Jennifer Lawrence in belly baring Dior for Cannes ‘Mockingjay’: adorable or twee?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence appeared in Cannes for a Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 photocall. The movie isn’t finished yet and doesn’t come out until November, but Lionsgate enjoys stoking the flames with an official appearance. The studio released a teaser website last week that includes a bunch of fan goodies. There’s a motion poster, film stills, and a sneak peek of the script. This fall suddenly seems so far away. I’m getting major sads by not seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman on this stage. But Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth (remember him?), and Sam Claflin were on hand. Plus Julianne Moore and the soft-voiced Donald Sutherland.

Jennifer went back to Dior couture for this photocall. This was a very young look, which could be directed towards the younger audience Dior covets by hiring JLaw. I wasn’t crazy about this outfit at first (my exact words were “What fresh hell is this?), but it’s growing on me. JLaw has a great figure for a two-piecer, and Dior has taken note of her prior belly-baring success. The A-line skirt and and crop-top are cut well, and the white fabric bubbles with softness. The “mystical beach chest photo” throws things off a bit, but it’s funky and fun. Is this look a little too twee? Perhaps, but it’s far less awkward than when Dior tries to go high fashion with JLaw. I can’t say enough good things about Jennifer’s hair these days. This offbeat, wavy bob really suits her.

Jennifer Lawrence

I’m including some photos of JLaw arriving at her hotel earlier that day. She’s wearing a Dior Resort ensemble with a breezy striped top and a matching fitted skirt with a scarfy overlay. She looks chic and comfy. Johnny Depp would be jealous of this skirt.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

JLaw also attended the Armani party in a cute pantsuit.

Here’s Julianne wearing a green toga at the Mockingjay afterparty.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. The Wizz says:

    What two tone gear is Josh going for with his hair?

  2. bettyrose says:

    Sigh. I love JLaw but the girl has too mature a look to pull off girly.

  3. Jegede says:

    The Resort dress is the first Dior outfit I’ve liked on her

  4. HHazel says:

    I like all of her looks they finally went with a little more simple, they are light and breezy and fitting for cannes but I still think they can do better. And her hair and makeup has finally been looking really good lately.

    Has anyone else noticed her hot bodyguard? ahhhhhhjkfhes

  5. Sighs says:

    Both dresses remind me of The Karate Kid. The second one is nice sans scarf.

  6. Suze says:

    I like it. I really like her hair like this, even though I suspect it is just an interim style while she grows it out again.

    Julianne Moore’s outfit is dreadful.

  7. JennySerenity says:

    Eh, JLaw is starting to make me stabby. I loved her in the beginning, but I’m overload with her. Don’t care for her dress, and the lovely Julianne gets it wrong again for her figure type.

  8. lisa2 says:

    Love the hair. The dress are a miss for me. I think the crop top with that picture is very twee and below; too cutesy. And those thin strap shoes should be banned’ they are terrible for anyone and dangerous. She is coming out of them. I hate for her to have another trip because people will be talking.

  9. eliza says:

    Dior is consistently hideous these days. Time to hire a talented designer and bring the brand back to speed. Just my opinion.

    • kri says:

      Her hair looks good-I didn’t like that short cut that made her look like Hilary Clinton or the anchor on the local news. That dress is awful. It looks like a spray-painted T that you get when you visit the beach-I’m just grateful “JLAW” wasn’t scrawled across the bottom in bright pink paint.

    • qwerty says:

      Yep, her contract was a big mistake (except financially, of course). Literally all her Dior outfits are blah. The only time I ever like her look is when she’s not wearing fcuking Dior. She could look so good.

      Did someone seriously just call that fug get up from Paris fashion week a SUCCESS??

  10. Lela says:

    How can she be twee when she’s only 23? Are you trying to be baity or do you not know what twee means?

  11. Tulip Garden says:

    In order of very sleepy-no-coffee-yet thoughts:
    Dayum Hemsworth is working that whole look. What a body!

    Julianne and her green toga probably shouldn’t work but thanks to that magnificent hair, she looks cool, chic, and comfortable.

    Lawrence’s body is fantastic. Love the black pantsuit and gold belt. Also, she still doesn’t annoy me. I like her even though I understand the backlash.

    Couldn’t tell you now what Josh is wearing, just know he’s so confident when I see him that that makes him very attractive.

  12. Tig says:

    Love the grey/ hate the crop top outfit. Totally agree that Dior needs an overhaul STAT.

  13. j.eyre says:

    I love that resort scarf dress. I love everything about it.

  14. HotPockets says:

    Dare I say that Jlaw is looking very tiny these days. I’ve always thought she was small, but she looks like a size 1/2 here. I’m not hating, but I never got her whole stick of “I’ll never be Hollywood skinny and I eat what I want…” when she IS as small as the other actresses.

