Prince Harry steps out in London & Meghan Markle is stressed out, allegedly


Here are some photos of Prince Harry and his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, at today’s event at Westminster Abbey for the Field of Remembrance, ahead of Remembrance Day (tomorrow). Harry wore his dress uniform and looked lovely, even if I find the ruffles a little bit too gaudy. This is Harry’s first appearance with another member of the royal family since the world learned that he’s dating an American actress named Meghan Markle. We learned of Meghan two weekends ago, and it’s been full speed ahead ever since. On Tuesday, Harry’s communications staff sent out a letter excoriating press outlets for their unfair treatment and harassment of Meghan. According to Page Six, it’s gotten so bad that Meghan has had to take some time off from Suits.

After Prince Harry defended his new girlfriend Meghan Markle from what he called a “wave of abuse and harassment,” Page Six has learned that the actress has asked for time off from filming her TV show. Insiders say the beauty has told her bosses that she needs to skip filming for her USA Network show “Suits” in Toronto this week because she has “something important to do.”

The reason for the absence is being kept a closely guarded secret, but insiders speculate that Markle is meeting with lawyers to help manage her turbulent and sudden rise to international fame. Insiders say Markle, who has starred on “Suits” for six years, may be struggling to come to terms with the overwhelming attention.

“She comes across as just a regular girl,” said a source, “She’s stunning in person, but not everyone knew who she was. And she’s everywhere now.”

[From Page Six]

Insiders “speculate that Markle is meeting with lawyers”? I’m speculating that Meghan asked for time off so she could fly to England and bang a hot ginger prince. And bless her for that. Now that I’ve gotten used to the idea of Harry with a mixed race American woman, the whole relationship has grown on me considerably. I like this. I think this will be good for Harry, whether it turns into an engagement/marriage or not. It’s good that he’s getting out of his comfort zone of posh blondes. It’s good for the British and American press that we’ve got this international couple to discuss. I hope they continue to be a thing for a long time. Also: she’s American and probably doesn’t want to stay in America during a Trump presidency. Perfect excuse to marry an English prince – you get to live in Britain for a while.



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  1. HH says:

    “Also: she’s American and probably doesn’t want to stay in America during a Trump presidency. Perfect excuse to marry an English prince.” >>>> She set that up nicely. Tip of the hat, Meghan. Golf clap. Snaps.

  2. Jess says:

    She already lives in Canada so she doesn’t have to move to escape Trump 😃 Harry should move to Canada to escape the English tabloids.

  3. PHAKSI says:

    Who cares about Meg, all I see is Harry in uniform. :-D This is my fave army uniform of his, gaudy ruffles and all. It even makes Will look good, dont know why HM overruled him and said he couldnt wear it on his wedding day

  4. HeidiM says:

    She’s a Leo to his Virgo. They’ll be fine, and have lots of potential together. I don’t give a sh!t if Katie is Keen or not.

  5. astrid says:

    And where is William? Doesn’t he have public obligations leading up to tomorrow? Team Harry!

  6. swak says:

    He certainly wears the heck of the clothes!! Honk!

  7. Sixer says:

    I think she’d be jumping out of the Trump fire and into the Brexit frying pan!

    Still, if she can stand the frying pan, I’m still all for it. Come to Britland, Meghan. I’ll be nice to you.

    • notasugarhere says:

      You might be the only one who would be.

      • Sixer says:

        I want him to sign the birth certificate for any resulting sproglet as mother is a “Princess of the United Kingdom”.

        If that happened, I would die happy.

      • Pip says:

        That’s a bit harsh. I think there are at least a handful of us left in the UK who aren’t racist, small-minded little Englanders :-/

        & this week of all weeks, people who live in glass houses etc …

      • Guesto says:

        @notasugarhere – what a pious, self-indulgent comment. You’re coming across as someone who believes the Daily Fail is representative of the UK at large, when any intelligent, thinking person knows it’s representative of nothing other than morons from every corner of the globe given room to be morons.

        I don’t know anyone amongst my family, friends or work colleagues here in the UK who gives the tiniest of f*cks about who Harry marries, let alone the ethnicity of his future wife. If anything, purely because Harry happens to be one of the really decent, hard-working faces of what is a deeply unpopular institution, most thinking people – people like me, my family, my friends, my work colleagues, despite our reservations about his ‘family’ – would wish him and Meghan well.

        Oh, and I’m sick to death of being told on here that the UK is just like the US because Brexit. It’s so not.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Did you all miss the word *might*? Not *would*.

        The discussion on Markle feels very different to me than that on Kate Middleton, Chelsy, or Cressida. Much more immediately negative, based in what? Some, not all, it is obviously racism.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        “Oh, and I’m sick to death of being told on here that the UK is just like the US because Brexit. It’s so not.”
        I agree. We’ve more than 4 years of crap on our heads…..

