Adam Levine: ‘Men are not as sophisticated as women, not as mature’


GQ just sent us this promotional email for their new interview with Adam Levine, and I swear to God, this was the subject heading: “GQ Investigates: Is Adam Levine a Douche?” Ha. Anyway, this piece isn’t really an epic takedown, in the vein of GQ’s excellent Duck Dynasty interview last year, but there are elements of “just letting the interview subject talk himself into a corner.” Is Adam Levine a douche? Yes, he is. He’s been a douche for a while. Investigation over. You can read the full GQ piece here, and here are some highlights:

Whether he’s a douchebag: “Would it be really easy to assume that I was a douchebag? Definitely. One hundred percent. But that doesn’t mean that I am. Or maybe I am, I don’t know.”

Men vs Women: “Men are not as sophisticated as women. They’re not as mature as women. They’re not as connected with their emotions as women. There’s a very Neanderthal quality that still exists in a lot of men. There’s the carnal s–t you can’t deny. And if you’re in the public eye, to me, it’s very boring to say what you have to say and be media trained to the extent that you don’t ever reveal any truth.”

Living at the primal level: “There was a time in my life when I lived probably a bit more on the primal level. And it was amazing. All of a sudden, I had money in my bank account. I hadn’t had a break in a long time. And I went a little f–king nuts. You know? And good. I deserved to go a little bit nuts. And I had the time of my life. I was out there having fun, you know. I didn’t give a s–t, and I got burned for it. People change; people grow up, get more self-aware and in tune with all this s–t.”

He wants to be liked: “You know what the gist of this article is? Your opening line can be: ‘You don’t have to like me, but I’d prefer it if you did.’ That’s kind of how I feel. I’m not the easiest person to love right off the bat, you know. If I knew everyone in the world, they would love me. Every single last f–king one of them.”

On dating models: “Preference should never be looked down upon. Unless it’s based on something really shitty. I’m not saying I have a preference, but like, I want to date someone… Listen, there are a lot of women in this country, in many countries, who date men for their money. Okay? That’s despicable. Right? That’s not what we’re talking about here. Whatever does it for you, man. I don’t like feet. You know what I mean? But some people do. Some people have f–king foot fetishes. And it’s weird to me. But I don’t have to deal with it, because I don’t have that. You know?”

[From GQ]

There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s just take a moment and be thankful that Adam didn’t go on some homophobic or bigoted rant like some people, okay? No, Adam’s problem is one that’s much more socially acceptable: he’s an a—hole about women. I hesitate to call him a misogynist because I don’t really believe he is. I don’t think he HATES women. I just think he’s an a—hole about women. His default position is to think of women as playthings, as trophies, as the conquest for all of his caveman urges. He compares his modelizing – where he’s dated an endless line of models in their early 20s – to foot fetishes. Like, his “type” is to fetishize models in their early 20s. Ugh. I’m going to give Adam a little tip: it might work better for you to not explain yourself, because you come across as an even bigger a—hole.


Photos courtesy of Tony Kelly/GQ and WENN.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Some men are sophisticated. And mature. And educated. These men don’t tend to be in rock’n'roll bands. Some are. Adam: not one of them.

  2. christina says:

    Benevolent sexism is still sexism

  3. QQ says:

    No Blondie, this mainly only applies to you, jackass!

  4. mimif says:

    I am not as sophisticated as women. I am not as mature as women. I am not as connected with their emotions as women. There’s a very Neanderthal quality that still exists in a lot of me. There’s the carnal s–t I can’t deny.”

    There, I fixed it for you douchebag.

  5. mina wurst says:

    Please, tell me that guy won’t breed, there are enough entitled douches as it is out there, thankyouverymuch

  6. maichan says:

    Sorry Mina…. I’m afraid if he could find someone who’d be stupid enough to want to marry him, then that person might possibly want to breed with him too… And believe me I also find that thought very disturbing.

  7. HH says:

    Everything he said would have come across better if he didn’t have that hair. Anyone attempting to open their mouth and wax philosophic about men and women while having THAT hairdo… I mean, I can’t. There’s no “to each his own” going on here. I can’t do that hair.

  8. GeeMoney says:

    His bleached blonde hair is the WORST.

    And there is nothing he could ever say or do that would convince me that he’s not a douchebag. EVER.

    • “Men are not as sophisticated as women, not as mature….”

      and apparently have really crap taste in haricolour too.

      He’s making all these generalist statements lately with sexist undertones as if he knows that sooner or later he is going to be in the press doing something douchey and wants the foundation to be laid.

      Eff off Adam…with a quick stop by the Walgreens for a box of Nice & Easy in a medium brunette shade.

  9. Ladyray says:

    STFU Douche!

    Damn he really makes me some type of way.

  10. Altariel says:

    Gosh, this engagement/marriage thing is making him even more cray.

