Jennifer Aniston’s dog Norman is a diva on set

This story warms my heart. People will use it as another opportunity to bash Aniston, but I think it just shows how much she loves her dog. Jennifer Aniston is said to be so particular about how her 13 year-old pooch, Norman, is treated on set that it’s driving crew members crazy trying to cater to him. Norman has to eat organic “people” food, cannot be chained up, has a chair next to the director and even has his own masseuse:


“Norman is important in Jen’s life. But the crew is fed up with having to dote on him,” an insider told The Enquirer.

Jennifer adopted the corg/terrier mix in the mid-’90s, and Norman has proved to be her most loyal companion…

“But Norman is a nuisance on set,” the insider added. “Jen needs him around all the time but she won’t stand for him being chained up. So the dog has his own chair near the director, and Jennifer also has a doggy masseuse tend to Norman every day.

“She even insists that Norman eat with the crew, and that he’s fed organic, human-grade food. So Jen’s assistant has special plates made up by the caterer with free-range white meat chicken and organic rice…

Jennifer requires crew members to walk the coddled canine no less than three times a day – and they’re responsible for cleaning up after him.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, June 1, 2009]

I’m not a real dog person, but I have friends who are and they will love this story. My mom and aunt both cook special chicken for their dogs, there’s nothing unusual about that. Jennifer Aniston is a rich and famous movie star. If she wants her dog to be treated like a little king then he should be! I’d rather hear stories about celebrities making sure their pets are comfortable than asking that their rooms be draped entirely in white linen. That said, maybe Aniston can make more friends on set by hiring a full time carer for the dog instead of relying on the crew to watch out for Norman. He needs a dog nanny to tend to him while he’s getting massages, sitting next to the director, and eating gourmet people food.

Photo of Norman is from 3/25/09 credit: Jennifer Aniston is shown on set on 5/13/09. Credit: FPZ/Fame Pictures

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  1. flourpot says:

    This post makes me hungry. Wonder if Norman will share his chicken and rice.

  2. Ggirl says:

    Yea, agree with CB. Generally, don’t parents hire nannies for their children? You wouldn’t expect a crew to care for your child. If you are going to treat your pet like your child, then hire a caregiver or dog nanny. I think it is because Jennifer doesn’t want her dog to get attached to the caregiver.

  3. Not Impressed says:

    aniston certainly earns enough money to cater to her dog and fly hair dressers overseas. it’s her business. when celebrities spend their money on services, no matter what they are, someone is earning that money, and that’s much better than having it sit in a bank. as far as i’m concerned she can spend her money on whatever she wants.

  4. Sunnyjyl says:

    Good mommy. I only let my kids eat organic chicken too. :)

  5. Granger says:

    Funny story, but it’s from the Enquirer, so call me crazy, but I have a little trouble believing it.

  6. Ggirl says:

    Well, I wouldn’t want to be hired to work on a production set only to find out that I was assigned to scooping up dog pooh!

  7. Bordelais says:

    Perhaps it’s because the dog is old? My friend’s dog (who is about 10, but a retriever, and so is much larger) has arthritic hips and has to have a special diet. Maybe that’s why Norman requires a masseuse and special organic food. Still, I agree with CB and Ggirl: if she can afford to hire a masseuse, she can afford to hire someone to watch over Norman while she films rather than get the crew to do it.

  8. Cinderella says:

    Poor old fella. Let him enjoy his final years in luxury.

  9. kap says:

    See you refer to her as a movie star (certainly not an actress). She’s executive producer for this film so guess she feels all the staff are her employees (and better walk and clean up after her old dog). But my question is, why no pictures of Norman on set? We get to see her every single day, but where’s Norman? Also, is Jen still “exhausted”? Heard Management was being pulled from the few theaters it was in in less than one week. Where’s that story?

  10. boo says:

    Good morning from the rocky mountains.

    I don’t buy that story.

    Chicken and rice. Yum.

