Duchess Kate in a $848 red Armani suit in London: flattering or dated?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry officially open The Global Academy in support of Heads Together

For years, I’ve been saying that the Duchess of Cambridge should learn to love pencil skirts. I get so tired of her girlish full skirts and miniskirts. Her insistence on what I see as “juvenile” or “schoolgirl” silhouettes has always been bothersome (to me). So finally, someone is listening? Maybe? Here are photos of Kate, plus Prince William and Harry, out and about today in London. They attended the official opening of The Global Academy in support of Heads Together.

For the visit, Kate wore this orange-y red Armani suit with a (gasp!) pencil skirt and fitted jacket. Apparently, this suit costs £600 (or $848). That’s been happening more and more with Kate, by the way – over the past few years especially, she’s branched out from wearing only British designers. Armani is an Italian fashion house, obviously. As is Dolce & Gabbana, and she’s been wearing a lot of D&G lately too. As for this suit in particular… I think it’s a good effort. The skirt pleases me. I think the jacket is meh, especially with those pleats (or whatever we’re calling them). Basically, I would like to see this in another color. If it has to be red, let’s try a blue-red, which would be so much more flattering with Kate’s coloring. I would also like to see this in a violet? And this suit was crying out for exciting accessories! But no, she literally paired the suit with nude heels and a nude clutch.

Also: at an event yesterday, Kate said Harry “has been brilliant” for his discussion about mental health.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry officially open The Global Academy in support of Heads Together

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry officially open The Global Academy in support of Heads Together

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry officially open The Global Academy in support of Heads Together

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Guest says:

    I like the suit and the color is okay.

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m actually not mad at this outfit. Better than the flippy skirts and such. You’re right pencil skirts are so much better. Next we can work on the color choices lol

  3. Prince says:

    I’ve never noticed it before but KM has marionette lines.

  4. Heather H says:

    I disagree on the red comment, I think she looks best in warmer not cooler colors. I really like this suit, no complaints here.

    • Sarah says:

      I like this suit a lot. I hate the shoes with it. Come on, Kate, nude with red?? How about a pattern with a solid colored suit?? Sheesh.
      And those who said she wasn’t too thin on the other thread?? Look at her here. She is disappearing from in front of our eyes.

  5. amy says:

    William’s comb-over… he should just shave it off.

  6. eXo says:

    IMO, her hair is too long, I wish she would get a haircut – shoulder length would be nice.

  7. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    The horrible shoe colour ruins a good look for her.

  8. Deedee says:

    The makeup’s been better the last couple days. Something’s changed, and she has more upper lip than she had before. This suit is fine, but the jewelry choices are head scratchers. She looks so much better in the pictures without the beige clutch. And the wiglet’s back.

  9. Jeesie says:

    It’s pretty awful. And if it was tailored, that tailor hates her with a passion.

    She has broad shoulders, a very long waist and very narrow hips. But she’s not tall enough to pull off looks that really emphasises her upside down triangle shape (like Charlie’s Theron does), so she should be trying to balance her shoulders and hips. Either wear full skirts (proper full skirts, not the silly little schoolgirl things she sometimes wears when she wants to flash onlookers), or stop it with the shoulder pads and bulky jackets.

    I mean, she clearly does it on purpose to highlight how thin her lower body is, but it’s not flattering in the slightest.

    • Macscore says:

      Yup, Jeesie, you are 100% correct IMO. She has a _very_ weird body shape – an extremely long torso, thin hips, broad shoulders. I honestly think she’d look better if she were to gain some weight/curves… but, I realise I’m being utterly incorrect here and shouldn’t comment about this. She has the body that she has.
      So: the real shame is that, with all her resources and advice, she consistently makes really awful clothing choices. She almost never adds a personal, stylish, or funky touch to _anything_ – her basic “look” is boring beyond belief. There’s so much ground-breaking fashion and style out there! At almost every picture of her I sigh at yet another missed opportunity.

