Prince Harry didn’t sit with Meghan Markle at the opening of the Invictus Games

Invictus Games Opening Ceremony

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in the same general space at the same time in public last night! It wasn’t all that magical on a royal-engagement level, but it was magical from a “Prince Harry is really pulling off the Invictus Games” level. Last night was the Opening Ceremony for the Invictus Games, and many of us hoped that it would be the first time we saw Harry and Meghan seated together at some kind of event. It didn’t happen. Harry was seated in the section for the big-names, like PM Justin Trudeau and FLOTUS Melania Trump. Meghan was seated one section over, about 30 yards away. She was sitting with her friend Markus Anderson.

Prince Harry has also become the first member of the royal family to meet with either of the Trumps. Harry met Melania for a brief photo-op and talk in Toronto hours before the Opening Ceremony. The Daily Mail reports that they spent “less than 30 minutes together” because Harry high-tailed it out of there for another appearance. Apparently, “Harry initially appeared awkward when he was introduced to the Slovenian former model, smiling brightly for the cameras before letting it drop as he turned away. The pair then engaged in small talk with Mrs Trump thanking the prince for coming before he asked her if she had been in Canada long.” For what it’s worth, Harry and Melania did seem somewhat friendly at the Opening Ceremony, with Harry leaning over several times to point out various things to Melania. She wore Dior, by the way.

As for Megs and Harry… I’ll take what I can get. I’m disappointed they weren’t sitting together, but maybe they would have to be formally engaged for Meghan to get a seat in the section for world leaders. Plus, it’s possible that Meghan and Harry will make an appearance together later on in the Games. Who knows?

Also: please no threadjacking. Please.

Update: for those wondering about Meg’s outfit, she wore a $185 dress from Wilfred at Aritzia and her jacket is by Mackage.

Invictus Games Opening Ceremony

Invictus Games Opening Ceremony

Invictus Games Opening Ceremony

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Amy says:

    Very superficial comment: Her make-up has looked better (in fact, it’s usually one of her strong suits). Her eye make-up here makes her look super tired. I love the colour of the dress and jacket, although hard to see what it looks like on her from the perspective of the cut, as on the model it looked a bit questionable.

    Legitimate, not-trying-to-be-contrary question: Cressida attended an event that Harry was officially presenting at and then he sat with her (although I don’t think there was a “World Leader” section like there was here). Why was the internet not going nuts about them getting engaged? I hope these two crazy kids make it, mainly because I want to watch another royal wedding, but a divorce would be A Huge Deal, so why the belief (from us in the peanut gallery; no idea what the couple in question actually want obviously) that they are about to/are already engaged?

    • Elisa the I. says:

      This is such juicy gossip, I’m lovin it!
      I googled pics of Harry with girlfriends at official events, and found some – her is one with Chelsy Devy at the Concert for Diana:

      Are there are no pics AT ALL of Harry and Megan together at the Invictus Game? If yes, that’s strange, considering all the rumors on their upcoming engagement. The Daily Fails says she was forbidden to sit with him in the Royal Box as it’s against Royal protocol. Seriously, how backward is that?

      • Royalsparkle says:

        This event was major fir the Royal Prince Couple – another wedding.

        No other girlfriend received RPO protection….treated like a Royal…. OFFICIALLY she is not yet a Royal, which made her safely present supporting her Prince (husband to be).

        Potential King Henry was WORKING with his Games and in a foreign country – representing HM BRF GB with supportive world leaders. If there was nothing about her presence she would have hung around on HER own- with her best friend Markus- like any other girlfriend.

      • Shambles says:

        Potential King Harry? He has 5 people ahead of him in the line of succession, currently (Charles, Will, George, Charlotte, and Baby Cambridge no.3, right?).

      • Merritt says:

        People need to stop with the fantasy that Harry will be king. It is a bit gross, since it basically wishes tragedy on small children. Harry is about to be pushed back to 6th in line.

      • Lady D says:

        Not necessarily tragedy, Merritt. William could throw another one of his snit fits and quit his job, which would effectively take his children out of the running too.

      • runcmc says:


        Real question though – if WIlliam abdicates, does that take his kids out of the line of succession too? I think *that’s* what people are rooting for, not something awful about the kids!

      • perplexed says:

        At the Concert for Diana, I don’t recall any political leaders sitting with William and Harry. That’s probably why the girlfriends were allowed to be in their sections at that time.

        That concert was kind of cheesy, I have to say.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Royalsparkle – you clearly do not understand the way things work. There will be no King Henry and Queen Sparkle unless William and all three of his children die. William will not be disinherited by his father or anyone else, and even if he did die from some illness or accident, his son, then his daughter, and then whoever the new baby is, would be next in line.

        Stop wishing tragedy on children. Harry will soon be sixth in line and he and his family will become secondary branches of the family as William’s children grow up and have children of their own.

      • Merritt says:


        I don’t know if there is a protocol for that. In theory if William were to take himself out of the line of succession before George, Charlotte, and Baby Cambridge 3 reach majority, it could affect them because he could mandate it for them too because they wouldn’t be of age. But reality is that George could easily be 18 or older by the time both the Queen and Prince Charles have died. And if George is 18, I don’t think it matters much what William does.

        The reality is William is never going to take himself out of the line of succession or abdicate. And I don’t know where stans get the idea that Harry wants to be king. Both he and William have similar reluctance. William just gets more criticism. Both George VI and QEII were reluctant too and they moved past it as much as anyone could. I think a lot of reluctance comes from the reality that in the BRF ascending the throne comes after losing a parent or other relative.

        I think the Dutch way is better. I like that it has become tradition to abdicate in favor of the next generation. It takes away from the sadness of death being what has to usher in a new era. That way ascending the throne can be a celebration that does not have the cloud of mourning.

      • Mel says:

        @Lady D – you don’t ‘quit the job’ if the job is being the British monarch. They are supposed to have been anointed by God – their very persistence on the throne (not to mention their position as the Defender of Faith) is based on that. Yes, Edward (David) did it, amidst great turmoil; but nobody wants something like that happening again – especially not these days when far more people are questioning the raison d’etre of the monarchy anyway.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate Middleton had secret police protection for years before the engagement. It came out in a discrimination trial for one of the police officers.

      • Ronia says:

        The Invictus Games are a private initiative of Harry’s just as his African charity. There is no royal protocol involved. Whatever the reason for her not sitting there was, it was not royal protocol as the BRF has nothing to do with the Invictus Games and there was no “royal box”. Harry represents himself and what he stands for there but not the BRF or royalty.

    • xo says:

      sections of the British press/public were always speculating about an upcoming engagement with Cressida. It’s generally assumed that if a royal relationship is publicly acknowledged, engagement is a possibility. So, there will always be a degree of speculation/anticipation.

      why the belief this time?
      the statements given by “sources close to the couple” have consistently said that the relationship is serious and they see a future together. her age is adding pressure. his statement, early on, defending her against press intrusion was a big deal. It proved he was serious about the relationship and willing to be public about it. That & the recent Vanity Fair interview suggests things are quite serious.

