Brooke Shields complains about aging in Hollywood & Jessica Alba’s skin

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Brooke Shields is talking about aging in Hollywood in the May issue of More Magazine (story via US Magazine). I realize that Brooke has a really loyal fanbase, but I’ve never been her biggest fan. She seems nice enough, and I was totally on her side with the whole Tom Cruise/post-partum depression stuff, but I tend to think she’s over-rated as an actress and as a beauty. So when I hear her complain about aging, I feel like “Jeez, cry me a river, Brooke. Stop whining.” But, hey, that’s just me.

Brooke says “it occurred to me recently that I wasn’t 26!” Yeah, that happens. It happened to me when I turned 27 years old. Of course, I have a young face and I still get carded at the liquor store. Brooke also says, in regards to parts for women over 40: “There aren’t a lot of movies out there for my age… They’re still stopping at the mid-30s. Then you’re Diane Keaton or Glenn Close.” I know what point Brooke is trying to make, but did she just compare herself to Diane Keaton and Glenn Close?

In a revealing new interview, Brooke Shields – who turns 44 next month – says her age is making it hard for her to land roles in Hollywood.

“For years, I’ve been the youngest person on the set, and it occurred to me recently that I wasn’t 26!” she tells May’s More Magazine. “I’d read a script and say, ‘Oh, that’s a great character, that’s something I’d love to do.’ And they’d say, ‘Um, no, we’re thinking of you for the mother.’ And then I’d say, ‘Oh, of course! Of course! I knew that.’”

“There aren’t a lot of movies out there for my age,” adds Shields, whose NBC show Lipstick Jungle was canceled last year after two seasons. “They’re still stopping at the mid-30s. Then you’re Diane Keaton or Glenn Close.” (Keaton is 63; Close, 62.)

Shields — who, at age 14, became the youngest fashion model ever to appear on Vogue and went on to be a Calvin Klein model — says she sees ageism in advertising too.

“I always find it funny that so much skin cream advertising features, like, Jessica Alba,” she says. “She’s gorgeous, and 12! Okay? They’re all that age! I don’t care how much La Mer I put on my skin, I’m not going to have Jessica Alba’s face!”

When it comes to her body, Shields says, “I’m proud of my longevity more than anything else. There’s a lot to be said for endurance. I’m trying to find the beauty in the whole picture rather than the crow’s feet.”

She adds, “Sure, I wish I had the face I had a decade ago, but I don’t. People say, ‘I love my wrinkles.’ I don’t love my wrinkles – come on!”

[From US Magazine]

I’ll give Brooke some credit – she looks lovely and healthy for her age. She obviously strives to take care of herself, and it shows. But whenever I hear someone like her complaining about not getting good roles, all I can think is that the roles have dried up partially because those women aren’t the most talented. Yes, there’s prevalent ageism and sexism in Hollywood. Yes, more women should be more empowered at all levels of Hollywood to make more and better films that feature strong women at every age. But if you waste your time on crap like Lipstick Jungle, I don’t really care about your career.

Here’s Brooke at the Roundabout Theatre Company’s 2009 Spring Gala held at Roseland Ballroom in New York City on April 6th. Images thanks to .

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  1. Annie says:

    Agreed on the shitpile that is Lipstick Jungle.

    Learn to make better career moves?

  2. grisgris says:

    I was always neutral on Brooke but I had the pleasure of meeting her and she is really lovely in person. Intelligent, warm and very stunning – but really down to earth and humble. Yeah, Lipstick Jungle looked like a piece of junk, but I get the impression that she takes whatever work comes her ways these days.

  3. Orangejulius says:

    It’s not just Hollywood, Brooke…it’s everywhere in our society. Women are still valued more for their looks than for anything else.

    I’ll give her credit for saying she doesn’t love her wrinkles…unlike Jayne Fonda who did claim to embrace her wrinkles and then promptly had a face lift.

  4. the original kate says:

    we are all getting older, honey…but some of us still have to work 9-5 and don’t have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for work to come to us. i blame that airhead, rosanna arquette and her whine-fest documentary “searching for debra winger” for all these actresses moaning about getting older and how awful it is, and how there are no more parts for them. how would they like to be a 60 year old waitress or a 70 year old factory worker? then they’d have something to complain about.

