Does Tom Hiddleston need a whole career makeover after his Globes debacle?


What can even be said at this point about The Problem with Tom Hiddleston? The Dragonflies are in full meltdown mode, trying like hell to justify, explain and defend Tommy’s poor showing at the Golden Globes. The thing about it is… Tom actually went into the Globes as the underdog. Very few of us thought he would win. Courtney B. Vance was the favorite in that category, and when Tom won, it was a surprise to viewers at home and to people in the room. We would have been just fine with an off-the-cuff speech, something simple and grateful. But no. Hiddles had to get up there and make an ass out of himself. While he offered up an apology for his inelegance (but not his unquenchable thirst), let’s revisit the cringe once again:

Every time I watch it, I cringe even harder because I know how bad it’s going to get. My God. He’s just incapable of reading a room. He’s incapable of self-awareness. So who will save Tom Hiddleston from himself? I don’t even know at this point. But it’s worth noting that Tom’s Globes performance got terrible reviews in the UK as well, and now Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir has written a column devoted to “rescuing” Tom and his career. The whole piece is worth a read just because… my God, Tom really ruins it for himself, doesn’t he? Moir uses these words to describe him in the buildup: gauche, humiliating, weaselly, needy, and noble white savior. Yeah, it’s that bad. So here are Moir’s suggestions for how Tommy can improve:

No more piety. “Nobody likes sanctimony — especially at an awards ceremony. Piety and Angelina Jolie-esque shout-outs for global suffering are so over, darling. So he should quit it with the charity twaddle and try to endear himself. This is what he should have said: ‘Thanks everybody for this amazing award. Listen. I just want to say sorry about the Taylor Swift thing. I lost my mind there for a few months but everything is cool now. Remember that T-shirt that had “I Heart T.S.”on the front? She said if I didn’t wear it she’d shoot her kitten. Goodnight everyone, and thanks again.’

Don’t monkey about. “Tom once told an interviewer: ‘I can’t turn off my intelligence.’ Perhaps he should try — because nobody likes a smart Alec. Especially one who stars in a lucrative superhero film franchise in a comedy wig and silly leather raincoat. Children love Hiddleston as megalomaniac villain Loki in the Thor movies, a role that sits oddly with his more pious side. His determination not to be a meaningless figure in a worthless world is admirable, but he must learn to wear the stigma of humanity more lightly.

Stop wearing those grey suede booties. “We’ve said it before, we will say it again. Please stop wearing the grey suede booties. From red carpet appearances to beach walks with Taylor, Tom was seldom seen without his beloved ankle-high lace-ups last year. There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to stop wearing the same kind of shoes as Noddy. Tom, this time is now.”

Shave the beard. “What is with his Ryan-alike hairy face furniture? Ryan Gosling looks like a god in his beard. Sadly, Tom just looks like a gosling. Or an egg with alopecia that got caught in the rain. Did he grow it to appear more macho? If so, it is not working. Perhaps Hiddy has a new film role as a pervert? Whatever the case, the beard has to go.”

No dull films. “He has got to stop making such terrible film choices. Last year’s High Rise was one of those trendy adaptations of an impenetrable J.G. Ballard novel that arty thesps love — but no one else does. It went straight to video — despite the fact Tom appeared naked in several scenes. Speaking of which . . .”

Avoid fashion. “The Gucci spreads with the Afghan hounds and the furry slippers; the metrosexual man looking mean in his leather onesie, the lonely bachelor in his boxers posing on a rumpled bed. For the next 12 months at least, Tom Hiddleston must pledge to avoid the world of fashion.”

Fall in love. “Sooner rather than later, our hero has got to get himself a nice girlfriend. Or even someone wildly unsuitable, just to cheer him up and chase away the loneliness. Tom may have moved on from Taylor Swift, but something has been left behind — a chunk of his dignity. Whether he was the pursued or the pursuing, the dumped or the dumpee, nothing will heal until he finds another woman.”

[From The Daily Mail]

There’s more but it just gets dumb after a while. Some of the advice is solid though – he needs an image rehab, from the spiritual to the intellectual to the sartorial. I like his facial hair, but he needs better “downtime” clothes. He needs a girlfriend in her 30s. He needs to not do any more Gucci fashion spreads, and he needs to never, ever agree to pose for a magazine editorial in his underwear. I also think Tom needs better advice on a day-to-day basis, so maybe… like, a new publicist and manager?


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  1. Snazzy says:

    “She said if I didn’t wear it she’d shoot her kitten.” ha ha ha ha I love that :)

    • Hannah says:

      In the words of the amazing Jujubee: I’ll read you to filth.

    • Mannori says:

      I hate that even after his GG thirsty and cringeworthy turn people STILL believes that he was the “victim” and he got fooled and played by meany Taylor Swift. As always the women, specially if wealthy successful and independent, are the bad b*tches who fool the “good intentioned and innocent men”
      After this we should have any doubts about who was/is the thirstiest one in that relationship. At least Swift owns hers. And no, I’m not even a Swift fan at all.

      • Cranberry says:

        I’m sure there are those that, as you say, blame Taylor for everything and always paint her as the villain. In fact I know they do. But, imo that scenario seems to be more about her fame and her immature behavior on social media. Her extreme fame puts everything she does under a microscope. There’s plenty of people/fans that criticized Tom for his part in that PR ship. Taylor is always going to have her share of haters that existed long before HiddleSwift.
        Many TH fans were upset over the whole debacle of him (or his management) agreeing to a bad idea that was badly executed AND then all the negative association that blew on him from TS/Kim/Kanye feud-blowup. It was just bad timing. It wasn’t all her fault, and she didn’t do anything to him deliberately (although I have another theory on that, but it doesn’t matter at this point). It was a terrible idea in the first place on both their parts.

  2. Miss V says:

    In a word: yes. He needed a whole career makeover after the “I heart T. S.” tank top.

  3. Clare says:

    I think the whole thing is really bizarre and mean – who gives a toss about his shoes? I suppose it’s all tongue in cheek? (sorry having a bit of a sense of humor deficit today).

    He does, however, need different management because his PR and public persona are a hot mess.

  4. Kate says:

    He should just go be a pretentious professor who forces his students to buy his books and listen to his lectures lol

  5. ell says:

    my advice would be to just stop caring about these white posh brits. can we please? so many more interesting actors we could be talking about.

    ETA: “Tom once told an interviewer: ‘I can’t turn off my intelligence.’
    lmao, did he really say that? hahahahahah, how does this guy have stans?? is it just the accent and the fact he talks about shakespeare??

