Prince Harry looks amazing in Brazil, attends World Cup game, does some ‘work’


Good Lord, is there anything better than a hot ginger prince in a crisp white shirt? How about if we put him with children… in Brazil?! These are some photos of Prince Harry enjoying a few days of “work” in Brazil – yesterday he attended the World Cup game between Britain and Costa Rica AND he made a trip to the Minas Tennis Club Sporting Complex, where he played with kids and handed out medals and tried to play basketball (that basketball looks so strange in his hands). The sports center is where Team GB will train ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Harry is going to be “working” (“partying”) in Brazil for four days before heading to Chile for two days. I wonder if he’s going to attend the USA vs Germany game tomorrow? USA!!! USA!!!

According to reports out of Brazil, thousands of people came out to see the Ginger Prince and some of the younger people even burst into tears when they saw him. Because Harry is a rock star!! Harry also took a canoe trip and visited a hospital. You can see more photos here – I have to say, in those hospital photos especially, he reminds me of his mom. There’s just an engagement and an energy he has with people who have health struggles or challenges.

Sigh… ginger prince. Do you think he’s found some lovely Brazilian ladies? Will there be some Brazilian ginger babies coming out in nine months? Perhaps. I have to say… Harry has never looked better. He’s really fit these days, he doesn’t look like he’s been partying non-stop. Breaking up with Cressida agrees with him.




Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Esmom says:

    Agreed. I saw other photos earlier and was struck by how good he looked. Something is a agreeing with him. And I think he always looks better with a flush of color rather than super pale.

  2. PunkyMomma says:

    He’s rockin’ hot these days! Gotta love a ginger prince who’s not afraid to break a sweat – 👅

  3. Frida_K says:

    He just looks so YUMMY with that basketball. Great photo….mmm, ginger.


  4. Azurea says:

    In some of those shots the Charles is strong in him. Still, he does look great!

  5. Hannah says:

    I appreciate Celebitchy supports the US team but we’re definitely going to kick your butt tomorrow! :P

  6. Molly says:

    Even though he is mad sexy, i would so just hang out with him. he seems like a lot of fun.

  7. bluhare says:

    You know what’s strange? Isn’t William the President of English football? (Sorry, but I can’t remember the actual name of the organization!)

  8. Jaded says:

    Compare Harry to William -

    1. Harry – hot. William – not.
    2. Harry – hard-working. William – not.
    3. Harry – very engaging and comfortable with people. William – not.
    4. Harry – loves working with children. William – can barely engage with his son.

    I could go on and on.

    • kibbles says:

      Prince Harry for future King of England. William and Kate are free to disappear and live the rest of their lives on a large estate in the countryside, receiving hand outs from their parents to go on a luxury vacation every other month. They just need to stop pretending as if they want to do any work as Royals.

    • HH says:

      As far as hotness goes, I will give credit to Harry beyond his looks. His personality really adds to the overall sexy factor. He definitely has the “prince charming” thing going on, well when he’s not being a frat boy in Vegas (unless you’re into that sort of thing). :) William has always been a little stiff, so while he got by on his looks during his teens to early 20s, we can see what happened there. Eventually, a little substance is needed.

      On that note, I will say Williams decline in looks will always be staggering. It just happened so fast. While Harry may have had an awkward preteen/early teen phase, it’s better grow into your looks than out of them.

  9. Sarah says:

    Hey Kaiser

    This is going to sound incredibly nit-picky but it jumped out at me and I had to mention it – I’m sorry! So, there isn’t actually a British football team, it’s just England taking part in this World Cup, so it was England vs. Costa Rica (not Britain). I’m English, and it doesn’t offend me to be called British but I’m sure there will be some Welsh or Scottish people who may not want to be associted with the England team’s performance at this World Cup… saying that there probably aren’t too many English people who want to be assocaited with it either! Ha!

    • Sixer says:

      And it only reminds us that we couldn’t take Gareth Bale as he’s Welsh! (I’m half Welsh).

      • wolfpup says:

        I wondered for years why my dad and I looked so different than most other WASPS. Finally, I found that our ancestors came from Wales. I have the dark hair and white skin, that I see on other Welch folk. And now I know how to go grayer…the dark stays and silver hairs make it kind of steely. OK.

        I rarely have celebrity heroes, but definitely I am developing soft spots for Harry.

