Charles Barkley is going to jail

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Retired NBA superstar Charles Barkley has been sentenced to 10 days in jail for two counts of DUI. According to the court documents, Barkley will only be required to serve five of those days if he completes an alcohol education program. Barkley was also given a $2,000 fine. He probably drops more cash than that in a single night at the strip clubs. Ah, celebrity justice.

Hope they’ve got XXXXL jumpsuits in AZ, ’cause Charles Barkley is officially going to jail.

Barkley just pleaded guilty to 2 counts of driving under the influence and pleaded “responsible” to running a stop sign for the December 31st incident in Scottsdale.

Barkley was sentenced to 10 days in jail — but will only do five if he completes an alcohol education program. Barkley was also fined $2,000.

Barkley will begin his sentence on March 21 — but it’s unclear if he will serve time in Arizona’s famed Tent City Jail, where they make the inmates wear pink.

As for the gun cops say they found in Barkley’s car on the night of the arrest — no charges were ever filed.

[From TMZ]

Since his DUI arrest, Barkley managed to keep his job on the TNT network as an NBA commentator and has apologized multiple times for the incident. In a live broadcast following the arrest, Barkley told viewers, “Clearly everybody knows I got a DUI. That’s unacceptable, 100% my fault. I screwed up, I made a mistake, I’m sorry, I apologize.” It does appear that he’s willing to accept the consequences for his stupidity- but I can’t help but wonder if he’d be getting off so easily if his name wasn’t Charles Barkley.

Charles Barkley is shown on 7/20/08 at Ante up for Africa. Credit: WENN
celeb poker rio 2 020708

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8 Responses to “Charles Barkley is going to jail”

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  1. mojoman says:

    Oh Charlie, you knuckle head!!

  2. mel says:

    Not sure about getting off because he’s a former NBA player. If you remember Marv Albert another TNT analyst was also suspended for having some rough n kinky sex and his jail sentence was suspended. He had to go away for about a year or so but he’s back on TNT or maybe it’s NBC. Anyway he didnt spend one day in jail is my point.

  3. adrseq says:

    he seems very self centered and destructive, and I can never like a man who cheats on his wife.

  4. T-tone says:

    the problem is not that he is a celebrity…the drunk driving laws in this entire country are a joke which is why it still happens as much as it does.

  5. D.R. says:

    Of course he gets a slap on the wrist because he’s famous. Plenty of other people get DUIs and go to jail for years. Of course, basketball fans really don’t care. Fans of athletes in general don’t care. They’ve become as shallow and nasty as the idiots they worship.

  6. Gracie says:

    I know a guy who works for the State Police Union. He said that in IL, a DUI will cost you 15K. ACK!

  7. RaraAvis says:

    He wanted to run for governor of Alabama, didn’t he? If time in jail puts a stop to that, then justice is served.

  8. Mark says:

    Any other alcoholic law-breaker would have to go to jail. Why shouldn’t he? Let’s hope he’s hit his bottom.