Kim Kardashian’s Julien Macdonald onesie at the BRIT Awards: tragic or cute?


God help me but I am SO into Kim Kardashian’s hair these days. That shoulder-length cut suits her and it makes her look younger and fresher. Of course, the rest of Kim is still a hot mess. These are photos of Kim heading out to the BRIT Awards last night in London. From what I could see, she didn’t walk the carpet. Which is fine, it would have been totally unnecessary, because the paparazzi got these shots of her leaving her hotel and we already got to see her outfit: it’s an onesie/jumpsuit by Julien Macdonald. It’s not flattering in the least. When Kim presented at the BRITs (she gave an award to Sam Smith), this is what the jumpsuit looked like in the back view:

Much classy. Of course, Kim was also on hand to watch Kanye perform a new song, “All Day.” There were flamethrowers involved. No joke. Beware: there’s some NSFW language in the video.

Ugh. What else? Before the BRITs, Kim appeared on an iTV show and she ended up discussing whether she would get pregnant again. Kim said in the new season of KUWTK, fans would be able to “follow my journey of trying to get pregnant for the second time, which has proven to not be as easy as the first time, but we’re working on it.” She also said she always thought she would have six kids, but after North, “I would have a million…” Apparently, Kanye and Kim have been trying the old-fashioned way for months now, and Kim said: “We’d do IVF if nothing happens. But we both want to keep trying naturally.”


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN and Getty.

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  1. mimif says:

    I rarely comment on KK posts but lawd, that header photo is EVERYTHING. It’s up there with the classic Goopy eye roll pic.

  2. Bam32 says:

    I actually love the front view of the jump suit and I want that outfit (sans the saggy butt girl needs to deflate and do some squats)

  3. savu says:

    Awe, if she’s ready for more kids I want it to happen for her. Nobody who can provide for kids and want them should have a ton of trouble conceiving, I really don’t wish that on anyone. I’m surprised she’s so ready and on board, though. But whatever, good for her. Note to Kim: pregnancy = muumuus.

    • kcarp says:

      She won’t get pregnant. She is setting us up for the use of Beyonce’s rented uterus. Poor power to her if she can afford it, being pregnant sucks

    • Chrissy says:

      I don’t believe a word of this. Everything she says is for public consumption. She stated that she hated being pregnant and is also too vain to do it again. I smell surrogate.

      • Mel M says:

        Agreed, she is just setting the stage for a surrogate. North isn’t even two yet so if she really has been trying naturally in the infertility world it hasn’t been for very long. I am part of that group and trust me so many women who truly struggle with infertility and have been trying for years and years can see right through her.

      • Joy says:

        Oh yes. Remember the first time she had made some claims about almost being sterile only for those claims to be disproven. Also, she and Kanye would be required to be on the same continent for this to happen. They will put one in a woman and she won’t have to get fat again.

      • Peppa says:

        I just hope that isn’t true. I had a very hard time getting pregnant a second time, and it turned out I had some scar tissue blocking the way. It is something that women out there can relate to (having trouble getting pregnant a second time, wanting to conceive naturally before exploring other options) but it is hard to believe any Kardashian is being honest.

      • Petee says:

        Me too.Just another story line for their dopey show.

    • jwoolman says:

      She doesn’t want six kids. She doesn’t want two kids. She doesn’t really want one kid. Kim is just a pathological liar who says whatever she thinks people want to hear and might make her look good.

      She hated being pregnant, so I agree with others that she’s at best setting us up for a surrogacy if she decides another poor little traumatized rich child will bring her enough money from Kanye and her pap friends to be worth the bother. It’s really a sad situation, and she’ll be passing along the dysfunction from her mother down to the next generation.

    • Fritanga says:

      Yeah, I’m sure she wants lots of kids – to replenish her mother’s stable. And who the hell is she kidding with that “we’ve been trying to get pregnant the regular way?” She went IVF with Ignori – it’s in the contract! Kanye is too busy canoodling with his true loves: the mirror & Riccardo ( in that order).

