LeAnn Rimes considers the VH1 show a ‘success’ & she thanks the ‘haters’


Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian “on vacation” in Miami, Florida (they were in Miami at the same time as Leonardo DiCaprio – coincidence?! Probably.) There were more graphic photos of LeAnn but I chose not to use them because A) we’ve seen her bolt-ons in a bikini many times before, B) she really wanted everybody to get a good look at her bolt-ons this weekend and her boobs were pretty much falling out and C) because gross. Besides, she wasn’t doing anything particular sexy – her phone was in her hand pretty much the whole time, where I suspect she was obsessively reading tweets and/or tweeting from an account which hasn’t been discovered yet. I especially like the photos of Eddie leaning back, checking out all the ladies in bikinis (not his wife).

Perhaps this Miami trip is their victory lap after a super-successful reality show debut? Haha. LeAnn tweeted this over the weekend:

Heard from the head of @vh1 that the show did very well, they are extremely happy w/ the debut and all the social activity from last night. Thx everyone for making the show a success! Let’s keep it up! #LeAnnAndEddie

We adore all of our fans AND our haters! Thank you xoxo

[From LeAnn’s Twitter]

How many episodes did VH1 order again? Do you think that, in LeAnn’s mind, she’s now a legitimate reality star (just like Brandi) and everybody is obsessed with her life (like Brandi) and she’s going to make lots of money from her reality show (like Brandi)? I don’t even know anymore.

As for the show, a lot of you pointed out this Washington Post article/review of the VH1 show. It is harsh. And justifiably so. The show is a mess. A bigger mess than Spitfire.



Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Abbott says:

    VH1 is still around? Is Flavor of Love still on the air?

  2. paola says:

    It’s uncomfortable reading about them let alone watching their show. He’s such a loser and she is an insecure train wreck. She jumps on Brandi’s train just to keep herself in the public eye. Without the bitchy comments about the mother of her stepsons she has nothing interesting to say.
    I remember when she was a singer focused on her singing career.. She has the talent but not the brain to know when it’s time shut up and move on.

    • Lizzie K says:

      I’m not a country music fan, so I don’t really know, but it seems to me that Leann has become, at best, a nostalgia act, like Three Dog Night is for my generation. The difference is that people my age still LOVE Three Dog Night and can sing all of the hits, of which there were many. Are there any country music fans who still love Leann and sing her hits? Does she HAVE any hits that people remember? The only ones I know of are “Blue,” “How Do I Live,” and “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” — and I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard the “Moonlight” song, I just know about it because of written references to it.

      It seems like a really long time ago that she actually had a hit. Sure looks like a nostalgia act to me.

    • Pinky says:

      Can we please discuss the fact that Eddie truly shot himself in the foot, face, and crotch with this show? He is showing to all of Hollywood that he is talentless and not a bankable actor with his terrible scripted acting. Why would you do that?! PLUS…and this is a big one…he is proving to Brandi that he TURNS DOWN WORK and is therefore UNDEREMPLOYED. That is something she could conceivably use in court to sue him for more child support. You are not allowed to be willfully un- or underemployed when you have children and there is child support involved, no matter if he claims to do it in order to “be there” for his sons, as “commendable” and “sacrificial” as he thinks it might be (especially since he’s married and has in-laws who can and do care for the kids when he goes out). Judges HATE people who do this. And now there is it. On camera. Broadcast in perpetuity and throughout the universe. So Eddie will either have to go to court to say, yes, I turn down high-paying work to “spend time” with my sons, thus I should be paying Brandi more child support, or no, I don’t get any high paying offers, this entire show was a farce, and I really am not very employable and nobody wants to hire me. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Damned fool.

      • Deanne says:

        Good catch. He’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the she’d.

      • Sleepyjane says:

        No one is offering him any jobs. He knows he’s in no danger of getting in trouble with the courts for turning down fake job offers.

        I doubt Brandi would want to use any scenes on a reality show as a basis for anything to do with her kids in the court system, considering her behavior on her show.

      • claire says:

        HaHa. Good point! They are not smart ones!

        It’s not even believable that he turns down work…Eddie who?

        On top of that, if he wants to present this as the truth, it’s pretty rich that he leaves the kids with Brandi extra time to follow Leann around on her jobs (to get her to do them, probably) and then asks Brandi for money back saying he’s overpaid due to working less. None of it makes sense or puts him in a good light.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        I thought that too! He cannot turn down work and then try to get money back from Brandi. Plus, they are trying to lead us to believe he was offered a role on Dallas. What other show shoots in Dallas for 7 months? Dallas does and I do not believe the show would ever offer him anything. He tries to make us believe “that an offer came in” oh bs Eddie, no one is “offering” you anything. You had to beg to get your reality show aired you fool. He doesn’t come close to the acting chops required on Dallas anyway.