  5. ChristinaT says:

    i get her point though… i mean imagine, JUST imagine… that your whole career and livelihood depended on the way you looked… hell, i’d go nuts…

  6. Sauronsarmy says:

    But whenever I hear someone like her complaining about not getting good roles, all I can think is that the roles have dried up partially because those women aren’t the most talented.

    I agree so much with this. I relize that older woman in Hollywood don’t get great roles but, if that were 100% true then Meryl Streep, Krsiten Scott Thomas, Helen Mirren wouldn’t be getting any roles.

  7. Kaiser says:

    Exactly, Sauron. If these words came from Meryl or Diane Keaton (which they totally could have, both women have talked honestly about aging in Hollywood), I would buy it completely, and I would be filled with feminist rage. But coming from Brooke, I just feel like “Did you ever have good, challenging parts in the first place?”

  8. Tess says:

    Original Kate:

    I so agree with you and what a great reference to “Searching for D. Winger!!!”

    Brooke got where she is because of her looks. And I never heard her shedding any tears for less beautiful young models or actresses who were competing with her back in the day.

    Hey, we all age. That’s life. And her profession just happens to be one of the most superficially oriented ones in creation. But she chose it.

    And, she’s made boatloads of money and, graduated from Yale, so she’s got a great education and the opportunity to pursue other, more meaningful work, if that’s what she wants.

    So Brooke, give us a break and quit feeling sorry for yourself.

  9. ChristinaT says:

    i’m sorry but just because SOME older women are getting roles, doesn’t mean that it’s NOT a problem… why does a woman have to be EXTRA EXTRA good in order to get recognition?

    here’s a quote from a great feminist:
    “Our struggle today is not to have a female Einstein get appointed as an assistant professor. It is for a woman schlemiel to get as quickly promoted as a male schlemiel.”

    this is why we will continue to be second class citizens in this world because so many people choose to turn a blind eye toward women’s plight all over the world… it is as though women are afraid to call out sexism for they will look like “whiners”. but we won’t be able to advance as a society unless we can admit that maybe just MAYBE women are subjected to forms of sexism… even in america?

  10. Di says:

    No actress in hollywood has benefited from her youth more than brooke shields or for as long as she has. She had her turn for longer than most actresses. She’s just not a great actress.

    However, there are great actresses over 40 who don’t really get a chance: (Michelle Pfeiffer, Angela Basssett, Demi Moore, even Julia Roberts’ roles are getting stupid) etc. Those are the people that I really feel have been short-changed.

  11. Di says:

    Oh, and she’ll NEVER be the actress that the brilliant Glenn Close is!! Never. Check out Damages, her vehicle, which is great.

  12. lrm says:

    Yes,agreed. Sadly,for Brooke,her career was based on her looks,and as she ages,that commodity obviously is no longer a bargaining chip. The same will be true for the megan foxes,jessica biels and probably jessica alba’s out there,as well…
    In this respect,Brooke has had quite a long and successful career.

  13. lrm says:

    Yes,agreed. Sadly,for Brooke,her career was based on her looks,and as she ages,that commodity obviously is no longer a bargaining chip. The same will be true for the megan foxes,jessica biels and probably jessica alba’s out there,as well…
    In this respect,Brooke has had quite a long and successful career.

  14. Vibius says:

    They never seem to have a problem with the roles favoring the younger talent until it works against them. Unless they started after 30/40 then they have no right to complain. Didn’t she benefit from ageism when she was a younger actress?

  15. ChristinaT says:

    i’m sorry but just because SOME older women are getting roles, doesn’t
    mean that it’s NOT a problem… why does a woman have to be EXTRA EXTRA good
    in order to get recognition?

    here’s a quote from a great feminist:
    “Our struggle today is not to have a female Einstein get appointed as an
    assistant professor. It is for a woman schlemiel to get as quickly
    promoted as a male schlemiel.”

    this is why we will continue to be second class citizens in this world
    because so many people choose to turn a blind eye toward women’s plight
    all over the world… it is as though women are afraid to call out sexism
    for they will look like “whiners”. but we won’t be able to advance as a
    society unless we can admit that maybe just MAYBE women are subjected to
    forms of sexism… even in america?

