LeAnn Rimes ‘jokes’ that she ‘raped’ her boyfriend when she was a teenager


Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes from a few days ago. Sorry, these sort of got lost in the shuffle of the VMAs and Emmys. She was just walking around LA, looking… pretty decent, for her. I like her better with long hair, even though it looks like she’s copying Brandi Glanville’s hairstyle. LeAnn also came out for Chelsea Handler’s last E! show, and LeAnn tweeted about it too – go here to read. Blah.

When I was glancing through LeAnn’s Twitter, I saw this video interview she and Eddie did with Joan Rivers. Did you know Joan has an online interview series called In Bed With Joan Rivers? It’s true. Even though Joan was trying to interview both of them, LeAnn answered most of the questions and I guess Joan sort of gave up on having Eddie respond to anything. Joan also made a somewhat weird/interesting point about the public’s “forgiveness” of celebrities who are unfaithful. Joan says that the public still hasn’t forgiven Angelina Jolie but they’ve forgiven Brad. Joan was trying to draw a comparison to LeAnn and Eddie’s situation and it’s just sort of awkward. Beware: there’s some NSFW language but that’s all.

LeAnn is so self-absorbed and Eddie is so shady. That’s what I came away with. LeAnn believes everything is about her and everyone is obsessed with her but no one knows her deep reservoir of pain. Pain because people make up “lies” about her. Eddie is just… he just seems tired of it. Imagine living with that 24/7. Oh, and LeAnn says that she “raped” her boyfriend when she was a teenager. Because “rape” is always such a great punchline.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Ms. Lady says:

    All these celebrities who keep equating rape to getting their photo taken or joke about it need to have several seats and their mouths taped shut.

  2. Brin says:

    Yes, rape and infertility issues are such funny topics Leann. She is a vile creature.

  3. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    She should talk to Chris Brown who was a victim of such a crime at an early age.

  4. heidi says:

    Brandi said it was like being raped the first night by Eddie Cibrian in Drinkin & Twetin

    Don’t forget the molestation jokes, the disses on black and Hispanic people.
    The calling her kids nasty names, telling the globe when they’ve messed their beds
    And every other (too many to list) foot-in-mouth blooper
    Eddie does have a type, he should be embarrassed

    • Deb says:

      This article isn’t about Brandi now is it
      Deflect much

    • insomniac says:

      I was wondering how long it would take for the “Yabbut BRANDI” stuff to start. That was quick!

    • Macey says:

      you could fill a novel with all the inappropriate things Leakann has said and done but nice try in deflecting.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oh, will you people just go away? Nobody’s talking about Brandi. Nobody’s talking about Jennifer Anniston on the thread about Brad and Angie’s wedding. Don’t you get exhausted carrying around all that malice? Stop subjecting everybody else to it. It’s boring, it’s thread jacking, it’s obnoxious.

    • briargal says:

      Yup–the same old responses dissing Brandi. Totally expected every time there is a story about LeaKAnn!

      • SickofLeann says:

        I’m not understanding…why is it that grown a** people pull the BUT BRANDI did it first. It is so childish. Brandi received backlash for her comments as well so please stop the deflecting. LeAnn is a vile human being. Period. Her “satire” thus far is home wrecking, infertility and now rape. Can’t get much lower than that!

        She is certifiable. I’m sick of people blaming Brandi for LeAnn’s behavior. What’s the excuse pre-Brandi? She was a b*tch then and even worse now. Sorry there’s not denying or excusing her behavior.

    • jenny12 says:

      You know what, this isn’t about Brandi. LEANN made jokes about rape. LEANN is responsible for what came out of her mouth. Whatever Brandi does or doesn’t do, LEANN is responsible for what she tweets and says and she is the one who made infertility a satirical storyline and she is the one who thinks rape is a punchline. And some of her devoted fans on Twitter have called a gay man Nancy several times, and Leann hasn’t said a word.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Hi LeAnn,

      Leave it to you to always place blame on others for your own crappy behavior. Ever hear two wrongs don’t make a right? But, no matter what you do, you always seem to make the most unintelligent and sophomoric choices.

      Also, there is that gosh darn need to imitate Eddie’s ex-wife on a consistent basis, whether it be her dress or the comments that she makes, guess, it really sucks to be you.

      If this isn’t LeAnn, you sound like a little child. “But Brandi did it too, wha, wha..”

    • betty says:

      Why is it when Leann puts her foot in her mouth Brandi’s name is mentioned?. We know about Brandi. But since that flop of a reality show. More and more is being revealed about Leann and Eddie true character and not the phoniness Leann displays on her twitter and that unreal life she brags about..

