Was Melissa George abused by her partner of four years? (Update)


This story is really upsetting. Australian actress Melissa George was taken to the hospital early Wednesday morning after allegedly being struck by her partner of four years, producer and buisnessman Jean-David Blanc. Blanc and Melissa, who live in Paris, have two sons together: Raphaël, two years and Solal, ten months. There are no reports confirming if the boys were with their parents at the time of the alleged attack. What is confirmed is that Melissa entered a police station about 3AM with her face swollen, complaining of nausea and dizziness and was later hospitalized. Although Melissa reported to the police that she sustained the injuries at the hand of Blanc, there is no confirmation that he was arrested for these allegations.

MELISSA George reportedly called the police and was taken to hospital with bruises on her face after allegedly being assaulted by her long-term partner.

French website Purepeople reports that the Australian actress, who lives in Paris with her French partner of four years Jean-David Blanc and their two sons, turned up at the police station at around 3am on Wednesday morning with facial injuries.

The 40-year-old star was reportedly also complaining of pain and feeling faint and was taken to Cochin Hospital in Paris.

“According to statements by the actress … she was assaulted by her companion, also father of their two children,” French news site M6info reports.

“The police were called last night to intervene in the centre of Paris. In shock, Melissa George, had a swelling of the face and complained of pain, nausea and dizziness,” the local news site reads.

Purepeople also reported that the Grey’s Anatomy actress said she had been physically abused by Blanc, 38, an entrepreneur and businessman who founded AlloCiné.

However, there are no reports of the French businessman being arrested or charged over the alleged incident.

Blanc and George met at a BAFTA after-party in 2011 and started dating in 2012. She was previously married to Chilean film director Caludio Dabed whom she divorced in 2011.

[From The Daily Telegraph]

The sites quoted in the article, Purepeople and M6info are both in French so I am wondering about some possible translation issues. It is widely reported that she showed up at the police station but the reports also say the police were called to intervene so I am not sure if they were called and she fled to the station or if the intervention was required once she turned up. The accounts also do not disclose if the alleged abuse took place in their home or somewhere else. Melissa got her start on the Australian soap opera Home and Away and has since had roles in Mulholland Drive, as Dr. Sadie Harris on Grey’s Anatomy and most recently starring in the lead role on the NBC series Heartbeat. Right after Solal’s birth, Melissa gushed over Blanc on social media saying, “Thank you to my love, Jean David, for giving me the best gift in my life. I love you.”

This is all we know at this point. As the daughter of a defense attorney, I am supposed to remain unbiased until I hear all the evidence. However, a woman is in the hospital after sustaining enough injuries to temporarily disfigure her face, that doesn’t sound like a misunderstanding. I cannot conceive of a reason to say this attack was perpetrated by her partner if it wasn’t. Perhaps some of our French readers can shed light on how this is being covered by the French press. Whatever surfaces from this awful event, I hope that Melissa and her boys are safe and take whatever precautions are necessary to remain that way. Our thoughts are with Melissa as she recovers.

Update: Melissa is out of the hospital and was photographed taking Rahaël to school. Blanc reported to a police station for questioning and was ordered to appear before the Palais de Justice. Blanc was found to not be under the influence of any substance and that the incident occurred during a moment of “intense stress.” Melissa has filed a formal complaint and the investigation is on-going. The good news is Melissa is healthy enough to walk out of the hospital and it looks as though the boys are fine. The latest report says this is the first incident of violence between the pair, which matters little to me as there should never be any violence in a relationship.




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  1. minx says:

    She also played Marilyn on The Good Wife.
    I hope she stays safe and gets away from this man.

  2. Margo S. says:

    I just read the first article in french and it clearly says that this was from the hand of her partner, but doesn’t go into any more details. C’mon French press! DETAILS! This is messed up because if it was at the hand of someone else, or she “fell” wouldn’t her partner have been there with her? This is sad and messed up.

    • Margo S. says:

      Just read the second article and it says the same thing. Very bluntly, companion did it. What a sick man to beat her face to a pulp. Pathetic.

    • Sixer says:

      I concur. Both articles simply say that she said he did it.

    • jeanpierre says:

      Not really. Both articles are saying that, according to her, she was assaulted by her husband (and they employ conditional to say it, as in, it’s not a hard fact she said that. I don’t know how to properly translate it, I’m sorry)

      • detritus says:

        I think maybe she/he claims, or it is alleged.
        So all the French articles are saying she claims he hit her. That would be similar here I think for legal reasons. No one reported that Depp hit Heard. Just that he allegedly hit her otherwise there would be a lawsuit.

