Ugh, Tom Brady & the New England Patriots won another Super Bowl

I was really looking forward to writing a post about how cheaters never win and something something Tom Brady’s deflated balls. During the Super Bowl Half-Time, I was already looking around for the funniest memes about sad, deflated Tom Brady and I was practically giddy with the prospect of Donald Trump’s favorite team losing in a blowout. The New England Patriots had a 23-point deficit at one point! I mean, how were they going to turn that around??? But then they turned it around in the second half as the Falcons just seemed to fall apart. So, yeah. The Patriots won another Super Bowl. Cheaters win. Brady’s deflated balls got another ring. Emperor Baby Fists – who left his Super Bowl party when the Pats were 23 points down – is incredibly smug about it.

I honestly didn’t think it would be so depressing. It’s just that we could all feel it, couldn’t we? The Falcons were FIRE in the first half. It was going to be a symbolic victory against Trumpism. It was going to be amazing for Rep. John Lewis, because the Falcons are part of his district. But everything got ruined. To be fair, that was the most interesting Super Bowl in years, and it was a genuine nail-biter. But it did feel like a repeat of Election Night, right? Speaking of, #NotMySuperBowlChamps is trending on Twitter. Some of the tweets are making fun of the Patriots, but mostly it’s people mocking the idea that the Patriots’ victory was some kind of symbolic nod to Trumpism. I don’t know. Hey, at least NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was “aggressively booed” though.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Ugh is right. This game was peak Election Night. You know a team is awful when white supremacists are super excited for the win.
    I had to watch the end of HP that was still on just to remember evil does lose in the end. Just not tonight.
    This game will be rememebered as the epitome of 2017

    • It was deja vu for me. Went to bed before the results came in – woke up gutted and at a loss.

    • V4Real says:

      It’s like the Falcons went into the locker room at halftime and was reminded that they are supposed to lose. Brady wins, remember. That’s how it seems to me. The Falcons just relaxed on defense and offense. Kind of reminds me of the Seahawks last loss in the SB. I don’t trust the sport anymore.

      I can’t be happy for Brady, he’s a Trump supporter. I used to adore him but not anymore. But I am happy for all the Democratic Patriot fans, if that makes sense.

      • Nicole says:

        Makes sense. I also wonder if the whole team will do to the WH visit. Already one player said he wouldn’t.

      • Robin says:

        I feel the exact same way. There is no way in hell ATL dominated that first half and just let it go.

      • Stella in NH says:

        I really thought that the Falcons had it in the bag. We were resigned until the fourth quarter when the Patriots finally showed up to the game.
        I am an avid Pats fan and I know that they are not a well liked team. The alleged deflategate scandal was a made up one by that idiot Goodell who wanted to take the Pats down. The reports written were proven to be riddled by bad measurements, etc.
        Tom only took the suspension because of his sick mother. I am not condoning Tom’s relationship with the orange turnip. I am rather appalled by it. But you know the turnip craves attention from stars so he fawns after Tom.

        Martellus Bennet already said that he will not go to the White House. I don’t know if there will be any others.

      • Sirius says:

        Yea, that’s funny. I had the same feeling, like did the Pats go into the locker room and sacrifice a goat or something? Why did Brady miss everything in the first half . . . and then he comes back and by 4th quarter he looks invincible while everyone else is flagging? My tinfoil hat perked up.

      • Sarah says:

        @Stella in NH, you sound just like the Trump voters, who mock real news and believe your own set of nonsense. Sheesh.

      • Dinah says:

        I heard a Pats fan shouted at Brady he hoped Brady’s mom died last night. It was a Pyrrhic victory and will be remembered as such. The Pats weren’t exhausted. They fully realized people who don’t even know or care about them hate the guts out of them. Brady is not beloved by his team. His wife is hated by nearly everyone who comes into contact with her. When I look at the photo of Brady with a crooked half-smile, his red eyes tell the whole story: sometimes the winner is the bigger loser of all. I’ve heard many teammates blanked him right after the game. Say what you like, but last night, when Brady cried, he was crying because a little bit of him died last night. I think there was a shred of a soul left in him and it was ripped out last night, along with the strings of his heart. Nothing to gloat about.

    • Shambles says:

      I feel like the Patriots lost the popular vote and won the electoral college.

      F*ck Tom Brady and his MAGA hat and f*ck Donald Trump and f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck

    • Jess says:

      Yep – this sucked. It was election night all over again and another victory for the d-bags. My boyfriend thought I was nuts for feeling this way but I knew I wasn’t alone – this game was too symbolic of all the crap we’re dealing with right now not to hurt.

    • Sarah says:

      What the hell? It’s a game of football! What is wrong with you people? How boring are your lives that you have to project your crazy politics onto your crazy football games? Get some real problems!

