“Karrueche Tran got in trouble with the Beyhive over Blue Ivy’s hair” links

Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran came under fire from the Beyhive after she read a teleprompted joke about Blue Ivy‘s hair on a live broadcast. BET accepts the blame. [Dlisted]
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  1. Kiki says:

    I am sick and tired of these no talent, get rich floozies who get just want their attention in the spotlight because of frivolousness like being the arm candy of a celebrity who is talented.

    But I am judging, sooner or later they will become a has been in the next ten or fifteen yars.

  2. Kiki says:

    On that not, John Stewart thank u for bring something back to what really matters the most. Making us laugh. Thank you.

  3. AlmondJoy says:

    I was really really hoping there would be a post about this. Thanks Bedhead!

  4. DTX says:

    Babies are OFF LIMITS, even poor little Nori. It’s not their fault who their parents are.

    With that said, even though I think she could set aside a little time of her self grooming to do little Blue’s hair, that still B’s choice to make as her mother and it’s wrong to publicly knock her baby over it.

    • Cynthia says:

      She should set aside a little time from her self grooming to do Blue’s hair? Maybe you don’t get it but this seems to be the problem. What is wrong with Blue’s(natural, kinky, curly) hair? This is where the ugly comments stem from. No really. Blue’s hair is perfect. I wish I let mine grow for a while longer before perming. And to think that some people are on the kardashian’s thread talking about her daughter’s hair too. Sad
      Karrueche, I was rooting for ya to get out of the Chris and Rihanna drama given how the navy come for you everyday and you just brought the wrath of the hive.

      • Kiddo says:

        I will take exception to the comment on the k thread, because I think Kim is specifically using her child as a prop, an accessory, and not necessarily operating for the benefit of that child. I do think that Kim’s child’s hair is styled the way it is to make her into a mini-me. Commenting on her hair in that instance says nothing derogatory about Nori, but rather it evaluates the absolute narcissism being exhibited by her mother, in the literal sense of Narcissus who wanted to stare into a pond to see his reflection.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “What is wrong with Blue’s(natural, kinky, curly) hair?”

        I agree…it seems there is an implication that a toddler should be chemically treating her hair, and I find that so wrong.

      • Kiddo says:

        @Tiffany :) , there’s nothing wrong with her hair.

      • FLORC says:

        Amazing how people who dislike Kim never miss a beat to talk negatively about her. It’s truly an artform to interject her in topics where she is not mentioned. To discuss her has to bleed into other threads because 1 isn’t enough it seems for some.

      • Kiddo says:

        @FLORC, Cynthia referenced the Kardashian thread, her quote: “are on the kardashian’s thread talking about her daughter’s hair too”. I made a comment about how adorable I thought Nori’s hair was naturally curly and why I thought it was being styled flat. I never said that Nori was no longer adorable with different hair, but since the thread in which I commented was mentioned, I went on to explain why. I rarely delve into K threads because I think that they are very unimportant people. The threads are actually more tolerable with Nori because at least she is cute and not corrupted yet. I think you are more emotionally invested in them, as opposed to others who you have assigned this affliction to.

      • Kiddo says:

        @mimif, Exactly. You showed up at just the right time. I’ll save some moobs for you.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Ha ha…you jokesters!

        I think being curious about why a mother would style her child’s hair a certain way is a bit different than insinuating that a child’s naturally curly hair is unkempt or disheveled or whatever.

      • FLORC says:

        While you did tie it in well it’s a more broad statement i’m making. And your opening the door invites others in. Like most threads involving Bey or Blue Kim and/or Nori get pulled in almost always to slam.
        The lines here blur quite easily.

        I wouldn’t say emotionally invested though i’m quite aware that was a nice P/A comment on your part. Subtle and easily deniable. More people are overly negative for no other reason than a person’s name and image brings it out. That and threads bleed into others to a point where we are no longer discussing the original content. More like a part 2 of another thread.

      • Kiddo says:

        @FLORC,, I only responded (to the topic not brought up by me), because I was being called out on it, without my name specifically being mentioned. I was being incredibly direct and not passive aggressive at all about the emotional investment part. I only addressed the topic because someone said beetlejuice three times. I miss *plenty of beats* talking about the Ks, in general, so the comment about using every opportunity to bring them up, at least in relationship to my commenting history, is completely wrong. That’s why I thought you were being overly sensitive or emotionally invested in that way.

        I have made no qualms about disliking all of the reality genre and the cast of those shows. I do try to avoid those threads, for the most part. Although sometimes within those threads, we have fun conversations that go way off, far away from the subjects into absurdity, and that is often the best part.

      • mimif says:

        Kiddo, did you just wake up like this, or do you really never comb your hair?

