Us Weekly: Taylor Swift ‘loves to cook & bake’ for ‘gorgeous’ Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift's new video 'Look What You Made Me Do'

I know so many of the Tom Hiddlestans hate when I bring up Tom in Taylor Swift posts (and they hate when I bring up Tay-Tay in Hiddles-posts), but you guys… I miss Tiddles. I really do. God, we were so lucky to experience that mess. They were so much fun to talk about. They were so extra with their worldwide love tour. Whenever I even consider Joe Alwyn, I’m just reminded of the fact that HE’S NO HIDDLES. That should be his name: Joe No Hiddles. But Tay-Tay is desperate to “make” Joe into the Next Hiddles. She wants us to be curious about this blank-slate British boy. She’s writing love songs about his impossible beauty, and she desperately wants us to know that Joe No Hiddles is the one she thinks is “Gorgeous”:

The more she insists that Joe No Hiddles is the Gorgeous One, the more I believe the song is actually about Hiddleston. Just sayin’. Also: boyfriend of a year?? So she definitely got with Joe No Hiddles about one month after The End of Tiddles. Huh. And in case you weren’t convinced, Us Weekly had yet another handy-dandy article about how Tay-Tay and Joe are “very much in love.”

One for the books! Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, are “very much in love,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“They have quite a low-key relationship, which Taylor likes,” the insider reveals. “It’s very normal, and no one really knows about it right now. They just work out, watch movies together and invite friends over. Taylor loves to cook and bake for him. They are still taking it slow.”

It is unclear exactly when the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer, 27, and the British actor, 26, began dating, but their relationship first made headlines in May. Prior to Alwyn, she dated Tom Hiddleston from June to September 2016 and Calvin Harris from March 2015 to June 2016. The ultra private couple may finally be ready to make their public debut, though. “Expect to see them step out together really soon,” a source exclusively told Us in September. “It’s often been Taylor’s M.O. to be seen with a new guy first, have her new single drop and then announce her new album. But this time, she’s kept the guy private. And that’s pretty interesting. She really likes Joe.”

The Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk actor is “supportive of her career choices,” the insider continued. “She’s very happy.”

[From Us Weekly]

Oh, Joe is “supportive of her career choices” is he? That’s like saying Casper Smart was “supportive” of J.Lo’s career. Like, that’s the only big career in the relationship. No disrespect to Joe – he got work before Taylor and he’ll get work after they break up. But his career as a barely-known actor is nothing compared to the career of arguably the biggest pop star in the world.

Last thing: people were wondering about the baby-voice at the beginning of “Gorgeous” – apparently, Taylor has confirmed (??) that the baby in question is none other than James Reynolds, daughter of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Burberry Show, London Collections Men, Autumn Winter 2016

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  1. harperb says:

    oh no, prepare for the insults over her enjoying cooking and baking……

    don’t fail me with your ridiculousness now, commenters.

    • Madly says:

      There is plenty to make fun of her without mocking cooking or baking.

      Stop pretending you are above it, you like reading the comments or you would not be here.

    • Electric Tuba says:

      Fine Harper, I don’t usually like begging on a Monday morning but if you really want me to insult this weirdo I will do it just for you.
      Here goes *clears throat*
      She should get in the kitchen and bake herself a new personality while she’s making that nobody lump of skin she calls her boyfriend a sammich.
      We all know she like to lick the bowl!


      Ok have a good day

    • JA says:

      PLEASE when ppl throw shade at Taylor they dont need to grab at just anything because girl has plenty of actual snake ways. I love cooking and wish i could pick up some baking skills and the time to do it….thats all i got on this story.

    • jammypants says:

      Meh I like baking and cooking. If anything, she should share some of her fav recipes. That I can get down with, not this “Im so secretive but I sources keep spilling details!” rinse and repeat PR routine.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      If anything people would mock her Public Relations use of traditional “feminine” food-preparation skills to demonstrate what a “real” and “normal” relationship she has. And I would see the point.

      If it’s real, it’s real, but don’t go on about real for women means cooking for the Mister.

      That’s not helpful to young fans.

