Kim Kardashian pocketed $400K from her ‘charity’ auctions last year


Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian and her nephew Mason Disick out and about yesterday in Calabasas. Auntie Kim took Mason to see TMNT, which… I don’t know, it seems like Mason is too young for TMNT, right? But don’t look at me. When I was Mason’s age, I was watching Beverly Hills Cop (which I still love). This is Kim’s “downtime” ensemble and it’s pretty unflattering, like everything she wears. Kim always makes me feel good about how I look in jeans.

Meanwhile, Radar says that Kim’s “charity Ebay auctions” have become a very lucrative side-project, garnering nearly half a million for Kim and only $44,000 for charity. Sounds… pretty typical for a Kardashian:

From video games to makeup lines and a new selfie book, Kim Kardashian will try anything to make a buck — and that includes giving back to charity. For years, the reality star has overseen a thriving eBay retail store of her used clothing, giving just 10% of the proceeds to charity. She’s defended her stance, but new tax documents obtained by reveal that in 2013, that added up to just over $44,000 for one of her favorite charities — and nearly half a million for herself!

In December 2013, Kardashian bragged about giving 10% of November proceeds to Life Change Community Church, a ministry founded and supported by her mom, Kris Jenner.

And though Kardashian’s financial records are private, and the church, as a tax-exempt organization, does not keep public records, Radar has uncovered 2013 tax documents from the company that processes charitable giving on eBay, revealing a glimpse of how much Kardashian gave, and how much she kept to herself.

According to the Paypal Charitable Giving Fund tax documents, Life Change Community Church received $44,917 from eBay sales in 2013. What was Kardashian’s cut?

She’s said, “When the eBay numbers get broken down, the auction management agency that posts for me gets a percentage for all their hard work, then, eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees, etc, all add up to about half the sale. Then I give 10% to charity.”

That means that in 2013, based off the amount Life Change received, the total amount of the sales could be roughly $898,340, making Kardashian’s final cut as much as $404,253. (While portions of sales could have come from other eBay members, Kardashian is by far the most prominent.) Siblings Kylie and Kendall Jenner send a portion of their proceeds to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which received $26,831 in 2013.

[From Radar]

I had totally forgotten about the Kardashians’ shady-ass church and that church’s shady charity scheme. I’m all for giving to local charities and if you want to tithe, go ahead. But I’ve read some stuff about Kris Jenner’s favorite church and the whole thing seems rather… um… well, let’s say I doubt everything is above-board with the church. As for Kim’s “charity auctions” and the actual numbers of how much she gives to charity… it’s about what I expected. My take is she doesn’t need to give anything to charity, that’s her prerogative, but don’t proclaim to do these big “charity” Ebay auctions then. Just say you’re auctioning your stuff and state clearly that 10% of the profits will go your shady church.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. QQ says:

    She is living, walking, breathing Pond scum

      • FLORC says:

        I usually try to defend Kim here. Because this place really forgets people are people and mindlessly insult them. Even their children. Casting their own personal feelings on to children.

        These threads are an great example of how we remove ourselves from guilt and freely attack for the sake of it.

        With that said, this is wrong. She didn’t steal from a charity, but she didn’t donate the full amount others spent assuming their funds would go to a cause.

        AND with THAT said read the fine print people! Most charitable deeds and organizations do this. This is shockingly common practice with charities. Some can donate as little as they want per percentage of each donation/sale.
        I hope people take a step back from raining hate on Kim and understand she’s doing what most charities are doing. Covering overhead and paying themselves.

        Shame on her and shame on them.

      • Bridget says:

        Don’t forget that a lot of the stuff that the Kardashians sell on eBay was gifted to them in the first place. This is just so icky.

      • Ag says:

        @FLORC – not sure i get what you’re saying. “she’s doing what most charities are doing”? of course charities have overhead, advertising costs, and all sorts of expenses which, sadly, eats into the money that they spend on “doing good.” but kim isn’t a charity. she’s a giftor to a charity. she can’t be compared to a charity and that charity’s overheard and other expenditures.

        if this was kim donating to some local (or national or international) charity, that’s above-the-board and recognized for its good deeds – awesome, whatever percentage she chose to donate. but she is “donating” this money to her mom’s private tax-exempt piggy bank. THAT is the issue.

