I would not put it past either side to plant stories to make each look bad. Solange’s removal of photos says a lot. Also she is not on par with Miguel, Janelle etc. Her sells are not even in their league. Mind you, Ilike music and have her first album.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        All I can say is you are damn lucky to never have been abused verbally as I have. I would rather take a physical beating than have my heart ripped out and stomped on before me eyes. I don’t condone violence or support Solange’s attack but some of the most vicious abuse out there is NOT physical.

    • mia girl says:

      @OC. Nah. Just straight-up gossip speculation. Nothing more, nothing less. No Bey hate in my agenda.

      I guess I only organized it this way because I’ve been in jury duty all week. Your brain begins to process information in a very methodical manner.

      If this post had been about, say, James McAvoy I might have said
      1. Hot dong
      2. Hit that hot dong
      3. Hit it some more
      4. Lock the door to my secret sex lair behind me.
      5. Later unchain McAvoy and supply food to him.
      6. Hit that some more.

      And that would also be a Rinse, Lather, Repeat situation.

      • OriginalCrystal says:

        No shade from me girl. Bey hate is cool, I was just wondering really…I thought I’d missed a blind item or something.

        Though now I’m wondering what Tina Knowles has to say. That woman scares me…she looks like a vampire from New Orleans that carries chicken bones in her purse. I don’t know much about that family but one thing I do know is that Tina don’t play. Jay is lucky that it was Solange that was mad and not Tina. Tina woulda mollywhopped that Jay.

      • Nibbi says:

        bahahaha !! i dig this methodological approach ;)

    • Talie says:

      There was a rumor going around that Solange was going to be on SNL this week, so that may have prompted the statement to come out. So she didn’t clown the situation.

  22. Tiffany :) says:

    Wasn’t this a statement from Jay, Beyonce AND Solange?

  23. Lizzie says:

    If I were Beyoncé I’d be pissed off at both of them. Silane was illegally out of line but jay was clearly egging it on at first. If my sister screwed up my night like that, let alone my meticulously constructed image, I’d be beside myself. If my husband chimed in with any commentary – he’d be on my shitlist too. To me, this is her way of addressing the rumor but admitting they are both on notice.

    • OriginalCrystal says:

      I’d be mad too, no lie. Even as someone who isn’t a celeb I’d be mad as hell. Solange shoulda left that stunt for the BET awards. When you’re at these whitewashed events you need to keep it calm, cool and collected because the people there probably think you’re ratchet anyway. You can’t go and confirm it for them.

      Lucky for me, my sister and husband know better.

      I swear, I’ve been thinking about if this was Kanye and one of Kim’s sisters. Man, that optimus prime looking one (Khloe) would wipe the floor with Kanye. He’s not about that life though so he probably just saves his remarks for when she’s gone. Jay wasn’t so smart.

      • Nibbi says:

        Bahahaaaaaa!!! ‘Optimus Prime-looking one’
        I know you answered me on the other post and that you’re clearly a big fan of these people defending them all over whereas I think they’re sort of obnoxious, but that was flat-out funny ;)

      • Jade says:

        If Kanye agrees to appear regularly on that show, you’ll view and hear everything clearly. No need for a TMZ leak as everything would be professonally recorded for their season finale or opening. They live on family drama. I guess any drama.

    • truthful says:

      I agree Lizzie and well said!

  24. Marianne says:

    I doubt we will ever really know the truth.

    Its obvious the Carter family wants to protect their image so they’re never going to divulge. They want this to go away.

  25. LadyS says:

    This statement is…idk…. We know there are problems in every family. Why do they state the obvious? I still think staying mum was better.

  26. racer says:

    It’s interesting that these two spend time, money and energy portraying a lifestyle and relationship that’s above the masses and yet once they fall from grace they humbly admit to having problems like most families. Fail.

    And I don’t have a brother in law but if I did it would be OK to attack him like a honey badger because that’s the problems most families have. Fail.

  27. Penny says:

    They waited way too long to release this. Since they were obviously happy to keep things vague, they should have released it as soon as the video dropped…it doesn’t take days to craft this bland of a statement. With something like this you either ignore it forever or address it ASAP, taking your time and then coming out with something after the worst of it’s over extends the story’s shelf life and makes it seem like the commentary’s hit too close to home. Odd, as they usually have flawless PR.

  28. d b says:

    I’m mildly surprised they released a statement. Its tone is competely in character – Beyonce’s that is. In her doc Life is But a Dream, for instance, her cutting ties with her dad’s management is portrayed as a watershed moment in her life, which I’m sure it was. However no mention whatsoever is made about her dad also fathering a child outside the marriage and the subsequent breakup. And the statement is very similar — more telling for what is left out.

  29. Tania says:

    I’m not a fan of both but I’m glad they released a vague statement. They probably made up after the event since they were out that week and on mother’s day. Some fans spotted them at a restaurant. Solange and Bey went for Kelly’s wedding together. All these before the video came out, they’ll forever be close sisters fight or no fight.