  16. j. ferber says:

    She started off as a model and I think that’s where her true talent was. In the looks department. Because people like to look at pretty people, she got into acting. So, looked at in a certain way, she took jobs away from equally young, less pretty and more talented actresses in her early career. So I figure she’s ahead.

  17. Tess says:

    Kaiser, there’s absolutely no reason that my innoculous comment about Brooke Shields should still be in moderation more than an hour after I made it.

    Why the censorship?

  18. skldfj says:

    i agree with the skin cream ads and jessica alba…its just ridiculous. do you have any idea how much of a change we could make in body image if we boycotted companies that dont show real looking women (and instead show naturally unbelievable looking, then cosmetically and maybe surgically enhanced, then photoshopped women) in their ads. Also in movies. How f*cking ridiculous is it that JESSICA SIMPSON has had several movie roles when there are thousands of actresses looking for parts every day? Just because of her looks. Boycott looks, buy talent. PLEASE people. its time.

  19. ChristinaT says:

    although i really dislike how bitter she sounds… it’s not very encouraging… perhaps if one doesn’t learn to “love” their wrinkles… it’ll eventually turn to self hate and self loathing… so don’t give me some jaded “come on”… just cuz you’re a shallow cow doesn’t mean everyone is…

    not to detract the very basic point though, sexism DOES exist!

  20. Ana says:

    She would have aged better if she had taken better care of her skin.

  21. Raunnie says:

    The talent of Susan Boyle is a welcome wake up call that will change the face of talent and beauty in this celeb industry. Thank the Good Lord. Susan is the face of genuine beauty and talent and I really hope she finds some really awesome dude. Brooke should be thanking her lucky stars for her wrinkles; isn’t she grateful that God gave her 44 years on this earth? I wish my friend May, who passed away at 23, 15 years ago was alive to enjoy her wrinkles; she would not be whining like Brooke.

  22. Trillion says:

    Has Brooke Shields been good in anything ever?

  23. kiki says:

    there are only 3 roles for actress’s
    and hags
    Shirley McLaine said it best , as an actress you are offered whore , doormats or victim parts

  24. AC says:

    she wasn’t comparing herself to those actresses, those actresses are older… she meant either you’re 30 or you’re 60 in hollywood. there aren’t many roles in between. and she’s right.

    I also remember reading these quotes a long time ago…

  25. Dirty Martini says:

    I think she has a bit of a point.

    The roles for women in their 30s/40s tend to be supporting the supporting actors, and awfully one dimensional. The mom. The friend.

    WOmen in their 30s/40s arent in roles central to the plot……they are merely filling in blank spaces on the screen.

    But hey, I’ll fill in blank spaces for the money she makes to do so…..

    I’m over needing to be center of the universe.

  26. j. ferber says:

    I don’t think Brooke is aging well, and I mean that in a totally bitchy way.

  27. EB says:

    I think there is something to be said for the fact that the number of roles for older actresses are obviously very scant – hence the same revolving door of very talented ladies getting those parts.

    But, I also think of the roles women had even back in the classic hollywood days – yes there was sexism – but there just seemed like there were more vehicles for actresses of all stripes. “Women’s movies” today are really all about getting married. No variety to speak of. So someone like Brooke Shields (very beautiful but of mediocre talent) really doesn’t stand a chance. Keep shilling that Colgate Total and be grateful.

  28. Mary Stevens says:

    As a young woman in her twenties, Brooke was one of the most perfectly beautiful people I have ever seen (in person). Figure, eyes, hair, skin, height were simply dazzling – she took your breath away. Ali MacGraw was the only other woman I remember as that stunning in person (and this fact dates me!). Neither proved to be talented actresses, but as both have first class college degrees (Brooke’s was Princeton, not Yale; Ali, Wellesley), they definitely have resources they could develop if they chose.
    In the year before her death, even the very talented Natasha Richardson complained that she disliked being in a profession where looks and weight were so important to getting prime roles as a woman. She liked to cook, eat, and drink wine – and gained weight easily!

  29. kiki says:

    EB ” womens movies todays are really all about getting married ”
    Yes !
    Kate Hudson and Annie Hataway Bride Wars the jennifer garner and Matthew McCougahuy movie, 27 Dresses, Over my dead body, Ella enchanted Hollywood is a one trick pony when it comes to women roles

  30. K McFarlane says:

    Wow, what a bitchy thread.