      • Nicole says:

        If you have such an issue kindly see yourself OUT of the article comments! It’s that easy anyone can do it. Bye now.

      • Sarah
        What the hell? It’s a gossip site! What is wrong with you? How boring is your life that you have to project your superiority onto a thread that you chose to comment on? Get some real problems!

      • Nancy says:

        Dear Sarah: Politics is everywhere honey. Brave new world. Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, or off the site where we stand together and don’t take kindly to strangers throwing stones. I’m not boring, are you Nicole, Erin?? LOL

      • Shambles says:

        lol Sarah. Did you watch the game at all? Politics were EVERYWHERE. The message was inescapable. We’re going to be talking about this for a while, so get comfy love.

      • Nicole says:

        I mean I’m heading to Vegas today so no…
        …and as a minority woman in this country I’m WELL AWARE of the problems here. They didn’t start with the election for me. So again piss off

      • ls_boston says:

        Hear hear!

        It’s a sport, people. The team with the best defensive and offensive strategy wins – it isn’t idealogical. It isn’t popularity (tho the patriots are pretty popular in the NE), it isn’t even electoral populism … it’s just the guys on the field and how they did that day.

        And the part the bothers me most abt this thread – this is the local team from the north-east. (I realise that this is American football and thus completely and utterly asinine as a sport but, hey, that’s the sport not the team) there is precious little KKK or white supremacist about this area. Don’t paint the New Englanders with your crazy conspiracies. To a state They voted blue, yeah. Georgia was the place that went for Trump – again meaningless to the game itself but if you must map politics into the match, at least do so with some connection to fact. This alternative-fact generation is particularly ludicrous

      • V4Real says:

        Sarah please feel free to join the basket of deplorable. Politics is everywhere. And my life is quite exciting, thank you.

      • Babooshka says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more Sarah! This sounds so ridiculous to me also and I’m a staunch anti-trumper

      • Sirius says:

        I am not a sports fan, although I’ll take sports over religion any day. However, the SuperBowl is a huge, distinctly American cultural event, and there is an imprinting with this event that is unavoidable. You can bury your head in the sand, but then you don’t know what everyone else is actually feeling. I watch and participate and this event had a particular imprinting that was a real downer for a lot of folk: the Pats are a more white team and were favored, Tom Brady is a much hated dude (Trump, plus deflategate, plus he left Bridget Moynahan, who was pregnant, for Gisele). The South were the underdogs, they played their heart out, and they got crushed. Sports bring hope, a lot of emotions and symbolism to our lives: it is not just superficial even though it is, on its own, not really significant. You can deny this and minimize it, but it’s been this way for a long, long time. It’s an archetypal experience that allows people to feel emotions that would otherwise be unexpressed.

      • Ann Carter says:

        Hilarious…Sarah and Is_boston have incurred the wrath of the LOVING TOLERANT LEFT…
        well done, ladies.

      • ls_boston says:

        Yeah, Ann, I don’t know what’s up here. This is one of those black-is-white experiences. I don’t speak for Sarah – from her other posts (well, those by a “Sarah” anyway) she might just be a general grouch, who knows – but she certainly spoke sense here. The Loving Tolerant Left seems to have confused to whom and where they are directing their ire – usually the country is livid at New Englanders for their deliberative, liberal, progressive, anti-aggression policies … suddenly today, the NEers became the bastion of white supremacist, neo-nazi, Trump-loving politics. Huh?! The ol’ eyeballs are popping out of me skull here.

        Sirius, the fact that an audience is unable to separate their apocryphal fiction from reality is no reason to discount the fact that the way sporting matches go is ultimately determined by and about the players on the field (and perhaps their coaches) and the time, energy and training *they* invested and yes, the breaks they got on the day; not by truisms about random non-sporting collectives and their agendas! The fact that one team’s losing makes you “feel” that the world has ended doesn’t actually make the world end, nor does it say anything about either team’s politics, plans for world domination, or favorite light beers. As for “imprinting” (whatever the devil *that* is!), if the Pats were favoured for being a whiter team, how’s this for anecdote – the Patriots have managed to reach the SB something like 7 or 9 times in the past 16-17 years vs. 1 in the past 18 years for the Falcons. That makes the Patriots contenders, no? Or must it be that they got there on their whiteness or, perhaps, Trump? The fact that they are disliked – well, nobody likes a showoff, (aka someone who’s got to the SB 7-9 times in 16 years). Could it be that it is just that banal rather than KKK, Nazis, Trumpism, too-white a team, hated wives and ex-girlfriends and “imprinting” that is doing the others in?

