Eddie Cibrian files for divorce, Brandi Glanville dishes on LeAnn & Dean


Eddie Cibrian has officially filed for divorce from his wife, Brandi Glanville, according to E!. Eddie filed earlier this week, and Brandi went straight to E! and People Magazine to dish the dirt and get out a few more bitchy statements. Which is totally her right, and I hope she keeps it coming. First, here’s E!’s report – Brandi jokes that she’s “looking forward” to seeing pictures of Eddie and LeAnn Rimes on vacation:

Eddie Cibrian, who is finally romancing LeAnn Rimes out in public (sort of), has filed for divorce from his wife of eight years, Brandi Glanville, E! News confirmed Tuesday.

“He filed yesterday and I accepted it,” Glanville told E! exclusively. “We’re getting a divorce. We talked to each other yesterday.”

Which was just in time, apparently, because it turns out that Cibrian is already planning a romantic getaway with his “new” girlfriend, according to his soon-to-be ex-wife.

“They’re going on vacation this weekend to Mexico,” Glanville, who has made no secret of her feelings toward the recently separated Rimes, told E! “I’m looking forward to seeing those pictures.”

A rep for Cibrian had “no comment” at this time.

Glanville and Cibrian, who have two children together, confirmed about a month ago that they had separated—a good four months after rumors arose of an affair between the 36-year-old hunk and Rimes, his costar in the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. Rimes and estranged hubby Dean Sheremet revealed just days later that they had been living apart “for quite some time.”

Which apparently didn’t come as a surprise to Glanville, who says in the latest issue of Us Weekly that Cibrian is “a compulsive liar, cheater and a home wrecker.”

“Eddie’s displays of poor taste have hurt our two children,” she said. “Eddie may just end up drowning himself in that ‘unfair fishbowl.’”

But now that divorce proceedings are under way, Glanville is seeing things in a more positive light.

“It’s just over for me,” she told E! News. “We’re both happy. This is going to be good.”

[From E! Online]

Brandi also gave a good interview to People yesterday, where she talked about how she met LeAnn when she and Eddie were working on Northern Lights. Brandi noticed how LeAnn and Eddie flirted with each other, but she also noticed how close LeAnn and then-husband Dean Sheremet seemed. Brandi pulls a fast one and says that she’s been trying to contact Dean – I bet she has!

Long before Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes took their relationship public last week, Cibrian’s wife Brandi Glanville had an inkling that her husband was attracted to the singer.

Recalling when she and Cibrian went on double dates with Rimes and husband Dean Sheremet in Canada during the filming of Lifetime’s Northern Lights, Glanville says she noticed a little flirting between the costars.

“We went to play pool, went for sushi, dancing,” Glanville tells PEOPLE, adding that although she’s used to woman fawning over her husband, “it was different this time. It was a little more reciprocated.”

At the same time, Glanville noticed how affectionate Rimes, 27, was with Sheremet, 28. “They were very touchy-feely,” she says. “They seemed happy. [But] I felt like it was almost like ‘I love my husband. I’m not after your husband.’”

After reports of an affair surfaced in March, Glanville, 36, says she and Cibrian, 36, sought counseling to try and salvage their marriage, and she publicly stood by in him in April.

“We were in therapy, but he never stopped talking to [LeAnn] so how could that have worked?” asks Glanville, who says she plans to file for divorce.

Cibrian and Rimes took their relationship public last week – one month after Rimes and Sheremet announced their separation – at a public golf date Thursday and a Kings of Leon concert Saturday.

Now, Glanville says she’s been “trying to get a hold of” Sheremet. “I feel bad for Dean. It’s a horrible situation for him. I don’t think he’s ready to have a conversation about not being with her.”

[From People]

Brandi is the nagging reminder to all of those people who are all “Oh, LeAnn and Eddie make such a cute couple!” No – they do not make a cute couple. Eddie is a douchey womanizer who cheated on his wife, and will cheat on LeAnn because that’s his nature. When you look at it that way, Brandi seems to be right – they do deserve each other.

Here are Brandi and Eddie in happier times; 2006. Images thanks to WENN.com .

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  1. princess pea says:

    You know, they had an affair. I could look past it, because it’s really not the lowest a person can go (see: Chris Brown) if it weren’t for LeAnn’s smug looks since the whole drama came out. I swear, every single picture I have seen of her this summer she has this proud, self-satisfied look on her face. She’s thrilled at how this has raised her profile, I’m sure.

  2. ash says:

    seems Kings of Leon concerts are all the rage with celebrities these days.

  3. Heavenbound says:

    His soon to be ex-wife is pretty cute, I feel bad for the children they are the actual victims in all this.

    What a selfish Bastard! I have no idea what he saw in LR, but your children should come first.

  4. e says:

    I don’t think Dean is that broken up. I think they had an open relationship and that he is probably gay and this split was invevitable.

  5. Sylvia says:

    I am sure LeAnn’s husband is happy to be out of that phony marriage. Pretty sure he got a very good settlement.