    • Solanacaea (Nighty) says:

      Both articles give different info, in one she went to the police, in the other, the police was called?
      But it was the husband, according to her…

    • milla says:

      He is arrested. That is a good thing. I hope she will be okay. And she needs to press charges as soon as she feels better.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        He doesn’t get “arrested” as someone who has gone through the same process what happens is she makes a complaint, then they bring him in for an interview, when that is done you both come in together and then argue your side of the story (face to face), then it’s written in a report and it goes to the judge. My exboyfriend tried to choke me in public twice this past May. I filed a preplainte (complaint) against him but when I was asked to do the face to face I declined. I found it absolutely barbaric to make me sit across from him and “argue” my side. Especially since I don’t speak French. I don’t know what happened. Probably nothing. The police officer never bothered to get back in touch with me. As for a restraining order, they do not have those in Fance. When I asked, the best you can do is call the police and show them you have a preplainte. But that’s it. They don’t have to stay away from you or leave the house you share. The French are complete s–t at this kind of thing. There’s a reason the joke is that all French are wife beaters and do it for sport. I’m not saying all do it but it’s not considered a big deal here. And sometimes (according to a woman I worked for) the police won’t even take the complaint. Too much paperwork and a boys will be boys attitude.

      • Bridget says:

        @iseepinkelephants: to be blunt, I wouldn’t want to be a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault in France. There’s very much a a “boys will be boys” attitude, as you said. Don’t get me wrong, the US us far from perfect.

      • K2 says:

        @iseepinkelefants that’s appalling – I am so sorry that happened to you.

      • Jane.fr says:

        @ iseepinkelefants : “Il a été mis en garde à vue le lendemain.” If you’re in France, then you’ll know that pretty means he’s been arrested the very next day.
        The reports also says that since they are not saying the same thing a confrontation will be necessary.

  3. jeanpierre says:

    French articles are succincts and all “she said”.
    I’d like very much to be proved wrong this time but french coverage of violence against women is always utterly disgusting. Especially when a powerful french man is involved.

    • freebunny says:

      The guy is in garde à vue and the medias report it.
      So I don’t see where they don’t do their job.

    • Crux of Seven says:

      I believe it is about french privacy laws. You can’t simply put a private couple’s story into the newspaper even if it involves domestic abuse. Arguing that Melissa George is a private person despite being a well-known actress is possible even in France.
      Ironically privacy laws are about protecting civilians and private living spheres. It is about not getting harassed or blackmailed by the public nor by the media. And I suspect that many victims and survivors of domestic violence would have preferred to not have their stories aired to the world and everybody else. Because in such cases there are always people who attack the suspected attacker as well as there are people who attack the suspected victim/survivor.

      Furthermore European press (except the British) is generally a bit more careful about accusations / pre-judgements in criminal matters. Before a judge in court has made a judgement there are only suspects and suspected crimes but no proven guilty parties and no proven crimes. Not guilty until proven guilty. Btw. does that apply in English-speaking countries, too?

      As for victims of domestic violence in France: due to its better social net it is much easier for a victim of domestic violence to leave an abusive relationship than it is in the USA. Due to the social net in France you are not as (financially) dependent on your family as you would be in the USA. Social net means: free child care, free schools, social benefits / unemployment benefits = money, financial aid for children, housing benefits, employment laws and more.

  4. Pardian says:

    Well, I just checked French media (the Paris Match article is a bit more complete) and they say Blanc was arrested later on and there is an ongoing investigation on possible DV.
    It seems from this article that the police came to their apartment, and Melissa George also told the police that her partner was not under the influence of any drug or alcohol, but that he was feeling nervous because of his job and started to show symptoms of depression…

  5. Who ARE these people? says:

    How many men worry about their jobs and do not nearly shatter their partners’ eardrums or give them mild concussions?

    Also is it me or does anyone else get a vibe from thanking him for “giving her” their baby? Can’t explain why it got my attention.

    I hope she stays safe, for her own sake and that of their children.

    • Goneblank says:

      Hi who are these people, I think that line is a about her being happy she found someone who also wanted to have children. I believe her first marriage broke up because she wanted kids and he didn’t (think he already had some). I remember her speaking openly about her fear that she wouldn’t be a parent. I reckon she was close to forty when she had her first child. Makes a little more sense in that context I think.

      Such a shame that he has turned out to be such a nasty piece of work.

      • Crux of Seven says:

        Well, nobody knows how much pressure he was under. Pressure and depression make people do bad things. Or is there anybody here who hasn’t lashed out verbally or otherwise when under pressure?
        Nope, I am not excusing DV. And I am saying that DV doesn’t always happen because one party is a psychopath or mysogynist or similar but there are external factors as well.

      • detritus says:

        You are excusing it though. This is the DV equivalent of I’m not racist but …. something super racist.

        ‘Who know how much pressure he was under’
        Ok that’s nice, but when I’m under pressure I don’t pound my partners face in.

        Pressure, mental illness, an antagonistic partner, they are not explanations or excuses. I would say anyone who hits their loved one is ‘a nasty piece of work’, as Goneblank did. Not all people are good, and kind. In fact people who under pressure lash out at their loved ones are the opposite of that.

