Helena Christensen says she has never lived with a man

Helena Christensen is on the cover of In Style magazine this month, looking disgustingly good for any age, let alone 40. The caption says ‘What it still takes to look this hot’. Er, professional digital enhancement? A stylist? Damn fine genes? Helena says it’s a fast metabolism and exercise.

Inside Helena reveals that despite high profile relationships with men such as Michael Hutchence, Josh Hartnett and Leonardo DeCaprio, she’s never lived with a man.

‘No, because my life is travel, so it just happened that way.

‘It’s not like I set out to live like that, but now it would be a big thing to move in with somebody.

‘I’m used to my own place, my own things.

‘But you know, if I met the right person, I’m sure I’d be like, “Move in tomorrow, put your things everywhere”. That would probably work for a while and then I’d need a bit of balance!’

Daily Mail

This isn’t hugely unusual, Helena is an independent woman and maybe she just never wanted to cohabitate. Until you remember – Helena was married for five years!

Helena was, according to the Daily Mail, asked directly if she had ever lived with her husband, and the above was the reply she gave. I guess she means she’s never had the experience of moving in with someone and sharing her daily life, not that she’s never packed up her stuff and moved it into a mutual abode as such. I’m not sure if living essentially separate lives was what lead to the demise of her marriage or not. Ea Longoria, who lives in a separate state to her Texas residing basketball playing hubby, says that it makes their marriage more successful.

Longoria-Parker explains, “(When we’re together) it is a honeymoon, because we only have three days together and we hardly fight because we know we don’t have much time. All the little things that couples argue about – we let them slide.”

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Of course, those little things are actually what end a marriage quite often. The term ‘irreconcilable differences’ was actually developed because no one wants to write ‘he always put the milk carton back in the fridge empty and she never takes out the garbage’ on their divorce petition.

Helena Christenson is currently dating, in the time honored tradition of models and rock stars, Interpol frontman Paul Banks. Clearly they don’t live together, but Helena says she’d love to have another child so maybe soon. They have been together for two years.

Helena Christensen is shown at an event for Samsumg on 2/15/09 in Barcelona and on 2/22/09 at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Credit: WENN

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  1. Ophelia says:

    What Eva Longoria, excuse me Eva Longoria-Parker (gah! pick a name!) said in the quote sounds really unhealthy. They’re apart so much and that’s how they keep from fighting? I think the true test of a relationship is being around the other person on a daily basis and not going crazy. Also, Christensen has a kid named Mingus with Norman Reedus, who was one of the brothers in Boondock Saints. Did they really live apart?

  2. pixiegirl says:

    If I were Paul Banks, I don’t know how I would feel about the ‘if I met the right person’ quote from Helana. Kinda rude, eh?

  3. Larissa says:

    I guess am kinda old-fashioned, you can´t call something a relationship (let alone marriage) if you don´t live and share your life with your partner!
    It´s like calling yourself a parent when you are never there for your kids, doesn´t make any sense!
    That´s why we call these things commitment. It might “work out” for some people but if you are not ready to face day to day life with someone, to me personally, you´re just dating.

  4. Sauronsarmy says:

    I’m sure shes still a virgin too.

  5. orion70 says:

    “looking disgustingly good for any age, let alone 40″

    is 40 the new 80 or something? Yes, she looks great. She looks, age wise, like a lot of other 40 year old women I know, none of which look over the hill.