Kellan Lutz thinks Angelina Jolie should star in the girl version of ‘The Expendables’


Over the past few days, I’ve lingered over photos of The Expendables 3 cast for a few seconds here and there, trying to figure out if any of them were interesting enough to write about. I was only really paying attention to Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham though. Before today, I didn’t realize that the film also stars Wesley Snipes (!!!), Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford (!!) and other assorted old guys. Dolph is in there. So is Mel Gibson. And Arnold Schwarzenegger. But here’s the real shock: KELLAN LUTZ is in there too. THE Kellan Lutz. The Kellan Lutz who cannot stop Kellan Lutzing. Kellan Lutz is the biggest Kellan Lutz out there!!!

Anyway, I have a point. I’m not just going to write KELLAN LUTZ over and over again, although Kellan Lutz would probably love me forever if I did that. It seems that Sylvester Stallone confirmed, a few days ago, that the aging lady action-stars were also going to get their own movie and that it would be called The Expendabelles. YES. There are already casting rumors, something about Cameron Diaz and Milla Jovovich (she would do it) and maybe Sigourney Weaver (sure, why not). But when they asked KELLAN LUTZ, he had some ideas about which ladies should do it, because obviously Angelina Jolie cannot wait to work on this kind of project.

Kellan Lutz wants Angelina Jolie to star in ‘The Expendabelles’. The 29-year-old actor, who plays John Smilee in ‘The Expendables 3′, is very excited there is a female version of the action film franchise in the works and he would love to see the 39-year-old actress, Cate Blanchett, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel appear in the project.

When asked who he would like to see star in ‘The Expendabelles’ at the world premiere of ‘The Expendables 3′ in central London on Monday night (04.08.14), Kellan told BANG Showbiz: ”Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel … I mean there’s just so many, that could be in there.”

Kellan got to share the screen with an array of legendary Hollywood actors in ‘The Expendables 3′, such as Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, and Harrison Ford, and he particularly liked spending time with Sylvester and Jason Statham. He added: ”I love working with Sly but you know, Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas … they are just freaking studs, like they’re very fun to work with, very hilarious and Jason Statham’s just a badass so it’s very fun to hang out with Transporter and Crank, you know, he’s just a dude.”

[From Contact Music]

I’m surprised Kellan Lutz didn’t offer himself to all of the action ladies right there. And while Angelina Jolie is definitely known for ass-kicking, I think Cate Blanchett is kind of bizarre actress to name-check while discussing a project called The Expendabelles. Granted, if Helen Mirren can blast away bad guys with a machine gun in Red, I’m sure Cate Blanchett could do some kind of shoot ‘em up action flick too. Anyway… this is just a heads up. Kellan Lutz name-checked Angelina Jolie.

PS… How has Joe “I’m A Muscly Unicorn” Manganiello never been a part of these movies?


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Joe Alvarez & WENN.

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  1. Abbott says:

    Is the start of Kellan Lutz’s road to the Oscars?

  2. Elisabeth says:

    havent we suffered enough Kellan?

  3. Badirene says:

    At long last an acting vehicle that will team the talents of Biel and Blanchett. I hope Cate is not too sad about being overshadowed by a greater talent. (My eyes just rolled out of my head)

  4. Tig says:

    He seems pretty harmless to me- don’t exactly get all the scorn. These movies aren’t for me, but clearly they have an audience.

  5. Loopy says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool to get Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry,Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron, Lucy Liu. I WOULD SO WATCH!!!

  6. GeeMoney says:

    Actually, they’ve made a girl version called “Mercenaries” with Bridgitte Nielsen and Vivica Fox. The trailer is on You Tube.

  7. Rhiley says:

    He is freaking huge in a musclely, Lutzy kind of way. Kellan is probably feeling both happy that Dwayne the Rock Johnson has a Hercules movie out right now but also kind of confused because Kellan Lutz made a Hercules movie not long ago. But maybe the studios want to see more muscles. If they want muscles, Kellan has muscles. He has big, strong, Lutzy muscles. He and his roommate have been working out in their backyard and eating a lot of protein. Lean protein. No salmon or anything. Just chicken and protein shakes. And whole milk. Kellan loves whole milk. It reminds him of when he was a kid, wrestling cattle on the ranch in North Dakota.

  8. TheOriginalPuppy says:

    I’d rather see an all star female cast do an epic drama like Magnolia.

  9. Faye says:

    I thought Helen Mirren was so fun in “Red” – I’d love to see her in something like this.

  10. LAK says:

    I’ll bite……

    EXPENDEBELLES 80s old lady action stars

    1. Bridgitte Nielsen
    2. Linda Hamilton
    3. Grace Jones (I know, she was a Bond babe, but she was awesome)
    4. Cynthia Rothrock
    5. Michelle Yeoh (sp?)
    6. Pam Grier
    7. Tina Turner/Cher (to provide soundtrack in a male fantasy version of a dystopia outfit)
    8. Sigourney Weaver

  11. V4Real says:

    Angelina! I would run to see it. I don’t care what anyone says I love these kinds of movies. I love action , horror, comedy and comic book films. I saw the last two Expendables and I will be seeing this one. It makes me a bit Nostalgic for the action stars of yesteryear.

  12. PunkyMomma says:

    Please, Kellan, do Magic Mike XXL. Please? Beg if you have to, for a part, but please?

  13. Hyena says:

    Kellan lutz is harmless and loveable! We need more young male action type stars to get in there! They are all busy trying to be artsy fartsy types. I’m sick of the Andrew Garfield’s and the Jessie eisenbergs. Show me the lutz!

    Look at the career Channing Tatum made for himself- he was considered a Lutz just a few years ago and now he’s unstoppable!

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah, I like Kellen Lutz as well. Always have. He just does his own thing and also takes time to talk to people. Have not heard one story about him being obnoxious or being an a hole to anyone. If Bradley ‘Eyes of a Serial Killer’ Cooper can have a career and an Oscar nom, so can Kellen ‘I talk about myself in third person’ Lutz can.

  14. Ari says:

    I loved this movie so much LOL

  15. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    @Kaiser, who wrote: “And while Angelina Jolie is definitely known for ass-kicking, I think Cate Blanchett is kind of bizarre actress to name-check while discussing a project called The Expendabelles. Granted, if Helen Mirren can blast away bad guys with a machine gun in Red, I’m sure Cate Blanchett could do some kind of shoot ‘em up action flick too.”

    Did you not catch Cate Blanchett’s ass-kicking, German badness in the 4th Indiana Jones film, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?” :)

  16. FrenchLily says:

    I don’t really have an opinion on Kellan, but your comments cracked me up !

    I saw the first Expendables movie and thought it was awful ^^ But I would totally watch a woman version. And I want Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis in it ! Maybe Maggie Q (I loved her in Nikita). Maybe Jennifer Garner in a Alias-revival-mode ? And Linda Hamilton.

  17. TheRealMaya says:

    Angelina Jolie, Maggie Q, Kathy Bates, Sarah Michelle Geller and Lucy Lawless (Xena) – now that will be my dream team.

  18. Curious Cole says:

    We don’t need a “girl” film version – we need fathead film executives to realize there doesn’t need to be a film divide between the sexes! Imagine the big names combining forces for a kicka$$ action flick. The opening weekend alone would make accountants weak in the knees.