Beyonce & Jay-Z skipped the Kimye wedding but Bey sent blessings over Instagram


Guess who didn’t even bother showing up for The Kimye Wedding? Beyonce and Jay-Z. It was being reported pretty consistently that Jay would at least make an appearance at the wedding, just because he and Kanye truly are very tight. But Jay didn’t come. And you know Beyonce didn’t. Maybe because Rachel Roy was there. Maybe because Beyonce and Jay-Z thought the whole extravaganza was pretty tacky. According to Us Weekly, Bey and Jay traveled to the Hamptons to spend their Memorial Day holiday in private. Bey even Instagram’d a photo of her new braids.

But that’s not to say Kim and Kanye weren’t on Beyonce’s mind. She also IG’d a photo from the Kimye Vogue shoot with this message: “Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. God bless your beautiful family.” You can see the original Instagram here, but I’m including it below. I think it’s funny that Beyonce wished them unconditional love… without even mentioning them by name. She just threw up one photo and a lukewarm sentiment. Tell us how you really feel, Yonce.

I’m also including a screencap of Beyonce’s other IG on Saturday, which was just a photo of some clouds. As I looked through her IG, Arthemogul’s comment caught my eye. Beware, the language is a little NSFW. I love how Bey’s Hive will probably be placated by her refusal to attend Kim’s wedding, but everyone outside the Hive is a little bit like, “Um, I thought you were tight with Yeezy?”


Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Instagram, WENN.

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  1. Christin says:

    The description “egotistical selfish a$$” people applies to most anyone in this farce, correct?

    • andypandy says:

      The People all up in arms about this clearly don’t know the difference between close business associates and friends, the word friend is tossed around far too loosely these days .Did Jay z tell you he and Kanye are BFF if so is he Blues godfather ? Didn’t JayZ kick his “friend “ Damon Dash out of Rocawear a biz they started together? Before Kanye, Jay worked a lot with Pharell is he his BFF as well?
      I actually have a lot of respect for them for not showing up for this debacle they never wanted to be there and “elevator gate “ gave them just the out they needed

  2. Azreen says:

    Even if they thought that the whole extravaganza was tacky, i don’t think that should be the reason not to attend. Why bother with a lukewarm sentiment? What’s the harm in just admitting that she hates them? She does pretty much whatever else she wants right?

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      I don’t necessarily judge her a lot for not going, but I think it was kind of in poor taste to Instagram a picture of yourself with your new hairdo chillaxing on the beach or whatever when a close associate’s wedding is happening and everybody expects you to attend. I guess it’s business as usual with all of these people, but I don’t understand how Jay-Z couldn’t show up to attend Kanye’s wedding or do something public with him beforehand to show that he’s supportive. Right now, I think he’s so happy that Solange almost took the jewels out so he has a solid excuse not to attend. :)

      • Jane says:

        I never believed J&B were close friends with that wacko Kanye. I think Kanye is the one who is delusional about their friendship as he is delusional about so many other things. He thinks that taking the mic from TS and kissing B’s butt shows the world he is their close friend and something that B&J would appreciate. The reality is B was probably mortified at his horrible display of lack of manners and disgusting behavior by ruining someone else’s moment. But, she and J both say nothing about those things because it brings them publicity they don’t want so they inadvertently perpetuate Kanye’s delusion.

    • Audrey says:

      I think it’s incredibly disrespectful

      Shows their true colors as far as loyalty and friendship are concerned.

      I’d never forgive my close friends for picking the hamptons over my wedding (remember that this is kanye’s first and probably a hard time for him since his mom isn’t there)

      I can’t believe I stood up for these two

      • LeahMommy says:

        Agreed. Everyone appreciate when friends and family make the effort to be there for them. Behind all that bravado Kanye seems like an emotional and sensitive soul. I’m sure he would have like to have their support.

      • Tanguerita says:

        What do you know about their friendship? it might have been there once, but since Kanye have decided to dive into the pile of shit named Kardashian family, all bets are off, I presume. These K-monsters and their mommy from hell would sell out anyone for a bit of publicity so why would any person with common sense support this circus and mix with a whole bunch of fame-hungry D-listers while at that? The whole thing had nothing to do with sanctimonity of marriage, that’s for sure.

      • Audrey says:

        Then stop pretending to be friends. Don’t send out some message at all

        “I don’t want to be at the wedding cause of publicity so I’m just going to post this message on instagram”

        Seems like snobs who think they’re too good for their friend

      • sunsetsnow says:

        Yes, it is disrespectful. A true friend would show up. Kanye should take note.

      • OriginalCrystal says:


        You are doing the absolute most.

        Celebs pretend to be friends all the time.
        Nikki Reed and K-Stew were supposedly BFFs when was the last time anyone saw them together ??
        Do you think all 50 celeb BFFs Taylor Swift has will be at her wedding in years to come ??
        Are Katy and Rihanna seen hanging out outside of award shows ?
        Even the Harry Potter cast admitted that they’re not as close as the media make them out to be. Damn.

        Celebs use each other for publicity sometimes. Kanye and Jay we’re cool but never ‘brothers’ and only put that image forth to promote their joint album.
        If they were such good friends, why wasn’t Kanye at their wedding ??