  11. someone says:

    Im sure she loves her dog, but this story is ridiculous, and I choose not to believe it.

  12. PJ says:

    Jennifer already has an assistant working on the set, so she probably doesn’t need to hire another person just to watch the dog.

    In movie credits, there are always people whose job title is “Assistant to Miss Aniston” or “Assistant to Mr. Clooney.”

    I don’t know for sure, but it seems to me that their job is to run errands and generally take care of the star they are assisting. So that job probably includes dealing with the dog’s droppings.

    Norman is looking like he’s reached his golden years.

  13. HUH says:

    kap, why is it that you believe THIS tabloid story, but don’t believe any story that’s “negative” against Ms. Jolie?

    don’t know where you “heard” about Management being pulled, but it’s still playing (in it’s limited release) in plenty of cities. Google can be your friend if you use it correctly.

  14. Alcy says:

    LMAO right on the dog’s picture publicity box says: MORE: MILEY CYRUS


  15. LA says:

    Why isn’t her assistant responsible for Norman?

  16. TaylorB says:

    13 years is really advanced, she is doing the right thing, showing her furry four legged family member that she loves him. Caring for a dog at such an advanced age is akin to caring for an elderly person or a puppy, keep the calories up, make them comfortable, give them extra love. And remember the canine 10 commandments, I keep a framed version of this in my office…

    1. My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be very painful.

    2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.

    3. Place your trust in me―it’s crucial to my well-being.

    4. Don’t be angry with me for long, and don’t lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment. I have only you.

    5. Talk to me. Even if I don’t understand your words, I understand your voice.

    6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it.

    7. Before you hit me, remember that I have teeth that could easily crush the bones in your hand, but I choose not to bite you.

    8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I’ve been out in the sun too long or my heart may be getting old.

    9. Take care of me when I get old. You, too, will grow old.

    10. Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say, “I can’t bear to watch it” or “Let it happen in my absence.” Everything is easier for me if you are there. Remember, I love you.

  17. stewie says:

    geez, TaylorB, don’t make me cry while I’m at work!

    seriously, tho, that was very lovely and anyone who has a dog (or has had one) will dig it.

  18. FLO says:

    I do not believe it, she has an army of assistants to take care of all her and Norman’s needs.

  19. patty phee says:

    oh taylorb that’s so true. i really aprecciate people who care deeply about animals. thank you.

    personally…animals are more important to me than everything else and i simply just can’t understand…why…in our society people see animals as something that’s “under” them.

    “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.” — Ingrid Newkirk

  20. Random observer says:

    It’s nice to learn a film production hires a dog masseuse.

    Because if the film industry can and does afford such obscene luxuries they positively don’t need my peanuts and i will sleep very good at night sticking to my evil film pirating ways, not spending one rusty cent on DVDs.

  21. Anoneemouse says:

    Norman may have to eat organic human food due to food allergies. My dog suffers from them too and it’s AWFUL. And for those of us who were not fortunate to have children, our pets are our children and deserve the best!

  22. Annie says:


    We are totally kindred spirits.

    I would die if anything ever happened to my little guy! He’s my kid! The love of my life! And yes I tell my bf that.

    And I hate when people don’t respect that and they’re all anti-dog. Pfft.


  23. TaylorB says:

    Just to be clear, I did not actually write that, one of my professors passed it out to all of us in a slightly different version way back in the dark ages when I was in school. But I think it is a very good way to look at how people treat their family members, furry or otherwise.

  24. georgiagrl says:

    Good for her. I love dogs!

  25. TaylorB says:

    Oh, and I would like to say that all of my animals are my children to some degree, be they my patients or my own furry family I and my staff regard them as our own to love and provide for and either mourn or gleefully rejoice in their care, hopefully the latter.

  26. jayem says:

    Awwww, TaylorB, that was so sweet! i have to keep thiat in mind when dealing with my furry baby.

