LeAnn Rimes: ‘I am actually a real housewife…I do housewife-y things.’


LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are doing lots of press ahead of the premiere of their VH1 show tonight. I guess they were on The View yesterday? I’m not going to look up the video because… just the idea of it makes my stomach hurt. But I will cover this USA Today interview with LeAnn and Eddie, which is still pretty gross. Much like the VH1 show, the first words out of LeAnn’s mouth are about Brandi Glanville. LeAnn is obsessed. She’s always been obsessed. LeAnn wants to wear Brandi’s face.

LeAnn is the Real Housewife: “I am actually a real housewife. I’m a housewife. When I’m home, I cook. I do housewife-y things. I love to go on RealSimple.com and pick up a recipe and hang out in the grocery store for hours. I go home and have a glass of wine and cook.”

Why they did the show (LeAnn): “We wanted to be home with the kids. That’s one of the reasons we explored this whole world. This is us taking our lives back, in a way.”

Why they did the show (Eddie): “We wanted to work together. When we sat down and took stock of everything that’s happened over the last five years — it’s been a one-sided story. If we scripted this, it would be an incredible sitcom. This show is a satire of what has happened in our lives.”

Eddie on whether the kids are on the show: “There’s no point and no benefit for the kids to be on any kind of show. They’re never on camera.”

Eddie on the Brandi issues: Cibrian says he won’t dig into any divorce issues, and says that he and Glanville manage to co-parent amicably these days. And he has no intention of behaving in a manner that would make his kids cringe when they finally see an episode. “It’s not invasive. It’s not exploitative. It’s not train-wreck TV,” says Cibrian. That being said, personal travails will be addressed as needed. “If it’s within the story line we’re talking about, you get to see how we would deal with it. That’s really it. There’s no malicious attacks.” Adds Rimes: “Nothing that we say about ourselves, or others, is untrue. We wanted for people to laugh with us — they’ve been laughing at us for a long time.”

[From USA Today]

That’s how LeAnn justifies her Brandi obsession – that LeAnn is only saying things that are “true” (to her). That’s why LeAnn is obsessed with telling “her side” of the story (“the story that no one knows.”) Except that when pressed about this magical “other side of the story,” what you always get is just mundane narcissism. There’s nothing new here. It’s the same old crazy LeAnn we’ve seen time and time again. She just has a new outlet.


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  1. Abbott says:

    Can we just put Leann on an island somewhere with Bethenny and McCarthy?

    Sidenote: anyone know what kind of ship is needed to push an island into lava? Asking for a friend.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She will never get it.

  3. Lady Macbeth (Hiddles F.) says:

    If I got a genie in a bottle and I was granted three wishes, I might waste one to see this couple confined to the moon…..

  4. Lilli says:

    She is such a complete jerk… She just tries soooooo damn hard … But I can’t look away!

  5. Cris says:

    Please let tonight be the end of this madness! What losers they are!

  6. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    A case of fully loaded botox syringes, check. An ‘US’ Magazine with Brandi on the cover. check. Tiny Tim on the Turntable. check. Friday night at the Rimrians :)

  7. bettyrose says:

    Tad off topic but focusing here on her use of “housewife.” The original RHoOC was an homage to the recently retired Desperate Housewives, yes? An DH was a brilliantly written farce – scored by Danny Elfman – about the illusion of the suburban dream. The female characters were actually in total control of their lives, relationships, and finances and they fiercely supported one another. Now it’s come full circle and housewife again means catty and servile, but without the irony.

  8. Jess says:

    So they wanted to do a reality show so they could be home with the kids but the kids aren’t allowed on the show, and they aren’t going to bash Brandi yet the entire first episodes they do just that, over and over, Jesus they can’t even keep their lies straight! And I thought she got to tell her side of the story in the countless interviews, thousands of twitter rants, and entire album she did devoted to her side, I’m confused?

    • Tracy says:

      She is a Loonie liar. Don’t try to make sense of her. No good will come of it.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      It’s a “reality satire.” Best of both worlds for them. If they get criticized for being offensive or obsessive or whatever, that’s the “satire.” The rest is the “reality,” or that’s what they’ll claim.

      Regarding the “I’m a real housewife” comment. Is LeAnn fishing to be put on the show? Or comparing herself to Brandi? Or, less likely, was it just a dumb comment? I think LeAnn is bored and lonely and clinging. She needs a project that doesn’t involve the media.

    • claire says:

      Don’t forget, they rented a house to film at. So no, this didn’t do anything to help them be around their kids more. Leann just needed a way to keep Eddie by her side 24/7 and Eddie needed a job.