      Harry has hinted in interviews that he’s ready for a family. So, timing is the main thing. There’s a sense that it’s time. He’s ready & it’s time.

    • Carrie says:

      Her makeup was probably melting off. It was extremely hot in Toronto yester day. Not sure why she chose to wear he jacket other than it was cute.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        Her jacket used as a bit of over for Royal dress code. Her beautiful dress was low cut and Meg Sparkle is no flasher waity – the jacket was appropriately added to her chicness.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        It was indoors where it was probably air-conditioned to the max. I always take jackets/sweaters to places like that. Even supermarkets and movie theatres are set to freeze nowadays!

      • V4Real says:

        I’m going off script here by saying in these pics you can definitely tell she’s Black. Maybe it’s the lighting but her skin tone looks more like Jada Smith or Halle Berry.

      • Lady D says:

        @Carrie, it was gloriously hot in Toronto yesterday. It hit 33C at one point. It’s probably Harry heating up Hogtown.

      • WTW says:

        @v4Real I can always tell she’s black. Her facial features remind me of other mixed black people I know, one who is black and white, and another who is black and Asian. Also, her edges (the hair around her hairline) gives it away. And in younger photos of her where she has curly hair and is heavier, there’s no doubt that she’s black. I think she appears racially ambiguous because of her straightened hair and extensions, significant weight loss since youth and possible plastic surgery.

      • Mel says:

        “I think she appears racially ambiguous because of her straightened hair and extensions”

        But she IS ‘racially ambiguous’: she is just as white as she is black.

      • WTW says:

        @Mel, I don’t think racial ambiguity and biracial-ness are one in the same. Plenty of black-white biracial look like just that. When you’ve grown up in a mixed family and known biracial people your whole life like I have, they don’t look ambiguous to you. I used ambiguous here b/c people say that Meghan looks all white or like a Latina. They say they can’t tell she’s black. I was saying that I think her blackness has always been evident, and hair is often a telltale sign of blackness. By straightening hers and wearing extensions, Meghan looks less black and more like a tanned ambiguous white woman to some people.

      • Mel says:

        Got you. I shouldn’t read when I am too tired. :)
        I can’t stand it when people just forget a part of someone’s heritage – in this case, white – as if it were less important or irrelevant. (To me, they ARE irrelevant – but all of them, not just one side.)
        Anyway, I know that wasn’t the case here. Thanks for clarifying it.

    • Bridget says:

      The internet WAS going nuts about them getting engaged. I always thought she was getting the official girlfriend rollout at the time, and then Cressida was the one that bailed. But it was a thing when he brought her to the Diana event, though keep in mind we’re comparing two very contrasting events – a concert that was fairly casual, and an event where Harry is sitting with the Canadian PM and is putting it on in a more “official” capacity.

    • Hazel says:

      I was reminded of William & Kate NOT sitting together at the 2007 memorial concert for Diana. They were together, but not. Plus Meghan had protection officers in the stairwell near her seat. She’s definitely an official girlfriend/fiancée.

  2. Caity says:

    I read somewhere else that royal protocol won’t let her sit with him at an official event while she’s just the girlfriend.
    Daily fail said one of his protection officers escorted her in and out

    • Ollie says:

      Chelsy sat with him at that big Diana Concert 10 years ago or so. She was the official girlfriend. No hiding. Kate was there too and she was just Williams ex girlfriend back then.

      Cressida was by Harrys side when he hosted a gala dinner.
      He has no problem ignoring protocol.

      • Tanguerita says:

        I am pretty sure there is much more at stake for him this time.

      • Amy says:

        Why though? He and Chelsy dated for seven (I think?) years. I would hate for my partner of that long to not consider the relationship as having “a lot at stake”. Even he and Cressida were together for two years, which is double the time of him and Meghan (so far).

      • Merritt says:


        Because the way people approach relationships can change. I don’t think getting married and having kids was a priority when he was with Chelsy. Same with Cressida. It was clear when he released that statement a year ago that this relationship is different. Basically his light is now on.

      • Tanguerita says:

        @Merritt what you said. For the whole length of the past year Harry has been telling the general public about his mental health struggles that had lasted for give or take 20 years (his words, not mine), his emotional breakdowns, self-sabotage and whatnot. He seems to be in a different place now. No offence to his former girlfriends.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        A concert is diffetent. He was not HM the RF GB Official representative- heading leading the event and working.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I wonder if, since the Invictus Games is Harry’s big thing, she had the sense to not try getting in the spotlight? Either way, she can’t win. She sits away from him, and there’s some speculation that they may not be that serious. Had she sat with him, the story would have been more about how they “officially” sat together, and less about the Invictus Games. They’re in their mid-thirties, so are old enough to do things as they please. Good luck to them, whatever happens.

      • Mel says:

        @Anna – if she only wanted to listen to Harry’s speech, as it appears to be the case, she could have watched it from the ‘wings’, unseen by the audience. I am sure there was such a place – there always is at such events – and that it could be arranged.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She would have been hunted out and photographed in “the wings” or wherever she was. She likely sat where she sat because that’s where the two of them decided she would sit.

      • Mel says:

        The ‘wings’ are normally the most impenetrable part of a theatre or any such venue; only the mandatory fire safety officers and vetted security personnel have access to that space (apart ffrom the performes, obviously).
        Besides, I meant it as a measure to prevent the public from seeing her there (regarding her being a potential unwanted distraction). Photos, published later, should be no big deal.

      • PrincessK says:

        People on DM were saying that Harry is now a gangsta and was making secret gangsta signs for Meghan and that Meghan is a bad spirit from the underworld. scary that there are so many lunatics out there.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Why shouldn’t she be seen publicly at an event that is a huge accomplishment for her boyfriend? If the two of them didn’t want her seen there, she wouldn’t have been there at all. If she hadn’t been there, all the talk would have been about why she wasn’t there (and the tumblr queens would have gone ballistic in glee). Harry and Meghan would have made the decision together as to where she would sit, how long she would stay, etc.

        There is discussion on another forum that she entered alone. It wasn’t until someone in the audience took her picture and posted it, then a security person stepped in to stop a bunch more photos being taken. No matter where she was – even in the wings – someone would have taken her picture and posted it.

