Are Stranger Things’ Nancy and Jonathan a couple?

Spoilers for Stranger Things follow
Since I don’t watch many, I’m always so excited when I can write about a show I’ve seen. At the request of The Mister, I watched all of Stranger Things – I feel so au courante! One of Stranger Things’ story threads was a love triangle between teenagers Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byer. Many were pulling for dark horse Jonathan and guess what? It may be happening but in real life *squee*. As you can see by the photo above, Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer, who play Jonathan and Nancy, were seeing flying out of LAX together after attending the Golden Globes. Nanathan is real, y’all! This would actually make me quite happy because I have been going through their Instagrams and I’m starting to adore these crazy kids. The fact is, we have no idea if they are jetting off for a romantic escape or just really good friends traveling together because they, along with Joe Keery (Steve) are all very good friends who constantly show the love on Instagram:

Even if a romance is in development, we don’t know who it’s between because Golden Globes night produced this as well:

Nanathan? ByeHarri? Wheelington? I don’t know but I would be fine with any of them. You know who’s missing? Barb. Barb is ALWAYS missing.

I love when casts get along and I love to see people having a blast with their newfound fame. And not to be outdone by a bunch of mopey teenagers, the Fab Four younger members of the cast, who helped open the show, also had a grand time at the Globes as well, taking selfies with anyone who would stand still.

Unforgettable😧!!!!!!!! 😃💥😃💥😃💥😃💥👌🏿 @janellemonae #goldenglobes #2017 #amazing #strangerthings #netflix

A photo posted by Caleb McLaughlin (@therealcalebmclaughlin) on

Oh, hey Mr. Roker!! #goldenglobes #todayshow

A photo posted by Gaten Matarazzo (@gatenm123) on

What is even cooler is that for all the selfies they took, the other celebs were just as excited to post their selfie with the cast.

All that is well and good but Barb has friends too! We won’t forget you Barb! #BarbLivesOn! (not really, she’s dead)

Reunited with the lovely @nattyiceofficial and met @realchristianslater

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Photo Credit: WENN Photos, Getty Images and Instagram


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25 Responses to “Are Stranger Things’ Nancy and Jonathan a couple?”

  1. AfricanBoy says:

    The only thing I know is that I can’t wait for season 2. Love this show.

  2. ell says:

    i’ve been noticing too for a while on their ig. idk if they’re a couple or just really good friends or whatever, all i know is that their chemistry on the show is amazing and i want them to get together eventually, but not too quickly because i’m enjoying steve as well. can’t wait for this show to come back!

  3. MI6 says:

    Love all these kids so much ❤

  4. Barrett says:

    She looks anorexic. I’m not being snarky, I say that from a place of concern bc I ❤ the show

  5. Alleycat says:

    I honestly think I’m the only person in this country that wasn’t a big fan of this show. I didn’t dislike it, but I still don’t see what all the hoopla is about. I’ll see myself out.

  6. Lucy says:

    I don’t watch the show, but all these kids seem so cool! Hopefully they turn out ok. Also, doesn’t Charlie look like a mix between Edward Furlong and Alfie Allen? Anyone else sees it?

  7. Jess says:

    Why does Leo look so uncomfortable lol? He looks constipated

  8. Squirrelgirl says:

    There were pictures of Charlie and Natalia holding hands at the globes after party, so it’s possible. I really like the both of them.

  9. Amy Tennant says:

    This post was the lone bright spot on a dreary morning for me. I’m cheered right up! Stranger things have happened!

  10. Pri says:

    I love how the teens are so much more low-key than the kids.

  11. maria says:

    My best friend has a friend that went to high school with her and she told me that she’s gay, she was openly out in high school so idk maybe she’s bi? They would make a cute couple.

  12. Tiger says:

    They have been seen around Atlanta acting like a couple. A colleague of mine attended a Halloween party where she saw Natalia and Jonathon and said they were hanging all over each other the entire night. One of her friends has a photo of them kissing at some point during the night.

  13. Ciel says:

    Can we not with the Barb thing? shes overrated, imho.

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