      @Size Does Matter: It’s just a jab at Brandi. She’s made several comments over the years how she’s the real housewife between the two of them, to mock Brandi being on the show. A reality show. Of which she has repeatedly stated that only talentless losers ever do. ;)

      • Jenn12 says:

        Claire, not THEIR kids, Brandi’s kids. And Eddie’s, though it’s more Eddie’s moneymakers. :) Please, they were filming on location and at another house- it wasn’t helping them be around anyone. They think using the kids will upset Brandi, set her off, and get them some free publicity.

  9. aenflex says:

    At the absolute very least they aren’t planning to have the kids on the show. Can’t believe I just wrote that.

    • Jenn12 says:

      Because they made such a fuss over Brandi doing it. But they use the kids’ pictures and video on the show’s website and the kids’ pictures in the show’s intro. They have spent all their time promoting the show using the boys’ names and talking about them. They’re just doing it the back way, which suits their personalities.

  10. neelyo says:

    Well she does get into stupid feuds, drinks too much and has probably flipped a table or two. Yeah, she’s a Real Housewife.

  11. lisa2 says:

    I think a lot of Leanne’s problem is she feels guilty deep down. When you feel guilt you try to mask it by over compensating. When you have nothing to feel guilty for you are able to live your life to the fullest and the other person is not on your radar.

    I saw a bit of them on The View.. she got to sing on the show. I don’t care what anyone says she has an amazing voice and such talent in singing. She should be focusing on building her musical career. It is a waste.

    • georgie says:

      I don’t think with her particular personality disorder, she is capable of feeling guilt. She has said that “regret” is not in her vocabulary. I agree re her voice, but her performance on the View was terrible. The audience was so confused when she sang a very sad song to a dance beat. Really bad.

      • lisa2 says:

        I think all the regret is not in my vocabulary is again her saying what she needs to say for self protection.

        I didn’t like the take on the song but she has a great voice.

        I’m very neutral I guess on this whole situation. I don’t feel any emotional anything about these 3 people. kind of watching from a distance. She doesn’t make me mad or anything. I find all 3 of them broken and sad.

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t see it as guilt. I see her trying to be Brandi, and a better version at that. I think she’s actually just so so delusional that she thinks that people are being mean to her for no reason at all. I know a couple of people like this. They really truly believe their own hype, and their narcissism runs their lives. When people don’t give into their every whim, they jump on the offensive and lash out. They’re the victim always. All their poor actions are BECAUSE of someone else (not giving them exactly what they want).

      If anything, I think her insecurity lies in the fact that Eddie isn’t faithful. He wasn’t faithful when they got together – and he isn’t faithful now. And she feels the need to constantly be performing for him, and buying him things, and being so happeeeee.

    • briargal says:

      She doesn’t have a remorseful bone in her body. She thinks she won the pretty boy away from his beautiful wife and that means she is the best, most successful person in the whole wide world (which by the way is what her mommy always told her!)

    • Sonia says:

      Yes yes and yes! She feels guilty and is massively over compensating. Plus she is a stupid person, seriously I don’t think she is that bright.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I think Leann just knows that *how* she and Eddie got together (the cheating, the lying, the sneaking around–the last two are worse, imo), and knows that it’ll come back to her. Eventually (though it has already). Publicly (that’s what she’s scared about). And she’s desperate for that not to happen.

      Take Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. I think that it is entirely possible for a (current) couple to meet while the other person is married, and for nothing inappropriate to happen (happened with one of my aunts). It’s called having self control, being professional, and being an adult.

      Now, if they had simply said that they were really good friends during the time that they worked with each other, and then he ended up divorcing his wife–for *whatever* reasons–then I would never say anything about them messing around while he was supposed to be committed to someone else–EXCEPT for the fact that Miranda’s giving interviews about how she goes through Blake’s phone, and how she had ‘innapropriate’ feelings for him while he was married….so I think that Miranda and Blake cheated, because Miranda watches Blake like a hawk. I think she feels guilty, but I think she’s more worried about the same thing happening to her, that happened to his first wife.

  12. Stef Leppard says:

    All along she said the show would be scripted, right? And not a reality show. Actors were supposed to play the parts of the boys and Brandi. Now it’s just some lame boring reality show that’s already been done.

  13. Brittney B says:

    “I go home and have a glass of wine and cook.”