    • susanne says:

      The frying pan is looking really good right about now.

    • Liberty says:

      I think she’s smart, and composed, not only beautiful, and she will adjust to the life. See her interview with Craig Ferguson. You can see why Harry was charmed, in my opinion.

      She gave a nice UN speech, and referenced HRC in it too.

      One of my nieces, who is Jewish like her mother, its also excited because Meghan is Jewish like her, and went to a Catholic prep school like her, and worked in an embassy too (one of my niece’s dream internships), and of course, is half African American like many of her friends, She says her university classmates are excited for Harry — “he found someone real!” — even if they are heartbroken over losing their chance to date a Prince, ha.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      She lives in Canada right now. She may not be in a hurry to go to either Britain or back home.

  8. Kitty says:

    I think the tides are turning for Harry. Sad.

    • Olenna says:

      I think this relationship is a good thing for Harry and I believe they have enough in common to make a go of it. If he’s serious enough about it to defend her publicly, then he must believe she’s worth the effort of sustaining it, maybe for the long-term. This media blow-up will help both of them, particularly her, adapt and react more quickly to the shit storm that awaits them if they decide to marry.

    • Leah says:

      I don’t know where you live @Kitty. But in london where i live i haven’t heard anyone dislike him for any of the stuff relating to his new relationship. Quite the opposite, guys i know are more interested in the fact that he is dating someone they fancied of TV and the girls well a few thought it romantic that he defended her and some just likes that he dragging the royal family into the 21st century with a mixed raced relationship. At least amongst younger people this will only make him more popular. In my opinion.

    • Mary Mary says:

      Beautiful: Yes
      Well Spoken: Yes
      Well educated: Yes
      Dropping hints on social media about her relationship with the prince: yes
      Dropping her hot looking boyfriend for Prince Harry: Yes

      Wish them the best, as she appears to be a better looking, working, more articulate version of Kate. :)

  9. MI6 says:

    “Now that I’ve gotten used to the idea of Harry with a mixed race American woman,”

    Umm, why, pray tell, did that take “getting used to”?

  10. Minxx says:

    I’m so glad Harry stepped out of his comfort zone of blond and bland aristos. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him and Meghan.

  11. Hashtagwhat says:

    I think the statement was an epic misfire. They’ve doubled-down on her and they are taking his reputation with them. He’s done so much to recover his image, and now–whether true or not–I think many people believe he’s being played.

    Please don’t yell at me.

    • Lorelai says:

      Why do you think he’s being played?

      • Hashtagwhat says:

        One of the most revealing lines in KP’s statement, to me, was “this is not a game–it is her life and his.” That may be true but public relations most certainly is a game and the only one who hasn’t cottoned on to that is Harry and Jason. Or if they have, they are bush league at best. Because Meghan has been engaging public relations. It’s undeniable that she has pushed this story. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care for him or even love him genuinely. That doesn’t even mean she’s not “suitable” (and I DETEST that word and all it’s snobbish undertones). And it certainly doesn’t mean that she should be subjected to the barrage of crap she’s gotten. But it defies logic that she has not engaged. That cannot be a serious argument. And it is not wrong or racist or sexist to state that she has in fact courted some of the attention that’s come her way. And if, as Camilla Tominey reported, she and Harry were holed up together when she posted a juvenile picture of two bananas spooning and told more than one million people and an untold number of lazy journalists breathlessly waiting for her next move to sleep tight, then she was absolutely playing a game–and so was he. And they weren’t playing wisely. Because all it did was open her up to the accusations that are now flying her way that she is playing him and the public and the media, which is what I’m trying to explain.

        And further, if he’s not being played by her, he’s getting played by the media. They knew all they had to do was press the story that Harry had also been courting David Gandy’s model chick at the same time as Meghan, and Harry, impulsive as always, and without any advisors worth their salt in age (or experience) would likely respond with some ill-informed, knee-jerk idiocy. Romantic and noble notions aside, the name of the game here is to take the long view and to get to be with Meghan, and for that to happen, they both need to appear disciplined, stoic, ABOVE IT ALL. As if they’ve never even so much as heard of an internet troll, let alone taken the time to give a shit what they’ve written.

        I’m afraid Harry does share Diana’s penchant for wearing his heart on his sleeve but not her media savvy.

      • addie says:

        Yep, agree with every word you say, Hashtagwhat.

        Silly lad, Harry falls hard and fast; he’s not thinking with his brain. The press release was all him: revealing too much, too emotional, completely undisciplined. I’m sure he was advised not to go ahead with it, but didn’t listen.

