Kim Kardashian’s NYC August street style: flattering, tacky or tragic?


Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian out and about in NYC yesterday. Because that’s where we are in the gossip world today and I’m really just trying to keep afloat after yesterday’s tragedy. So, let’s talk about Pinocchio Butts and lies. Robin Williams would have wanted us to laugh, you know? Kim had at least two costume changes yesterday. The black outfit was earlier in the day, and I actually sort of like it, but that’s the ‘90s Girl in me talking. Every woman in the 1990s had a shirt exactly like that. You wore it with black boot-cut jeans and a black bra.

As for the other outfit… ugh. Kim wore that last night when she stopped by the Watch What Happens Live studio (I guess she did a pre-taped bit, because I can’t find any video online). I’ll give her something: the color is really beautiful. The design? Not so much. I don’t understand her obsession with cutouts, especially in her midsection. Anyway, the dress isn’t so bad from the front but it’s crazy-unflattering from the back and you can see how Kim is pretty much poured into it. So, overall… these outfits are far from the worst she’s ever worn. But that doesn’t mean they’re good. Or fashion-forward.

Incidentally, a source recently spilled some details about how Kanye adores Kim – allegedly, he’s always surprising her with gifts, mostly clothes and shoes. But he also leaves the studio in the middle of the day to bring her yogurt. Sure. When he’s in town. Because they usually aren’t even in the same city.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Jenny12 says:

    It’s really hot here; I don’t get why she’s dressing like this.

  2. don't kill me i'm french says:

    So many paps for a useless vain person

  3. Nicolette says:

    And meanwhile Nori is with her nannies playing with mommy’s make up brushes. Good times!

  4. Chris says:

    She’s wearing just the same daytime gear I wear when nipping out for cat litter ;) …..all black, plunging. sheer, bosom-revealing top, hobble skirt, mincing shoes. So relaxed and appropriate.

  5. Anna says:

    Have you guys seen the pics of her leaving the building in the black dress and the police officers outside are all staring at her behind? LOL
    I noticed Kim really likes to wear mid-calf length dresses and skirts, I find that style so awkward and uncomfortable.

    Do people really still think Kim, Kanye and Nori never spend time together? Cause I seriously see pictures on plenty of other sites. They were all just in San Fran together (Kanye picked them up from the airport and the pics were honestly really cute) and then Kim brought Nori to NYC.
    The jokes and “conspiracy theories” were kind of funny as first but now they’re just boring and a bit stupid since we’ve seen them together quite often. (Like when people tried to pretend that Kanye never actually went to Mexico and Kim made up that caption but the whole time there were pics on Instagram of all of them together lol)

    At least people stopped calling her “Ignori” that was so rude and uncalled for IMO

  6. G says:

    Ugh I can’t with her today. She’ll have a bolero tie on next.

  7. Syko says:

    If the clothes would only ever fit!

  8. Tiffany27 says:

    Isn’t it hot though? Does Kim own a pair of shorts?

  9. Dawn says:

    She passed tragic sometime last year. Now she is just consistently cheap, tacky and gross. Why anyone thinks that butt looks good on her is beyond me. I wonder how her back is going to be by the time she is 45 trying to hold up that caboose and walking in those high heels every single day.

  10. BendyWindy says:

    It looks like she’s got that HD makeup powder on her face and a bit on her legs. Yick.

  11. Vava says:

    So tired of seeing her cleavage, I just wish she’d cover it up FOREVER. And enough of the skin tight outfits, we don’t need to see every curve. It’s an assault on my eyeballs.

  12. Tracy says:

    Ugh… I love WWHL but won’t be watching tonight. Her voice is unbearable.

  13. Ag says:

    why in the world can’t she wear clothes that are in her size and actually fit her?

  14. YummyMummy says:

    Back fat rolls are accentuated in that dress. Yuck!

  15. PunkyMomma says:

    Tacky, tragic and tiring.

  16. Chris says:

    My phone screen’s pretty limited but can anyone see a ghostly Wallis Simpson behind Kim in the main pic? Surely pondering her own dictum about it being impossible to be too rich, given this result.

  17. Kemper says:

    She looks like a hooker in whatever she wears.

  18. Kay Miller says:

    My ass looks exactly the same from the side. I was working out the other day and feeling shitty about my giant ass. I wish I had her confidence.

