Kim Kardashian posts photo of Kanye West sleeping, for all the side chicks


All of these photos are from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram except for one. The other photo is from Justin Bieber’s IG and it’s of Bieber and Lucifer’s Homegirl. Ah, yes. It was wise of Lucifer to join his two greatest allies in Ibiza. The prophecies are coming true. The End Times are upon us. Anyway, this is mostly about Kim and Kanye, actually. Kim left North West at home with… I don’t know, nannies or a television or something. Kim just had to jet off to Ibiza with Kanye so they could help celebrate Kanye’s BFF Riccardo Tisci’s 39th birthday. Riccardo and Kanye really are close friends, and I can only imagine that the entire Jenner-Kardashian Klan (minus North, Bruce, Khloe and Kourtney) was in Ibiza, partying it up. Justin Bieber was there too.

As for the header photo of a sleeping Kanye and a kat-faced Kim, Kim posted it with the caption, “Side chicks be like….” Ha, it’s funny because they had just attended a birthday party for Kanye’s boyfriend.

As for the Bieber-Lucifer’s Homegirl photo, Justin posted it to his IG with the caption: “@kendalljenner @kyliejenner who’s your daddy.” EWWWW. Ten bucks says that Bieber has banged both Kyle and Kendell. Gross.

Also – Kanye looks absolutely miserable standing next to Justin Bieber. I can’t wait to hear Kanye’s crazy word salad on why Justin Bieber is the new Charles Lindbergh, blowfish-styles.



Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. laura says:

    I bet Justin banged Kris too, that picture is beyond gross.

  2. RedMarine says:

    It’s so sweet that Riccardo & his boyfriend are wearing matching brooches over their heart!
    Must be true love.

    • LeahMommy says:

      I was reading this yesterday I didn’t notice until someone pointed that Kanye and Riccardo were wearing matching outfits! Lol. It’s corny but It IS really sweet. It’s nice that he has a good friend(?) in Riccardo.

      • swack says:

        Hope you’re being sarcastic as 30+ year old men dressing alike is NOT cute.

      • LeahMommy says:

        @Swack…I know it’s not normally cute when grown folks dress alike heck I don’t even like it when people dress their kids alike. But in this case I think it’s kind of endearing and funny since Kanye doesn’t seem to have any real friends. This tells me that he and Tisci are really tight to be dressing alike.

      • swack says:

        @LeahMommy – thanks for a further explanation of your thoughts.

      • Dommy Dearest says:

        If it was a male and female dressing alike would it be cute? Really throwing the side-eye at that comment. If two men want to dress alike I don’t see the issue.

      • Dinah says:

        Imma let you finish, but…
        I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that there has been so much speculation about Ye’s mental state ( delusions, rages, etc., etc.) that maybe he idealizes ( what he sees as) Tucci’s creative ability in fashion- clearly Ye has been trying to force peeps to see him as a fashionisto for quite some time… Tucci may be an obsessive focus for Krazy Kanye. I would seriously look at that angle versus the whole boyfriend thing. That just doesn’t sit well/true with me. And as for the whole Kimye thing, maybe kanye does /did love her/see her as the thing du jour… but I think the shine has worn off of ol’ Kimme for Ye. And I think for her, it was never about love, but more likely about social climbing/ media advancement. Especially sad, bc that baby is fu&@$d, either way. JMO.

      • Mixtape says:

        Is the guy in the ball cap also matching them?

    • lw says:

      Ha! That is the first thing I noticed about these pics, other than the ungodly amount of contouring makeup the Ks are all wearing. I do not know of any straight man who would purposefully wear matching outfits with another man at his birthday party. Actually I don’t know of any gay men who would do it either. They are more than besties. Kanye and Riccardo are in loooove.

      • Jules says:

        I know gay men who would wear matching outfits. Only gay men.

      • jessica6 says:

        My womanly primal instincts tell me Kayne is gay (nothing wrong with that, but don’t hood wink the world)…and…me thinks Justin plays for his own team, too. There’s a plausible theory about “straight” men who cover their bodies with tattoos.