        Harry and Meghan have been incredibly juvenile with the Instagram posts. The roll out of this relationship has been really, really badly handled, probably because they thought they knew better than anyone else advising them. But you can’t cry “foul” when you play all cute and court attention, then become “stressed” when said attention doesn’t go your way. Stoic and disciplined was the way to go.

      • Jess says:

        What’s wrong with being emotional. I think people like Harry precisely because he’s emotional and feels things deeply and isn’t afraid to show it, that is part of his charisma. Besides what is falling in love but being led by emotions.? The speculations about playing him is just mean spirited and sexist. There’s a difference between wanting to share good news and being overwhelmed by the mean spirited articles and and journalist breaking into someone’s house or bribing your family and friends. The assumption from some of you is that if she wanted to go public with him, she should shut up and watch various tabs write racist articles about her mother and misrepresent her work as porn. Racism is a gamechanger that is upsetting and nobody should have to deal with that.

      • addie says:

        Jess, both Harry and Meghan badly handled the public release of their relationship. Presenting a united front in when and how to release their news would have been in their best interests. It would have allowed them to get out the news in a timeframe and manner of their choosing.

        The reality is someone in the know from their circle leaked, aided by social media posts, causing media rats to dig up stuff, resulting in Harry’s letter and unsubstantiated reports of break-ins etc. What a mess. Any sharing of good news is completely lost in all that white noise.

        Harry was only calling out racism in relation to Meghan, not racism generally, so rather one-eyed. He came across as petulant and frankly, played into the media’s hands. I agree, though, that racism in any form is indefensible.

    • Mary Mary says:

      Agreed. Being played.

      She dropped hints on instagram which instantly caught fans and the media attention which lit up the close scrutiny and media focus. She played it.

      Job well done. Kate#2 :) more beautiful, more intelligent, well spoken.

      • Hashtagwhat says:

        No, no, Mary Mary. We aren’t on the same page here.

        Say what you will about Kate and Carole and all the woeful wiglets in the world, but they played William and the BRF–and the media for that matter–in the campaign of the century. Doesn’t mean all or most people like them. Just that they achieved their end goal.

        And it’s a shame, because if you’ve watched videos of Meghan she is one of the most radiant people I’ve ever heard speak. She seems to have an irresistible energy.

      • Jess says:

        How funny that at first people said they didn’t believe it or that it wasn’t serious Now that Harry confirmed, it’s poor Harry is being played by the big bad american black woman. If he was with her when she posted that banana photo then he doesn’t mind so why don’t you call him out too? Posts like this only makes it seem like Harry was right in his statement.

      • Hashtagwhat says:

        I did call him out too. Please read what I said, including the original post that started this thread, more carefully.

        I find it unbelievable that my very last sentence before your reply is how radiant Meghan is and what an irresistible energy she possesses and yet you, in attempting to sling arrows at me, refer to her as the “big bad American black woman.”

        I would really appreciate it if you reread and reconsider your comment.

      • Jess says:

        Don’t want to argue with you it wasn’t just in reply to you it was all the people who push this she’s playing Harry idea. Seem to remember some of the same usernames last week claimed Megan made it all up for publicity or it was just a quick fling that she leaked. I am sorry that just looks like they have some kind of problem with the idea of the relationship.
        Read @frostedflakes comment she said what I wanted to say much better.

    • SuzyJ says:

      Was just talking about this to a colleague earlier – you’re absolutely spot on. I never heard of her before she started dating Prince H. She might genuinely like him, but I can’t help but think she’s using this to her advantage as well.

  12. Who ARE These People? says:

    And it’s it’s : )

  13. Nopity Nope says:


  14. Carolina says:

    What if she needs time off from work because they’re about to announce their engagement and she needs to fly to the UK. That seems like something important.

    • CynicalCeleste says:

      Yes. Or maybe she is pregnant and needs to chill out for a bit.

    • Mads says:

      The Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers have pics of her in London on today. Apparently, she is staying with Harry at Kensington Palace.

    • Spaniard89 says:

      Everyone on here has called out Kate on being Waity. And on dropping things to be available to Willnot at all times. Me included.
      Well the moment this woman is dating the other prince she leaves work for a week and halts production (which finishes later this month anyways) just to make sure she’s seen in London at the right moment. And everyone knew with plenty of time she was doing so so paps were already on the hunt on Kensington Palace surroundings.
      If this was Kate everyone would be mocking her as unprofessional for dropping work to run to Will side.
      Double standard much?

      What annoys me is Remembrance Day will now be turned onto a circus.

      • addie says:

        “Having something important to do” was simply telegraphing media to be on the alert. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. It’s not about Harry and Meghan. For their sakes, I hope they get that. If not, they will be toast.