      • Kiddo says:

        Sometimes it’s really hard to tell if I’ve combed my hair, so that question is complicated.

      • Lady Macbeth says:

        Lol ladies, you crack me up.

        Baby’s hair aside, what’s the matter with all that submission in front of Beyonce and family? I don’t even like her music (can I say that or I get crucified before sunset?).
        Kiddo, your hair is fine. You should see mine. I deeply hate combs and brushes!

    • SpookySpooks says:

      I agree, babies are off limits and I feel bad for baby Blue ( who is a beautiful little girl and her hair is lovely).
      However, I also think it’s irresponsible of parents to put the said baby into the spotlight and use her as a prop.

      • Cynthia says:

        Like I said downthread, I dunno how they use their kid as a prop (unless I dunno what a prop is which I know I do). Let’s imagine what the comments would be like if they didn’t bring their child with them…. ” they only care about being a happy couple to the world so they left Blue with the nanny” ” they don’t care about their child it’s all about THEM” they can’t win. ( But the Affleck kids aren’t props even though they are used for Oscar campaign etc)

      • Kiddo says:

        Afflecks: Many people indeed think they are used as props and have said so.

      • SpookySpooks says:

        The baby could have stayed back stage and it was fine that she was in the audience, but taking her to the stage made her a part of the act, of the performance.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I personally love Ivy’s hair.

    • magz says:

      I’m sure she didn’t get offended nor was the joke directed at her, shes just a baby.

    • eliza says:

      Ironic you say babies are off limits then proceed to say the child’s hair needs grooming when the child simply has naturally curly hair. You act like CPS should be stepping in because Beyonce is not taking proper care of her which is not the case.

    • homegrrrl says:

      “The record scratched. The birds flew away. The roaches hid out of fear, because as soon as Kardouchie spit that out, her life became in danger and the Beyhive and the Beygency came after her…”

      Why would a woman of color freak on a baby with natural hair?? NEwhoz, that whole article was HilariaBaldwin. Hysterical. Thank you. Got some celebufix on tonight. Much bettah now.

      • Janet says:

        It’s almost always women of color who freak over natural hair. You should have seen them complaining about why didn’t Angelina Jolie “do something” with Z’s hair and if she couldn’t handle black hair she shouldn’t have adopted a black child, etc. etc.

  5. word says:

    Actually, is it really her fault? They changed the script at the last minute. She was reading from a teleprompter and didn’t read the joke until live on air. This is BET’s fault for scripting such a rude joke about a child.

  6. TheOriginalKitten says:

    smh…just what the eff is wrong with people??
    Firstly, she’s a beautiful baby. BABY. Secondly, what is wrong with her hair?
    I mean seriously, am I missing something? When I saw her I just thought “cute baby”. I didn’t notice her hair at all beyond the fact that it was curly.
    I don’t get it.

    • Anna says:

      A lot of it stems from anti-blackness and racism and Karrueche making the comments (a light skinned girl with straight hair) made it even worse. It wasn’t ono the Beyhive who was mad, it was almost every black person who heard the comments who can sympathize with Blue.
      Another big issue was after the awards when people were saying they wished Blue had Beyonce’s looks and not Jay’s because they were “too big” which people saw that as saying that only “eutocentric” ideals of beauty are good. It’s a pretty complex issue and people are oversimplifying it by just saying “the beyhive got mad” instead of acknowledging why people are so mad.

  7. Skins says:

    This chick should keep her pathetic mouth shut.

  8. Blythe says:

    It’s bad that Karrueche Tran had to be put in a position where she had to say something so awful, but she should’ve used her common sense by taking herself out of the situation and thinking, “Is this the best thing to say about a child on television?” BET and Karrueche are to blame. You can say you didn’t write the script all you want, but you should have used better judgement. You are an adult, after all. Use your own mind. BET is becoming a joke, in and of itself.

  9. mar says:

    BET wrote the monologue, not Koochie Train. It is really not her fault!

  10. Jlee says:

    Children should be off limits. Yes, they brought her up on stage but I bring my children to work events too. If I were Beyonce & Jay Z I would put BET’s nuts in a vice

    • Kiddo says:

      Unless you are an entertainer, I don’t see how bringing your child to work is the equivalent of having your kid on stage in front of millions of people. The kid is a tad young to decide whether she wants the limelight, especially to that degree.