    • SoulSPA says:

      I’ve read the DF this morning. Some of the comments were mind blowing. And I saw lots of pictures but didn’t necessarily saw in them what others did. Some highlights:
      1. Meghan’s presence had not been sanctioned by Harry/BRF. The RPO had escorted her out about 1.5 hrs in the ceremony. As if she was not supposed to be there and had to leave.
      2. This point above linked with a picture of the official box, with Harry and JT looking somehow buffled/sketchy towards her. She was seated a few rows in front, to their left, right near an exit.
      3. Meghan did product placement at least with the jacket.
      4. Meghan looked as if she were under the influence of something.
      5. Meghan was looking into the camera looking for attention. Called attention-seeker.
      6. Sparkle should have not been there as she took away the focus from the game.
      7. Harry seemed nervous and uncomfortable in his speech (but I have not seen so I can’t say).

    • magnoliarose says:

      Official events like this aren’t like unofficial social events.
      You would not have seen William in France representing the BRF and Kate before they married sitting together. There is nothing more to it than that. She does not represent the BRF, but she had one of his security team with her and a Scotland Yard officer. He is technically working as an ambassador for Britain and it would be bad form.

      The reason they are following protocol this strictly is that they are very serious.

    • Liberty says:

      I would assume they didn’t want to take away from the event’s importance and meaning during the opening ceremony by making it about “ooooh they are dating for real!”With a thousand cameras on them, instead of looking at the participants, who have endured so much to be there. A common sense choice, IMO.

    • L says:

      That was totally predictable. It wasn’t proper for her to make an appearance with him and overshadow this event. The focus is on these veterans not on their relationship. But the fact that she was there gives us some confirmation that things are going the good way for them.

  3. Franny Days says:

    Reading the Daily Mail comments about Meghan had me seriously sick to my stomach. They are so horrible to this girl. It’s really unsettling.

  4. D says:

    I like that leather jacket, it’s a shame they didn’t sit together, that would have really annoyed people. I always say that I’m not going to read the comments on DM, because it’s just a cesspool…but then I still do. They absolutely hate her and when you read the comments it becomes obvious that their main reason for hating her is all about race, they try really hard to pretend that it’s not – but it is.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      She sparkle – outshine the middelton narrative of common regular in less time – and is of humble beginnings AND WORK
      To achieve her own honest wealth- by herself – That surely p… some off.

    • seesittellsit says:

      @D – if she wants IN to this circle, she has to play THEIR game, and that game is, you don’t sit together at an event like this unless a formal announcement has been made, otherwise you are undercutting how things Are Done. The people she would have annoyed most by doing so are the very people she wants to impress with her suitability for the role. No one cares what the plebs think. But she cares very much what the courtiers and Queen and Charles and Buck and Clarence Houses think. Hence, the separate seats.

      Patience, patience – within a reasonably short time we’ll see the photocall at Clarence House.

  5. Merritt says:

    Sitting next to Melania sounds like a nightmare. I bet Harry misses Michelle Obama.

    I have mixed feelings about Meghan’s outfit. Shame they couldn’t sit together.

    • Ankhel says:

      Pffft. Easy. Say hello, smile blandly, make a little bit of very light small talk. Something easy to grasp and non controversial, like “I hope we get nice weather, don’t you?” Then compliment her outfit. Bam, done. She would be relieved and flattered, and Harry could move on.

    • bettyrose says:

      I think the look on Harry’s face in the top pic says it all. I have no doubt that Harry is well versed in being charming with tedious dignitaries, but Melania doesn’t even rank that high a compliment. I suspect she is the coldest ice queen of a stepford wife to ever be trapped in a horrifying marriage to man who’s probably going to start WWIII. What do you even say to her?

    • Erica_V says:

      I laughed so hard at “She thanked him for coming.” Really?!?!! This is HIS EVENT!! Why in the world would she thank him for coming to the opening of his own event? She’s so f*cking clueless.

      I bet Harry was snapchatting Michelle the whole time.

  6. Fiorucci says:

    I really like that colour on Megan, too bad the eyeshadow is pretty unflattering (or is that an actual shadow?)

    Feels like one of the only times MT wants to work? Only for a prince right? She’s true to herself lol

    • Ankhel says:

      Hah, yes. The Trumps love being in company with famous people. Melania probably laboured with her outfit for days, and then Don chose the most expensive one for her, on principle. The photos will be framed in gold, and hung in every golf club and hotel Trump owns.

      I bet Harry thinks they’re roaches.

      • Mel says:

        “I bet Harry thinks they’re roaches”

        Unlike his own (very) extended family who have been living the good life forever without even being elected and whose ‘hard work’ consists mainly of waving and ribbon-cutting?
        At least roaches have an identifiable and useful role in the food chain.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Mel – +1,000. I feel so guilty sometimes for even talking about this stuff and giving it air – and for my unreasoning affection and respect for the Queen.

      • Mel says:

        I know, Seesittellsit. I have respect for the Queen, too. And I think Harry is basically a good guy; I sincerely wish him all the best. But let’s be honest about the value and relevance of the whole family. We are living in 2017, not 1717.

      • magnoliarose says:


        You can’t possibly be serious about the Trumps. If you want to compare them to say The Rockefellers of yesteryear or even the Murdochs, then that has some merit, but Trump is a vile con man who inherited money from a crook and lies about his worth. Every single person in New York knows he is an awful human being and Melania is no better. You can call her a model if you want to but I know she was never a legit model but was something entirely different. They aren’t welcome in many places in the city for a reason.
        His election by collusion and lies is nothing to hold up as an example either. If he hasn’t raided the treasury by now, I would be shocked.

        Harry and William were born into this, but it is unfair to drag them for a system they did not create. For Harry to have to be seated next to an empty headed waste of space as Melania is absurd in the first place. Meghan is probably relieved not to have to socialize with her.

      • Ankhel says:

        oh, I don’t think the royals and nobles of this world are anything special, and many are undoubtedly useless.

        You just know they despise uncultured, nouveau riche social climbers like the Trumps though. Old money always does, right or wrong.

      • Nic919 says:

        It goes beyond old money and new money though. Orange twitler is a con man and traitor as well as his entire grasping family. Harry will play nice because he is trained to do so, even though the current president never plays nice and is a vulgar moron.

      • Mel says:

        @Magnolia – I never said a word about the Trumps. I meant simply and only what I wrote: that in my opinion neither Harry (whom I actually like as an individual), nor anyone from his family, is in the position to sneer, inwardly or outwardly, at ANYONE who has gained (or even failed to gain) any sort of position and/or money through personal work, or at any elected head of state.
        No, he did not ask to be born into that family; but since he WAS, he is – I hope – well aware that he and his kin have nothing to be haughty about, because none of their privileges are their merit.

        Oh, and BTW: I did mean the part about roaches, too. :)
        It is a scientifically proven fact. :P

      • Tina says:

        Harry was in the army for years and saw active service twice. He is, by all accounts, a charming and polite person. He has merit in those respects, in addition to his work using his privilege to promote the Invictus Games and mental health charities. Being an elected head of state does not entitle anyone to automatic respect, particularly when the outcome of that election was influenced by a foreign power. The President of the United States is an appalling person and most respect given to him by foreigners is for the office, not him as a person.