        I don’t see much difference between Meghan’s visit to London (unless it is to announce an engagement) and Kate needing to be available to a prominent man. The main goal is to catch a prince, so still the same old story. I’m assuming Meghan has either completed her scenes or they have been rescheduled.

      • Jess says:

        Lol I noticed you guys are so hellbent on creating this cynical meghan persona . I didn’t realise it was coming from a Kate fan Pov 😂 Look I am one of those people who have nothing bad to say about Kate. And I can’t actually understand why she faces so much negativity here . But I also can’t understand how you could have decided so quickly that you got Megan’s number.

        How would you even know she’s delaying production, I highly doubt it, it’s just not done in the entertainment industry, it would make her unemployable or at least give her a bad rep. They are writing she was supposed to visit him last weekend but it was cancelled because of scheduling conflicts at work, so this she’s making herself available, doesn’t fly as she’s already cancelled a trip due to work. I think everyone should chill and stop projecting the worst.

      • PHAKSI says:

        I’m gonna give her a bit of leeway. Unlike Kate she is taking time of from a real job, not a part time something to do to pass the time while I waity job. If she keeps doing it then I’ll side eye her

  15. Nope says:

    I don’t believe any of this….
    Not until I see pictures of them together,
    holding hands,
    ala hunterbatch style!

  16. FrostedFlakes says:

    The “Prince Harry Official” IG account has been deactivated – gone private. I know, as I was a follower. The last post this afternoon was a beautiful photo of MM simply entitled “Meg”… next thing, the account’s been deactivated. WOW!!!

  17. FrostedFlakes says:

    If Camilla T had not broken the story about Meg and Harry, no one would be the wiser. Because the relationship is now public knowledge, people are seeing her posts with “new, enlightened eyes” and putting the pieces of the puzzle together referencing one of her IG posts, ie the puzzle, cup of tea and elephant-shaped teapot. When I saw that post, I laughed almost to tears.

    MM has had her lifestyle website for 3 years … yes, I subscribe – that has always been her lifestyle – her life. All of a sudden, she’s a self-promoting etc etc… she’s an actress, she has to keep herself out there, current, high profile. I “GET” her totally – being a movie extra, its a b*tch trying to promote your profile… its dog eat dog until you have the attention of producers, directors and casting agents.

    The immediate reaction is racism, pure and simple. I ALWAYS assumed that Harry would not marry one of the posh blondes, and I genuinely believe that he and Meg are in this for the long term. People get used to her, she’s not going anywhere.

    • Jess says:

      Very good comment 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Hashtagwhat says:

      I completely understand her having to keep herself out there as an actress. I just wish she would have gone radio silent the minute the story broke and laid low until they could regroup and think through a long term strategy. I just wrote a long post on this up thread but I want to add here that I feel like this discussion is getting wrongly simplified into either you hate her or love her, either you’re a racist and sexist Trump supporting Brexiter or down-in-the-dumps, albeit enlightened Clintonite bravely licking your wounds, and where you come down on that issue reveals TA DA!–how you feel about Meghan Markle. Please tell me we are capable of more complex and nuanced thought.

      I have watched about three minutes of video of Meghan on YouTube and I already have a massive girl crush on her. It is not at all difficult to see what Harry sees in her. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have reservations about how she’s acted since the story broke. And it doesn’t change my opinion that KP’s statement was classic Jason Knauf stupidity with a hearty dose of William’s arrogance and a pinch of Harry’s impulsiveness and naïveté.

      I hope she’s here to stay. I hope you’re 100% right. As I said earlier I can’t stand the word “suitable.” But I also hope they are smarter about how they play this game. Because PR–and selling Meghan to the public, which the RF who is funded by the public is required to do– is in fact a game.

    • Hashtagwhat says:

      Here’s a link to Meghan if anyone’s interested:

  18. FrostedFlakes says:

    What makes me “smile”: Meg and Harry probably became a couple “just around” / after he took the live HIV test… which I believe was mid- July :) … trust me people, the feelings run DEEP

  19. Bea says:

    C’mon people! Try and put yourself in their shoes.
    She’s a 35 year old actress whose first big gig was suits. Due to the association w/ Harry her character and work is misrepresented. Undercurrent of racism. Trespassing. Harrassement of family members. Maybe you think you wouldn’t care what they say about you or you family if you got Harry. That’s not real life. In life we have to consider career family members.
    My bet is Harry is scared that this type of attention scares away anyone he likes. It happened with chelsy and Cressida. Meg has a lot more going on, hence a lot more too loose. A life she’s worked hard for.He feels he has to protect her to protect any chance of the relationship going the distance. He knows she’s an outsider. Not English, not posh, not white. That is gonna make him even more protective. Let’s be kind to other women, lets not call every woman that gets with an elligable man gold digger or player.