Priyanka Chopra, 34, prefers to leave her love life up to ‘serendipity’

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Priyanka Chopra covers the April issue of Marie Claire, because I guess her publicist is like “What’s oversaturation and why does that word keep coming up?” I’m just saying, Priyanka has been everywhere in the past year. She’s been on at least a dozen magazine covers, she’s been at every awards show (at least that’s how it feels) and she’s probably done about 200 interviews about Baywatch and Quantico. I’m exhausted on her behalf. It’s not that I dislike her or anything. I actually think it’s really cool that an Indian actress with an accent has “broken” through in Hollywood. But I just want Priyanka to stop giving interviews until she has something new to say. You can see her Marie Claire feature here. Some highlights from the interview:

On her love life: “I’m not someone who looks for love. I don’t believe in making it happen. My life has been shaped by so many serendipitous moments so far, I feel like, Why screw with a good thing?”

On her upcoming project, Baywatch: “I loved Baywatch so much growing up. It was the quintessential American Dream. All those beautiful people in bathing suits, running slo-mo on the beach in Malibu—amazing!”

On taking on new challenges and trusting her gut: “I like to find my own way, which is something my parents always encouraged in me. They were like: ‘You got you.’ I think my inherent sense of confidence comes from that. Also, my mom used to always tell me, ‘You could make the biggest screwup on the planet, but you can come tell me and I’ll help you fix it.’ And my dad used to tell me, ‘You kill someone, break a car, you come and tell me. I’ll fix it for you.’”

On her start in Bollywood—without any previous acting experience: “Coming from academics, like an idiot, I was like, Oh, it’s just pretty people. You’ve got to wear lovely outfits and say a few lines. How hard can this be?” Boy, was I surprised. I just kind of went on set and fell and dusted myself off, and learned, and then fell again and figured it out.”

On philanthropy and giving back: “Giving back was a big part of my upbringing. When you get so much, you’ve got to find a way to give back. You don’t need a fat wallet. Time is something each one of us has and all it really takes to make the world better—and intention.”

On her ultimate dream—having kids: “As many as I can. I love kids. Love, love kids. I prefer their company to the company of adults, actually.”

[From Marie Claire]

Priyanka is 34 years old and she’s still leaving her love life up to “serendipity”? Hm. I mean, I get it, she works constantly and she seems to be all about her career right now, which is totally her right and all of that. But if she’s serious about having kids, maybe it’s time for a bit more focus and goal-setting? Goal #1: call Tom Hiddleston! Whatever, it’s none of my business. As for what she says about her parents always telling her that they would help her “fix” her problems… that’s the opposite of Priyanka finding her own way.

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Photos courtesy of Tesh/Marie Claire.

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  1. Mayssa says:

    All I came here to say is : this woman is GOEGEOUS 😍

  2. me says:

    LOL Priyanka, it’s Bollywood, no acting skills required ! Ok but seriously, anyone who knows Bollywood knows very well that looks come before talent (especially when it comes to women). They have dubbed actresses voices who couldn’t even speak Hindi. I mean wtf?

  3. Ama says:

    I would see it: she is “just” 34! She shoud def. stick with this attitude. Everything else is fear on being left on the shelf, and this is never a good idea, neither when dating being 30 nor being 55. Been there, regret it, so good for her!!

  4. ell says:

    there are other ways to have kids, other than to give birth to them. for adoption fertility is completely irrelevant. also she’s 34 not 44 (although geri halliwell just had a baby at 44 so).

  5. Des says:

    I’m 35 and leaving things up to serendipity. This is wrong?

  6. Korra says:

    Just because a woman in her mid-thirties has a carefree attitude about her love life doesn’t mean she isn’t aware of her biology. Better to not feel rushed and find a healthy, meaningful relationship than force yourself into a relationship with the first guy who comes along because you are scared of missing out.

    She did discuss having kids, but that could mean she is willing to adopt later down the line. Or maybe she froze her eggs. Or maybe prolonged fertility runs in her family (as in the women in her family had kids well into their 40′s with no issues or medical assistance).

    Either way, I see no issue with her comments.

  7. Beth says:

    No need to prowl and hunt for love. I met my boyfriend at target in the soda aisle last summer. Thank goodness my nephew asked me to buy Sprite!

  8. shanaynay says:

    she always seems a bit thirsty to me

  9. Sarah says:

    I think her love life and the way she wants to Handle it is none of your business.