    • aaa says:

      I agree that this story is not about Brandi but let’s not pretend that there have not been articles about Brandi, especially negative ones, where Leann’s name is brought up early and often from accusations that Leann planted the story, to comments that it’s not Brandi’s fault because Leann drove her to it, to no matter how trashy, drunk, vile, petty, attention-loving, etc. Brandi is, Leann is worse.

      • rlh says:

        Um….@aaa….that’s because Leann is worse. To the majority of us. Do the math. Read the threads. The majority of people don’t like Leann or have zero interest in her.
        Sorry if the truth hurts.

      • msw says:

        That is bull. No one ever said LeAnn drove Brandi to make comments about molestation or about her kid being an a hole, just like no one is saying that here. That is flat out asinine and compete straw man.

        And yeah, LeAnn is worse. I don’t like either of them, but LeAnn is definitely worse. They are a pair of idiots.

      • aaa says:

        You’re right, by the time Brandi made the molestation comment many people had been clued in about her – a consequence of multiple drunken incidents, inappropriate comments about race/ethnicity, lying about a lawsuit, revealing personal information that had nothing to do with her, discussing someone’s alleged bad body odor and so on.

        However you are not right about my comment being asinine and a strawman. Look at Brandi related articles prior to and including the one about Brandi’s infamous tampon string incident, Leann’s name gets brought up in many of those articles. It’s funny that it’s “exhausting” that one person made a dig towards Brandi in this article when Leann/Falcor/Horse digs are fairly common in non-Leann related Brandi articles.

        Heidi happens to think that Brandi is worse and commented about it in an article where Brandi is not the main focus. You and others think that Leann is worse and have expressed it which is fine, and if not you, others who think that Leann is worse have said it over and over again in articles where Leann is not the main focus.

        Your “truth” is not hurting me, I’m just saying, and you seem to be confirming, that Leann’s name gets brought up when she’s not the main topic, you just seem to see it as OK and you’re right because more people have your POV than Heidi’s.

      • msw says:

        It is so odd how you pop up in every LeAnn or Brandi thread! Hmm… usually with some line about how you dont like LeAnn either (not very convincingly), but Brandi is a horrible person and everyone loves her anyway. Do you get paid every time you say the B word or what? This IS NOT a pro Brandi site. It never was. You did have some people who felt bad for her for having an insane person thrust into her life without her consent. She never got a free pass for being an idiot here by the vast majority of posters. This isn’t twitter.

      • aaa says:

        I am critical of Brandi, Eddie and Leann but I have also complimented or defended all three of them. I have not tried to hide that my strongest feeling in all this is my dislike of Brandi and have detailed why I dislike her.

        In general I don’t go out of my way to express like or dislike of Leann, but there is IMO a bizarre mentality among SOME Brandi supporters, and there is nothing wrong with supporting Brandi, but there is this obsession with trying to define a Brandi detractor as Leann, a Leann employee or some fanatical Leann fan, so in response to certain comments I have to point out that I criticize Leann. I have said it before and I will say it again, my dislike of Brandi is about Brandi and her actions and character.

        I don’t pop up in EVERY Brandi or Leann thread, but when I comment it tends to be on the Leann and especially Brandi threads. I follow other CB topics but tend to lurk rather than comment.

    • respect says:

      Thanks sooooooo much! No situation involving wewe would be complete without the “but BRANDI SAID…..” angle. She even needs B to get a thread going about her. Seems to me that if leann was any kind of anything good, people wouldn’t have tpo compare her to brandi to defend her. Fangirls and fanboys, you are not helping your mistress of malevolence look better.

    • MY TWO CENTS says:

      There it is!! Always a few comments into a Leann thread someone has to bring up “yeah, but Brandi did this and this and this”. Leann has attracted some really strange people defending her on twitter lately. I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising. The sad thing is while defending Leann, they like to rip Brandi to shreds. There are some vile, horrible things being said to Brandi that make comments to Leann look pretty tame. I find it really sad. I am a rape victim from many years ago. While I find her statement ridiculous and attention seeking, it doesn’t offend me. As the saying goes, stupid is as stupid does.

  5. FLORC says:

    I’m offended, but i’m not going to get worked up over it. I doubt she understands half the words she uses as she demonstrates improper use often.
    She thinks she funny and the world is against her. Attacking her on this latest mistake will only reinforce that in her own mind. If there was a chance she’d understand how she was wrong she wouldn’t have used that term in the 1st place.

