Benedict Cumberbatch in 1980s politico-styling in Boston: would you hit it?


YESSSS. I was so depressed earlier this week when one of our photo agencies got some great new photos of Benedict Cumberbatch but we couldn’t use them (they were “no web use” blah). But thank God the paps are stalking Benedict in Boston, because we got some fresh photos yesterday. Benedict arrived on location for Black Mass (or whatever they’re calling it) in an SUV, where he was greeted by an umbrella-wielding assistant. I have to say, I like the dated styling of Benedict’s political character. By that I mean, it sort of suits him. Benedict does have a “look” that is very much at home in period drama, but as it turns out, it’s a look that works for 1980s politicos too. Benedict looks sort of like a preacher who bangs his secretary. And by that I mean I wish I was Benedict’s secretary and that he asked me to “take dictation” every night. Also: I’m still really worried about his accent work in this film.

In other Cumby news, it looks like he will still be doing The Lost City of Z. The film got pushed back earlier this year, which explains why Benedict wasn’t working for months there (his schedule had an unexpected gap). It was just announced this week that the production will film all of the “London” scenes in Belfast, and all of the jungle scenes in Colombia. Director James Gray said: “The Lost City of Z is almost set on two different planets – the jungle and Victorian England…What does it mean to be a civilized person? What is progress? Is progress just economic growth? Or is it understanding what’s around us? Is it growth of emotional intelligence or GDP growth?” Belfast is getting a lot of film and TV productions these days – Tom Hiddleston will be Belfast next month to begin filming High Rise as well. And when are they doing the second season of The Fall?!



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Roberta says:

    He is totally giving me a young Dennis Quaid vibe here….

  2. Frantically Bored says:

    I don’t know on which planet it is easier to have someone else carry your umbrella for you. That has never worked out well for me.
    And yeah. I’d hit it. Hard. Twice.

  3. MediaB says:

    Lots of stuff gets filmed in Belfast so that’s not so weird.

    Benny with Tiejens-ish cheek fillers suits me just fine.

    …and I am seriously lol’ing at the thought of hard core US cumberstalkers and twihards heading to Colombia to stake out their beloveds. God help the US Embassy down there.

    • MissMary says:

      I can already see the tumblr and twitter posts that tend to pop up when fave celeb filming locations are announced. “Um, anyone know how hard it is to get a ticket to *place name*? Anyone know of a good hotel/anyone in the area want a housemate for a week?”

  4. allons-y alonso says:

    I just want to mess up his hair until it’s all wild and beautiful and curly!

  5. Lilacflowers says:

    According to the Globe, Cumberbatch shot yesterday’s scenes near the Harvard Club on Commonwealth Ave. No idea if he’ll be back there today. The guy doesn’t seem to move much out of the same area of the Back Bay. It must have been really uncomfortable wearing that costume yesterday morning as it was unbearably sticky here.

    The Globe is also reporting that Kevin Bacon has arrived in town to join the cast.

    I would hit Kevin; but not Benedict.

    • LadySlippers says:


      I’d hit Benedict and not Kevin. So it’s all good! 😉

    • StMama says:

      I changed my usual screen name bc I’m paranoid someone’s gonna figure out who i am and I’ll lose work bc of it
      I worked on Black Mass the other day t the Harvard club with Benedict. And he has a magneticism that is undeniable in person. I couldn’t NOT love him upon seeing him act. Wow. He was aged for the scene as it was 1991. Also there: Adam Scott (so skinny :-( and Julianne Nichols -Nicholson?- what a great performance she turned)

      Also he has a dialect coach on set with him. His accent was good. I was impressed.

      • flavia_deluce says:

        Thanks for the insider info! Any idea how long BC will be staying in Boston?

      • Lindy79 says:

        Good news on the performance and accent.
        Is he nice off camera?

      • Duri says:

        I think you mean Adam Scott lol Andrew is not in the film.