    • Div says:

      I think Cumberbatch is a great actor, but sometimes it is really annoying to realize that the posh, reedy, not overtly sexual, straight, white Brits get so many chances to “make” it while others who are just as talented fall to the wayside. There is definitely a fair amount of racism and even classism at play. Most people would consider David Oyelowo and James McAvoy to be better actors than Hiddleston and co, but they aren’t getting the same chances for those juicy roles.

      • AG-UK says:

        David Oyelowo def works more than Hiddleston and McAvoy especially in the US. I loved him in Spooks. He has been working pretty non stop since early 2000′s.

      • Div says:

        David works a lot more but he isn’t getting a franchise or the possible blockbusters like the del Toro film that Hiddleston has over the past few years….or getting the chance to work with Scorsese like Garfield.

        After Selma, he should have been getting offers from all of the huge directors….instead a supporting part in Queen of Katwe, a cheesy Christian film with Kate Mara, and two tiny indies with no name directors. The only big role he landed was A United Kingdom. He’s also second supporting in a few other upcoming films….

        I just wish he was being offered the Kong franchises or the lead in Spielberg or Scorsese’s next film. That’s why diversity is so important though behind the camera…..POC directors and producers recognize the importance of having representation.

      • Ramona says:

        I agree Div. David may work more but its on smaller movies or smaller parts in big movies. I dont see him being asked to lead anything in the callibre of Xmen, Dr Strange or King Kong. And thats really galling given that Tom got King Kong as an untested leading man with no evidence of box office pull or even a credible acting award to his name.

      • ell says:

        thank you. and i would add riz ahmed to that list as well, who deserved the award far more than hiddleston. the britain i know and live in is an incredibly diverse country, so to see it represented by the usual posh white folks is infuriating.

      • Kori says:

        DO’s movie United Kingdom looked really good when I saw a trailer months back. Did it come out yet or what happened? What a great story that was.

      • Lightpurple says:

        We do not know what Oyelowo is turning down. What you think he should be getting may not be what he wants.

        I am looking forward to United Kingdom.

      • Cranberry says:

        Diversity in film and entertainment is a problem everywhere, especially in Hollywood among the big studio block buster franchises. It doesn’t matter if British actors are posh or not as long as they’re white. As far as crossover HW Brit actors, it could be argued that non-posh (white) Brits “make it” more than “posh, not overtly sexual, straight, white” Brits. See Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, Daniel Craig, Ewan McGreggor, Garfield, Anthony Hopkins, etc.

    • spidey says:

      No he didn’t he said that Kenneth Branagh had said that about him. But of course he should have kept it to himself.

    • Sixer says:

      ell – I would really like it if Americans stopped caring about posh Brits. I was saying this on the BAFTA threads yesterday: posh actors and/or empire nostalgia films and TV have become an export market. And it really distorts the industry here. You guys can like one or two of them but it would be nice if it wasn’t all of them. If we could get other stuff financed that US markets would also buy, it would be REALLY healthy for our industry.

      • ell says:

        agreed, so much. for us that we get to live britain every day it’s really quite frustrating. i’m happy the baftas are taking steps towards this, at least when it comes to british films, but more should be done.

      • justme says:

        I can understand your frustration, but the thing is that people are always going to be fascinated by British history and the great works of literature that have been produced in Britain over the centuries. And most British history and literature (up until the last few decades) has concerned and been conducted by white people. (yes I know there have always been some POC in Britain, but not all that many comparatively speaking. My British grandmother told me she never saw a black person until she came to America.) Obviously contemporary fiction and history is far more diverse, but if you want to make a movie about the Victorian era for instance (and why not – it is a fascinating time when Britain was the most important country in the world) you are going to have white actors. Personally when faced with a choice of a story about Regency England or one about drug addicts in Birmingham, I’ll go for the Regency anytime. That’s just me of course, but lots of people obviously agree with me. But it seems that British TV/movies do both kinds these days and surely that is best. I always get so annoyed when I read articles by British writers decrying “bonnet films” – darn it I love bonnet films, and farthingale films, and doublet films and houppelande films etc. etc.

      • cynic says:

        I agree with you, Sixer. I also wish my fellow Yanks would be just as enthusiastic for foreign TV series that are other than posh/empire nostalgic TV series. I did like Downton Abbey, but, imo, the enthusiasm for that show has caused PBS to get lazy. Instead of bringing us various new shows, they show documentaries, such as We Miss Downton Abbey, The Manners of Downton Abbey, We miss Downton Abbey; The Abbey of Downton Abbey, etc.

      • Lightpurple says:

        My favorite thing to come out of Britain in recent years was Pride. I loved Pride. I need more films like Pride. I suspect they’re being made, just not making it to these shores.

      • Sixer says:

        That’s exactly what I’d like to see more of, darling. And I didn’t even mind it included a member of the Eton mafia in the cast!

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Sixer, well that Eton mafioso’s dance performance in that film was marvelous!

  6. Chaine says:

    Lol about the facial hair. I know it is a beard, but it is so sparse that it looks like a 90s goatee, giving him a very dated “dad” vibe.

  7. Meow says:

    It grates on me that he is actually a very good actor (esp. Shakespearean parts), but he’s shot his image to bits with stupid publicity stunts.

  8. OrigialTessa says:

    His charade with Taylor was embarrassing AF. They both look silly and immature. Parade around like it was the love story of the century, and I had eggs in the fridge that lasted longer. People need to forget he exists. He needs to disappear for a long time, and come back graciously and slowly, and with some good material to back it up.

  9. Meow says:

    Lol at Ballard being pegged as “impenetrable”. It’s a really short novella with an easy theme… Moir is an idiot.

  10. SBS says:

    Maybe he does, I don’t know. But would it in that case really be because of a bungled, yet well meaning, acceptance speech? I can’t believe he was the worst person to get up on that stage, but people really act like he was.

  11. Bex says:

    He’ll be fine. One more Shakespearean role and people will just focus on his acting again.

    I can’t read anything by Jan Moir though. A truly vile ‘journalist’, even by Daily Mail standards, who is probably most notorious in the UK for writing a hideously homophobic piece after the death of a singer over here. How she still has a job at all is beyond me.

  12. Jenns says:

    Here is what I know about Tom Hiddleston:

    1. He wore a I <3 TS tank
    2. He played a character named Loki
    3. People in Sudan loved The Night Manager
    4. He gets a lot of comments on Celebitchy

    So maybe he needs to focus more on movie roles? Or is this all I need to know about him.

  13. eatingpie says:

    I’m still pissed as hell that he won, over Courtney Vance and Riz Ahmed no less!

    Even if you have a bunch of massively talented POC nominated, it’s still racist when they lose to a mediocre performance given by a white person. Sorry, but it’s true. Step up your flipping game, Hollywood.