        BTW, I just used Google to take a look at the Patriots roster vs the Falcons’ – the Patriots don’t look to me a much whiter team than do the Falcons … .
        Ultimately, I suspect that the dislike really does have more to do with apocrypha and meaningless incidentals like Brady’s wife and girlfriend and all that nonsense – none of which have anything to do with actual football that you have rolled into the sport to make it a euphemism for things not going your way. Which is fine, but just acknowledge that and I for one will be happy to leave you to your moans. But for goodness sakes, don’t make this corner of the world your personal bashing ground for the white-supremacist, KKK, nazi bunch because you’re “feeling” badly.

      • lightpurple says:

        @Sirius, no, Brady did not leave a pregnant Bridget for Giselle. The relationship with Bridget ended, very publicly; no Giselle in the picture. Bridget made sure all the local papers knew. They reconciled very briefly. Bridget made sure that was known in the local papers too. They split again, never to reunite; no Giselle then either. Bridget went very public locally with this news as well. THEN he met Giselle. Bridget then announced she was pregnant. You can have your own opinions about people; you just cannot have your own facts.

        Also, as several people have now told you, the Patriots are not as white as you seem to want them to be. Out of 53 active players on the roster, 18 are white. That seems to be about the NFL average, or even a little under it. Yes, the Falcons played hard. But so did James White, who scored the tying touchdown and the winning touchdown and one of the two point conversions. Brady may have won the MVP but he gave the prizes that came with it to James White, who is not a white guy. Donta Hightower also played his heart out. As did Lagarette Blount. And Devin McCourty. And Martellius Bennett. And they won. Donald Trump wasn’t even at the game.

        You don’t like the Patriots. You don’t have to like the Patriots. But no, yesterday’s Super Bowl was not a reflection of some evil taking over the world. It was a football game. A very expensive, big business with commercial excess but still a football game.

    • Minskminx says:

      You’re right! Evil DOES lose in the end. And btw…evil never knows it’s evil. Lol lol lol

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah, I felt the same way. Disheartening. Like cheaters seems to be winning all of the time, and the good people can’t get traction: Cheater Brady, and Putin and Trump Cheaters.

  2. Melly says:

    Yuck. I wanted the falcons to win so bad. I can’t believe they let the Pats come back from such a deficit. Trump wins yet again. Thanks, America.

  3. someone says:

    Does anyone know what Tom’s Mom is sick with? I’m assuming cancer since Robert Kraft commented she had chemo and radiation. Nice to see the Brady family all together and hopefully Mrs. Brady will make a full recovery.

  4. Another ring for Affleck’s sidepieces to play with on the private plane. I bet Gisele let him have half a serving of carbs last night.

  5. Hannah says:

    You can all rejoice with the fact that in Brazil, Brady is know as “Giselo” and people refer to him as “Gisele’s husband”, nothing more.

  6. Alix says:

    Whatever you think of Deflategate, nobody cheated here, it was an epic comeback by the Pats. Marred only by the fact that Brady, Belichick, and Kraft are all in a bromance with Lord Voldemort of course. Trust me, New Englanders hate that as much as everyone else does.

    Gawd, I hope Lord V doesn’t like the Sox as well, or this is gonna get messy…

  7. Donna says:

    I really wanted the Falcons to win. Brady is a whining, cheating putz. The victory will probably trigger the smug Bundchen writing about their healthy diet and discipline contributing to the win.

    • Pablo says:

      1) Deflategate was proved to be a farce

      2) After Spygate (everyone taped opponents), Patriots made it to 4 SB, won their division almost every year and finished a RS with a 16-0 record.

      Brady is unquestionably the GOAT, even if we despise his political views.

      • Nancy says:

        Deflatgate is well and alive and dismissed by Pat’s fans. No matter who thrones Brady the GOAT, including trump, although it’s hard to be believe he would share his title…..there will always be an asterisk next to Brady’s name, because of the immense controversy over the under inflation of footballs to help his cause and his four game suspension for his proven guilt. Not enough paint to white wash that fact. Enjoy the victory, can’t believe he will guild the lily and try again at forty. Guess he will have to get Giselle’s permission. #notafan

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Nancy, the court records upholding the suspension do not support your argument. There was no “proven guilt” on the deflation of footballs for Brady or anyone. The NFL could not even prove the footballs had been deflated and admitted that in court. The suspension was for refusing to hand over a personal telephone to Roger Goodell after Goodell had copies of all relevant phone records. And in this age of Trump, I find it particularly worrisome that any federal judge thought an employee could be punished for failing to give an employer his personal phone. Or that anyone would think such a suspension acceptable. Your boss has no right to your phone! Ever!

        BTW in the NFL, whenever a yellow flag is thrown, somebody cheated. The Patriots have been consistently among the teams with fewest such calls for years. The cheating accusations are particularly tiresome when so false.

      • Sirius says:

        Just because it was not *proven* or noted in the court documents doesn’t mean he wasn’t guilty. OJ was not convicted in a court of law, either. The public had a different opinion based upon review of the facts, and his demeanor throughout. Money can buy a lot of things.