    She forgot to mention the other twelve glasses of wine… and the shots and pills and coke…

  14. briargal says:

    Really??? It’s been a one-sided story for the past five years???? REALLY??? LeAss hasn’t kept her mouth shut for the past five years. When you take into account the multiple twitter accounts, her huge smash selling (LOL) S*itfire album, her SWFing, and her speed dial to the paps, I’d say she lied again! She is such a pathological liar that you can’t believe ANYTHING that she spits out of her mouth. It’s been non-stop from her and her few friends that Brandi should just get over it. Yet LeAss has been going over it over and over and over again. I guess she figures if we hear enough from her we will be brain washed into thinking she is the oh-so innocent victim! LeAss is the one not getting over it because without the story line, she would have NOTHING! Her singing career is virtually over, her marriage IS over and soon we hopefully not have to see or hear from this loser again!!

  15. Lilli says:

    And re: the housewife comment aimed at Brandi.. As if Brandi isn’t home with the kids WAY more that LeAnn, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinners I’m sure.. Yeah, Leann’s ‘Actually a real Housewife’ .. She never stops.

  16. OriginallyBlue says:

    Who the hell spends hours in a grocery store? Why would you want to?

  17. msw says:

    She is an endlessly fascinating case study.

  18. MrsBPitt says:

    Yeah, LeAnn is a real housewife these days, cause she can’t get a singing job to save herself!! And Eddie can’t get any acting work! All they can do is this “reality” show, which everyone knows reality shows are for D-list celebs walking their mile of fame…I hope NO ONE watches this show tonight and it gets cancelled quickly!!!

    • claire says:

      But MrsBPitt, Eddie gets job offers ALL the time and turns them down to stay home and raise his kids! hahahahah! Biggest joke of this farce of a show.

      • Deanne says:

        Eddie is coming off like a complete douche in these latest interviews. Everyone knows he’s a douche, but it’s like he’s as delusional and pathetic as LeAnn. He’s trying to claim he never loved Brandi, even though they were together for 13 years and had two children together? Does he know what a total a-hole that makes him look like? That’s something the boys won’t forgive him for. I’ve dealt with this kind of crap because of my own psychotic step-parent and it will definitely bite Eddie in his ass, in the future.. “Boys, even though I was with your Mother for 13 years, I never, ever loved her and therefore cheated on her and lied to her until I found true love with your ugly, but rich step-mom.” Since they are half Brandi, he might as well tell them he wished they were never born. He’s a disgusting excuse for a Father.

      • Tracy says:

        @Deanne Wow, that is awful yet I am not at all surprised that king douche would say that. I am sure Loonie lapped that sh!t right up!

      • Kelliekat says:

        Thank you Deanne!
        Eddie is a manipulative narcissist in full blown narcissistic rage at his former wife, lover and mommy stand-in, Brandi.
        He is punishing Brandi for daring to leave him, even after he publicly humiliated her several times over, carrying on an affair in the tabloids for the better part of a year, admitting that he slept with many different partners behind her back in the marriage, including while she was pregnant with his child, and gave her HPV.
        Yet even after all of his lies and affairs came out, Eddie refused to leave Brandi and she had to sell the house to get him out!
        Now he’s married to his ex-wife’s stalker and together they have spent the last five years and Leann’s millions on their stalking and harassing of Brandi, to the point of creating a tv show to do so, and publishing death threats and encouraging Leann’s employees and fans to harass and threaten the mother of his children.
        Eddie has proved several times over that his sick obsession with his ex and his need for revenge make him a sorry excuse for a parent.

      • Jenn12 says:

        If he loves Leann so much, why is Brandi the one he chose to have kids with?

  19. Deb says:

    Do not give them ratings do not watch the show

    • Christin says:

      She actually thinks people are going to hate watch. They are so boring in action that I cannot imagine why anyone would give up 30 minutes of life to do that.

    • Tamra says:

      Amen! Ms. Thing complains about the press, then you know what -everyong should stop, stop talking about them, tweeting, get the press to stop taking pics, let them die out.. How much you want to bet that will drive her nuts. We should all commit to doing it. After all, who really cares about them anyways. We all just love watching her make a fool of herself. And, the real women, the one’s with class and self respect simply find it hard to blieve that any women would be used for women and try to convince herself and others that it is love. Let her kid herself. Let her play dressup and try to look like Brandi, let her self destruct. All of have to agree to turn our backs on them.

  20. sally says:

    I watched their premiere episode online yesterday and have to say that 1. Eddie brought up Brandi multiple times Leanne never did. (which will probably surprise everyone!). So my new theory is that Leanne is Eddie’s mouth piece ..yea I said!