    • Antonym says:

      I think she looks healthy and hasn’t lost her curves. She’s still really young, I remember losing some ‘baby fat’ in my early twenties. I think we may be seeing that here, combined with a very active lifestyle (I certainly didn’t have this level of training/travel at at age)

      • T.C. says:

        She looks athletic weight to me too. Not as skinny as the other actresses. Compare her weight to Emma Stone or Ember Heard. J-Law’s been filming Mocking Jay for 6 months with is action packed with stunt requirement from the actor. Look at the two boys, they are built too for the same reason.

      • HotPockets says:

        To be honest, she looks the same size as Amber Heard to me. Amber has a small frame, but she has a little bit of curve as well. Jlaw has never looked bigger than a size 4, even when she referred to herself as “chubby.” I agree though, Emma Stone is tiny, much tinier than even the Hollywood standard.

    • Farah says:

      She always losses weight when shooting Hunger Games. She usually gains it back though.

  15. d says:

    I love strappy sandals like she’s wearing with that weird scarf dress because they look so sexy, but I hate them for being so hard, if not dangerous, to wear. Gorgeous sandals, but sooo difficult. I can’t imagine them lasting long.
    i really don’t like the crop top look. Jennifer sort of carries it off, but I don’t think it’s a good look. Overall, I’m not keen on any of these dresses/pantsuits, although I don’t blame her for it; she’s got a great body, but I think she’s being forced to wear certain styles/fashions during the press tour for this movie, and not all of them hit the mark.
    I like her hair though.

  16. OriginalCrystal says:

    Hmmm. I like the hair at this length. She looks great in the pantsuit. She has an incredible body.
    The striped dress is pretty too but her feet look too big for those shoes.

  17. Mel says:

    Eh. The first two outfits are dreadful. The pantsuit is just ok.

    Can she just go away please?

  18. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Great face,great haircut/color,great legs but the outfits are meh ( except maybe the black suit)

    Dior needs a real designer and Lawrence needs to change the brand

  19. Ficeyes says:

    I like the pant suit the best. Short hair does look better on her when its grown out lower jaw length. I like the second dress too. Hate the first one. Can’t stand the new trend where women bare their upper mid drift in a dress. Looks totally tacky imo. I used to really like JLaw but after she said that she has adapted jerky behavior because she was tired of taking pics with fans and other stuff and acted as if that behavior was acceptable to her, I began to not like her nearly as much as I used to love her.

    • Alex says:

      OK, and you find that a bad thing? I mean, it’s jerky behaviour to interrupt a person’s dinner for photo pleas, it’s not jerky behaviour if that person says no.

    • Penny says:

      Have you seen the way so-called ‘fans’ treat celebrities? Most can’t even be bothered to say please and thank you when they interrupt someone’s dinner or physically stop someone just trying to walk down the street. Sometimes they literally just shove themselves up against the celebrity with no warning and take a selfie. I’ve seen a celeb being hassled for autographs in an ICU waiting room! Like who thinks that’s an ok place to intrude on someone?

      I once read a rant by a woman who’d met Matthew Perry. He’d been patient while she kept trying and failing to take a photo and he’d signed what she wanted signed and he’d said the Friend’s line she wanted him to say, and he’d done all this while he was in the middle of losing at blackjack (not the best time to interrupt someone). And yet she was ‘disgusted’ that he’d gently corrected her when she repeatedly called him Chandler instead of his actual name. Celebrities can’t win with these people. I’m actually amazed so many celebrities tolerate this kind of crap so well, if I had to put up with this kind of rudeness day in day out I’d just ignore, ignore, ignore.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Sadly, too many fans go around thinking that celebs ‘owe’ them. Mind, it’s no secret that some celebs are rude, entitled and completely up their own asses but I’ve also seen enough seriously entitled fan behavior to make me take every rant or complaint after a celebrity encounter with a boulder of salt.

        I for one could not handle being constantly interrupted at dinner. Do NOT Talk to me while I’m getting my food on. You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry.

  20. Ficeyes says:

    Josh Hutcherson looks hot. Love him. He seems like the most down to earth out of the bunch.

    • Alex says:

      Well, it’s easy for him to be, he’s the closest to the earth. Sorry, just couldn’t resist :)
      But seriously, his proportions are totally off.

      • Belle says:


        I don’t want to be mean but he pretty much ruined the Peeta role for me. He always looks like her little brother… It’s just…. wrong. ;(

      • Ficeyes says:

        Lol, but he’s sweet. I know that when one is thinking of Peeta, in the way Suzanne Collins wrote him, one thinks: tall, sexy, and blond. Yet, the director’s version of him as a short sexy blond is believable as well because he really plays Peeta well. What also ranks him high on my list is his promotion of gay relationships being seen as normal versus the way the majority of society sees them. The way he spoke about how both of his gay uncles contracted HIV/AIDS and died and how nice they were as people made me like him more. The way he simplistically advocated/ spoke on one day possibly being a gay relationship a if it was a heterosexual relationship made me like him more. He brought home to me the importance of equating both the hetero and homo sexual relationships without being over the top or controversial by any means. I like him.

