Jennifer Aniston & Sandra Bullock are ‘new BFFs… they’re very excited’


I tend to think Sandra Bullock is friends with everybody. You know? Sandy is Sandy. Sandy has good people around her, people she trusts, people who do their jobs well. Sandy can be a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and yet… what you see is often what you get. Does that make sense? Anyway, Sandy knows everybody. She’s friends with everybody. So would it surprise anyone to learn that Sandra is now BFFs with Jennifer Aniston? Aw, two America’s Sweethearts, together at last.

A new friend for our favorite Friend! Jennifer Aniston has found herself a new bestie in Sandra Bullock, a source close to Aniston tells Us Weekly exclusively.

“Jen and Sandra are new BFFs,” the insider tells Us. “They’re very excited about the new friendship.”

Aniston, 45, got to know Bullock, 49, over a dinner party at mutual pal Gwyneth Paltrow’s house. They bonded over many things, likely including their epic, painful divorces (Aniston’s from Brad Pitt, Bullock’s from Jesse James), and their shared ex-boyfriend Tate Donovan.

Bullock was engaged to Donovan, now 50, in the early 1990s, but the couple split before they had a chance to say “I do.” Just a few years later, in the mid-1990s, Donovan — who guest starred on Friends as Rachel Green’s love interest Joshua Burgin — presented a ring to Aniston, who ended her relationship with the 24: Live Another Day star in 1998.

“Sandra and Jen have a lot in common and enjoy each other’s company,” the source adds. “They have been having each other over for dinner regularly.”

Earlier this year, the actresses — who also share a friend in Chelsea Handler — were rumored to team up for an upcoming comedy flick with Cameron Diaz, but there has yet to be further confirmation on the supposed plans.

[From Us Weekly]

I’m surprised they connected through Gwyneth Paltrow. THAT seems like the most random part. You’d think they would have connected through their mutual friend Chelsea Handler. I think that for Sandra, it’s sort of embarrassing for unnamed sources to claim that you’re “very excited” about a new female friend. But for Jennifer… I could see how she would be very excited. Especially since she wants to duplicate Sandra’s Hollywood trajectory of “rom-com queen” to “Oscar winner.” Jennifer’s probably looking for tips.

Or, you know, maybe they just smoke pot together? I don’t know if Sandy partakes though. Aniston definitely does though.



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  1. Lilacflowers says:

    OMG! I’m excited too! I’m so excited, I don’t know how I’ll get through the day!

  2. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Seems really…random. But, I suppose they would’ve met through Chelsea Handler…which means this is old news (if it’s true).

    But honestly–I don’t really see Jennifer being friends with someone who has a small child. At least not besties, where you’re constantly at each other’s homes, etc.

    • hutter says:

      We can count down the days until a tabloid alleges that Jennifer has asked Sandra for advice on adoption…

    • Hyena says:

      This comment doesn’t make sense. Jen and courteney were prime BFFs when court enemy’s daughter was growing up. They may not be a close now but a child didn’t cause that.

    • lucy2 says:

      Isn’t she Courteney Cox’s daughter’s godmother? I think a number of people she’s friends with have kids.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I know that she’s apparently Coco Cox’s godmother ( I say apparently because I’ve never read anything official,etc)….I mean like RIGHT NOW. At this point in her life.

      I’m not saying she isn’t friends with Sandra, but I mean I don’t see them being best friends, like she is with Courtney Cox.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Let me explain further–

        I see Jennifer’s life like this…..Movies, Cabo, Hair, and Margaritas. I read that she is Coco Cox-Arquette’s godmother (don’t know if that’s true)..Coco is a teenager right now…..that’s not the same as being a baby/toddler.

        All I meant by my comment was that I don’t really see Jennifer starting a close friendship with a woman who has a young son right now, at this period in her life. I could see her doing drinks, hanging out WITH Sandra, but being besties like she is (still???) with Courtney? No.

        Maybe I didn’t say it right the first time–my wifi is tenuous right now, so I try to type as little and fast as I can. (Didn’t work this time)

      • FingerBinger says:

        Coco is not a teenager, she’s ten. It sounds like you’re saying a woman with no children can’t be friends with a woman with little children. You know that sounds a bit silly right?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well, I thought she was more like 12 or 13. My bad.

        I’m not saying that a woman w/no kids can’t be friends with someone who has kids.

        I’m saying that in regards to THIS PARTICULAR STORY, I don’t see Jennifer and Sandra being besties–as in ‘call each other every night, meet up for brunch, braid each other’s hair, and talk about boys’ type friends.