    2. They honestly seem very much loved up.

    • Jess says:

      I think Eddie is still mad that Brandi kicked him out and he wants to punish her. He’s the type of guy who thinks nobody could ever leave him, and I bet he encourages LeAnn to taunt her as well. It’s sickening and almost makes me feel bad for LeAnn, she’s too stupid to realize he’s using her in every way possible.

      • aaa says:

        Eddie left Brandi, he divorced her. One of the potential titles for Brandi’s first book was “I’d Leave Me Too.”

      • Leslie says:

        Yep, he told Brandi LeAnn was just a speed bump and that he didn’t love LeAnn. But he kept cheating with that waitress AND LeAnn until LeAnn made sure the video was released of her and cheating Ed having dinner/making out in a restaurant. THEN Brandi kicked him out. LeAnn got him by default and she knows that.

      • Dinah says:

        trolling attempt grade: D

      • aaa says:

        What are you talking about? The video tape came out right away, like a couple days after the story about the affair came out and Brandi did not kick Eddie out when the video tape came out.

        Who gives a f&^$ what a cheater tells his wife after he’s been caught red handed. You’re right about one thing, Eddie kept cheating, he was caught red handed a few times and kept cheating and cheating and then filed for divorce.

      • Jenn12 says:

        I think Leann upped the ante until there was no choice but to divorce. One thing didn’t work, she tried another, like meeting up with him at the basketball game. And Eddie didn’t leave- they went to counseling, and Leann kept stalking and Eddie kept cheating (come to think of it, Leann also kept cheating on Dean) until push came to shove and Brandi kicked him out.

      • aaa says:

        Leann did not up the ante or stalked Eddie, Eddie and Leann were two married people who had an affair. They were caught and instead of ending the affair and going back to their spouses and making a genuine effort to fix their marriages, they did superficial things for PR and kept “dating” and screwing each other until they figured out that they liked each other enough to leave their respective spouses and then both filed for divorce.

    • Racer says:

      I watched the full episode online as well and it wasn’t that bad, but from the previews I suspect it may get worse. I absolutely did not get the impression that Eddie is disgusted by Leann and on the verge of chewing his leg off to escape. I also thought Leann came across OK….but time will tell.

      What I find annoying is her talking about being a housewife like its prestigious. No honey, you don’t get gold stars and brownie points for making a choice to spend your days taking care of other people and an object (house).

  21. Sleepyjane says:

    Okay, I watched the episode on the vh1 app. It wasn’t terrible, not really all that cringe-inducing either. It was light-hearted, noticeably scripted (particularly eddie’s parts), and pretty tame. I’d leave it on while I did housework, just like I do with the kardashians. The show is not going to be a hit, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  22. Anon says:

    It sixkens me and believe me i am no fan of either woman but for it to be said Leanne is obsessed with Brandi and not Brandi being the same is simply not true at all. Brandi is just as at fault as Leanna and the boys i fear when older will have a few issues and surprisng as it might sound may lean more favourably to Leanne.. Yes they may

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      They’re all pretty awful. Kids will be in therapy for the rest of their lives.

    • Jayna says:

      Brandi stays quiet until she needs it for publicity. To talk out now only helps their show, nothing to do with her. She’s not dumb. Another book, another interview closer to her next season airing or even quip on the next season, that’s when the zingers come out again. To react now helps their show. She has no interest in piquing interest in their show.

    • Kelliekat says:

      This sounds like a comment Leann would post under the guise of one of her many alts.
      The boys will know the truth of what happened and it won’t help Leann.
      Go back and read all of the Celebitchy posts on this, or read the Gossiprocks “bigfatliars” thread.
      Leann Rimes has a well documented history of physically stalking and threatening Brandi and so do Leann’s paid fans and her employees. Public insults, sexual slurs and death threats, as well as actual stalking and copying everything Brandi does or wears: clothing, hair styles, shoes, purses, jewelry, same vacation spots, same workout studios, same favorite restaurants, same hairdressers, nail salons, and spas same plastic surgeon, same size breast implants, same dermatologist, and same dentist, same hairstylist, same dance instructor, same photos and wording of tweets on twitter within hours or days of Brandi tweeting or posting anything online. There is such a psychopathic level to the stalking that several people, including Leann’sBioMom have whole blogs documenting this years of harassment by a multimillionaire celebrity towards a once unknown wife and mom. Say what you want about Brandi, but if Leann Rimes were not obsessed with her, we wouldn’t know her name.