      • lightpurple says:

        @Sirius and Nancy, again, the NFL did not even charge Brady with what you insist he did. He was suspended because he did not give his personal telephone to Roger Goodell. And what exactly do you think money bought? The facts by the way point to the equipment manager of the Indianapolis Colts who had possession of the deflated ball unsupervised for over five minutes.

    • Nancy says:

      Thank you Sirius. I just wrote down the court citations and deleted them when I saw your post. Deflategate will ALWAYS be in the same sentence as he is. The majority of the country was rooting for Atlanta for a reason……they’re sick of Brady and his lies, his manager and his Barbie and Ken lifestyle. Glad the season is over. Now I can peacefully sit down and watch the Cavs defend their title.

      • Liz says:

        @Nancy the deflated balls were scientificly proven to have been caused by the temperatures that day. People will hold onto “deflategate ” as long as they can as a reason we keep winning. Some are sick of seeing the same guy and team getting better and never stop winning. Tom is an amazingly perfect player who keeps breaking and setting records,he’s handsome, and has a happy family. Not every team can have a player like Brady, he’s definitely rare! I’m proud he’s a Pat!

  8. Now Gisele will be the only woman in a burqa who doesn’t have to worry about getting back into the country.

  9. Kaye says:

    Kaiser echoed my sentiments perfectly. I didn’t think I was so invested in the game until i started seeing it as a political metaphor, and then I was just sick that whiny a$$ Tom Brady won.

    I couldn’t even get to sleep because I was so wound up. Bleh.

  10. Maya says:

    Why are you surprised they won? We currently live in a world where white supremacist are winning everywhere with their cheating, bullying, suppression and hatred.

  11. Pablo says:

    The fact that you keep mentioning Deflategate shows you don’t understand anything about football or science. Brady didn’t cheat and certainly didn’t cheat this year. His firendships are awful but as a football player he is amazing.

    • Alix says:

      A football genius, really. But a political moron. We’ll take the win anyway.

    • Kitten says:

      I would recommend that you don’t spend too long on these threads or you’ll go crazy. I always avoid the Brady stuff around here but I just had to pop in to say Congrats to my fellow Pats fans :)

      • Miss M says:

        So true, Kitten! Congrat, Pats!!! We did it!!!! Incredible comeback!!!!!
        Ps: Gisele posted a great photo about diversity on her facrbook few days ago. But obviously people will not comment or find ways to criticize her…

      • KWM says:

        I am with you. I also take great solace in that fact that Giselle has gone on record that she does not like Trump, does not like his politics and you know she wears the pants in that house.

      • Another Anne says:

        *fist bumps*
        It’s funny, because people forget that Falcons fans are far more likely to be Trumpites than New Englanders.

      • Erica_V says:

        I’m here with you Pablo, Kitten, Miss M, Liz & Alix!!

        So proud of our team, our QB and our leadership on the coaching team. This is a truly historic win. In the scheme of Pats history, Tom maybe or maybe not supporting Trump is an insignificant tiny handed blip on our road to legendary status. It’s ok that most people don’t understand that.

        For me this win put to rest all doubt that Tom is the best quarterback to ever play the game, the Pats are the best team in football history, we own the title of the best Super Bowl game ever played, we own the title of greatest comeback of sports history and it cemented Boston as THE Clutch Marketplace.

        Truly so proud to be a member of Patriots Nation today.

      • Sigh says:

        Erica_V: best comeback in sports history???? Lol. You don’t have the greatest comeback in NFL history much less sports history. Best comeback in Super Bowl history only yes, but there are MUCH bigger comebacks spanning the totality of sport than what happened last night.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        Thanks @Kitten! Loving and enjoying the win. @Alix sums it: political moron, but still the G.O.A.T. Haters gonna hate.

        @Sigh not sure what game you were watching but every national acclaimed sports commentator today (not just in the Northeast) called it the greatest comeback in modern US team sports history. If you have other examples that compare, please share.

      • Sigh says:


        Here are some examples since you asked for them:

        Boston Red Sox over the Yankees 2004. Overcame a 3-0 deficit for the ACLS.

        Duke over Maryland 2001 Final Four. Down 22 in the second half. Rallied to go on to win the NC that year.

        And let’s not forget the Cavs over GSW just last year.

        Oh and the greatest comeback in NFL history? 1993 Bills vs Oilers. 32 points down in the AFC Wild card game.

        There’s more but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head and they’re much more impressive imo.

  12. lightpurple says:

    Kaiser, if it makes you any happier, the Duck Boat Victory Parade will take place in a messy storm tomorrow.

    Atlanta Falcons fans, your team had a great year. Congratulations on that. They played a great game. Better luck next year.

    Yesterday afternoon, Boston sports fans at the Garden sent Paul Pierce off with all the gratitude and all the love. Last night brought the Revenge Season to a glorious close. This morning brings Truck Day and tonight the Beanpot. A glorious 48 hours in sports for New England fans.