  19. joy says:

    I live in the south and just seeing so many clothes on a person makes me hot.

  20. Kanye says:

    All three. Everything she wears makes it look tacky. Doesn’t matter if it costs thousands. And she’s so stupid. It’s hot and humid here and she’s covered up. I hope she’s sweating her silicon off. Then when she’s her in the cold months she’s wearing as little as possible and open shoes. She’s tragic, clueless, tacky and NOTHING flatters her. She doesn’t know how to dress.

  21. Purple Unicorn says:

    Kim is overreported, overrated, and her ‘fashion sense’ is tiring.

  22. Mingy says:

    Ugh! Dear Kim, go kick rocks.

  23. Monksolo says:

    Robin Williams passing makes me painfully aware of how worthless people like Kim K are. Couldn’t she take a break from whoring her ass out for a day?

  24. Mischa Jane says:

    I actually really like her black skirt. But once again it is a size too small, and she has to pair it with some tacky blouse that shows absolutely everything. I just don’t get why she wears sheer items in the daytime. That is most definitely a look for night.

    That reddish dress is fug. But at least she’s wearing color instead of some boring neutral.

  25. TX says:

    Tacky and tragic.

    I didnt even have to look at the pics to know lol she has the uncanny ability to make everything she wears look tacky.

  26. Skins says:

    Who the hell walks around dressed like that during the day? She looks like she is going to the prom or something.

  27. JudyK says:

    Street style…yeah, street corner style late at night.

  28. lukie says:

    Her a$$ no longer matches her legs and it is so over stuffed it had begun to droop.
    And that black outfit IS NOT NYC street style.

    I will take the second outfit over the first. The first one is hideous.

  29. Paris says:

    Do you remember LuAnn de Lesseps and her song?
    Kim, darling, money can’t buy you class!

  30. Leaflet says:

    I think I’m in the minority here, but she doesn’t look too bad to me.

  31. fan of angie says:

    Where on earth does she walk to every single day???

    • rudy says:

      She walks out of the hotel, into the car, and then back into the hotel from the car. Everyday. I bet she goes nowhere.

      The pictures of her holding Nori with matching outfits are a bit horrifying. She is turning that baby into herself. ugh. slicked back hair, all black outfits. She wears sky high heels holding the baby from the hotel to the car. Then I bet she dumps the kid on the nanny. Kim just wants to make sure we see her at least once with her girl.

  32. Lady says:

    I have no idea how people call her fat…

    I was wondering how she sits on that bum. Honestly. I have a flat bum so maybe I dont understand it but it must be nice to sit down and not feel your own butt bones. Is it comfortable? Is it cushy? Does your bum get numb like mine does if I sit longer than 15 mins? I am mesmerized by the concept of having a bum someone please explain what its like to me!

    • JudyK says:

      Well, I will tell you. My mom was tall and thin and had a FLAT bum; mine was always round like before-implants or whatever Kim’s. Even at 110 pounds, my then-husband looked at me one day walking across the room and smirked and said, “You have a fat ass.” Yes, we are now divorced. He’s rich, I’m not, and I wouldn’t go back to that for anything–I’d rather be homeless.

      And I’d much rather have a flat ass, but I don’t.

    • Jarredsgirl says:

      LOL, Lady… you’re funny XD

    • Ange says:

      LOL well I have a Kim K butt without having to try and I guess it’s pretty comfy. I notice though that at night lying on it I do have something of an upward arch around the mid-section…..

      I love it though. It’s one of my better assets, although it’s scary to think what it will look like when it drops!

  33. SnarkGirl says:

    I wonder what designers think of her wearing their clothes, and making them look so cheap & tacky. Is it a case of ‘any press is good press’?

    Personally, if I were a designer I would refuse to sell the Kartrashian clan anything. Not even a pair of socks. No way would I want my name associated with that bunch!

  34. Fan says:

    Actually she would look good if she only would trim that butt and boobs. The reason for that because she is not tall.

  35. ang says:

    Everything about her is tacky and tragic

  36. jwoolman says:

    Serious question: How does she manage going to the toilet when wearing such clothes?

  37. Limey says:

    Tacky is a nice word – this gal could not get any trashier! Too bad she doesn’t have just a teeny tiny bit of taste – she certainly has the money to dress well!! Very sad excuse of a woman!