    • als says:

      Yeah, I saw The Night Manager and The Prople v. O.J. and I don’t get it.
      I love Hugh Laurie and that he won, but overall, my impression was that the script was not that much, the rythm of the storyline was boring and no matter how good the actors, the show and the performances were not award winning.
      On the other hand, The People was amazing and the performances stellar.

    • Miss Grace Jones says:

      Oh I’m still LIVID Riz lost, not only because I believe he’s a far superior actor with a superior and more culturally significant show (my NUMEROUS issues with how black characters were written notwithstanding), but because not only did he lose to a more mediocre performance by a white man, we also had to sit through a tedious self serving speech from yet another up his arse white guy , where Riz has spoken much more eloquently and passionately about various issues with much more sincerity.(As a Muslim woman it also stings he keeps getting passed over but that’s a whole other rant.) And yet time and time again generic posh white actors/actresses get passes and praise for mediocrity while actors of color fade into the background more dense roles. I mean jesus Michael K. Williams wasn’t even nominated!

    • Chinoiserie says:

      Wrong people loose all the time, if poc people get nominated so they will sometimes loose unfairly like everyone else (but I have not actually watched any of the nominees so I don’t know who should have won).

  14. Becky says:

    The DM? Honestly I wouldn’t believe anything their so called writers say.

    Tom will be fine. I agree though he does need to project a more mature image (an age appropriate gf perhaps if he wants one).

    Personally I think he looks great with a beard.

  15. CidySmiley says:

    “LOL” at everything. I dont think he needs a total makeover but I do think he needs to relax. Hes venturing so far from what he is… I think he tries to be relatable and liked, but if he would just relax and be his weird Shakespeare loving self I think people would take to it.

    I also think people are getting tired of his type, though. I mean I used to see Benedict cumberbatch get all the love but people are waning from that, and to something thats more… normal to us. We have a hard time relating to people like B.C. and Tom Hiddleston and Eddy Redmayne (did I spell that right?) Most people dont have their privileges, so we disconnect.

  16. Slowsnow says:

    What a strange obsession with this man who can be, granted, a bit vanilla, but who also is a great actor. I loved him in Only Lovers Left Alive for example. Or is it to elitist for Ms. Moir?

    The article was mean and finally allowed me to understand why Hollywood actors have fake relationships. People get way too involved in their personas.

    I know the article was supposed to be funny but it was simply stupid.

  17. Jessica says:

    I don’t find him attractive at all, but with a great personality, I could understand his appeal. However, the events of the recent past all make me cringe (everything with Taylor and the Golden Globes). I can honestly say that I can’t stand this guy. He’s a creeper!

  18. Sarah says:

    The Internet has so many new names for him
    Tom Hiddlescringe

    Hiddlesudan ( formerly known as hiddleswift)

    Hiddeous Humblebrag

    Sir cringe de la cringe

    Thomas cringelton

    Also known as

    Gwyneth paltrows soulmate

    The male Lena Dunham

  19. Rocio says:

    OMG the whole piece is hilarious! Somehow I pity him but I cannot stop laughing!

    Fair question, when did he become an Internet thing? He’s not that good looking and as an actor he’s one of many.

  20. Kiki says:

    This is the year when my two favorite crushes are going downhill, but I still have hope and love in my heart for both of them.

    Tom Hiddlestone (along with Michael Fassbender) needs to just go away. Tom Hiddlestone made one of the worst speeches on GG three nights ago, however this is nothing compare to stupid choice of acting roles the Michael Fassbender has.

    Right now my heart aches for them both.

    • Lulu says:

      Your heart aches for them both? They are both English/British/ Irish white , rich men , your heart should not be aching for them!

    • justme says:

      Why is it not allowed to have your heart ache for rich white British/Irish men? Surely one may be allowed to have heartaches over whomever one wants. Are we only allowed to care about POC these days? I happen to like a lot of British/Irish actors and wish them well. I like some POC actors as well and wish them well also.

      • Lulu says:

        I’m talking about TH and MF in particular, not all men ffs … And if there was anything about them that needed a bit of heart aching then sure go ahead , but seriously wth do either of those men really need any pity for ?

      • justme says:

        I guess that is up to the individual fan is it not? It always seems to come down to – oh they are white and rich so they will always be OK so don’t concern yourself with them. If a fan wants to what is the harm?

      • Lulu says:

        All I’m saying is I think it’s a waste of worry, and you realise that’s said so much bcos it is in 99% of cases it is true, being a white man esp in Hollywood seems to give a certain pass for nearly everything . Take a look at Casey Afflek , Mel Gibson who were both present at the GG as evidence !

      • ell says:

        @justme ‘oh they are white and rich so they will always be OK so don’t concern yourself with them.’

        lol but it’s true. do we inhabit the same planet??

      • justme says:

        @ell – but surely one does not actually choose whom one becomes a fan of? I like Tom, I also like other actors – not sure why he appeals to me particularly, but he does. I don’t want to see his career in trouble for what seems like incredibly stupid reasons, yet I do realize that any actor’s career can be upended for silly reasons. And yes, white people can also have career problems. Just because men like Affleck and Gibson and Woody Allen are OK does not mean every white actor will be.

      • ell says:

        right, i’ll bite. name me one white straight actor that had ‘career problems’, as you call them.

      • Cranberry says:


        David Caruso maybe? Garret Hedlund, Jai Courtney, Brandon Routh, Alex Pettyfer, Sam Worthington. See the problem is that an established and highly marketable (white) actor that has friends (investors) in HW can survive a scandal or some tearing up by press and social media. But there’s hoards of actors (whites ones included) that even get a really good break but still drop off the radar cause of a film that under-performs. There’s definitely been incidents where social media and gossip played a big role in altering actor’s career path.

      • justme says:

        Thanks @Cranberry – as someone pointed out on this very page, Affleck has brother Ben, Matt Damon etc. on his side – very much “in” with the right folks in HW. TH is still very much an outsider in HW. Of course he hasn’t done anything all that wrong – date a pop star for 2 months (they were only seen together from June 15-end of July after all – they seem to have broken up in mid-August — it just SEEMED longer! LOL. ) and made a speech which was taken the wrong way but which if you actually read it seems ok (at least to me). However he realized that it was being taken the wrong way and rightly took the blame for that by admitting that he did not do a good job of putting his thoughts across. If you look at his face when he heard his name called, you can see that he was genuinely shocked that he won, so I do believe the “nervous” part. BTW – I’m not sure what people who wanted others to win the award expect him to do about it – refuse it because he is not worthy (and too white, posh and British)?

        However you don’t need to do anything all that wrong to have people have a perception that you did – especially these days.

