Jimmy Kimmel explains breakup on “The View”


Just days after Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman confirmed their breakup, Jimmy poked fun at himself while dressed like Rosie O’Donnell on a segment of “The View.” Jimmy fielded questions about the breakup from the co-hosts and tried to keep the mood light. But you can tell by his body language that it’s an uncomfortable topic for him. Or maybe he’s just uncomfortable with the leggings, clogs and black wig.

Jimmy Kimmel showed up on “The View” Monday, dressed in drag as former co-host Rosie O’Donnell, and fielded questions about his recent, second break up with longtime girlfriend Sarah Silverman.

“The View” is in Los Angeles this week, and Kimmel walked about in a wig, clogs and wedding ring for his two-segment appearance.

Sherri Shepherd told Kimmel they feared he would no-show when news broke of his split.

Kimmel said, “The only thing better than breaking up is going on ‘The View’ right after you break up.”

Asked what happened, Kimmel said, “What do you think happened? I’m a 41-year-old man with a bra filled with Koosh balls. I’m an imbecile. She couldn’t date an imbecile anymore.”

Walters then pressed him if it’s really all over, to which he sputtered, “I don’t know, I mean, you know, I think, I don’t know. Ask her. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

[From Huffington Post]

I actually think Kimmel is more attractive than the actual Rosie – he definitely has better hair! It had to be tough to sit there and take these questions about something so personal, but to Jimmy’s credit, he did so with a smile. I am one of those people who hopes Jimmy and Sarah get back together – but if they keep getting together and breaking up, there has to be a reason.

Pictures are older images from when Silverman and Kimmel were together in 2005. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.


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  1. Obvious says:

    This story both makes me laugh and sad. I laugh at Kimmel, and I think he’s a stand up guy, and I wish he and Sarah could make it work.

  2. Shelly Shellz says:

    How is it his eyebrows r btr groomed then hers????? That’s funny

  3. Feebee says:

    Oh, he sounds like he’s trying hard to keep it light when he really wants to hide in the loo and cry.

    A break up that fresh, two questions must have seemed like they were harping on at him. What a sport. Poor guy.

  4. Tanya says:

    yes I really like them together but why waste time mending and breaking?

  5. posterboy says:

    She’s over rated, not funny at all and mean-spirited. He broke it off the first time, she probably begged him to reconcile just so she could save face by being the one to break it off this time. He’s lucky to be rid of her.

  6. *michka* says:

    well put poster boy! i couldn’t have said it better myself!

  7. sissoucat says:

    Being mean is not a problem for a comic. Still being specially mean towards trainwrecks – hitting Paris and Britney when they were at the lowest – that wasn’t that courageous, right ?

  8. snappyfish says:

    I think they are both moderately funny. I liked her turn as “Marcie” on Monk. She was cute and quirky.

    The thing is. He left his wife and kids for her in the beginning. Right when he started getting famous. Same old story. Traded in the old model for the new. So I guess, end the end, what comes around goes around.

    Hopefully they will find what they want in life, whether in involves the other.

    I agree he was a better looking Rosie, with a more geniune smile.

  9. Acemeister says:

    She kind of looks like a horse, doesn’t she…