      • Newyorking says:

        Actually my very straight husband and his best friend wore matching outfits to an event. They didn’t intend to match but it was a black tie event, they went to buy a tux together and ended up buying the same to avoid any hassles, and went to the event together. So while they didn’t intend to match, both are awful shoppers and will walk out with the first thing that fits, money-conscious, and they needed black tux, so that is what they did and were out in less than an hour with a very reasonably priced tux.

  3. swack says:

    Apparently Kanye and Tisci wore the same outfit to the party. Kim’s dress was hideous (too large – she just can’t get it right). Wasn’t it Tisci’s 40th birthday? Thought that is what I read elsewhere.

  4. Hissyfit says:

    Sleeping my ass! That photo is staged as hell! Lol.

    Kim’s face look scary!

  5. OhDear says:

    Dang, does she always have to have a full face of makeup on at all times?

  6. jessica6 says:

    Damn, Kim’s face is so hard I could do my ironing on it, or, use it as a scrubber when cleaning my sinks and bathtub/shower tiles with Ajax cleanser. And to think this “woman’s” claim to fame is urinating in a sex tape…and she receives accolades…dumb, down, dumber and downer goes and is the world.

    You know, in ten years time, practically nobody will know or remotely care who 90% of these “celebrities” are or were. Short shelf lives. Tick…tick…tick…

  7. Lilacflowers says:

    Kanye looks absolutely miserable sleeping.

  8. LAK says:

    1. For Kim K, if it hasn’t been selfied (can’t believe this is now in the Oxford dictionary!), it didn’t happen.

    2. So cute that Kanye and his ‘friend’ ;) wore brooches over their hearts BFF 4 EVA!!!

    3. That party had really random guests, then again celebrities will go anywhere for free.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    What does the side girls remark mean? I don’t get it.

  10. DailyNightly says:

    So, this idiot is admitting she is the “side chick” while Kanye and Ricardo wear matching outfits?
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kris looks like she is hoping the Toddler Bieber will do her!

  11. Kenny Boy says:

    Kim’s picture is funny because it’s mocking a photo one of Justin Bieber’s chicks took back around the time he was constantly going to brothels. I guess the reference was too subtle, which is the first time I’ve used that word about a Kardashian.

  12. TX says:

    “Kanye looks absolutely miserable standing next to Justin Bieber.”
    Nah, I think that’s just his face lol. He’s too much of a FASHION ARTIST to smile in pics. He’s the Walt Disney of not smiling in pictures. The Steve Jobs of looking miserable. We just don’t understand because we’re not as evolved. Sigh. Maybe we can be one day….

  13. Victoria 1 says:

    I thought she was letting Ricky know Kanye was tucked into bed safely or the world know they share a bed.

  14. lower-case deb says:

    Kim taking a quick snap while Ricardo is in the bathroom.
    Kanye pretending to sleep so he doesn’t have to explain himself.

    they are so cute!

    i can eat them with a spoon,
    and an antacid chaser.

  15. Sleepyjane says:

    A lot of “side chicks” do this. They will sleep with a woman’s boyfriend/husband, snap a pic of the dude sleeping in the selfied background, and sometimes even tag the main chick.

    It’s become a popular thing to do when sleeping with a rapper, pro baller, etc.

  16. Meme says:

    Is there no way to,be rid of these horrible useless overpaid overexposed wretched excuses for human beings?

  17. Dawn says:

    She is so awful. And I think Kris was speaking to Justin about Kendall and they simply posed for a snapshot. That “side” piece comment is just so sad of her that it made my eyes hurt as they rolled. All sites are now talking about Kendall and the Biebs and did they spend the night together NOT Kim and her slug KanYe West. And how long does Kim plan on milking the selfies with the fish pout lips? Old is old and she is getting so old and she is only 34. Too much info about her and him and they are on some site or another 24/7 and complain about the paps they call! I wonder how long the contract is for and fininally Kanye should just come out.

  18. jane16 says:

    Has kimmy had more plastic surgery since her wedding? She looks like V Stiviano in that selfie. Also, notice her neck is looking middle aged. Heh heh.

  19. Tracy says:

    That pic of Dweebs and Lucifer’s homegirl is nauseating.

  20. Kiddo says:

    I suppose this is her way of attempting to prove that he spends time in the marital bed.

