Julia Roberts sort of denies plastic surgery, won’t do more rom-coms

More details are coming out from Julia Roberts’ Allure cover interview. Earlier this week, we reported on Julia’s “married life can lose its luster” comment, which a lot of commenters felt was very telling about the state of her marriage. Julia’s made some new claims in the Allure interview, one in particular that made me chuckle.

Julia claims that her “ageless beauty” can be attributed to Danny Moder’s love. In her own words, Julia says “’The key to beauty is always to be looking at someone who loves you, really.” Now, I’ve gotten into trouble for this kind of thing before (cough cough Sandra Bullock), but I swear Julia’s had some work done. I’d say several years ago she had her eyes done, at least. It’s good work too – she looks “ageless” not plastic. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a woman getting something done, but I really dislike how we’re not supposed to notice that every time Julia “goes away” to “just be a mom”, we’re not supposed to notice that she comes back look younger and younger (and tighter and tighter).

With three young children to look after and her recent return to movies, you couldn’t blame Julia Roberts for looking exhausted. But at the age of 41, the Oscar winning actress is looking years younger thanks to a combination of good genes and a healthy lifestyle.

In a stunning photoshoot for American magazine Allure, a modest Julia credits her ageless beauty to her husband Danny Moder’s love for her. Attributing her youthful appearance to her cameraman husband of six years, Julia tells the magazine: ‘The key to beauty is always to be looking at someone who loves you, really.’

‘One of my favourite things about my children right now, even Henry, who can’t say all the words… sometimes he’ll see me and go, “Ma-ma!” and throw himself on me. Or Finn says he likes my earrings. Or Hazel will say, “You look pretty, Mama,” first thing in the morning.’

‘And I realise, that’s all my husband. They’re seeing the things that he does and the way that he shares his feelings with me, and the way that I share my feelings with him. The coolest thing you can do for your children is to love each other in their presence.’

After a few years away from the movie business, Julia admits it was hard going back and was upset by one crew member’s comment on the set of Duplicity.

She said: ‘Just when you think you’re getting your s**t together, someone says, “When is your baby due?” I had Henry on my hip, and it was like, “This is my baby.” It hurt my feelings so bad. I think the second-meanest thing you can say to somebody is, “You look tired.” Why do people say that? Just tell me I look like a mom! Don’t tell me I look tired.’

From The Daily Mail

Maybe I’m just being picky, or I’m too vigilant about my hypocrisy-watch. But it’s one of my biggest peeves when actresses try to play like they’re aging so naturally, and it’s roses and butterflies with their wrinkles, when they’re really going in for regular nip-tucks. Just pull a Dolly Parton – say that you believe in getting things “plucked, sucked and tucked”.

Another interesting part of the interview is when Julia inadvertently bashes the current crop of 40-something rom-com girls (cough cough Jennifer Aniston). Julia says “I don’t believe that somebody would go to a movie and look at me and say that I have (those) problems anymore. I mean, who wants to see me twirling my hair, going, ‘Oh, I wish he loved me?’” Amen, Julia. A-freaking-men. Here’s more from the interview:

Long regarded as the queen of romantic comedies due to roles in Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julia believes it’s inappropriate for women of her age to be starring in the genre. She tells Allure: ‘I don’t believe that somebody would go to a movie and look at me and say that I have (those) problems anymore. I mean, who wants to see me twirling my hair, going, “Oh, I wish he loved me?”‘

From The Daily Mail

Classic. Julia giveth and Julia taketh away. I’ll give her a lot of credit for biting the rom-com hand that fed her so successfully for all of those years, because she’s right. I’m not saying that 40-something actresses can’t or shouldn’t play romantic leads, because they should. I’m saying (and I think Julia is saying) that 40-something actresses shouldn’t be playing romantic leads in films written for 20-something characters. I would love to see more films with older romantic leads, in stories written about real adults. And so would Julia.

Photos are stills from Duplicity with Clive Owen, thanks to WENN

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  1. kiki says:

    THANK YOU for that CLIVE OWEN picture !

    julia who?

  2. Trillion says:

    Beautiful woman, crap actress. I like the way she comes across in the article though.

  3. mE says:

    Julia Roberts mostly just rubs me the wrong way with the behavior surrounding her getting together with her now DH while he was still married. Then the “A Loe Vera” t-shirt thing.

    She looks pretty good for her age. Especially considering she was kinda funny looking to begin with (can we say “TEEF”?)

  4. Betty B says:

    Loved her honesty in the article especially the part of the 40 somethings doing rom-coms. I still think she is way too full of herself which comes across as “bitchy.” She used to be liked by all because of her down to earth attitude which took away from her wide mouth, funny brows, and horse teeth. Now, that’s all you notice about her and you think why was she even popular in the first place.

