The Rock plays patty cake as Hercules & reveals cheat meals: adorable?

Dwayne Johnson

Hercules comes out in theaters today, so this is a great moment to run a Dwayne Johnson catchall post. Starting with The Rock killing it on Twitter with photos like this one. The Rock was hanging on set, dressed as Hercules, when a lovely 2-year-old asked him to play patty cake. He complied. Look at his legs! They’re massive. Even when The Rock looks ultra roidy, I’d still hit it so hard. He’s devastatingly handsome and has a great reputation for being so sweet to fans. This is a guy who never forgets where he came from. This film’s trailer looks dreadful, yet I want the movie to do well. I will always root for The Rock.

My man did a Reddit AMA a few days ago. There weren’t any standout quotes, but he does drop a few details:

Making this movie: “Hercules was by far my most demanding role. I knew that going it though – so I was prepared to go the distance and commit. 6 months of hard core training, prep and diet. Chariot, sword and combat training as well. What I didn’t count on was the injury that occurred 6 weeks before shooting (tore two tendons from my pelvis) which then ultimately led to my abdomen wall weakening which cause 3 hernia tears. So wrap all that up into a big ass ball of fun pain and you have the most challenging role Ive ever had. Also when I arrived on set in Budapest in a physical peak I was happy with for the character, I had to maintain that look for the next 5 months. Very taxing on the body – physically, mentally and every which way in between. Funny thing is, if I had to do it all over again.. I’d do it twice. Only I’d add a freaking cheat meal once a week or so. Geeeezus”

His favorite cheat meal: “Pizza (double dough), pancakes and peanut butter brownies. And for good measure I throw in a diet coke!”

What he’s thankful for: “My family is everything to me. It sounds cliche but its true. More and more as I go thru life my cup runneth over with gratitude for the loved ones in my life. For the record, Ive always wanted to write ‘my cup runneth over,’ so Fa’afetai Tele Lava!”

On Paul Walker: “Finishing Fast and Furious without Paul was very bittersweet. His death was heartbreaking and in a way, informed us that we should be even more grateful for every waking minute and hug our loved ones and friends just that much tighter and stronger. I truly feel audiences will be very happy and emotionally moved by Fast 7. Im proud of the movie we made – proud of my fellow actors, director, studio partners and hard working blue collar film crew. The truth is, like all movies – Fast and Furious will come and go and hopefully, leave an incredible movie legacy behind. To me, the #1 most important thing I care about is making sure his daughter has stability in her life and good solid men around her to help raise her in the wake of Paul’s passing. (MYB)

[From Reddit]

I remember reading about The Rock’s adductor injury last year and cringing. I once ripped an adductor but it was only a 2nd degree tear. It was so freaking painful, and I can’t imagine what it was like to completely rupture the connected tendons. He went back to training almost immediately. The Rock is hardcore. It’s impossible to dislike this guy. He was even adorable during his Tonight Show visit. He and Jimmy Fallon wore bad wigs and formed the “Fungo Brothers” workout duo:

Dwayne has also been fielding rumors that he’ll soon play a superhero. He teased EW with hints that point towards him playing Captain Marvel in a movie. There’s going to be a big announcement soon, supposedly.

I’m including some more excellent photos from The Rock’s Twitter (including his glorious fanny pack selfie). The crowd goes wild for him. Will they show up for a movie where The Rock wears a lion’s head on his noggin and makes Hydra soup? There’s also some photos from the LA premiere this week. Rufus Sewell is in this movie? Hmm.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Photos courtesy of Dwayne Johnson on Twitter & WENN

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  1. teatimeiscoming says:

    he just comes across as so likable (lickable? hah). i follow his instagram, and its usually pretty entertaining. i hope this movie does well.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    I love him. Can’t help it.

  3. snowflake says:

    omg, i love the rock! he looks soo good and seems so sweet! yum yum

  4. Caitlinsmommy says:

    I can’t help it, I love him too.

  5. Jules says:

    Hubba Hubba……….my computer screen is fogged……….