    Gaga did the ultimate protest with that combo of God Bless America (which Woody Guthrie despised)/This Land is your Land. And she was fantastic.

    Why did Michael Strahan have to take the trophy from Willie McGinest? I know he’s a Houston native and all that but couldn’t he have done something else? Willie is a Patriot and has a connection with those guys.

    Did anyone else want to pummel Joe Buck with a deflated football or anything else they could get their hands on? If “young” was your take a shot word, you would have died from alcohol poisoning in the first half; that is if you hadn’t turned off the game when he essentially said it was over in the first quarter. Repeatedly. And how difficult is it to tell the difference between Amendola and Edelman when their names are written on their shirts and it is your job to tell the difference?

    • Kitten says:

      I don’t care for Gaga at all but she was amazing last night.

    • Shark Bait says:

      Joe Buck is the worst… THE WORST!!
      I remember being at a World Series game where someone had a sign saying “These seats were worth every penny for not having to hear Joe Buck announce the game.”

      • adastraperaspera says:

        Haha! We spent half the night complaining about Joe Buck. We couldn’t believe, after having to listen to him bray on and on throughout the World Series, that we had to hear him again for this. Even worse was his orgasmic blabbing about Brady all night (when he screeched “Tommy” at one point we just about died). Ugh!!

    • North of Boston says:

      Thanks for the summation lightpurple! Yes, it really is a wonderful time for New England sports fans. I love that Truck Day is here, because it makes me relax about any bad weather we might have, because spring is just around the corner.

      It really was an exciting game, Gaga was great, and Joe Buck *was* awful LOL!

      I’m not thrilled with Brady’s supposed support of Trump, and am no fan of the Orange Tweeto, but the Patriots were amazing to watch last night, they really brought it when it counted.

      • North of Boston says:

        Also, it looks like the Falcons have the goods to come back at it again next year. We will probably see this team on the field next February. And now that the Revenge Tour is over, I will wish them well, that they will have another strong season and be back at it. Let’s spread those rings around :)

  13. scar says:

    I hate that Brady is chummy with the orange one but it kinda seems like jealousy to claim he cheated. I’m not a fan, I’m not even American nor have I ever set foot on America but I enjoyed the game and I was rooting for the falcons too. But chalking it up to cheating is just…… Hmm I dunno….. A lie.
    I think Tom and Gisele are cute together and adore and respect each other and that’s it. I want Brady to go rogue, tweet about how #BlackLivesMatter or something but I know it’s damn near impossible.
    I hate to say this too but Tom Brady just cemented his place as the greatest MVP, Quarterback, football player ever. Brady >>> Manning

  14. Lorena says:

    Does everyone know that Massachusetts voted for Hilary Clinton? I’m pretty sure that most of New England did. This isn’t a win for a Trump. As a New Englander I can tell you most people around here hate him.

    • Soprana says:

      And it’s not like the Falcons had an outdated institution designed to literally protect slaveowners working against them.

    • Liz says:

      Yes. Hillary won in every Massachusetts county. Only state for that to happen. This was definitely not a win for Trump. It was for New England

      • Chrissy says:

        Check your facts 40% of Massachusetts voted for Trump and 101 cities went red in Massachusetts on November 8th, don’t try and lump a whole state into the lap of Hillary Clinton, MA Democrats wanted Bernie! The super bowl was a beautiful day filled with red and blue and a country for one day together and not divided, even GaGa was patriotic! So sad you liberals continue whining & dividing instead of winning. You had 8 years. All Trump wants to do is make America safe and prosperous. Now it’s someone else’s turn, get over it! He is already rich , give him a chance. For one whole year he called Kraft every week after his wife died. Who does that? Not even your best friend

      • lightpurple says:

        @Chrissy, yes, GaGa was patriotic but patriotic does not mean supporting the person who holds the office of the president and GaGa sang one of the strongest protest songs about the United States ever written. Or did you not know This Land is Your Land” is a protest song? Trump is NOT making the United States safe. In fact, he is making this country and this world a far more dangerous place. As for prosperous, yes, he is already rich. That is what happens when one INHERITS wealth. His economic policies have been tried before and they do not result in prosperity; they result in market collapses, bankruptcy, and poverty.

      • Liz says:

        Yes, @chrissy. Hillary won in all Massachusetts counties. A county is not a city. A county has many cities and towns. Massachusetts was the only state where Hillary won in every COUNTY. Check your facts

    • lightpurple says:

      And Marcellus Bennett has stated he will not go to the White House because he hates Trump.

    • Miss M says:

      Thank you for bringing common sense to this post, Lorena!