  6. Leticia says:

    The soon to be ex-wife is so much prettier than Rimes.

  7. Leticia says:

    Heavenbound and Princess Pea hit the nail on the head.

  8. HEB says:

    I get eddie and dean mixed up every time I hear about them. Thats how little I give a damn about this.

  9. abbizmal says:

    I love this site but… Is there a way to turn that annoying Bing thing off? It is really annoying me.

  10. oh_mr_grey says:

    Give it some time, and she’ll soon have some new material for a “tear in my beer” country song.

    Cibrian is the type who knows he’s good looking, and thinks he can get any chick he wants because of it. He’ll cheat. Again.

    In fact, they both probably will. They won’t trust each other at all.

  11. Roma says:

    Maybe Brandi is hoping to pull a Shania Twain by reaching out to Dean?

  12. sunseeker says:

    Cibrian said in an interview some time back that he loves the limelight and being on stage when he was in DEEP3, Rimes is his passport to fame and fortune, lust and money is all they have. Cibrian has been cheating since he started dating and that was a statement made by one of his pals.

  13. Dorothy says:

    He is asking for spousal support from Brandi Glanville what does she do for a living? I would think that he made more money being a d – list actor! Not that he should get jack from her!

  14. fizXgirl314 says:

    what did she expect? she’s 36 and wayyy over the hill *eyeroll*

  15. Eileen Yover says:

    His soon to be exwife is 100 X’s prettier than LeAnn is. LeAnn looks like a 12 year old boy. I give that relationship a year…and I’m being generous.

  16. qimd says:

    Eddie is hot, hot, hot. Can’t blame LeAnn for going there. And Brandi has the WORST cheek implants I’ve ever seen – she looks like a chipmunk!! Waking up to that every morning would make you cheat, too…

  17. sunseeker says:

    Court papers confirm Eddie Cibrian filed for divorce from Brandi Glanville on Monday. The CSI: Miami star, who went public with his affair with LeAnn Rimes over the week, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.
    He requested spousal support from Glanville and is seeking joint custody of their two sons, 6-year-old Mason and 2-year-old Jake. Cibrian cited March 15 as the day he and Glanville separated.

  18. sunseeker says:

    Since when did they separated in March, Brandi and Eddie where seen together after that numerous times photo’s all over the web. What is he playing at, irreconcible differences, is that what it is called when he cheats on his wife. Is this for real or is somebody winding us up.

  19. la chica says:

    Brandi needs to take the high road on this. Stop commenting on everything Smug-Ann and The Cheat get up to. Talk to your girlfriends, not the media. There’s nothing to be gained from this IMO. You don’t see Smug-Ann’s husband saying a word. That’s how it’s done.

  20. fern says:

    Very well said. Affairs are not fairytales. Now, I hope People magazine doesn’t glorify the affair with an exclusive interview with EC and LR while in Mexico. I also think that these magazines do even more damage when they label these affairs as romantic. 4 people are being hurt, that’s not romantic.

    He requested spousal support? This guy is a low life. He is taking food out his own kids mouth. In regards to the spousal support all she has to do is show that he has enough money to take his mistress out to eat, golfing, or to concerts. Or is LR footing the bill for their excursions? So he isn’t taking LR to Mexico, it’s LR who is paying for this trip. Will she buy her own engagemet ring too? Eddie is looking for a sugarmama and he found it in LR. He wants joint custody, more like LR wants to rub the affair in her face even more by appearing in public with her kids. She hit the nail on the head, LR is so bent on this “I won” notion, that she will leak photos of them together in Mexico.

  21. fern says:

    To think that she could look the wife in the face, play pool with her, and be sleeping with the woman’s husband the whole time. No wonder people keep trashing Brandi, they know that LR messed up big time.

    EC is already cheating on LR. Just like he did with his wife, he put on a united front for the cameras (ie-we are in love because we laugh, smile, vacation, go on dates, or walk through an airport). So magazines shouldn’t be so quick to label it as romance. It’s just means that EC will do anything for fame and right now it’s coasting on the publicity of an affair with a woman who is happy she “snagged a man who thinks that he is God’s gift to women”. Since she was befriending EC wife and sleeping with EC the whole time, imagine how suspciouis she must be of Eddie, her friends, and his co-stars. If he had “chemistry” with her, then she knows that he can have chemistry with anyone.

  22. fern says:

    Brandi is taking the high road, she could be sleeping with someone else’s husband and gloating about it. As long as EC and LR flaunt the affair (and you know they will)and magazines like People pat them on the back for lying, cheating, and hurting people she has every right to speak. She doesn’t owe EC and LR a thing and they brought his into the public’s eye when they met at hotels and restaurants and then popped up at a golf course to show that they were “in love”. There is much to be gained from this. We learned that LR looked this woman in the eye and was sleeping with her husband and that EC looked Dean in the eye and was sleeping with this wife. They don’t care about anyone but themselvs. So knowing this behavior puts affairs in perspective, they are not cute or romantic. And it also shows EC as the low life that he truly is, spousal support? He is asking for spousal support after he had the nerve to cheat? Since he is asking for spousal support it also dispels the notion that Brandi is gold-digger.