      • magnoliarose says:


        The part I disagree with is the idea that they can’t have personal opinions about someone just because they work. Of course, he can sneer. 45 is vile as his wife. They have said offensive things about people he likes, the Obamas. He is not obligated to do anything but a minimum protocol for white supremacists who happen to hold a high office. Respect is earned, and neither 45 nor his sidekick have done a thing in their lives to deserve any respect. Working or being elected aren’t any better especially when the person is repulsive and lacks character.

        I know about roaches. lol 👩‍🔬

  7. A Croatian says:

    Wow, she really looks different here, her profile is not how I imagined it :-D
    Oh, well

  8. Shambles says:

    Ugh. I wish Harry had refused to meet with Melania, but I guess someone has to act like an adult.

    I honestly just do not find Meghan Markle attractive, but I’m not trying to be rude or mean. It’s just my subjective opinion, I just don’t see it. But it’s good she was there to support him and she has nice teeth.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Yeah, just a big yuck that Harry had to meet with Melania. I expect Grifter Barbie to show up unexpectedly because she has desperately been trying to come up with sad little “love me” narratives to make people buy her brand. She’ll want to be there when Justin attends.

      • AnnaKist says:

        @IndianaJoanna: Yes! I meant to say this further up, but got sidetracked, as usual. I was really surprised that Princess Useless Special Advisor isn’t show up to the opening ceremony. Now she’ll just have to make do with watching and feigning interest in a few events until she can attend a party and once again flutter her fake lashes at Justin.

    • Meggles says:

      There’s video of him making the evil eye/devil’s hands/rock on gesture with his hand and holding it for 15 seconds when he first met MT. Immature but funny.

    • bettyrose says:


      I think MM is stunning, but I agree these pictures aren’t doing much for her. She’s probably also someone who is more attractive in person with an animated personality. We’re used to seeing so many still images of the wax figures that celebs morph into these days, and she seems less tweaked.

  9. Jb says:

    Love the outfit. The clutch is amazing. And yes, not a world leader etc etc. I also think if they sat together that would overshadow the amazing impact of Inviticus. There is clearly a timeline, we’ll prob see more of her slowly, and before we know it we’ll be oohing and ahhing over their drop dead gorgeous offspring.

    • Ankhel says:

      He seems to have matured a lot. No way he’d steal the veterans’ thunder by arriving with Markle on his arm, agreed. Maybe towards the end of the games? If they are engaged, that is.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I agree, Ankhel. My best friend’s son has already been told he’ll be part of the elite police dog and bomb squad when we host the Games next year. He said some of his mates are, and will be, competing, and they’re all unbelievably excited. I think having the focus and work to make Invictus so successful has done wonders for Harry (and I’m quite ambivalent about the royals), as well as opening up about his emotional struggles since his mum’s death. If there is to be an announcement sooner rather than later, I think it’ll be when Invictus is well and truly over.

  10. CommentingBunny says:

    There was no room for her in that section. Even the Premier of Ontario’s wife couldn’t sit there. Limited number of seats & the way the set up works, they can’t add more than 12 seats.

  11. Katherine says:

    Digging her outfit here! And such stunning hair

  12. Jayna says:

    I think she looked beautiful. But I agree, her makeup around her eyes could have been a little less dark. In the full set of photos I saw, there were a few times she did seem to be looking or playing to the cameras, that obviousness like Amal Clooney used to do.

    Anyway, having said all of that, she really was very striking sitting up there in her seat. She’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure. Great smile. Great hair.

    • Lady D says:

      As an actress, it just might be habit to look at the camera. She probably heard that a lot while training and becoming an actress. With Amal, I think it’s a little more deliberate. Amal might be trying to build her brand, though.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      I know she’s an actress, but this is next level attention from the paps that you simply can’t prepare yourself for until it happens. Prior to her relationship with Harry looking into the cameras and smiling/playing up to them, to some extent, was probably the suggested MO as it is with most actors, models, musicians, etc. it ensures a friendlier relationship with the paps and usually results in more attractive and engaging photos being published. It will be a bit of a transition for her now, but I’m sure she get the hang of her changed position quickly.

    • suze says:

      Nancy Reagan was at Andrew and Sarah’s wedding, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Melania may be invited, but I think it’s not likely. Times have changed since 1986, and at the “semi-state” wedding of WillKate, there were no US politicians.

      Harry’s is a not going to be a state occasion and It is highly unlikely that Donald Trump would be there, even in the remote possibility he was invited. It would be a ridiculous security nightmare and stupid distraction from the wedding itself.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Slightly controversial opinion: is it such a bad thing if she does enjoy the attention? It seems to me, long term success in these kinds of situations involves a little hamminess and performative art. JFK jr notoriously courted attention and it generally worked in his favor. (Anyone remember the shirtless in Central Park pics?) His wife was a different story. And while we will never know how that would have turned out, even the biggest Kennedy stans admit she hated the attention and the marriage was on the rocks. Diana loved the attention, and one has to wonder if that marriage weren’t the dumpster fire that it was…would she and Charles not be an amazing, dynamic partnership?

  13. Lotusgoat says:

    Cute outfit (and especially jacket!), cute Prince, I don’t understand royal rules so hopefully they just both had a good time.

  14. Indiana Joanna says:

    I googled photos of Harry meeting with Michelle Obama and the different way he responded to Melania was magic for me. He was polite, terse, professional. Nothing like the pure delight he showed in being with Michelle. Also, why was Sophie Trudeau not seated next to Harry? Tne games are in Toronto.

    I wonder if hideous troll drump will mistake the Harry meeting as a tacit signal and approval from the RF that he can have his full pomp and ceremony visit in England. Or will he go on a Twitter rant bashing Harry for not being madly in love with Melania. Or does he he not care that much about Melania to get worked up.

  15. lisa says:

    in these pictures, she looks like the cuter less orange sister of pippa

  16. Fiorucci says:

    Welllll realistically Melania did kind of “work harder” and she has SUFFERED im sure to become a First Lady than harry did for his position. But he applies himself so I guess he can look down on her (this was a reply but in the wrong spot now)

  17. bread says:

    I never noticed before how much these two look alike – same nose, same close-set eyes…

  18. Maria says:

    I just don’t get it. Chelsy sat next to Harry at the Diana concert. Kate sat a few rows behind, because they weren’t back together yet. She accompanied Harry to Peter Phillips’ wedding. Kate tagged along. Met the Queen etc. Kate went to Lady Rose Windsor’s wedding, still a girlfriend. Meghan only goes to the reception for Pippa’s wedding. No pics.
    What’s going on?

    • magnoliarose says:

      He does not want pictures of them all over the place. They decided to keep sightings to a minimum so that they could have a private relationship.