  5. Zoe says:

    My husband always said she looks like a oppossum. I think she’s beautiful, but yeah, a bit strange looking when up too close. Ever see her in that creepy movie, I think it was called Mary Ryan or something…

    I agree, Kaiser, if she’s had work done and if “there’s nothing wrong with that” (I still think it’s very debatable to have someone cut you like that) then why not just admit it? It really seems cruel to lie about it, it’s like a double backstab to other women. “Here, I’ll set up an incredible standard of beauty by “cheating” then I’ll deny that I cheated” (I’m gonna catch hell for that last, and don’t have the energy to explain… oh well :)

  6. Chiara says:

    I’d prefer they just shut up, rather than attempt a lame PR line. As stated in the article, just get real with the work done … NBD … :)

    I keep sayin … I loved her in the 90′s, Erin B., Pretty Woman, and think it’s great she has found her next niche as an actress.

    I admire those who get the hell out of LA and raise their children in the real world … Spielberg, Hanks, Streep, Newman’s … and Julia.

  7. kelly says:

    As usual many celebs hide the fact they go for plastic surgery. I really can’t tell the difference with YOU LOOK TIRED and YOU LOOK LIKE A MUM. Or may be one shld say to her,”You look like you’ve got fabulous hair!”

  8. the original kate says:

    @ me: i forgot about her wearing nasty t-shirts about her husband’s ex-wife! classy.

  9. Dorothy says:

    Don’t like her !

    I hate the whole Danny ex wife thing too!

    Plus I hate when actresses say they are not going to do anymore rom com and then all their other stuff flops and then they do another rom com. Sandra Bullock did this and I am waiting for Julia to do it to!

  10. geronimo says:

    To be fair, she didn’t deny surgery. Just said it was the love of a good man that kept her looking good. And unless the specific Q was asked, no need for her to answer. She HAS very good bone structure.

    Not really that keen on her as an actress anymore tho’, just a bit one note.

  11. Carrie says:

    I admire women (including some stars) who have the guts to say that they have had a little help maintaining their looks. You don’t need to do a Sharon Osbourne and list every single procedure, just admit you’ve put effort and cash into staying youthful. The more you deny it the more of an issue it becomes. Victoria Beckham has out-and-out lied about having a boob job and it just makes her look silly when we can all SEE the implants with our own eyes.

    A couple of years back Julia appeared on a chat show – maybe Oprah – and her eyes and mouth looked a little weird. I thnk she must have just had them done then.

  12. Kaiser says:

    I remember that Oprah, Carrie! That’s when I started thinking that Julia was getting some stuff done while she was off “being a mom”. On that Oprah, I remember her eyes kept on watering for no reason. She was either on something or she had just gotten some work done.

  13. Azurea says:

    Perhaps she has had topical laser treatments or Thermage done…non-surgical, effective treatments.

  14. NotBlonde says:

    I like her acting style; I think she’s funny and has great comedic timing.

    I don’t see a problem with 40-something women in romantic comedies at all. There are plenty of 40-something women going through what 20-something women are going through.

    Why do people think Sex and the City was so popular?

  15. Rosanna says:

    I like her. Not for her beauty and not for her talent as an actress. I like that she sounds like she does have real love in her life and is very much in love with her husband, not just with her kids like many people her age. I hope it will last forever.

  16. neelyo says:

    I didn’t like her for a long time but after seeing the many actresses who’ve been hailed as the next Julia Roberts try and pull off the tripe that passes for comedy, I appreciate her. She doesn’t have much range, but she can make even the crappiest script look good and make ridiculous dialogue sound natural.
    My friend has a theory that she is so popular with women because she can’t walk in heels.

  17. lisa says:

    Great hair, but she looks like Skeletor more and more each year.

  18. doodahs says:

    I remember one of her appearances on Letterman (going back about 5 years now) and I had no idea she was so smart and funny. She really gave it to Dave like no one else I’d ever seen. She was relentless and unabashed with her jibes (poked in fun of course) and she went up a hell of a lot in my esteem. Many actresses sit there, flicking their hair, giggling moronically as his witty repartee completely flies over their heads (you can literally see the cogs turning in ‘huh’ behind the fake smiles)… not Julia, she was right in there, getting personal (I guess it helps that they were friends). It was awesome to see him take it for a change.

    In my eyes, there is no one who lights up a screen more when they smile than Julia (horse teeth or not).

  19. CB Rawks says:

    “Then the “A Loe Vera” t-shirt thing.”

    Oh yeah, that was shameful. I hope she is aware how terrible she came off to the public, for doing that. It’s like she threw mud and it boomeranged right back in her face.

  20. Lilly says:

    Seems to me people don’t have a good sense of true beauty. JR is one of the ugliest women in Hollywood…..and a mediocre actress. Why she won an Oscar is something I will never understand.

  21. george farnsworth says:

    Why oh Why did Julia Roberts
    star in the film Mary Reilly
    when it shows graphic violence
    against a child by an adult.
    She seems so caring towards children.

  22. frewt says:

    She’s not a beautiful woman and never has been – handsome maybe, striking even, but not beautiful. Her mouth is too large, her nose too sharp. That Allure cover is obviously airbrushed.