    • Leftovers says:

      This is a refreshing comment. +1

    • mimif says:

      I think she’s a spammy troll who knows exactly what she’s doing, in a mentally imbalanced kind of way.

      • karkar says:

        I agree with tou 100%She has major issues that have intensified since getting with Ec, but she knows what she’s doing. I Wonder how long she was able to keep TRUE crazy from EC. Im sure he saw bits of it but I’m curious as to when he realized the true extent of her Crazy.

    • Victoria 1 says:

      It seems it all stems from a lack of education and of course smoke blown up her ass. They’re desperate to shill their show. No one cares, go on vacation far, far away

    • msw says:

      Cue the moaning about how no one cared when Brandi made molestation jokes and its sooo unfair, even though Brandi caught a lot of flak for that comment. Of course, the stans beat her to it up thread.

      You are a bigger person than I; even though I know LeAnn has the mentality of an immature 14 year old, I still expect her to act like a grown up, and I shouldn’t

    • Jenna says:

      Part of me just wants to scream at this idiot.

      And part of me is just too damn tired to care, and I’m finding that a bit scary. As a rape survivor, I work really hard to help a community of folks who never wanted to have this in common, as much as I can. But with each moron celeb using the term as a joke to goose their profile, I just get more exhausted and feel more and more like there is no real point. It isn’t going to stop. It isn’t going to be understood as a vile thing to use as a gag line. It isn’t going to matter. And there are days like this is feels harder to remember I DID survive, because sometimes there is a feeling of ‘for what’? Not that I am saying some idiot ‘celeb’ affects my will to live, god no. But… I guess… just what’s the point of trying to stop this train anymore. It’s sick, it sucks, and it just isn’t ever going to change so why bother.

      Man. I need some icecream.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        You are the bravest of the brave, because you not only survived the horror, but you use your experience to help others who have been brutalized. Don’t you dare let this entitled, ignorant little pea-brain make you doubt yourself or your contribution for ONE second. She doesn’t matter. She doesn’t get it, and never will unless it happens to her. There are people like that. But you are turning something of which nightmares are made into something good. Only someone who has come out strong in spite of the pain can do what you’re doing. Only someone who knows can help the way you help. You probably have no idea how many times your understanding has been the turning point towards healing for another survivor. Please don’t give up. She’s not worth it. And you have my every good thought and total admiration, for what it’s worth.

      • jenny12 says:

        Girl, go get some ice cream and don’t focus on what dumb celebrities joke about. You’re a warrior for surviving and that’s all that matters.

      • Nicolette says:

        Agree with everything @GoodNamesAllTaken said.

        I’m so sorry for what happened to you, and can only imagine the anger you feel when the word is thrown around so insensitively and carelessly by celebs, or anyone for that matter. I hate it when I hear someone use it as an analogy for being taken advantage of. Stay strong and know that you are helping others.

      • msw says:

        Thank you for the work you do. I’m sorry you went through that, and I hope helping others has been healing for you.

      • FLORC says:

        I’m in awe of you right now. It happened to me too, but I rarely talk about it to anyone. I speak of it more here because i’m faceless. That you can think about it enough to talk about it is absolutely brave. I always had such respect for those woman who told me and others there stories to help us open up. It’s needed! It’s not easy though so you are incredible for doing this.

      • Jessiebes says:

        You have my admiration and respect @Jenna and @Florc.

        If it means anything, I’m not in an English speaking country, but the Dutch word for rape is “verkrachting”, and is used a lot for other things other than actual rape. I have definitely learned not to do that anymore.

  6. msw says:

    Omg, you stupid cow, shut the hell up.

  7. MrsBPitt says:

    They should really stop doing interviews, because it only proves how obnoxious, delusional, stupid, and totally unlikeable they both are!!!

    Eddie wouldn’t let his sons be on the reality show because he is such a good dad….how about not breaking up your family for horseface. I’m sure your sons would have appriciated that more…

    LeAnn is beyond dumb….second season? hahahahahhahaha

    • FLORC says:

      So, everyone is dropping down to insult people over their physical features, but pretending to be better than them. Great.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        FLORC, you’re exhausting yourself. Take a break. MrsBPitt is entitled to her opinion.

      • FLORC says:

        I’m fine, but appreciate your concern, if it’s sincere. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes. That opinion shouldn’t be to insult a person’s physical features. How they’re born. Attack what she says, attack her actions, don’t attack her physical features she was born with. That’s low class and only promotes the kind of bullying and hate we yell at Leann for. So, i stand by my comment. “Horseface” is completely out of line and hypocritical when many here complain about how she mocks peoples features. I won’t support it and question why you do.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Sorry, FLORC, I just think you’re a little over the top with telling people what they can say lately. But I do it all the time, so I’m not sure where I got off saying that. I apologize.

