Daniel Radcliffe: “I just loathe homophobia…it’s just disgusting and animal”

My love for Daniel Radcliffe grows with each interview I read, and this one is a doozy. Young Daniel decided to pose for the cover of Britain’s Attitude Magazine, which, from what I gather for an American audience, if like two parts Advocate and one part Details. Daniel says lovely things about his serious pro-gay everything stance. In Daniel’s words, “I just loathe homophobia. It’s just disgusting and animal and stupid and it’s just thick…” Sounds like Daniel is a little intolerant of people who are intolerant of homosexuality. Always an interesting dilemma for the average liberal. But Daniel isn’t just discussing his love of gays, he’s also getting down and dirt about British politics. He’s like the accented, elfin version of Sean Penn, I swear:

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has confessed in a frank interview to a gay magazine – he is a Liberal Democrat. The handsome actor – who turned 20 yesterday – appears on the latest cover of Attitude and inside reveals his true political feelings. He tells of his deep dislike for Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Tory leader David Cameron.

The multi-millionaire also tells how he grew up surrounded by his parents’ gay pals and hates anyone with a homophobic attitude.

Radcliffe – who is not gay and is dating actress Laura O’Toole – said: “I just loathe homophobia. It’s just disgusting and animal and stupid and it’s just thick people who can’t get their heads around it and are just scared.”

“I grew up around gay people entirely. I was the only child in my class who had any experience of homosexuality or anything like that.”

He said: “I rather like Nick Clegg. At the next election I will almost certainly vote Lib Dem. If all the people who liked them voted for them you could change politics overnight and we could have a proper three party system.”

Asked about Gordon Brown he said: “Paul Merton said, and I agree with him, ‘it’s a tragedy that this man has waited all his life to do this job – and now he finds out he can’t do it.’ I don’t like the New Labour thing. I never experienced the optimism of New Labour, I was too young but I hear everyone was up and it was fantastic. I’ve only seen the bad years of it.”

Radcliffe’s opinion on David Cameron is no more positive. He raged: “No! No, no, no, no, no! David Cameron is barely distinguishable from Tony Blair.”

He added: “I think the reason why people don’t vote is because the politicians are all so central now, it doesn’t seem to matter who you vote for.”

[From The Sun]

Next up for Daniel will be a visit with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, right? Harry Potter and the Motley Mojito! I’ve been finding Daniel a bit precocious lately, and who amongst didn’t mouth off politically when we were 20 or 21 years old? As for the homophobia thing – well, I think that’s one of Daniel’s strongest points, actually. I’m not sure how British kids are, but with American kids, one of the biggest American stars could mouth off about politics, and pretty much everyone would roll their eyes. But let that celebrity choose some cause close their hearts – like say, gay rights – and stick with it, they’ll get a lot respect. This is the route I hope Daniel takes, because I really think gay rights are issues close to his heart. He speaks with such passion – GLAAD needs to give him an award or something.

Daniel Radcliffe is shown at the NY premiere of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince on 7/9/09. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. RobN says:

    Come out already. Stop dancing around it by constantly talking about gay issues as if somehow you’re just more evolved than the average 20 year old. You’re a tiny elfin man who is always going to be a character actor, not a romantic lead. Nobody cares.

  2. JoGirl says:

    Nah, I think he actually is more evolved than the average guy his age. Think of the life he’s had!

  3. flourpot says:

    He’s a fine actor and he’ll have an interesting career I look forward to tracking. Most brits have a different view of homosexuality compared to Americans. I doubt he’s gay but wouldn’t be surprised if he’s bi. At the end of the day, his sexuality will only matter to me if I’m directly involved in it :-)

  4. Green Is Good says:

    I like this young man. He’s charming.

  5. princess pee says:

    Oh RobN. According to your wisdom, am I also gay? Because I have never been attracted to the same sex, but I feel pretty much exactly the way Daniel does about homophobes. I don’t think it is an oxymoron to be intolerant of intolerance.

    He seems like a smart kid; it sound like he’s given some thought to his political views at least. And yeah, everyone gets a little know it all at that age.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I like him too.

    but that suit?! ugh.