    • Marty says:

      That’s great and all, but don’t act like people don’t have the right to be upset. When your racist, and all around garbage, POTUS is cheering for you team to win because that’s where a bunch of his buddies are. Not to mention all the white supremacist rooting for the team too. The Patriots did a great job, but let’s not act like this win didn’t speak to larger issues affecting the country.

      • Erica_V says:

        This win speaks to the true hard work and dedication of the team and coaching staff and that’s it. Anything else is reaching. There is no conspiracy. There is no rigging. The Patriots just played better.

      • Another Anne says:

        The white supremacists glomming on to this are disgusting, but really have nothing to do with the Patriots. They are in such lockstep with Trump that they cheer for whoever he does. They’ve never paid the Patriots an ounce of attention before. Typically, they’d be yelling about the liberals in Massachusetts and propping up the good ole boys in Georgia.

        If the Patriots were a losing team, Trump wouldn’t pay them an ounce of attention. He just tries to stick his nose in to whatever is successful in pop culture.

      • Marty says:

        @Erica- did I say they didn’t deserve to win? No, I didn’t. I was stating that this was about more than just a game for a lot of people. That’s not reaching, it’s just being honest.

        If you choose to stay ignorant about the reasons why it was like that this year, well that’s your problem.

      • ls_boston says:

        Erica and Another Anne, hail ye hail ye. So glad to see people writing sense.

        Er, Marty … “I was stating that this was about more than just a game for a lot of people. That’s not reaching, it’s just being honest.”

        Hale-Bopp’s passing was more than a mere comet passing by to a lot of people. (& they were reaching, too … quite literally, in fact). However, the misguided personal conviction aside – however strongly felt – it really *was* just a comet. No God’s chariot spacecraft behind the comet.

        This, too, was just a game.

      • Erica_V says:

        @Marty – people who hate the entire team enough to wish they all failed just because of a few people’s known personal political beliefs are reaching. They, and you, are making it into something that it’s not. Aka it’s not that deep.

        Also, I’d love to know, what says that every single person on the Falcons is a Hillary/Bernie supporter? Considering the state of GA went to Trump and the state of MA went to Hillary which team might be more likely to have a higher percentage of Trump supporters? They were smart enough to not talk about it so we have no idea. Have you heard ANY Falcons players come out against Trump? because I haven’t. I have heard Pats players discuss being anti-Trump and not going to the WH though.

        If ANYTHING – this is a win over a corporate entity who unlawfully punished a contractual employee for not turning over personal property they legally did not have to.

        If you choose to be ignorant to the real SB story of good winning over evil that’s on you.

  15. Liz says:

    Gotta admit, this Boston girl was worried for a while! But Brady and my boys didn’t let me down. Love it! Time for haters to knock it off with cheating accusations! Pats are proven #23 out of #32 nfl teams with cheating. Broncos at #1. Let it go and enjoy the game. I’ll put my Pats nail stickers on today and proudly wear my Pats super bowl shirt while out today.

  16. OSTONE says:

    I am from Atlanta. The city was on fire with the energy and the prospect of winning our first championship since the early 90s. It was symbolic, it was more than a game. It was “us vs. them” it was the cheaters don’t always win, the “elite” does not always win. It was a FU to Donald trump but alas, it didn’t come through. I saw the tide turn when Matty Ice got sacked twice in the second half. I can’t believe we choked with a 25 point lead. The refs kept throwing flags for holding against the falcons that weren’t there. Congrats Patriots fans, but I am deeply hurt about this one today.

  17. daisyfly says:

    The “Ugh” heard ’round the world.

  18. Bex says:

    He’s a complete moron but I begrudgingly admire the performance. It was quite the comeback.

  19. Eric says:

    Sean SS Spicer, portrayed better by Melissa McCarthy, got trolled on twitter for being a Pats fan.

  20. M.A.F. says:

    It’s rigged. The Russians are behind it. I demand a recount.

    Ugh, is right. I hate this team like I hate the New York Yankees.

  21. Izzy says:

    As a Pats fan, I’m thrilled they won and still don’t like Brady. I’m donating 3x the number of points scored in the game to the Natural Resources Defense Council, and $50 (5 sacks on Brady x $10 each sack) to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    And the Falcons don’t have to visit El Cheeto at the White House. Really, everyone wins.

  22. honeybee blues says:

    Well, people are saying (so it must be true), that at halftime the Falcons’ coach was certain they had a win, and excitedly told the team, “Keep this up, and we’re going to the White House to meet the President!” People are saying when they heard that, the team collectively chose to throw the game in the second half. Well, that’s what people are saying, that’s what I’m hearing, so it must be true.

  23. HK9 says:

    I’m not a Tom Brady fan but they played a great game and they deserved the win. When Atlanta (who I really wanted to win BTW) decided to get fancy when they had the lead instead of run the ball so they could win I realized they threw the door wide open for the Patriots to crush them-which they did. Experience will always beat enthusiasm. I now owe one of my best friends $10.

