Lindsay Lohan still has credit cards (?!) but they were declined at 1Oak, of course

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Here is an Instagram photo Lindsay Lohan posted a few days ago and then deleted a few hours later. Lindsay posed with her Mean Girls mentor Tina Fey. The same Tina Fey who always defended (and perhaps still does) Lindsay as an actress and as a person, regardless of the mountain of crack shenanigans and cracktastrophes (Mount Cracken, if you will). So, why did Lohan post the photo and then delete it? Did Tina Fey demand it? Or did Lindsay preview something that was supposed to be top-secret? Vanity Fair says that Lohan and Fey were probably doing a reunion photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly and maybe EW shut it down. Because everything Lindsay touches turns to crack, basically. EW just wanted to do an exclusive and top-secret reunion shoot and LL crack-blocked them.

Meanwhile, Page Six reported yesterday that A) Lindsay still somehow (????) has credit cards and B) those credit cards are all overdrawn, obviously. Lindsay tried to pay the bill at 1Oak and her card was declined:

Will Lindsay Lohan ever get good credit? The starlet, who is soon about to work again in a London production of David Mamet’s “Speed-the-Plow,” was dismayed when her credit card was declined at 1Oak in Southampton on Saturday night.

In a rare move, Lohan was attempting to pay the $2,500 bill for her table and bottles of vodka, when her card was rejected.

A source said, “Lindsay freaked out when her card was declined. Her friends and others in her group had to chip in to cover the bill.”

Bartenders and servers take note, Lohan makes her London West End debut on Sept. 24.

[From Page Six]

I still find it hard to believe that Lindsay still has credit cards. How is that possible? That’s the most unbelievable part of this story. She’s literally millions of dollars in debt, she keeps getting kicked out of houses and apartments, she’s a crack-horder without a real home and whatever money she gets goes straight up her nose. And I bet she has a black Amex too. What the s—t?

As for the other details… of course she’s partying at 1Oak. I remember that earlier this year the 1Oak manager was trying to get the Cracken permanently banned because she’s such a mess. I guess the ban didn’t hold. And so much for staying in London for rehearsals, I guess. I hope the understudy realizes that she’s going to be doing almost all of the performances. Theatre-goers will hear an off-stage crack squawking, then crack-shrieking, then Lindsay will just sleep it off backstage while the understudy does the part.

Oh, and this was in Page Six this morning:

She appeared at Up & Down on Monday, where sources tell us she insisted on doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the middle of the venue, using two Champagne buckets.bbWhile the former OWN star did drench herself with ice water, unfortunately nobody appears to have been focused enough to catch it on video for the ensuing social media blitz.

Tuesday night, Lindsay was back in action at 1Oak in Chelsea, where a huge commotion kicked off after she sat herself at the “high-roller table,” and then “was furious when the person who had a reservation for the table arrived and she was asked to move. She stormed out of the club.”

[From Page Six]

OMG, does it get anymore Classic Cracken than that?


Photos courtesy of LL’s Instagram & Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m sure she stormed off before paying her tab or tipping the long suffering waitstaff

  2. Aussie girl says:

    On the bright side at least she tired to pay….,

  3. Kori says:

    The Instagram filter is definitely her friend. That’s one of the nicer recent photos of her–compare with the overly-bronzed mess down the page.

    But that’s hilarious if she tried to do the IBC and no one got in on film! Because you know more likely than not she’s not donating money either way so why get the publicity for it.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      But even the filter can’t hide the bruises and what looks like burn marks on her hands.

      • embertine says:

        Agreed. I do a fair bit of gardening and I’m not the most graceful of people, so I do have bruises, scratches and mozzie bites on me fairly frequently. But this woman always has bruises and scrapes – often on her hands and arms, consistent with someone who falls down a lot. As I know from my family history, a lot of alcohol-related deaths are due to accidents, not disease.

      • Kori says:

        You can’t see her hands in the Instagram photo.