  7. AlaskaJoey says:

    I love Daniel! Although, his place as first on my list of “hottest guys WAY younger than me” has been replaced by Anton Yelchin, because he is just gorgeous.

  8. Lee says:

    @RobN – No way is he gay because he defends them! It’s the loudest, red-neckiest homophobes you have to wonder about, with good reason, LOL.

  9. Annie says:

    Agreed Princess Pee.

    I’m a loudloudloud advocate for gay rights (so loud sometimes that I had an obnoxious “friend” tell me, “It’s a good thing I can filter you out” because he just didn’t want to see it on his morning facebook feed.)

    But last I checked, I was having amazing, thrown up against the wall nasty biz with the boy last night. :)

  10. Orangejulius says:

    I respect his position whether he’s gay or not.

  11. nona says:

    “I grew up around gay people entirely. I was the only child in my class who had any experience of homosexuality or anything like that.”

    ha,ha! I love it when this “commited” actors defend gay rights but never without getting perfectly clear that THEY ARE NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!

    It sounds like Seinfeld’s “is not like there is something wrong with it”

    besides, this guy is so ugly that hurts

  12. MsLib says:

    You are funny!
    He’s like the accented, elfin version of Sean Penn

  13. Aleksa says:

    I adore Daniel Radcliffe , I don´t find him handsome at all, but I like his way of thinking. Just because he defends gay rights, doesn´t make him gay, not that I would care at al either way.
    I´m also pro-gay rights and I´m straight…
    And he seems more evolved than your regular 20-yr. old to me.

  14. Old Lady says:

    So, RobN, if I follow your logic, in order to support gay rights, one must BE gay? That will slow progress quite a bit. As for Radcliffe, it’s about time straights became more invested in gay rights. As with any civil rights issue, the persecution of one group persecutes all of us. Radcliffe seems to understand that and appears to be strong enough in his sense of his own identity and integrity to act on it.

  15. RobN says:

    You’ve all missed my point completely. What is odd is not that he supports gay rights, I agree with him about that, it is that he is constantly talking about it. EVERY interview turns into a discussion on his view of gays. How many straight 20 year olds turn every conversation into a discussion of gay rights? Think he’s gay, don’t think he’s gay, I don’t care. I think this is a guy dancing around the issue because he can’t quite come out and say it.

  16. Kaboom says:

    He’s certainly not gay, even Liberace wouldn’t have been caught dead in that kind of suit. It takes heterosexuality and color-blindness to dress like that.

  17. Jeane says:

    If anything, this makes me believe he is, in fact, straight.
    He is so outspoken about gay rights (and good for him!), I’m pretty sure if he was gay he would just say so.

  18. DD says:

    nona: I think you misunderstood his statement, he wasn’t saying he isn’t anything like that, he was saying:

    He was the only one who had gay experience or anything like that(meaning anything like gay experience)

  19. RoRo says:

    Does he mean he is Gay ?? or what !? :P i didn’t really get it plz tell meee

    i really hope he’s not

  20. Scorpiogal says:

    You can add me to the list of heterosexuals who are very outspoken about gay rights. They do exist, and I’m sure not a closeted gay! The fact that he grew up exposed to homosexuality is what makes him so enlightened. Imagine if all parents were to teach their children that gay is okay? Dare to dream…

  21. Bellatrix says:

    I should know better than agree with stereotyping but I think Kaboom (“Yes Rico, kaboom!”) has a point here: nothing matches in that outfit, not even in an odd way. I can imagine Paul Smith looking at it for a whole minute before ruling out once and for all there’s a misunderstood fashion genius hidden under it (or should I say in it).

    None of the blue shades match. :-D

    Anyway, I believe Radcliffe couldn’t care less if people kept on speculating he was gay. Didn’t he say he thought it was a funny/positive thing people were wondering about his true sexual preference? These comments would only entertain the boy even more, I suppose.

    On a lighter note: isn’t he just a wonderful, witty and intelligent young man?
    The Potter reader in me wants to credit Rowling for the child actors of the series all seeming so grounded and “normal”.