  24. EOA says:

    Um, everyone is aware that Georgia voted for Trump and all six New England states didn’t, right? I hate that Trump likes the Pats but the insistence that New England is responsible for him thru our team is bizarre.

  25. I'mScaredAsHell says:

    Let’s see if Brady has “other commitments” that will keep him from visiting the Trump White House. He didn’t visit the Obama White House with the team last time they won.

    And really isn’t it sad that EVERYTHING is politicized now? Even a stupid football game….smh

  26. robyn says:

    I was so disappointed. The Falcons seemed about to win but knowing how quickly numbers can come up from behind and how surprises happen, like Trump’s win, I was tense and worried throughout. I really wanted the Falcons to win!!!! So close. It DID feel like the election but on a much smaller scale. Ugh is right!!!!!

  27. Miss Kittles says:

    I’m rooted for the Falcons but I’m kinda glad the Pats won. Who knows if Brady’s mom will be around for another season to watch him win. Certainly not wishing such a thing but everything happens for a reason. Nonetheless, I do believe they earned this win. The Falcons are a great team & they’ll be back I’m sure.
    Who cares if Brady is friends with Prez Cheeto. Get over it! Not everyone has to be political. Have a release for crying out loud. I have many friends who I don’t share the same views with. Isn’t that life? Sorry I don’t want everyone I know to think like me. Learn to accept other views, etc!

  28. LA says:

    Yea, it’s so terrible that the greatest QB ever to play the game won a game he dedicated to his Mom, who has been going through chemo and radiation. What a dick. *sarcasm*

    • Amy Tennant says:

      OMG! I didn’t even know Joe Montana’s mom was still alive. And she has cancer? Prayers going up.

      (Edited to add: Sorry, LA. It’s not you I’m mad at. I’m feeling very salty and snarly– just raw sports wounds. And I can’t stand Tom Brady, although he does have a very strong case for being known as the greatest QB ever. In my book he’s not, and even if he was, I’d want to put an asterisk by that just because of the Belichick cheating scandals. I am happy his mom got to see that unbelievable comeback– I wish it hadn’t happened, but since it did I’m happy for her. And I do hope she recovers).

  29. Amy Tennant says:

    Longtime Atlanta sports fans will recognize this as the most Atlanta-est of Atlanta games ever. We have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory so many times, and this was the most spectacular flameout yet.

    I have hopes though. If you’d told me at the beginning of the season we’d end up losing the Super Bowl to the Patriots in overtime, I’d have laughed in your face. We have a young team, and I thought we’d go about even for wins and losses. Hey, this beats being irrelevant any day.

    And Gaga was amazing. If the game had ended right after she caught the ball and jumped, it would have been one of the best sports experiences of my life.

    • BettyD says:

      So true. As a lifelong Georgian, this was the epitome of an Atlanta team performance. We can do anything to avoid winning or looking competent in the end. *sigh*

    • The Original Mia says:

      I’m disappointed that the Atlanta curse is alive and well. But…I’m so proud of our boys. They had an amazing season and all the pieces to do so again next season.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Long losing streaks have a way of ending spectularly. As New England entered this century, we had an historic basketball team entering it 2nd decade without a championship, a hockey team entering its 3rd decade without a Stanley Cup, a football team in its 4th decade with nothing to show for it but one of the worst losses in Super Bowl history, a soccer team whose existence is totally forgotten, and a baseball team, that after 4 game 7 losses, had gone 8 decades without winning a World Series. That all changed. 16 years, 1 Stanley Cup, 1 NBA championship, 3 World Series championships, and 5 Super Bowl wins. We are joyous, we are proud, but we don’t forget that we once were where you are now. Your time will come Atlanta. Soon from the looks of it. Maybe next February.

      Although there may be something bad about ending long droughts. I’m not sure the Cubs victory is not somehow responsible for Trump’s win.

      • Another Anne says:

        So true! I remember when the Patriots were the laughingstock of the NFL. Things turned 180 degrees since then. So I always have some sympathy for franchises that are down on their luck.

      • Liz says:

        @light purple I miss Boston so much! No matter how our teams are doing, everyone loves them. I worked at Foxboro Stadium for the Pats and Revolution for 7 years. So much fun. Even when the Red Sox weren’t so good we went to Fenway every week. I now live by Disney World and it’s not as great as being back in Boston with all the fans and awesome teams. I’ll always be a Boston girl in my heart

      • Amy Tennant says:

        The Sox are my AL team, adopted them when my favorite Brave Mark Lemke went there and confirmed when my other favorite Brave John Smoltz went there. I got to celebrate their wins! :) Thanks for the reassuring words.

      • Lightpurple says:

        And the Braves are my NL team because they started here and yes, they contributed to that long championship drought by winning the World Series in 1914 and then never again until they departed in the 50s.