      • jellybeans says:

        The court now has all they need to make him get a 40 hour a week job doing something. Poor Le will be at home alone, in her closet and tweeting ,mean things.

        He doesn’t even carry her luggage, what a lazy tool. She deserves this bag of nothing on her back forever.

      • SarahKate says:

        Soooo …. He can leave his boys to go on all these vacations, fashion shows, and casino concerts but he can’t get a job or work? Try again, loser. You are pathetic, old man.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I originally thought I might hate watch this show, but I just couldn’t stomach it. I hope it flops.

  4. MrsBPitt says:

    I didn’t, wouldn’t watch the show….however I did read some reviews the next day and not a good one in the bunch! WTF is LeAnn talking about. The sign of a true psychopath is that you truly believe everything you think to be true. I hope VH1 make an announcement this week that they are not filming anymore shows!

    Did anyone watch the show? I am curious about your thoughts….

    • Wren says:

      VH1 was probably just happy that ANYONE tuned in at all. With the crazy promos for the show it felt like they were desperately trying to sell it and didn’t have very high hopes for viewership to begin with.

      I toyed with the idea of watching it, but honestly the promo clips were enough. So much awkwardness and their demeanor was just, well, weird.

    • Jenny12 says:

      Psychopaths believe they can manipulate everyone around them to their point of view and ways. That’s Eddie and Leann. I always say they remind me of the Dana Carvey bit about OJ: “Don’t look at that mountain of evidence! Here! Look over here!”

  5. Jaana says:

    Her delusions are out of this world.

  6. Brown says:

    I read somewhere that total viewership of the premiere was like 374k. I looked at the too 100 ratings for Thursday night and it didn’t even make it on there (that Dating Naked show did.) I don’t think the show is the train wreck many of us were hoping for, but it is most definitely not a success. Everything Leann does is more grand in her head than it is in reality. Example: she performed this weekend at a casino in southern Florida somewhere. Kept tweeting that she was in Miami to make it sound better, when really she wasn’t even in Miami-Dade county. Delusions of grandeur.

  7. Snazzy says:

    The worst part is that I bet it will do well — like a terrible accident, people can’t help but watch

  8. Jem says:

    Well damn what will Le Ann do now? Keeping that man is expensive.

  9. K-Rock says:

    I can’t help but wonder that Eddie was not wanting deny on camera the rumor about the 50 mil because he’s planning on actually doing it down the road and to deny it out loud on film would mean it would bite him in the ass during the divorce trial when he actually DOES go after her $$.

    • Arock says:

      I think he only has to make it 5 years in CA, then half. He can go chase audition couch poon and she can leak all over the couch by herself. (Shudder)
      Just out of curiosity, is there any cap on assets in CA divorce? He came with nothing, I assume the owner of the properties would maintain possession unless it was in both their names. Like it matters, they’ll both be broke by then I guess.

      • JoJo says:

        The funny thing is when they divorce, the $ Ed wins from LeAnn will now become earnings that he has to pay child support from. LeAnn’s $ isn’t currently calculated into child support, but in essence, Brandi will get some of LeAnn’s money upon the divorce. Karma.

    • K-Rock says:

      @JoJo wouldn’t that be the sweetest irony?

      @Arock I don’t know about a cap. Would be interesting to find out though

    • jellybeans says:

      I doubt she has much money, she used lots of $ chasing the dirt bag, his lifestyle costs a lot for the same clothes he wears everywhere. Grey pants, black shoes and man boobs. :)

      The old day money is gone for her, casino gigs with all you can eat buffet is about 5 bucks per ticket in her pocket. She hasn’t sold out a venue in years.

      • K-Rock says:

        Ok according to Celebrity net worth (I know, I know, just amuse me here) Heann is appx 20 mil and Eddie is 6 mil. I find it hard to believe the Eddie net worth. What in the world did he do to earn 6 mil? Maybe skimming off of the co-bank account little by little so she wouldn’t notice?

  10. Isa says:

    I forgot about it, but I probably wouldn’t have watched anyway.