        I see them as friends who meet up every once in a while. More like industry friends.

      • Kate2 says:

        “I’m saying that in regards to THIS PARTICULAR STORY, I don’t see Jennifer and Sandra being besties–as in ‘call each other every night, meet up for brunch, braid each other’s hair, and talk about boys’ type friends.”

        Braid each other’s hair? Call each other every night? They’re in their 40′s, not their teens. I guess I’m still confused as to why you’re so convinced they wouldn’t be “besties”. You seem to be saying that Jennifer wouldn’t want to be close friends with someone who has young kids. If that’s true, why would you think that?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @FingerBinger, who wrote: “Coco is not a teenager, she’s ten. It sounds like you’re saying a woman with no children can’t be friends with a woman with little children. You know that sounds a bit silly right?”

        It doesn’t sound like that to me … and it sounds a bit silly for you to suggest/assume so. The comment Virgilia Coriolanus made was about a ‘particular’ woman–Jennifer Aniston–not about all women in general who don’t have kids. From everything we know, Jennifer Aniston has never spent any ‘independent’ time with Coco Arquette as the child’s Godmother. She ‘does’ give great lip-service about kids, though. That overly-dramatic, constipated ‘oooh’ face she made when Drew Barrymore shared photos of her daughter is a grand example. Can’t remember? See the link below:

        @Kate2, who wrote: “You seem to be saying that Jennifer wouldn’t want to be close friends with someone who has young kids. If that’s true, why would you think that?”

        To be fair, I just Googled pictures of Jennifer Aniston with children and all I found were photos of her in St. Josepth-St. Judes ads with children. So I, for one, don’t think she would want to be friends with a woman who has small kids, unless the mother is someone who likes to leave the kids with the Nanny and hang on the beach drinking margaritas.

        Let’s be frank … Jennifer Aniston is just not a ‘kids are SO cool, I want to be around them all the time!’ person. And before people jump/snipe/carp, the fact that she’s female is secondary to my comment. Many ‘people,’ male AND female, just aren’t into kids … and there is nothing wrong with that. But can we please just not pretend anymore that Jennifer Aniston is desperate to be a mother? She has had 24-years to become a mother, even through adoption, if it was indeed like water for chocolate to her.

        For the record … my comments above are about this particular woman who doesn’t have kids … not ‘all’ women who don’t have kids. Nor do I believe every woman should/needs to be a mother–biologically or via adoption.

      • Kate2 says:


        I know what you’re referring to. I realize you are talking about JA. I just don’t understand how you can make such a definitive statement about how she feels about children and friends with children based on the results of a Google search.

        You could be 100% right, but it would be because of a lucky guess.

    • Tippy says:

      Jennifer spent an overabundance of time with Courteney when her daughter was quite young. So much so that David Arquette was critical of Jenn for spending too much time with them.

    • lucy2 says:

      She’s friends with many people with young kids – Isla Fisher, Jennifer Meyer, Jason Bateman and his wife, Kimmel and his wife, who just had another baby.

      Safe to say children of any age are not a friendship deal breaker for her.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    I think the Earth should stop revolving while we all take this in

  4. Sullivan says:

    Why do all stories about Aniston make her sound like she’s 13 years old?

    • atorontogal says:

      Right? I had higher hopes for Sandy, not being a part of the “Hollywood it crowd” and just being a down to earth kinda girl….. sigh….c’est la vie. At least I got my yays from finding out (surprise surprise) Charlize Theron is a bitch!

  5. LDUB says:

    I just came here to comment on that HEINOUS “greige” dress in the 1st pic.
    At least it matches her personality.

  6. JoJo says:

    My only comment is … I’m disappointed that Sandra is friends with Chelsea Handler. Gross. I will never understand it. I don’t see a single positive quality in Handler. She’s just pure crass.

  7. Kiddo says:

    That headline made me laugh my ass off Kaiser. You’re in rare form. Still laughing over here.

  8. Ag says:

    “They’re very excited about the new friendship.” are they in grade school, and exchanging friendship bracelets? haha

  9. Kim1 says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Jen and her new BFF Sandy in a film together.I have always been fascinated why Jen never works with her A list friends like Clooney,Tom Hanks,etc.

  10. ncboudicca says:

    Assuming that this story has any basis in reality: Chelsea Handler seems like the kind of “friend” who would not introduce friends from different circles if she thought that they would get along better with each other than with her – and then cut her out.

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Yeah this makes total sense to me. Both of them are mediocre actresses, girl-next-door types that appeal to the averages of this world.