    While I agree that Brooke is not a mega talent, there are plenty of male actors in their 40s who are no more talented but still find plenty of work. The point that she’s making is that most female roles either call for someone very youthful looking or for someone who looks like a grandmother. It’s hard to think of anyone who looks 40/50 who’s working regularly. And at least she’s ageing gracefully – personally I think she looks much more attractive than Nicole Kidman for example.

    I’ve also met Brooke (many years back now) and I must say she is a very nice, kind, thoughtful, normal person.

    I don’t read her comments as a pity party at all.

  31. Tia C says:

    Oh, I’ve always been a Brooke fan. Ever since “Pretty Baby” (underrated, check it out). She’s only 2 years older than me but she looks a LOT older! I don’t have crow’s feet like that, wow. I hope she finds what she wants. She’s one of the only real people in that business: intelligent, genuine, beautiful.

  32. CeeJay says:

    Sure. So none of you ever spent a Friday evening home alone watching Lipstick Jungle? Yeah, right. If you never did you wouldn’t know what it was and whether it was good or not. Don’t mind snobs, just can’t stand the ones who are pseudo snobs for the sake of sounding so on website comment sections.

  33. Trillion says:

    Looking at that photo reminds me to wear sunscreen every day and avoid the temptation to get a tan. I agree she has not aged well and we all know what that means in her line of work.

  34. Valensi says:

    This whole situation makes me kind of angry, actually. I think Brooke Shields has a hell of a lot of things to be happy about in her life that she seems to be disregarding. Her career started when she was only a child, and the ageism played a big role in her modeling career.
    And anyway, her most notable films aren’t even from this decade, or the previous one.

  35. enchantress says:

    She needs to do something about those eyebrows, trademark or not. Way too heavy for an aging face/ neck like hers.

  36. ChristinaT says:

    does she really look that badly? i’m not sure i agree with that… granted some 40 year olds like jennifer aniston look a lot better, but compared to the average woman, she looks pretty good… especially considering the obesity rate in this country… the “average” person isn’t all that great looking…

    but yeah, compared to other movie stars around her age, she’s not doing so well… like i mentioned, jennifer aniston can definitely pull off younger ages, or diane lane for instance… for some reason, i’d have a harder time seeing her in a romantic comedy… which is probably the point… do one really have to be a spring chicken in order to pull off falling in love?

  37. Trashaddict says:

    So many interesting things in this thread. I actually like what Brook said, you notice she has not run out and gotten an obvious facelift so that’s a good start. And she’s talking frankly about feeling young inside and people thinking you’re “old” outside. At 6 months shy of 50 I can really relate to that. As far as plum roles going to the good actresses, I think they have to wait a long time to get them. And there are so many more actresses who could be working out there. Diane Keaton has been relegated to mostly comedies and pseudo women’s lib movies, the last time she really stretched was in Looking for Mr. Goodbar and that was good but still a woman-as-victim role. Sigh. Honestly the roles are pretty limited for men too. Maybe that’s why the current crop of actors and actresses in Hollywood look like little Barbies and Kens. I can NOT tell them apart. Look to the Indie film industry for more interesting films with actual plots and not just special effects. Hollywood is dying by degrees.

  38. Ned says:

    These are 2 seperated issues.

    Beauty does matter. People like to watch beautiful people and it’s a legitimate requirement or advantage for actresses. This is not radio.

    However, it is true that while many actors peak in their 40s (and some only get recognition and “a career” after 40, actresses are not getting the same treatment- in all levels of talent and career paths.

    While some actresses retain their beauty, Brooke is not aging well.
    Some women age slowly and some people remain beautiful well into their 50s.

    Unfortunitly, that is not the case with Brooke. Nevertheless, to be honest, women aren’t getting the same treatment as men.
    On the other hand- if you do look younger, you would get work.
    Many of these actresses lie about their real age, but many of todays most lucrative projects are being made with women in their 40s.

    I honestly don’t get why some people here are so upset. Brooke was simply describing the reality.

  39. nelly says:

    interesting how none of these Hollywood starlets seem to care about ageism and sexism until they turn 40 and are cast aside like yesterdays trash. when they’re in their 20′s they enjoy the attention and exploit their position to the max. I dare say it’s not the real issues that bother them but their own bruised egos.