        And lol @ you questioning they’re loyalty as friends as if it’s your wedding. Y’all just love to stay mad huh ?

        Let’s talk about the fact that Kim’s own brother wasn’t there… Talk about loyalty.

      • lana86 says:

        however “sensitive soul” Kanye might have, its not the case of his heart, but his ego being broken by this slight. THAT’s the big difference! You can’t sit on two chairs: you can’t sell yourself and your private moments cheaply to the whole world and then expect these moments to be taken seriously by anyone.
        He seems to me like a confused child most of the time – angry, nervous, egocentric and miserable. He’s not very bright by nature, but he’s blinded by ego which is worse.

      • maria says:

        it’s not a wedding. It’s a god damn circus they are making money out of, selling out their friends forcing them to be on a trashy reality tv show.

        They have every right to decline to attend. I would have.

      • Artemis says:

        LMAO, KK is always ripped to shreds and totally worthless as a celebrity. Her 2nd wedding is generally accepted as a complete moneygrab, now people expect super stars like Bey-Z to attend ANOTHER wedding of this hack? Why?

        Bey-Z never announced their engagement nor their wedding and she only showed her dress a bit years later after the fact but they’re supposed to attend a wedding of two people who were each others side pieces for almost a decade and who sell every part of their private life (a complete 180 for Kanye)? Kanye didn’t attend Bey-Z’s wedding, Goop and Chris M. (REAL friends) did btw.

        The guest lists was over 600 and how many celebrities of Bey-Z calibre did you think attended this wedding? Bey-Z aren’t the only A-listers who don’t want to be associated with them, that much is obvious. Funny how this is supposed to be their BIG DAY, wedding of the century, iconic cultural moment yet Yonce’s name is rolling of everybody’s tongue! Goes to show what it takes for Kimye to be perceived as credible: the validation of a REAL supercouple/celebs. Never going to happen (see Vogue critique).

        Kanye can prop this chick up as much as he wants, a reality star will always be C-list at best. They always drag you down, always.

        For comparison sake, the Beckhams were accomplished rich hardworking people and still considered trash, it took them years to be perceived as a credible couple and celebrities. There is literally no hope for Kanye and Kim :D

        As far as their friendship goes, Kanye and Jay were picture almost a month ago together. Happy. Kanye must’ve known they wouldn’t attend.

        As for Kanye’s mother, it was her wish that he and Alexis Phifer got married. Donda is rolling in her grave that he cheated on the good sis Alexis (and Amber) to end up marrying down with this toxed cretin. Not sure if Donda would approve of her son creating such a circus for a woman who strung HIM along.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        It’s ridiculous to make wedding attendance a condition of friendship. People are self centered to begin with and weddings are extravaganzas for their egos. It’s one day, if you are invested in your relationship, it’s not about one silly day, not for you, not for your loved one and not for your friends and family.

      • Delorb says:


        Preach! People seem to forget how private those two are. They don’t put their business in the street. If asked, Bey will demur. She did when people asked her about Kanye’s Taylor Swift stunt. Yeah, she should have won, because that video was fierce, but she’d never say it to the press.

        Secondly, its still a free country. No one is under any obligation to show up anywhere for anyone else. I’ve skipped plenty of things that my friends have tried to rope me into. They’re still my friends, but ‘no’. Not gonna do it.

      • Tdub30 says:

        But what’s disrespectful about it? None of us knows the true nature of their relationship, only what we read on sites such as this. Perhaps they were never invited, I mean really…who believes that their presence would NOT have outshone the bride and groom/ceremony. It’s just sad that people insist on berating this couple who may be trying to fix serious issues in their own family for foregoing a sham wedding.

    • Ennie says:

      Being filmed I think was a deal breaker. If the wedding really had been not for sale, it would be pretty sure they would come.
      They have had enough bad publicity las t week to now become more closely associate with PMK’s family.
      I really thought that KW would force this thing to be private, but I guess all those expensive dream weddings are too expensive and better to have E! pay for them, even if it means sell your soul to Satan.
      HE cannot complain about the paps anymore.

      • Sherry says:

        Yes! I completely agree that if this had been a private affair, J & B would have probably gone. Anna Wintour may have even made an appearance. However, I don’t think any of them wanted to end up on KUWTK, Kim’s Very Special Third Wedding Show, nor did they want to be plastered all over TMZ and Us Weekly.

    • ol cranky says:

      @Original Crystal

      TMZ is reporting that Rob Kardashian was crying when he flew home before the wedding so it sounds like the lack of loyalty was on the bridal party’s side if they sent the bride’s bro packing

      • yolo112 says:

        didn’t he get a lot of negative comments from the press for being ‘so fat’?? He’s not doing OK and what was said about him was probably hard to hear and deal with. He’s not like the rest of the Kartrashian bitches that are always going out and getting plastic surgery, he’s “real” …(real f’d up)..I can’t imagine being a part of this family.. poor rob. I’m gonna go buy a pair of his socks now…

    • MW says:

      I am wondering if Elevatorgate was actually planned to give them an excuse not to attend. It sure was a huge and convenient coincidence if it wasn’t. They should have just bowed out from the get-go instead of appearing flaky and rude.