        So means Adam is there already, I never saw any pics of him though.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Unless the dialect coach is a local person, he would be better off just imitating Julianne. Medford girl will get it right.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Oh do tell more about the magnetism of actually meeting him!


      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        *using a small fan to give some fresh air to LadySlippers before she passes out*

        Breath, oh breath…

      • LadySlippers says:

        No no dearest •Nightshade• nevermind me!

        Help me plead with the woman who has actually met the Great One in person!

        I need to hear more of this — my need for oxygen be d@mned!


      • From North of Boston says:

        Good to hear he and Julianne Nicholson were around filming on the same day. A bit of an August: Osage County reunion? Like A:OC2 – titled June: Suffolk County (now with 100% less incest)

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        @StMama do tell more.. I don’t want LadySlippers to pass out… PLEASE!!!

        *Is that ok, dearest LadySlippers??? *


      • betsy says:

        Thanks for the report. any more you can add about how he is on set. Relationship with director and crew etc. Also anything on how he’s playing the role?

      • StMama says:

        At Duri- I never said anything about Andrew ??? I def wrote Adam. As you can see…anyway I think he’s great but I was surprised by how skinny he is in person. His face was guant.

        As for additional info from set:
        Benedict would improvise jokes to tell Joel’s character (Joel plays john; is retiring from FBI— Cumby plays whiteys bro billy). Like they’d call action and he’d tell a joke then everyone would laugh and then he’d go into his lines- which was a congratulatory but also ominous speech to John.
        They aged Benedict with some gray hair and he wore wirey glasses that he put on the bridge of his nose to address John (Joel)
        At one point he told a joke about farting and half the people didn’t know whether to laugh or not. I was smitten. :-)
        What else? I was very impressed with Joel and Juliannw. They had a very emotional scene prior to the Benedict scene. Julianne must go from happy to crying to happy again and she nailed it every take. Every reset. Amazing. New respect for her.
        Also about Benedict: I kid you not he had a mini fan that he’d hold up to his face in between takes. I think he was trying not to sweat his makeup off! But it just looked so cute. They’d cut and the director would run over to Joel or Benedict and whisper in their ears and then Benedict would do lip/mouth/voice exercises or practice his lines at the podium all the while fanning himself with his mini fan :-)
        I wish I could say I met him but I didn’t. He was inches from me a few times but it’s never acceptable to initiate conversation with a lead actor on set if you’re a less important actor. It’s just understood that he’s working and I’m working and if there’s an organic moment at crafty or something that’s fine but not while he or she is working. Sigh.

      • Felice says:

        Yeah that makes sense. From what I’ve heard from setlock and people who just see him irl, he’s extremely hyper-focused on what he’s doing and doesn’t interact with those around him.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Thanks •StMama•!

        And {{HUGS}} to my fellow garden buddy •NightShade•


  6. ncboudicca says:

    I think this is more 70′s style, based on the tie width and the lapels…but yes, I would melt his polyester fibers with my love…

  7. blue marie says:

    He looks like he should be hosting a game show. He’ll be back in “2 & 2″

  8. Mia4S says:

    I’m just beyond relieved he’s not literally neck deep in prosthetics and makeup like Depp! Cumby in Columbia huh? Hardcore!

  9. GeeMoney says:

    Awww… they let him go with his natural auburn locks for the role.

    Love him!

  10. lizzy says:

    New series of The Fall is apparently coming showing in the autumn for ireland and the uk. Couldn’t tell you a US time.

  11. Clairewobble says:

    Anything in blue looks really lovely him. So handsome!

  12. AG-UK says:

    Def his hair is better hit it ummm maybe. He needs a fan to send him a new shoulder manbag.. or wear it across the body.

  13. Primrose Path says:

    The Tietjens cheek fillers threw me off in Parade’s End, but they’re working for me here — just like THE OTHER ONE, our boy looks better with a little extra weight on. In some of the pictures I’ve seen he appears to actually be carrying a protein shake on set, which made this Cumbermommy very happy. You will need your strength, my dear, when I finally get to you…

  14. mari says:

    Question for you Cumbermaniacs: How tall is he?