      • claire says:

        These people certainly aren’t working with faces they were born with. Once you bring a bunch of plastic surgery in the mix to get joker mouths, etc., I imagine all bets are off when it comes to expecting people not to talk about the work done.

      • Erinn says:

        Well…those features are bought and paid for, it’s a little different. They could have helped it. I wouldn’t mock Leann’s original face.

      • FLORC says:

        Apology accepted. And please excuse my passive aggressive shots at you. I don’t want to be the censor police. I just think it’s a show of poor character and a touch hypocritical when people dislike a person who calls others names and makes fun of how they look, And not what crazy plastic surgery has turned you into, but rather how you’re born.

        To call Leann “Horseface” has been something she’s been called for ages before Eddie. I know what site we’re on and how some people get carried away. I won’t support it or tolerate it. Opinions shouldn’t be hateful and defended, supported, or tolerated. There’s no excuse for that.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        That’s ok. I sort of deserved them, and they made me say, “uh, oh, FLORC is mad at me” so I reread my comment and could understand why. Sometimes I think I’m the boss of everybody, as my siblings can tell you. :-)

      • MrsBPitt says:

        FLORC…I have reread my comment and I agree with you…I’m sorry that I called LeAnn horseface…..you are right…commenting on someones physical appearance is not right…and with LeAnn, you really only have to comment on the stupid things she says….I bow my head in shame….

      • respect says:

        I prefer to attack the physical features she has paid to change in order to be Brandi part 2 the sequel (straight to DVD). I personally don’t put bikini pics all over the internet because people have opinions….other people have truths too.

  8. NerdMomma says:

    I haven’t posted in a long time, but I still read every day. I have followed the LeAnn stories for years and thought this marriage would never last… but I just watched this clip and thought it was adorable. I know LeAnn does some crazy stuff, but she comes off as pretty smart and witty. The show seems very contrived, but cute. The joke about raping her boyfriend was not okay, she should know better. But I don’t find her nearly as unlikeable as the rest of the commenters here seem to find her. *shrug*

  9. Macey says:

    I saw on GR that LR and Scheana (Sp?) are now ‘friends’ and following each other on twitter. Makes me wonder if the end isnt near b/c I can’t imagine any reason why LR would want to be in Sheana’s circle other than to learn some more about Ediot’s cheating ways.

    Is tonight the last night for their crapfest of a show? The site I use to look up ratings hasnt updated in over a week but I know she was at the bottom of the list again.

  10. Christin says:

    In a recap of the bed interview, there were quotes regarding alleged bullying that led to her being pulled out of school. The story certainly has changed through the years.

    I wish someone from the school would set the record straight.

    • Macey says:

      I thought someone did speak up about that and called her out on her lie. I dont remember exactly but they said there never was such an incident (think that has something to do with a knife she claimed someone pulled on her) and LR was a spoiled brat that used to brag about being on star search etc and thats why none of the kids liked her. Im sure it was posted on here somewhere but I believe the comment came from someone on twitter that went to school with her.

      She so dumb making up stories that can easily be verified by people that went to school with her.

    • Christin says:

      I remember seeing a brief quote posted or re-posted somewhere. I can remember when she was pulled out of school because a little blurb ran in our local paper. Threats of physical violence were never mentioned.

      Saying that she hopes the classmate is eating bread and water now just opens the door for her classmates to tell their story in an interview. I understand if they don’t want to go public, though. It may not be worth the hassle they’d likely receive.

    • claire says:

      Someone did back when she first told this story. It’s weird that she would even bring it up now. All the people that the entitled idiot thinks have done her wrong and she brings that up?! As far as the rebuttal, I just remember people who went to school with her said she was a brat and removed from school because no one liked her and she was touring. They denied ever hearing about anything like this, so who knows.

    • funcakes says:

      She started that bullsh@t story when she was apart of that bullying campaign. The one where she wore tape across her mouth.
      It was really about prop 8 but of course Leann made it all about her. No one bought it by the way.

    • Christin says:

      Last time she made bullying claims, the story was that the knife threat happened at the end of the school year. That might be a way to skirt around the lack of recollections from other classmates.

      I seriously doubt anything happened like she now describes. It would have been mentioned way back then, because they were trying to get publicity for her. An article from that era mentions she dropped out of school after signing with Curb.