        If you are lashing out at your loved ones in emotionally abusive or physically abusive ways, that is not OK and it doesn’t make you a good person who did something bad. It makes you a bad person who needs to change.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        I see; thanks for the context.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        No, one doesn’t have to be a misogynist or psychopath to be abusive. One only has to be abusive to be abusive. However, misogynist beliefs play a role in the fact that man abuse women far, far more than women abuse men.

        People who respond to stress by violating others have other choices, and we don’t know whether her husband has a history of abusiveness.

      • MC2 says:

        Crux- I am glad you made this comment because it is how a lot of people do excuse domestic violence & not hit at why dv happens & what we can do to hinder it.

        Most abusive men will tell you that an act of violence was because of something that happened in their life that made them angry but it is much more then that. Life upsets us all- we all have accidents, are victims of horrible bosses, are stressed about money, get fired, our children get sick & our friends die. Most people do not abuse others because those things happen. And here is the part- a man will not have a rosy life. Stress will happen. He can come home & excuse the fact that he beat his wife over getting fired, that guy cutting him off in traffic or dinner being burnt. Where do you draw the line where it is an excusable stress for violence? If you draw that line, I can guarantee you that the abuser will keep erasing it and drawing a new one. Suddenly the stress that sets him off can be anything. This is failed logic and an excuse for the abuser to keep abusing and a false hope that the victim has that the abuse was caused by something that won’t happen again.

    • CharlotteCharlotte says:

      Yes, What Goneblank said. She was very keen to have babies and was so thankful to have found someone who wanted the same things in life. She’s extremely proud of her life and thrilled to be a mum. My heart aches for her that this has happened.

    • detritus says:

      The ‘giving me the most precious gift’ thing. Yeah that weirded me out.
      A baby is something you make together, something you should both want and cherish. Not something that someone else gifts you, or allows you to do.

      If French is her native language though, this is really reading in to the comment. I’m not sure the nuances are the same, or on purpose, if she thinks in French and translates to English.

  6. QQ says:

    *gasp* Yoooo This is awful honestly the fact he hasn’t been arrested Charged with anything.. Kids.. Ugh This is just horrible

  7. Brittney B. says:


    I’m so glad she got help and he got arrested, but I’m sure this wasn’t the first time, and I feel awful for what she must have endured all this time.

    (Maybe he only escalated to physical violence recently, but emotional abuse and grooming is still abuse. No matter what, I hope she knows her fans are rooting for her and she doesn’t need to ever go back to that toxic man.)

  8. MC2 says:

    The “sudden” and extreme physical abuse in a relationship is always almost precipitated by other forms of abuse (controlling behavior, verbal, psychological abuse, etc). Most men do not suddenly go off and beat their partner’s face in but the abuse beforehand can be insidious.

    Physical abuse tends to be the peak on a mountain- the most apparent & gets the most attention but it is held up and caused by all the other beefy things below. I do not believe (per research, abusers, victims, etc) that this is an isolated case of abuse.

    That being said, if it was the one and only time of abuse, it is not okay. At all. No matter what. We can be given passes in life for breaking down but punching someone in the face and then doing it again, and then again after they are screaming & crying & trying to get away is not a normal (or should be excused) reaction to life stresses.

  9. Tessa says:

    Is the French attitude to such matters the same( generally) as in US/ UK?
    Is a blind eye turned ? Like a crime of passion ?
    Genuine question given the way the French press reported it

    • Lola says:

      To answer your question. we have huge privacy laws in France. You can’t talk about someone in a journal without risking a lawsuit. Melissa George could very well attack the website that talk about her attack for violating her privacy. So the website only tell what was alread made public by the police or the hospital. otherwise the media can not speculate, again violating the pricacy of the person.
      In france apart from magazines or websites, you don’t hear about celebrities. the only times they made it to the radio or tv is because they are promoting something, they died or they srewed up big time.
      Also according to purepoeple, he is in “garde à vue”, meaning that he is heard by the police, and had been arrested.

  10. Nell Graham says:

    I wish I hadn’t clicked on the link. She looks like she’s going to cry in several. It’s like my personal need to see her was violating her privacy.

    • Lindsay says:

      I felt the same way. The article made it look like she was crying because of the situation but she’s clearly upset that she’s being photographed. Clutching her baby. I feel like I’m complicit and had a hand in her upset. AND she looks like she was alone. Urgh. Press.

  11. kellzbellz says:

    Wait, so the Melissa George character is named after a real person? Or is it a coincidence?

  12. Cee says:

    The photos of her taking her son to school are heartbreaking. Look at her expression. She must be a strong person – after enduring such violence and being at the hospital, she resumes her activities.

  13. minx says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe that this was the first instance of violence.

  14. Keats says:

    If this IS the first instance of domestic violence, it’s incredibly impressive that she got authorities involved immediately. If not, I’m proud of her for doing it now. Good for you, girl.