      • FLORC says:

        Even people who gift items for charities to sell for profits/donations can act as more of consignment than full donations.
        And it’s very well known PMK’s “charity” is a way to launder money. Other more well known charities do the same. Sadly, they’re private so nothing can really be done.

        And with this specific case. I think we”re missing a piece of the puzzle for gossip sake. Kim is overhead. This whole family is on the payroll of this “charity”.

        I’m not even going to complain about this because it’s a buyer beware case. Or for this case, donor beware. I just hope a lesson is learned. Research the charity before donating. If it’s a charity auction think if what you’re buying is something you want for the price you’re paying without donation in mind. Especially if you haven’t researched the charity.

      • Ag says:

        @FLORC – i get you now. interesting point about kim and the entire family being the overhead. sigh. these people. and i agree – buyer beware, but you just know that most people are skimming the fine print and their good intention is to give to charity while buying some of her crap. it’d be a better business practice for ebay to have the percentage that goes to the charity from an auction really prominent. sort of like a consumer protection.

      • FLORC says:

        1st. Thanks for having a civil back and forth with me here. It’s very rare and appreciated.

        I view this family very honestly. They are what they appear to be. And their fortune is built through their own hustle. Because they appear as a very dishonest group lead by PMK people should know better than to donate in any way.

        Outside of donations they aren’t taking anyones money. They earn it. Some might disagree with the quality of what they offer in return, but they don’t have to watch, buy, or be a part of what they offer. If this family was ignored the money would stop. Which is why you might see me here asking people why. Why come here and complain when any attention negative or positive, feeds the beast. That, and no one should be called the awful things said here. No one should wish ill upon anothers children or unborn. The malice that gets supported here is unreal. People approving of hate and praising for it.

        Regarding ebay and auctions for charity. I agree! I worked for a non-profit charity for a few years. They’re absolutely terrible. Donations aren’t handled properly, are lost, never accounted for. I could rant at length over this corrupt system. Instead I left and only donate my time and energy to charities. And only money when I know exactly where the money goes.

      • Sassy says:

        Wouldn’t the IRS be investigating the sham “church of Kris” if she is taking writeoffs unscrupulously?

    • GirlyGirl says:

      How does this surprise anyone?

      The whole family is scummy, no secret

      • Sooloo says:

        No doubt. At first I was totally indifferent to the idea of a Kardashian – proud to say I’ve never seen the show, I don’t buy mags with them on the cover (or anywhere inside), I don’t have a clue what they actually sound like. But with every story, every staged photo op, every declaration that she/they is/are good at heart I’m blown away by how little these people contribute to society or its overall good, yet how much they reap. We all see that the family clearly is invested in public opinion about them (how Kim makes sure to talk about the baby when people start slamming her for never spending time with the child, how they jump on members of the public who leave comments on their Twitter/Instagram feeds) yet they’re evidently completely oblivious to the idea that much of our disgust goes deeper than simply being turned off by the excessive vanity and vacuousness. These people are straight-up TRASH, low-class, absolutely worthless.

  2. Renee says:

    How much f*cking money do you need????

  3. Loopy says:

    I mean the amount of greed and money hunger these people display is shocking, yeah many people like/want and of course need money but they behave like thirsty sharks. I also remember there was something dodgy with Khloe and Lamar’s ebay store.

  4. Kiddo says:

    Okay, she is awful, but who buys this shit, literally and figuratively? Those people might actually be worse than the Ks.

    • Clever hand says:

      I’m not being condescending at all. But the only people I ever saw watch/enjoy the Kardashians are my husband’s nieces, who came for a visit. They both dropped out of school and don’t seem to have any media awareness at all. I also caught them watching snooky and j wow and making comments that made it clear they think the show is 100% real.

    • gefeylich says:

      Exactly – they’re horrible because they WANT to be like the Kartrashians and so are dumb enough to “support their charity” in order to get Kardashian Krap. Fools and money, etc.