  6. Belle Epoch says:

    I always liked this guy. He seems to stay out of trouble, yes? Glad he’s as nice as he appears. Is he divorced? I’m asking for a friend.

    Hope he doesn’t really mess himself up with steroids and injuries. At his level he probably knows what to do.

  7. Frida_K says:

    He just seems so sweet and so yummy. I’ll bet he is a perfect gentleman and romantic, too.


    (No, I don’t have a little crush on the Rock, why do you ask?)

  8. Lucy2 says:

    He seems like the NICEST guy ever. And I love that he has his ego in check and will happily do embarrassing and funny things, post old photos, etc.

  9. Lizzie K says:

    Just having Dwayne Johnson in the world makes my heart happy!

  10. swack says:

    Love me some Rock. What I like is that he does all kinds of different movies not just action movies. Him and LL Cool J just make my heart flutter!!!

  11. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I don’t know if I ever said this before–but seeing this post, and being near my godmother makes me think of it all over again—-

    My godmother LOVES The Rock. When I was little, she would watch him wrestling–that’s why she would watch it. And that’s ALL she watched. But anyway, she always told us that he was her boyfriend. And me, being young, gullible, and dumb completely bought it (even though we never ever saw him in real life, just saw him on tv).

    So for YEARS afterward, every time I would see him on tv, I would always run right up to the screen and yell ‘That’s Miss Renita’s boyfriend!’……my mom and godmother STILL laugh about that.

    I do love him though. He just seems like a genuinely sweet guy.

  12. eliza says:

    In my book, The Rock can do no wrong.

    I know few people liked or paid attention to Pain and Gain, BUT he was awesome in that movie. I LOL’d at most of his scenes.

    I hope his Hercules movie does well. He is one celebrity who really deserves hos success. He, by all accounts, is awesome to his fans and does a lot for charities.

  13. Darkladi says:

    This man bleeds funky cold medina. (Yes I went old school)

  14. Jh says:

    He is devastatingly charming and handsome. Also, his smile always makes me smile :)

  15. Ari says:

    The mold was broken with this man.

  16. dragonlady sakura says:

    I’d hit it see so hard, I’d break a hip!

  17. Happy21 says:

    He just seems like such a damned nice guy! I have never gotten any sort of ego trip from him or that he felt entitled or anything. He just seems so down to earth and grounded. Can’t help but love him for that alone but that being said he is one of those men who gets finer with age. 15 years ago I would have said EW! now I’d hit that all day every day ;)

  18. Jana says:

    Yeah not Captain Marvel anymore. His character is called Shazaam now. The only Captain Marvels are in the Marvel universe.

  19. kri says:

    if he is even half as nice as he comes off, he is awesome. I think what made me love him was his interviews, and that throwback pic.It was everything and more! I dig people who can laugh at themselves.

  20. pnichols says:

    I LOVE him. He’s always happy, humble and fun. Plus goooorgeous!!!

  21. Bread and Circuses says:

    He just seems like such a nice guy — funny, kind and level-headed.

    And apparently he really is. Years ago, when the WW(E? F? H? I dunno) came through town, the wrestlers came to my gym to work out. I wasn’t there at the time, but I talked to one of the staff afterward. Her comment was, “Yeah, a few of them were really nice, and some of them were okay, but most of them were complete @$$holes.”

    After I prodded her a bit more, it turned out that The Rock was one of the few “really nice” ones, and that he was particularly nice even among them.

  22. Emily C. says:

    I like men with muscles, but usually the body type Rock has is too much for me. However, I find him incredibly sexy. Maybe it’s because these huge muscle men are usually douches, but Rock is such a genuinely good guy.

  23. Ricci says:

    His smile is contagious! Yes he seems like a very likeable man, love that he plays kids movies too

  24. Caz says:

    Sigh. That goofy face just makes me smile. More actors should have his humility and niceness. Big F&F fans in our house…we will cry buckets at F&F 7.

  25. melain says:

    Awww. His cup runneth over….how adorable is that?! I love that he recognizes and appreciates the good in his life. And he doesn’t bitch about the work. He is the anti-goop.