        But, yes, scrolling down to the non-Instagram photo, you can definitely notice her hands. Yikes. I went and looked after your comment. That was in the overly-bronzed mess I made reference to but I hadn’t even noticed her hands there at first.

        And not just burns or bruises–the fingers look swollen and misshapen. Not healthy.

      • FLORC says:

        I bruise easily and always have unexplained scratches. Or rather, I know how and where I got them. I just didn’t know it when it happened.
        In Lindsey’s case I think she has a vitamin/nutrition deficiency. Also, she’s stumbling drunk.

        Oh Tina. You are so wonderful seeing only the best in people. I can’t hate for that.

  4. Jules says:

    Why does she insist on sticking one of her filthy nicotine stained fingers in her mouth with those hemorrhoidal inflamed lips? It’s so sexy, said no one ever……………

  5. MrsBPitt says:

    Thats a nice pic of Tina and Lindsay…but it’s funny that they look about the same age…

  6. Lucy2 says:

    Look at her buckling down and rehearsing- if rehearsing means spending thousands on vodka at clubs on a different continent.
    I’m guessing she took the photo down because a lot of people probably responded saying she looked older than Tina!

    • Mandy says:

      Her Instagram comments are pretty much all complimentary, and sickeningly so. “Lindsay you are so beautiful! You will always be a star.”. I really think it plays a large part in her delusions, these sycophants who will never tell her the truth.

  7. Josefa says:

    Sigh. I can relate to Tina. I used to defend Lindsay a lot back then, too, until the whole thing just went totally out of control. I thought it was just a party girl phase, but nope… even if she grows out of it (which wouldn’t happen soon), she’s already made permanent changes to her body. She’ll never recover her career. And to think she was once promising…

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I don’t think you’re alone in that. I think a lot of people were rooting for Lindsay but she’s just squandered so many opportunities that it’s virtually impossible to believe that she’ll recover her career at this point.

      • FLORC says:

        It could happen. The only 1 I can currently think of off the top is RDJ. He was really a mess. Lilo style mess. Although, he had talent. I enjoyed parent trap, mean girls, and a few others from her, but she wasn’t terribly talented. Pretty face, sizable following, but not enough talent to have a comeback like RDJ.

        I’m only rooting for her at this point because if she doesn’t get her life together someone will get hurt as a direct result of her issues.

      • swack says:

        @FLORC – RDJ also spent 3 years in prison which was most likely his low and a big reality check. RDJ also wanted to get better which Lindsay doesn’t seem to care if she does or doesn’t. She talks the talk but never walks the walk.

      • Josefa says:


        The only character Lindsay would be beleivable in at this point would be herself, and even then producers (and most of us) would rather someone good looking. Case in point: Emma Roberts in AHS. I’m no fan of her but I thought she was hilarious (in a good way!) in the role.

        I think Lindsay could’ve had the career of Emma Stone if things went right, perhaps more comedy-oriented. She’s no Cate Blanchett but I did find her very charismatic before. Her songs were catchy, too, even if her career never took off. Watching the video of Confessions of a Broken Heart is so bizarre now =S.

      • FLORC says:

        Addicts can hate getting high, being high, and themselves and also do and say whatever it takes to get their fix.
        RDJ over time beat it. And has people in his life that would be heartbroken if he relapsed. And he loves them enough to not do that to them.

        Lindsey only has enablers. She needs to do hard jail time. I think when cut off in prison and not posh rehab the sycophants will go for greener pastures and she’ll be forced to clean up.

        I think they’re the same in many ways. Lindsey has social media to vent and connect. And that’s not a good thing.

        I couldn’t enjoy Emma Roberts in AHS and i’m not excited she’s back for Season 4. I think that’s because of her fiance since some rumors were she had a diva sized chip on her shoulder to everyone except the main cast and Murphy.
        And i’m all too aware i’m watching Emma Roberts playing a character that acts like Emma Roberts.

        And I liked her songs too! If she was clean she could have maintained moderate and consistent success. No Oscars, but live very well.