  5. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    It’s 100 degrees in the shade and Kim is wearing clothing we in Wisconsin would wear in November, right down to the nylon bar jacket.

    As for the charity percentage, some things are so predictable and this is one of ‘em.

  6. Ag says:

    Wait… So the 10% goes to her mom’s tax-exempt “church”? Hahaha! So, the money basically goes back, tax-free, to the Kardashians? Tax evasion, anyone? For that, she should “donate” 100% of the profits to “charity.” But I guess the IRS would be more likely to go after a taxable half a million than 44k.

    These people, man…

  7. Victoria1 says:

    with the countless shopping and doing nothing but lunching I bet these people are not as “wealthy” as they want us to believe, thus spawning shady churches, charities, etc. I’m just counting down to the E! True Hollywood Story of when they go bankrupt and all the memoirs, etc they will be shilling. I will have my white cheddar popcorn ready

  8. msw says:

    Disgusting. I am actually viscerally disgusted. That is such a huge amount of money to a non profit, especially when you consider she took almost all the proceeds and left them with such a small percentage. That’s what, one golden sh*t tower? How can a person with millions of dollars reconcile this behavior?

    When is that rocket to the sun taking off?

  9. Mel M says:

    Typical. If I ever found out one of my friends bought that selfie book, well we wouldn’t be friends anymore. Anyone who spends money on that thing needs help.

  10. dorothy says:

    Sleazy, greedy women. And some poor souls look up to these people?? I would guess the majority of people are disgusted by them.

  11. db says:

    she’s a crook, imo. It’s painfully obvious her charity auction is fraudulent.

  12. Leaflet says:

    I think that as long as she states up front how much will go to charity, so that buyers can see this number, I’m fine with it. The other condition is that we know what the charity supports, meaning exactly what kind of charity work is being done. The I leave it up to the donors’ discretion on what they want to do since the money is going to charity.

    • Bridget says:

      It’s fairly misleading, since they refer to it as a “charity auction” and hide the 10% part in the fine print.

      • Michelle says:

        It is EXTREMELY misleading. She also gets more free publicity about what a good person she is when these events take place. People are willing to pay more for items they think are going to help a good cause, not line these scammers pockets.

      • word says:

        @ Bridget

        I agree. They put “10% goes to charity” in very small print. Most people probably don’t even read the small print. 10% is the minimum amount required by Ebay to legally call it a “Charity Auction”. Ebay is to blame as well. They need to up that number by quite a bit. But Ebay is a business and wants to make money as well. Kim, with all the money she makes, you’d think she would give more than that. Especially since A LOT of the clothes/items she sells on Ebay is stuff she got for FREE. She even tried to sell a t-shirt she got for free from the “Bonnie Hunt” show (cancelled a few years ago). Can you believe it? I think she was selling it for 20 bucks and 10% of that went to charity.

  13. Maria says:

    i dont think any movie will do damage to a boy who grew up in that environment.

    it sounds sketchy as hell. you are not forced to donate to charity, thats why its called charity in the first place but it sounds like its uhm creative.

  14. NotinKansasAnymore says:

    I’ve never minded how much money Kim makes for things such as her video game. I may not want to participate but at least the earnings feel legit. But taking money out of a charity’s pocket when you have so much already? That’s just greedy and wrong.

  15. sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

    I felt like saying something really nasty but she’s not even worth the effort… just going to forget she exists…

  16. Amy says:

    1. If you are wondering whether a charity to which you are considering making a donation is on the up & up, this is a good place to start:
    2. I am surprised that anyone is surprised by this.

  17. InvaderTak says:

    Well if that’s bad, we ought to all be just as outraged at a lot of other “non profits”. That seems about par for the course as far as big organized “charity” fund raising goes. How many charities (also non profit and tax exempt) pay their board members 6 figure salaries that come from donations? Lots of them. I’ll be outraged when their “church ” starts getting tax dollars as donations. Til then whatever; other people can do what they want.

  18. pandabird says:

    It was hot yesterday and she wore THAT?! Yikes!

  19. zuzu says:

    Well, I know to qualify as a non-profit, it only has to donate a fairly small percentage to the charity. In this day and age of information, you can check up on charities to see which ones donate how much or all to the actual charity.