  11. Aussie girl says:

    Just because she has to comment and mention her haters shows how obsessed she is with social media and what people think of her. I usually can find some sort of good in most people but with her I can’t. I don’t dislike her, I think I pity her more.

  12. Miffy says:

    She spends a lot of time highlighting all of the negative press she gets. Who does that? Firstly the intro to their show (from what I’ve seen from the promo clips) even includes the tabloid covers addressing their mess and now she’s acknowledging ‘haters’ on Twitter?

    How much of this crap would have been put to rest a long time ago if she and Eddie had had the decency to say their relationship didn’t start off honestly but they simply felt that strongly about each other and that they were very sorry for hurting anyone? But then again that would be three professional attention seekers (I’m throwing Brandi in there) out of a job, I suppose.

  13. Stephanie says:

    I don’t understand why Eddie is so appealing to women. He is certainly no prize. Every time I see his smarmy wandering dong I want to yak.

  14. Ag says:

    i don’t care for this mess, but i WOULD like a glass of white wine right now…

  15. truthful says:

    Awwww Eddie!!

    not the mirrored shades trick, we all know where your eyes are…
    as my granny used to say “you are nickel slick”

    I did not bother to watch, did not want to cuss at the tv, not worth it.

  16. why? says:

    Since when is 374,000 viewers considered a success? Did Leann lie or as I stated before are they going to falsify the numbers? Some of Leann’s fans tried to spin it by saying that her reality show did better because it received more viewers than the week before, but the week before VH1 aired reruns of SNL in the 10:30 slot. Leann has 556,000 followers on twitter and with all the promotions(Ray D primiere, Bicardi party in NYC, Wendy, Sirius radio interviews, elf video, Vh1 mini interviews, The View, preview in Nashville) she has been doing for the show, there is no excuse that can justify the 374,000 viewers. What stands out the most is how very quiet the press has been about the low ratings. Instead of talking about the low ratings, photos of Leann, Eddie, and Kiki a pool and Fashion show in Miami are being circulated at a heavy rate.

    During Leann’s show there was a lot of support for Brandi. People tweeted the BrandiWins hashtag. This support for Brandi hurt Leann and so she and her fans came up with a plan to keep the support for Brandi quiet during her show. Someone told them that the Brandi wins hashtag was being used to help Leann’s show. If that was true, wouldn’t the ratings for Leann’s show be higher than the 374,000? If Leann’s show was a success why does she have to scare Brandi’s fans into twitter silence while her show is airing?

    Another reason Eddie lied during his interviews, Eddie got to hang out with models at a Bikini Fashion show yesterday. He got a shopping spree in NY and attended a “Future Mrs. Cibrian” event in Miami. Eddie is creepy. In a video as the women walk down the runway, Eddie found a target. How can Leann say that Eddie loves her when you can literally tell what he is thinking when he comes across a woman he likes. The smile on his face as he poses with one of the models is priceless. As Eddie poses with the model, Leann stands in the background trying to pretend that she isn’t bothered that Eddie is happy to be a room full of naked women.

    • Jezi says:

      Don’t worry we will still tweet our support to Brandi. I can guarantee though that at this point it won’t matter. The ratings will be even lower this time around.

    • Jessiebes says:

      Yes exactly. Thanks why? (Or Gwen on JJ).

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      Exactly “why”! What quicker way to get support for Brandi off Twitter by saying “brandiwins” helped her? BullSHIT. It made LeAnn look bad to her network but she is using reverse psychology to try and get her “haters” to stop the attention on Brandi. I say keep going and do it louder and louder. What matters in the end are the ratings because advertisers don’t give a crap about you if you are not watching the show they paid to be a part of. Tweeting Brandiwins only helps Brandi.

    • jwoolman says:

      I think the numbers rules have changed with so many cable networks competing today. Also people watch shows online when provided, those numbers dribble in. And then there will be reruns on cable. So who knows? Maybe her numbers were considered good by the network for the first outing on cable proper. Would have to compare with other shows of the same type on the same network. They have to take a longer term approach because of all the different options for viewing the commercials (their real reason for being).

    • jellybeans says:

      He has an infected peen, those women know it and just putting Lele in her place. Gotta love the game, Le is a loser with a 8th gr education. Those models are making thousands taunting her. :)

  17. Guest says:

    LeAnn needs to retire and take Dimples with her. So over them.

  18. bettyrose says:

    I’m only barely followed this saga but I watched the Vh1 pilot and it seemed like it was all footage we’ve seen already.