  3. Jenny says:

    Haha am glad she they didn’t go Kanye was not at their wedding anyway

  4. JennySerenity says:


    Kimye had better get used to a long line of slurs and disrespect. They may have finally pushed Wintour over the edge, but everyone else who is *anyone* will be distancing themselves from these pathetic, *posh* posers. Damn. It ain’t easy out there for a pimp, Yeyzee.

    • KeishaMarie says:

      I agree. Kanye married into Lucifer’s family and as they aare universally ridiculed and considered Z-list in the celebrity food chain, this is his new reality. No longer known for his music or talent, but for marrying a woman famous for a porn tape and a family who all need constant attention and who all have no talent whatsover. He MARRIED into that, so by proxy, the K-stink is now on him too, so yep, Kanye needs to get used to being dissed, laughed at and shaded pretty much on a regular basis now. The Carters know this.

  5. cynthia says:

    That person’s comment on instagram is all shades of stupid. Did Beyoncé ask kanye to pull that stunt at that award show? Does she know how close they actually are of if they were even invited? No matter who you are I wouldn’t go to your wedding if I’m just a prop for ratings. I don’t blame them. I respect them more now

  6. Frida_K says:

    Trashy picture of Beyonce and risible picture of Kimye. The only one who comes out smelling like a rose from this one is that lovely baby. And the expression on her pretty face sums it ALL up, too.

  7. paola says:

    I’m sorry but I think beyonce didn’t write that. Her PR team probably did it while Beyonce was lying by her pool in the Hamptons. They threw a lot of shade in ‘unconditional love’ in my opinion.

    • LeahMommy says:

      And she used a Vogue picture not a personal one all this to let the world know that she does not like them therefor does not possess any personal pics of them. Shade. Plus she didn’t need to let the world know that she was on vaca in the Hamptons, she did that deliberately. Major shade.

      • OriginalCrystal says:

        If she didn’t congratulate them y’all would still complain but it’s shade to use their vogue magazine pics ?? How ?
        And she shouldn’t let people know that she’s in the hamptons because Kanye and his science project are getting married ??
        You think kimye care ??? This is the happiest day of their lives. Both couples have more important things to think about. The wedding had over 300 guests, I’m sure Kanye didn’t cry because his two colleagues were missing.

      • paola says:

        If KAnye and Kim didn’t care about being at the centre of the attention they wouldn’t have dragged their guests across 2 continents. The Kardashian LIVE for being at the centre of the attention and Kanye now is one of them. I’m sure they are very disappointed that no A-lister turned up. And just to put things in perspective they have chosen tv cameras over friendship. I’m sure many famous guests didn’t show up because they didn’t want to be on a trashy tv program. Kanye is now in lalalalalove and he’s not thinking straight but all the others fellow celebrities ( and their PR team) have working brains. No one in their right mind would ever cheapen out their brand for being on KUWTK.

      • jwoolman says:

        The Vogue pic might have been the best one she had of all three together, with a clear shot of the baby. I don’t think they socialize, so she probably doesn’t have personal pics. Besides, Kim is really proud of the Vogue shoot, I assume. So I don’t call that shade. She was just trying to be nice to someone she doesn’t know very well.

  8. birdie says:

    Can you imagine what Kanye is thinking right now. The press gave him hell for years because he went on stage to defend Beyonce at the VMA’s and she can’t even show up for him to his wedding.

  9. Maxine7 says:

    I am definitely not part of the Beehive but this wedding was a circus. And while we might all endure a circus for someone we care about….well you get the picture. Secret locations, drama with Dlist celebrities and general nonesense. I don’t blame Beyoncé for not wanting to got to Paris and then undisclosed locations having to sit next to Rachel Roy. For someone she clearly doesn’t like or respect. That they are hanging out in the hamptons and Beyoncé advertised that to the world makes it worse but whatever. Beyoncé gains nothing from going and JAYZ probably realized this would be a bad look for him.

  10. GeeMoney says:

    I don’t blame Beyonce… I wouldn’t have gone to that crapfest either.

  11. whatwhatnot says:

    Ahem. Rachel Roy was also in attendance at this wedding. That may have been another reason Beyonce might have wanted to stay away from (and keep Sean Corey away from) that circus. That and the fact that the E! camera’s were rolling throughout the entire spectacle.
    What irked me the most was that 7 people were murdered by a psycho in Santa Barbara just hours before and somehow yet, this was still “top news”. Smh

    • Kim1 says:

      They knew Rachel Roy was going to be at Met Ball yet they attended so she is a non factor.I wonder why there is no discussion about Kanye “little sister” not attended the wedding.Kim and Kanye need to be more concerned why Brody and Rob( her brothers) didn’t attend.
      All the headlines are about Jay and Bey being a no show so I guess there would have been more headlines if they dad attend.Beyonce steals the spotlight from the bride.Kim should be happy Bey and RiRi didn’t show.
      As for Jay he has never publicly acknowledged Kanye’s engagement, birth of Nor I or the wedding.

  12. Kate says:

    seriously, people. this wedding was a made for tv/tabloid production. beyonce and jay z were never going to attend a made for tv special for E! the only “guests” are D list at best. sure they had some legit performers, but everyone works a gig if the check is big enough. John Legend would play my wedding if I cut a big enough check. fake wedding, fake relationship, fake divorce in a year or two.

