Jamie Lynn Spears is not pregnant; received advice from Britney

Everyone was buzzing over the new National Enquirer cover, which seems to suggest that Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16 year-old little sister of messed up beyond belief Britney, is pregnant. “Britney’s 16 year-old sister PREGNANCY BOMBSHELL” screams the title on the top of the cover of the rag, accented by a bright yellow background.

The bombshell is more like a dud sparkler, because Jamie Lynn Spears simply missed her period and was worried she could be pregnant. She told big sister Britney about it first, who kept it a secret for her and didn’t even think to tell her to get a pregnancy test. Jamie Lynn eventually broke down and told her mother, who freaked out and was pissed that Jamie Lynn told Britney first. Jamie Lynn finally took a pregnancy test and it turns out it was a false alarm.

A funny thing mentioned in the article is that K-Fed got mixed up in the family drama when Britney’s mom Lynne went over to his house with her ex husband, Jamie, to have a little family pow-wow and get K-Fed’s advice. Lynne was said to be worried that Jamie Lynn, the star of the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101, was about to throw away her chances at a career. It turns out it was all a false alarm, but K-Fed was understandably surprised that Lynn would involve him in the matter.

Jamie Lynn was also said to have received contraceptive advice from Britney, and it sounds like it was before she had the pregnancy scare. The way the article was worded makes it seem like Britney was reasonable about it, but this is the woman with two kids who thought she could breastfeed her baby again after not nursing him for several months. Do you think she knows enough to give her little sister adequate advice?

“Jamie seemed very stressed and couldn’t concentrate,” the insider revealed. “Lynne kept asking her what was wrong and demanded that Jamie Lynn tell her what was going on, or she wasn’t going back to work.

“Jamie Lynn started crying and told her mom the whole story – that she feared she might be pregnant. Lynne said she would take her to the doctor when they got back home to Louisiana. Then Lynne informed her ex-husband Jamie.

Lynne cautioned Jamie they had to be discreet and there was no way she was going to take their daughter to a doctor in Los Angeles, said the insider.

Britney knows that her sister has been sexually active – and has advised her to go on the pill. But little sister refused and told her… that “the pill would make her fat,” according to the insider.

“Use condoms,” Britney replied.

The advice apparently went unheeded.

When Jamie Lynn first noticed she was late, she confised only in Britney and did not want to tell her mom Lynne, according to a friend of the teen…

“Lynne is furious that Jamie Lynn told Britney first and not her,” said the insider…

Strangely, a distraught Lynne and her ex-husband Jamie sought counsel from an unlikely source – Britney’s estranged husband Kevin Federline, who has two children out of wedlock.

The couple met with K-Fed at his Los Angeles home the weekend of July 14, according to the insider…

“Lynne told Kevin that Jamie Lynn could just be stressed out and that she doesn’t have regular periods.

“Kevin couldn’t believe Lynne and her ex-husband were venting in his living room.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, August 16, 2007]

The huge hole in this story is the fact that everyone assumed Jamie Lynn would have to go to the doctor to get checked out. (There’s also the fact that Britney gave her sister contraceptive advice, as if that would happen.) Pregnancy tests are available at any drugstore, but again this is Britney’s family we’re talking about, so maybe it didn’t occur to any of them.

Jamie Lynn is young, so hopefully this scare will teach her a lesson and she’ll be more careful with contraception in the future. She has a long term boyfriend, 19 year-old Casey Aldridge, who is said to be from her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana. At the end of June, Jamie Lynn and Casey were looking at apartments together. It is unknown if they’ve moved in together yet, but 16 sounds a little young to be cohabitating. At least Jamie Lynn is in a long term relationship.

I’ll cover the other Enquirer cover story “Stars Ex-Lovers Tell All!” on Monday, but it’s not that revelatory. Katie Holmes is said to have worshiped the ground Chris Klein walked on or something. The Angelina stuff is all old information we’ve heard before.

Update: I just read Star Magazine’s coverage of this story and they have the same details with the exception of Lynne wanting her daughter Jamie Lynn to “fly home to Kentwood, LA, before taking a pregnancy test.” The Enquirer had Lynne wanting Jamie Lynn to go home to see a doctor. It still seems as if no one got the fact that she could have peed on a stick anywhere.


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