  19. Rita says:

    I imagine 274,000 households with cats sitting on the sofa having to watch LeAnn’s “reality” show while their owners mindlessly text and tweet on their cellphones, totally oblivious to the fact that they left the TV on. Now I’m not a big cat lover but PETA should be called (I know, I know …..Kaiser, Swifty, Scottish Folds, blah blah blah……FUR BALLS AND CAT HAIR!!!!!!!!!)

  20. Leslie says:

    If the very insecure LeAnn wasn’t so evil, I would feel sorry for her. They built a mean spirited “reality” show around bashing Brandi, and it failed. She and Eddie both know it failed. Where next will they direct their anger? I’m guessing at each other.

  21. Jmo says:

    She is as miserable and insecure as any current E-list former success would be. Imagine living In Her ugly shoes right now, stewing 24-7 about how people talk about her, her husband, her flailing career. For anyone who truly dislikes her, you really should be satisfied for her comeuppance for it couldn’t get any more torturous than it already is.

    I have no love for this woman, am so disappointed that her promising longevity as a singer is kaput, and am not fooled by any of her twittered proclamations. She is as unhappy as any of us could hope her to be.

    She’s stuck in that proverbial hole and just won’t stop digging.

    And the cherry on the karma sundae is Eddie. He could be miserable, but I doubt it. He gets to live the life off of someone else’s dime, his kids get everything he can’t provide, he probably diddles on the side when he can sneak it in, he probably walks out on LeAnn whenever he gets tired of her whinging, and gets rewarded when he deigns to come home. Seriously, he’s not going anywhere, or at least not until he gets a big enough gig to support himself. Trust me, he won’t want to screw up any success he still Might achieve by being associated with LeAnn’s crazy.

    • bettyrose says:

      As anyone who’s suffered from anxiety knows, being publicly scrutinized sounds like the worst kind of living hell. But the public has a short memory, so celebs do have the option of disappearing for awhile and reworking their image. Which is the total opposite of shoving yourself into the public eye, repeatedly.

  22. Kate says:

    To compare, Lohan’s reality show premiered with just shy of 700K and the finale was roughly 350K. Lohan’s show was ultimately considered a fail. Now “success” is defined differently for cable shows, depending upon the channel, but I don’t think LeAnn’s numbers qualify in any metric as a success.

  23. Stef says:

    See, people keep saying “well Brandi did it first”. Here’s the deal. These two cheated on their spouses, very publicly. They were unapologetic, not remorseful, not even simply sorry for being jerks and going about breaking up with their spouses the wrong way. They were smug, arrogant and nasty. Particularly Leann.

    I (hate t admit it) read Brandi’s book. And if what she says is true (and I imagine it is as there haven’t been any libel lawsuits to my knowledge?) Leann basically taunted her during and after the divorce, including about how she would basically take Brandi’s kids away. I’m not married and I’m not a mom, but the idea of some horsey looking woman coming into my home an dnot only taking my husband but taunting me about the children I gave birth to? No. Sorry. I get people cheat, marriages fail and end, people move on. And had Leann and Eddie just gone quietly, maybe gave an apology in terms of “we’re sorry this happened this way, how we did it was wrong and we didn’t intend on hurting our souses this way but it’s happened and we will all deal with it”, I’d have said eh, people fall in and out of love and shlt happens. I feel like Leann had an axe to grind and needed to proven innocent. She couldn’t handle taking responsibility for what she had done so she tried to put on this dog and point show of why Brandi DESERVED it. And there was no way in hell she could have won that argument. I get Brandi went after her and said a lot of negative stuff about her, but to be perfectly frank, Leann went after a married man. Brandi was kind of in the right to air her grievances with Leann and what she had done. What Leann should have done is simply not respond. Not engage. Not tweet. Not try to contend with Brandi. Because at the end of the day, even if what Brandi was saying was rude or mean or had nothing to do with her divorce, Leann still cheated on HER husband with BRANDI’s husband and for that most women would say she deserves the heat she got. Nothing Leann could say was going to change that so she would have been better off showing some dignity by not saying anything and being respectful of Brandi’s hurt feeling and I think eventually, it would have died a lot faster. Instead, she added fuel to the fire and gave Brandi a LOT more ammunition.

    And now they’re just continuing to stick it to her, seemingly obsessed with her. I watched like four minutes of the show and Brandi was talked about 3 times. It’s unhealthy. I feel like their attraction to one another is based in their mutual disdain for Brandi.

    • kpoodle says:

      This is pretty much the reason the LeAnn haters hate. She’s just been so vile, and intent on hurting Brandi over and over and over.