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      I also think she’s telling porkies about trying to fall pregnant. It’s more like stringing it out for viewer interest for at least one season. Then, she’ll either get pregnant naturally (unlikely), or there’ll be another season’s worth of “interest” finding the surrogate and, later, months of following the surrogate through the baking of Kompass Baby #2. I think she hated pregnancy the first time around and is unwilling to put herself through that again. Much more (self-created) drama hiring a womb, and don’t forget the possible “sympathy” element… Also, I wonder if hubby really wants to endure dressing and styling his real-life, dress-up doll in a pregnant state?

      Tsk… Listen to me – I’ve never even seen an episode of their show and only learned what little I do know about her on Celebitchy!

      They’re never going to go away, are they?

  4. Mzizkrizten says:

    The front of the outfit is screaming late 90s exotic dancer grocery shopping outfit. The back is screaming NO! Her butt, you guys.

  5. LadyMTL says:

    One day she’ll emerge wearing a normal outfit that fits her properly and I’ll faint from shock. Until then, all I can do is yawn. KK wearing an ugly, too-tight dress? Must be a Thursday.

  6. dr mantis toboggan says:

    Um … I guess I admire her confidence?

  7. Lucy says:

    Good lord she looks awful. I really do hope everyone,myself included, takes a cue from ITV and audiomute these dimwits. They’ve outstayed their welcome

  8. GlimmerBunny says:

    God help me but I sort of like it, at least from the front. I think it’s cool and different.

  9. Lilacflowers says:

    As bad as that ensemble is, it actually fits her better than just about anything else she has worn in the past year.

  10. Anna says:

    This outfit is fugly but I love her hair. It looks really good on her.
    I love the reactions of the audience to Kanye’s performance. Lionel Richie’s look of “awe” was the best lol this performance and the one he did on SNL have been some of the best performances that he’s done in a while. I cant wait for his album, I think it’s going to be really good.

  11. NewWester says:

    Are her ass implants shifting? In the one pic her rear end looks really lumpy. Kim must be trolling people with these outfits. Anyway to get attention

  12. OSTONE says:

    That butt!!! :-| Lord help Khloe’s since Kim’s *ss looks small next to hers.

  13. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think Kim hair looks really good. Outfit is typical nightmare. Kanye’s in serious trouble, y’all. I kinda liked that song. I’m 58. He’s over?

  14. smcollins says:

    No no no no no no noooooooo!! And what is up with her being all about chokers lately? I give up. There’s just no hope for this chick.

  15. jen2 says:

    Seeing it from the side shows how off her proportions are. She has a massive rear and chicken legs. It just looks so fake. The wonky eye looks like she is trying to hex someone.

  16. GoOnGirl says:

    What did she do to her face? It looks like it’s melting/

  17. Greek Chic says:

    Wow. She had new work done…terrible! The new nose and lips make her look like a camel.
    The jumpsuit with some changes and on a different body wouldn’t be that bad.
    I m sure she has all her outfits (terribly) tairored and altered. There’s no way that huge butt fits in clothes without tailoring.

  18. M.J. says:

    Her nose and chin look like they’ve had recent work done. She looks strange. That jumpsuit is hideous, and she tied her booties up over the pant legs! Just awful. I don’t care for this hair length on her either. It really emphasizes her face.

  19. swack says:

    I’m sorry, on someone not as curvy, this would probably look good. But not on her. On DM there are pictures of her being “affectionate” (as DM writes it) by licking on Kanye. I’m sorry, will she ever get past teenage behavior.

  20. Toe says:

    The front looks perfect. I really love the top of this jumpsuit. I want it. but the back…….no no no. She has to shave some of that ass. Too much.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      Swack and Toe: I saw a photo of the original catwalk version (Daily Mail, I think), and it looked fabulous on the model. The model wore what I thought were really cute shoes with it, though, not the hideous tart’s trotters KK chose. Apparently, this outfit is not yet available, but similar jumpsuits were featured for sale at Asos, TopShop and another store

  21. Cinderella says:

    Her hair looks great, but that ass is too much.