    • Lizzie says:

      eh – i think it is ripe for ripping into. she wants to play “miss taylor if you’re nasty” on her new big girl album but she’s still projecting this image of sweet, traditional, feminine with this “she loves to cook and bake for him. they are taking it slow” AKA not f–king. it is total BS and i hate that she is one of the most powerful and business savvy celebs in the world and she’s still doing this virginal victim crap.

    • FLORC says:

      Nah. It’s not the cooking or baking. It’s the pr image pushed forward from her team directly. That this is so special of a love just weeks in. Epic really. And swift won’t make her old missteps. She will keep it under wraps. That’s how we knew she used friemds condos and what type of pizza they order when they have their 3 date nights a week. Because this relationship is guarded and protected. Because it’s so real she doesn’t need validation from others. Just the love they share.

      *Not a shot as much again swifty, but more to how contradicting her actions and her PR are. Worse how her fans mostly eat it up like gospel despite the many contradictions. Like a Trump supporter ignores the doublespeak. Yea. The comparison works in that context.. don’t blow it out of that context.

  2. Madly says:

    She is so immature. Wanting to make her fans scour the internet and correct the idea of who the song is about. Makes me think the song was not about Joe in the first place. He looks like Mr Potatoehead. Bet it was about Tom and it got tweaked to fit her new narrative. She is such a hollow shell.

    • Beth says:

      It’s her way of getting people interested in the song. The more the people try to figure out who it’s about, the more it’ll be listened to, talked about and add up with millions of views on the Internet, which makes it look like a record setting hit song

    • jammypants says:

      She should work on her songwriting, or did she get baby James to do that?

    • Handwoven says:

      At this point in time, no one truly famous is going to date her. There’s no upside to it, and sooooo much baggage and potential to be made the bad guy.
      So she has to date a relative nobody.
      So here she is, convincing everyone (trying to) that he is the LOVE OF HER LIFE and he’s SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL and he’s just so GORGEOUS.
      Because what else is she going to do? Admit that he was the best she could find willing to put up with her particular brand of madness?

      • FLORC says:

        Agreed. What has been said of interaction with her has been like a cross between Peter pan, Disney, and Beyonce. Bey being the hard work ethic. Which she has! Credit where it’s due.
        Short of that she profits off of her personal life and it’s almost a guarantee she will air out her dirty laundry painting all other parties as evil and play a victim. That won’t change.even with those damning receipts showing her as incorrect .
        And all of this aside she will be fine. She has a great pr team. Great people in charge of her image. And great money management. She needs only to keep them employed.

    • Fleur says:

      I’m astounded by how immature Taylor’s new album is (at least what she’s released of it so far). How is this woman a contemporary of Miley, Selena and Demi, all three of whom are much more experimental in their music and videos? I’ve just downloaded Demi’s new album and I think it’s the best pop album of the year. Every single track on Tell Me You Love Me is solid. It’s also emotionally complex, showing a really interesting inner life and a woman trying to discover when and how to love in a way that makes her happy. It’s an awesome album.

      Taylor’s album sounds like something she could’ve produced at 16. I’ve tried to listen to Gorgeous twice and couldn’t get through the whole song either time, it’s that bad.

      As for Joe, I’ve watched an interview with him and the man’s much more attractive on film than he is in still photos. He’s definitely got charisma. I can see why she’s attracted to him, despite the fact that they look like they could be siblings.

  3. Chef Grace says:

    I am just old and mean, I guess, but baby boy Jo Jo is not gorgeous. I miss Tiddles and the tour of luuuurve.
    Oh well, let them eat cookies while the world burns.

  4. graymatters says:

    Am I the only one who needs to remind myself that James is a girl? But I’m glad it’s her voice. I thought it was Ivanka’s.

  5. Ally says:

    Alwyn was actually very good in the recent film The Sense of an Ending. I wished he was onscreen more, tbh.

    Looks wise, I definitely buy that a Gorgeous song would be about him and not Hiddles. The Hiddles song would be titled Needy or Overeager.

  6. SK says:

    Honestly I don’t mind her usually. My little nieces LOVE her music, she gives a lot to fans and charity, I like how she took that groper down and I find her occasional pettiness vaguely amusing. However right now she has misread the mood. Too many other BIG things are going on. No one except superfans care about this seriously minor stuff. She’s misjudged. Snoooooooooooooooze-fest.