    • Zardi123 says:

      Agree with you she always looks like she needs a good meal so thin and always wanting to flirt with Harry
      will never like her as she comes across as very materialistic and all about herself ugh ……

  10. Becks says:

    The suit is okay for me. I want to like it because I’ve been wanting to see her wear more skirt suits like this for a while now, but something about it is very 80s to me. Maybe its the hair? It also doesn’t look like it fits her that well, the sleeves are all bunched up. and the accessories are meh.

    I do like the silhouette in general though.

    • Harla Jodet says:

      Also, this outfit doesn’t “go with” what William and Harry are wearing. Imo, she’s trying to look too professional, almost lawyer-y, when this event calls for a bit more casual look and gosh knows she has hundreds of dresses that would fit that bill.

  11. Jack Daniels is my patronus says:

    Wow she is thin. I think the suit is appropriate and fine, but I can’t get past how skinny she is

  12. Becks says:

    Also, her hair looked so good yesterday and now today its ringlets again.

  13. L84Tea says:

    Meh….That was my gut reaction.

  14. Indira says:

    She looks like a Stepford wife to me.

  15. Cerys says:

    An ok colour. However, as usual it is too tight and restricting. She loves to emphasise her overly-thin frame.

  16. PettyRiperton says:

    Love the style don’t care too much for the color

  17. Beth says:

    Not bad. Better than her coat dresses

  18. Hollz says:

    I think you missed the most important part of this suit – There are NO BUTTONS.

    I actually really like this suit, and for once, I don’t have an issue with the nude heels – I have no idea what colour shoe would go with the colour of the suit (soft grey maybe?)

  19. Lainey says:

    We just need to throw away the boring nude accessories. And get a proper fit in her jackets. They always look so tight. She looks even skinnier today than she did yesterday.

  20. Bitsy says:

    Love the suit, hate the hair. And a nice cuff bracelet would’ve been on point with this 90s revival

  21. NOLA says:

    I find myself so pleased with the pencil skirt and the fact that she is wearing color, that I’m not bothered by the accessories. That profile shot emphasizes how thin she has become. I know some people are naturally that small but she looks ill.

  22. seesittellsit says:

    Little bit of a wrinkly affect but flattering, God knows she’s slim enough to carry it off and the color works.

  23. littlemissnaughty says:

    It’s fine. Very Joan Collins without the pizzazz. But she looked so cute yesterday so this is kind of a letdown.

  24. vava says:

    The jacket is all kinds of awful. Hate how she accessorized this, too. Posture horrible, as usual.

    Nice makeup and she does look good in a pencil skirt. It would have looked better with a different top, jacket, or sweater, and with some fun shoes rather than these boring court shoes.

    Time for a shorter haircut, Kate.

  25. amp122076 says:

    I’m fine with the suit – the streamline actually suits her. I do think she should have chosen a different neutral tone heel. A bit darker/richer tan would have been better.

  26. Harla Jodet says:

    While I’m super glad to see that Kate is moving away from the incessant crotch clutching, I still wish she would work on her posture, the slumping shoulders just isn’t a good look but I guess she has to move in baby steps.

  27. TheOtherOne says:

    I’m a good mood so the outfit looks great on her.

  28. Nikki says:

    Kaiser, I thought you’d be so excited her suit has a zipper (front) instead of buttons! You disappoint me. Yes, the negligible shoes and clutch, so sad..

  29. cindyp says:

    Like the suit but needs assessories, a scarf, brooch, something! That hair is ridiculous, sausage curls are back. Ruins the whole look, so boring

  30. Juliaoc says:

    She dresses like a very elegant, very well-preserved 82 year old.

  31. suze says:

    She looks good. The suit fits and flatters, and it is suitable to the occasion. Her makeup is good, too. She has toned down the heavy under eye liner.

    The hair still overwhelms her but I have given up on it.

  32. Brittany says:

    This looks like something Christina Applegate would wear in Don’t Tell mom the babysitters dead. It screams 90s to me

  33. Joannie says:

    I dont know where some of you get your fashion sense but she looks great. Suits fits like a glove and she looks very fit. Beautiful hair but its a tad full. She could lay off the rollers. I know this because I have very thick full hair myself. She isnt isnt wearing a wiglett as some try to convince others. I do think she could up her game in the jewellery dept. i myself dont like a lot of jewellery as I think its looks tacky but a signature piece would be nice.

