Madonna gives menopause advice to Rosie – who shares it on TV

Watch out Rosie O’Donnell, HRH Madonna is going to excommunicate you. Rosie has implied on television that Madonna is post-menopausal. She is not menopausal – she works out 4 hours a day! She hasn’t eaten a carb in nine years! She’s dating a young man! She is not aging! Deny. Deny. Deny.

Rosie appears on the Tyra Banks show this week, and in a preview she talks about being Madonna’s friend. Rosie says they hit it off as, on their first meeting leading up to filming A League of Their Own together, they commiserated about seeing their own names on their mothers’ gravestones. When Rosie asked Madonna about menopause, she told her to get hormone cream.

Rosie says “I had just seen Truth or Dare, and she was the first woman I’d met who had a similar situation to me. My mom died when I was a kid, as did hers, and I’m named after my mother, as is she, so I don’t know anyone else who’s gone to their mother’s grave and seen their own name. When she walked in I said ‘listen I saw your movie and my mom died and I’m named after her and I totally get it’. And right away we were like sisters.

“She’s [Madonna] great, she’s a lot like a big sister,” O’Donnell says. “When I started having my hormone things, I’m like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ she’s like, ‘Get the cream.’”

Us Weekly, view the video here

Rosie cheerfully admits that her menopause started at 41, and that a few months ago ‘Aunt flow ‘ stopped visiting. I have no idea what Rosie is on the show to talk about, she also mentions incontinence and diarrhea so I can only assume the show is about bodily functions.

While I think it’s okay for Rosie to talk about her own menopause, I think it was crossing the line to talk about someone else. Madonna is a pop singer, so much of her career is based on image in a way that comedian Rosie’s isn’t, and Madge is competing with stars 30+ years her junior. We all know Madonna is getting older, and if you google Madonna+menopause you get a huge volume of responses, mostly talking about how Madonna’s amazing physique is the new way to tackle menopause – presumably for those of us who don’t have jobs and can devote several hours a day to personal maintenance. Great – now women are being given unrealistic examples for how to cope with menopause, as well as losing baby weight and aging.

As far as ‘the cream’ goes, I think it’s a natural progesterone cream marketed for hormonal complaints that gained popularity after other common hormone replacement treatments were linked to cancer. Obviously this is a gossip website, consult your doctor and not Madonna for menopause advice. Never consult Madonna, the woman looks like she’s been freeze dried for space travel.

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  1. Lem says:

    Obviously this is a gossip website, consult your doctor and not Madonna for menopause advice.

    computer screen meet coffee. thanks Helen

  2. Dorothy says:

    Rosie is doing a lifetime movie I think named America???

  3. Waldemar says:

    Madge ones said in an interview that her cycle was of his rocker because of her working out and all. So she’s not missing it anyway.

  4. kiki says:

    ” I think its okay for Rosie to talk about her own menopause, I think its crossing the line to talk about someone elses”
    HAH Ha haaa
    No the fact that its Madonna and Rosies is calling her ‘ big sister” and calling her for menopause advice is priceless when Madonna goes to such l lengths for image.
    one more thing We as WOMEN have to help each other we know so little about our own biological body and how it works we are SHAMED into how our body works menopuase should not be viewed that way its nothing to be ashamed about and by talking about it, the physical process of going thru it is painful enough ( my own mom went thru a horrible time when it happened to her ) the more women talk about it the more they can help each other. I am so over this womens mystery my own mother didnt even talk about periods and the start of menasturtion with me. We got to do Away with these oh its something we dont talk about that what our bodies naturally do is dirty or shameful. it not its just a natural process of life.

  5. Frenchie says:

    Helen, the way you write and your colorfull comments crack me up

  6. jayem says:

    “Never consult Madonna, the woman looks like she’s been freeze dried for space travel.”

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!! You. Are. Awesome!

  7. michellle says:

    Started at 41?
    Is this normal?
    What’s the average age?

  8. BluePlanet says:

    menopause is a PROCESS that can start in early stages in the late thirties until it progresses into full blown menopause in the late forties and early fifties. This is all perfectly normal.

    But by god Madonna is in amazing shape. Women half her age have nothing on her, celebrity or not.

  9. michellle says:

    thanks Blue -
    as for Madonna, I agree.

  10. Susan says:

    I am Madonna’s age, ok, 2 months younger, and a mother of a 15 yr old son…i just hit menopause at 49 and a half and just one month it stopped coming..I figured it was menopause because of being 49 and was grateful i didnt hit it sooner..Since the menopause I have insomnia and depression and just feel much older without my normal estrogen and progesterone levels.I’m with Oprah on going on bioidentical hrt, and have been prescribed it. Now at 50 I just quit smoking so I can get on those natural hormones and feel better again.

  11. tony says:

    hi guys I’m just taking a break from my strenuous 4 hour a day work out,to have a look at whats new here, before getting in some Kabbalah, after I’ll indulge myself with a banquet of mixed berries, blackberries, and blueberries totaling about 45 calories, by the way HRT can be administered orally or in pill form. treatment can be applied as a cream vaginally, or in patch form transdermally. HRT treatments replace the hormones that the ovaries once produced.
    ah well back to the grind.

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  13. ‘Ello! I came to this article and found it to be fairly interesting but your page wouldn’t completely load. It only seemed to load about 15% of the page. Are you aware of this?

    Anywho, I don’t completely agree with everything I’ve read so far, but I’ll swing through later to see if everything is fixed to finish reading. Thanks again.

  14. amberen says:

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