  7. Peggy says:

    Gorgeous and Joe Alwyn, Tay Tay is so funny.
    Taking bets on when this one will run for hills, sooner or later the the smothering gets to anyone who dates her.

  8. Lightpurple says:

    “No one really knows about it” and yet, we all know about it. Can she just stop with this stupid “secret romance” nonsense?

    Meanwhile, Tom, the guy who was supposedly in love with her for her fame, has pretty much disappeared for months, popping up only to do the bare contractual minimum of promoting projects as they’re released and attending awards shows only if he’s been nominated and pretty much skipping interviews. He didn’t even promote Hamlet, not that there was any need to do so.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I know. You can actually see how different he is on this promo for Thor. Not sure if it’s entirely because of the Tiddleswift backlash but I’d bet it contributed.

    • jammypants says:

      Well she seemed to have dropped that PR line since he’s giving her nothing to work with. His social media is completely dead, bar his team posting very rarely trailers for his projects on Facebook.

    • Shirurusu says:

      I noticed that too, man he just disappeared from the face of the earth didn’t he? It’s his own fault for getting involved in this but I feel a little sorry for him since he had the Nightmanager going for him before this showmance and was pretty well liked. I think his acting is wooden in anything except Loki roles but I could not have foreseen him imploding like this a few years ago. Maybe the bad reception of Kong hurt his status too. .

      • Madly says:

        King Kong made a lot of money. I think you mean CP, the movie GDT made. That movie needed more script rewrites before it was ready.

      • jammypants says:

        Hm more like bad reception of I Saw the Light, if we have to pick a project. Kong did well at the box office and was certified fresh on RT and it’s more recent. I think he decided, screw it, after the he completed promo for Kong, after HS and the Golden Globes overreaction.

      • jetlagged says:

        Um, all of the above? The guy ran himself into the ground filming, and then promoting, CP, HR, and ISTL back-to-back, as if trying to make them hits by sheer force of will alone, but they still (mostly) tanked. That had to sting. When The Night Manager hit big, he mostly missed it because he was off filming Kong in a swamp somewhere. Then he was universally mocked for the Summer of Love and his Golden Globe misstep. Kong was a bright spot at the box office, but his performance in it was a big ol’ helping of ham and cheese. It’s been a tough couple of years. Loki might help restore some of the goodwill, but in a way that puts him back at square one, just another Marvel actor trying to carve out a career outside of comic book movies.

      • Cranberry says:

        Yeah we were all hoping something aside from TNM would turn out well for him from this 2-3 year rash of projects and promotion tours. Tiddles showmance was bad idea and even worse of a roll out. It’s hard to make the case that it helped his career more than it hurt it.
        I know the business is super hard, and it’s hard to know who to listen to, or what agents will really fight for you. I think he was led to believe his popularity with Loki and the internet could break him into US mainstream film system. Isn’t that when he switched agencies?
        It’s not that he’s not talented or likeable enough. The industry is more about who you know and whether or not you are marketable enough in US. You need the right agent with insider connections and that gives you personal attention. Someone that believes in you, is honest but still constructive to help you strengthen your skills. Not many agents/agencies like this, but most super success HW actors have big heavy hitter agents in addition to an agency company behind them. That’s the real game in Hollywood.

        Hiddles needs better and more personal agent / management that will help him develop more in quality roles, not just high profile projects. I don’t blame him for not wanting to be stuck as the Shakespeare-guy, but his best work is his Shakespeare/esque roles, ie Loki. His Prince Hal in the Hollow Crown was terrific. He was refreshing and delightful. Not to mention completely sexy throughout Henry IV & V with all the custom fitted leather he wore.

      • Lightpurple says:

        The guy just did a run of Hamlet that was well received by the critics who managed to get tickets. And it was a charity event to raise funds to make drama school more assessible to lower income students. That will reflect well on him within the profession. He has a blockbuster film arriving in another week, voice work on an Aardman film to be released in January and another blockbuster scheduled for release in May. He also has been working on a documentary on South Sudan. He and his career have hardly imploded. He’s just gone quiet.

  9. QueenB says:

    “supportive of her career choices”
    Sounds hilarious when it includes trashing her ex boyfriends and flings. Joe is like “You go girl!”