    About what happened we will never know unless bey decides to write a memoir or something.

  30. jwoolman says:

    The “meh” reaction from J and B at the time was very likely protective. Did you see that video?!? Solange was kicking even when lifted off the floor by the bodyguard, like a screaming toddler, and she kept going back on the attack when he loosened his grip. B could very easily have been hurt if she moved a muscle toward intervening, and they had hired a trained bodyguard to handle these situations – smart people who are not Justin Bieber or Chris Brown hang back and let the professional work.

    Maybe you just have to be around someone with such a mental illness to understand. But whether or not their behavior is physically abusive (verbal abuse is very common), the common feature is that you can tiptoe around as much as you want and the person will still be unpredictably triggered, leaving you baffled and hurt. Other times, they can be quite nice. It’s really confusing and difficult when it’s close family as in this case.

    That statement didn’t admit anything. J’s share of the responsibility could have been breathing wrong for all we know. It was meant to protect Solange, that’s all. They don’t owe anybody an explanation, but I hope they are trying hard to get her help. She is unlikely to improve with age.

    • GByeGirl says:

      I thought Beyonce’s reactions in the video were so odd. She just seemed to step aside while her sister went after her husband. I can’t even imagine that. I’d be turning to my sister and yelling a big giant WTF???!!! The only way that I’d stand there mostly impassively while my sister acted like a violent lunatic is if my sister was imbalanced and I was familiar with the pattern and sick of it…or if my husband did something really messed up.

      Not saying that violence is ever ok, or deserved, but if my husband had just done something reprehensible and there was a body guard there keeping my sister from assaulting my husband, I’d probably just roll my eyes and get off of the elevator and call the police.

  31. Anesthetizes says:

    Meh, they had to say SOMETHING. This fight is not something they want public–this is a fair way to address, yes! They are human! They fight! This fight wasn’t meant to be shared–let’s let em keep it to Family, eh?

  32. FreeJay-z says:

    Solange has a substance abuse problem and the family are closing ranks to support her.
    Solange has emotional/mental health issues that the family are struggling to find a way to support her in a public forum.
    Qualifier if any of the above statements are true then a take to following statements back and wish the family God’s speed in their coming struggles.

    If none of the above statements are true, then Jay-z needs to extricate himself for this abusive marriage. Nothing can justify the level of abuse for these Gutter sisters, who obivously not been brought up well.
    If Jay-z is having an affair with Rachel good on him, hope that gives him the courage to leave this abusive marriage, with her support.
    I use to think Beyonce was too good for Jay-z, now I know Jay-z is too good for Beyonce and her dysfunctional family. Her beauty fool me. Jay-z behaviour in that lift shows a class act.

  33. FreeJay-z says:

    1. Solange has a substance abuse problem and the family are closing ranks to support her.
    2. Solange has emotional/mental health issues that the family are struggling to find a way to support her in a public forum.

    Qualifier if any of the above statements are true then a take to following statements back and wish the family God’s speed in their coming struggles.

    If none of the above statements are true, then Jay-z needs to extricate himself for this abusive marriage. Nothing can justify the level of abuse for these Gutter sisters, who obviously not been brought up well.
    If Jay-z is having an affair with Rachel good on him, hope that gives him the courage to leave this abusive marriage, with her support.
    I use to think Beyonce was too good for Jay-z, now I know Jay-z is too good for Beyonce and her dysfunctional family. Her beauty fool me. Jay-z behaviour in that lift shows a class act.

  34. magpie says:

    The statement was good because it is after all a family matter. What I like about the statement is that JZ and Solange are both at fault, but Bey has nothing to do with it. That may be true as it just seems that during the fight and after she just wanted everyone to stay calm and move on…

  35. LadyRay says:

    so some of you expected them to say, “so girl this is what happened…”

    The Carters have always been private and I don’t think they have to share what happened because we’re curious. They don’t owe us an apology.

  36. Nev says:


  37. jane says:

    We like to hear about it because it shows they have facade like everyone else.

  38. Dee says:

    That statement is straight out of Olivia Pope’s playbook.

  39. Jade says:

    From a PR pov, that was a pretty good statement. A plus.

    I think it was ok for them to release a statement days later. It allows other gossip news to dilute this first. I think her PR team also wanted to avoid any potential Streisand effect which could blow this up worse. So, just let the fuss and speculation die down a bit and close off with a neutral statement.

  40. cro-girl says:

    People fight, get over it. Can we stop throwing around the word assault and trying to philosophically contain the parameters of right and wrong. Blowhards.

  41. TOPgirl says:

    I can’t believe she did not even stand up for her sister. Seriously, Solange was defending her Honor from her husband being a douche in public.

  42. Caz says:

    That PR statement took a long time to put together. Admit nothing, don’t answer what everyone wants to know and give a (false) impression that everything is OK.

    Not buying it.