  40. Shadow says:

    Ned was correct, there are 2 issues here, but he kind of strayed from the points.

    1) Beauty vs Talent. Unfortunately in Hollywood, beauty seems to win out most of the time, for example Megan Fox, Scarlett, Jessica, and the list goes on, these women are exceptionally beautiful, and this has helped them land parts and make some serious money, not to say they are not talented, because they have to have some talent to reach where they are, but they are not the most talented out there.
    But this is true in everyday life, which has been proven time and time again on shows like Dateline, 60 minutes etc etc. People are more friendly, more helpful and nicer to people who are more attractive, and they use the system just like anyone else would.

    2) Ageism. In Hollywood ageism happens and not only to women, though they are the most affected, but men roles over 40 dry up also, at which point the more talented people get their shots. But this is not only a problem in Hollywood, this happens everywhere. Ask anyone who has attempted to find a job at 40 and over, most employers have no desire to hire someone that old, they believe that they will be difficult to train, etc etc, there are lots of excuses, but the main point why hire a 40+ who knows his salary should be xxx dollars, when you can hire someone just out of University for x dollars. Of course if you are talented and are recognized in your field, then this is your time to shine, as doors will open for you, and there will be money to be made.

    So yes I understand where Brooke is coming from (by the way Brooke is still beautiful, that may not be the best picture there is of her) but she has profited from this system more than most, her beauty and how young she was got her the roles and the money that she would not have gotten if …, well if she looked like me. So yes she does make good points, but it seems a bit hypocritical for the one who profited the most is now complaining.

  41. barneslr says:

    Wow. Lots of jealous people posting on this thread today!

    She is a beautiful and – yes – talented woman. She is also one of the few educated, intelligent people in showbiz today. I don’t think she said anything outrageous…she simply stated a truth about the business she has been in since 11 months of age. Why all the vicious attacks?

  42. Ellen Smith says:

    Spend your money and get some cosmetic surgery done if you feel so bad about your looks. I seriously doubt Brooke will lead an impoverished life due to her looks. I’m sure she’s made enough money to maintain an elegant and carefree lifestyle. It’s hard to sympathize with her situation.

  43. the original kate says:

    it’s no secret the film industry expects women to look a certain way: very thin (but preferably with big boobs) and perfect faces with no sign of ageing. obviously this is pretty much unattainable, so what do so many actresses do? starve themselves, get boob implants, have face lifts, botox, collagen, etc. so they fit the image to get the roles. then they complain because the stereotype that they helped perpetuate bites them on the ass. i think that’s known as chickens coming home to roost. i’m not saying the movie industry is not sexist, but if these actresses dont want to be seen as victims, stop being victims, stand firm and refuse to play into these unreal images of what woman should look like.

  44. Codzilla says:

    nelly: Agreed.

    I also agree with those who think Brooke hasn’t aged very well. She looks a little hard, even masculine.

    Oh, and Ceejay: There are these little-known write-ups called “reviews” that certain people called “critics” provide for the shows/movies they watch. And since said reviews are available to the public, the idea that someone couldn’t be aware of Lipstick Jungle — and its lousy reputation — unless they watched the show is preposterous.

  45. judy says:

    I dont nthink she is whining,she is stating a fact. If you are not a plastic surgery queen you dont get the job. Look at Demie Moore..she has spent 100 of thousands of dollarss on plastic surgery and lets her kids run around looking like freaks.

  46. Granger says:

    Okay, bear with me here…

    I did a quick survey of a few of the lists of “Best Films of 2008″ available on the internet. When you look at the sex of the MAIN character(s) in the widely distributed, bigger budget films out there, there certainly are fewer roles for “older women” than “older men.”

    Films where the main characters are male: Quantum of Solace, Indiana Jones, The Dark Knight, Frost/Nixon, Iron Man, Milk, W, Appaloosa, The Wrestler, Benjamin Button, and Gran Torino

    Films where the main characters are female: Mamma Mia, Sex and the City, Happy Go Lucky, Rachel Getting Married, The Reader, The Duchess, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Changeling

    With the exception of The Dark Knight, the “male” films feature actors over 40 — and, in fact, four of them are over 60. On the other hand, with the exception of Mamma Mia and Sex and the City, the “female” films feature actresses under 35. Streep is the only one over 55.