    • A.Key says:

      There’s nothing wrong with Michael Fassbender or his choice of roles! His love life is questionable but career-wise I think he’s doing just fine, I enjoy him in every role.

      • Kiki says:

        I beg to differ, because his role on Assassins Creed is boring and the movie sux and don’t get me started on the Lights Between the Oceans. And why is everyone on my case about pitying White Men. Race has nothing to with, although I think a lot of black actors (both men and women) are very smart to choose a medium, something Michael Fassbender should have thought but this has nothing to do with race. This has everything to do with integrity. Both MF and TH has done some stupid thing last year and they really need to think about the outcome of their acting futures. That is why, they need to take a break for at least 6 months and come back.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Fassbender has had a string of flops. I like him as an actor, I think his nomination for Steve Jobs was deserved, but he isn’t putting people in seats outside of the X-Men franchise

      • Ramona says:

        Fassbender just needs to leave the pop film space and reunite with Steve McQueen. He is an actors actor and with the exception of taking a check like X men to pay his bills, his career trajectory should be more indie than studio.

      • Marianne says:

        “but he isn’t putting people in seats outside of the X-Men franchise ”

        tbh, I don’t think theres any actor in this day and age that truly sells a movie on name alone anymore.

  21. Mia4S says:

    He’s thirsty as hell and wants desperately to play the game but he SUCKS at it. New PR? Yeah, maybe.

    When Taylor Swift turns out to be the less thirsty one in a relationship? 😲

  22. Chef Grace says:

    After reading this, I had a mental pic of TH in his granny panties with the I heart vest on, standing on a street corner, in the rain, with those Afghan hounds, his trusty grey boots , holding a sign that reads ” I just need to be loved by all.”

  23. Hiccup says:

    I liked Tom a lot as Loki in the first Thor movie when he was still a bit menacing and weird, kind of thin wired and mage like, but the few things I’ve seen since then have just gotten worse and worse.

    I thought he was insufferable in the night manager even though I’m a huge john Le Carre fan I couldn’t stick with it, now he’s winning awards for acting like a buff wooden plank? There’s no mystery to him anymore, I think he lost his cool for a bit. I hope he finds it again for his acting sake! Don’t care about his personal life but something isn’t right with his acting either (just my opinion of course)

  24. Embers C says:

    He just won a Golden Globe. His career is, therefore, by definition not in terribly bad shape.

    • Mia4S says:

      Hahahaha!..No, oh no, just…no.

      Look I think he’s public persona is the issue, his career is fine and will keep on as it is. What I’m laughing at the thought of winning Golden Globes mattering! Just…no. 😂 The Globes are good for a PR boost, that’s it and unfortunately he kind of blew that opportunity.

    • Bee says:

      His IMDB profile is looking pretty empty of future projects. He’s got Kong, and another Thor, then nothing. He must really wish he had a Sherlock or something meaty to keep coming back to every year or so. Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t even appreciate what he’s got there.

  25. Neelyo says:

    He needs to face the fact he’s a character actor and not a leading man. That’s his problem.

  26. guest says:

    I honestly can’t stop laughing. You do realize that the guy is just taking the piss out of this whole so called debacle, right?
    Hiddleston will survive. Btw, what’s wrong with leather on guys?

    • Chef Grace says:

      I don’t think he is savvy enough to take the piss out of it all. And love leather on a dude. Just poor Hiddles facial expressions in that whole leather dungeon daddy shot was off a bit. Like he was out of his comfort zone.
      Yes he will survive and go on to the next thing.

  27. Jaii says:

    Tom f*ed up with that speech , sure.But, all this drama about it is just so extra. It’s only big online, or with crappy journalists (god I hate using that word for her) like Moir who are looking for click bait…let’s be real this won’t effect his career in anyway , and I would bet a months salary that most of the GP has moved on already .

    • popup says:

      You speak truth, Jaii. The speech was cringy but the uproar about it is what’s OTT now. People seem to love a benign target, though. Maybe it’s too uncomfortable to go after Casey Affleck, so let’s go after the nice guy who is benignly narcissistic and needy. Reminds me of the Anne Hathaway kerfuffle. She’s recovered now, it seems, from the insane bout of Internet hate thrown her way, for basically being kind of annoying.

      • jetlagged says:

        Casey is already in the HW club, and has a high-profile brother and beloved advocate (Damon) who are also in the club, so he’s apparently earned immunity or something. It bugs me to no end. I thought his speech was just as bad, especially when he tried to use his kids as human shields against people saying bad things about him.

        Someone said elsewhere that Tom used up all his goodwill allotment this summer, so had none leftover to cover another cringeworthy gaffe and that’s why people jumped all over him. At least the drama pendulum seems to be swinging back around, most of the comments I’m seeing on social media today have been mocking the people that trashed him, and giving kudos to him both for trying to do a good thing and apologizing even when he didn’t need to.

  28. EMAu says:

    He needed a career makeover when he became Swift’s handbag for the blink of an eye and made a fool of himself.

  29. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    He needs new advisors STAT. If the press and his peers are openly mocking him you know its at the point where he’s losing face and any sort of decent rep his work got for him. His desperation for fame will be his undoing.

  30. Konspiracytheory says:

    ‘Stop wearing the same kind of shoes as Noddy’ lol

  31. Emma says:

    He looks a little more grownup with facial hair. With a smooth face, he looks little boyish. Handsome either way

  32. shelly says:

    Jan Moir, who is certainly old enough to know better, appears to have an unhealthy obsession with Tom Hiddleston.
    She has been butt hurt since his summer fling and is not shy about showing it.

    Bizarre behaviour from a mature woman, I’m surprised that the Fail gives her a platform for her stalkerish ways, but then I remember the Fail is gold standard for click bait articles in the U.K.

    A quick glossary of Daily Mail terminology, usually used to encourage women to criticise other women.

    Curvy: Fat.
    Killer Curves: Very Fat.
    Pins: Legs.
    Beach body: Wearing a bikini and looking a bit chubby.
    Gym honed: Semi anorexic.
    Fun loving: Drunk.
    High spirited: Very drunk.
    Fresh faced: Needs to slap on some more make-up.
    Quirky: Mentally ill, badly dressed, hair like a bird nest.

  33. freebunny says:

    This article is ridiculous and just not funny.
    Yes, he needs better PR. Luke must go away, friend or not friend.
    But for the rest, his image is not so bad and people forget quickly.

  34. Dippit says:

    I think he just needs to stop being so desperate to be part of Hollywood A-list with leading man status. There are too many others in his age range with looks wearing better for age, equivalent (or more) talent, less needy and less willing to compromise themselves to the media machine, possessing of that ‘special something’, and less reliant on being (or once having been?) an ‘Internet boyfriend’. I was recently informed by my daughter that he’s only where he is today because Tumblr accorded him (Loki) Woobie status. I still don’t quite understand what that means but I’m taking her word for it.