  13. jaye says:

    I don’t understand why Beyonce would have to mention Kimye by name if she posted her comment on a picture of the two of them. And who’s to say that she didn’t wish them well privately and the instagram message was just a public acknowledgement of the nuptials? I’m in no way a Beyonce “apologist”, I’m just don’t assume that everything she and her husband do is part of some Secret Squirrel operation. And isn’t it possible that the Carter’s didn’t attend the wedding because it was being filmed for KUWTK?

  14. Dani2 says:

    I just find it hilarious that Bey didn’t even care enough to pretend like she was busy lol, and she was at Kelly’s wedding just over a week ago so if it had mattered, she would’ve found a way to be there.

  15. The Original G says:

    Who knows how it might have been if they had an actual wedding and weren’t producing a TV special?

  16. decorative item says:

    If someone you didn’t like wanted to use you and your husband in order to make some quick cash, would you go to their wedding?

  17. don't kill me i'm french says:

    It’s not a wedding .It’s a circus for E! Show

  18. Tippy says:

    Jay-Z was supposed to have been Kanye’s Best Man.

    The after-shock from a snub of such magnitude will be felt for quite some time and could develop into a feud.

    • eliza says:

      That was media speculation. We never heard either man or spokesperson say that was a fact.

      TMZ swore Jay Z was the best man. Said French officials granted them permission to wed at Versailles and also said Jay Z was en route to Italy. All b.s put forth from Lucifer’s Homegirl who always gives Harvey Levin, her right hand man in family promotion, false tid bits to keep her stable of money makers in the news.

    • Kim1 says:

      Because some tabloid claims Jay was going to best man doesn’t make it true.None of the parties involved have ever stated Jay was even attending the wedding.

  19. jess says:

    I don’t think it’s right that they skipped kanyes wedding, especially if they are as close as everyone says they are. If they were working it would be different but their not. If the reason why they didn’t go was because the guest list was mostly dlist or it was going to be on tv, then that really says a lot about their characters. If I had a friend who was getting married I would attend regardless of what I felt about who they were marrying.

    • Ashley says:

      They really aren’t close to Kanye like that. Outside of business associations, He and Jay/Bey don’t even hang out much at all.

    • Artemis says:

      especially if they are as close as everyone says they are

      And there it is. The reality is that they are colleagues and Kanye worships Jay for having a family and being a successful businessman. He took care of the first issue by making it official with Kim and having North. He wanted in that family since day 1 and it was Kim who was clearly in control since she dated and married men before finally allowing Kanye to make her his bonafide. The businessman part is something that he failed miserably in as he doesn’t have the charm and insight Jay has.

      Kanye and Z were close for their joint album but not in a private setting, it was always professional.

      The guest list was most certainly D-list so why are we only ragging on Bey-Z and not all the other collaborators…I mean ‘friends’ of Kanye? The A-list will sure as hell not come from Kim’s side! They would have been the only real stars there and we all know how C-listers would take every opportunity to benefit from this. Considering Bey-Z not attending is a headline already, it goes to show what would’ve happened if they DID attend.

    • jaye says:

      The key phrase here is “as close as EVERYONE SAYS THEY ARE”. Outsiders are the only ones saying that Jay and Yeezy are besties. Kanye has taken shots at Jay a few times over the years. I doubt they are as close as the media would have us believe.

    • The Original G says:

      You don’t ask your close friends to appear on a reality TV show. You don’t use them to pump up E! ratings.

    • jwoolman says:

      Even if my own brother were marrying a saint, if he had cameras filming his wedding for international broadcast in endless reruns later — I’d skip it.

  20. The Original Mia says:

    Don’t blame the Carters for avoiding that ridiculous circus. No one with any sense would want to be a part of that reality show production.

    • dagdag says:

      Right, this is an E! online Kardashian realty show wedding production and therefore entertainment business.

      The Carters play in a different, also have way more monetary influence, class and would burst E! onlines´s realty tv budget.

      The Kardashians make their living being on E! online´s payroll and the Carters should enhance the Kardashian ratings in the name of friendship as so many people here seem to think?

  21. eliza says:

    I don’t know why Beyonce is expected to fawn all over Kim just because thousands of mindless lemmings do. I am not a fan but agree with them not going.

    Jay Z is effectively in business with Kanye. I think they are friends but not the BFF Saturday night slumber party frirnds the media has tried to portray them as.

    No one really thought they would go. Right?!

    Her PR people posted a public message and The Carter’s assistants sent an over the top gift. Good enough.

    • floretta50 says:

      I give Beyonce this one. After the elevator fiasco and Rachel Roy’s name was called and she is one of Kim K’s besties Beyonce should not have gone to the wedding. It would have fueled too much press and crude comments from the public especially the same people who is on here saying she was rude for not attending. I usually try to refrain from commenting on Kim and Kanye but who should know them best if not Jayz and he called it a circus, both parties have an ego a mile wide of course they wanted them to be at the wedding, Beyonce is a big star and that is what they wanted a major show-off. Kim and Kanye have been tying to immerse themselves into historical and accomplished people, it’s as if, the fame and social standing they cannot obtain for themselves they try to steal from other historical and famous stars. I really wish Kanye the best after he lost his mom I think he is looking to settle down and have a family, for Kim K and her family there is no words to describe that bunch.