    • betty says:

      @Anon Not in this life. Mason can already see through Leann and boys are very protective of their mother. I doubt Eddie will be around, I don’t see the kids in Leann future.

      • Tamra says:

        Except to pay child support. Ms thing cant have it both ways. She claims those are her boys, well when Eddie leave, he can get child support along with Alimony. Now, I pose the question to you all. Eddie was semi famous when this thing with Leann broke. Has it ever crossed anyones mind, that Eddie plot and planned this when he saw how easy Leann is.. Great pub for him.. He is using that girl. Look she has already cracked. I mean who else dances around on a beach with elves. lolololol, I mean comje on. She hsa lost her mind.

    • Jenn12 says:

      You may not like Brandi, but Leann has stalked and harassed her for years. Her one desire is to replace Brandi in everything. She’s sick.

  23. db says:

    I DO respect them for keeping the kids off the show

  24. Stephanie says:

    “This is us taking our lives back”… What??

  25. Altariel says:

    These two have turned squinting into their trademark.

  26. Haolebunny says:

    I just can’t with her. I will never watch this crapfest of a show. I used to think her SWFing was hilarious, but now it’s beyond cringe-worthy. She and Ediot need to take a seat. Forever.

  27. Pumpkin Pie says:

    She’s not a housewife. *He* seems to be more of a househusband. At least she tours sometimes and all the crazy PR can be considered ‘work’?

  28. Byte Me says:

    Now that their crap show is on tv tonite does that mean that after today will the Brandi bashing tour be over?

  29. Leslie says:

    Can these two annoying people just go away, please. They’re so simple minded, they have to base their low class reality show on bashing his ex wife. Do they actually have a life outside of bashing Brandi? Is Brandi all they talk about? She is always on their minds.

  30. LeAnn Stinks says:

    Oh please, you can’t turn a ho into a housewife ;)

  31. Shescrafty says:

    This is the EXACT same crap she spouted when she released shitfire. “I’m taking my life back, my truth, bla blah” MAKE IT STOP
    Psycho bizoch!

  32. why? says:

    The oddest thing about the reality tv show is how they had to release it a week before it’s actual air date. Why are they doing that fake count down when it’s been out since Friday? Her show has been online and on demand for 7 days and the press barely even noticed it. Were they hoping for a Beyoncé, that the show would climb to millions of viewers in a day? Now when the ratings come out they are just going to add the numbers they got from the 7 days that it was online and on demand. When Nielsen reports the ratings will they claim that Leann’s reality show received more than Nicole R and Chrissy Teigans? I think that VH1 is going put in a lot of money to give the appearance that the ratings were high because they have a lot to lose. Leann’s fan page barely has 3,000 followers and her show has been out since Friday. Perhaps this is why Leann and Eddie have to use photos of Jake and Mason when they were on The View.

    No one should be shocked by how many lies Eddie is telling during these interviews, Leann took him shopping yesterday. People are saying that Eddie said that Brandi starts the fights on twitter and all anyone has to do is look at her timeline. Either Eddie is very drunk or he is so detached from Leann that he doesn’t pay attention to what Leann does.

    Every time Leann and Eddie do an interview they call the paps to take photos of them entering the place where they are having the interview. What stands out the most is that Leann’s outfits for the View and on Wendy were very similar to what we have seen Brandi wearing. Why is his current wife dressing like his ex-wife if Eddie has moved on?

    Leann fans are jumping with joy because Eddie is finally defending Leann, even if Leann had to take him shopping and invite their “friends” on the press tour to get him to do it.

  33. Stacey says:

    I love how the interviewers like Wendy Williams, and Sheri Sheppard can’t even hid their disdain for Leann and ESPECIALLY Eddie.

    Wendy gives it to them straight, and asks Eddie point blank why he doesn’t tell his wife (as Leann sits right there silently) to get off twitter. LOVE IT!!!! Eddie is just as dumb, complicit and delusional as Leann. He actually had the nerve to say Leann has “always taken the high road.” So, sleeping with a married man, befriending the women who’s husband you are conducting a torrid affair with and stalking the ex-wife online, harrassing the ex-wife at the children’s school, and assuming her entire look and wardrobe is the high road?!

    HA!!! Eddie is just as evil, passive agressive and abusive as Leann if he thinks her behavior is taking the high road. NO wonder they love each other, they get to indulge their rotten personas with each other.


    Sherri Sheppard called Eddie randy to his face. LOVED IT!!

