Reggie Bush cheated on Kim Kardashian for months, claims Miami-based model

The official statement from the Kardashian camp about the breakup between Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush contained the kind-of strange assertion “No one cheated.” Usually celebrity breakup statements skirt around the issue of why the couple broke up, and if they mention anything it’s usually scheduling, distance or something vague. Radar Online reports that there’s a “sexy Latina model” in Miami who says she’s been hitting the sheets with Reggie for months and that Kim heard about it and was “furious.” We also heard the bizarre story yesterday that Reggie found sexy text messages from Kanye West on Kim’s cell phone. (I wonder if they were all caps rants about his artistry.) There may have indeed been some cheating going on, if this story is true:

Now that it’s over between Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush all that’s left to do is sort out what went wrong.

And while reps have officially said there was no cheating that led to the breakup, has learned exclusively that cheating charges are flying BOTH WAYS in the relationship now. broke the story that Reggie saw text messages from Kanye West on Kim’s phone and “flipped out.” Fox reported the messages were more than just friendly and talked about Kanye hanging out with Kim and how much fun he had.

Now has learned exclusively that a sexy Latino model in Miami is claiming she had an affair with Reggie and has been threatening to take her story public to the highest bidding magazine.

The model claimed a months-long affair that included hookups in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami and included X-rated texts and phone messages.

Kim was aware of the model’s charges and furious about it, learned. The model did have video of herself in Bush’s house.

[From Radar Online]

While a lot of people are quick to condemn the guy in an instance like this, I’m reminded of that story from a “French model” who claimed she had a relationship with Eva Longoria’s husband, Tony Parker. It all turned out to be an elaborate lie by a prostitute looking for publicity. She even convinced another woman to pose in her place, and I’m positive that it wasn’t some kind of cover-up by Longoria and Parker. So now there’s a “model” in Miami who said she had an affair with Reggie. Did she really sleep with him and/or will we soon be seeing her photos and pictures all over the tabloids in a lame attempt to get famous? It seems the quickest way to fame is to attach yourself to someone who’s in the public eye.

Reggie seems like a decent guy, and while I don’t watch that Kardashian reality show I was really impressed by a story about how he came through for Kim. She described an instance in which she forgot her passport on the plane and wasn’t allowed to enter the country when she arrived in South Africa for a pro-diamond “fact-finding mission” arranged by Russell Simmons. Reggie convinced customs officials to let him go back on the plane and search for it, and he found it and brought it back to her. That doesn’t mean the guy didn’t cheat of course, just that he seems like he really cared for Kim and tried to watch out for her. Not many guys would do that.

Kim and Reggie are shown out on 4/8/09 in the header and 2/9/09 below. Credit:


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  1. Ro says:

    A professional athlete and a reality star who got her claim to fame by performing in a sex tape with another man have trust issues. Shocking

  2. Sassy says:

    Like the saying goes: “show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a man that’s tired of fucking her”

    it’s just that simple. if he didn’t cheat, kudos to him. if he did, half the world cheats everyday so it’s really not big news.

  3. CandyKay says:

    I don’t know them as individuals since I’m outside the US and not a big fan of reality shows.

    But physically, they’re both lovely-looking people, and just gorgeous together.

  4. Firestarter says:

    I am sure she isn’t innocent either. In any case, it isn’t any big surprise that an athlete cheated on his significant other, or that they broke up. It was just a question of when and when.

  5. Zoey says:

    What self-respecting man would want to date a women who let another man pee on her face? He probably couldn’t shake that feeling deep down in his heart knowing she is a dirty, disgusting waste of a person. Reggie needs a girl he can cherish and admire and wouldn’t be ashamed to have children with. He deserves someone who isn’t a golden showers media whore.

  6. Lola says:

    zoey are you serious??? Kim Would NEVER let anybody pee on her face!!! where did you even hear that anyway????