    • notasugarhere says:

      HMS Wiglet is on full display, teased to 90s proportions.

      The suit is so tight and ill-fitting we see the strap buckles and band of her bra.

    • MinnFinn says:

      “I dont know where some of you get your fashion sense but she looks great. Suits fits like a glove and she looks very fit.”

      There are at least 3 components of fashion sense. One is personal preference. Another is fit. The skirt fits her fine. But that jacket is terrible. The shoulder width and upper torso are too small. Plus the jacket vertical length is too short as evidenced by the slight narrowing of the jacket waist hitting her above her actual waist at her rib cage. Plus the jacket width at the bottom that should skim her upper hip, is about 3″ shy of its mark.

      Then there is fabrication. That suit is manufactured fiber – cheap viscose and polyamide. I checked. Dress Barn and Walmart suits are made from that textile.

      So my fashion sense says the suit looks cheap and the jacket does not fit her at all.

    • Polly says:

      I think she looks great as well. I like the suit and I think it fits her well. I think she looks fit and healthy, she’s thin but not fragile looking. I hate the sausage curls though, her hair is better when it’s not so full. If she wears a wiglet but she should either lay off it or stop teasing the hair at the crown so much, that’s what dates so many of her looks.

    • Nic919 says:

      She had less hair when she put it up in a ponytail to visit her sister a few weeks ago. Of course it’s a wiglet. I have thick hair too and it doesn’t look this puffed out on the back of my head like hers always does when the wiglet is used.

      • Joannie says:

        mar_time, my responses are to be taken with humour. If you are offended ….Your problem. I’m attacking no one and I will stand by my comment. The envy is blatantly obvious to me. If her hair is thick why on earth would she wear a wig? Answer……she doesn’t. I have seen her in person and up close. No wig! She has curled her hair and it’s layered that’s why it puffs out at the back. You are free to skip over my comments if they offend you.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is possible to be humorous without attacking others, a skill which you apparently lack.

        Her extension use is well-known and easily-seen. Going back through years of her photos, you can track when the use of OTT extensions started.

  34. Nina says:

    It astounds me how badly she dresses. I mean, the fact that we are giving this outfit a tepid thumbs up is a testament to just how hideous her fashion sense is — and this is a woman with a team of people at her disposal ready to style her. But what does she choose nine times out of ten? Sausage curls, heavy eyeliner, flouncy skirts, buttons and clothes that are generally poorly tailored for her.

    The larger problem, however, is that she gives us little else to talk about. I am certain that if she were passionate about charities, shared a hungry and curious intellect and displayed clear and sincere empathy for the world, we wouldn’t focus nearly as much on her fashion choices (I mean, we still would but not as much). But because there is NO OTHER CONVERSATION, what else is there to talk about other than the fact that she refuses to get a grown up haircut, doesn’t seem to know how to dress herself, cannot stand up straight in public and is unable to stop touching her hair when anxious/nervous/bored/zoning/dreaming of Harry/etc.


    • graymatters says:

      I’m determined not to criticize her work ethic when she’s AT WORK, and she does seem to be getting better at dressing for the occasion. Flats, not wedges, with skinnies at a sporty event? Good. I didn’t even see pics of her playing with her hair. I like the suit, too. Navy bag and shoes would have been better, but everything else is fine. I like the princess seams and decorative darts (and NO buttons!) of the jacket and the skirt length is right. It does seem too tight when she greets people, but inside photos show it fitting better. And she’s working. I think this engagement was a win.

      Will also made a non-snarky joke. Yay!

  35. TyrantDestroyed says:

    She looks good when she is facing the camera, but as soon as she turns on her side she looks like a frail elder lady. I like the suite color anyway and the cut is nice.

  36. Indiana Joanna says:

    She always latches onto Harry with a flirty look whenever he’s around . When just with Wills, she looks alone and at sea.