  11. bettyrose says:

    What does she mean the public hasn’t forgiven AJ? That’s not my sense at all. I get the point about double standards, but I don’t think it applies here…though why evenmention AJ?

  12. Talie says:

    I think the public has long gotten over Angelina and Brad, you know 6 kids later.

  13. eliza says:

    She really loves that ugly, ugly fringed quilted Chanel bag, doesn’t she. You couldn’t even gift me that hideous monstrosity. I would put it in the trash. Hate the color. Hate the shape. Hate the fringe. Hate the quilting.

  14. OrangeBlohan says:

    I’m sick of this has been trick.

  15. Size Does Matter says:

    Wasn’t her boyfriend when she was a teenager a thirtysomething country singer who moved with her and her mom to California from Texas? I remember something like that from her dad’s counterclaim.

  16. Deanne says:

    Infertility as “satire” and rape as a punchline. LeAnn Rimes is just comedy gold isn’t she? Eddie is literally the slimiest guy I’ve ever seen. I could not find him more unattractive at this point. He’s even starting to share that unwashed quality that LeAnn has. They both just ooze arrogance and self importance, but what stands out to me is that she doesn’t him talk. They’re both there to be interviewed, but she can’t share the spotlight and the entire things becomes about her and only her. He just kind of sits there like a useless appendage, listening to her put her foot in her mouth. I’m surprised she didn’t make him hold her purse.

    • briargal says:

      Can men talk when their gonads are being squeezed by their women? I’m sure that LeakAnn has total control over Eddie’s when it comes to making her look like she is his one and only and he loves her so much and they are soooo happpeee and successful.

      • Deanne says:

        I think his gonads have been removed at this point. He seriously looks like an idiot. Everyone knows he doesn’t work and is financially dependent on her. How can he not be embarrassed? I know she doesn’t get what a joke they are, but surely he has to have some idea that even people who aren’t fans of Brandi, think they are losers. Their show is a major failure, her dance album has sold something like 12,000 copies worldwide and his 5 minutes of screen time, in a crappy Tyler Perry movie, every other year, doesn’t exactly scream Hollywood power couple. If he’s so happy, why do his eyes look dead? Her’s look deranged which is fitting and his look dead.

    • claire says:

      Seriously. The most he talked was to trot out the same rehearsed line they’ve been giving in interviews for the last few months. My kids are off limits. We laugh a lot. We did satire to show how we really are (which is laughing a lot).

      • Deanne says:

        Everything’s so hilarious. The majority of the public disliking us and thinking we’re losers is so freaking funny. My kids are off limits unless I get a cut of the profits. Ha. Ha. Ha. I’m such a fat ass, opps, I mean smart ass. The failure of our show and our careers is something we laugh at every day. Blah, blah, blah, I’m starting to think that Eddie spends his own quality time drunk and crying in the closet.

      • jenny12 says:

        Just annoying that no one calls either of them on it, especially Eddie, since he’s the bio dad. If your kids are off limits, why do you use them on the show’s website and use their images in your paid pap photos? Why do you alternate saying satire and reality? Why do you say there are no fertility problems, but then you put fertility problems on your show, which may or may not be real (it provably isn’t, but you keep saying it is unless you’re saying it’s satire)? Why is your wife live tweeting from an open house where the mother is when neither parent is tweeting it?

      • claire says:

        @Deanne and Jenny12: It is really mind numbing to try to make sense of their stupidity. I equate them to other celeb screw-ups like Lindsay Lohan: people who don’t make sense, contradict themselves, lie, have no grasp of reality, intelligent reasoning or logic. The list goes on and on.

      • funcakes says:

        Your giving him too much credit on the extent of his vocabulary. I think Eddie communicates with a series of grunts and moans. When he wants sex he just points to his crotch and eats a banana while swinging from a tree.

      • jenny12 says:

        People seem to call Lohan on it, though- wish they would for these two. It’s annoying. They aren’t smart enough to remember what they said or have plausible sounding explanations. Brandi starts everything except when she doesn’t and she hasn’t said a word but she probably will so that makes us the victims.

      • littlestar says:

        OMG you are all hilarious this morning!

  17. Lizzie K says:

    Everything else aside, this woman is just plain unlikable, and it ain’t fixable.

  18. Lara K says:

    Her classiness knows no bounds. She should work in a crisis center.

    The saddest thing is that I’m not even a little surprised she said that.