  7. AA says:

    Zoey: It may surprise you, but people who enjoy a healthy, varied sex life can be loved and cherished as mothers and wives at the same time by their partners…
    She was dumped because she had some GS with another man? What next, if you ever had sex with another man you will be considered “used goods” and therefore it will be perfectly acceptable that people cheat on you?

    Don’t care for her or him, but personally I would NEVER get involved with a man with a madonna/whore syndrome….

  8. Firestarter says:

    I am sorry, but I do not consider allowing yourself to be urinated on or urinating on others the mark of a healthy and normal sex life. Just saying.

    It is also well known that urination did occur in the now infamous Kim K/Ray J sex tape. I am not certain who peed on who or where, but that was what the big flap was about.

  9. Wench. says:

    If two people decide to explore eroticism using this form of D/s, I would actually consider the experimentation healthy. Be it to one’s taste or not (Ha! So to speak).

    Anyhoodle, I adore the dress in the top picture.

  10. Celebitchy says:

    I am pretty sure the face-peeing thing was just a rumor about her sex tape and it wasn’t actually in there. I didn’t see the whole thing but I don’t think the face-peeing ever took place.

  11. lena says:

    i watched the tape, no peeing occured

  12. fizXgirl314 says:

    yes that heroic passport finding incident must be so true because we all know they never stage anything on reality shows *eyeroll*

    how convenient that she left the passport in the plane and how convenient that customs made exceptions in an airport at a time when they apt to give you a full cavity search just for sneezing… *eyeroll again*

    I really hate “reality” shows… such scams…

  13. wow says:

    CandyKay, I feel the same. I don’t like either one of them individually, but together they were a sight to behold.

    I liked the look of them together.

    LMBO @ wench’s “anyhoodle”.

  14. loldongs says:


    Oh man.

    Who DIDN’T see that coming?

  15. tasteT says:

    I’ve been saying for months that Reggie was not ready to be dragged down the aisle..he is barely 24, she met him when he just got signed and was 21 yo.

    Reggie grew tired of all of the red carpet stuff and we all know Kim is a attention whore..

    I say let him, have fun and not have the media hounding him about weddings and Kim jumping the gun and meeting w/Vera Wang and talking about kids..

    She’ll be fine I am sure..She snapped him up at his first ESPY Awards..just signed his contract..

    He deserves a low key woman or to date as many women as he wants at 24 in the league. She thought SHE WAS SPECIAL??
    infidelity happens everyday, ask Ms Halle Berry.

    and just think–she’s talentless.

    Kanye vs Reggie??? I’ll NEVER beleive that one.

  16. DK says:

    Comment to the above story: I was with a man who would do exactly that sort of thing for me, go out of his way to make sure I was ok, taken care of, call me often, stand in line to get coffee while I sat down, that sort of thing. Which made it even stranger when he would suddenly be out of touch for a few hours, of course I did not make a big deal out of it since he was so good to me, and accepted his stories. Of course it turned out he was cheating on me the whole time. I think it’s the sign of a good player.

  17. fizXgirl314 says:

    tasteT get a fucking grip… i’m sure it’s all the woman’s fault for dragging someone down and trapping them in a relationship… stfu already…

  18. Denise says:

    I think that something did happen in the relationship. The story about conflicting schedules can’t be true because their schedules were conflicting through out their two year relationship. I am a Kardashian fan but more so a Bush fan. A few days before the annoucement of the break-up, Kim put on her twitter “Get Over it” as being her phrase. She was at reggie’s house when she wrote that. So, I believe the text happened but Reggie blew it out of proportion. However, Kim has been known for getting around if you view her track record lol.

  19. bgs says:

    Who is surprised by an athlete cheating? I agree it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and how often! Reggie is too young to be tied down to anyone. He has a lot of “cheating” and sleeping around before he settles down. The Kardashian women are trashy.

  20. Toney Posley says:

    Holy cow. That Kim Kardashian is crazy. I love following the family just because they’ve always got something bizarre going on. Hope you keep posting articles about the Kardashians.

  21. I really like her. She’s great and sexy.