    Happened to see him on Top Gear the other week. He appeared TINY next to Jeremy Clarkson. He looked really petite all in all. I know imdb lists him as 183 cm but I can’t believe it’s accurate.

  15. InvaderTak says:

    Nice satchel there, Dr. Jones lol

  16. Lindy79 says:

    The marching pictures still make me laugh, in the best way.

    Work it, BC, work it!

    • From North of Boston says:

      He did seem to be loving it!
      And in the video of the actual Billy Bulger leading the St Patrick’s Day parade, Bulger seemed to be really having fun and enjoying it – so I’m not sure if Benedict’s enthusiasm was in character, or him just enjoying the opportunity to go all “The Music Man” leading a marching band in a parade.

  17. Melymori says:

    Seriously, where’s the appeal on this guy?

  18. EleanorRigby says:

    He looks like a super-hot used car salesman. I’d hit it in the back of the 2004 Honda Civic he was trying to sell me, yes.

  19. Primrose Path says:

    Also noteworthy in the Black Mass pics: the wedding ring. Did that give anyone else the biscuit tingles? Lucky is the woman who gets to possess that man one day.

  20. briargal says:

    You keep asking and the answer is still NOOOOOOOOOO!!

  21. Ashley says:

    Joel Edgerton was there too you should do a post on him!! 😕😕

  22. Altariel says:

    Much as I love him, I don’t dream of Benny (Sherlock has his moments though). But since he’s pulling a great Dennis Quiad impression, I’ll say yes…. but he has to lose that suit ;)

  23. Jane says:

    I’ve been lurking on this site for a while now, and just wanted to comment that I love this page. Kaiser’s write-ups are great and the comments are hilarious! Love it! And, to answer your question, YES I would hit it. Many, many times!!!

  24. Sighs says:


    That is all.

  25. Joanie says:

    I love this so much. Look at the ruddy pink alcoholic Irish cheeks they gave him! I’m an Irishwoman who used to live in Boston, so I know whereof I speak. You wear them well, brotha.

  26. anon33 says:

    I’m no Cumberbitch (prefer the Hamm), but this is easily the best he’s ever looked. WOW. This is doing something for me.

  27. nadia says:

    first time he’s ever looked attractive to me. is something different with his face? or is it just the hair?

  28. jammypants says:

    I’ll have to get past those cheek fillers on that chiseled face. I like his hair! I’m really curious what he sounds like.

  29. Cecilia says:

    He doesn’t really look like Billy Bulger at all. And I wonder if he can pull off the Boston accent (Depp too) – they are notoriously difficult accents. Think of Jack Nicholson in The Departed (who played a Whitey Bulger-ish character in that) just awful Boston accent.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Depp couldn’t pull it off in Blow. He pretty much mumbled his way through that, but he looked good. I’m not expecting an improvement in this.

    • From North of Boston says:

      What’s especially tricky, Cecilia, is that Billy Bulger doesn’t have a stereotypical “Boston” accent…his accent is sort of a mish-mash of things and seems to change up a lot depending on the setting, who he’s speaking with and how he’s trying to come across.

      I am curious exactly what kind of accent the dialect coach is “coaching” him in…if it will be William Bulger specific, or a more generic “Boston” accent.

      It’s rare to see anyone in film get a Boston/Massachusetts accent right. So, I don’t have super high hopes for his accent in this. Sometimes I wonder if Boston dialect coaches actually know anyone from Boston…or if they just watch old movies with fake Boston accents and listen to tapes of the Kennedys. But as long as Cumberbatch or Depp’s accents are not “Rob Morrow in Quiz Show” levels of bad , it’ll be fine by me.