    • Josephina says:

      BUT… LeAnn and Eddie DID apologize. See past CB articles.

      No one remembers such because of all the twitter wars , pap pictures , Brandi running her mouth about what Eddie did to her, and comparisons between Brandi and LeAnn and good v. evil…..

    • jellybeans says:

      It is creepy she stalks Eddie’s ex like she does. This is not a healthy mind at work here, and if she ever snaps, Eddie will have to face the public of what she has done. I do feel, he is behind most of her actions, because he agrees to let her post her crap, he needs a meal ticket. Yep, Eddie, you said you work? Could you please tell what job you have?

    • Jenny12 says:

      Leann and Eddie didn’t apologize. Leann said that she didn’t like the way it started, but she can’t live her life with regret and Eddie stayed silent. The reason people loathe them is because they acted like selfish jerks and then accelerated it by refusing to take responsibility, harassing and bullying Brandi, and using two little boys as media tools against their mother. There are millions of photos of Leann and Eddie being really inappropriate in front of his sons and loads of evidence of Leann attempting to take over Brandi’s role as parent and Eddie’s allowing it. That is why people despise them. As vile as the cheating is and was, who really wants either of them? Certainly not their exes.

  24. Haolebunny says:

    I also came across it this weekend (I didn’t know VH1 was right near my Bravo since the switched all my channels around) and I couldn’t get past some of the interview parts with some baggy looking red outfit she was wearing. I was dying laughing at how TERRIBLE she looked at it, realized I was actually watching it and switched channels right away.

  25. Leprechaun says:

    I think it’s probably true that the show bombed, because LeAnn looks extremely pissed in her beach photos, even other ones at other sites. You know that if she had scored a big audience she would have that weird joker smirk on her face. A huge one too. Maybe she’d just also heard of the NY Times review? No celebratory smirk from LeAnn = a ratings flop. I kind of wonder if VH1 will show any further installments of the show? From the trailers shown, the show was deadly dull so I’m not sure we’ll ever see any more of it.

  26. Leprechaun says:

    Did anyone notice that LeAnn was wearing a “FU” ring in the fashion show photos at the Daily Mail? Go and look. She displays it in the 3rd photo, and it looks to me like she purposely posed that way. Could it be a way of flipping everyone off about her bad TV debut?

  27. hatekyle says:

    when your luster has waned, 1000 viewers seem a success.

  28. MY TWO CENTS says:

    But don’t you know she is headed back to LA from Miami to meet with record labels that are dying to sign her? She has zero appeal to the masses as a human being, therefore, her records are never going to sell again. She calls the paps for these pictures and there she is with the dirty gross hair again. Her body in a bikini is just average (or less with the boobs and man hips) yet she thinks she is some super model cause a few on her twitter tell her how gorgeous and hot she is. Consider the sources I say. Eddie has totally lost his good looks. He looks like he’s far older than he is and his body is so out of shape. Then when he opened his mouth for the world to hear him, he truly showed what a dumb arrogant jerk he is. Her few fans are so glad to watch their show because they are so in love…ROFLMAO. My guess is they fight like cats and dogs more often than not. But, no we saw them on tv and they are so in love! Right!! Their life now consists of being lowest class “celebrities” begging for freebies and publicity everywhere they go. Man, what a life…she thinks we are all so jealous!!

  29. Jessiebes says:

    Hahaha, I absolutely love this. This show was supposed to silence all haters and critics. A chance for them to show the world how they really are.

    And it did. It showed that they are as awful as most of us thought. Thing is, nobody cared enough to watch it. She was so upset, she started herself in a white dress.

  30. TheTruthHurts says:

    Um, yah. She knows the show failed & just said that to try and cover. Because if LeAnn says it, it automatically makes it true, right?

  31. Michele says:

    Of course this idiot this its successful. She doesn’t understand ratings or record sales or reality. No one tuned in. No one bought her album. No one buys her concert tickets. She understands none of this.

  32. Funcakes says:

    For the five year old in all of us:

    When you’re sliding into first
    And your pants begin to burst
    That’s diarrhea, diarrhea

  33. Dita says:

    The show was boring and I couldn’t make to the end.

  34. Kris says:

    Dear God, is her damn cellphone surgically attached to her hand??