    And my dog had a bad reaction to his dog food once and I had to boil him chicken and rice for two weeks until he could stomach dog food again. If he needed it all the time, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  27. sadie says:

    Maybe she should love the dog and stop making him the man in her life. Why no headline about her needing time off because she is exhausted after doing 3 interviews, 1 red carpet, and a mag cover to promote her film.. I mean really. If she had kids or a husband and had to do the daily stuff in life on her own then yes I can understand holding up a movie production. But please. She did very little to promote Management. Probably because she knew it was a dud and did not want people talking about it. Well her strategy worked. No one talked about it, and no one went to see it.

    Well no wonder she is tired. Not promoting a film well can be very tiring.

    LMAO at the picture. That is her signature move.. the hair twirl..

  28. Essie says:

    I prefer cats but I can understand people who spoil their dogs. Dogs need more attention than cats, who are more independent. Jennifer can well afford these luxuries for Norman. I’m absoutely sure it is her personal assistant who is the one walking and picking up after the dog because there is no way in hell the Union would allow the crew to do it!!! Especially the Unions in New York City!! Trust!! The National Enquirer is making up sh!t again!!

  29. Ayame says:

    This really doesn’t sound any different than how many people I know treat their dogs and cats. Poor Jen, being called a bitch even for the wonderfully loving treatment of her dog!

  30. Chicamorena says:

    Management is playing in 3 movies in NYC; two in Manhattan and one in Queens.

    I don’t know if it’s been pulled from any theaters yet since it’s only been out for a week, but it opened at #17. Not a good sign.

  31. Chicamorena says:

    How long do cats live? My son and daughter in law have a cat who is about 9 years old now and she’s an absolute sweetheart. The whole family is going to be devastated when she dies, including me.

  32. Annie says:

    I’m with ya with the boiling chicken/rice for my dog.

    The little monster is on a grain free, holistic dog food that is like, bison and venison. Yes. BISON AND VENISON. lol

    And his treats are all organic, as his his shampoo and he has two dog beds. LOL

  33. Alison says:

    I think this story is BS. Vintage National Enquirer.

  34. cakes says:

    My parents used to buy my dog her own hamburger (with no condiments cheese or veggies just a plain beef patty) when they would go out. She also had a bigger wardrobe than I did!! She was so spoiled.

  35. diddy says:

    even if its true i think its a cute story and shows how much she loves her pet unlike the paris hiltons of this world who apparently lock their pets in cupboards

    Also by the way jen used to have another dog called ‘enzo’ before norman ,and he was given to her by tate donovan for valentine’s day but she said in an interview last year that when they broke up tate got custody of the dog lol

  36. Chicamorena says:

    She also has (or had) a dog named Dolly. What happened to that one?

  37. insanelebrity! says:

    people are dying in the others parts of the world because of limited access to basic foods! and this dog is getting fed organic and prime grade stuff?! so aniston thinks she can pat herself in the back because she shows up for a set amount of “charity” events and all is well?? this kind of behaviour is disgusting! the economy is going to hell, a lot of people in New Orleans have yet to receive proper housing, children in the inner cities go to school hungry and are exposed to abusive and unhealthy behaviour, entire families are being bombed out of their homes in other parts of the world, entire populations are being used as slave labour for the benefit of multinationals (ie. burma) and $3k-hair-aniston’s dog gets a masseuse, organic food and director’s chair.. what kind of a world do we live in?? deplorable, sad and pathetic..

  38. Amy says:

    Jennifer really needs to grow up. It’s extremely pathetic that a 40 year old woman is twirling her hair. It looks stupid for a 20 year old to do it. For Jennifer looks dumb not cute. I think part of the story is true (the food, massages). People can be very obsessive with their pets. But I doubt she has crew members taking care of her dog. If she pampers the dog so much I can’t imagine she would let just anybody take care of him. I’m sure Norman has a bunch of assistants.