    In short, TH (and his PR) need to accept that in the real scheme of things he’s a solid B-list Film and TV with potential A-list theatre but lead yes, star no. He’s a reasonably talented actor who should err more to character pieces.

    He’s trying to drive too hard and too fast in the wrong lane and hitting every pothole along the way.

    He could (will) have a great career if he stops trying to have the career he’s too needy but not qualified for.

    He should look to the likes of Damian Lewis and aspire to that… not Fassbender or Hardy etc.

    /I didn’t read the full DM article, won’t give them the click.

    • shelly says:

      I agree, I think he would make a great Bond villain, to me is a great supporting actor.

      I hear he is pretty good in Shakespearean roles, and while I hesitate to suggest someone should stay in their lane, in his case, I really think he could be well respected if he played to his strengths instead of going after the sort of roles that don’t suit him.

    • Kiki says:

      Michael Fassbender can’t even carry a film by himself either. Both Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddlestone are both in the same boat, they are not A-List actors like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise, heck they can’t carry a roles like Leonardo Dicaprio.

      However, if they want to be a relevant movie stars they should find great directors, get better PR and Agency Managements. Or they should go to the same route as Bryan Cranston and Jon Ham along with many a list actors, who seem to jump on the TV wagon.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Depp’s career was considered a mess and a wasted opportunity until Pirates of the Caribbean. At age 40.

      • Ramona says:

        @Lightpurple Quite to the contrary. Prior to Pirates, Depp was considered a great actor with a wide variety of work behind him. His quirky stuff had icon status and his regular roles were critically acclaimed. And they made money. He was the first name to usually come up when talking about young actors who the Oscars were unfairly snubbing. Pirates was his first real “for the check” film but people still loved it because he had a unique take on the character. Then came the endless sequels and the regurgitated quirky performances in film after film and its been downhill ever since.

      • Dippit says:

        I think few (nearly if any?!) actors properly Open a movie these days. The franchise, the movie’s origin Universe, the special effects, sometimes subject matter for more well thought out productions, or the sheer volume of the A&P budget are what get the bums on seats.

        Yet still I think Fassbender attached to something movieland makes more sense than Hiddleston as so from the ‘Movie Star’ pov. TH is competing in a crowded market and is 2nd tier in that market yet seems intent on continuing competing no matter how desperate and outlandish his PR and feeding the media machine seems to have to get. And he can’t seem to help getting a little too extra over it all because of a desire to be a ‘movie stah’.

        I see Damian Lewis and he having had similar tragectories and for a time DL overplayed his desire to be Hollywood Film famous and made gaffes along the way too. Perhaps McCrory and family life eventually settled him into accepting he could have a great character career on quality TV and do theatre – get the props in his lane – without having to be a Hollywood A-list Lead Movie Star.

        I think TH could learn from DL if he could settle for great in his milleu.

        Fassbender still has the greater potential for movie success but, unlike TH, seems less needy.

        Either way, all of them should be less desperate like Hardy and do the work which interests them without needing the backslaps (industry offered or self-administered) afterwards.

    • Uh-huh says:


      Agree completely. Trying for HW A-list status is all fine and dandy up to a point. But if you’re having to use all kinds of extreme and silly tactics to get ‘noticed’ (cough *Taylor Swift fauxmance naff tank top* cough) it’s maybe time for a rethink.

      Keeping his public image classy, consistent and in-line with his supposedly intelligent persona would surely win him more friends and supporters and get him better (and more suitable) work offers in the long run, but I guess the ‘more suitable’ bit is the stumbling block.

  35. spidey says:

    Whatever anyone thinks of Tom’s behaviour, NOBODY needs behavioural advice from Jan Moir after her Stephen Gateley article, she was lucky to keep her job.

  36. Bonzo says:

    I would agree that he needs new PR representation and that he should ditch the boots and gotee. Also, he should second-guess himself before speaking on an international platform in front of peers and big wigs he wants to impress. If he can recognize his weakness to preen in front of the camera and run his speech ideas by someone honest with him who has better instincts, he can avoid the PR debacle from Sunday.

    Since TV is better than ever, it’s too bad that he doesn’t seem as interested in playing the same role for a few years and making a name for himself in that regard. I think it would do him good to have a regular acting gig (either here or in the UK) in which he can develop a particular character over several years.

    This will blow over and be forgotten soon enough, but I think he should focus on getting more theatre & indie roles and keep promoting his UNICEF work rather than trying desperately to become a HW A-lister.

  37. Adrien says:

    What silly tips. Stop appearing in dull films? Just accept superhero, blockbuster ones? He was great in that Jim Jamursch film. All those things they accuse of him, Fassbender has done. At least we do not read news of Tom beating women.The Taylor Swift romance was what exposed him. That and that alone is what ruined him to his fans. Hollywood is now slowly considering Poc’s as male leads especially after Force Awakens, Marvel and Rogue One’s successes. Like who knew Riz Ahmed is going to be an instant heartthrob with his smal but vital screentime in Rogue One? Dev Patel’s star is shining too. The success of Train to Busan will open doors to K actors. Tom will be fine but it will take a long time for us to forget those stack of pebbles beach pictorial.

    • Becky says:

      Adrien, my thoughts exactly. High Rise a dull film? Arthouse and independent perhaps, but it also featured Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans and Sienna Miller, and was directed by Ben Wheatley from a Ballard novel. I don’t see their artistic choices being questioned.

  38. Cranberry says:

    I wonder how much the gray swede shoes would go for if he were to auction them off for charity like he did back in 2013/14 and 2015. His shoes out bid all the other celebs donations, even Mick Jagger’s.

  39. Dippit says:

    I remember reading at the time of the Swift debacle that TH had taken on a big US PR operation, presumably to ‘break’ him. I think the way they are going about it is breaking him in a different way and he should reconsider his association with them.

  40. Libra girl says:

    He wasn’t that bad. He seemed to be in shock that he won. He also seems painfully awkward and shy. I don’t know anything about him, but I’m not going to browbeat the guy. Some people are just not “speech” people, I’ve watched worse.

  41. bluerunning says:

    As others have said… I think he just needs to take a deep breath and calm the eff down. He had all of those eyes on him, all of that attention, and he’d just won an award nobody (well, few people) thought he’d pull off and he just HAD to do it- had to turn it into ~something. Let your work speak for you, stop trying to win the game and just try to play the game, and… just be Hiddles. He can be charming. He can be funny. He can be very convincing… when he’s not too busy getting in his own way.