  10. HH says:

    This is totally the right way to do Royal work. I don’t expect the Royals to go to fun places and fun events without experiencing the country and site seeing a little. But mix it in with charity work that you CARE about. Not just fluff/filler charity work that you only do so it makes it seem like you serve a purpose.

    And also, be a hot ginger prince. Damn, with that last one W&K are 0 for 2. ;)

    • FLORC says:

      That’s what I took away from this too. fit in a few “work events” to offset your sight seeing.

      Harry balances it well. This is why he can mess up and no one really bats an eye.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      But let’s be honest. There is no amount of work William could do to change opinions here. Anti-William rhetoric dominates these threads. Has he earned this? Of course. But would anyone believe that William has done more appearances than Harry since the NZ/AU tour? Shocking, I know.

      • wolfpup says:

        Will just has such a fussy attitude, I don’t enjoy watching him much.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Agree. Especially true in video, but written accounts of his conversations do him more justice. He can be witty and charming in person, even self-deprecating. But he’s a combination of public shyness and private arrogance that makes it hard for him to shine n large settings. He does better in small groups while Harry really knows how to work a room.

      • LAK says:

        Harry’s popularity is like his mother’s popularity. Meaning that it was a spontaneous public response to him rather than the Palace orchestrating it. It caught the press by surprise because as recently as 2 tears ago, they were still writing about him as an out of control frat boy AKA party prince. i’ll also say that the Palace was surprised. JLP was definitely surprised.

        William has had all the advantages of being heir, but he lacks his mother’s charisma and without it, he has to work on his public persona. Like his father had to do. No point sitting at home saying the public has taken to disliking him because of what they see.

        It could be worse. He could have been born a Yorkie. Now *there* is irrational hatred of two people for things they can’t help!!!

        I once came across a national newspaper article about the Yorkies in which the first sentence started…’The Gruesome twosome….’ you can imagine the rest….

        All of that said, not everyone is going to be a Diana or a Harry and the sooner William realises this and finds a way around it the better. Afterall, people love Anne these days and she’s both charisma free and completely media unfriendly.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Can we just talk about the Yorkies a bit? I don’t see them as poor little shy innocents as some do. Nor do I swallow the whole Kate/Pippa meangirled Bea/Eug. I think the princesses can hold their own, snob wise if they have/want to. But these are young women so it’s not that serious.
        But what I can not understand is how someone can actually say anything bad/ugly/mean about the York girls. It is yet another example of a patriarchal media entity propulgating harmful standards on females and reaping the rewards of enabling society to judge women on BS criteria. It’s’s one thing to snark about their hair, clothing or makeup on a celeb blog. Quite another to say hateful things about their weight, appearance or family situation.
        The Yorks are refreshingly down to earth, positive and compassionate. They are also loyal and represent the rf well. It is no wonder HM particularly favors them. Charles should rethink his decision to shrink their roles. I, personally, would enjoy more B+E stories here. And yes, I love that they brag about buying $25 dresses!

      • LadySlippers says:


        •Snark• didn’t say William was as enjoyable or as fun as his brother. What she is saying is that even when William does work, he still gets thrown under the bus as if he’s not working at all. She’s looking at the cold hard numbers vs perception.


        A lot of the Windsor clan struggle with their stage persona. Most went through a painful period with the press as a result, Anne especially. But you have a stellar point, if people can warm to Anne — William shouldn’t struggle as much as he does.

      • A:) old prude says:

        Dame, Lady

        I disagree re clod hard nos because anyone who follows BRF knows that they skim Harry’s total no of engagements in order to boost William and Kate’s year long figure.

        Examples, Harry never gets his charitable appearances for his personal charity Senatable and other patronages counted as official engagements in CC. He didn’t get his Senatable dinner, the flower show, any event this so far re the military games counted in his official no of engagements. Plus all the behind the scene meetings (which we have proof of via twitter and other social media), all the time he visited the venues for the upcoming games, his other off the radar visits (again we find out via people tweeting photos with him etc) are never counted in his official no of engagements. In comparison to William and Kate whose farts are also counted as official engagements, he doesn’t get his every meeting and appearances even when it’s a public engagement where media is invited counted as official engagement by the palace. So in realty he is doing a lot more engagements then the official no seems to suggest, again the spare vs heir prejudice by his own family or people working for his brother.

      • Megan says:

        Aren’t the Yorkies supposed to have jobs? They seem to spend a lot of time travelling and at social events (like a week at Ascot) for girls with full-time careers.

