Saoirse Ronan in Burberry at the BAFTAs: stunning or dowdy?


Saoirse Ronan attended the BAFTAs this year because she was nominated for her role in Brooklyn. She’s such a young woman – she’s only 21 – and I genuinely like the fact that she doesn’t have a go-to red carpet look. I’m still being surprised by what she chooses for major events, and I like that. I would not have predicted that she would wear this strapless Burberry gown to the BAFTAs, nor would I have believed that she would pair the dress with a MAJOR necklace. Very few women do the statement-necklace these days, have you noticed that? I think it’s because if you wear a big necklace, a lot of people believe it’s an “older” look, like you have to be a certain age to wear big jewelry. Anyway, I like this whole look on Ronan. I think the dress is pretty and elegant without being too “old” for her, and I love the sass of wearing that necklace. It’s gorgeous. My one complaint: the shoes are bad.



Bel Powley, the star of The Diary of a Teenage Girl, was nominated for BAFTA’s Rising Star Award (she lost to John Boyega). So Bel turned up to the BAFTAs in this ‘70s-style Gucci which… I mean, I sort of love. This stands out. Every other starlet was wearing frothy, feather-covered messes and here’s Bel in this Gucci. It’s great.


Here’s Eddie Redmayne and his preggo wife Hannah. They’re very sweet together, and I always think that their looks complement each other. That being said, I have a consistent problem with Hannah’s barely-there makeup on major red carpets. She doesn’t need to go Full Kardashian or anything, but a swipe of mascara and some lipstick wouldn’t hurt.


This is Annabelle Wallis, a British actress best known (to me) as Chris Martin’s latest girlfriend. Chris Martin and Annabelle have gotten pap’d all over the place for months looking loved-up, almost like they have something to prove. So… she was invited to the BAFTAs. And she wore this Oscar de la Renta gown. There’s a lot going on here, with lace and ruffles and a high neck and a slit. It looks like de la Renta threw together three red dresses into one. I’m not really enjoying it, but I do love her ruby chandelier earrings. She just should have worn those earrings with a better dress.




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  1. Pixelated says:

    I love Saorise but I’m actually not a huge fan of her red carpet style. I know her style is refined and elegant, which I appreciate, but she always strays away from colors, which, as a fellow pale person, are really your best friend. I would love to see her in jewel tones or red. The shoes are awful but I will give her a pass because she usually does ok with shoes.

  2. Locke Lamora says:

    I love the dress, the hair, the makeup, hate the necklace. But then again, I always hate huge necklaces. They always look tacky. Saoirse looks older to me, like she’s in her mid 20s.
    Anabelle is in Peaky Blinders. She looks good, although it’s a bit too much red for my taste.
    This is the first time I dislike Hannah’s dress. Something is off about it. I kinda love her low maintenance beauty looks. They’re refreshing.
    I love Bel’s look.

  3. SamiHami says:

    I actually like all of the dresses in this article. Saoirse looks great-love the statement necklace! I agree about the awful shoes, though. And I love Annabelle Wallis’ dress! I have no idea who she is, but she is really pretty and that red looks fantastic on her. And it’s a fun dress, imho.

  4. littlemissnaughty says:

    She looks great even if I’m not a big fan of the dress/necklace combo. Separately I love both. Except … what’s with the bad shoes on red carpets lately? A LOT of ladies choose atrocious footwear.

  5. ichsi says:

    Lol, I actually like Saoirse’s shoes, at least on her and in this combination. They’re SO ‘Irish party girl on a night out’ and paired with this elegant but still interesting and fresh dress they totally work for me.

    Hannah is beautiful and elegant as always, the rest is kinda meh but not horribly bad either.

  6. Original T.C. says:

    I absolutely love, love, love Saoirse Ronan’s dress. Stunning. The best redcarpet look for her all season. Even love the shoes.

    Also love Hanah Redmayne’s outfit. She has the best pregnancy wardrobe I’ve ever seen. Bonus points: she is not ashamed of her body by needing to hug her belly so people would know she’s pregnant and not fat. You know like actresses who think none of us can separate pregnancy weight gain from regular body fat (eye roll)

  7. ell says:

    i like saoirse’s dress, i’m unsure about the necklace though. her make up looks super pretty.

    bel’s gucci dress is one of my favs of the night, alongside dree hemingway and gwendoline christie’s dresses. i especially love the skirt of this dress, sooo pretty. i’m getting tons of skirts like that for spring/summer, i can’t wait for warmer weather.

