Gwyneth Paltrow is considering a move to Spain

Gwyneth Paltrow gave a recent interview to the Associated Press talking about her love of Spain. Gwyneth doesn’t just love Spain – she wants us to know she thinks Spain is better than wherever we are. She travels to Spain often, and apparently her Spanish is very good – so it should come as no galloping shock that she might be considering a move there. This, according to a gossip piece at the Daily Mail, which seems entirely based on Goop’s recent interview. It could be total crap, but it just pleased me to no end thinking that Gwyneth might be abandoning her New York, Los Angeles and London digs all to be Goopy En Espanol:

Gwyneth Paltrow has had a love affair with Spain since she was 15. Now the actress is planning a home there with her rock-star husband, Chris Martin. Gwyneth, 36, who speaks fluent Spanish and is teaching her son Moses, three, and daughter Apple, five, to speak it too, has been given a plot of land near Madrid by the family she used to stay with as a teenager when she was learning the language.

Now my source says: ‘She is considering building there but she is also keen on the Costa Del Sol where there are some nice areas.’

As a 15-year-old the future Oscar winner spent a month living with the family in Talavera de la Reina in central Spain.

In a recent interview she said the experience changed her life – and made her keenly aware of the shortcomings of her American homeland.

‘Spain became a second home. It is so different from the United States. It seemed to have a history, and the buildings are years and years and years old.’

Of the Spaniards, she added: ‘They seem to enjoy life a little bit more… They enjoy time with the family. They don’t always have their Blackberries on.’

Though she has split her time largely between London and the U.S. since marrying Chris Martin in 2003, last year Gwyneth spent months filming her documentary series Spain… On The Road Again and is writing a book about U.S. cuisine with a Spanish influence.
She has also launched a Spanish version of her lifestyle website

[From The Daily Mail]

Take her, Spain! Please? She’ll teach Spanish peasants how to make a sandwich, and she’ll force you to go on 3-week juice diets. How about this, Spain: we’ll pay you to take her off our hands. We’ll take Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem off your hands for a while. It will just be a temporary switch, I swear! Because as soon as Gwyneth gets to Spain, she’ll probably move on to thinking some other country is so much better than Spain. Perhaps we can convince Belgium to take her next year?

Gwyneth and Apple are shown out in London on 3/17/09. Credit: INFPhoto

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  1. queenie says:

    hey gwhinny…don’t let the continent hit your ass on the way out…buh bye!

  2. Ned says:

    I would LOVE to see how they would react to such move.

    One can only dream.

  3. Nev says:

    Thank God. She better not change her mind. I wish they would take her out of Iron man. She drags the whole movie down.

  4. Bina says:

    Poor girl’s looking really beat these days. She needs some color in her face.

  5. HEB says:

    …but there’s food in Spain…

  6. RobN says:

    I don’t usually offer to help people move, but I’ve got a pick-up truck and if she needs any help…

  7. TaylorB says:

    I am with RobN, I hate helping folks move but in her case I am willing to make an exception.

    Goodbye Goopy, or as they say in Spanish… ADIOS… don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  8. msanthropist says:

    Cannot stand the pasty-faced bint.

    I like to think of this as payback for the Spanish Inquisition. And bull-fighting. And Franco. And .. oooh gosh, anything else bad they’ve ever done.

    Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  9. Codzilla says:

    Bina: Agreed. The woman looks like an emaciated apparition. Just buy some damn bronzer, already.

  10. ccoop says:

    Please tell me she isn’t just teasing us.

  11. mojoman says:

    Aww shucks, now I have to cancel my trip to Spain!!

  12. OXA says:

    What did Spain do to deserve this?

  13. wow says:

    LMBO! You all are funny!

    I wish she’d wear something fabulous to a premier soon so that I can forget about all of her whinning and goop mess.

  14. the original kate says:

    did anyone watch the spain series? i seem to recall someone translating for her in the one episode i saw. in any case, good riddance! and if it’s true i apologize to the people of spain.

  15. KateNonymous says:

    The real problem is that it doesn’t matter where she is. She can send GOOP letters from anywhere.

  16. Green Is Good says:

    “the buildings are years and years and years old.”

    Not only is Goopy pretentious, she’s an idiot.

  17. Obvious says:

    I’ll pay to move her out of any english speaking country!

  18. Ned says:

    “I like to think of this as payback for the Spanish Inquisition. And bull-fighting. And Franco. And .. oooh gosh, anything else bad they’ve ever done.”


  19. jkate says:

    Re: the Blackberry comment – since the last time Gwyneth lived in Spain was at least twenty years ago, she may not realize how much Spaniards use their cell phones. I would say texting is the main method of communication for everyone under thirty, and an important one for almost everyone else. Really, literally everyone has a cell phone. I think that in Europe there are more cell phones than people.

  20. Nony says:

    If she wants the calm, slow way of living without the blackberries, she’s not going to find it anywhere near Madrid. There are some villages in Andalucia that would fit her description… Only, she’d hate it there, because they have none of the hipness she craves. And the people would hate her pretentious ass.

  21. Magsy says:

    Yikes, she’s paler than Nicole Kidman and her daughter is too old to be sucking her thumb. Maybe she needs to chomp on a nice bloody steak instead.

  22. Trax says:

    Lord,that child is fugly. And way too old to be sucking on its thumb. Goopy needs to move to Siberia, not Spain, and let the rest of us forget that she and her miserable progeny exist.

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