“Liberty Ross has nothing but love & compassion for Rupert Sanders” links


Liberty Ross has “nothing but love, respect & compassion” for Rupert Sanders. [ICYDK]
Rumer Willis is a blonde these days. [Moe Jackson]
Susan Sarandon challenged David Bowie to the ice bucket thing. [Wonderwall]
Jessica Lowndes did the Ice Bucket Challenge in a bikini. [IDLY]
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta recap. [Reality Tea]
New single: The Drums’ “I Can’t Pretend”. [OMG Blog]
Everybody’s hot for Cary Joki Fukunaga now. [Jezebel]
Guardians of the Galaxy is still making mad money. [PopBytes]
Teen Mom is still a thing. [Bitten & Bound]
How do you break up with a friend? [The Frisky]
Cornel West shades Barack Obama. [Bossip]
Here’s Bryan Cranston on Seinfeld. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Sarah Hyland threw a diva fit at the Emmys. [Life & Style]


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  1. Eleonor says:

    He still is the father of their children even if he has been a total idiot it’s not fair to trashtalk him.

  2. Kiddo says:

    Cary Joki Fukunaga is not a bad looking guy, but he was trying way too hard to be smooth and it ruined the allure for me. Those shoes the stylist picked for Sarah Hyland are absurd stripper heals. I don’t blame her for being pissed. I get where Cornel West is coming from, but I think his expectations may have taken on a life of their own, and which were never reflected in Obama to begin with. But yeah, big disappointment. Cornel West is incredibly charming in person, BTW.

  3. Mingy says:

    Nothing but love, respect, compassion, and all of his money.

  4. Annie says:

    Good for her for not talking trash about him or Kristen. She totally could’ve sold the exclusive and share all the dirty details like any other Hollywood housewive, and she chose not to because she cares about not inflicting pain on anyone, especially her children.

  5. chloeee says:

    I came here to say I didn’t watch the Emmys but I read about Cary and I am now mezmerized. Sign me up.

  6. chaine says:

    looking forward to the day that the Willis children fade into richly-deserved obscurity.

  7. Jayna says:

    I think he didn’t want to lose her and fought to save the marriage. Ultimately, after months of counseling, she couldn’t get past it and maybe other things in their relationship and wanted to move on. If someone still loves you and didn’t dump you to end up with the young mistress, sometimes eventually by the time you divorce, after trying and counseling, you can be more forgiving. If he was caught and wouldn’t give Kristen up and took off with Kristen and then fought her in a nasty divorce, that’s a lot harder.

  8. black orchid, says:

    she looks a lot like Kristen ,doesn’t she?

  9. Moi says:

    Wow I really like Rumer Willis as a blonde.

  10. sdgirl says:

    does anyone else see a similarity between Ryan Gosling and Cary? something there I now can’t unsee. that first pic at the link in particular.

  11. Caz says:

    Liberty must have had excellent PR/legal advice right from the start…awesome way to maintain moral high ground.

  12. O.K.P says:

    Most people cheat on their significant others,it sucks but that’s life. A lot of people also believe their partners are faithful and it comes as a blow when you are wrong. But to divorce someone after one cheating episode is just extreme. If they are a serial cheat,you are entitled to whatever decision you might want to make. She was probably waiting for the first opportunity to leave him or perhaps she knew he was a serial cheat and the final straw was the public humiliation and betrayal of having his pictures taken while kissing another woman. When you really love someone and have kids with them,you don’t just leave after one episode of cheating. If they are truly repentant,you make them pay for it but in the end you work on your marriage. Hell,your relationship could grow stronger, not the same but better for it. I wish her the best,she handled everything with quiet dignity and aplomb but good luck finding a man in Hollywood who doesn’t cheat openly or on the sly. Its not impossible but very rare.

    • Nikki says:

      Well, that is your opinion which you are entitled to, but I feel cheating is unacceptable in a marriage, and I told my husband that one stray, and it’s the end. Some people are much more likely to cheat , and for some people it’s not a huge deal, but for me, NO. You sound like you are judging Liberty as LOOKING for an excuse to throw in the towel, or that SHE was the quitter! I don’t see her behavior as the one to be criticized.

    • Josephine says:

      Wow, that’s a sad statement on life, and statistically, just incorrect. To many, marriage still means faithful and forever. If you go into marriage with the attitude that you each get one “free” cheat, you are not ready for marriage. Some couples do get past infidelity, but I imagine that it depends on the circumstances. Liberty mentioned before the scandal that she thought of Kristen as a daughter, so that’s particularly devastating. And Rupert himself might have come to the conclusion that the marriage could not be saved.

      Blaming the wife for being so “selfish” is so backward, and so misogynistic.

    • Courtney says:

      Rupert was also a pretty lazy, thoughtless cheater. Getting caught out in public screwing around with his side piece? Dude has no discretion. Liberty suffered public humiliation in addition to being cheated on. I understand, especially with children, if they had decided to stay married, but it looks like they did try and who could blame her anyway?

    • Maria says:

      “When you really love someone and have kids with them,you don’t just leave after one episode of cheating.”

      made me sick reading that. why is that whenever someone does something bad to someone else that the blame is put on the victim? how about:

      “when you really love someone and have kids with them, you dont just cheat on them”?

      seriously, instead of putting the blame on the person who did the damage the fault is with the victims for standing up for themselves.

      i read it so often about cheating “think about the children” YEAH HOW ABOUT THE CHEATER THINKING ABOUT THE CHILDREN? ffs!