    redmayne’s wife always looks like someone is forcing her to these events, she never looks happy to me. she’s more like enduring it for him than wanting to come along imo, i don’t get why eddie doesn’t do like other couples and just attend alone, i mean you don’t see cate blanchett or julianne moore dragging their husbands to events.

    lol at chris paltrow’s gf. that’s imo the reason some celebs don’t want to acknowledge their relationship with other famous people, because once they’re associated with them that’s all they become. i was checking the daily mail for fashion at the bafta, and when it came to annabelle they wrote this “annabelle wallis (chris martin’s girlfriend)”. i felt for her, she might no be known in the US, but in britain she’s fairly well knows for peaky blinders. not famous, but she would definitely be invited to the baftas regardless of chris goop! i mean if she were invited to the globes i’d get it, but to the british bafta? nothing to do with goop.

  8. Cee says:

    Anabelle Wallis stars in Peaky Blinders with Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory and Tom Hardy. Not bad company. Oh, and she was also Jane Seymour in The Tudors.

  9. Fan says:

    What made it so stunning is the necklace on her flawless skin that compliments her dress.

  10. Esmom says:

    Ronan looks lovely, although I agree with whoever said she looks older than her years. Something about her styling ages her a bit.

    Bel’s dress is cool and the Redmaynes look nice. She could use a bit more pop around the eyes and mouth, agree.

    Annabelle really reminds me of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, especially around the eyes.

  11. Sarah01 says:

    Saoirse I love her, but her look was a bit above meh. Im not a huge fan of printed or fully embellished gowns. Her necklace is gorgeous. Eddie and Hannah look so elegant and classy. Hannah’s dress is another favourite of mine. I agree she could put on a bit more makeup, maybe a little bit of eyeliner aswell as mascara.
    Annabelle is a real beauty and I don’t like her look at all.

  12. Elisa the I. says:

    IMO all these looks are pretty bad. Ronan’s necklace is totally weighing her down.

  13. GingerCrunch says:

    Statement necklaces! All. Day. Long. They’re works of art, sometimes more so than some of these frocks. Plus, I think the women who pull them off are BOSSES.

  14. Girlinbayou says:

    I’m in the meh camp about the Saoirse girl’s outfit. It’s just too much going on. Then there are the stripper shoes. Just no, no.
    But I love Bel’s outfit. I just discovered her in that movie about the diary of a teenage girl. Such a good movie. She rocked that part and I totally look forward to watching her in more films.

  15. CornyBlue says:

    Ronan continues to look lovely. I am sure she would have looked great in one of the Natalie Portman like safe gowns but damn do i love it that she wears different stuff.
    Annabelle Wallis here looks like an older Dianna Agron. Should havementioned that she is one of the female leads on Peaky Blinders.

  16. Ethelreda says:

    Saoirse’s dress is nice, if forgettable. But…. what was she thinking of with that cheap looking fugly necklace? It ruins what would otherwise have been an unfussy, clean look, so suited to her youth and prettiness.

  17. I Choose Me says:

    I love Saoirse’s statement necklace but that dress is an ecch! for me.

  18. lucy2 says:

    Saoirse looks nice, that necklace is really interesting.
    I love Bel’s look on her! I’m so glad she was nominated, she was great in that movie. Boyega’s win is well deserved too.

  19. Saks says:

    What I love about Saoirse is that she doesn’t really seem interested in fashion. I think she has been wearing simple and comfortable dresses. Personally, I really liked this look.

  20. zan says:

    It seems like 90′s platforms sandals are back.. not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.. ;)

  21. lisa says:

    i need a qvc knockoff of that necklace immediately

  22. Miran says:

    Hannah looks niice, not everyone needs makeup. And she does look like shes wearing at least liner and mascara.

  23. Timbuktu says:

    I dislike the hair on most of these. I just don’t think that the undone messy look is good for red carpet most of the time. Every once in a while I see it done artfully, but these ones look like a real hairdo that got messed up in the car on the way – not a flattering look.

    I actually LOVE Hannah’s look, she looks fantastic in and of itself, and for a pregnant lady – even more so!

  24. Syd Barrett says:

    Saoirse is just so so lovely. And she’s been overlooked this awards season. She was sublime and luminous and ugh, she was everything in “Brooklyn.”

    I must go see her and Ben Whishaw in “The Crucible.” Just thinking about that pair playing those characters is messing with me.

  25. Naddie says:

    Saoirse always looks like an angel to me, and it’s not only physically speaking. She has such a benevolent expression.

  26. isabelle says:

    As a young woman in the nineties that wore many many flower dresses, I still love flower patterns. Can’t help myself. Liked them then and still like them. It is a lovely dress.