      And, as mentioned upthread, they’ve got Julianne Nicholson onboard, so they’ve got at least one local who will sound like she belongs there. (Though they will probably have her character be from South Carolina or something, so she won’t get to use her native accent!) Too bad they couldn’t get John Slattery in there too!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Tapes of the Kennedys lead them astray every time. As for Billy, his accent is very particular to a certain period of South Boston, BC High, BC education. I fear what this will sound like. After hearing my local accent mangled so often, (Perfect Storm, Mystic River, the non-natives in The Departed, Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, Amy Adams in The Fighter, whatever was going on in Fever Pitch), I often wish they would stop trying and just go with General American.

      • Green Earrings says:

        I agree North, I think he’ll get Billy’s accent right because he was able to get Assange’s right and there is probably just as much at play with Bulger’s as there was with Julian’s.

        A Boston accent is definitely difficult to do well. What will probably help BC is that there are so many elements within Billy Bulger’s accent. I was born and raised in Boston, and within Bulger’s accent, I can hear south Boston, Boston, and his own unique Irish accent, which he would layer on more liberally for greater effect, as he deemed necessary.

        Because of all of these factors, I think Benedict will have an easier time with the accent since it isn’t one that can be put into the “generic Boston accent” box. I’m actually looking forward to hearing it, and I usually cringe at the sound of “faux” Boston accents.

        I did not think I would find him attractive as Billy Bulger. But beautiful Benedict is in there beneath the facade of ruddy cheeks, face plumpers, and dad suits. That man couldn’t conceal his charisma if he tried.

      • JulK says:


        It is clear that there are several Boston accents, which are unclear to me. If I remember right Mark Whalberg and Matt Damon have a Southie accent? (especially in the Departed) Is this the accent that BC is aiming for??

        And slightly off topic..
        Chris Evans is also from Boston, if i am not mistaken. Is his accent @general Boston”? Finally, How good was Christian Bale’e boston accent in the fighter?

        Sorry about all the questions, but I would like to know (exactly) what to look for when I see the movie and these are the references I can think off 8-)

      • From North of Boston says:

        JulK, there are some video interviews out there that Bulger has done, that can give you a pretty good idea of his particular way of speaking. If you search for William Bulger interview, you’ll find some.

        There’s one from 60 Minutes, one on vimeo about another Boston politician:

      • Green Earrings says:


        So many interesting questions! Here is my take on the various accents. Matt Damon is originally from Cambridge, and Mark Wahlberg is originally from Dorchester. In The Departed, Matt and Mark were the only two who had decent accents (due in no small part to the fact that they’re Bostonians). To my ear, they both seemed to be doing Southie (south Boston) accents in The Departed. That is what Matt was doing in Good Will Hunting, as well, since that is where the characters were from. That accent is very similar sounding to a Townie (Charlestown) accent which is what Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner did in The Town. I think Jeremy Renner did a particularly good job of that accent, and didn’t drop it once throughout the movie (that I could tell anyway).

        Christian Bale did a Lowell accent in The Fighter. He absolutely nailed it. Lowell is about 35 minutes northeast of Boston, but their accent is very different to a typical Bostonian one.

        Chris Evans was born in Boston, but was raised in the suburb of Sudbury, which is about 25 miles east. He has a condo/apartment in Boston now supposedly. You’re right, he has a typical/general Boston accent ( ie not Southie). You can hear his natural accent in the movie What’s Your Number, which is set in Boston. He plays a local guy in it. I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier recently, and Chris’ accent seems to slip a lot in it, and I could really hear the Boston in it. I found it pretty adorable. I miss the accent since I don’t live in Boston anymore and I do miss it.

        With regard to BC, I don’t think he can go straight Southie, because Billy’s accent isn’t strictly that, to my ear anyway. There is a large Irish influence over his manner of speech, IMO, as well as Boston Brahmin, and I think BC will incorporate all of that into his performance. It’s clearly evident in 60 Minutes footage of BB.