    Besides all that she is the original husband stealing bitch from hell. I hope she never works again frankly.

  23. judy says:

    How does one “steal” a husband?
    So when my husband left for a younger women she “stole him”? LOL Nope he left because he wanted to be 20 years younger, he wanted a younger woman to make him feel that way. In Julias case she found a younger man who wanted her and her money lol and dumped his wife.
    She didnt steal a man, she met a guy that really wasnt happy in his marriage and there was an attraction between DM and J. SO he dumped his wife with whom he was unhappy with or just flat didnt love . He chose top dump his wife and move on and he probably would have done it without meeting JR. You women make me laugh when you accude another human of stealing another human..face up to it, if a man or woman gets bored these days and decides they want out of a marriage they get out. DOnt blame someone else for the failure of your marriage. They werent in your marriage when it failed..they came along after it was too late for you to save it.

  24. Autumm Leaves says:

    Pretty much neutral on Julia, but agree with all of the comments in this thread. There are good and bad things I like about her. I would still watch her movie though. Despised when she wore that A Low Vera shirt. it was tacky.

  25. Granger says:

    “I don’t believe that somebody would go to a movie and look at me and say that I have (those) problems anymore.”

    By that calculation, Julia Roberts shouldn’t play any character who isn’t — well, Julia Roberts. Because if an actor is so big-headed that she can’t convince me she *is* the character she’s portraying onscreen — whether she’s the 40-something lead in a cheesy romantic comedy, or a lesbian serial killer with bad skin — then why is she an actress in the first place? I mean, just because I know that Meryl Streep is a wealthy and successful married mother in real life, doesn’t mean I had trouble believing her as a struggling single mother in “Mamma Mia.”

    What a sad admission of your own limitations as an actress.

  26. Julie J says:

    Julia Roberts is anything but “beautiful”! In addition to her plain physical appearance(too wide a mouth for her face, big ears, etc.) she comes across as being very unhappy and a whining individual. How this woman stays in the public eye, I’ll never understand. Maybe as a young actress she was fine, but “Pretty Woman” and beyond, NEVER!

  27. Julie J says:

    forgot to mention–she’s also just another “foul-mouthed” Hollywood product.

  28. david says:

    who is she kidding she enjoys stealing other womens men keifer sutherlund and danny moder she is soooooooooooo full of herself tries pretend shes innocent sleeps with all male costars likes the attention and looks like a male without makeup

  29. kerli says:

    Julia roberts is so ugly. I would sue her plastic surgeon. Couldn’t he do anything about that nose? Or her ears or her lips or her general face?

  30. mary says:

    I agree. She’s very unfortunate looking. I don’t enjoy looking at her in films like I would enjoy looking at angelina jolie.

  31. Gwyneth says:

    The first movie she was noted in was Mystic Pizza. If you do comparison photos starting there until now, the surgeon’s hand is evident. I’d say two nose jobs, lip plumping touch-ups, probably small cheekbone implants, and a tummy tuck. I saw a photo of her sitting under a beach umbrella and her abs were in rolls. Then in Charlie Wilson’s War, that body coming out of the pool had tight abs(could be another body double situation). Also, her eyes are sinking and work’s been done there. She looks best in red hair and all that hair isn’t always all hers. People, Hollywood has more tricks up its sleeve for these women than you can imagine. Yes, I’ve seen her no makeup photos….just a slightly above average looking woman. I really respect the actresses who admit they’ve done a few procedures than the ones who lie outright as if we’re total idiots and they’re above the law of….getting older!

  32. Jo Maly says:

    I just want to say that Julia Roberts still thinks she has that great little laugh like she did on Pretty Woman. It’s gone along with her looks. Now she just looks like horseteeth with an awful gummy smile. UGG!

  33. Robin says:

    Actually, I WISH more older actresses would do Rom-Coms, with one caveat: they should be playing someone their age, rather than a 20 something year old. It would be nice to bash down the perception that Hollywood perpetuates that romance only happens between young people. And, of course, the Rom-Com should be better written than the standard fare, which we all know is tired, formulaic crud.

  34. HorseHair says:

    Wow!!! Mean words about “America’s sweetheart”?

    Yes, of course she’s had PS and now, in the Sept. 2010, she’s saying she would never use Botox. Come on, get real Julia. Your an aging Hollywood actress.

  35. Me in Oklahoma says:

    EWWW! That face is becoming disconcerting! The top lip is stretched out and doesn’t look like those beautiful full lips she had in her youth! Her eyes are way too hollow! Bless her heart–she isn’t aging gracefully!

  36. Anna says:

    She has nice eyes, not stunning eyes, but nice eyes. When she was younger she had a unique look, but I wouldn’t say she was beautiful. Now she is absolutely awful looking. And as for her acting, it was never good.

  37. Jinko says:

    She is too ugly to look at, and seems to get uglier with each succeeding year. The beady eyes, the enormous mouth, the fake laugh and hair tossing, and the huge, ugly nose are more than I can take.