      Just like in life when you meet someone who is special you treat the relationship with more regard. He never made public statements asking for a girlfriend to be left alone before, and that should have been the clue this was on another level for him. He said more than once it would be hard to date him and the humorous part is he said this in an interview while they were dating before anyone knew about it.

      If you love someone, you would not want them hurt, and he is well versed on how vicious the public can be. He does not particularly like or trust the press. His mother died in an accident running away from them surely this had a hand in his attitude.

      The British press is far worse than the American press by a long shot as far as tabloids and paps. Some of the most aggressive paparazzi are British, and the papers are much more intrusive. She isn’t super famous, to begin with, so that level of scrutiny would be shocking. Only JFK Jr came close to that here.

    • whatever says:

      Some people will say this is as a result of all the disgusting comments Meghan regularly receives from DM readers. But part of the blame has to be put on H + M + KP’s shoulders for this. They were so clock-and-dagger about this relationship for months, this allowed DM to break the story to their daily online readership of tens’ of millions and they just ran with. DM had free reign to do a character assassination on Meghan and this allowed their many readers to come to their own conclusions about her.

      Had Harry, Meghan and KP done a careful roll out of their relationship before October 2016 DM would not have the control they have now about how people perceive Meghan and her relationship with Harry. And up until the VF article (THIS MONTH!!) Harry, Meghan and KP still hadn’t learnt anything. A few staged pap walks together over the past year and a few other PR things would have stopped people saying this relationship is fake, it would have killed the hysteria around this relationship a bit. Now every sighting of them in the same room is a big deal and runs the risk of overshadowing things that actually matter – the brave men and women taking part in the Invictus Games!

    • Mel says:

      A few days or maybe weeks ago I commented here something to the effect that it was ‘starting to look as if she were trying to media-pressure him into marriage’. I also indicated unambiguously that I did NOT believe that was actually the case.
      Now… Let me just say I am not far away from perhaps starting to believe it.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Mel – I have always believed that. And, as I have also pointed out, this is similar to what happened to Charles, who was always ambivalent about Diana up until the last moments – but the public loved her from the word GO and eventually the huge press buildup forced even his father to say, “Marry her or let her go, you’re going to ruin her life if you go much farther with this without asking her.”

        Doesn’t necessarily mean Harry doesn’t want to – but if he wanted more time, MM’s PR has ensured he isn’t going to get it, and it’s sort of insurance for her: either she gets him or she gets a bumped up public profile she couldn’t have bought with all the money in the world.

      • whatever says:

        I agree with you second parapgraph completely @seesittellsit. It was my actually first though when Meghan was partaking in those staged pap walks on the way to yoga while conveniently showing off ‘H’/elephant related jewellery. It was her way of confirming the relationship was still going strong but not making it obvious that she was doing that. Harry and KP/BRF were schtum at this time.

      • Meggles says:

        Utter nonsense, it’s far more likely it’s Harry and the palace behind the media roll out because they know the engagement will be announced soon.

        Meghan has done everything in her power to keep the relationship quiet and private for months, and only did one single interview (which was likely at Harry/Palace’s urging) after months of hiding.

        Imo Meghan is the private one and Harry the one who wants the relationship to be more public.

      • whatever says:

        @Meggles – I’m laughing so hard right now! Do you really believe a professional actress who loves the limelight is trying to keep her relationship private while the Prince who lost his mother in a car crash at the hands of the paparazzi wants it to be more public?

        Really Meggles, really!??

      • Maria says:

        We don’t know if the VF interview was sanctioned by the palace. Fact is, we really don’t know much. Face it, they have only been seeing each other for a little over a year. And it’s a long-distance relationship which is very different. They may want and need more time, which might be wise at this s point. I want this to work as much as most people, but still, I have this nagging feeling…
        Is there a Torontonian here who has Bell Fibe?I just got Fibe recently.
        Can anyone tell me what channel the games are on. Thank you.

      • Nic919 says:

        @maria. TSN will be airing recaps of the games so it would be in the 1400 to 1404 channels.
        Since you have Fibe you can do a search under Invictus Games and it will show all the air times.

      • Maria says:

        Thank you Nic. I will try it. It’s so hot out, I wanted to watch some of the events. I feel sorry for some of the athletes, competing in this heat, ok for the swimmers. Anyway, have a nice day.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      The Diana concert was NOT a BRF sanctioned event, that’s why! It was a tribute two sons set up to honour their mother. Here at the games, Harry is with WORLD LEADERS and is REPRESENTING HIS COUNTRY. Two TOTALLY DIFFERENT capacities. THAT is why they will not be seated together until it’s official and he’s put a ring on it.

      • whatever says:

        @Imqrious2 I don’t think the Invictus Games is a BRF sanctioned event either. His appearances at IG events don’t go towards his official yearly tally of public appearences . Its, for all intents and purposes a private event for him. Harry meeting World Leaders could be the only official part of his time in Toronto.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        Whiny throne Idle Willnot lazy Cannot b
        announcement may have change CH BP engagement timing.

      • Abs says:

        Invictus Games are in the CC. It is an official event for him.

      • suze says:

        No, they are more the same than different. The Invictus Games are Prince Harry’s side project, and the concert was a side project run by both Harry and William. Neither show up as an official royal event nor are they accounted in the end of year work totals.

        It’s not on the Court Circular right now. Now, its possible that it has been made official and they will add it later. The last thing on the circular for Harry was his Wilderness event on 9/14.

        It’s been a point of faith on this blog and other places that Harry does not get credit for his work on the Invictus Games because it is not an official event.

      • notasugarhere says:

        IG started as a side project, combined with him still being in the Army at the time. I think last year was the first time any IG showed up in the CC, and then it was Harry as HM’s representative to the games. All of the work behind the scenes and meetings he attends are not counted in the CC iirc.

      • Ronia says:

        I see this fake story about the Invictus being a BRF initiative repeatedly on this thread. This is odd given how many regular posters are very well versed in the BRF. Invictus Games has always been and still is a private initiative of Harry just like his charity in Africa. The BRF has absolutely no authority or agency with the Invictus nor is Harry representing anyone but himself at the games.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Ronia, I’m not saying it is an official initiative of the BRF. It has, however, started showing up in the CC starting last year. The background work he does, the meetings and planning, is on his own time as a personal initiative and isn’t listed. Much of the work is still being done on his personal time, BUT the BRF has started claiming some of it as official engagements.

    • seesittellsit says:

      @Maria – Kate actually represented William at Peter Phillip’s wedding, if I remember. And you also have to remember how long William and Kate were an acknowledged couple – Harry and MM have only been seeing each other for a year and in a long-distance relationship, at that. Kate was William’s s.o. for much longer – she also sat near the Queen at William when he got his “wings” – they weren’t engaged at that time, either, if I remember. Kate was also English, living in the same country, not a professional actress with other commitments to fulfill, and much more in the “mold” if you will, even if some of us (like yours truly here) sniggered cynically at the Middletons’ assumptions about their fitting that mold . . . still, it was different.