  37. Starlight says:

    i think she is trying to look cool thankfully moving away from the floaty dresses. I do wonder if she has had a big shake up with Wills dancing the night away in that disco with the girlies. Her posture is more upright more strident and she sort have grown up.

  38. Rachel says:

    This suit isn’t bad, but I think she looked over-dressed compared to William and Harry and the other people they were meeting. If the men aren’t wearing ties, I think either the skirt and a nice top or a more casual dress would have looked better.

  39. Does everything she wears have to be so terribly skin tight??? I get it – she’s thin and proud of it. But enough is enough. Can’t she ever wear anything that looks comfortable and allows her to move? And I HATE the skinny jeans. They look painted on and are definitely not appropriate for her station in life. Grow up!

  40. Connell says:

    You have to be really thin to wear that suit, and I think she carries it off well. If you have ever seen photos of her from school, around age 16, you’ve seen what she looks like when she gains weight. Her shoulders and legs look bigger. She has a very athletic build (Pippa does too). She has to remain thin so she looks somewhat close to elegant, and not like a weightlifter. Her hair looks very healthy, but I still think she has extensions. Has anyone noticed how thin Harry is? I wonder why.

    • graymatters says:

      He’s in a good place emotionally, by his own account. He’s probably drinking a lot less. He’s always had scrawny legs, but he’s lost the potbelly and jowly/double chin look and cutting back on alcohol would do that. Maybe more veggies in his diet, too.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She rarely if ever appears elegant. Nor do you have to be pencil thin to be elegant. See Michelle Obama.

      • Jaded says:

        Thank you NOTA….you can dress elegantly at any age and weight. She is gawdawful thin when you see her in person, unhealthily thin. And her skin looks parched and sun-damaged from too much tanning and smoking. And don’t get me started on the nude heels and bump-its in her hair. And as other posters have noted, if she did a lick of proper work nobody would be dissing her fashion choices but there’s very little else we can comment on other than her physical appearance and clothing choices.

  41. Starlight says:

    Harry thin?!?!? Perhaps he doesn’t know what to do with the M

  42. Rianic says:

    Holy Harry’s package!

    That’s all I got.

  43. Andrea says:

    Why does she always look like she’d rather be with Harry?

  44. PoliteTia says:

    The suite fits her like a glove and the hair is flowing. There is nothing wrong with this outfit or her, love the shoes

  45. Mei says:

    It’s definitely going to be strategic that she’s wearing more European designers, she is one of the ‘soft-power’ UK ambassadors during Brexit; giving big-name European designers free publicity is to show that our Royals still have global influence if you will.

  46. Seraphina says:

    Agreed. But I love her outfit. Finally at long last we are pointing in the right direction. Progress, however small, is a good thing.

  47. Deeanna says:

    That’s her bra line showing. Bad. Bad.

  48. Deeanna says:

    That’s her bra line showing. Bad. Bad.

  49. msthang says:

    I remember years ago, reading an article in Vogue magazine, the writer was commenting on the fact, she had just been to a Stones concert, and how wonderful Mick’s package was. From the neck up he is such an old fart, but from the neck down, still sexy, WAHOO!!!

  50. Meow says:

    Carole’s back on these boards, in the guise of Joannie ;)

    How can someone so slim have jowls…?

  51. Bitchy says:

    That is an adult’s woman business costume.
    She doesn’t wear any kind of blouse underneath which is what business women do. With Kate you can see her bra imprints underneath the jacket (3rd pic) because her costumes are too tight. I suppose we can’t see the lines of her slip because she doesn’t wear one or it is a string. But the shape of her buns is visible thanks to the skirt being tight, too.
    She wears her hair flowing around which is what business women don’t do because it looks unprofessional and the hair falls over your eyes whenever you try to read anything.
    Her costumes are always tailored too tight which is what business women don’t do because the sexy aspects are played down a bit in business.
    It looks juvenile on her because nobody is buying it for good reason. She looks like a college girl playing with mummy’s business wardrobe.
    The colour looks good on her but the rest is just a pointless entitled vapid bore and a complete waste of good money.