  19. Shelley says:

    Watching that clip has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Stupid, vacuous, non-sensical and boring replies from two foul-mouthed creeps. I’m so tired of LR talking about ‘laughing at ourselves’ and how hilarious this all is, and how the viewers will love their show accordingly. And as I remember Joan Rivers from many years ago, and haven’t seen her ‘live’ in at least 10 years – I’m horrified/sickened by her face. She can also apparently barely move her neck and barely talk; it’s like her entire head is on lockdown. Is she ill, or is this all the effect of plastic surgery?

  20. Deanne says:

    Why isn’t she apologizing? Is she that arrogant and surrounded by so many yes men, that even her PR people can’t get her to say. ” I made a bad choice in joking about this and am sorry” ? I guess she’s too busy celebrating herself and her birthday month to show any humility.

  21. Cinderella says:

    When will she learn that people aren’t going to laugh WITH her.

  22. Phenix says:

    Oh, ha ha ha. Because boys can’t be raped, right, Leann? Sit the f*ck down with your “funny stories” and “your truth”. You’re disgusting.

  23. claire says:

    Can we talk about her need for birthday attention for an entire month? I follow a couple of other celebrities on twitter and I could not tell you when their birthday is – why? Because they aren’t talking about it for a month seeking attention! Who does that besides a child?!

    Also wondering if anyone yet has figured out what she sang at Chelsea Handler’s finale?

  24. Jennifer says:

    Nothing surprises me when it comes to this tactless, desperate-for-attention has-been.

  25. Nicolette says:

    Forget LeAnn, just saw that Joan Rivers had been undergoing throat surgery at a clinic and stopped breathing. She has been rushed to Mount Sinai hospital. Hope she pulls through. :(

  26. funcakes says:

    Yawn!! Leann trying to get ratings for that awful show. Hoping to add three more viewersto the ten people that are watching.

    Wish I they had footage of Leann trying to make her way to the A list celebrities only to be given the talk to the hand gesture by the publicist. Sandra B and Jenn A do not want your loser cooties.
    Leaving only Avril Levin to give a shout out to on Twitter.

    Then the paid fans that goes from blog to blog typing Brandi is just as bad. Brandi does make a jackass out of herself but Leann has whole blogs dedicatedto her stupidity. There’s one that is five years old giving don madden blow by blow analysis on the avalanche of stupidity she heaps out on a daily basis.

    Leann constantly confusing the public with her day one fan. Sad:’(

  27. Leslie says:

    If she weren’t such a mean, vile, despicable person, I’d feel sorry for her being so ignorant. She has no social awareness.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s beyond lack of social awareness. It’s full blown narcissism. I wish someone would grab her phone and find out just how many different twitter accounts she has loaded in it. You never see her without her phone in her hand. She’s obsessed with herself. Tweets to herself all day long from fake accounts. I’d feel sorry for her if she didn’t have such arrogance.

  28. Maddie says:

    Is it me or is there a strong resemblance between Eddie C and her former fiance Andrew Keegan?

    I think that’s why she is so obsessed with Eddie, she was cray cray over Andrew..until he broke off their engagement.

  29. littlestar says:

    She looks decent here, that’s a nice outfit on her. She’s an uneducated fool, what do people expect? And top it off with everything constantly having to be about her. She doesn’t understand how offensive she is.

  30. why? says:

    Leann hasn’t addressed the backlash she is getting for the rape joke yet, but then again it could be because she has been very preoccupied with tweeting about her birthday, all the fun she had partying with Avril and 50 Cent at Chelsea’s farewell party, all the friends she hung out with at Chelsea’s farewell party, Mason’s back to school night, photos of Jake and Mason helping her celebrate last night, setting up staged photo-ops with Eddie’s mother, tweeting to parents from Jake’s school, and preparing for the staged beach and road trip photo-ops for the weekend and holiday.

    I don’t understand why they even released this interview with Joan. This interview was done about 3 weeks ago, around the time Leann did the exclusive interview about designing a bikini line. We only know the time frame because on the night they did the interview with Joan, Leann tweeted that it was the first time that she and Eddie did a threesome or had another woman in bed with them. Leann needs to divorce Eddie because she spends the most of the marriage spinning. Now Leann is using Joan to convince people that Eddie has never made her sleep with Lizzy or or any other woman during their marriage. Another attempt to one up Brandi. Why did they wait 3-4 weeks to release this interview? Were they using this interview to hype Leann’s week long birthday celebration or to promote episode 107 of her reality show? I surely hope that Leann and VH1 are not using the rape joke as an attempt to get people to watch the last 2 episodes of her show.