      William was a frequent weekend guest in the Middleton’s home, joining them for home-cooked Sunday dinners (sometimes I think it was Carole who seduced the poor motherless William with all that family togetherness, not Kate’s charms). They went to the same school – it really was a different situation.

    • Sunfuntravel says:

      Maria sweety the Diana concert was not a royal semctioned event being counted on the CC, so different protocol, okay to sit together, the events that he attended with Creassida same, not counted in the CC. And at the Diana concert Kate and Willam were already back together. Check facts my love! I don’t know does a public statement put out by Kensington Place 9 months ago calling her his girlfriend seems to be umm like a acknowledgment or something…

      • Maria says:

        Hello, I do know my facts. I know that Kate and Willy were back together but it wasn’t official at that point.
        I am not saying she is not his girlfriend. We know she is. But everyone is rushing to get an engagement that may or may not happen. It’s only been a year.

      • Maria says:

        Also, Harry did talk about Chelsy being his girlfriend. An interview he gave. So this is not the first time he is discussing a girlfriend with the press. Maybe you should check your facts.

      • magnoliarose says:


        They are getting engaged. The signs are there, and there has been no denial. I am sorry for the people who have some need to BE in denial, but the facts are what they are.
        He is over Chelsy, and it was a young relationship, first love. He didn’t do much official work since he was still in the military.

      • Maria says:

        Magnolia rose, I want this engagement as much as the next person. I don’t take it as a given.
        But if there is, I will be happy.

      • Mel says:

        That “young” relationship, that “first love” (we don’t really know that, do we, only Harry does), lasted seven years. SEVEN years. That would be quite a long-term relationship at any age – but in the early 20s it means one third of a person’s lifetime. It certainly points to something far more serious than some puppy love.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I can only say the off and on is off for a reason and he wasn’t faithful. That is what I mean by young, and it wasn’t continuous. It is one of the main reasons William has rumors swirling around him. To this day it baffles me why any mother would allow or support her daughter to be treated the way Kate was so publicly is beyond me.
        Unlike some, I hope they become friends, and Kate carves out a life of her own that is not dictated by Billy B Normal but with projects and her adorable babies. It isn’t a love story, but she can still be happy. I am convinced he is behind her lack of confidence after all this time.

        BTW Chelsy is not married, so she has been available, but he is not interested anymore which says it would not have been a happy match. She isn’t a practicing lawyer either.

    • notasugarhere says:

      What’s going on is two adults are trying to have a relationship with all of us up in their business about it.

      The Middleton wedding wasn’t an official, royal event. It was the private wedding of private people (who desperately want positive media attention). If Harry was invited as one of Pippa’s in-law’s in-law’s, it makes sense that he brought his girlfriend with him. Why go alone? It appears the church was small and about half the reception attendees were not invited to the church, so not strange that Harry’s girlfriend was at the reception not the service. It also enabled them to not steal attention from that event or have to worry about the paps trying to get the “money shot” of the two of them outside a church.

      • Maria says:

        If Harry and Meghan get married, I hope they do it in St Paul’s cathedral and not invite any of the Middletons. They can say the church is too small, but they are welcome to come to the reception.

      • whatever says:

        @ Maria

        The capacity of St Paul’s cathedral is bigger than the capacity of Westminster Abbey so that excuse wouldn’t work . Also why wouldn’t he invite the Middleton’s? We have no idea if he really despises them or if its just made up by the anti-Middleton brigade. He may not be fond of Ma Middleton (who would be tbh?) but I think he is ok with the rest of them.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think Maria may have been being sarcastic.

        There are no photos of Harry spending time with the Middletons for 15 years, other than one Christmas rugby event where petulant William inserted his BIL last minute with a fib about a twisted ankle. Logical to think he wouldn’t be at that wedding, or he’d only be there for a pro-Middleton PR move. The Middletons are his brother’s in-laws, not his.

  19. Starryfish says:

    Loved her outfit, I’m glad she’s not being forced into boring ptincess clothes just yet. She showed up to support her BF on a big night for him, but did so without stealing all the front pages. These two are rolling their relationship out very skillfully so far.

    • seesittellsit says:

      @Starryfish – DM and HELLO this morning are all over it.

      I also loved her outfit – this week, it’s a tos-sup between that plum-colored leather jacket and Swiftie’s tan/winter white cashmere coat.

      They aren’t officially engaged yet, why would anyone tell her what to wear?

      Pesonally, I found her starry-eyed rapturous expression just a tad overdoing it, very much the actress giving a performance in the knowledge that it’s Show Time!

      I wonder if they are saving the announcement FOR the Queen’s 70th, as a sort of anniversary present – you know the Youth and Experience contrast, past and future? And also to be sure Kate’s pregnancy is on track, as she has such a difficult time in the first trimester.

      So, here’s my bet: November announcement, April/May wedding.

  20. wo says:

    She looks like she’s melting. I thought this was going to be the grand “coming out” of their relationship, according to everyone here. LOL.

  21. suze says:

    I thought the interaction with Melania was a bit awkward, but he did have that great rapport with the Obamas, so nothing will live up to it.

    Markle looked pretty, although she has looked prettier in my opinion. Probably nerve wracking for her just being there.

    They probably sat separately to keep the attention on the games and athletes, and so Harry could go about his professional life in a professional manner, not make it a chance to debut his relationship. Good call, even if it is a bit of a fizzle for Merry watchers.

    This is Harry’s signature patronage, so kudos to him, stepping up and doing a good job. Credit where it is due.

  22. seesittellsit says:

    As a few others have pointed out, there isn’t anything mysterious about this: they aren’t “officially” engaged yet, but they are, at a minimum, in a Serious Relationship and he may even have proposed privately, but for whatever reason, the moment for the official announcement from Clarence House hasn’t arrived yet. So until that moment arrives, MM’s appearance here, 1) was a response to huge public hype expecting it, so not appearing at all wasn’t an option and would have given rise to TIP rumors, but 2) was carefully calibrated to acknowledge the relationship yet announce that it wasn’t “official” yet.

    So there we are.

  23. robyn says:

    I think Prince Harry was doing his duty and forced to be next to the “First Lady” and it was Markle who decided she didn’t want to be anywhere near Trump’s enabler wife.

  24. MommyMaura says:

    Wow, I’m getting modded out for answering a question? Seriously!!!

  25. Nic919 says:

    Harry has been busy during these games because prior to the opening ceremony he spent a few hours at CAMH, the top mental health centre in Ontario and he was there longer than the originally scheduled 90 minutes. There is also a super cute video of him riding in a car with a daughter of an Invictus Games participant. That was all before he met with Melania, Trudeau and the Governor General.

  26. Reef says:

    Bless you Kaiser for the update. That was my first thought when I saw her pics.
    2nd thought, WTF is Melania wearing? Yikes.