        Sorry for the long post, but I hope it helps you with what to listen for. ;)

      • JulK says:

        @ From North of boston- Thanks so much for the reference.
        @Green earrings -Thanks SOOO much. That was so useful to me and my untrained ear on some of my fave boys.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Julk, a Boston accent can differ based upon: area, class, and education. Billy Bulger’s accent is reflective of his South Boston upbringing, tempered by exposure to the Jesuits and Boston College High School and Boston College. Mark Wahlberg is a high school dropout from Dorchester and his natural accent reflects his “DotRat” heritage. (“Dot Rat” is not an insult; people from Dorchester proudly call themselves that.) He has taken extensive classes to reduce the accent but certain trigger words will cause him to slip. He used his natural accent in The Departed. Affleck was a child actor (Zoom!) and learned to disguise his accent really early but attended Cambridge Rindge & Latin with Damon. That high school has an extremely diverse student body ranging from children of Harvard professors to children of extremely poor immigrants who go onto become NBA Hall of Famers (Patrick Ewing) or blow up major sporting events (Djokar Tsarnaev), so the accents within the school are very broad. Affleck and Damon absorbed that. Damon went on to Harvard where he would have learned to erase a bit of his accent more but he also has trigger words that cause him to slip. He also used his natural accent in The Departed. Locally, Matt & Ben got a lot of flack for Robin Williams’s butchering of the accent in Good Will Hunting (also for using Cambridge/Somerville terms and attributing them to Southie – nobody outside Cambridge/Somerville calls anyone a “barney.”) So Affleck has been extremely careful in the movies he directs that the actors get it right – so Jeremy Renner does sound like a Townie in The Town and Amy Ryan does really sound like a Dot Rat in Gone, Baby, Gone. Christian Bale had me convinced that he was a crack head from Lowell in The Fighter, but he also practically lived with Dickie Ward for months so that he could mimic him perfectly. Chris Evans is from the suburbs and has a general Boston accent – his is a bit tinged with some Somerville because he has spent a lot of time there, his uncle was mayor of Somerville and is now a Representative in Congress. In addition to Julianne Nicholson, other locals are Denis Leary, from Worcester, who rarely hides his accent; Amy Poehler from Burlington, who hides her accent frequently; John Krasinski, and Mindy Kaling, who, like Ben and Matt, is from Cambridge. Chris Cooper isn’t from here but he has lived here forever and married a Bostonian so he does perfect Boston accent.

      • JulK says:

        @lilacflowers- Thanks. You must be a walking encyclopedia of Boston actors! I know also from the TH threads that you cover more territory than that ;-) , but these details are impressive.

        I honestly think Ben is missing out from having some of you girls as his coach ;-)

      • LadySlippers says:

        I’m gonna have to add my *THANK YOU* for the accents explanations. Awesome!!!!


      • Katie says:

        Thanks for the explanation, Lilacflowers!

      • Janeite says:

        Lilacflowers, I echo the sentiments of the other posters. Great post. It’s weird because Boston is a smaller city but there are so many accents. Chicago has a distinctive south side accent but other than that most Chicagoans speak in just a general Midwest accent.

  30. TheCountess says:

    As much as I love Benedict, this is terrible casting from a physical perspective. Not for nothing was Billy Bulger known as the corrupt midget.

    • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

      C’mmon they casted Armitage, who’s 6’2”1/2 to play a dwarf, and worked….

    • JulK says:

      Well this horrid cheap 80s suit does make him look shorter….

      I am totally digging the hair colour though.

    • Katie says:

      The original actor up for it – Guy Pearce – is 6′ too. My guess is that his height complex is irrelevant since it’s not a study of him or his political career but focuses on Whitey; granted, IDK what they’ll do in post-production either or how they’re shooting angles.

      • TheCountess says:

        But, as I mentioned, the guy was routinely referred to as a midget by members of the public and in the press. It would be one thing if his height hadn’t been such a part of his public persona; however, it was, and it gives me great pause as to how accurate a depiction anything in the film will be.