    That being said, is it bad that I kind of want to be at that dinner party?
    Goop would roll out the white pear kimchi and som tum thai and we’d get really drunk on expensive white whine.

  12. zut alors! says:

    This whole story has a strong stench of a publicist generated piece.

  13. lucy2 says:

    The tabloid write up is ridiculous, but I could see them being friends.
    Sandra does seem to be friends with everyone, I get the impression she’s easy going and not snooty, and gets along well with many different people.

  14. Toot says:

    Sandra likes to hang with some bitchy people. Gwyneth, Chelsea, add Charlize because she’s buddies with G and C too. That’s a group that I would avoid at all cost.

    Hmm, okay Sandra I see you clearly, now I understand even more how she was married to JJ as long as she was and liked his gross self so much.

  15. Zippi says:

    I don’t know…it took me years to build my BF relationships. We shared experiences, our good and bad moments, I was there when they met their SOs, they were there when I married my husband, they are my daughters’ GMs, etc, etc, etc. and this has nothing to do with having dinners out. Actually I spent years abroad, but they are always there, every time we meet it’s like we have never been apart.
    These chicks meet at a party, then have some dinners, and immediately they are BFs, because, you know, one divorced 9 (nine) years ago, the other one married an idiotic douche bag and divorced, and that’s it.

  16. TheRealMaya says:

    A CAA client supposedly becoming friends with another CAA client. I frankly don’t think these women Jennifer hangs out with in public and who shares the same pr agent are real friends. Excluding Courteney I think all of them showbusiness friends who wouldn’t hesitate to dump you if something else comes their way. In fact most of Jennifer so called friends are either CAA clients or her current partner’s friends. I don’t think she has real female friends and she and her fans claims she has.

    As for Sandra being friends with vile Chelsea – people seems to forget that Sandra was married to a nazi called Jesse James. There are also stories about Sandra is a party girl who constantly drinks etc. Sandra is definitely not the good girl image she portrays.

    PS: Sandra must have a generous heart since she seems to have forgiven Jennifer for cheating with Sandra’s then fiancé Tate Donovan.

  17. Tippy says:

    I don’t see any downside to this relationship. Hopefully they will collaborate on some projects in the future.

    Tate Donovan certainly seems to have gotten around in his prime.

  18. floretta50 says:

    It’s the New Orleans , Brad Pitt Make It Right foundation, Sandra Bullock, Matthew McCauley hook up that she is trying to get behind. This is a scorned woman that is never going to stop and try to alienate Angie from Brad Pitt’s friends. any female friend that you hear Angie is friends with JA finds a way to get close to them. Gwen Stepahnie and Angie kids had play dates, JA befriended her too.

    • Kate2 says:

      Good lord, this is ridiculous. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have nothing to do with this story.

    • kri says:

      LMAO @floretta. That was hilarious. JA doesn’t have the brain cells to make up a conspiracy that far-flung. My god, I can just see JA planning out this op Jason Bourne style. too good. Laugh of the day. Besides, no one can defeat Angelina. She is the Tomb Raider, so your Make It Right Foundation is safe, I promise. I’m off to stroke my white cat now. And by “Stroke my white cat” I mean…

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Kri, who wrote: ” JA doesn’t have the brain cells to make up a conspiracy that far-flung.”

        No, but Steve Huvane does. :)

      • Sal says:

        Aniston doesn’t have the brain cells to do that? Don’t be too sure. She is a master manipulator. How else do you explain people falling for her 9 year victim act and buying her goodie two shoes butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth act, despite all evidence to the contrary. The thing is so many people really buy her act. She has had at least 3 affairs with taken men that we know of, and how many times have you heard anyone calling her out on it? My point exactly. She gets away with everything. She’s a master manipulator.

  19. Paige says:

    I always wonder who is actually “friends” in Hollywood and not just Hollywood Associates. I mean there is a big difference.

  20. Rena says:

    This sounds like an Anniston bulldog PR guru generated tale of nothingness, LOL. Her man has been in the new lately for his new TV show (which seems to be getting the hoopla usually generated by successful films but then he is now thanks to her a CAA client isn’t he). Anyway who cares who is friends with anyone, these H’wood friendships seem to be like revolving doors, constantly changing depending on which way the wind is blowing. Even the tabloids have moved on to the celebs that their dwindling numbers of readers care about, which happen to be reality show denizens these days, not solidly middle aged women like these 2 happen to be.

    And floretta50 move on, it’s been 10 years, a lifetime ago. Doubt Anniston has time to devote to anything but keeping her New York loving man who put his dogs before her in one of his latest interviews as most important in his life. He appears to be as egotistical as his BFF Terry pervert R.