  27. Red says:

    I really like her jacket. Her eye makeup is a little heavy, but other then that I think she looks good. As soon as I saw these pics I knew the nastiness would start. I did laugh at the ladies from royaldish. They can’t stand it…lol. saying Meghan has had work done, and comparing her to their two least favorite royals mary from Denmark and of course Sophia from Sweden.

    This girl has done nothing to get the hate, except not be the picture perfect chosen one for Harry. They never would have thought he would end up with a biracial actress from America. Lol…..

  28. Therealstuff says:


    1. Why does she drape her jacket over her shoulders instead of wear them like a normal person? This is the 2nd time she’s done that. First at the polo game, and now this.

    2. Why was she “escorted” out early? Why couldn’t she have stayed the entire time?

    Several pics have her looking directly at the camera. No, she’s not an attention seeker at all. 🙄

    • Mel says:

      “Why does she drape her jacket over her shoulders instead of wear them like a normal person? This is the 2nd time she’s done that. First at the polo game, and now this.”

      Not a fangirl of hers, but… because she likes to wear it that way?
      I know I do. I never wear light jackets any other way, especially indoors.

    • Sunfuntravel says:

      1) it’s her damn shoulder she can wear her jacket however she damn please
      2)Ummmm The camera is literally across a huge stadium using long lenses…. soooo nice try though, cute but feeble

    • Sharon Lea says:

      My Mom wears something on her shoulders when in restaurants and the air conditioning is blowing on top of her and has done it for years. I don’t see that as anything strange.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Her shoulders, her choice. Many women wear jackets on their shoulders like that, including Queen Maxima and Queen Letizia.

      Perhaps she left after his speech because that’s what they both wanted her to do? She wanted to be there to support him emotionally during his speech, but knew that if she stuck around it would draw even more (ridiculous negative) attention.

  29. perplexed says:

    I don’t think she looks that great here. I am a bit surprised. Maybe it’s just bad photographs.

  30. Abs says:

    The opening ceremony is the most formal part of the Invictus Games. There’s a reason why there was a VIP section with world leaders. Harry was there as Prince Henry of Wales. Yes, this is his own initiative and not representing The Queen, but that doesn’t make it less formal. For anyone to compare it with the Diana concert clearly has no clue about the games or anything. She was there to support him, but she did so in a very classy manner. That’s the important part.

    • suze says:

      Actually, it’s about the same thing as the Diana concert exactly – a side project by the princes, not an official royal patronage. They just approached it differently, so the seating arrangements are different.

      • magnoliarose says:

        No it is not. Harry is representing the royal family. He is not snubbing her.

      • suze says:

        Where did I say he was “snubbing” her? I don’t think that is the case and I never said so.

        Right now, this event is not on the court circular. It may be added later, and if it it is then we can say that Harry was representing the Queen. Until it is, it’s a side project.

      • magnoliarose says:


        Sorry I was combining two responses in a hurry into one thought.

        nota said it is an official event. I like following them now for fun with the depressing state of the world but I don’t keep up with their events.
        I remember last year it was counted.

      • Ronia says:

        Um yes, because someone said so, it became a BRF event. Thought not. It is and has always been a private initiative of Harry’s (I do hope those start counting towards the court count but as appreciation for a job well done as well as with his African charity) . I am positive the Queen is proud with how far and high the event has reached but to state that it’s a BRF sanctioned event is forcing it into a frame which simply does not exist. None of the restrictions applying to a BRF sanctioned event applies to the Invictus. Simple.

      • Abs says:

        It IS in the CC. For god’s sake. The online CC is often updated days later and never on a weekend. The Times which also publishes the CC (every day but Sunday) has it in the CC for the Monday edition (Saturday and Sunday engagements are always published in the Monday edition). I have no idea who started with the “Invictus are never in the CC”- BS but it’s untrue. They have always counted as official work BUT only one engagement/day plus extra for Opening and Closing ceremony. So for example he would watch wheelchair tennis in the morning, athletics in the afternoon and rowing in the evening but it’s only one engagement and not three. Yet still in the CC.

      • magnoliarose says:

        notasugar isn’t “someone” she is a commenter who is an avid royal watcher, and one of the expert commenters here about the European royals and I trust what she says. There are a few here like LAK, Nic and some others that get into details, and they haven’t been wrong most of the time, and apparently, they aren’t on this either.
        Where is LAK? I wanted to thank her for information she gave me.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It started as a private initiative and much of the work is still done by him behind the scenes and isn’t “counted”. But in the last two years, the BRF has been claiming some of it as part of his BRF engagements. That isn’t a bad thing, IMO. It means IG has become so successful the BRF wants to ride Harry’s coattails.

  31. Really? says:

    MM is attractive but not stunningly beautiful like a lot of people are making her out to be. She does love the attention whether people like to admit that or not.

  32. perplexed says:

    Why wasn’t Prince Harry sitting in the same row as Justin Trudeau and his wife? That’s what I’d like to know. Why did Melania Trump get the seat next to him? How is the seating arranged? That’s what I’m baffled by. Clearly, that section seemed to be for world leaders and diplomats so Meghan Markle not sitting there wasn’t confusing for me. But where Prince Harry was positioned in relation to Melania Trump and the Trudeaus was. The Games are being held in Toronto and Canada is a Commonwealth country, so it would have made more sense to me to have Harry sitting next to the Prime Minister and his wife.

  33. NikoleN says:

    I’m sure there is no relationship at all, just have sex couple of time and that’s all.

  34. Sharon Lea says:

    I believe it most likely that Meghan will appear with Harry, at the closing ceremony. I think they will walk around together or be in sort of an informal way. This way it does not detract from the week long event. The music/concert will be informal and a celebration, it has the “right” vibe.

  35. CharlieBouquet says:

    Not a royal watcher, but the brooding male pic…..I immediately wondered if another man was getting too close to his woman. My husband has done the look if we are out and separated and he thinks a guy is flirting or invading my personal space.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Mine too. lol
      He tries to play it off, but I know.
      I tease him relentlessly about it. The funniest excuse was weak because he claimed it was because I am a mother. lol
      As long as it isn’t crazy or overly possessive, it doesn’t bother me much, and I don’t think Harry is either.
      Harry kept looking at her and glancing in her direction.

    • Mel says:

      The problem is that Trudeau was also casting glances in the exact same direction, at the exact same time.
      I don’t know whom or what they were watching, but they both appeared tense and slightly worried.

    • Peeking in says:

      Mel – Meghan is (at least) casual friends with Sophie, she has also met Justin a few times. Meghan is great friends with Ben Mulroney’s wife. The Mulroneys and Trudeaus are close, likely forming a bond as both Ben and Justin are sons of former Prime Ministers. All this to say, Justin knows Meghan, they follow each other on social media and that could explain the glancing over there.