  21. Lili says:

    JLaw’s legs do for once look good! And I’m fine with the skirt. But the top is just… meh. Too cutesy, which really doesn’t fit her because she ain’t got the personality to wear it. Contrasts can be fun but here the contrast’s too big: she’s usually a _very_ outspoken person, who doesn’t act like a cute little girl, so the innocent and super cute styled top is the wrong choice. And her mature makeup isn’t right for it.

    The shoes in the third picture… wtf?! Looks like they’re about to slip off of her. I don’t know who told her to wear those shoes but that person should be slapped. She’s known to trip and those shoes just increase the risk of falling face flat to the ground.

  22. Anesthetizes says:

    Excellent outfit for the premiere–total win–age appropriate, good detail on the gown–fun, young & chic. I also LOVE that her hair has grown a little– it looks GREAT at this length.

    The arrival outfit looks like a joke–I could’ve made it in 10 minutes out of some cool vintage outfit from a thrift store and scarves from the bin.

    Jumpsuits will ALWAYS drive me nuts. Just NO.

    Finally, she’s lost 5-10 pounds too many for this tour. It doesn’t look right on her. Eat.

    And why does Julianne Moore have to look so freaking beautiful? Sheesh, she’s an inspiration to a fellow pale person to stay outta the sun and use SPF on the regular.

  23. Belle says:

    I’ve been sick of Jennifer for a while now, but there is A LOT I like in these photos!

    The good:
    Liam looks hot.
    Love Jennifer’s makeup.
    REALLY liking her hair… the length and style look fabulous on her!
    No big, fake-looking grin… She looks much prettier to me when she isn’t ‘trying’ to smile.
    Hanky dress… LOVE.
    Crop top/skirt… She looks nice in white.

    The not-so-good:

    Josh… as always, looks like her little brother.
    The crop top/skirt makes me think of the movie, Reality Bites… she looks like a doily. A really starched doily. The design on the front… WTF?
    The shoes with the hanky dress… Yikes! Why on earth would anyone think she is capable of wearing such a shoe without falling?? For someone as prone to tripping as this woman is, this seems to be a no-brainier. There are so many cute shoe styles that would go with that dress…
    Not a fan of the one piece pantsuits, so this black one, while not hideous, is still a no for me.
    Pantsuit pic… Is she wearing a fake ponytail?

    • Nicole says:

      That’s another woman sanding behind her :) I thought it was a fake ponytail too.

      I like J Law. I get the backlash, but honestly I think she’s just an outspoken, awkward person who has been a professional about promoting her films. Id sit through hours of her interviews than watch two minutes of Shailene Woodley or Kristen Stewart. I think she’s a good actress whom Hollywood has decided to zero in on as the greatest thing. That’s not her fault.

  24. Parfumi says:

    I hate the pantsuit, it’s just too much for me!

  25. annie says:

    Love her beautiful inside out

  26. thebutlerdidit says:

    Liam looks good, glad they were able to pull Cheeta Peeta out of the pile of hos for a photo op. I’m neutral on JLaw, but she’s 23, the outfit is cute on her. Cute hair, as well. Hutcherson is just there.

  27. Jh says:

    Her hair looks AMAZING! And all 3 looks are so flattering. I’m 36 and would wear the white outfit and not feel “twee” at all. It’s perfection.

  28. lucy2 says:

    I don’t like any of the outfits, but that color is great on Julianne, and I do like Jennifer’s hair.

  29. BobbieFisher says:

    JLaw can wear a burlap sack and I would still love it. When are women going to realize that it’s not what she wears – it’s how she wears it, — with confidence, smarts, a sharp wit, a big laugh, piercing eyes that see all around her and through the bullsh!t, and I am in love with her for it all. She has earned her accolades and awards with her talent – she has earned my adoration with her wide open mind and earthiness, I think she’s sexy no matter what she wears. And she is at her sexiest when she laughs. *sigh*

  30. leobesteva says:

    I just love J.laws :» she love exquisite

  31. Tania says:

    Wow, her legs look good. Love the jumpsuit.

  32. Liz says:

    Jennifer has the cutest figure. The issue isn’t that she looks too mature because she doesn’t, it’s Dior. They consistently have her wearing clothing one can buy at the mall. Why would anyone spend a premium on their budget designs? I feel we have mediocre movies, talentless reality tv wanna-be actors and ill-designed clothing.

  33. Kiddo says:

    I am strongly disliking this trend where corny pieces are sewn or glued on, just like projects completed by a newbie group of crafters at Michael’s. I don’t like JLaw’s first top and I didn’t like the look of Cate Blanchett’s top in the earlier article either where it appeared as though she had on a glued foam shirt.

    I like the second dress, I like the scarf separately, but it almost seems like a gratuitous add-on and it doesn’t look entirely well-put together.

  34. I Choose Me says:

    It’s cute outfit. Man, I’d maim for those legs. Her hair is at a good transition right now, that soft bob really suits her. Overall her styling looks really good here.

  35. kt says:

    it totally looks like her hand is on liam’s ass haha

  36. CarverL says:

    The pants suit is the best look!