    These two scum bags, Eddie and Leann, are totally getting called out on their bs in the love triangle and Wendy and Sherri didn’t let them play the “innocent” “it’s all Brandi’s fault” angle like other interviews have in the past.

    As for the show, Leann is seriously ugly. But I think Eddie digs her. I’m sure he cheats but I bet she’s good to his kids so that works for him.

  34. Mixtape says:

    Sorry Leanne, technically speaking, you are the breadwinner and your unemployed stay-at-home husband is the housewife. The fact that you also do the shopping and cooking just means he’s a jerk.

  35. why? says:

    VH1 needs to rework their methods. They are planting paparazzi outside every venue Leann and Eddie are doing interviews at(outside the buildings for the View, Wendy, Sirius) to make us think that Leann and Eddie are popular and everyone loves them, yet they couldn’t get the press to even notice that Leann’s show aired online and on demand 7 days ago.

    What I don’t understand, if Eddie and Leann are so busy with interviews like Leann keeps tweeting, why is Leann tweeting so much? Are the other people on the other Vh1 shows tweeting as much as Leann has? People would buy that Eddie was in love with Leann if she wouldn’t run to twitter after they finish their interviews for the day or take a break between the staged photo-ops.

    How does Eddie manage to look like he age 10 years from day to day? Eddie always looks like he has been woken up from a drunken stupor.

  36. why? says:

    Eddie on whether the kids are on the show: “There’s no point and no benefit for the kids to be on any kind of show. They’re never on camera.”

    Why they did the show (LeAnn): “We wanted to be home with the kids. That’s one of the reasons we explored this whole world. This is us taking our lives back, in a way.”

    Why do they use many photos of Jake and Mason in many of the shots then? Why did the The View post photos of Jake and Mason yesterday, from Leann’s twitter account, if Eddie has no intentions of the boys being on the show? The twitter account for the show posted photos of Jake and Mason, so why even release so many images of Jake and Mason if they aren’t on the show? When Eddie says that the boys are never on camera is he admitting that the kids were and are present during the scenes, but just in the background? How could they be home for the kids when 70% of the show was filmed in the fake house? Where were the boys while they were filming? In the background. Just because we don’t see Jake and Mason on the show, doesn’t mean that they are not on the show. When Brandi films for RHOBH, she has to take her kids to the babysitters. Why were Leann and Eddie allowed to film this show trashing Brandi in front of the boys?

  37. Lux says:

    I feel like the fact she’s spending ‘hours’ in the grocery store to make a simple recipe is quite telling.

  38. Kelliekat says:

    “Leann wants to wear Brandi’s face”
    Yes, this is why no one should watch this show. It’s just another way of Eddie and Leann stalking and trashing the mother of his kids, and if you watch it you are hurting the boys.

  39. why? says:

    Someone’s doing damage control. Since the reviews for her show were bad, Leann is planting people on sites to write that her show wasn’t cringe worthy and Eddie and her look like a legit couple.

    Leann also announced that Eddie will be tweeting tonight, when she means Eddie she means herself. Instead of tweeting from 2 twitter accounts today, Leann will be tweeting from 3, hers, Eddie’s, and her fake account. To promote their show which has been out for 7 days now, they are going to tweet all night long. How is that any different than any other day?

  40. Deanne says:

    So Eddie didn’t respect his partner, who welcomed his Mother into their home and nursed her while she battled cancer and who bore him two beautiful sons, but he does respect the woman who takes him on luxury vacations, shopping trips and pays his bills. Nice priorities. What an absolute bastard.

  41. Jenn12 says:

    Go radio silent. She won’t listen to or respect the children’s mother and neither will their POS dad. Kill her career completely dead. Her album bombed, so let’s make sure the show is next.

  42. Macey says:

    The Washington Post really bashed this show. It should be interesting to see the ratings and other reviews. so far it seems negative all over but Im sure LR will tweet that it was a huge success.

  43. why? says:

    Per Leann, Eddie didn’t want to ruin his no tweeting streak, so he didn’t tweet last night. All this means is that after the staged dinner photo-op, Leann and Eddie went their separate ways and Leann got drunk.

  44. Vilodemeanus says:

    I didn’t see the show and I won’t, but I have seen some of the twitter dust up with Leann and she seems unstable. But from the reviews I’ve seen, what they inadvertently did was confirm Cibrian with a failing career, latched on to a woman who was desperate and needy for her money. Nothing I’ve seen about this series dissuades me from that opinion. He didn’t count on the real truth of their true relationship becoming obvious.