  36. Joanie says:

    She looks older than Harry even though they are not that far apart in age. I dunno they don’t look like a match to me but time will tell. This all seems so media driven. Its bizarre!

    • Jayna says:

      But he will pass her and start looking older than her. He’s going to age fast once he hits his late 30s, and she has the skin and hair and eyes that will keep her looking about the same age she is now for a long time, in the same way that Rachel Weisz looks ten years younger than her true age, 47. and not in a plastic surgery way.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Because heaven forbid a woman look older than the man she is with or be with a man younger than she is?

      Camilla is older than Charles. Kate is older than William. Alexia of Denmark (and Greece) is five years older than her husband. Angela of Liechtenstein is 11 years older than her husband (as was Eleanor of Aquitaine).

    • perplexed says:

      I don’t think she looks older. Then again, I don’t think Harry looks unusually young either — he’s not Ralph Macchio.

    • suze says:

      There is a large media component to it which hasn’t been a feature of any royal romance since Chuck and Di. Since that turned out so well, I can see where people mistrust this.

      That said, I don’t really think that Markle or the Prince are actually driving it. It’s the fact that Markle is American and an actress, and a biracial woman, that is sparking more interest than normal. It also helps that Harry is very visible and still a young man in his thirties. People are interested in the positive and negative.

      If there is this level of interest once they have been married ten years I will eat my hat. I suspect they will be both dutiful and rather dull, but as long as they do some some actual good in the world, I am all for it.

      As far as how she looks, I think she looks far, far more mature and sophisticated than he does, which makes them seem like a bit of an odd couple. But I don’t think she looks older – and what appears to be a mismatch to me might well be what attracts them to each other. Humans are like that.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I can see how they seem mismatched. Even though I like her, I would have never thought Harry was interesting enough to go this route.
        No one in a million years would have chosen my parents for each other. I mean a Northeastern Jew and a Louisiana Cajun. Who in what universe would ever put those cultures together much less even think it wasn’t a punchline for a joke. One was believed to be an ambitious mercenary with a funny accent in it for material reasons and the other very misguided.
        They saw things in each other that other people didn’t and had more in common as far as world view than anyone realized. It was scandalous for a Jew and a Catholic to date and even more appalling that the Catholic converted and they married.

        That is why I don’t fling accusations at Meghan or Harry because from the outside it can appear unlikely if not insane but to them, it makes perfect sense.

  37. Teel says:

    Why did MT thank Prince Harry for being there? It’s his gig, is it not?

  38. CynicalAnn says:

    Some of you are going to need sedatives the day they get married.

  39. aquarius64 says:

    I still think if Harry and Meghan do marry the Trumps will try to snag an invitation, state occasion or not. Melania may be there at the Invictus Games to soften the ground; Trump would want an end run to the U.K. state visit. Trump will see a no-invite as a snub, and he will take to Twitter to drag the couple and Buckingham Palace to invite them. (Trump would get PM May into the act in the name of the “special relationship”. ) Remember, Trump loves to pick Twitter fights with critics, the media, professional athletes, etc. He would really go off the rails if the Obamas were invited.

  40. Dee says:

    There are going to be so many red faces when the break-up happens by the end of the year.

    Meghan is famous now, due to her dating Harry, she will be able to dine out on this for the rest of her life.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Why? They might break up, they might get married, who knows? They may not know at this point. For now, they are two people trying to have a relationship with all of us unwanted gossipers tagging along.

      Being the ex-girlfriend of someone famous isn’t a great place to be. Almost as bad as only being seen as “the girlfriend of”. It certainly hasn’t made Cressida’s, Chelsy’s, or Koo Stark’s lives easier. Ditto pretty much every woman Clooney dated. Being known as “the ex” doesn’t open doors but gets you mocked frequently.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Lolololol. Oh girl-better prepare yourself.

    • suze says:

      Hm. Well, possibly, but I do lean to a marriage and not a break up. I guess we’ll just have to see which way the wind blows.

      Where I differ from most of the commenters here is that I think they’ll settle into a rather typical royal marriage and it won’t be nearly as exciting for royal watchers as some think.

    • Sage says:

      I speculated they would breakup near the end of the year or early next year. But, the VF article came out and it would be really embarrassing for Megan if the relationship ended this year. I still don’t believe they will marry.

    • seesittellsit says:

      @Dee – ya know, anything is possible. I have $10 riding on an engagement announcement, and it looks pretty much like a safe bet to me at this point, but I would never insist that it’s a safe bet because I know something that others don’t. Certainty is one of the most dangerous things to cherish in life. So – if you know something we don’t do share it! If not, and you’re just guessing like the rest of us . . . put in “I think . . .” and tell us why you think so.

  41. jenn says:

    How embarrassing for her. at the same event and she isn’t sitting with her bf? I don’t care who he is, that is disrespectful and she is an ass for putting up with it. She must want that princess tiara really badly…..

  42. themummy says:

    I’m not one for bumpwatch and it would make so sense whatsoever for them to have a bun in the oven now (especially before even an engagement), but if I were a bumpwatcher, that last photo of Meghanmight make me say “hmm….”

  43. Kendi says:

    Is it my just my eyes or do I see a bit of a tummy on her? Could explain the tired eyes.

  44. CharlieBouquet says:

    Oh yeah Magnolia, I appreciate it after almost 20yrs together. I forget the other sex exists at times, been off the market for so long I kind of treat everyone like genderless barbies lol. In our case he does it as his cave man throw back and I appreciate knowing he thinks anyone would be interested in me. I on the other hand just pee on him before he leaves the house to mark my territory; )

  45. JANE Wilson says:

    Well naturally they weren’t seated together! It would be a huge media frenzy and the focus would switch pretty much off the Invictus Games altogether.
    The games and the people taking part are deeply important to Harry – People magazine can wait.

  46. Bellagio DuPont says:

    From a personality perspective, Harry is far better suited to the role of King than William on my humble opinion.

  47. Tito says:

    Why does so many people think hes going to marry her? Because shes an american actress? Shes not his first girlfriend he had for a longer period. Yes hes older now but i have the feeling hes not ready to marry anytime soon. But who knows. I just dont think shes the right one for him. But again, who knows…

  48. Green Is Good says:

    Why was the First Fembot even there? This is the same person who didn’t do shit about her alleged platform of bullying. She adds nothing but jokes about wearing stilettos to a disaster area.

  49. Cee says:

    OMG I finally see the Pippa resemblance!!!

  50. GiBee says:

    Hey, when a famous white guy does something bad, it should be ignored and forgotten forever. I think the last year has taught us that.

  51. bluhare says:

    I don’t quite understand that. There are plenty of comments here that aren’t exactly “pro them”.

  52. island_girl says:

    Accept Harry acknowledge, apologized and seems to have show repentance. The Orange Demon has done none of that.