      • wolfpup says:

        I understand your point FLORC, but I wouldn’t wish jail on anyone – that place seems very inhumane! Lindsey needs a reality check, but until she wants her life to be improved, she’ll keep on going; apparently all’s well, as far as she is concerned, and we should just let her addiction ruin her life, until she bottoms out. Some people have to go down, before they are able to see that they have a problem. The media should shut down about her. That would bother her a lot more than everyone’s concern has seemed to mean.

  8. eliza says:

    The funniest part about one of these stories was the line “The former OWN star….” Hahahaha! Yes, run that by Oprah that Lindsay was the star of the network.

  9. NewWester says:

    The only way she could still have credit cards is if there is a primary card holder who gave Lindsay her own card. Maybe they were declined because the “friend” who gave her the cards has cancelled the account?

  10. Stoner says:

    She knew all along that credit card was no good.

  11. Brin says:

    How is she rehearsing for her London play doing her crack routine over here?

  12. swack says:

    You’d be surprised who can get credit cards sometimes. That said, I think rehearsals start on Aug. 25 so she still has time to party. Don’t worry, she’ll be there and on time. She really means it this time. And as I tell my grandchildren . . . you’re actions speak louder than words and I want to see action not hear empty words.

  13. K.B. says:

    This is part of her scam. She racks up a huge bill knowing she can’t pay it, and then gets someone else to pay it and acts embarrassed. She just pulled this stunt a few months ago in an NYC clothing store. Grifters gonna grift!

    Also, Tina Fey is disgusting. She’s going to defend Lindsay’s antics, but she’s one of those feminists who judges women who don’t live the way she thinks they should live. Remember her rant about Bombshell McGee (or whatever that woman’s name is) on SNL? I feel bad for her daughters should they not grow up to act and think the exact same way Tina does.

  14. truthful says:

    This is hilarious, especially the part about her going overboard and using two buckets of ice for the ALS challenge and no one filming it, LOL. heehee..

    I read something about her last week, she was sleep in a club and she was the last to leave–she had to be awakened cause she had basically just passed out…and no one cared, smdh.

  15. wolfpup says:

    Lindsey is OLD news. I really do not understand why she thinks that she is so hot – she really does. Why? There are more gifted and talented women, who are way more beautiful that she.

    It’s like seems that she is stuck in “college party days”, and she is too old for that…looking kind of silly with her lowlife friends. I see zero dignity.

  16. Bess says:

    It’s going to be very interesting when the rehearsals for “Speed The Plow” begin. I predict she’ll be late most of the time and unprepared all of the time.

  17. jwoolman says:

    She will probably miss the first rehearsal because (pick one):
    1) She overslept and missed her plane.
    2) She still has to do community service.
    3) She has a probation violation hearing.
    4) She is in jail for another shoplifting charge.
    5) She is in rehab to avoid jail.
    6) The dog ate her passport again.
    7) She is in jail because she ran over an elderly nun.
    8) She is in hiding because she ran over Oprah.

  18. iheartjacksparrow says:

    Wasn’t she sued several years ago by a credit card company for not paying?

  19. Kate2 says:

    Even in that photo, she looks older than she is. Look at the bags/wrinkles under her eyes. Tina is almost 20 years older and she has less wrinkly eyes.

  20. Jem says:

    She honestly looks like she can’t get close enough to Tina in that picture, as if she’s all “OMIGOD A REAL BONEFIDE FAMOUS PERSON IS MY FRIEND” or maybe she’s just trying to edge her out of the picture…

  21. Chris says:

    She always looks ‘smeared’ somehow! Her lips are perhaps badly ‘improved’ or her lipstick’s smudged, but pretty much every photo gives the impression of griminess.

  22. Boromir's Bytch says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she had trouble getting a work visa for the UK considering her past criminal history.

  23. DrMrsTheMonarch says:

    I count no less than three bruises on her arms in various stages of healing. Is that the result of severe alcohol abuse, or…? Creepy.