    But, frankly, it’s got to be hard. Bendy had an Oscar nomination, Eddie WON an Oscar… his contemporaries are outpacing him in a lot of ways… it seems, I guess. Who knows. Oddly enough, I have a strange soft spot for him after all of this… like I’m just hoping the Skull Island thing doesn’t turn into another cringe fest.

    • justme says:

      I do think he is very much aware of his contemporaries outpacing him – in fact he said as much in a number of interviews. He always seems to feel time at his back in a big way – very fearful of wasting time. He also doesn’t want to be the “guy in the waistcoat” – although he actually is great as the “guy in the waistcoat”. He does have, as a makeup lady once told him during his first film role as a wastrel young aristocrat in Nicholas Nickleby, – “a period face”. I’d love him in a reboot of Lord Peter Wimsey.

    • third ginger says:

      Oscar nominated and winning roles are sheer luck. what the actor does with them is skill. You can’t tell what will be nominated from year to year. Actors can’t go looking for those. Redmayne and Cumberbatch are great, but they are also lucky.But I see what you are saying. Those 3 are grouped together because of friendship and background.

      • spidey says:

        So true, I came away from the cinema blown away by Redmayne’s Oscar winning performance, but from Ben’s nominated performance I came away totally underwhelmed and couldn’t understand all the hype. The film could have been so much better and, more importantly on such a serious subject, more honest.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Alan Rickman never had an Oscar nomination. Jonah Hill has two.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        Bendy only got nominated because Harvey Weinstein decided the Imitation Game was going to be the movie he was backing for award season. Neither him or the movie really deserved the nominations it got. It was good but not Oscar worthy.

        Bendy also blew his chances of a win as he didn’t campaign and famously said in an interview that he ‘told’ Harvey he wasn’t going to. His arrogance cost him dearly and thats why we ended up with his car crash Oscar campaign where he – the very private man – pimped out his whoopsie pregnancy, engagement, wedding and honeymoon in the lead up to the Oscars. He learned the hard way to keep your thirst in check, at the time his was running rampant and he got a lot of sh!t for it as well. Bendy is still thirsty but he’s learning to keep that sh!t tight. His GG loser face to Eddie was priceless, it was obvs he thought he was going to win.

        Eddie won because he campaigned and played the game plus he’s very nice and not thirsty like the other 2. The fact that he then got nominated again the next year for the Danish Girl proves he is better at the game than Bendy and Hiddles.

      • Sarah says:

        Redmayne is actually thirsty as hell though LOL. He made the most appearances that award season and also sold his family hard. It was better execution but the same thing and it burned people out, which is why he won nothing for the Danish Girl. I didn’t think he nor Cumberbatch should have been nominated that year, as both of those movies were just okay, The Danish Girl wasn’t worth watching except for Vikander’s performance.

        That aside, losers going to the Globes usually already know they lost. The telecast, even if live, will use shots taken earlier as ‘reaction’ shots, something that came to light with the whole Smith Family/Cyrus debacle at the VMA’s. It’s less about reality and more about going viral.

        In fact, whether Slater was reacting to Tom or something else or nothing at all at the time is debatable.

  42. madly says:

    Can’t we just accept his apology and move on? This is such a non-issue, click bait crap.

    • darkblue says:

      @madly exactly. I don’t understand, why spend so much time on someone whom you hate so much? They act like he has killed their cats

    • missme says:

      He really did not have to apologize for anything(yet he did), but for some reason this got blown way out of proportion. His first Golden Globe win has been ruined by a bunch of bitter, anal, overanalytical people in the media and twitter trolls. Why don’t they use that energy to go after people that actually deserve it? All he did was share some insight into a recent experience that effected him, while shedding some light on a current issue and mentioning some groups that he supported, which is what a person in his position usually does. “White saviour”, really?? So whites cannot talk about their charity work in Africa, wtf?? Most charities are grateful that celebrities help to make their causes more recognized and more known. Plus it was his award, he can damn well say whatever he wants for his speech. But what do we know we’re just bunch of crazy fangirls.

  43. theHord says:

    It only gets dumb “after a while”? Taking it lightly and jokingly concerning Taylor Swift is a terrible, terrible idea – look at the collective self-important outrage over the clearly worn in jest “I <3 TS" shirt. He would have been SLAUGHTERED if Tom ever mentioned her name!

    And then continues with cattiness concerning the way he chooses to groom himself, extra body snark, and… telling him to keep out of "dull movies" (meaning, "movies that actually ask for half a brain of effort from the viewer")?! I'm sorry: I might be missing something, but to me it sounds like that Moir person is instead making suggestions on how to ruin Hiddleston's career for good.

    • shelly says:

      She’s a bilious nut job, with and unhealthy obsession with TH, ever since she sat up one Sunday night and got a glimpse of his arse.

      I’d like to say ignore her and she’ll go away but if her nastiness over Stephen Gately couldn’t finish her career, then I don’t know what will.

    • Cranberry says:

      “look at the collective self-important outrage over the clearly worn in jest “I <3 TS" shirt"

      So Agree. So tired of the self-important commenters that think the jest TS tank top worn on a whim at a beach party meant nothing at all about him or his career. I have more concern over his mis-step at the GG on national US TV.

      Yes I think he needs better management. He needs an experienced, skillful advisor. Someone that knows how to talk to actors and highly driven people. Imo, Tom does a lot of things that an agent is supposed to do – like networking. I'm sure his agency has done things for him like get the TNM role which was obviously slated to be recognized by the awards. But he also worked really hard as an executive producer to get the project off ground and on schedule/budget. So my opinion is that his agent is pulling through some good key jobs (so far), but they're not following through with getting him quality and competent PR or advisor.

      • jetlagged says:

        Maybe they have been giving Tom good advice and he still goes off and does his own thing. He’s spoken often enough about being stubborn to the point of being contrary, and having great faith in his own instincts. I wonder sometimes if he listens to what his team has to say, but disregards it in favor of his own ideas.

  44. Lightpurple says:

    Much ado about nothing.

    His career is doing just fine. He just won a Golden Globe. He has two blockbusters coming out this year and he probably will be working in Infinity Wars. He has hinted that he is returning to the stage this year and if the rumors about that are true, it is a major role in a new “IMPORTANT” play that has sold out already based on the writer and director with no casting announcements. He is producing a documentary on South Sudan. He just did a voice cameo for GDT in Trollhunters. He’s reunited with Redmayne to work on Aardman’s Early Man. Rumors have him reuniting as the lead in another Wheatley film. Most people who attend films or watch TV pay little attention to the gossip around the actors. A guy in my office loved TNM and High-Rise and doesn’t know who Taylor Swift is.