    These recent photos of Leann are just so sad. At first glance, you would have thought that these were photos of Brandi. If Eddie is happy being married to Leann and loves Leann, why does Leann go out of her way to look and dress like Brandi? It doesn’t stop with copying Brandi’s looks either, Leann has to hang out with the same people Brandi hangs out with. Have you seen Leann’s tweets to and about 50 cent for the past 3 days? Earlier this year Brandi and Carlton partied with 50 Cent and were photographed with 50 Cent, it became a headline. Seeing her opportunity to outdo Brandi’s photo and experience with 50 Cent, Leann took a photo with 50 Cent Tuesday night and she was all over 50 Cent and then tweeted about the “hug” she gave him. When someone said that 50 Cent looked uncomfortable and afraid in the photo with Leann, Leann become enraged and bragged that 50 Cent and his friends asked her to take a photo with them. Why does Leann want Brandi’s life, if she is happy with the one she has with Eddie? Even the tweets about Mason’s open house or back to school night were uncomfortable because you get the feeling that when Brandi and Eddie are in the same room, Eddie’s eyes are on Brandi. Even at his own child’s school function, Leann can’t trust Eddie.

    • jenny12 says:

      I know- she was tweeting with parents from Mason’s school the other day. Only using kids’ first names, but it’s conversation for texts, not tweets. God forbid, all one nutjob on Twitter has to do is read these conversations, figure out where the school is- how many public schools are in these small towns? not many- because they know where the town is and go up to the kid: “Hey, aren’t you ______’s kid? ______ sits at your table, right?” and start earning the kid’s trust or get the kid’s attention- I mean, heaven forbid, but these parents don’t think that social media has those two words in it for a reason. And Leann sure as hell knows, so the question is why does she persist? Is it that important to use the boys for publicity? Oh…. right.

      • Deanne says:

        KHoff needs to put her sparkle magic, positivity wand away and pay attention to her own kids, rather than tweet the names and location of other people’s children to the masses. I know she loves the attention she gets playing know it all to both sides, but she’s seriously as inappropriate as LeAnn when it comes to other people’s children and respecting boundaries. She disagrees when anyone dares point out her behaviour, but it’s all there to see, just like LeAnn. Saying people are giving out “negative energy” just because they see that you play dumb and behave like an attention starved, sycophantic, wannabe, isn’t a good defence. Texting about the kids instead of tweeting would be a good start.

      • jenny12 says:

        I think she’s just a hippie, but I don’t follow her. I just see threads sometimes. Maybe it’s the small town person vs. the big city person- I would NOT put such personal information as they do on Twitter, and I am much more wary. Pedos look for ways to get kids’ trust, and if they know friends’ names and who the kid sits with at lunch (stuff they were tweeting), then they’ve found a way to strike up a conversation. There are some real whackos on Twitter. Plus, I think Mason goes to school with her kid, and Brandi has some totally unhinged people who stalk her. One was wishing she would get AIDS and/or die, not to mention using the boys’ pictures. And K was talking to another one who stalked a B fan and used her kid’s photo on Twitter. Social media is great, but scary. A few months ago, I asked my daughter to wait for our Starbucks while I ran my younger kid to the bathroom (bad choice, but we’d already ordered and of course, that’s when little bit has to pee) which wasn’t more than 10 ft. away. Gone maybe 5-6 minutes, and my girl was talking to a total stranger who knew what sport she played and what team she’s on. Turns out he was a friend twice removed from a comment on a picture DH posted on FB. He said he was curious and enlarged the photo to see the insignia on her uniform. I was shaken, not only by what he did, but by the fact that he got my kid talking to him. Now I make her cover the insignia for photos he posts.

    • Jessiebes says:

      Huh, Le tweeted that she had a threesome? How did I miss that?

      If it is true, I hope she did it because she wanted to do it, not because Eddie and Brandi did it in their marriage.

    • why? says:

      When Leann tweeted about having a threesome, she was “joking” about her and Eddie’s “In Bed” interview with Joan. Leann’s jokes just aren’t funny. Leann’s threesome joke wasn’t funny because there are photos of Leann and Lizzy making out while Eddie watched(Leann’s fans tried to explain it away by saying that Eddie, Leann, and Lizzy were making fun of Brandi but that just makes Leann look even worse because she has declared herself an advocate for LGBT and did all those interviews this month about how she is a gay icon), photos of Eddie watching Dave grope Lizzy’s butt during one of their vacations in Hawaii, and Lizzy spreading her legs in a bikini while Eddie stood over her smiling during their vacation to the place Eddie used to take Scheana for vacations.

