Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson’s in-flight PDA

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I used to think Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were soooo cute. I could have written epic articles on the adorability of their love. But now that it’s been a long time – and lots of drama – I sort of want them to break up just because I’m tired of hearing about the. They’re always either screaming at each other until they’re hoarse (often in public), or they’re making out and getting all “Schmoopie-poo, I love you sooooo much!” I have no idea which is worse.

According to The Mirror, one of their reporters recently was on a trans-Atlantic flight with the couple, and they were nauseatingly codependent the entire time. Lindsay predictably more than Samantha. They made out. They text messaged each other even though they were eight inches apart. They went to the bathroom (together) to change into their matching sleep suits. I’m surprised they didn’t comb each other’s hair.

Some highlights:

Love really is in the air for Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson. So much so that any hopes we had of some much-needed kip on the plane back to London, after a week of hard partying at the Oscars, were rudely shattered by the randy pair. On our Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to London, we were just a few seats away from the loved-up couple – and we didn’t know where to look as they kissed, cuddled and giggled their way through most of the 10-hour flight.

At one point we even caught 22-year-old LiLo texting sweet nothings to DJ Sam on her in-flight entertainment handset – despite sitting eight inches away from her. We weren’t the only passengers to witness their amorous antics. An elderly couple celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary were stunned when Lindsay gave 30-year-old Sam a passionate kiss.

The pair went to the minuscule cabin loo to change into matching black sleep suits before settling down into their seats. Sam looked less than thrilled to get a text right in the middle of a poignant scene [of a movie]. But she soon cheered up after reading “I love you” from LiLo.

More text messages followed in which Lindsay called Sam the “love of my life” and said she wanted to be with her forever. Pass the airsick bag… Then the pair held hands above their headrests and declared their undying love, like a couple of teenagers.

LiLo then got stuck into two large glasses of Jelu Pinot Noir before finally deciding to settle down for a nap and pulling out her reclining bed. Whispering goodnights to each other, the couple then fell asleep side by side, curled up in foetal positions. Aww.

[From the Mirror]

Ick. And this is not an “ick” because they’re girls. In fact I’m probably giving them a little more leeway because they’re girls. This sounds like the behavior of a recently reconciled couple. I’ve only ever been half this gross when I’ve just made up with a guy after a fight. And like I said, still only half. Any one of these things would be sorta cute on its own. But taken altogether, they sound not just nauseating, but suffocating and stifling. It sounds like Samantha’s dating a teenager. Which Lindsay is, in most ways. I’m guessing there was some baby talk involved too.

Though one can’t help but wonder how the Mirror’s reporter was privy to the contents of their text messages. I suppose it’s possible Samantha or Lindsay read them out loud and the reporter was close enough to hear them. Or close and snoopy enough to see them. But I’m guessing they just took some creative license. Which could apply to the rest of the article, except that it sounds very Lohan-esq. You know, until she decides to engage in a rage-fuelled screaming battle in a day or two.

Here’s Lindsay and Samantha out shopping in Central London on Friday. Images thanks to

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20 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson’s in-flight PDA”

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  1. lunachick says:

    I know Sam’s always really thin, but…seriously, she looks like she should be tied down & intravenously fed. Does she have a history of eating disorders?

  2. Ana says:

    I saw comparision pictures of samro with pictures of how she looked before her and lindsey got together and she has lost a lot of weight! And she was already very thin to begin with.
    I didn’t realize Sam is 30 years old. I thought she was a lot younger.
    I wondered how they knew the contents of the text as well.
    And isn’t Jelu Pinot Noir an alcoholic beverage?

  3. Ophelia says:

    @Ana- Yes, Pinot Noir is a red wine. A really good one..
    I would never wish for a couple to break up, unless it’s an abusive relationship (like Rihanna and Chris Brown), and I really can’t figure out how it is between them. They’re bipolar. I dated a girl that was up and down like Lilo. One minute screaming at me, the next obsessively calling me. Now she pretends she’s never dated a woman. Maybe that’s what will happen here..

  4. Claire says:

    Reading the text message is relatively easy on a plane…it appears on the persons video screen, hence the reference to interrupting the movie.
    I like the reference to two large glasses of wine..assuming they were in business, yes you get a ‘glass’ glass, but it is still small by comparison to what you get in a bar.
    Give Lindsay a break she has never said she doesn’t drink…and two glasses over a 10 hour flight is not a much.

    Why can’t everyone just leave them be…they live their lives under a microscope 24 hours a day…and probably (unwisely) thought that they were not going to be spied on…and just acted normally…they are in love – let them show their affection for once…just because you didn’t get to write about a fight, you have to pour scorn on their affection…sounds just plain mean to me!!

  5. ER says:

    I never thought Sam was good for Lindsay. Sam just bugs me for some reason.

    Lindsay has gotten terribly skinny, but compared to Sam she almost looks average. Sam needs to eat!

  6. lachica says:

    The text messages appear on screen which is why it would have interrupted a scene of the movie.

    Lindsay seems bipolar to me. Bipolar, substance-dependent, and co-dependent. Reminds me of her father now that I think on it.

  7. rico says:

    you can send text messages on the game console/inflight entertainment if you are paying for the best class on virgin, it appears on the tv screen so is realtively easy to see if you are set close by. Creative liscence or not i rather read fake pda stories at this point then fake fight stories. at least this report mixes it up a bit. i never believed the fight stories anyway everything sounds embellished to me

  8. Because I Say So says:

    They are both parasites. They feed off of each other, which is good for neither of them.

    I never understood the “oh look how cute they are bandwagon” in the first place, and reading this only perplexes me further.

  9. becca says:

    Oy vey *eyeroll*

    I’ve never seen anything wrong with Sam. What I’m trying to figure out is why on earth she prefers to stay with someone so obsessively clingy. Maybe she likes her partners to be like that, I dunno. Who she dates is up to her. I’m more disgusted by Lohan’s antics anyway. I’d be really ticked off if I had to sit near them on the flight.

  10. laura says:

    i think they are cute together.maybe they are one of those fight and make up couples. or maybe everything is exaggareted. i mean these two have a animated conversation and its apparently worth blogging about? it sometimes seems animated conversation equals a fight in blogworld. if they are in love then let them be why does everyone and their mother have to have an opinion on wheter they should be together. its their buisness.

  11. marcus says:

    its funny to me that this blogwriter belives the obviously over the top fight stories (shit junk literature anyone?) but not this little pda report. everything is so obviously overblown by the media with this couple. i bet they have their ups and downs like most couples, its not like they are a different species after all. and as much as i think lohan is a hottie, i prefer her with that chick at least she isn’t out every night looking wasted or driving around drunk.

  12. Ana says:

    I just pointed out the alcoholic beverage thing because isn’t she supposed to be recovering?

  13. okay? says:

    Lindsay can do so much better than Sam

  14. Bodhi says:

    Blech, when they break up its going to be epic.

    I thought LL was supposed to sober again these days…

  15. Lina says:

    Lindsay’s life has suddenly become boring to me…I mean, who cares?

  16. Tia says:

    sounds like some male fantasy.. give me a break.

  17. Trashaddict says:

    As intrusive as the paps are, I have yet to see a picture of these two really snogging.

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