    Now, would Jan Moir like to give some advice to Christian Slater and Vince Vaughn, both of whom were supposed to be “the next big thing” and, well, they weren’t?

  45. browniecakes says:

    Did I Saw the Light play overseas in cinemas? I know it was in the bottom of the movie money makers for its year and I think partly why is it stayed in the US. That was Tom’s shot in leading-man territory.

    • jetlagged says:

      I think it was released in a few overseas markets – but not many and not for long. It was always a small-indie film about a niche subject that was never going to be a blockbuster, the best shot it had at success was if it got awards buzz, which it didn’t. Truth is, it just wasn’t a very good movie.

  46. perplexed says:

    Usually Brits are self-deprecating like Hugh Grant or Robert Pattinson or Keira Knightley (I’m stereotyping to some degree, I admit, however). I’m surprised Tom Hiddleston doesn’t try to draw on the British stereotype we all have in our heads of what Brits are like — where they purposely seem to underplay how good they are at something and make fun of themselves.

    “I can’t turn off my intelligence” is not something I’m used to hearing from a British actor (well, not the ones that actually make it big anyway. The ones that don’t have the self-deprecating funny bone seem to end up nowhere like that guy from the Romeo and Juliet movie). What Tom Hiddleston said about his intelligence sounds like something Kellan Lutz would say, except he’d probably say “I can’t turn off my good looks” (which aren’t that great to begin with).

    His speech wasn’t great, but I have a feeling nobody would have made fun of it (even with Christian Slater making that face) if he hadn’t dated Taylor Swift.

    • theHord says:

      Only, “I can’t turn off my intelligence” is a line taken out of context: that was a comment Branagh made about Hiddleston. Full quote above.

      I do agree most of the backlash over the speech, was more about Swift, than about what he actually said or didn’t say.

      • jetlagged says:

        Agreed. I’d wager most of the audience watching at home were really only familiar with him from the Summer of Love, and assumed the worst when it came to his levels of thirst. They were already predisposed to mock him, and Tom gave them everything they needed to do just that.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Yes, it was a quote from Branagh about the casting of Loki and Thor.

      • perplexed says:

        Fair enough. Where’s the full quote? All I saw was this in the excerpt in the above blog post: “Tom once told an interviewer: ‘I can’t turn off my intelligence.’ Perhaps he should try — because nobody likes a smart Alec. Especially one who stars in a lucrative superhero film franchise in a comedy wig and silly leather raincoat. Children love Hiddleston as megalomaniac villain Loki in the Thor movies, a role that sits oddly with his more pious side. His determination not to be a meaningless figure in a worthless world is admirable, but he must learn to wear the stigma of humanity more lightly.”

        It was this excerpt in the above post that I based my perception on.

      • spidey says:

        @ perplexed – that wasn’t from Marina Hyde in the Guardian was it.

      • theHord says:

        @perplexed Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I posted the full quote above, but didn’t repeat it again, to avoid spamming. It starts with “Ken told me that every actor has something for free.” It gives interesting quick insight on other actors, as well. It’s from a Guardian article.

      • Uh-huh says:


        Yes, indeed. Without the Hiddleswift nonsense I think this might have gone past with less outright condemnation.
        I think he was pretty nervous actually – the tension in his voice is a giveaway – the “I – we” part sounded fluffed which kinda made it worse.
        It was still rather self-indulgent and try-hard anyway but I guess that’s his style. It apparently wasn’t enough to just say thanks and be concise he had to do it PROPERLY with an ANECDOTE. lol

        I don’t like Jan Moir BTW, but this piece is an affectionate send-up. She’s criticising him yet rooting for him at the same time. I know the feeling.

      • spidey says:

        @ Uh-huh Jan Moir and affectionate send-up in the same sentence? Bit of an oxymoron perhaps? :wink:

      • Uh-huh says:


        Ha! Maybe I saw what I wanted to see?! :)

        The bits of ‘advice’ about the beard and his boots were pretty stupid, I’ll give you that.

    • spidey says:

      @Uh-huh That’s ok. I just can never forgive her for that article about Stephen Gately.

  47. darkblue says:

    is the veteran of canada a dragonfly too, or the journalist from S. sudan or UN, UNICEF, OR doctors without borders? He was wrongly accused and they defended him. One with a common sense could see through that.
    Wow, there is a phrase- “12 feet house got 13 feet varanda” . the reaction of those drama queens to tom’s speech reminds me of that.

  48. darkblue says:

    also if someone made fun of my shoes, I’d wear them every freaking single day just to rub it on their face.

  49. Bliss51 says:

    David Oyelowo is playing Othello to Daniel Craig’s Iago at the New York Theater Workshop and two movies in post-production.

  50. missme says:

    I’m so glad that China mainstream news doesn’t give a crap about twitter drama. The group of Chinese friends I had in Beijing all squealed with delight that Tom Hiddleston won the Golden Globe ( they love him so much, the mention of his name, they scream, cover their mouths and giggle uncontrollably) There is no Twitter drama in China. No Insty or any snarky websites that mentioned his speech. Only that he won the GG is all we heard.

  51. Fanny says:

    “Kenneth Branagh told me I can’t turn off my intelligence” is a humblebrag way worse than just saying “I can’t turn off my intelligence.” That is a namedrop and a humblebrag all in one. Gwyneth “my friends tell me I’m a trailblazer” Paltrow couldn’t have done it any better.

  52. Margo S. says:

    Basically these celebs need to stop hiring their friends and family to be their mangers and pr reps. Hire professionals! Not your mates from Cornwall or you Nans neighbors kid!

  53. virginfangirl2 says:

    I LOVE the fact he wears the same clothes repeatedly. It’s a drastic yet refreshing change compared to celebs operating on the other end of the spectrum. I get so irked watching celebs flaunting their million dollar closets with hundred of pairs of sneakers and shoes. I wonder why they think that impresses people. But I guess it does impress enough people because these celebs don’t receive the amount of hate after their public display of gluttony that I would expect.

  54. virginfangirl2 says:

    Tom’s face book apology has nearly 100,000 likes and over 7,000 comments, overwhelmingly positive saying no need to apology. So his PR team did something right.

  55. Anna says:

    Oh please. His speech wasn’t that bad. Mountain? Molehill?