  10. a reader says:

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder i suppose. joe is not my type AT ALL and although i wouldn’t say he’s ugly, he’s not attractive to me in the slightest.

    that being said, i also think the song was originally about tom as she copyrights these things pretty far in advance. i’m thinking she tweaked a couple lines to make it fit the current narrative. JMO.

  11. Nicole says:

    Yawn. Are we seriously pretending this relationship is “secret” and “low key” or that Taylor has changed one bit since last year? Homegirl is the same vapid immature “victim” she was in 2016

    • Lulu1 says:

      I cannot stand the woman child , but props where props are due she has kept her and Her next victim “private” minus a handful of articles like this for a year , compared to Hiddleswift that is a huge change. Maybe Bish did learn something from that farce …

      • Madly says:

        If she is so private, how come we know so much about her and Joe?

      • FLORC says:

        There sure were a lot of articles telling us she learned her lesson and will keep this relationship private. Like how secret her dates were. What they ate. What movies they watched. Where they watched them. And what friends they had over. It’s all so silly to believe anything was actually learned beyond PR angles.

      • Cranberry says:

        Well maybe she has learned to not roll out her new bf at her big 4th July bashes complete with hired photographers. But I hardly think all her leaking about how low-key and private her new relationship is along with details of their activities is considered private or sincere.

        Anything compared to Tiddlesbang’16 is going to look low-key. That was a terrible, amateur-time joke that so called PR professionals should have been fired for. I seriously think TH has a case to make a legal suit, It still wouldn’t help his career any, plus who wants to go up against Ms $$-bags.

        Still, even considering the over exposure of Tiddles, TS doesn’t seem to know how to do Private. She’s still playing to her audience.

  12. Alleycat says:

    “It’s 100% about her angel boyfriend of one year.” I can only hope that her fans made that line up and not 28 year old Taylor saying that.

    • QueenB says:

      a 28 year old Taylor that invites strangers to her home to tell them about her angel boyfriend.

    • DiligentDiva says:

      She wrote an entire song that was more like something a 15 year old would write then a 28 year old and you’re shocked she said “her angel boyfriend of the year” I totally buy that Tay Tay said that.
      She is forever stuck as a 15 year old. She failed to develop her mind further then that year.

    • Reef says:

      It’s just she’s a grown woman. It was tolerable when she was in her teens and early 20′s, but she’s about to be 30 and it’s like girl, what are you doing? It feels like she’s perpetually 15 falling in love for the first time and it’s all so new to her. I don’t know how arguably the biggest pop star with her roster has been able to pull that off where so many people believe it, but as an adult, it’s tiresome to see and hear.

      • N. says:

        @Reef: She and her team realized years ago that dissing her exes and playing the victim get her more media attention and better album sales. So as long as her schtick keeps sellig, she keeps using it. Obviously she doesn’t care that she’s almost 30 years old but her songs still sound like a petulant spoiled little girl. It’s all about the $$$

  13. Shambles says:

    She is out. Of. Her. Mind.

    It comes off as so gross, so manipulative, and pretty psychotic to have her fans come over under the guise of sisterhood and bonding and listening to her music, while at the same time she’s using them to insure that the narrative she wants is the one that gets out there. That is INSANE to me. This woman child is scary as f*ck.

    • jammypants says:

      She makes them think they’re her friends, but they’re essentially her little foot soldiers doing the dirty work. I find it pathetic she can’t just grow some ovaries and speak for herself. All these half whispers, “sources” aka Tree, and fans talking for her is just ridiculous.

    • Josie says:

      TS is apparently active on tumblr, and liking certain blogs and posts pushing a certain narrative, so her fans follow her line (this info came from a Calvin Harris blog, and bashing him is her current narrative).

      She’s sounds like a total control freak.

    • jetlagged says:

      Thank you! The more I saw how her fans reacted to the sessions the more grossed out I got. More than a few of her fans have declared undying devotion after meeting her, as in “I would DIE to protect Taylor, because she would DIE for me.” Yikes. I’m hoping that kind of sentiment is the usual Tumblr dramatics, but I’m not totally sure it is.