  35. stuckonstupid says:

    Of course it was going to be a success and that’s down to the haters. If they can’t stop ignoring her on Twitter and keep responding to her baits you know they are going to watch the show. Her haters are too stupid to ignore it all. She knows exactly how to push their buttons.
    People on Twitter think she’s a narcissist. HELLO, if they can come to that conclusion, you’d they’d put the other 1+1 together to get the answer = those types of people HATE TO BE IGNORED. As I said too stupid to comprehend it.
    One chick who does even like Leann had the show as her background header pic. They had retouched it and added a couple of sentences to replace the old ones yet left the time and date of the premiere on it. Irony at it’s finest “supposedly” boycotting the show yet advertising it. LOL
    And how do they know what happens in the show when they don’t watch it. Oh that’s right ” I heard from a friend” I love that line, which generally means “I secretly read the story. I secretly watched the show”

    Leann is a mean spirited person, we all know this and is unable to move on because she thrives on the attention. Just support Brandi and no matter what Leann tweets ignore it. If Brandi can ignore her, there is absolutely no reason why others can’t do the same. I think some just do it because they have nothing else better to do with their time.

    • Jenny12 says:

      Brandi is great about ignoring, and I don’t know how. I’d be up on a bell tower, rifle in hand, looking for Leann and Eddie with a scope.

    • Karma says:

      Actually, it’s very clear from the dismal ratings that the very people who said they wouldn’t watch… did not watch. And the twitter poster who changed LeAnn’s show header had text obviously meant for people who were newbies to this train wreck. So in that respect, it was an effective way to convey information to newbies about why to boycott.

      How do people know what happened on the show? Well, lots of them saw trailers that LeAnn released prior to the show, which were watched, and apparently comprised most of the first episode. And obviously there were blogs and other sites that offered direct quotes or complete show reviews. So watching wasn’t required, despite your claims to the contrary.

      As to ignoring LeAnn, yes she is a mean spirited person/narcissist. When most people didn’t know how awful she was towards Brandi, LeAnn was at her most vile. And so were the attacks she instigated, praised, and rewarded financially, from employees, fans, and other creeps she met on the road.

      It should be noted, those same tweeters you’re mocking actually gave Brandi the breathing room to heal and finally ignore LeAnn and her creepy twitter posse. While LeAnn and Eddie gave Brandi great book material…NY Times bestselling book material, no less.

      However, any time those tweeters back off LeAnn, she starts up attacking Brandi and exploiting those boys again. It was only through a constant barrage of tweets that LeAnn stopped calling them ‘her boys’. When did she start again? With this pr tour in attempts to get her ‘haters’ to watch. They didn’t watch, her plan didn’t work.

      In fact, LeAnn is quite calculating with her tweets, she often starts up with her hate campaigns when Brandi is filming. She wants Brandi to fail so she needles Brandi when working. The tweeters are also aware of Brandi’s filming schedule and beat LeAnn back into her own lane again.

      The fact of the matter, LeAnn won’t stop pulling these games, even if ignored. Narcissists never do, they just increase the stakes. In that respect, they are helping keep her crazy to a minimum.

  36. Stephanie says:

    LeAnn maybe could have survived this if she took her man after they got together, they moved to a ranch in Montana and she permanently STFU (that was arbitrary Montana, I’m sorry, I know you don’t want them either ;) ). Instead she and he had diarrhea of the mouth and have been on an absolutely terrible constant PR parade ever since. Nothing is private. She openly mocks and stalks his ex-wife. It’s disgusting. If she had come out into the public eye five years later with an album that truly showcased her talent, none of this Spitfire bullshit, she MAYBE could have come through in one piece. The Washington Post is right. Total management failure. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, LeAnn.

  37. Rita says:

    Dear LeAnn,

    With all the flowery words of wisdom you post on twitter, you forgot the wisest of them all from one of your dearest and most loving friends:

    “In the moment of foreboding and fear, one must remember, it is only gas half the time.”

    • Cris says:

      Hahaha! Good one! You can see from her face in the sequence pf pics from the fashion event exactly when she knew she had sharted. Smile gone, grave concern on her face, fidgeting with her hair. And one pic looks like Ed is whiffing the air, like what is that vile smell? You can’t buy stuff this good!

  38. barbarita says:

    Leann and Eddie are horrible people. They behave like teenagers. Many celebrities make it through cheating scandals but these two just can’t keep their mouths shut. It’s been how many years now? Why do we need to hear their side again – they are insane.

    Leann is so unfortunate looking. Very unattractive and always dirty looking with no style. Eddie isn’t a prize. Why does she think he is? She couldn’t give him to another female at this point.