  21. bettyrose says:

    There’s something so sweet and intimate about a bedroom picture involving hours of makeup prep.

  22. eliza says:

    The pictures. The clothing. The people = gross.

  23. word says:

    What about the pic of Kim and Paris? Kim had to make it known they are on speaking terms again after so many years. I wonder if Paris was able to recognize Kim…it’s been a long time and many many faces ago.

  24. Nicolette says:

    Do you think there is ever a moment when Kim is exhausted from the hours of hair and make up, the endless stream of selfies, the tiresome job of making herself seem so important when in fact she’s nothing?

  25. Nedsdag says:

    Pot call kettle. If anyone is the “side chick,” it is YOU, Mrs. West. When your husband and alleged lover are wearing the exact same outfit and brooch and he is serenading to him at the party, while you are wearing a dress that looks like a Hefty bag with a vinyl belt, well, who is the “side chick” in this case?

  26. Tiffany says:

    These two really are the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ of sincerity. To just got through life and not have anyone believe you are never sincere or genuine in any aspect of your life. Ugh.

  27. Leaflet says:

    I hate it when entertainer’s wives post shade messages on their phones or say nasty things publicly to their husband’s side dishes. Snoop Dog’s wife did this on camera before and now Kim K. is doing it. Kim is doing it to be cute and for attention. Snoop Dog’s wife did it because she loves her husband and was mad at all the women that were screwing her husband. So freaking annoying. Your anger is directed at the wrong person. Be mad at your hubby. Matter of fact, make him your ex-hubby. It’s like just leave the freaking dude. Get the child support and move on with your life. Find some other means to support yourself besides the child support. Profits you can make with your own hand and enjoy life. Who Knows? Maybe you will luck up and meet some man that is worthy of you and is truly monogamous. Kim K. has no excuse. She is wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. She can leave whenever she wants. She just married a freaking cheater. Then sends messages to the women who are “side pieces” to make them jealous. Shut up Fish face. I’m completely done with you.

  28. littlestar says:

    I can’t believe no one has commented yet on HOW MUCH Kim and Kris are starting to look alike! In the group photo, at first glance, I thought Kim WAS Kris *shudder*.

    Also, it’s funny because Kim IS Kanye’s side piece.

  29. Innie Outie says:

    This is true a “Ewww” fest.

    And for some reasons, I kept thinking of blast-ended skrewts.

  30. Why is this thread suddenly a woman’s rights forum? It was a joke comment. I take it none of the posters spend time on Twitter and IG?

    Gay Fish might be gay but I also think he’s too stupid to realize he’s with a Kardashian. The sad thing is while most of his declarations should come off as sweet and the fact that he married a Kardashian and is actively trying to elevate her into society (fashion society that is) is kind of also sweet, the thing that makes me step back and pause is that I truly think Kanye is having a Swann’s Way kind I moment. Kim’s his Odette. No matter what anyone says or thinks about her or her family he sees her as perfection. But not her as a person. She’s his Boticelli painting. It’s kind of sad actually. He’s in love with his (wrong) idea of what he thinks she is. Too clueless to see the truth.

    What’s worse is that I actually feel sorry for Kanye, and I hate feeling empathy for such an egotistical deluded asshat, because I doubt Kim cares about him beyond what he can do for her fame. If that was the case she would have gotten with him permanently after Reggie Bush, before that Football player and Kris Humphries and the bodyguard and whomever else she dated. After her stunt queen wedding she must have realized how negative the public reaction was and thought ‘crap find someone famous STaT!’ But remember no one wanted to hook up with her (that’s why she got stuck with a third tier NBA player like KH in the first place). The only person who would touch her with a ten foot pole when she and her family were finally crash and burning was Kanye. Yes I blame Kanye for her resurrection.

    And now I need to go and bleach my brain for putting far more thought into this than any sane person should.

  31. kri says:

    Fishface wakes up next to Cat Face…Fishface is lucky to be alive. She looks the cat that swallowed the Tisci.

  32. Mel says:

    Who ARE these people?!
    What have they done to be so ubiquitous and “interesting”?
    And why do they need to put everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in pictures for the world to see?

  33. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    Interesting timing.
    Kanye is so hetero lots o’ ladies want him. That is the message of this photo.