  22. Anastasia says:

    I’m no fan of Beyoncé or Jay Z. Like at ALL. But I don’t blame them one tiny bit for not going to this “wedding.” It sounded pretentious times infinity, exhausting for the guests, and just straight up stupid.

    Besides, Beyoncé and Jay Z are “bigger” celebs than K & K. Why would they want them there? It would upstage them.

    Agreed that unconditional love is huge shade. It made me giggle. As if.

  23. Kali says:

    Beyoncé has never claimed to be kimye’s friend. Being polite to people does not create a friendship. She has the right to not come to a circus. Instead she chose family time.

  24. Dawn says:

    I doubt that anything that happened in Paris and Florence was legally binding. There was zero A or B list people there, more like C and below. It was nice of Jay to go for one night and thoughtful of Bey to send anything out especially when no one knows if this was just a stunt wedding or for real. I throw absolutely no shade at Bey for not going. Kanye West is just a business friend and they can’t abide Kim so why go? I would have sent regrets too in this situation.

  25. Jenny says:

    Beyonce and jay z went to lebron’s and savannah wedding who are friends and zero pics were released from that wedding.. Nobody has seen beyonce and jay z wedding pics till this day and they got married at home it wasn’t a media circus like kimye’s wedding

  26. Talie says:

    Wendy williams was right. Rachel Roy was there. End of story

  27. LeahMommy says:

    That IG comment is spot on. Say what you want about Kim but Jay AND Beyonce are both Kanye’s friends and they should have supported him on his day. I always knew that Beyonce was an image conscious robot but I was never a hater of B and J the way some people on this site are, since the a$$ whooping went down however, everyone can see just how fake they are. I mean the woman sat back and let someone beat on her husband partly because she didn’t want to ruin her dress since she knew the press was waiting outside! It’s all about image for them and it’s not surprising that they don’t seem to value friendship. Do they realize that the veil has been lifted and that people know they are not as perfect as they portray?

    • Dani2 says:

      So many assumptions in your comment, Beyonce didn’t step in because she was worried about her dress? Lol okay.
      Beyonce definitely does value friendship because she and Kelly have been friends since they were in kindergarten and she attended Kelly’s wedding over a week ago.
      I respect her more for not being part of another Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode.

      • LeahMommy says:

        Watch the video again, B was more concern about her dress than standing up for her husband and that fact has been reported and joked about widely. And I did say “partly”, I’m sure there are other reasons for her inaction as well.

      • Dani2 says:

        @LeahMommy Well, regardless, the point you seemed to be making was that Beyonce doesn’t value friendship which I pointed out in my comment is not the truth. I haven’t really seen any private pictures of Jay and Kanye, it’s always at a public event, or an award show or a performance so I don’t think they’re bffs and that’s why I have no problem with them not going – they definitely get along really well and they’re frequent collaborators. That’s just my opinion though, you’re entitled to yours.

      • LeahMommy says:

        @ DANI2…maybe I should say the B and Jay don’t seem to value their friendship with Kanye.
        And to anyone who says that maybe they’re not friends it could very well be true but they have portray a different image for years in the press hence why it’s news that they’re weren’t at the wedding.

      • Artemis says:

        Agreed Dani2, excellent points.


        Or maybe they’re not BFF’s? People were surprised when Jake Gyllenhaal appeared with them at that game and in their mock trailer ‘On the Run’ when the fact is that they have been friends for YEARS (at least 5). Same with Chris Martin and Goop. They are people who have been papped with Bey-Z in their personal time while Kanye was mainly papped when they were professionally tied together (Watch the Throne had Kanye and Jay papped together several times all of sudden) and he knows Bey-Z for more than a decade.

        Kanye shoots off the mouth way too much to be part of their inner inner circle. Do you think Kimye has the same bond with Bey-Z as Paltrow, who was allowed to confirm the name of Bey-Z’s firstborn via tweet?

        Beyoncé shouldn’t come in between her sister attacking her husband. She can’t win so it’s better to let professionals do their work instead of forcing herself to throw herself in a fight between 2 people dear to her heart. That’s messed up and not Beyoncé’s fault. Have a bit of empathy and common sense. Solange was wrong in her actions, that’s the most important thing we can take away from that private moment. It’s clearly behaviour she exhibits on many occasions going by Bey-Z’s reactions and what we know about Solange.

        Besides, Beyoncé always said she created Sasha Fierce because her own personality is the complete opposite. Beyoncé never loses her cool or seems to be the type to yell and be mean for no reason. The PETA and Punkd clip all prove this to be true. Or when she and her father split professionally she admitted that ‘nice’ isn’t going to make people listen to her so she needed to toughen up and used her father’s attitude to a certain extent to conduct business. She’s not some banshee like her sis, which I think is a good thing.

    • OriginalCrystal says:

      How do you even know they’re Kanye’s friends? Kanye wasn’t at their wedding so how close can they really be ?? Damon Dash discovered Kanye before Jay met him, why aren’t we speculating his absence ? Why were members of Kanye’s label G.O.O.D Music (like 2chainz, Clipse, Teyana Taylor etc.) absent? Where were all the other rappers that Kanye claims to be friends with or do we only care about Beyonce because she’s easy to hate on ? Rihanna is part of the Roc Nation family and has worked with Kanye numerous times, why was she e-thugging on twitter with Charlie Sheen and not at the wedding ??