    Then I looked at all of the Best Actor and Best Actress winners from 1990 to 2008. (What can I say — I have a lot of time on my hands today.) Of the 19 men listed, 11 are over 40. Of the 19 women, only four are over 40.

    I mean, I know these aren’t comprehensive statistics, but I think they do show that women over 40 are treated differently in Hollywood than the men — and that Brooke Shields isn’t ALL wrong.

  47. jj says:

    oh yes, those open minded liberal democrats in Hollywood would never discriminate. They are too open minded to not hire a woman because of her age or sex. pleease. are we sick of Hollywood yet?

  48. cc says:

    I agree JJ..Hollywood needs to open their eyes up..

    In my opinion Brooke Shields was a very beautiful young girl–When she was 13-19 she looked older for her age and was super tall. But once she got into her twenties she just didn’t look as great as she used to. She grew up and became bigger boned and masculine looking.

    She was basically a child that was exploited for her looks and got very famous in a certain period during the eighties. She may have talent now, but she was unable to get any good roles after she hit her twenties. Not to say she isn’t an attractive women. But I don’t think she’s that outstanding looking anymore. But, I happen to agree with her on the ageism issue. Hollywood sets a bad example for society in general. For example;

    I know many people hate Sharon Stone, because of her personality, but I always thought she was a really good actress. If you’ve seen Casino she was amazing in that film. And she still looks great to this day and has so, for the last 10+ years, but once she hit her forties, she no longer was offered good parts. Which may be do to her annoying personality, (but I doubt it) So It’s sad, it’s like, even if you look great in your’re not going to get any good main roles. And it’s 2009 people! 40 isn’t what it used to be, and people live a lot longer now. But it’s seems ageism in Hollywood is getting worse and worse. Everything is geared toward youth. Stars seem to keep getting younger and younger or there are just so many tween/teenage stars now.

  49. Peter says:

    I agree with all that sexism explanations, but then again:

    Were are
    Robert Deniro
    Dustin Hoffmann
    Danny De Vito

    It happens to men and women alike, you age, you lose.

  50. Dana Wilkins says:

    I totally agree with you Barneslr and also I think she has carried herself well throughout her fame.

    At the end of the day I still think she is gorgeous!!

  51. carol says:

    There aren’t ANY vicious attacks here towards Brooke. People are just saying how can you feel sorry for her, Really. She has made MILLIONS for how many years based on her looks. Most of us are just everyday Joes and therefore I have no sympathy either. I feel sorry for Homeless people that have ACTUALLY had to work a real job and got on the down and out and now have no place to live and nothing to eat.

  52. Alana Ruthers says:

    Brooke was so stunningly beautiful when she was young, but she’s always been an awful actress. Now she tries so hard but her lack of talent is sad when you see her overacting and trying so hard. I feel like everyone feels sorry for Brooke, she’s always been kind of a joke. Not that she’s older and has lost her looks overall, she’s still able to get work because of her name. And what’s wrong with that. IF you can work, then work. But I think her time is running out. She looks like a man now, she’s never been a talent, and Hollywood isn’t nice to older untalented woman. Comparing herself to Glenn Close is sad, no one would ever put those two in the same category – Glenn Close could really act and was an artist. But Brooke should be happy because she’s got money and family and has had a good run.

  53. PKC says:

    A beauty in the 80′s so beautiful that you could stare and stare. But I agree that she looks like a man now, a man in drag actually.Her whole career was based on her looks, (her “talent” would have ruined her career if she didn’t have the looks!) Her movies are terrible but that wasnt what she was about. It was that 1980′s face!!!!

  54. Blossom says:

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  56. Toney says:

    Dam I really thought she was a man! Ok maybe she not born a man but she the heck is morphing into one.

  57. BIGT says:

    She doesn’t look like a man at all. She was one of the most beautiful girls and young women EVER. Which is why she was so successful. Now that she is getting older she is still very pretty, but will agree that she is very tall and a bit big boned. She was NOT comparing herself to Glen Close or Dianne Keaton, she was using that as an example on ageism in Hollywood. Don’t get it twisted.