      The secrecy, implying the attendees are ‘more special’ than the other fans, telling them what they can and cannot say about the blessed Taylor and her music because only they are worthy of the message – it all sounds like textbook psychological manipulation to ensure devotion, and something cult leaders (and/or schoolgirl cliques) use. And don’t come at with the rationale that Taylor just wants to do something special for her most devoted fans – there are plenty of things she could do that don’t require fans to blindly worship the cult of personality she has created.

    • Shirurusu says:

      Wow, sounds like she has a creepy cult following. And like she really really wants to live in a fairytale with her prince or something. I’m not buying all her “love” for this Joe guy, I think she was really in love with Calvin and him dumping her is why she’s been spinning her wheels so hard over the last year, she can’t wrap her mind around it. So now she’s spinning stories trying to prove how much better her current BF is or TH was or bla bla. Girl is not over that break up yet me thinks

    • Erica_V says:

      Yeah it’s not that deep Shambles- she’s just thanking them for being super fans IMO a really unique and cool thing for an artist to do.

      They all signed NDAs so I wouldn’t believe much of anything being said about what happened at the sessions.

  14. Shannon says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the lyric videos kinda ruin it. I didn’t like ‘Gorgeous’ when I first saw the lyric video (here) but it randomly came up on my youtube mix, I wasn’t looking at the screen bc I was making dinner, and I found it pretty catchy. Same with LWYMMD. Anyway, if these two are happy, that’s cool. I’ve got not problem with either of them. I love cooking and baking too! (Just wish I had a better kitchen for it, my kitchen is probably the size of her walk-in closet, if that LOL) As for ‘Gorgeous’ maybe she just wrote it as a generic love/crush song and now it’s about Joe. Maybe it won’t be about Joe if they break up LOL

  15. Maria F. says:

    of course it is Blake’s child. It could not just be some random kid in Nashville.

    Still name dropping and squad goaling, but not on instagram. Yet we find out about it anyhow.

    • Scout says:

      LoL, right? She even dusted off the ~squad for her most recent secret session to garner more press.

    • Handwoven says:

      Well she can’t really #squad the way she used to, can she? Most of the squad don’t need her anymore and so don’t hang off her. I mean look at the people who were at, for example, last year’s Taylor Swift Presents Taylor, Let’s Talk about Taylor party. It would actually drag their brands down now to be seen doing that stuff.
      And so, like a flouncy teenager, she doesn’t do it anymore because she’s tooooooo real now.

  16. Scout says:

    Gushing about the secret boyfriend to the fans so they will tell the the world about how super srs this super srs secret relationship is feels like the Taylor Swift equivalent of getting someone’s name tattooed on you – i.e. I give them 3 more months, max.

  17. D says:

    They just look so much like brother and sister, it weirds me out a little when couples looks like siblings .. “He’s so gorgeous, he looks just like me!” lol (Too mean?)

  18. DiligentDiva says:

    The song is obviously about Joe, I think people are fooling themselves if they think Taylor would write this kind of song about Tom. She clearly has painted his as an evil in the past year. If she releases a song about Tom it will be one where he looks like a sh-tty guy not a good one. That’s if she even does it, she skipped over him in this song. Which might be a bit colder then if she had mentioned him.
    It felt like an odd admission that the relationship was fake or not totally legit. Taylor doesn’t count her boyfriends as Joe, John Jake, Conor, Harry, Calvin, Tom, Joe, she counts it Joe, John, Jake, Conor, Harry, Calvin, Joe.
    Which for me is an admission of what we all suspected, that it was a fake PR relationship. She used Tom to cover up her own PR scandal (Who could focus on Kimye when Hiddleswift was going around to his mother’s documenting it, after two weeks of dating) and Tom was a famewh0re back then. Tom has learned as he got burned badly, but Taylor. I doubt she’ll ever learn.
    Side note, is anyone else freaked out by how similar Taylor and Joe look? They could pass as twins. Also, he’s the one she’s praising as being so “gorgeous”, and since he looks just like her it’s like she’s praising herself. I think this says something about her.

    • Scout says:

      Literally where has she made any allusions to Hiddleston being evil? She had those stupid shirts in the music video but only her fans think she was being clever and slighting him when the rest of the world continued to laugh at her putting him in that shirt. They are both famewhores but judging by your narrative Taylor is also a sociopath.

