Doug the Pug covers Parade: is he sort of an overexposed famewhore?

The Met Gala 2017

We all have ways we deal with the daily onslaught of terrible news. Some of us are stress eating. Some of us are binge-watching tennis. Some of us are are watching cat videos and dog videos. And I guess some of us are obsessively checking out cute animals on social media? Perhaps. That’s why Doug the Pug is a thing. Doug the Pug is a famous dog on the internet. His mom and dad have really pushed for Doug to be the King of Pop Culture or something. Doug has a Twitter and an Instagram and lots of celebrity friends. Demi Lovato even hired Doug for her record release party. This is a legit career now, making your animal famous.

Anyway, Doug the Pug covers the new issue of Parade, and issue devoted to America’s “National Treasures.” Here’s what Parade says about him:

Known as the King of Pop Culture, Doug is not your average pooch. He’s a New York Times best-selling author (with “momager” Leslie Mosier) and social media star whose millions of adoring fans follow his pizza-eating, world-traveling adventures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. When he’s not chowing down, Doug makes appearances on the Today show, Billboard’s Hot 100 Festival and the CMT Music Awards. And Doug leaves celebs starstruck too—he’s taken selfies with everyone from Justin Bieber to the cast of The Big Bang Theory—but he still loves a good nap more than anything.

[From Parade]

You can read more about Doug-at-home here. My first reaction was “oh, that’s a cute dog.” Now that I’ve looked at the social media though, I find the whole thing kind of annoying. I have a similar feeling whenever I watch the equestrian events during the Olympics: that the horses should get the Olympic medals, not the riders. Doug the Pug should get the money his parents are making off him. Like, it should be put in a trust for him or something. Doug’s stage parents are sort of creepy, I’m just saying. Then again, I can happily spend the day watching YouTube videos of Huskies and Newfies, so maybe Doug’s parents aren’t so crazy.

Photos courtesy of Parade, Doug’s Twitter.


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  1. poorlittlerichgirl says:

    Yeah, I heard he’s a real douche bag in person too.

  2. D says:

    I love dogs, I really do. But I’m not a big fan of pugs, it’s the eyes I think, they always look like they are about to pop out. A little creepy (sorry to everyone who loves pugs).

  3. nemera34 says:

    He looks so full of himself. I have heard rumors around the Dog Park. he is the subject of a lot of blinds.

    BI: what famous pug is so far up his butt that he has to carried outside to pee. Refuses to give paw prints to fans and only drinks from designer toilets.


    *** don’t have a dog.. but looking at him is giving me the feels.

  4. squirrelgirl says:

    I will take Doug over baby fists any day of the week!!!!

  5. detritus says:

    Look at his eyes, he must be on something, those are weed eyes for sure. And gosh puppy, why are you copying Miley? Even she gave up on the tongue out schtick. This dog is a tramp.

  6. Megan says:

    I started an Instagram for my cat for friends and family to track her recovery journey and she had 1,200 followers after about a month. I feel like there is a ready market for someone to willing to hustle for their pet.

    • chaine says:

      Right… someone i know set up an instagram for their cat, and i followed it sort of to be polite. now, not only does that cat have way more followers than me, but some of the followers of that cat are the instagram accounts of other cats, and THOSE cats have followed ME (in order to get follows back, I assume).

  7. lala says:

    To self-soothe during these difficult times, I follow cat rescues, farm sanctuaries and goat rescues on social media – The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, Goats of Anarchy, and Rancho Relaxo :)

  8. L says:

    Eh I find Doug harmless but then again my dog has his own twitter account-thispugnamedfrank ..if anyone cares to know.

  9. OTHER RENEE says:

    I won’t hear a word against Doug the Pug! The owner posted pics of her beloved dog with cute outfits and captions and the whole thing snowballed. Pugs are my favorite breed and I’ve worked with their rescue organization. I love Doug! There’s no reason to be down on something that makes you smile. We could all use a little brightness these days.

  10. PettyRiperton says:

    I heard Doug and the grumpy cat got into a argument last week at the vet. Doug is so full out himself selfies every 5 minute unbelievable this guy.

  11. brooksie says:

    I was never into pugs until my best friend got one. I sometimes babysit him and he is the most cuddly little muffin. When I go to bed he literally crawls under the covers and sleeps in between my legs (I sleep on my stomach with my legs in the shape of a figure 4). It’s adorable until I start to go numb from being too afraid to wake him up when I want to turn over. But I follow Doug the Pug and he is a welcome distraction to the sh*t show that is our country.

  12. Michelle says:

    I will gladly admit that I am a sucker for all these pets being posted on Instagram. I follow Doug as well as Carlow the FDNY cat, Monty and dozens more. I follow a bunch of people that post cute pics of their babies. I love them all and they brighten my day tremendously. Post on!!!

  13. Louisa says:

    If you love pugs (as I do) you have to follow The Pug Queen on Instagram / Facebook. She rescues pugs from really horrific situations and helps them until they are ready to go to their furever homes. She’s amazing and the pugs are just so precious.

  14. dr mantis toboggan says:

    How dare you question Doug, I’m ready to go Pug – hive all over this place.
    Pug emoji x 1000

    • hogtowngooner says:

      This. I’ll cut a b who disses Douggeh. He brightens up my social media feed between all the Trump crap. It’s all in good fun and Doug looks well taken care of.
      There’s a 14-year-old pug in my building and I’m like emotionally attached to him. His mom takes him for walks and he just kinda stops moving, looks at her, then trudges on.

  15. diamondRottweiler says:

    I feel the need to say that while I don’t get the rage for monetized pets (despite my need to post waaaay too many pictures of my Ragdoll kitten Haggis on my Instagram account BECAUSE HE IS THE CUTEST KITTEN EVAH), I sat next to Doug and his owners on a relatively long flight last year. Really nice couple who seem to genuinely love their dog. I was suspicious at first, but Doug is chill, content, and well cared for. They’ve used the initial luck of his internet fame to pursue their callings as artists, and were just generally down to earth people. Don’t think they could have faked that for three and a half hours. So, you know, thought that was worth mentioning. If a cute, happy dog can help you make your art in a country that does very little to support artists, why not? I’ve actually used them as an example to my poetry students of how to think outside the box when looking for inventive ways to support yourself and still have time for your devotion.

  16. jc126 says:

    He’s cute and funny, a little day brightener. I like him. I feel bad for that poor Grumpy Cat – they exploit her and it’s a negative message.

  17. Jewbitch says:

    I follow Doug the pug. It’s not offensive and it’s happy. What’s the big deal? Re: the horses in the Olympics, I’ve been an avid equestrian for 30 years. I’ve competed off and on, and have always ridden under the guidance of a professional. Stadium, XC, dressage. Yes, the horse works hard. But riding is a real sport and it’s difficult and you must be extremely fit to do it at that level. Core strength is a must. Your ass and thighs get a workout. So maybe there needs to be two medals. One for the rider, one for the horse 😉😜

  18. BearcatLawyer says:

    Doug needs to lose some weight. It is a crime for a brachycephalic dog like a Pug to carry extra fat. Shame on his owners!

  19. shelley* says:

    Doug is always showcasing his shapely pins, but he is not fat, merely rocking his killer curves.