      • Shambles says:

        Native Atlantian here. Thank you for being such a gracious winner. Your words have really touched my heart, for more reasons than just the ones that have to do with football. Heart you.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @AmyTennant and Shambles, you are both most welcome. Win or lose, it is only a sporting event that gives us momentary joy or pain, and then we go back to our everyday lives and wait until next year. We all should acknowledge the hard work of the players who entertain us. In any given Sunday, the results can be different. Being gracious in winning helps all. I wish some political winners would realize that.

        And I do think good things are in store for your Falcons. They’ve been on the rise for a few years now. Some experience may be all that is needed.

  30. Marty says:

    I wanted the Pats to lose so bad last night, especially after Richard Spencer was cheering them on for being the whitest team in the NFL, not to mention the love for Trump by certain Patriot members.

  31. Hendrix says:

    Dear Celebitchy:

    You have been a much-needed respite in the past months from the seething rage induced by all things related to Trump. I pop by daily for the little chats and I love hanging out here. However, you and I may just need to “take a walk” and have a little “chat” after this one! :(

    My beloved Pats delivered an incredible comeback…and lot of that was due to Brady’s performance. Do NOT use the Abhorrent One to negate their achievements. They are an amazing team regardless of their chosen religion, politics or friends.

    You’re on probation. Don’t let me catch YOU outside.

    • koparbadi says:

      yeah i think it’s kind of odd that trump is being used to diminish and decry the accomplishments of an entire franchise. even if you have a problem with brady and belichik, since when do they comprise entirely of the pats?

      i love this website and i despise trump and everything he stands for but this is reaching and not at all a fair way to assess team’s victory esp. given that NE was staunchly blue in the elections (when it counted) and GA went red and voted for trump.

    • Erica_V says:


      The Patriots were working their asses off long before Trump and we will be long after him. This win is not “us” win. This win is OUR win.

    • Meg says:

      Oh Hendrix…I rarely post/reply to comments, but I absolutely love what you said! I needed to read a comment like this! I have not frequented this site as much because of the TB/Pats hate. These recent posts are so uncalled for (factually wrong), and it just brings on such horrible and hateful comments.

      And on a side note…Tom said that Gisele told him to stop talking about politics which I think speaks volumes on how she really feels about things.

      Lets enjoy this championship win…our Tommy (goat!!!!!) has 5 rings!!

  32. What? says:

    This article is bizarre. I despise Trump, but this website has gone off the deep end. 👋🏼

  33. Happinessinme says:

    I have to hand it to celebitchy. I am so happy to see you guys allowing comments that are opposed to what you are saying through. I commend you for it as it was not always so. I also commend you for keeping the nasty and filthy comments out. Let’s always have a real look at what people out there are thinking, and avoid a one sided view.

  34. mayamae says:

    Ugh, Giselle celebrating may be the worst part. And she’s taking a selfie as she’s celebrating. How calculated and expected.

  35. Ellis says:

    When you sell your soul to the devil, you win all sorts of things in life, but there will be Hell to pay later. Literally.

  36. RigDar says:

    What part of rig do you ALL not understand?

    Just look at the last few plays including the final “fake” touch down.

  37. TheOtherSam says:

    This was a football game, won by a team and not just TB #12. Many teammates have stated their open distaste for our current Pres (McCourty, Bennett) and will not go to the WH when invited. There will probably be others declining.

    His potentially crappy politics aside – has anyone verified he actually voted for Baby Fists? – Brady led his team to the unmistakably greatest comeback in SB history, in one of the best games every played. That has nothing to do with beliefs. It’s sport, and we witnessed the pinnacle last night. I’ve posted plenty of anti-Cheeto diatribe on CB – but refuse to let the stupid associations of a few taint this moment for us fans.

    The larger Trump connection is via Bob Kraft. As a Pats fan it’s very disappointing. But will remind his late wife Myra came from one of the most generous and liberal families in all Massachusetts. She would -never- countenance the current band of buffoons running things, I can’t help but think if she were still here this association of Kraft’s would not have developed or at least made the light of day.

    Must also give all credit to the Falcons here – what a helluva team, Atlanta be proud, they will be back next year.

  38. Lightpurple says:

    The crowd at today’s Patricia rally, in a snowstorm, will likely dwarf Ttump’s inaugural

  39. Sarah says:

    This is what I get for putting a substandard Malocchio on his average QB ass. Seriously, if you attempt to give the malocchio to someone, do NOT even do so if you’ve been going through a major upheaval in your life (ie, mine was my mother battling and subsequently dying from cancer[Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma, to be exact] and then moving to a rental home since we could no longer afford to live in the house we called home for 27 years). Shit like this WILL happen. Now I’m going to have to work on the Malocchio since my attempt after the election and before the inauguration had failed.