  22. j. ferber says:

    Why do you hope he’s not gay, RoRo? Is it because you’re planning to have a heterosexual relationship with him anytime soon? Because I’ll break it to you: you’re not. I so don’t understand anyone’s sexuality mattering to anyone else (except to their intimate partners).
    I could not care less if Daniel is gay or not. It’s highly commendable of him to bring up gay rights in every interview: as a public figure, he can do a lot of good. That said, his suit is from hell. Note to RobN: though he’s not the best looker in the world, neither were guys like Jimmy Cagney and Humphrey Bogart, and they always played the lead.

  23. asiont says:

    he seems to be quite intelligent, but I’m not his fan

  24. Mary says:

    Im an old broad but this kids a cutie and has his head on straight. Kind of reminds me of Elijah Wood.

  25. michelle says:

    Quit bugging robin she has a right to free speech as anyone. You all should be more tolerent to robin grow up you jerks

  26. j. ferber says:

    James, if homosexuality is so heinous to you, then don’t be a homosexual. It’s not your right to tell anyone else not to be one or to malign people because of their sexual orientation.

  27. mach elle says:

    what next for people like those who are calling us homophobes intermittent camps? people like radcliff and etc and well maybe annie..she is loud because she wants attention hey annie slice your wrist you’ll get attention!

  28. Ann says:

    I take issue with Daniel’s comment that homophobia is “animal.” I don’t support homophobia in any way but please don’t blame such behavior on animals. They give us their unconditional love no matter what our ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability is.

  29. j. ferber says:

    Mach Elle, I don’t believe Annie called you an “intermittent camp,” whatever that is, but I do call you an intermittent camp for your vile post.

  30. Christian says:

    I dont hate anyone, but I do “loathe” homosexuality as well as premarital sex and a host of other things that are wrong. We all have the freedom to do what we want to do and say what we want to say. But I dont think that makes it right. I just know that most today would say I am backwards, bitter, clinging to my Bible etc, and that makes me sad. I love everyone, even people that hate me or dislike me. Seems like that makes me pretty tolerant. It isnt my place to judge someone, that is God’s job. It is however my duty to at least voice my belief and warn others that there are very serious consequences for sinful actions if left unchecked and unrepented. I hope this doesnt cause others to flame me, lets all be friends and if you disagree with me then we can agree to disagree. :)

  31. JDinPA says:

    Radcliffe gay? He does not seem to be at all unless my gaydar got nuked. I’m 36 and …. whatever you want to call it. Thank God some striaght people are talking this up a bit. I’m damn tired of trying to and gave up. Good for you Daniel and thank you.

  32. eternalcanadian says:

    lolz @ “He’s like the accented, elfin version of Sean Penn.”

    even though he is “supposedly” dating Laura, i wouldn’t be surprised if some time down the road he jumps in the sack with a guy. he has no problem saying when a bloke is a bit of all right and i think he’s curious what it is like to be with a male now that he’s been with a female. doesn’t make him gay or bisexual or trisexual or whatever–just sexual.

  33. leda says:

    I am so proud of Daniel, not only for having the views that he has, but for not being afraid to proclaim them! I liked the Harry Potter movies enough…but this makes me LOVE Daniel and I will always give him my support in whatever he does from now on! Good for you Daniel! :)

    a straight american fan

  34. ralph says:

    I think its awful how people parading as christians spew hate out everywhere they go. You are not righteous, you are just trying to make yourself feel better by putting others down. You are going to have a big shock in the afterlife. Good for Daniel. Loving his fellow man and woman all encompassingly. He is truly a good man and a compassionate one.
    As far as you hate-mongers go, you should look at yourselves first, obviously something in you is lacking if you have the need to attack gay people.
    You are so filled with hate that I almost feel sorry for you…almost

  35. Me says:

    I LOVE Dan and he’s right homosexuality is not disgusting. Everyone deserves the same rights regardless of their sexuality, race, or gender.

    I love how he’s not afraid to stand up for something he believes in and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. And he’s NOT Gay which makes it even better.

  36. Poppinfresh says:

    Sounds like robn and some others are jealous of a man who is sure of himself and makes more than 7.00 a hour at the mall…boo hoo…

  37. ashleigh says:

    I actually appreciate that the article went out of the way to say that he isn’t gay. Not because I think being gay is wrong (I’m bisexual and quite comfortable with it), but because I think that LGBTQ people need more outspoken STRAIGHT advocates for gay rights.