  39. diddy says:

    she still had dolly when she was doing press for ‘marley and me’ she said unlike norman she doesnt take dolly away on film set when she is shooting out of town because dolly is too young

  40. diddy says:

    oh some people need to let it go! its her pet and if she has the money she can spend on him however she wants ; she worked for her money so its up to her how she spends it….

    i know i dont make anyway to what this hollywood people make but no way i would want people telling me how i should spend my money or what i should do with it or not do.

  41. Lori says:

    Here is a nice cute story about Jennifer and her dog.

    But it seems some think the following are included somewhere:

    *people starving
    *places being bombed
    *slave labor
    *3K haircuts
    *twirling her hair
    *promotion of her movie
    *how many theatres it’s playing in and where it places at the box office
    *how the dog is the man in her life

    Newsflash folks: She has shitloads of money and can spend it anyway she wants.

    The fact that people feel the need to bring up this silly crap in a story about her dog says alot about them, and it’s nothing complimentary.

  42. Ian says:

    The dog is her husband.
    On another note-I agree with Amy 100% a 40 year old women twirling her hair. She looks like a mindless 10 year old. She posed for that picture and it’s so stupid looking.

  43. Rose says:

    Ian, turn in your man card!!

  44. HashBrowns says:

    @Ian and Amy: D you think it is at all possible that she posed like that as a joke? Or perhaps she’s doing a scene for the film that she’s currently filming?

    I’ve never seen pictures of her twirling her hair. Ever. Pushing it back, yes, because she’s got a lot of it-but twirling, no.

  45. Jazz says:

    I love Norman’s little old man face, bless him!

  46. Codzilla says:

    Chica: One of our cats lived to be 17, so hopefully, your friends won’t have to face the trauma of losing their kitty for a while.

  47. Chicamorena says:

    To Codzilla: Oh I hope not. She’s so cute and friendly. Every time I spend a week with them she wakes me up in the morning with slurpy little cat kisses all over my face.

  48. from Africa with love says:

    TaylorB – your manifesto is brilliant. absolutely brilliant. and Norman has the right to be loved and nurtured any which way his Mom wants. my dog Marmite is the reason i go to work. in the East you dont find pets – they eat them.

    i know this is supposed to be a bitchy site, but is it really necessary to be so nasty to Aniston! and people, contrary to popular belief, donations from UN very seldom hit their targets. so please, rather teach these people to grow their own crops and to stop being lazy. the only beneficiaries are the celebs who sit in a childrens haven feeding them porridge and afterwards. ZIP!!! Aniston imo has been fastidious abt who she is right now. Give the lady a break!!!

  49. someone says:

    I didn’t know there was a certain age when you had to stop twirling your hair…Im older than Aniston, and if Im deep in thought about something I twirl my hair, guess I should stop, people might talk about me!

  50. daisy424 says:

    I’m 50 and still twirl my hair. It’s not like she is sucking her thumb ffs.

  51. Kylie says:

    BORING…. Just another JA bashing.. Now they are bithcing about her dog! For Pete’s sake! What a load of crapola!

  52. Pufft says:

    I love my dog just as much and would give her the same treatment if I could afford it.

  53. Magsy says:

    So what, that dog is cute as hell!

  54. ally says:

    I hate to be SO suspicious, but this reads like BS. When does the Enquirer care about pooches? The “Jen loves her dog story” seems planted. In last Sunday’s Parade Magazine, there was a story that Jen knew Mayer was no good when Norman didn’t like him. The author said he got it straight from Jen’s camp. Again, with the dog. Jen’s last box office hit included a dog–BINGO, it all spells good PR for Jen, b/c homegirl really needs it about now. I know Jenfans will deny and defend, per usual, but her PR team really is that obvious.

  55. sarcra says:

    Wow, Jennifer Aniston can’t do anything right. Even twirling her hair gets some hateful shout-outs. It’s amusing to me that every single story about JA MUST have been planted by her PR team, according to some people. Because she’s not important enough for mags to make up stories about, like they do for certain *other* celebs? Right.

  56. DestinyBoi says:

    Her dog is cute. funny story …. I like dog.

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