      • Katie says:

        IDK if this makes sense, TheCountess, but it kind of sounds like the source book doesn’t take his public persona into account at all except for how he helped his brother. I don’t believe we’re learning or hearing about him outside what he did for Whitey, and I can’t imagine his brother called him a ‘midget’ (which he wasn’t anyway, technically).

      • delorb says:


        Umm, your majesty….Guy is not 6′. He’s well under. When casting is done, they will usually pick actors of the same height. Check out some of Tom Cruises co-stars. Or RDJ. I’m sure Gwen was standing in a hole. You can also check out their performances before getting famous. They didn’t have the clout to demand favorable camera angles. But I feel you on the pretending Benedict is some short guy.

    • Katie says:

      I think you meant me, delorb, and you’re right, Pearce is not 6′…he’s a little over 5’10″ per IMDB, still half a foot taller than the actual Bulger and only 2 inches shorter than BC.

      You’re right on angles; I have no clue how they shooting it but I can’t see it being a major issue tbh.

  31. Duri says:

    Ben C looks hot in this get up. I just need a pic of him with Kevin Bacon and my life is complete :D

  32. Portlandjan says:

    HIT it? I’d land on it like a depth charge.

  33. From North of Boston says:

    Yes, I would!

    The suit doesn’t fit him well (on purpose, I think…to make him look wider/shorter than he is)
    And that hair style is old man 70′s/80′s, but there is no hiding what’s lurking beneath the “Dad” costuming.

    I love that he’s toting around a bookstore bag (man loves to read!) and a duffle bag that he’s had for years. Never change, Benedict, never change.

  34. Intro Outro says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if Cumby will get a new thread related to Sherlock Christmas Special… ;)

    • MissMary says:

      Freeman keeps bringing that up but Gatiss, Moffat, and Vertue keep smacking it down… I wonder if Freeman is pushing for it to happen for his own schedule or something.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Oh, I see! Had no idea they had this kind of, well, controversies in their team. Does this mean Freeman is not exactly seeing eye to eye with the others? I heard that Freeman got upset when Cumby announced the fact that he’d be playing Richard III in Hollow Crown 2 right after Freeman was confirmed to appear as Richard III on stage, but I didn’t know there were any other dissensions.

    • neverland says:

      Sherlock christmas special?! It’d be a Very Moffat Christmas if that were the case. The two main actors are very busy though and I did wonder where the hell they’d fit a new series into their schedules.

  35. Ellen says:

    I’ve just investigated the tumblr blog we cannot name and I have discovered it’s got rival. But wow just wow. The rival is so much worse that the we cannot name blog if that was possible. These people are nasty.
    I hope they don’t come on here.

    • 'P'enny says:


      crikey, i know that the tumblr site [one not to be named] has tried to drag Benny into it without much luck, but even mentioning the rival site is not a good idea IMO. The rival website is a BIG mistake and stupidly unbelievable.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Ladies, I realise that we’re all adults and are at perfect liberty to visit any sites we want lol, so please don’t take it as me trying to be priggish, but why do you keep going there? Attention is what those people are after, and as long as their blogs have visitors, they will continue doing what they are doing.

      • churasco says:

        I’m sorry that despite the advice of you wiaer ladies, I ventured into tumblr. The new blog is just.. wow! Bad photoshop, creepy “we” reference and anons believing it to be real. They make LSA look sensible and nice. How do they get the time and energy? I’ll stick to cB, thanks!! On a brighter note, they are indirectly claiming our boy would be at Wimbledon finals. At least THAT part I want to be true. Been too long without good photos.

      • Ellen says:

        @intro outro that was the first time I went on the tumblr blog we cannot name I was just curious. I discovered the photoshop blog on it. IMHO the photoshop one is worse out of the two. Like Liliac says I think I should stay on here and not venture to either again

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Worse than outright defamation for the fun of it? They can all tear each other apart if they want. They’re not getting my attention.

