Is Katie Holmes flirting with her co-star?

MSNBC’s The Scoop reports advance news from Life & Style that Katie Holmes is flirting with her Mad Money co-star, Adam Rothenberg. They say the two stayed on to chat and flirt after a scene was wrapped and that people were talking about it:

Katie Holmes has been “flirting” with her “Mad Money” co-star Adam Rothenberg, according to Life & Style, which reports that the twosome has been throwing more into their romantic performances than the movie script calls for.

“They shot a scene in which Adam wrapped his arms around Katie’s waist, then the two of them had an intimate discussion,” a “set insider” told L&S. “They lingered after the director said ‘cut,’ and it got everyone talking.”

There are three possible sources for Life & Style’s story: an actual person who was on set, a paparazzo that witnessed the scene, or the photographs that came out of the two filming, which were taken by Splash News. I would bet Life & Style is just looking at the pictures and jumping to conclusions. Katie doesn’t look very comfortable with Rothenberg’s arms around her in the pictures I’ve seen, but her character may have needed to look distraught for the scene. It’s easy to say “oh they were flirting,” but who knows if that’s true?

It’s possible that someone on set saw them talking, but who doesn’t try to establish a rapport with their co-workers? It sounds like a non-story.

Other reports from the Mad Money set have Tom Cruise and company delaying scenes, commandeering producer-planned dinners, and acting like bullies at Katie’s first real job in years. If she thinks her co-star is cute, who can blame her?

Thanks to Splash News for these pictures.

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