  56. seesittellsit says:

    Ya know – he annoys me, but he can act. I’m not saying he’s the new Olivier, but he is good. Every time I see him, I’m surprised by how well he does, and how obvious it is that he cares deeply and passionately about the work – probably more so than for any lover he’s ever had (so far). He needs to shut up publicly, and start really searching for good scripts that might get him another hit movie besides THOR. I saw the new (talking) trailer for Skull Island recently and it looks dismal. Night Manager, Loki, and onstage as Coriolanus were his three high points of the last decade (although I admit to being in a minority of people really partial to Only Lovers Left Alive – but a box office smash it wasn’t, and ISTL was bad luck with the director). Go back and do some theater, Tom – you can afford it, you won’t starve; look for really good film scripts; drop the silly magazine spreads and fake relationships, or if you must have one, for god’s sake, get some lovely English rose who will stay out of your way and give you kids and be grateful to be Mrs. Hiddleston while you live your life. Not mega stars who can have you for breakfast.

  57. MI6 says:

    Riz Ahmed tweeted support for Tom. A class act.
    Now maybe all the rabid dissenters can sit down and STFU.

  58. Veronica says:

    Disappear for awhile, is the advice I’d give him. Use the time for some self-reflection and newer, quieter projects. He can recover from this, but he needs to get over himself a little.

  59. darkblue says:

    Riz Ahmed
    Bravo to @twhiddleston for his
    humanitarian work. His choice of words
    @goldenglobes while nervous are
    irrelevant, actions speak loudest
    copied from Riz’s tweet.

  60. darkblue says:

    hahaha, in LA somebutthurt girly is telling riz to side eye tom for stealing his globe rather than supporting him. She is missing the bigger view, they are here to raise awareness abouy people who need help. They don’t care about your pettyness.

  61. Kate says:

    He needs to go back to theatre for a while.

    He started out as this great young theatre actor with a lot of talent, but he’s slowly just became that internet famous guy with crazy fans who made a fool of himself with Taylor Swift. He’s done some interesting work (Only Lovers, High Rise, Crimson Peak), but even that gets overshadowed by his weirdo fans going completely insane over his bare ass.

    A few years out of the HW spotlight, no more pandering photo shoots, and a few lessons from a decent PR person would do him wonders.

  62. Katherine says:

    I don’t even like Hiddleston but, boy, was that article rude and unfunny! I could see the point in the first one or two points but telling a man to change his personality, pick of professional projects and adjust his personal life all so that some columnist feels less second-hand embarrassment is entitled and arrogant at the very least. Let him be himself, he’s not harming anyone, move on to some real issues, like your neighbors and coworkers and children whom you probably also feel obligated to give a piece of your mind on how to live their lives. Peace

  63. anonla says:

    Well people – it was reported today that Swift was in West Hollywood at her gym and TH is still in town – he had dinner last night with Hugh Laurie at an L.A .restaurant – what do you think may be going on? WHY is she here? He cannot be that blind as to even consider contacting her…..

  64. Tmac says:

    OMG that Gucci spread ! It’s Lord Sebastian Flyte and Brideshead all over again !!!😄

  65. Sway says:

    No, but he def needs one after the Tay Tay one.

  66. Emily C. says:

    I can’t get over that people are pillorying Tom Hiddleston for making a fool of himself in an acceptance speech, but Casey Affleck is still one of the cool kids. This is absurd.

    • virginfangirl2 says:

      Agree. Certain embarrassing behaviors might turn me off to someone but not in a way that I would have strong negative reactions, but behaviors that really matter are the ones that positively or negatively impact another person or group.

    • Cranberry says:

      Thanks spidey. That was a nice little article about Tom and his drama teacher. Not the same repeated stuff we always seem to get. Finally a little breeze from a different direction of Tom’s acting career.

    • virginfangirl2 says:

      Seems a theme from those who worked with him: really hard worker, really nice guy. Has a person who has personally met him ever said anything bad about him? Has he ever said anything bad about anyone?

      • Cranberry says:

        There is at least one CBer that works in theater in London and has friends that have met him and even worked with him. From her reports he’s generally thought of as very nice and generous with his time to work on people’s projects if he’s available. Also someone posted on the previous threads that she met him working in PR at the BAFTA tea party the day before the GG. She said he was super nice and gave everybody (friends) big bear hugs. Probably like the beautiful hug he gave Susanne Bier on stage at the Emmys.

        I’ve only heard very good things about him from what people that have worked with him have said. It does seem to be the consensus that he’s super nice and sweet and has a very good work ethic. And no, I’ve never heard him say anything bad about anyone. Quite the opposite rather. He, imo, tends to be a bit overly complementary to most everybody he works with. Not a big problem, but it can be a bit embarrassing for those he’s praising I would think.

  67. darkblue says:

    Hehe, looks like tom is not the only one who repeats his shoes. The article includes, Duchess kate, Victoria B, of course tom, harry s

    Also heard that the face making guy retwitted Riz’s. Guess he feels embarrassed now.

  68. Cranberry says:

    Yes I think he needs some better, more experienced, hands on management. At least he needs to have an experienced industry vet that understands actors and acting and how the business game works. A good industry, mentor friend that understands him and can be honest in advising him. The best would be someone he can collaborate with extensively over projects. I think most successful Alist actors have had this arrangement/relationship either with a director they always work with or a dedicated agent or producer.

    He’s had Kenneth Branagh as a kind of mentor in the past and maybe now a little in Hugh Laurie, but I’m sure they don’t have the time to be his professional confidant/advisor. But I think he’d do well to find a mentor or at very least listen and observe the wise and very intelligent H. Laurie if he insists on making it in HW.
    On the whole, the GG speech doesn’t seem to be making that much of an impact on the general public. Factor in that most the public focus in on Meryl Streep’s speech and the Unholy orange Lord of twitter. After that and the rapid dismantling of US democracy, the attention is on Michael Keaton’s Hidden Fences f*ckup. So after all that, in regards to Tom’s speech, most people think a big stink is being made over nothing. There seems to be a general backlash of people that feel nit-picking, social media meanies are bashing him over a well meaning, harmless, public mis-step.
    So while it seems this will blow over with the general public, he’s off to a bad start with the cut-throat HW community. He has to correct his national spotlight style now that people are watching him and trying to figure out who he is; What he’s about; What he’s like. Maybe get some coaching on not lecture-rambling or humble bragging before SI promotion starts. Good luck Tommy, maybe this is a good lesson for you in the long run.

  69. Anastaxia says:

    ” Tom needs better advice on a day-to-day basis, so maybe… like, a new publicist and manager?”
    I totally agree! But leave his facial hair alone ¬_¬ please.
    I used to like him sooooo much. But he gives me the cringe.

  70. spidey says:

    So Christian Slater’s face showed disapproval/puzzlement of Tom’s speech? They are now following one another on twitter.

  71. anonla says:

    Well haters….someone made a $10,000 donation in Tom’s name to UNICEF for the shout out he gave in his speech! He accomplished what he set out to do! FAB!