  22. Chrissy says:

    It seems like Kim and Naya Rivera are morphing into the same person.
    Same plastic surgeon? The outfit is ridiculous. She’s sad and pathetic.

  23. Michelle says:

    I really don’t understand why Kim can’t find a spine or some self esteem and stand up to her husband and tell him to back off of her wardrobe. She looked SO much better when she dressed herself. Hate or love her, she dressed in ways that flattered her body before. Now she desperately tries to be edgy in couture outfits that makes her look super dumpy. Kim is a short girl at 5’2 or 5’3, with a short torso and big boobs on one end and an enormous butt on the other end and unfortunately that build can make her look dumpy or even chubby and this is why she needs to dress for her body. This jumpsuit would’ve looked best on someone built like her sister, Kendall.

  24. platypus says:

    I like it, but that’s something you’d wear to a sex club, not a an award show! Gawd.

  25. Koen @ celeb says:

    Interesting article! The Kardashian’s seem to be always in the news. Some people might haven’t thought about it but actually they are one of the best when it comes to business. As to the article itself I think the jumpsuite is another way to get the attention she wants…

    Kind regards,


  26. Adiellybelly says:

    Lisa Eldridge, the queen of makeup artistry did her makeup last night. Kind of surprised she worked w kim but she did a good job. Much more subtle than her usual looks

  27. Sos101 says:

    Tragic. With Kim it’s always tragic.

  28. Mylene - Montreal says:

    Kanye West is the co-producter of Rihanna new album … just learn that … Well Rihanna going to have her major first album flop.

    • Bea says:

      I think she worked with him before.

    • RockytopNC says:

      and she was the one that was the last minute drop out on that Brits awards show , and Kanye just happened to available to fill in……Sureeeeeeeee ! ….to bad his shock and awe show was more of a shock and hate show…..He shocked the audience alright …by is complete lack of talent and use of the “N” word in every other sentence was so nasty the British broadcaster muted most of it…..well he did proof something though…..he is as bad a rapper and entertainer as he is a designer…..major fail…….

  29. HONEYB says:

    For the life of me I do not understand why any designer would want this trick wearing their clothes. She makes couture look like something you could buy at Wet Seal. Ugh.

  30. kri says:

    I wonder how big the shoe horn was that got her into and out of this thing. Or maybe to get her out, she just put a finger in one of those holes and yanked. Oh, dear, that came out wrong! One of the holes in the top of that outfit, I meant.

  31. saraghina77 says:

    So excited for his new album!! Loving his collaborations with Big Sean too!

  32. Ice Queen says:

    I actually like the jumpsuit just not on her body.

  33. Bea says:

    I love the top but that bottom tho. She would be so gorgeous without that ridiculous clip on butt, I am starting to believe she has BDD.

  34. That’s not a choker..can’t you see Kanye holding the leash? The nice thing about this holey outfit is that she can go to the toilet without taking it off, then take 30 showers in it.

  35. Jonesy says:

    Awww…did Kanye learn to crochet?

  36. chloeee says:

    Kylie really is morphing into her. Crazy.

  37. Otaku fairy says:

    I actually love this outfit- I just hate the back view. And even though she’s obviously had work done, I do think she looks pretty in these pictures.

  38. G says:

    I like it. Just not on her body. The shape of her butt is just ridiculous. Why anybody would aspire to have one like that is beyond me.

  39. Veritas says:

    I’m so sick of her sex blow up doll look.

  40. Tracy says:

    The hair is beautiful. The outfit is tragic. And I’d care if only Kim could even spell Brit Awards correctly…

  41. Bread and Circuses says:

    I actually the cutout patterning of this, but I don’t like it being a onesie. If it had been a dress instead of a onesie, I’d have thought it very cute.

  42. serena says:

    I actually like this look from her, the front looks amazing (not so much the back but we know the reason). Actually if it was a dress I would have liked it even more.
    I agree about the hair, I like her make up too here (although I hate the nude lips she always always sports).

  43. snowflake says:

    if she’s wearing this, what are the hookers on the corner wearing?