  11. Feebee says:

    Adam, don’t you pay people to advise you on things like this? The more you talk the more you’re allowing everyone in the world to ‘get to know you’. If you prefer that we liked you the best free advice I can give you is stop talking. I think you do know whether you’re a douchebag if not. But the first step is recognising the problem, then you have to want to change, right?

  12. maichan says:

    Watch out people, next he’ll get philosophical about marriage… Or worse: he’ll be giving out marriage advice!

    I shall now leave you to ponder that possibility *going away to bleach my brain at the thought*

  13. Jaderu says:

    Whoaaaa!!! came in real quick to read everyone’s comment on this and I guess I ran in too fast because I slipped in all the IDIOT DOUCHE and fell and hurt myself.

    Can I sue?
    Man what a dumbass.

  14. Jayna says:

    I like Adam. He’s funny on The Voice. He’s more honest than most. He doesn’t deny he only dates models. I’d like to see Leo admit that. Never.

    He’s not prentious about the kind of music they make like Gaga. He’s thankful for the break The Voice has given him and says he will never break up his band.

    • Kate2 says:

      I know, I kinda felt like there was something wrong with me as I’m not feeling as skeezed out by him as I am by Leo and I thought I should be after reading these comments. Sorry, ladies. I don’t watch The Voice and never will, but I’m not feeling the loathe here.

      I hate the hair though. That is total douchehair. Oy.

    • ab says:

      same here. he’s definitely a man-child, but I don’t mind him. he doesn’t seem like he takes himself all that seriously and he has been pretty open about just wanting to screw around and have fun. I’m not a big maroon 5 fan, but I like him on the voice. he’s good at constructive criticism and has an ear for interesting talent.

    • Josefa says:

      Perfectly put. Idiots can be annoying, but the people who really get me are the idiots pretending to be smart. I can’t think of a better example for it than Gaga.

      Adam won’t be winning any nobel prizes for his claims about women, but I don’t find him THAT bad. I think there’s so many guys in the bizz who really are total d*bags, putting a guy like this in the same sack as them doesn’t seem right.

      Tbh the thing that most annoys me about him is that so many women find him so insanely hot. I find him so average looking. But hey, he’s not to blame for that.

  15. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    That header photo speaks volumes. Female blowup dolls with his hand on the breast of one. Wow. I just don’t have the energy to dissect all the ways that photo is wrong (and probably indicative of how he feels about women).

  16. Leo di Caprio says:

    What a despicable douche

  17. Random Person #1580 says:

    I think the guy just doesn’t know how to talk. Tbh, I don’t understand why he needs to give an explanation for finding young supermodels most attractive. Eh, young supermodels are the standard of beauty media gives us. It’s expected most of us (men and women) would think of them as the most attractive women in the world. I think when he brought up the whole foot fetish thing, it was to say everyone has different tastes and it’s stupid to hate one guy for prefering one thing over the other, when nobody gets harmed by it.

    I’m only defending Adam on that particular bit of this interview, though. I’m totally over this guy and I only opened this article because I’m waiting for a bus with a 40 minute delay.

    • lunchcoma says:

      He’s getting called out on that not because there’s some kind of controversy about the attractiveness of models but because a very strong history of choosing partners based mostly on appearance often implies that other qualities aren’t important to someone. Adam just wasn’t smart enough to get that.

    • strawberry says:

      My face the entire time reading this interview was :/

      It’s like he just doesn’t understand that the mass media produces images that lead men like him to only go for young models (Behati Prinsloo is not a supermodel, tho she is very pretty). Like, he just doesn’t get that there are larger societal forces involved in his choice of mates.

      And he isn’t able to move beyond that to see each *individual* women as uniquely beautiful. And THAT is what makes him kind of distasteful.

      Also, and this isn’t in reply to you but in general: The whole “don’t assume I’m a douchebag. You’ll like me if you ever got to know me” thing is ridiculous. What I don’t get is: If you don’t want to be thought of as a d-bag, then why can’t you just stop *behaving* like a d-bag? Since, you know, all most people have to go on when it comes to whether or not to like you is your BEHAVIOR? Why pull this weird routine? What is so hard about not being a d-bag?

  18. bettyrose says:

    COP OUT. The same fools yelling “boys will be boys” also think men should rule the earth. Which is it?

  19. GIRLFACE says:

    Such a douche. Not attractive at all.

  20. Jessica says:

    I listened to his interview on Howard Stern, I think he really wants his marriage to work, he said he doesn’t want to be an old dad and other things. Poor him, I don’t think it will, he sounded do delusional, he’s truly infatuated for his new girl, but in a bad way, you know. I don’t mind him really, everytime I see him somewhere he seems nice, he’s quite honest, maybe he wants to make things different now. Oh, and he said that he’s not calling his exes, the story is 100% fabricated, this makes me feel better for liking him.

  21. Longhorn says:

    Jeez, this douche stole Huckleberry Hounds look

  22. H2O says:

    Some men date women for looks. Some women date men for money. Sometimes they get together.