      All the assumptions in your comment are hilarious tbh.

      Beyonce didn’t defend her husband because of her dress? You know this…how? If she had jumped in and got herself hurt, then come out of the elevator with a scratch on her face you same people would call Jay a domestic abuser or some sh-t.

      ‘It’s all about image for them and it’s not surprising that they don’t seem to value friendship.’

      You sound real mad…did Beyonce miss your babyshower or something ?

      ‘Do they realize that the veil has been lifted and that people know they are not as perfect as they portray?’

      Why should they care the folks on an obscure gossip site think they’re fake ? They’re going on a sold out stadium tour next month. If comments on the internet were as important as y’all make them out to be then Woody Allen, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston and loads of other people y’all hate wouldn’t have jobs and they all still do so ‘lifting the veil’ on celebs real personalities means squat in the real world.

      Beyonce doesn’t value friendship and yet she was at Kelly’s wedding a few weeks ago…Ok then.
      Are you Farrah Franklin by any chance ?

      • Renee says:


        I agree with lots in your post but I believe that Damon Dash was Kim K’s first husband whom she accused of abuse and he has said less than flattering things about so I think that might be why he was not there…

      • LeahMommy says:

        @ ORIGINALCRYSTAL…Relax Hive Member.
        Now I’m sure you know but this a gossip site and we’re ALL speculating and that’s part of the fun of being here. Even if you are a stan, unless you were sitting with her by the pool in the Hamptons yesterday you don’t know anymore than I do so get off your high horse.
        The rest of your post is just angry Stan rant so I’m not gonna bother.
        P.S.: I don’t “hate” Bey or any celeb for that matter but I do however have a soft for Kanye even though he married someone like Kim.

      • Dani2 says:

        @Renee Damon Thomas was Kim’s first husband not Damon Dash.

      • OriginalCrystal says:


        I’m not a hive member. You tried it.
        I just think that we should hate Beyoncé for things she actually does(photoshopping thighs gaps, stealing songwriting credits, gross lyrics in ‘Drunk in Love’) than the fairy tails you guys make up to make yourselves feel good. It’s lame.

        You say you’re speculating because this is a celeb gossip site but you wrote things like ‘B was more concern about her dress than standing up for her husband’ as if it’s a fact. Girl bye.

        I’m not on a high horse (that would be you, claiming Beyoncé is a bad friend and all as if you know her) I just realise that things aren’t as complicated or shady as bitter folks on the internet would like to believe. I don’t claim to know anything other than the stuff that is presented to me. At least CDAN and Hollywoodlife get paid to make up stories. Y’all doing it for free.

        Funny how you dismiss my post as a stan rant because you can’t answer any of the valid questions I posed babe.
        Where was Kanye at Beyonce’s wedding if they’re so close ??
        Where were the rest of Kanye’s rapper friends ??
        Where was Rihanna ??
        Where was Damon Dash, the man who discovered Kanye before Jay ??
        Why did Beyoncé go to Kelly’s wedding if she doesn’t value friendship ??

        You love speculating so much… Get to speculating then!

    • LeahMommy says:

      @ ORIGINALCRYSTAL…I’m gonna try to answer your questions since it’s a lazy Sunday today and I got time and I feel like it.

      - Watch the video, B in particular, while the beating was going down
      - I haven’t seen Rih and Ye together for years now maybe not since they collaborated for “all of the lights”(don’t quote me on that). So I didn’t even think about her in regards to this wedding until people started to bring her name up. And Rih doesn’t keep congratulating Ye publicly on milestones in his life like Bey(this implies some type of friendship in my opinion).
      - Some of his rapper friends were there, i saw pics on the DailyFail. Some sites said there was like 100 people there and some said 600. Like you, I haven’t seen pics of everyone who was there. So…
      - I don’t have a list of all the people who were at the Carter wedding and neither do you. Maybe Kanye wasn’t there for whatever reason or maybe he was. Shrug.
      - I corrected my post to: Maybe the Carters don’t value their friendship WITH KANYE.
      - You should read a post carefully before going postal. Words like: “seem”, “according to”, “maybe” etc are very important and give context.

      I think I got it all, I’m not sure. Anyways, now my fingers are numb, damn it. TTYL :)

  28. Tik Lips says:

    People who buy into this kind of shallow rants are shallow-minded. You think because some people don’t go to church and they do hip-hop they have no moral compass and reputation to protect? They should associate with every well designed, superficial foolery? Check it, how many weddings does only a Kim Kardashian want to have at how old? And you expect dignitaries to hop on planes and fly to a wedding that won’t last another 2 weeks? You must think everyone doesn’t think deep enough. Kanye’s ego is what is deceiving him at the moment. He thinks he can break every rule in the book just because he’s Kanye? He has gone to wife a hoe, wise men before him has said not to wife. We are waiting. Trash!

  29. Tx says:

    I get the feeling that Jay an Kanye are lot as close as Kanye thinks they are. I feel like Jay views him as a colleague, where Kayne feels they’re BFFs. This is just speculation of course, but Kanye strikes me as the kind of person who doesn’t have a lot of real friends.