    LR husband doesn’t talk because he is legally forbidden to do so. LR paid for him to move, if he had spoken up he would not have gotten this money. JLo had the same clause for her first husband.

  23. Ana says:

    I didn’t even notice the cheek implants before someone mentioned them. Why do people even get them?
    She’s still prettier. Leann is sooo ugly.

  24. bb says:

    Interesting date of separation (3/15) since there were so many pics of EC/BG together. Bet his PR reps thought this would lessen the backlash about his cheating. New reports say the spousal support issue was a clerical error and he is not seeking this. Hey Leann and friends,stop the wife bashing, ya’ll got what ya wanted. This is not a love story, this is about humiliating your spouse. Fall out of love, fine..then leave and file the necessary legal papers. THEN sleep with who you want.

  25. Firestarter says:

    His pants are so dirty in that picture.

  26. sunseeker says:

    How do you know she had cheek implants ? I have very high cheekbones and I have had no implants. Making stories up to hurt this woman is not right. I think she has enough without yoour insults.
    The comment about the spousal support is a laugh, I bet he cancelled when he found out the the filed papers had been leaked to the press.

  27. fern says:

    Now the liar has issued a statement to People magazine. Now that things don’t seem to be going the way that he planned, he wants privacy. He wants privacy, but how soon after issusing this statement will he be seen on a “romatic date with his mistress”. This is what he says:

    1) “From the outset I have made a conscious decision to try and keep this matter private and not discuss it in the press. While my wife and I are dissolving our marriage, we will work together to parent our two children,” he says of sons Mason, 6, and Jake, 2. “I love my boys very much. I want only the best for them and am committed to being a devoted father.

    Really? So when he was spotted on a golf course with his mistress and at a concert, he was trying to keep it a private matter? Seems like if he was keeping it a private matter, then there wouldn’t be any photos of him leaving his mistress’s house or laughing/smiling with her while on a “romantic date”. EC really isn’t very bright is he. If he wants only the best for them and is committed to being a devoted father then he needs to first instruct People magazine to stop calling his affair “romantic”, there is nothing romantic about his affair.Second he needs to instruct his mistress to stop gloating, it reflects badly on the both of them. Third, to not appear anywhere with his mistress

    2) But Cibrian insists: “I will continue to be respectful and sensitive to this issue by not doing interviews about this ongoing private matter. I wish everyone would do the same.”

    Where was his respect and sensitivity when he was meeting LR at hotels and his friends house? Where was his respect and sensitivity when he went public with he affair on a golf course and a concert without bothering to get a divorce first? Note to EC: being respectful and sensitive is not showing up in public lauging and smiling with his gloating mistress. So here’s the moment of truth; if EC and LR are photographed in Mexico or a”friend” of LR talk about their ”romantic” trip then this whole “I want privacy” nonsense is just another farce just like the “Everyone who knows me knows that I wouldn’t do anything like this” statement.

    He wants everyone to do the same? It’s hard to take him seriously when he went public with his “romance”. Why even bother to go public with the affair he wanted it to be a private matter? Is he upset because the affair didn’t generate the hype that he was hoping for? Instead of looking like the next “IT” couple, he comes off like a lowlife.

  28. mspriss says:

    What a low-life piece of sewage he is! And if your gonna cheat…Leann Rimes? C’mon, he could’ve at least picked someone with a little class…and some better looks. She too will be left crying wondering why he left a hole in her heart..and that will be exactly what she deserves….HOMEWRECKER! He probably is gay and maybe thats why he picked her, because she looks like a 12 year old boy. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE WHO CHEATS!
    Get a D-I-V-O-R-C-E FIRST!

  29. MS says:

    Brandi doesn’t learn. She defended Eddie to the hilt when he was playing games the whole time. Now she keeps talking to the press about what a scumbag he is- that’s obvious. He and Leann won’t last. Reportedly he’s full of himself and can’t stay faithful to anyone. As far as him wanting spousal support; he’s joined the cast of a popular show. Why would he need support? That should tell Le Ann that he’s got the morals of a jackal. Also I find it interesting that people think Dean is gay all of a sudden. I never heard that before this happened. With the image of D and L’s happy marriage wouldn’t some jealous queen have come out with the truth before now? What makes him gay? His baby face and great body? His gentle treatment of his wife? Wouldn’t L have said the reason she left was she found out she had been decieved all this time? That would have made her look like the wronged party, right? Why would she pay for his relocation if he was on the down low? She did it because she’s the one who’s wrong. I think he’s a just a sweet guy who was devoted to his wife, and she wanted exitement from a bad boy and hot sex. She’ll learn the hard way that it doesn’t last. I hope Dean is happy in New York and finds someone who wants the same things out of life.

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