    You buying it?

  34. floridaseaturtle says:

    Side chicks? Wow…that never occurred to me.

  35. BermudaShortz says:

    She looks like a lizard about to eat his face off.

  36. Chris says:

    Tangential, I know, but….This selfie tomfoolery: how did it so completely overcome our general aversion to/shame of overt vanity? Pics of persons pouting/being skinny/sticking out tongue (to crush The Patriarchy)….a rhetorical question, just letting off steam here.
    …..It’s like some appalling crime has been decriminalised, and now everyone’s mincing around indulging in erstwhile unacceptable behaviour. We’re all doomed, I tell you!! OK, rant over. ;)

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      When I was a child, it was stressed constantly not to brag or say anything that might remotely be construed as bragging, about anything, on pain of death, even if it was true, even if someone asked you a direct question and you has to lie, do NOT brag, ever. I’m 57 and when I was in my 20s, it became ok in some circles to brag. Just outright brag, oh I make so much money, I’m a perfectionist, me me me. This was in the 80s, when greed was good. Polite, well brought up people didn’t do it, but you had to listen to a lot of it. Things stayed the same, maybe gradually getting worse, until Facebook, Twitter, etc., but I agree with you, it has just exploded. While pretending to be “social” or keeping in touch, people have gone insane. Don’t get me wrong – I love a cute picture of your baby or dog or whatever, but please, the pictures of yourself standing there looking at the camera, over and over? Such narcissism I have never seen. We are totally doomed, get off my lawn. LOL

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      As if the selfies aren’t enough, can we talk about the food photos? I do not want to see a photo of everything you eat or make. Please, stop.

      • Mojoman says:

        Where is the like button for this. I swear if there is one more food/plate pictures on my news feed, I will smash some plates! Or the taking pictures of their “birthday/christmas/anniversary” presents. Oh here is what my lovely hubby gave me for my special day *pic of tacky jewelry box with flower bouquet* EYE ROLL

  37. TG says:

    I just think it is funny the way Gayfish is sleeping with the covers up to his chin.

  38. Amy says:

    Ok this has been on my mind for some time. For many years now, Justin Bieber has been doing this weird constipated face in all his pictures. I don’t know if it’s his version of a smolder or what (and he’s not really doing it in these pictures so much) but he does this thing in which he squints his eyes and does this weird male pout. I’ve noticed Will Smith’s son Jaden does it too. Is that some kind of trend in the teen/young adult set?

    Also Justin’s shirt just makes me think of 90s club fashion for guys and I never actually saw A Night At the Roxbury but that is all I can think of when I stare at that shirt.

  39. Mischa Jane says:

    Kim’s obsession with herself is disgusting. An occasional selfie is fine, but she takes selfies to a whole other level! What a sad and pathetic person she is. She seems to only think about herself and superficial bullshit. LOOKATME LOOKATME LOOKATME, she is nauseating. I actually hate looking at her stupid smug face. Vapid, narcissistic twit. I can’t wait until her marriage implodes and she goes back to being on the gutter-list, where she belongs.

  40. lisa says:

    that kat face mask that she has had surgically cut into her face is scary.

  41. Carnivalbaby says:

    Nobody wants Kanye Kim…no sidechicks to be fearful of…ugh

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      and….Dark Crystal is ruined forever! Spot on! I just look at her face and shudder – for why would a young woman do that? There will be nothing left to pull in 30 yrs when she needs it. They will have to clone a spare Kardashian for parts (sorry, I gross myself out here but seriously, nothing would shock me from this clan at this stage).

      • trllontheloose says:

        once the products wear off they feel like it’s worse, they don’t recognize their “old self’. overhaul of a face, if one is not careful, can be out of control and they don’t know what they want to look like but they always think “they can improve something”. “oh wow, my eyelid doesn’t fall on my eye and my eyes seem brighter, but now my nose look like it’s too big, let’s shave it, oh now my mouth seems to be too thin, let’s pump it”..etc..etc…

  42. lucy says:

    Go to sleep, girl!


  43. roxy750 says:

    These people make me sick they are so full of themselves. Shame on them, its so tacky. Filthy. I wish they would go away