      • LAK says:

        what A:) old prude said.

        Megan: B has just finished her internship at Sony and E is still working at the auction house.

        We receive 5.6weeks [statutory holidays] and right now loads of bank holidays on top of that. They travel or take time off for duties during these times.

        their royal duties rarely receive any coverage unless HM or other senior royals are with them

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        You said it better and more succinctly than I did. Few will admit to letting their “opinion” wheels getting stuck in a rut but as humans, it happens. I know that the character, personality and work ethic of each prince will stand on its own and will earn said prince his reputation. This is fair, of course, and Harry has earned and deserves every bit of his admiration. But let’s be honest about our disdain for William. Not all of it is deserved.
        Old Prude
        What you’re saying may be true for the most part. But what I’m calling out is a pervasive *attitude* about William that makes it impossible for most people here to give him his credit, even when he has earned it. And not all of William’s efforts are recorded either. Events are events and if William has been busting his hump this spring/summer then he’s doing what we keep saying we’ve wanted him to do.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        The princess’ auction house is in New York. She lends them a fabulous cache of nobility and prestige and she gets to pretty much set her own schedule, imo. I’m not knocking it but sometimes with the elite this is how it’s done.

      • Megan says:

        Dame S – thanks for giving William credit for his work when no one else would.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I know what it’s like when people paint you in black and white and don’t allow you to climb out of the rigid boxes they build around you. I’m not a William apologist but why beat a dead horse? Work is work and lately he’s been doing it. I get my royal news from multiple sources so I see/read more than is presented here. And to the people William is meeting with and encouraging, he is more than a spoiled, good for nothing layabout. I just hope he continues the work he is privileged to do in even more serious and genuine ways.
        PS- I also like your positivity :)

    • Megan says:

      B. quit her finance job to intern at Sony? And E. works for a US auction house so I don’t think she gets the same vacation perks.

      • LAK says:

        Dame/Megan: Paddle 8 is a USA/UK firm. The plan was always for her to start at the USA office before returning to the UK office.

        I don’t discount William’s numbers, but let’s not pretend they aren’t padded or he doesn’t receive any publicity because he does, even if it’s a tiny paragraph somewhere. Harry’s numbers are always low because he doesn’t work on ‘official’ engagements like William. There are numerous twitter sightings of Harry at work which don’t always make the mainstream media. Harry isn’t always working crowds. Most of the twitter postings are of him with small groups of people. Usually far fewer than William’s occasional twitter postings at work.

        William’s current predicament is due to the same spontaneous public reaction that Harry has.

        The media would have you believe that William is the golden Prince, but no matter how often that is retold, people are simply not responding to that. Just as the public loves Harry no matter how often the media paints him as a wastrel.

        The British public, unlike the American public, are unforgiving of public figures when they decide to dislike them. It takes a great act or series of acts to reverse the tide and even then it may never happen.

  11. A:) old prude says:

    God he looks great. Finally the Mountbatten and Diana Spencer found a common war and is working together very hard to fight back Windsor genes for Harry. He always looks so attractive to me when he is surrounded by kids. I can’y wait to see his and George’s pics! Kate shouldn’t have left the polo match only after staying for just a few minutes (that’s why we didn’t see any uncle Harry and little bruiser playtime photos). You know what he left for Brazil right after playing polo matches and started his day without any rest time right after he landed and there is not even a single rest day for him. It’s really embarrassing that everyone from old to young can do royal tours without taking so many days off other then special snowflakes known as the cambridges.

    I think he is even more playful and comfortable then his mum with kids and I say this as a Di fans IMO. He looks like have a lot of kid left in himself and it must be nice to get some playmates for him.

  12. wow says:

    My opinion:

    Bill is still facially hot and physically hot. But having a wife, kid and receding hairline no longer makes him a “steamer”.

    Harry is not facially good looking (to me) but he has so many other seemingly GENUINE traits about him that makes up for perhaps being facially challenged. Add in a personality and you got hotness of a thousand Suns. Harry seems to lives life and not “robot it out”.

    The one thing I like about them both is that they don’t let their family or the public dictate who they should date or marry. Plus they both seem to care about kids.

  13. Nobuhle z...(is my name twisting your tongue ?) says:

    Can Harry plz return to South Africa ? I’m an upgrade from CB & CD. ALL HAIL KING HENRY ! *swoons and faints*