    • KeishaMarie says:

      I agree, you rarely see them socialising together, it’s always about work, so I think in Kanye’s mind they are BFFs, but not in Jay-Z’s. Kanye will have to get used to his new ridiculed status now that he married into that family as he lost alot of respect. This marriage benefited Kim as it keeps her in the spotlight and she and her family were fading in the ratings. But what does Kanye get from marrying her? He has signed up for constant ridicule and has lost any respect from others he may have had. Hope that he is truly in love with her because dude just jumped the shark by marrying Kim and lost so much more than she did.

  30. als says:

    So Bey and Jay punished the ‘kid’ for hanging out with the wrong entourage.
    Anyway, Beyonce is not the one to talk about unconditional love!

  31. Her IG photo of ‘the clouds’ is more like a photo of “look how awesome THE CEILING of my place is. Too bad you peasants don’t even get to see Picts of the whole pad.’ And her new weave? How beautiful you are, Bey! Lol

  32. Ag-UK says:

    Because you work with someone doesn’t make you close friends more like associates.
    Also they’d better do a quiet ceremony back in the US so this can be legal as I have a feeling it’s not. A lot of paperwork had to be done prior for foreigners to marry in most countries. Also the minister from

  33. als says:

    Still, friends or not, couldn’t Beyonce have waited for a couple days before showing how much fun she’s having in the Hamptons and NOT at Kanye’s wedding? Was it a life or death situation? And Bey is great at PR, she knew how bad it would look.
    It’s a very low class/ Kardashian move.
    And if they’re not close why offer public congratulations at all? Just send a text people!

  34. Lauren says:

    For all the people blasting Jay and Bey and saying they don’t value friendship…well what about Kim who doesn’t seem to value her own flesh and blood. If Bey is all about image I would say Kim is even more guilty. She does treat Rob Kardashian like crap on their show and if the reports are true about him not attending after she didn’t want him in pics etc. because of weight then that just shows what a superficial person she is.

    Same goes for her mother and even for Bruce Jenner. People try to act like he is the normal one of the family. But I believe if all the information that has come out about him over the years is true i.e. the way he treats his other kids, then maybe that is why Brody Jenner also skipped out on the wedding(his gf not getting an invitation is only part of it). Brody has had enough by all accounts of his father being their more for his step children etc. than he was for him/ his brother and their other sister Casey.

    Even Kris Jenner’s sister is tired of the antics and didn’t attend a 3rd wedding because as she put it she has already seen one too many weddings from her niece. I think all this family not attending shows more about Kim and don’t get why people should have to attend if they are just being used to elevate the event. I wouldn’t go either. I don’t think Jay is as close with Kanye as people seem to think. I think that it is because people don’t care for Beyonce that they are saying stuff.

    • Christin says:

      Bruce seems normal by default, I think. Bruce’s kids by his first wife Chrystie seem grounded and normal, but supposedly were not a big part of his life. I would imagine they’ve been even more isolated from him than Brody and his brother, which is probably a good thing.

  35. Sarah says:

    Jay z and bey was meant to be there to validate the kardashians a list status for that reason only I am glad they didn’t go.
    In fact I seriously side eye supposedly conscious rappers like common and q-tip who validated this media circus and display of wealth and superficiality when they profess exactly the opposite ideas in their music.
    And isn’t it worse that Kim’s own brother and step brother didn’t come? Rob was apparently to fat for Kim.
    And where was kanyes sister? Does he have any family members of has he abandon them on his quest for fame and wealth?

    • Beatrice says:

      **This reply was meant for #34 (@Lauren) comment above, sorry.

      I don’t think their attendance at the wedding is that big of a deal. Beyonce making a statement that she wasn’t there is what was obnoxious. Then following it up with a standard well-wish, over Instagram of all things, was just rude. As far as Rob and Brody not attending: out of all the people in that family, those two are the ones I would single out as the worst. Neither ever work and both live off their family’s wealth. Point being that I wouldn’t exactly hold their behavior against Kim.

      • Josephine says:

        None of those people work. Primping and walking around is not work. Brody actually has paid gigs from time and time, and neither of the boys have butchered their bodies and entered fake relationships for money. As far as I’m concerned, the boys are the lesser evils.

      • Beatrice says:

        They do work. They model, own boutiques, work on their multiple collections, etc. They work as much as any respected model does. If not much more. Brody DJing is hardly work. Mixing music at a party for a few hours at night once every few months isn’t what I would call work.

    • Artemis says:

      Jay z and bey was meant to be there to validate the kardashians a list status

      This, this this. For all the moaning of the existence of KK and Kimye (Kanye separately is a legit celeb), people (here and everywhere else) sure as hell get their panties up in a bunch when real stars won’t validate their non-existent A-list status. Like they expect so much of people to validate this couple by masking it as ‘betrayal of friendship?, wth?

      What do people want? I thought KK was a nobody who should disappear but real stars attending this wedding would make it even more clear how Kimye is here to stay forever and ever. Such weird logic and faux-outrage.

      • Danskins says:

        +1…I’m not even a Beyoncé fan but the faux outrage over Bey & Jay’s classlessness for not being more loyal to Kimye (wha???) is ridiculous. So because Jay & Kanye made a few hits together they’re suddenly now BFFs? Rappers collaborate all the time – people who listen to hip hop know this well. Just becayse 2 rappers work together occasionally doesn’t make them instant buddies. And throwing Beyoncé into this whole mess and calling her “classless” for not attending that spectacle of a wedding just shows a lot of baseless hatred when she doesn’t owe anyone a thing.

