Janice Dickinson freaks out after photog asks if she’s had a sex change

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Let’s be honest: of all the ugly celebs (and there are plenty, everything considered), Janice Dickinson is probably the ugliest. At least when you factor in her constant assertion that she was the world’s first supermodel. I mean she’s just begging the public to pick her apart. And she’s such a raging, self-righteous, critical bitch. So really, Janice is one of the few celebrities I don’t feel badly about absolutely tearing to shreds. Which is why that evil part of me celebrated by throwing confetti in the air after hearing about a little paparazzi kerfuffle Janice got herself in yesterday.

Janice Dickinson is harrassed [sic] by photographers as she walks back to her car in the Sunset Plaza. One photographer asks her if she has had a sex change operation and another attempts to photograph down her shirt.

[From WENN]

Thankfully there are photos of Janice’s freakout. TMZ points out that she actually thought a photographer tried to take a picture up her skirt, which would be a greater violation. Mostly because she was wearing a dress that had her 53-year-old supermodel breasts thrust out as far as possible. It would have been hard not to take a picture “down her shirt.”

And the guy trying to photograph up Janice’s skirt was probably just trying to answer the sex change question. I personally don’t thinks he’s had one. I’m guessing she’s still tucking. Nonetheless, I want to find and marry the photographer who asked her that question. That dude is my soul mate.

Images thanks to WENN.com.

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  1. dan says:

    Wow, taking pictures up women’s skirts is funny? This whole post is “bad touch”
    Stay classy celebitchy

  2. CB Rawks says:

    That’s who Octomom really looks like. We should see if they can partner up for a truly demented reality show. I’d watch that!
    Janice would be trying to make the kids look *fashion* and go on diets, and Octo would be twirling her hair around her finger and staring vacantly into her frappuchino.

  3. tigerlille says:

    Oh, another tantrum! I find it disgusting that grown men earn their living by baiting and tormenting their subects. And as usual, the accompanying photographs tell a somewhat different story.

  4. voodoobetty says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thats great. She totally deserved that. She is a such a self important, nasty, dried up old drag queen.

  5. ER says:

    I think Janice D. and Rachel Zoe went to the same dr. for their operations – they both look manly and they’re both mean!

  6. Maritza says:

    The woman give a true meaning to the word BITCH!

  7. alecto says:

    while i can’t really stand the woman she is now. at least she was beautiful at one time preplastic surgery. she just needs to stop trying to hang onto what she can’t and relay on what she can be.

  8. Hieronymus Grex says:

    He should have asked why is she famous as well.

  9. spooge says:

    Why do girls get so upset about a guy seeing up their skirt? I don’t get it. Girls will go out in string bikinis and thongs without even have a second thought, but if a guy sees up her skirt it’s like a major big deal or something even though you’re seeing less than what you’d see on any beach.
    If a guy looks up your skirt, take it as a compliment that he finds you sexually attractive enough to want to look. If you don’t want guys looking up your skirt, then just stop wearing them.

  10. Mason says:

    Some how she reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. Two old women that keep trying to show the world their body because they think it’s the best thing in the world.

  11. leena says:

    are you twelve? and/or a registered sex offender?

  12. CB Rawks says:

    Yes that’s right spooge, we should all have to give up wearing skirts forever, just in case some filthy little scumbag like you decides to invade our privacy and personal space.
    Enjoy prison. There won’t be many skirts there for you I’m afraid, but if you try to look up anyone’s pantleg you’ll finally get what’s coming to you.

  13. orion70 says:

    is it just me, or has there been an influx of spooge-like individuals on the boards of late?

    or maybe i’m just cranky because my string bikini is riding up my ass.

  14. Amy says:

    i actually think janice dickinson is pretty-its just her attitude that stinks.

  15. Sunnyjyl says:

    I think that there are a lot of 12 year olds, on this site, these days.
    If I look like Janice when I am 53 . . .

  16. Baholicious says:

    Spooge texted that while spending all day riding the ‘up’ escalator with a camera phone.

    And by the way, I know what you mean with your handle; is that because you can’t spell ‘ejaculate?’

    …which leads me to reiterate an earlier question: What are you, 12, or a sex offender? Or a 12 year-old sex offender?

  17. tasteT says:


    That was HILARIOUS!wooohoooo!!

  18. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    LOL @ Orion and Baho. Too funny!