  21. Mrs McCubbins says:

    What’s wrong with smoking a little pot now and again? Oh no ten donuts are much better. What was I thinking? The snark on here is childish and so judgemental. I dont get the hate.

  22. lile says:

    Love them both and would LOVE to see them in a comedy or any kind of movie together. They seem like they have similar sweet personalities and would get along great. Two of my all time favorite actresses right here. They are tops and a superb example for all young ladies in Hollywood.

  23. Kelly says:

    The only thing not cool about this is that they are hanging with Gwyneth Paltrow.

  24. LurkinCrayzee says:

    Sounds like something sent to Us Mag from Huvane. I guess Star and People couldn’t fit any more stories about America’s sweethearts in there. I expected to see that chick from ‘Tammy’ thrown in there for good measure, just to name drop yet another romcom star who would appeal to this fanbase. I would bet the only thing true in that article is that Aniston and Bullock share a common friend in Handler and that’s about it.

  25. poppy says:

    hmmmm. all of these people are friends?
    each and everyone mentioned -their agents/publicists are brothers.

  26. 'P'enny says:

    oh yawn!

    Where’s the Benny and the penguin photos? that is what i call goss for a a BIG celebitchy about.

  27. Emily C. says:

    Right, I’m sure Chelsea Handler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Aniston are all such good friends with each other. Romantic relationships for publicity are nothing new, I guess friendships for publicity probably aren’t either, but this is transparent. Not because Bullock and Aniston are terribly different or something (they aren’t), but because the tone is so ridiculous. They’re so “excited” about being new bffs y’all! Are they five years old?

  28. LAK says:

    The SB/CH photo is epic… SB pushing CH away or making sure she’s no closer than she’s already ventured? CH looks THRILLED to be so close to SB…..

  29. LilyT says:

    The older Aniston gets the more she looks like a man in drag.

  30. anne says:

    Jennifer and Sandra have been friends for a while now, both way too cool to “be BFF”‘s for high school PR hoopla. They say the same as everyone else about the whole Gwyneth back in LA anti-climatic debacle. Really really unhappy with the way GOOPSter herself and her mgmt agency, PR etc.. shoved her down the throats of the Hollywood A listers, Mom’s clubs, and especially the genuinely well liked and down to earth ones: in other words the anti GP – the nice and talented ones! Was a massive failure, GP is now not only just mistrusted and disliked for ample reason as has been for a while now, but is currently the industry laughingstock for her controlling arrogant behavior. Seems to be a pattern wherever she goes. Only ones that even tolerated Gywnie in LA (or anywhere the past decade) were the ones that wanted to, or already knew, Chris, who ironically they adore, much to Goopy’s shock and horror. THAT is a huge reason, among equally shallow and horrid ones, Paltry Paltrow is dragging out the “Uncoupling” and prolonging a hellish time for her kids, Chris and his loved ones – of which there are many. With Jennifer and Sandra – like Chris they have an innate charm, sense of realness, self deprecating humor, are charitable and extremely grateful for their good fortune and do not court PR (Jen included contrary to what some think – it’s the media that won’t let that fodder go.) The above positive traits well… Gwyneth just does not possess any of them and has such a still very hidden from the public dark side to boot. So good for Jennifer and Sandra, and the other few caring and decent celebs! They are out there, and I think it’s kind of unfair to group them all together, just like any other categorizing of people, although with all the media BS out there and the true few extreme phony media hogs, I can see how it is an easy assumption to make. I personally don’t get the Chelsea Handler thing at all (???) but don’t know much about her so won’t speculate….but believe me Sandra and Jennifer are real friends and are not “connected” to Gwyniee in any real way whatsoever that’s for sure – all GP PR and big deal, couple of the same exes ages ago. GOOPY has fled to Charlize as Chris donates heavily to her causes, and GP and Sean Penn both had mutual friends and colleagues in TV industry as both of their Father’s directors, producers, and most importantly wants same success with commercial advertising for Max Factor as Charlize has had with J’Adore (lol yeah right) and using her for tips. A losing battle – GP commercials are another financial disaster and can’t even compare to Charlize’s phenomenal job with that arena! And don’t worry, won’t be long til Charlize dumps her too. Jen and Sandra as other posters said, “like them, very cool, glad they are friends.” Agreed!

    • Sal says:

      Seriously? She famously stole Tate Donovan from Sandra, do we really buy that they are friends? I honestly don’t believe classy Sandra would have a bar to do with Aniston after she was so hurt by her. And Sandra is way out of her league, Sandra is a good decent person.