      • Jessi says:

        have i totally missed something? a tumblr we don’t talk about? I know IMDB and DL can get a little rowdy/ridiculous/made up gossip-ish/defamation-y but…? a tumblr too?

      • Raven says:

        @Jessi, it’s about Hiddleston, and you aren’t missing much. Two blogs that claim to be spilling tea (or cleaning up tea) about the Hiddles, both contradicting one another.

      • Janeite says:

        Lilacflowers, I agree with you and Intro Outro. Sorry if some of you got traumatized!

      • Pretzel says:

        What the!! A fellow Hiddlestonian friend shared a link to a new de-bunking post which claims these are all the same person. If that is true, I am so done with this fandom! grow up, people! One spewing hatred, another dismissing rumors under guise of beings friends with TH and now yet another on a mission to dismiss ALL these!! I feel embarrassed for Hiddy now.

      • neverland says:

        If they’re all the same person… then janeite is miss thing! And all the other bloggers! She must be busy, haha.

        Way too confusing. I really like the blogger who wrote up the debunking post and she’s usually very perceptive, but I don’t think she’s on the right track. These bloggers are not the same person afaik – mainly because I kept stumbling on miss thing’s many blogs by accident and eventually saw all the named players interacting (and you can tell from a blog whether it’s a sock or a real person, i.e. photos). I didn’t want to wade into it further so have no idea what the wider story behind it is though. If she got catfished I hope the guilty parties suck it up and admit it because it’s all a big ol’ mess right now, including that cringey “friends of hiddles defending him!” blog.

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        No one is traumatized… I guess…

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Brain Bleach anyone?

      • neverland says:

        @Miss Jupitero, I’d quite like some brain bleach for the last year or so. I’ve had terrible luck with crusing around on tumblr and somehow always managing to end up on miss thing’s blogs, even when actively trying to avoid her. I have a sick feeling in my mouth just thinking about the whole thing.

      • Ellen says:

        @Lilac I completely agree with you. The first blog however I know is a load of Tosh. You can tell that. The Photoshop one was impersonating and then being aggressive when questioned about it. Both just as bad and both should be avoided

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        Thanks Miss J… no need, not affected… I distinguish fantasy from reality.. :)

  36. 'P'enny says:

    oh come on!? no Benny and Johnny Depp pics yet? what’s the hold up i want to see these two getting down with it in the pub.

  37. sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

    ‘P’enny calm down, I’m sure there will be lots of photos no time soon… :)

  38. Word Girl says:

    Benedict looks like Will Ferrell mixed with Dennis Quaid but not in a good way.

  39. Patris says:

    It is rumored that Benedict will attend the San Diego Comic-Con, anyone heard about this information?

    • Clairewobble says:

      OMG really?!?! If he is rumored it means he got the Doctor Strange role!! Thank you for sharing your info..can you please tell us where you read it, i can’t find it in google..

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        Why does that mean he got the role?? Don’t understand the connection..

      • Clairewobble says:


        Kevin Feige, the Marvel big boss, said that they are planning to announce the lead actor for Doctor Strange next month. This lead to some Marvel fanboys to speculate that they’ll do it in San Diego Comic Con. This is what Marvel usually does. They announce their big movie line up in SDCC (they divide it in phases, for 2016 they’ll release Cap America and Strange). All avengers 2 cast will also be there according to Mark Ruffalo. BC doesn’t seem to have any sherlock appearance in SDCC but if there is, they should’ve announced it already to sell tickets. So if it is a secret/surprise attendance, it must be Doctor Strange then since he has no other movie rumored. however, can’t find where Patris read it.

      • 'P'enny says:

        when is Benny supposed to find the time to film Dr Strange? he will have to drop projects next year, as Marvel are going into production Spring 2015.

      • Ellen says:

        Not will ferrel anyone but him! He’s so annoying.
        Benny might be there for Star Trek