    • taylr says:

      Kanye doesn’t have a sister. he’s an only child.

  36. Jazzjazz says:

    I strongly believe there is trouble in the Jay-Z and Beyonce marriage and that is why they did not attend. from what I have read Jay was supposed to be Kanye’s best man. I also believe when you have that kind of money you believe you can get away with doing anything. “Let them eat cake.” I believe Bey let Solange attack Jay because he was caught cheating.

    • Really says:

      If we are excusing Solange behaviour, ’cause Jay is a cheat, can we excuse Jay’s cheating ’cause Beyonce is not a good enough wife????

      P.S Am I a only one who finds the idea of unconditional Love nauseating ? Anything worth having needs to be earnt, and Love is earns by mutual respect.

  37. klaas says:

    if they are close friends as many people assume they are, then I think she wouldn’t use photo of thoso two she had found online.

  38. John says:

    Kim should have worn this dress for the wedding.

  39. racer says:

    I don’t blame them for not going. They probably aren’t that close anymore. Sometimes you outgrow people. And sometimes the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with says a lot about your character and its perfectly acceptable as a “friend” to not participate.

  40. aquarius64 says:

    I’m re-posting what I said on another yesteday :

    “…The K clan WANTS respectability despite their crass ways and overblown events. The hustle for the Vogue cover, begging for invites to the MET Gala, showing up at political fund raisers, hassling the White House to have Kim be a surrogate during the re-election campaign, Kanye’s bid to have Kim put on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – all of these things prove how thirsty they are for acceptance into Hollywood’s inner power circle. And despite some “successes” and failures I’m sure they know that crowd and most of the world see them as trash. The Carters’ no-show is the latest slap in the face, especially with Jay-Z [being] reported to be a close friend of Kanye’s . Kimye knows the gossip and mainstream press will run with this. Even with all that extravagance and 600 guests Kim and Kanye’s egos have been bruised today [5/24] ; they just won’t show it.”

    Oh yeah, they care. Look at the flood of puff pieces coming out on this wedding to counter the trending negative stories on the ‘net: the Carters’ snub, Rob storming out, Bruce in a huff They know the bad PR will affect the value of the pics that PMK is trying to negoitiate.

  41. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Each time I see that photo of Beyonce in that netting and dark lipstick from the Met Gala I wince. That netting looks awful – in theory I love it but it didnt work. And her dress was awful too. Everyone at the Met Gala looked horrendous. And now we are going to have to see the pictures for the next year. That event really made me lose interest in a lot of the celebrities there.

  42. Michelle says:

    I wonder who spread all those “Kayne is jumping up and down because JayZ will definitely be his best man” stories last week on TMZ and the DM?

  43. Michelle says:

    Regarding the comment on Beyoncé Instagram page, Arthemogul needs to STFU. Kayne made a fool of himself when he took the award from Taylor Swift and gushed over Beyoncé. Beyoncé looked horrified and didn’t ask him to do that. He wasn’t doing her any favors by this obnoxious, inappropriate and selfish act of fu$kery.

  44. Damaris says:

    I’m glad Beyoncé didn’t go. I’m glad she posted that smug Instagram photo, too. That photo says, “I had time to attend your wedding, but I didn’t because I don’t tolerate that level of nonsense. Besides that, you’re not going to use me as a prop to validate yourself as a celebrity. Ciao!”

  45. lrm says:

    Um, since this is a PR relationship/agreement/business contract, and part of the reality show PR, as well, it has nothing to do with being a friend or not. LOL. It’s the creation of a ‘new brand’ and Kanye has hinted at this all along, IMO. The things he says-he sees this as ‘artistry’-creating life as art, etc. It’s funny that people are riled up about how Jay Z is a bad friend. Also, I think it is telling and tacky that Beyonce instagrammed pics of herself and new hair, while also acknowledging the wedding with that other tweet. One or the other would have sufficed and shown restraint/elegance. But both? Homegirl is throwing serious, bitchy shade! I thought she was above all that??? That’s a Goop level of shade throwing-maybe she’s been taking lessons?!

  46. TheOriginalPuppy says:

    People continue to ridicule Kimye. But they keep making headlines, selling magazines and sending forums into meltdown. Just sayin.

  47. Mrs. Lecter says:

    Seems like she wanted everyone to know she wasn’t attending and also wanted some extra attention on a day that their collective social media accounts would receive a lot of traffic.

  48. Jade says:

    i think it would be damn funny if Solange, Jay and Bey scripted that little scuffle and spread those Rachel Roy rumours so that they can have a rumoured reason not to go.

  49. Jayna says:

    It was telling she tweeted a photo of herself makeup free never mentioning the wedding Only after backlash, did she do the intstagram thing.

    The Kartrashians are filming everything about the wedding except the ceremony. She promised we would see a lot just not the one thing that is private to them. Also, that photos will be shown. LOL She slays me about being private.

    It’s very much still all about reality TV and their brand. Queen Bey and Jay-z didn’t want to be part of that foolishness, associated with their reality show and be part of the D-List filming.