      • Cynthia says:

        Kiddo, You say they put the child in the limelight like they said she would be an entertainer. What’s wrong in a child being on stage with her parents while her mom receives an achievement award. No one said this about Angie bringing her kid to get her Oscar. Do you watch football? The real one. When a team wins a cup, they bring out their whole family. To celebrate with then including their toddlers. I don’t see how this is ‘having your kid on stage while she’s too young to decide to be in the limelight ‘. I’m sorry. I don’t get it

      • Kiddo says:

        I don’t watch football. I think there is a difference between sharing private events of achievements and subjecting small children to the media on a massive scale. I’m not implying in any way that it is their fault for the ill conceived joke. But one must be cognizant of the way that the world works and whether those actions are in the best interest of the kid. That’s all.

      • Kiddo says:

        Chaz Bono said that he felt incredibly uncomfortable being pulled out on the stage between his parents, being dressed up like his mother, when even at that tender age, he felt more akin to his dad. He mentioned how difficult coming out was, for everyone, but especially for someone whose life was so much under the glare of the lights.

      • Cynthia says:

        So I’m guessing that Blue being on stage for you wasn’t a case of sharing an event of personal achievement. Beyoncé really can’t win. But if you have the time you can point out the difference you talked about. I really enjoy your posts. I guess this is just me still not getting why Beyoncé can’t catch a break on this site

      • Kiddo says:

        @Cynthia, I never said anything bad about Beyonce as a mother on this thread, not once. No where ever have I commented about her as a parent. Like I said, I don’t really follow her. I was making a distinction between every day people bringing their kids to work versus mega stars introducing children to millions of people on a stage. There is a huge difference and a big jump in potential negative ramifications for a kid with that type of exposure.

      • delorb says:


        I get what you’re saying, but if Beyonce were to keep Blue out of the public eye, she’d get crap for that as well. That is why Cynthia is correct. Beyonce will get crap no matter what she does. She didn’t perm her toddlers hair, plate o’ crap served. She didn’t comb her toddlers hair, plate of o’ crap served. She brought her toddler to a big event, plate o’ crap served. She didn’t bring her toddler to her big event, plate o’ crap served. Being seen with her child, PR stunt, natch and a plate o’ crap served.

      • Jlee says:

        It’s not about wanting the limelight it’s about sharing a moment of achievement as a family.I wish every little girl could see a room full of people cheering for thier mom.

      • Lucy2 says:

        I’m generally in agreement- I can’t know what it’s like to be that famous, but my general feeling is that until a kid is old enough to understand all of that and make the choice, I would do my best to keep them out of the spotlight.
        I do get wanting to celebrate as a family, but why not off stage? Plus their daughter is only two years old right? Not like she’s going to remember this moment anyway, the way an older kid would appreciate it.
        To each their own, but that’s how I imagine I would feel in their position.

      • T.C. says:

        Angie Jolie brought her TEENAGED son to a humanitarian awards celebration. Teens are old enough to speak for themselves AND he didn’t get up on stage with her nor did he present her an award. I don’t think anyone expects any celebrity to bring their two year old to an adult event like the VMA’s. So no it’s not a no- win situation,?Beyoncé would NOT have been criticized for not brining Blue.

        Also having Blue and Jay presenting her the award seemed like a cynical ploy to get the tabloids to believe that they are one happy family. I hate when celebrities use their kids like that. Ben Affleck and many other celebrities get bitched at for pulling that PR move. Why should Beyoncé not also be called on it?

        However this does NOT excuse BET or that K side chick from picking on a toddler on live TV. That is lower than low. Besides Blue’s hair was beautiful AND combed and styled. I hate this attack on NATURAL Black hair due to people’s ignorance. This is why many Black women would like to see full-blooded Black actresses in roles instead of Biracials girls like K. The public starts to consider natural kinky hair and brown skin “ugly” or “unnatural”. Expecting Black women to have hair like most Biracials. But all you need is one Biracial actress to cry discrimination when she isn’t cast for one role but no one cares about the thousands of Black women not picked for roles simply because their hair is too kinky or because the look “too Black”.

    • Anna says:

      It’s really disgusting that BET would make this joke since it has to do with racist beauty standards. How can they appeal to Black people then insult them?? Shame on BET.

  11. QQ says:

    BET knows that Jay and B wont even f— with them anymore so all the sudden 106 and park is on hiatus and the joke writer has been fired.. Someone theorized that BET was annoyed she gave MTV a live performance vs their televised one (and really this mess is offside, just cause some people are not comfortable with the hair god gave em and are putting this crap on this kid, also as Crissles from The Read pointed out is about her clearly african american features as for example NOBODY complained when Nahla Aubrey for example has been with fuzzy hair out and about..but her hair/features are more pleasing to the eyes of these people..UGH )

  12. Kiddo says:

    Aaron Paul looks like a psycho in that yearbook photo.

    BET Took responsibility for the comments and apparently this woman is receiving death threats.