    Does anyone really expect a Kardashian to give more than the minimum, legal amount?

  20. Snappyfish says:

    A family full of grifter’s

  21. Dawn says:

    This isn’t news. She has been doing this for years as are the rest of the clan. Now when it comes to giving I believe that it is up to each of us to decide if we want to give or not. But I do take offense when some pretends to be so into charity giving and it turns out to be just one more lie in a long list of lies.

  22. TheCountess says:

    It is no surprise that she is her own biggest charitable cause.

    That Kris Jenner was able to get a tax exemption for her b.s. “church” should be enough to wake people up to the fraud that is the IRS tax exemption for religious organizations (if Scientology’s having one as well hadn’t already done it).

  23. Lau says:

    is anybody really surprised by this?

  24. Michelle says:

    What ever happened with Khloe and Lamar’s boys camp “charity”?

  25. lucy2 says:

    I find it funny she tries to act like such a big chunk is going to all the ebay and paypal fees. If they were to sell something for $500 at an auction, the ebay fees would be $36.65 and paypal fees would be $14.80. That’s a little over 10% at most.
    Also, 10% is the MINIMUM you can donate to charity. You can donate up to 100% of the proceeds from a sale.

    For some stupid reason, people are actually buying their stuff (though who else could wear those horribly altered clothes?) and a lot of money is coming in. They could have used this opportunity to really support a great cause, instead they’re throwing pennies at “charity” which is really PMK’s “church” (translation tax avoidance plan).

    • Ag says:

      yeah, total tax shelter/money laundering operation.

      you brought up something interesting – who would wear the altered clothes? i mean, i could see how someone would buy a bag or a pair of shoes (although i can’t see why they would), but clothes that have been altered to fit someone? that’s weird.

  26. word says:

    The paps just happened to know what movie theater they were going to? OK. I thought paps weren’t allowed to take pics of children anymore? I still forget she has a child of her own. It seriously shocks me every time I’m reminded she has a daughter.

    Also, why aren’t Kourtney and her fam staying at PMK’s house instead of a hotel? I’m sure her insurance is paying the hotel bill but wouldn’t you want your kids somewhere more comfortable? PMK’s house is almost empty. Kendall has moved out. It’s just PMK, Kylie, Kim and North, with occasional visits from Kanye. Also, Khloe has a huge mansion all to herself, they could stay there. I don’t get it.

    • jwoolman says:

      Kourtney would probably rather live in her car than bunk in with her Demon Mother. It’s always been obvious that Kourtney can’t stand the woman and barely tolerated being in the same room with her for the show. Kourtney is the oldest and remembers everything her mother did to her dad and the other kids and her. The diary revelations by her dad’s widow were very consistent with the reactions of Demon Mother’s kids even today as adults. Explains a lot.

  27. rlh says:

    The word for them is Grifters.

  28. Sally Tomato says:

    I doubt that I will articulate this as well as I would like to but here goes… This isn’t about Kim in general but I never understood how someone cleans out their closet, charges someone to buy their cast-offs, donates money they never really had and then earns praise for being altruistic. Don’t get me wrong, the gesture is thoughtful but does $$$ ever come out of their own pockets?

  29. Nedsdag says:

    No surprise.

    After all, she’s a Kardashian, right?

  30. Monksolo says:

    I’m sure she’ll spend it wisely lol

  31. Hot Farts says:

    She really sticks on one note doesn’t she. She will wear the same jeans every time she is “casual” over and over—even us peasants have more than one jean selection—and what is she covering under that jacket she’s worn over and over in the 98 degree heat? I wonder if she bathes(?)

  32. Hot Farts says:

    NEXT UP:

    The Feds finally move in and make seven arrests in a five year investigation/sting of a family chalking up $50MIL plus in tax evasion scheme…film at 11

  33. jwoolman says:

    She took Mason to the movie because she needed a photo to distract from the charity story… Really, her sister complained a long time ago that she only spent time with Mason to use him for Instagram photos. Guess Kim couldn’t figure out a way to work “who the heck are you?” Nori into a new pic. Mason, on the other hand, is old enough to be bribed.