    It’s one thing for me to say, “I think I should be able to get married.” Of course I think that; I’m not going to participate in my own oppression. It’s another thing entirely for someone who is not being personally affected by it to stand up and say, “It’s not okay; it doesn’t affect me, but it still is not okay.”

    And also, I agree with him. I think that racism and sexism are horrible and disgusting too. I understand and accept that people have a right to their opinion, but I wouldn’t stand by and listen to someone say something racist so I’m sure as hell not going to listen to someone spew homophobic bullshit either. Because it’s wrong. And as much as everyone is entitled to their opinion, I’m allowed to think that your opinon is disgusting and bigoted.

  38. Estevan says:

    @ashleigh – I completely agree with you. They really need more Straight Advocates, because it really is a shame more actors/actresses don’t talk about it without being labeled as a ‘homosexual’. Even in this very topic, everyone starts thinking its suspicious that he even bring the topic up. As if he shouldn’t if he’s not a Homosexual. Which shows how bigoted and naive a lot of people are towards the whole issue.

    I for one, used to be opposed to Homosexuality when I was younger, until my sister came out. I guess in the long run, you accept it and I’d rather love my sister for who she is, then have her out of my life.

    I am a Straight Mexican-American Male.=)

  39. spiceh says:

    I like him for being a grounded young man despite all the fame and money.

  40. Emily says:

    Christian: you know, Leviticus condemns wearing mixed fibres as much as it does homosexuality. So, what, you never wear denim, polyester, cotton blends etc? Cause by your logic, that’d mean you’re just as “wrong” as us queers.

    Anyway, I just love Radcliffe for how supportive he is of gays. I don’t care if he’s gay, straight, bi, pan, whatever-although I think it actually gives a bit more weight to his comments if he is straight-plus I get a happy when I see straight people standing up for us gays-or anyone, for that matter.

  41. DeE says:

    What comes to mind if I am understanding his past play correctly is right after reading his thoughts that homophobia is disgusting and animal and stupid….well bestiality, in my opinion, is disgusting and animal and stupid. Didn’t his play, though his and the world’s choice to base it off this, revolve around a teen boy loving a horse sexually? That is bestiality and dangerous and against the law, thankfully. Am I mistaken that people embraced such a play and that it was about such a topic?

  42. Tia says:

    Christian: I ‘loathe’ people like you. It is always the uneducated people who feel they need to appear better than others. In college, my professor said it is a sign of lower intelligence, and IT IS SO TRUE. Why pick and choose in the bible. HOW LAME. Get out the ignaramous dark ages. WHY NOT MENTION cursing your parents (Proverbs 20:20)(Leviticus 20:9), adultery (any bible thumpers here ever do this one???) (Leviticus 20:10), the nonbelievers (ie, 75% of the world’s population.. DEATH!) (2 Chronicles 15:12-13), this one is good – Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God (Deuteronomy 13:13-19), kill women who are not virgins on their wedding night (Deuteronomy 22:20-21), working on sunday’s (cops, firefighters, hospital staff, just about every these days…)


  43. ILUVGOD says:

    LOL BIG TIME ooh watch out somebody’s mad at God and people who believe in him. We hav3e no right to that now shut up we are making tia feel bad

  44. hmpbe says:

    Hey right back at ya guy. Mr Radcliff we hate you too

  45. Me says:

    I saw Daniel in Equus on Broadway, and never saw any of the Harry Potter films….he was disgustingly handsome, and of course, an excellent performer!

    I love that he speaks out on gay rights. I’m hetero, but also feel very strongly about gay rights. It’s about human rights, and we all should be concerned by it. Good for him for not being afraid to speak out on the topic.

  46. Libby says:

    I love this interview, and I fully support what Dan is saying. For any christians who want to tear me apart: I’m Catholic and a Republican in the US of A; i.e. a conservative. Moving on.

    I’ve got a best friend who’s gay and a couple who are bi. I’m straight and damn proud of it, but I hate homophobia. I agree with Dan, though his choice of words was a bit…childish. But whatever gets the point across.

    And his suit is ugly. Butt ugly. But what that has to do with anything? Yeah? No. Clue.