  13. becky says:

    So Beyonce doesn’t put enough product, Kim puts some product and they both get criticized for it. I expect this thread to get really good. Lately, Celebitchy comments on topics like this have been much better than the ones on Jezebel (and with less trolls).

  14. PennyLane says:

    Okay, here is the question I have every time the subject of BIC’s hair comes up:

    What is her hair *supposed* to look like? How should it appear? She’s a toddler, for heaven’s sake! Her hair is lovely and the child is sweet.

    Seriously – you can’t do fancy hair on a toddler – they run around constantly and squirm when you try to make them sit still for longer than two minutes. Put some spray-in conditioner and a few barrettes in her hair and you’re done.

    I read once that Beyonce will frequently wear a wig to awards shows even though her own hair is nice because getting her hair to actually look like that takes hours and Beyonce would rather spend all that time doing something else. It is so much work to get anyone’s hair award-show ready….

    I’m just not really clear on what people are expecting a toddler’s hair to look like. The baby is adorable.

  15. Cynthia says:

    While we are at it let’s imagine what the reactions would be if Bey perms her child’s hair. We would all call her selfish and then accuse of of using her as a prop again

  16. Tiffany27 says:

    There is nothing wrong with Blue’s hair. If her hair were curly no one would have anything to say. It’s a shame people find beautiful, thick, kinky hair to be ugly and it’s a shame BET thinks it’s funny to perpetuate racist beauty standards.

  17. G says:

    She just wasn’t fast (smart) enough to say “not my words!” at the end or read ahead (if even possible) and say “oh no that’s not nice I’m not saying that” like a pro. Any other network would (and should) have been raked over coals for that. Shame on BET using her to throw shade at a baby. Real classy.

  18. andypandy says:

    This is what We get for elevating celebrity jump off strippers sex tape stars etc . There are hundreds of young professional women who graduate from college with degrees in journalism and the arts that cant get a job , But Beige Entertainment Television chooses this chick….. WHY ??????

  19. JessSaysNo says:

    My daughter is Blue’s age and has a similar hair type (wildly curly) but she is white. We put minimal effort into her hair, mainly because she wont let us. The amount of time it takes me to run a brush through her hair and put in it a ponytail or clip is about 1 minute. But she looks like the white standard of beauty so HER wildly curly hair is OK because its silky but Blue’s wildly curly hair is somehow bad because she is black? It’s really not fair.

    I dont think Blue should have to sit through chemical treatments or painful braiding, she is just a toddler. I thought her natural hair looked adorable and its some internalized racism for people on BET to criticize a BABIES natural hair. Same thing with black people using the term “dark skin” as disrespect and “light-skin” or “yellow-bone” as a compliment if a woman has white features. It’s all just sad.

    • Clever hand says:

      My son is half black and I have had barbers yell at me because I refuse to put products in his hair. I do put natural stuff like coconut oil but I won’t be buying motions or African pride or any of that shit, he doesn’t need it. Sad that people have been trained to think a child needs these things.

  20. LAK says:

    BET are at fault, but if one is reading from a teleprompter and wishing to engage audience as well, don’t you read the sentence a few seconds before saying the words so that you can modulate expression of voice and face accordingly? Or is this girl just really, really dumb?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      She has teleprompter skills like Ron Burgundy.

      • JustChristy says:

        @Tiffany :) get out of my head, woman! :p

        I wonder if anyone that has criticized Beyonce for Blue’s hair has taken into consideration, maybe they don’t mess with it because it causes Blue pain? And who would want to make a baby cry, just so her hair will be “ok”?

        And can we just stop, already, with the mommy police? I don’t follow Beyonce, I’m not into her, but people should just let her be, and let her child be. They have their reasons for not messing with her hair. Or none at all, ffs, it doesn’t affect anyone but Blue, and she’s clearly not bugged at all. There are so many things that could be hotly debated in this world, things that truly matter, that aren’t “OMG, BEY NEEDS TO BUY A COMB!” Woman can do what she likes, her child is so clearly well provided for and loved, and gdammit, THAT is what matters.

  21. MrsAubra says:

    And this is why her dumb ass was on KeKe Palmer’s talkshow crying and whining!!

    what does she do? Why is she here??

  22. dragongirl says:

    Just wanted to comment that I’ve always liked Blue’s hair, it so curly and pretty and it looks well nourished and all, so what’s the big deal? I have seen some black girls at the school around my house and they are rocking some beautiful natural hair, and I mean big afros that part in the middle and sway in the breeze, it looks beautiful. We need less stuff in our hair and more freedom from hair stress!

  23. deehunny says:

    Did anyone read the Kendra story? I feel terrible for her. The story sounds like she has a very self-absorbed mother. I hope Kendra has someone to lean on :/