  31. Brandi made a rape joke last year, Leann makes a rape joke now. Brandi gets cheap looking hair extensions, Leann gets cheap looking hair extensions. Leann has truly become her worst nightmare, and that is being boring and having her outrageous antics not even get much of a reaction anymore. I’m not even shocked by her behavior or comments anymore, I’m just bored.

  32. why? says:

    Why would anyone believe that Leann is happy being married to Eddie when she spends the majority of their marriage on twitter tweeting about how happy she is? She won’t even stop tweeting on her birthday. Something bad must have just happened because Leann is going nuts on twitter with the tweeting. Eddie doesn’t even care if Leann spends family vacations and holidays on twitter, but Leann thinks that tweeting that Eddie bought her a ring and necklace this year for her birthday and a feather necklace last year for her birthday will make people believe that Eddie cares enough about her to spend his allowance on Leann. It’s her birthday. Why would she interrupt the birthday celebrations to tweet photos of herself in a bikini and about the gifts she bought herself? Leann was papped on Tuesday dining out with a friend, so that was when she bought the gifts for herself.

    Now that Angelina and Brad’s wedding is taking up all the press’s attention, Leann is going to do something very dramatic and over the top to get the spotlight back on herself. Maybe that is why she tweeted the weird looking photo of herself in a bikini with a fake baby bump and very skinny legs. It looks like she used an app to morph the photo. Anything for attention.

  33. Lydia Says says:

    The rape comment was stupid. But I don’t see anything wrong with this interview.

  34. Deanne says:

    With her recent string of professional failures and the upcoming failure of her signature line of cheap, clear plastic, carry- on style bags, I feel some pity for Leann so I’m giving her a helpful tip. She needs some Feng Shui in her life and in terms of the rules of Feng Shui, it is VERY bad luck to celebrate your birthday after it has happened. The day of is best, the weekend before is okay, but the weekend after is really, really bad. Now Intellectually, I know that someone who is 32 and as immature and self obsessed as LeAnn might have a hard time accepting that, but with everything she’s done career wise circling the drain, the next thing she has left to lose are her personal relationships, so she’d be smart not to tempt fate. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live with, or even know someone who expected their birth to be celebrated for weeks, as if they were the second coming. It must be exhausting.

    • SouthernGal says:

      Her string of KARMA is due to her not apologizing for the destruction of people’s lives. YES affairs happen every day and people live but you DO NOT continue throwing the affair in the exes faces. Period. Have some got damn tact. At least pretend to be shameful. People always want to compare her and Angelia. There’s a difference. Angelia didn’t stalk Brad Pitt, she didn’t have an affair while he was living with Jennifer and she wasn’t on social media with it.

      LeAnn ran her mouth and even exposed their affair when Eddie refused to leave. It was a setup by her. I do not pity anyone who intentionally go out of their way to do evil towards anyone. She inserted herself into a family and she’s been disrespectful about the whole thing since. No apologies just smugness. As far as Feng Shui, an exorcism is more like it.

      • Deanne says:

        Exorcism might work too. I don’t really pity her, I was being sarcastic, but I do find her belief that she’s still at the top of her game, when everything she touches turns into one of her sharts, fascinating. When her fans compare LeAnn and Eddie to Angie and Brad, I have to laugh. They are A-list, not D-list. There were no kids involved. Angelina wasn’t tweeting about every second of her life like a psycho. Angelina didn’t have her staff , fans and friends harass, insult and threaten Jennifer Aniston all while making sure she got financially pulverized and she didn’t start morphing into her physically and hijacking her dentist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon and friends either. Angelina and Brad are humanitarians who visit refugees in war torn countries and donate huge amounts of money to charity. LeAnn on the other hand spends her time looking for ways to turn every death, disease and tragedy, into something about her. Smug face. No humility. No humanity. I have a feeling that when what goes around, comes around, LeAnn’s smug face is going to get a slap that she’ll never forget.

      • Jenni12 says:

        Well, Deanne, there’s nothing left to add! :)

    • Christin says:

      The ongoing birthday celebration is really unusual, especially for an adult. I wonder if her mother did that when she was a child (since she was supposedly such a gift). Even that would be odd, because I’ve never heard of a child having a birthday week or month.

      She started mentioning her birthday earlier in the summer. Who does that? A seven-year-old anxiously awaiting a present, maybe, but an adult over 30?

      P.S. – Happy belated birthday, Lady D (who mentioned her recent birthday upthread).