      • DiligentDiva says:

        Her PR plants after the break up painted him as a user. They made it seem like Hiddleston had used Taylor for fame and that he had pushed for a public relationship. That poor Taylor just got involved with a user. The entire break up narrative has she dumped him after realizing he was using her. She even had pictures released on that day of her looking happier than ever.
        I don’t like either of them really. Overall I think Taylor outsmarted Hiddleston and had a much better PR department then she did.

      • Scout says:

        LoL, I love that people actually think he wouldn’t have been freaked the hell out by how disastrous that summer was for her – she was a walking catastrophe and it took her going in hiding for months to get people to stop dragging her for filth. They are both desperate attention whores but we’ve only ever seen Hiddleston be this OTT with Swifty by his side, while Taylor is this way constantly. As for her being unbothered – yeah, totally, that’s why she sat and stewed for a year and wrote an entire album about all of the people who betrayed her last year and/or workshopped her songs at the last minute to put one line into them about someone’s age. If you looked up “bothered” in the dictionary it would be a photo of Taylor Swift.

      • jetlagged says:

        My big question about that summer is whether or not she had the good grace to warn Hiddleston she was about to take a PR hit and he would be photographed standing next to her holding her hand when she did. Her team may not have known how bad it was going to be, but they definitely knew it was coming. The question is, did he?

      • Madly says:

        @jetlagged, I doubt it. Why would he say yes to something like that? My guess was that he was presented with the idea that it would be a few outings and photo ops and that would be it. I don’t think he knew she would suck him dry for weeks on end. He looked like a hostage at the end of it. I think he blinked a few SOS messages in his interviews. Lol. The biggest tell was pulling his comment of yes we are together from his interview with Josh Horowitz and Josh having to make a statement. Once the Snapchat stuff came out, his team seemed to be working to distance him. There is a reason why there was only one sighting in OZ. Complete speculation on my part based on what I know of industry workings. There were some interesting moves at the end of August and since it happened from his team’s end. He has gone really dark and that has helped him and was on purpose.

      • jammypants says:

        I doubt he’d sign up to bulldoze his image and career.

  19. Lynnie says:

    The only thing I have to say is I’m tired of this cookies and baking narrative a lot of female celebs use whenever it’s time to gush. I get if it’s something you like to do, by all means go for it, it’s just not the only thing one can do to show love @ pr machines.

  20. Bliss 51 says:

    How do these things work? So she has her legal team but does Alwyn have a legal team? Both sides come to the table to wrangle points, clauses or whatever. Do they work out a deadline for the break-up or will there be an engagement or even marriage? I can cook and bake but I’d would love to have a kitchen team to shop, cook, bake and clean. A poor old like me can only dream of the wealth that would provide such luxuries.

  21. KatieBo says:

    “Gorgeous” is also a song from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. If you Google “Gorgeous lyrics” The lyrics for Kanye West’s song come up, which… I really love.

    • Scout says:

      If he had been the one to adopt a font she used for an entire era, used production synonymous with him (RFI is eerily similar to Yeezy, production wise) and put out a song called “Style” he’d be crucified. I’ve got no love for Kanye, I was a big fan back in the day but he has done and said too many terrible things for me to ever go back to how I felt about him during the College Dropout/Late Registration eras.

  22. serena says:

    I mean, he’s cute but gorgeous? Nope.

  23. Erica_V says:

    Who cares about gorgeous when she’s putting out the video for Ready For It on Thursday and the snippet gives us Terminator Taylor Realness?!?!?!

  24. StillTotalled says:

    Hah! THAT’S the real reason Tiddles imploded–she was doing her ‘cooking and baking’ schtick and Tom wouldn’t stop talking about how great Scarlett Johansson’s cookies were!

  25. Madly says:

    Meanwhile her single LWYMMD has dropped 5-20 on Radio Songs, the biggest drop from the top five in the chart’s history (via chart data). Her people must be sweating.

  26. mollie says:

    I’d never heard of this Joe person. Embarrassed that I had to google him. He looks 12. No song could possibly actually be about him. Ye gads, embarrassing if it is.

  27. Rosie says:

    Of course she thinks he is gorgeous, he is the male version of her.